Y=6x 20

Well, the objective is for youto at least try these yourself. Do you not know what "completing the square" means?
Also, if you do not want to use latex, at least use "^" to indicate powers.

Sarii said:

1. Convert the following functions into the vertex form of the quadratic equation by completing the square. Show each step clearly.

a. y = x2 + 6x + 20

b. y = x2 - x +

c. y = - 4x2 + 24x + 14

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Show an effort and we will make suggestions.

2. Annette takes a jump on a snowmobile and lands on a level snowfield several metres from her takeoff point. Her path through the air could be described using the function y = - x2 + x, where y is measured in metres.

a. Clearly show how to convert the function y = - x2 + x into the vertex form of the quadratic equation by completing the square.


b. How high will Annette and the snowmobile rise in the jump?

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Once you have "completed the square", you will have something of the form y= -a(x- b)^2+ c. Since a square is never positive, -a(x- b)^2 is never positive: y is c minussomething and so its largest value is c.


c. How far from the takeoff point will Annette land? Explain how you arrived at that answer.


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The y- level at the takeoff point is y= 0. Annette will land when y= 0 again. Solve the equation x^2+ x= 0. x= 0 is an obvious answer- that is the takeoffpoint. The other solution is the x value of the landing point.


Sours: https://mathforums.com/threads/a-y-xx/

Given the equation y = 2x^2 + 6x - 20, find the slope of the curve at the point (4, 36) and the


Given the equation {eq}y = 2x^2 + 6x - 20 {/eq}, find the slope of the curve at the point {eq}(4, \; 36) {/eq} and the equation(s) of the tangent line at the same point.

Slope of a Curve at a Point:

1) A tangent line is a limiting position of a secant line to a curve.

2) {eq}f{}'\left ( a \right ) {/eq} is the slope of the tangent line to the curve {eq}y=f\left ( x \right ) {/eq} at {eq}x = a {/eq}.

3) Point-Slope Form of a Line: The equation of a line passing through a point {eq}\left ( x_{0},y_{0} \right ) {/eq} having slope {eq}m {/eq} is {eq}y=y_{0}+m\left ( x-x_{0} \right ) {/eq}

Answer and Explanation: 1

We start by finding the first derivative of the given function:

{eq}\begin{align*} y&=2x^2+6x \\ \Rightarrow \frac{\mathrm{d} y}{\mathrm{d}

See full answer below.

Sours: https://study.com/academy/answer/given-the-equation-y-2xxfind-the-slope-of-the-curve-at-the-pointand-the-equation-s-of-the-tangent-line-at-the-same-point.html
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Properties of a straight line


Rearrange the equation by subtracting what is to the right of the equal sign from both sides of the equation :


Step  1  :

Equation of a Straight Line

      Solve   y-6x+20  = 0

Tiger recognizes that we have here an equation of a straight line. Such an equation is usually written y=mx+b ("y=mx+c" in the UK).

"y=mx+b" is the formula of a straight line drawn on Cartesian coordinate system in which "y" is the vertical axis and "x" the horizontal axis.

In this formula :

y tells us how far up the line goes
x tells us how far along
m is the Slope or Gradient i.e. how steep the line is
b is the Y-intercept i.e. where the line crosses the Y axis

The X and Y intercepts and the Slope are called the line properties. We shall now graph the line  y-6x+20  = 0 and calculate its properties

Graph of a Straight Line :

Calculate the Y-Intercept :

Notice that when x = 0 the value of y is /1 so this line "cuts" the y axis at y=

  y-intercept = /1 =

Calculate the X-Intercept :

When y = 0 the value of x is 10/3 Our line therefore "cuts" the x axis at x=

  x-intercept = 20/6 = 10/3 =

Calculate the Slope :

Slope is defined as the change in y divided by the change in x. We note that for x=0, the value of y is and for x=, the value of y is So, for a change of in x (The change in x is sometimes referred to as "RUN") we get a change of - () = in y. (The change in y is sometimes referred to as "RISE" and the Slope is m = RISE / RUN)

  Slope = / =

Geometric figure: Straight Line

  1.   Slope = / =
  2.   x-intercept = 20/6 = 10/3 =
  3.   y-intercept = /1 =
Sours: https://www.tiger-algebra.com/drill/y=6x/
How to Graph 6x+5y=20

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20 y=6x

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