Wall mount ps3 super slim

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    Sony PlayStation 3 (Super Slim) - Wall Mounting Bracket - PS3

    Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim - Wall Mounting Bracket

    PS3 Super Slim-WM, the concealed wall mounting bracket designed to hold and display your PlayStation 3 Super Slim Console in its vertical orientation. 


    o    Produced in the UK to our highest quality manufacturing standards.

    o    Manufactured from 1.5mm thick mild steel and come painted in a tough smooth black powder coat finish.

    o    Painted in a tough smooth black powder coat finish. 

    o    238mm wide, 253mm high and 64mm deep from the wall.

    o    All units are supplied boxed. Wall fixing screws and plugs are included.


    The PS3 Super Slim-WM unit is designed to hold a PlayStation PS3 super slim console unit, the latest revision to the PS3 range.

    The bracket is installed by fixing directly to the wall with the screws provided. The PS3 is then installed into the bracket which acts as a retaining shelf. The design of the bracket is intended to be minimalistic so as not to hide the visual appeal of the PlayStation unit or restrict the airflow around it.


    *** PS3 Super Slim shown for information only***

    Sours: https://arengineering-onlineshop.co.uk/
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    PS3 Slim Wall Mount

    Product Description

    Floating Grip wall Mount for your console, makes it easy for you to Mount your console on the wall. Mount it right next to your TV for a cool gaming setup or hide it behind your TV for a minimalistic look. Either way you get to save space in your gaming area, and you can forget all about wires lying around looking messy. The Floating Grip wall Mount is designed to discreetly hold your console safely mounted on your wall without covering any entrances when mounted. You might be surprised by the simplicity of the Floating Grip wall Mount but as our focus is on your console the Floating Grip wall mounts are designed to be as invisible as possible. When your PlayStation is installed the Mount allows for 360-degree of ventilation by tilting a bit from the wall. The Floating Grip wall Mount consists of three special developed mounting parts which ensures a solid solution that stabilizes the console when installed. We have been selling Floating Grip wall mounts to gamers globally since 2014. The mounts are hand made in Europe out of high-quality materials carefully collected for the best possible end-product. We hope you are going to create a cool setup with a Floating Grip wall Mount.

    Set Contains:

    Wall Mount, Instructions, screws, rawl plugs, tool.

    Sours: https://www.amazon.com/PS3-Slim-Wall-Mount-playstation-4/dp/B07436WMCT
    Cleaning a PS3 Super Slim

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    Ps3 wall super slim mount

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    Tutorial for mounting the PS3 Slim in the wall mount grip by FLOATING GRIP

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