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A perfect contour to the 26″/67cm Weber kettle, the Slow ‘N Sear XL adds additional fuel capacity and a larger sear zone compared to the original Slow’ N Sear in a larger kettle.  Enjoy  even longer walk away capacity and no-fuss temperature control in an “XL” size.  The ventilated base plate makes it easier to use lump charcoal and makes clean up a breeze.  Complete with the signature “Slow ‘N Sear” etch, the Slow ‘N Sear XL is made from 8 lbs of stainless steel hand-crafted in the USA.

Adrenaline Barbecue Company has a wealth of information and support on their website including:  (All pages open in new tabs)

How Does Slow 'N Sear Work? 
The "magic" of Slow 'N Sear

Slow 'N Sear Buyers Guide
Which Slow 'N Sear fits my grill?

An extensive range of product demonstrations, hints, tips and excellent recipes

Your questions answered

User Guides
Downloadable and printable product guides

Lighting Instructions 
The optimum method to get your grill started

Cold Grate Technique
The perfect sear using the Cold Grate Technique - *** transform how you cook your steak***

Step by step instructions and videos 

About ABC
Meet the inventor of the Slow 'N Sear



Sixty years ago, Weber Brothers Metal Works, later called Weber-Stephen Products, used to make mailboxes, fireplace equipment and a number of various other metal-based products. George Stephen, Sr., a salesman at the company, then decided the grills of the day weren’t up to snuff. Now his solution is the most popular grill in America.

The Weber Kettle charcoal grill — complete with dome lid, ventilation, enameled steel and rust-resistant aluminum — is the most stable, consistent grill money can buy. “We initially considered designing a grill that could work with multiple fuel sources,” Jeff Broadrick, senior product engineer behind Spider Grills new wood-pellet Weber attachment, “but you are fighting an uphill battle if you set out to design a grill as simple, trusted, and elegant as the Weber Kettle.”

Broadrick says that consistency has elevated the grill into something more. “At this point, the Weber Kettle is more of a platform than a stand-alone product,” he says. Out of dozens of community-driven updates and upgrades, these are the best Weber Kettle add-ons money can buy.

Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter


Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter


The Rapidfire is a must-have for safely and efficiently getting your coals hot to really get the party started.

Smokenator Hovergrill


Individual Hovergrill



The Hovergrill adds an additional square inches of cooking with a solid stainless steel grill rack. For $30, double your food output with little effort.

Unknown BBQ Upgraded Hinges

Unknown BBQ Kettle Stainless Steel Lid Hinge




The most boring product on this list may be the most necessary. The kettle’s lid is either all the way off or fitted to the grill — the hinge allows you to keep the lid slightly ajar and, more helpfully, not have to find a place in your backyard for a flaming-hot lid whenever you take food off it. This one fits Weber Kettles ", ", and the ".


Rib-O-Lator Barbecue Rotisserie

BBQ Innovations



It’s difficult to fit many ribs on a standard inch Weber. The Rib-O-Lator solves this and acts as a horizontal rotisserie for whatever you’re cooking. Best used on low-and-slow cooks.

Slow ‘N Sear

Slow 'N Sear Deluxe for 22

Slow 'N

$ (13% off)


By far the easiest way to smoke meat on your Weber. The Slow ‘N Sear splits your grill in half — one side full of hot coals, the other an open cooking area. Put food in the latter for six to eight hours and you’ve got barbeque, put it over the coals and you still have a perfectly good high-heat grill. Plus, the veteran grill gear testers at Amazing Ribs call the Slow ‘N Sear the “single best accessory for the Weber Kettle ever.”

GrillGrates Upgrade




Made of anodized, rust-resistant aluminum, GrillGrates feel like a product Weber would offer themselves. Grates are elevated over a heavy base that’s lined with holes. As the fire heats the base, an even heat flows through the holes, creating both the ideal cross-hatch and a more consistently cooked meal.

KettlePizza Basic

KettlePizza Basic Pizza Oven Kit




The pizza-making insert lifts the lid of your Weber up, allowing greater air circulation and creating a gap large enough to slide a pizza in and out of while still maintaining temperatures requisite to making a pizza. The basic kit comes with an aluminum pizza tray, but we recommend using a classic pizza stone for a crispier foundation.

BBQube Tempmaster Pro


TempMaster Bluetooth BBQ Temperature Controller



BBQube’s tiny, pricy device is not an amp. It’s a three-probe temperature tracker and ventilation control system that feeds all the grilling data you could want to your phone. If your fire is gaining too much heat on a low-and-slow pork shoulder, the Tempmaster will cut back air flow to cut the heat down. Plus, it’s operated with a very satisfying knob.

Weber Charcoal Kettle Rotisserie


Weber Inch Charcoal Kettle Rotisserie


Turn your grill into a rotisserie with this $ rotating spit from Weber. The electric motor keeps the chicken (or other poultry, ribs, etc) constantly turning for an evenly crispy and juicy piece of meat. Meathead Goldwyn of endorses the add-on and likes to add a drip pan filled with vegetables underneath the meat to catch some of the drippings.

Spider Grills Original Spider

Spider Grills

The Original Spider




Spider Grills Pella manages to make the charcoal-fueled Weber a wood-pellet grill in an elegant and weirdly easy way. It just snaps on to the side of the thing. Why would you want to grill with pellets? It’s the most-automated path to low-heat smoking possible while remaining perfectly capable of high-heat grilling. Pella’s adapter operates from °F to °F.

Will PriceAssistant Editor, Home and DesignWill Price is Gear Patrol’s home and drinks editor.

Tyler ChinTyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.

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Slow &#;N Sear XL Review

Six months ago I published my review of the Slow &#;N Sear. I ended up falling in love with it.  It functions great as a low&#;n&#;slow system while still kicking ass as a hot zone / cool zone divider. Bonus points, the design of the product keeps the exterior of the Weber kettle significantly cooler than normal methods.

Even though the 22&#; version works very well in a 26&#; kettle &#; the WKC members were outspoken about needing a bigger version for the 26&#; kettle. Several even demanded a piece of expanded metal be attached to make moving and re-using charcoal easier.

I thought they were being ridiculous. The 22&#; version, without the bottom, was perfect as is. But David over at Adrenaline Barbecue was listening and WKC feedback has once again turned into new products.

Confused by all of the Slow and Sear options?
Check out the Slow N Sear Buyers/Users Guide!

The SNS XL in place.

The SNS XL in place.

The 26&#; Slow &#;N Sear arrived about a month ago. It&#;s a whopping EIGHT POUNDS of stainless steel and it&#;s been enhanced with a breathable bottom just like the community demanded.

Once again, I&#;m impressed with the quality of the unit. It&#;s heavy and precise. It fits perfectly snug against the sidewall of a modern 26&#; Weber grill. Unfortunately, it doesn&#;t fit vintage 26&#; kettles very well. The charcoal grate sits lower in vintage kettles and the curvature of the bowl doesn&#;t match the 26&#; Slow &#;N Sear. <Insert sad face>
Additionally, it doesn&#;t fit the Weber Summit Charcoal either.

The device still kicks ass, and I&#;m not just saying that because they sent me one for free. My opinion remains objective. I&#;m not being paid to give it a glorious review &#; the product is simply glorious. You can buy it HERE and earn the WKC a couple of bucks. Or you can buy it HERE without passing any credit to the WKC.

Test Cook #1 &#; Spatchcocked Chicken on the Vintage Red 26

Slow'n'sear XL in Red 26" Weber

Notice the fit in the vintage 26&#; &#; the 22&#; SNS actually fits better. The chicken is awesome though!

I do this cook often, so it&#;s a perfect way for me to understand how the Slow &#;N Sear performs. Despite the device not fitting perfectly, I still wedged it into my Red 26&#;. This grill has been known to NOT get all that hot. A full chimney of Coshell will initially bring the grill up to F, but will settle in around due to the smaller vents and embarrassing ash build up.

With the Slow &#;N Sear in place, I dumped a full chimney of Coshell into the charcoal area and watched as the grill temp rose to and eventually settled in around The chicken was huge. I could fit my entire fist in its cavity without lube. I cut out the backbone and cooked the spatchcocked bird indirect.

The results were phenomenal. One hour and 15 minutes is what it took to get the breast up to  The chicken cooked VERY evenly, despite the abnormally large breasts. The hot zone has PLENTY of heat at the end of the cook. Sliding the bird over the hot zone unleashed an eruption of sizzle and smoke, it was as if cooking over a fresh chimney of coals.

I snuffed the coals out, which left about half of the SNS full. The bottom grate allowed me to shake the SNSXL to remove any leftover ash and easily re-use all of that charcoal.


Test Cook #2 &#; Pork Butt

SNS-XL-porkbuttI wanted to throw some pulled pork on some woodfired pizzas (Kettle Pizza review coming soon!), so of course I had to make some pulled pork. It was a weeknight, so I was kind of lazy. I wanted to geek out and test the temp in every part of the grill, but #toolazy.

I moved the SNS XL to a modern Weber 26&#;. I left the Craycort grates in there and reused all of the leftover fuel from the chicken test cook. I topped it off with fresh coal and 3 chunks of peach. I lit the SNS with a spoonful of bacon grease drizzled over the coals in the corner of the SNS.

I put the meat on at 4 pm and literally walked away. I finally checked on it at 11 pm. 7 hours later the temp was at I added two handfuls of fresh unlit Coshell.

By my estimate, the butt was done around 6 am. I woke up around 9 and took it off &#; internal temp was at , whoops.

I never touched the vents. This is like using an electric smoker, but with actual smoke flavor 😉

Test Cook #3 &#; PIZZA ROLLS

Yes, that&#;s right, those little stoner snacks that you somethings grew up on. Remember how when Mom made them in the oven, they were awesome &#; but when you made them in the microwave they sucked? Well, make them on the grill and they are AMAZING.

Also amazing is how well pizza rolls work at showing the different heat zones. Arrange the pizza rolls evenly in the indirect zone. The ones that toast and pop first have been given more heat. The lighter colored ones have had LESS heat. SCIENCE.

I&#;d show you the picture, but I&#;ve temporarily misplaced the memory card with those photos. The card has to turn up. I work from home. I don&#;t go out. It&#;s gotta be here, otherwise, my wife is going to murder me (or at least, not let me use her camera anymore)

Until the card turns up, here&#;s what it looked like. Rolls closest to the divider were slightly more toasty and popped than the ones in the middle. The pizza rolls along the outside edge were also slightly darker than the ones in the middle &#; but not much.

Final Thoughts

The Slow&#;n&#;Sear is ALREADY the most versatile and useful accessory available for the Weber kettle.
I&#;d really like the XL version to fit the vintage kettles &#; but vintage 26&#; kettles are rare and I&#;m % happy using the 22&#; version in Big Red.
The SNS XL though, that will be PERMANENTLY in place in my modern I love the way it cooks. It makes indirect and low&#;n&#;slow, BBQ/smoking very easy and approachable for any skill level. I absolutely LOVE the additional bottom grate for charcoal re-use, and I hereby admit that I was % wrong on it not being a necessity.

You can buy it HERE and earn the WKC a couple of bucks.

Chicken Wings - 26 Inch Weber Kettle - Slow n Sear

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Slow 'N Sear XL v Slow 'N Sear Deluxe - If you own the 22 and 26 inch Weber Kettle You only need...

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