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UV Resistant Greenhouse Plastic, Films and Liners- Plastic Sheeting for Outside!

The UV (ultraviolet) additive is what protects polyethylene plastic from sun damage. Nothing destroys plastic like UV. SolaWrap has a 10 year UV warranty! Cover you greenhouse once and be done with it for many years to come. The other films below will stand up to the sun because of their UV protection.  

Visit our list 0ur UV/Sunlight Resistant Films and Tarps:

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UV Degradation- Why does regular plastic sheeting get all torn up in the sun?

You've seen those piles of construction dirt covered in black plastic that is torn and flapping in the wind. That is because the sun's UV (ultraviolet) rays have attacked that plastic and literally made it disintegrate. Exposure to continuous sunlight is the demise of plastic sheeting.

Does all polyethylene products get ruined by sunlight?

Untreated polyethylene such as LDPE are attached when the tertiary carbon bonds have their chain attacked. The uv rays interact with these bonds and form free radicals which react with oxygen producing carbonyl groups in the main chain. Visit Wikipedia to learn more.

Sours: https://www.globalplasticsheeting.com/uv-resistant/treated-plastics

Plastic Sheeting Natural Semi-Clear Roll 6MIL (10' x 100') UV Treated for Greenhouse Sheeting, Plastic Mulch, Weed Barrier, Ground Cover, Construction Film, Vapor Barrier

Our heavy-duty 6 mil natural polyethylene sheeting on a roll is perfect for many industrial, commercial, construction & residential uses. Often referred to as construction and agricultural film (C & A Film), it is used most frequently in concrete slab preparation, wall construction, floor underlayment, crawl spaces, pit covers and landscape mulching. Our natural poly sheeting is also typically used as an insulation membrane, vapor barrier, moisture barrier, flashing, weather protector, dust/debris shield, construction curtain, concrete curing, drywall covering, flooring barrier, landscape cover, agricultural film, weed barrier, equipment covers, and large tarp needs. The poly film is reusable, very durable and comes on roll with a full unfolded measurement of 10’ x 100’ and covering 1,000 square feet. Cut to size or use as a solid piece. Great for outdoor lawn slip and slide. Also available in 20x100 natural semi-clear plastic sheeting size.

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Plastic-Sheeting-Semi-Clear-Greenhouse-Construction/dp/B07MWY65TQ
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10 mil Skrim UV Clear - Heavy Duty

Extra thick measuring at 10 mil and UV resistant.  10 mil Skrim is 88% clear so sunlight passes through for enhanced lighting but the sunrays will not break this product down like other plastics.  It is engineered with UV inhibitors to resist the plastic damaging sun rays.  You can expect to get multiple years with this this 10 mil reinforced plastic sheeting.  It is the best choice to produce a tough and durable resistant enclosures for construction that is exposed to intense sunlight.  The UV-resistant reinforced plastic sheeting is extra thick, 10 mil.  That is 0.01" thick with a diamond reinforced pattern to resist tearing.  The most common use of this heavy-duty clear plastic sheeting is for construction building enclosures.  Excellent exterior enclosure for construction sites.  This 10 mil poly sheeting is heavy duty yet versatile for many uses. We also provide a 6 mil construction plastic sheeting.     

Sours: https://farmplasticsupply.com/
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Best Outdoor Plastic Sheets

A common predicament contractors and builders come across is the concern of which type of plastic sheeting is best for outdoor use. When presented with this concern, the main factor you need to take into consideration is the strength of the plastic sheet you use. When exposed to the elements, plastic sheeting must have the strength and durability to resist weather, UV rays, and other environmental factors. Our extensive list of specialty sheets shows special types of plastics that are durable against different elements:

Different Outdoor Resistant Products

UV Transmitting Acrylic: Our UV filtering acrylic is able to block out harmful UV Rays. This special acrylic sheet can prevent sun damage and is also ideal for protecting outside signs that may be directly exposed to the sun. Not only can this acrylic sheeting block harmful rays, but it is also more impact resistant than glass and can withstand heavy-duty use. The UV filtering acrylic will help lengthen the lifespan of your outdoor signs.

Bullet-Resistant: Our bullet-resistant acrylic sheet is specifically for high-security environments, where weapons and violence can be a risk. Our Plexiglas SB acrylic sheet meets basic UL 752-Level 1 requirements for small firearm applications and also has 40 times the abrasion resistance of uncoated acrylic.

Even though this type of acrylic sheet is mainly for security purposes if our Plexiglas SB acrylic sheets are strong enough for small firearms and strong enough to withstand normal debris from a typical storm. Whether you are concerned about vandalism or strong weather conditions, our bullet-resistant acrylics will protect your property.

Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet: Similar to bullet-resistant and standard polycarbonate sheeting, abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheets are impact resistant. They also resist yellowing and hazing from extensive exposure to direct sunlight.

This type of Polycarbonate sheet will protect your property from impact and sun damage. The typical use of abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheets are in school, hospitals and psychiatric facilities. This type of polycarbonate sheet also performs well in harsh chemical environments. With the ability of protecting property from sun damage, and performing well in harsh chemical environments, abrasion resistant polycarbonate is strong enough to withstand outside elements.

Flame Retardant Plastic Sheeting: Makrolon low flammability plastic sheeting is a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate sheet that is not only flame inhibiting, but is also UV-stable. Flame retardant sheets from Makrolon are made under strict quality specifications to make sure it meets ISO certification guidelines. This high-impact, high-strength plastic sheeting product is perfect for any indoor or outdoor electrical component.

Having any type of signage exposed to the elements will potentially damage the sign. This inevitable damage will result in you, or your company, replacing the sign which will be yet another expense. Even though sign withering and sign damage will eventually happen with time, having the proper protection will prolong the life of the sign. The listed types of sheeting are great ways to protect your sign from typical elements that will affect the quality of your sign. Check out our entire catalog of specialty sheets to find the one that is perfect for your specific needs.

Sours: https://www.acplasticsinc.com/informationcenter/r/best-plastic-sheeting-for-outdoor-applications

Plastic sheeting resistant uv

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