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This is one of the best Pokemon Showdown Teams I have made, this team is just Busted on Pokemon showdown! I play Pokemon Showdown from time to time and build some pretty crazy teams to battle with. It has been a while since I have done a Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Team Building guide so I might as well make one about this crazy Pokemon Showdown team. The way this team works in Wifi Battles or Pokemon Shodown OU is by using a super supportive tank core to put Mega Sableye and Clafable into a super sweep and potentially 6-0 battle situation.

Sableye @ Sablenite
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 252 HP / 200 Def / 56 SpD
Bold Nature
- Calm Mind
- Recover
- Snarl
- Will-O-Wisp

So my experience with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire has been; Sableye wins. That by playing Sableye just right, removing Sableye's threats, understanding where the strengths of this pokemon are, you pretty much just kind of win a lot of battles, because you come in, you Calm Mind, and if they don't have any kind of Fire Pokemon that are heavy physical, or Fairy type Pokemon, Sableye just wins. It's that simple. I was thinking what if I build a team around Sableye. So the thing I really wanted to focus on was Fairy killing.
This time I'm running a Snarl variant, mostly because I'm just going for a little bit less damage, but I'm also trying to shut down other Calm Mind strategies. Overall this is what it's all about, you use Prankster Will o Wisp, then you reflect back status or entry hazards and then you just kind of win when Sableye gets its full setup.

Clefable @ Leftovers
Ability: Unaware
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Bold Nature
- Calm Mind
- Moonblast
- Flamethrower
- Moonlight

To super back up Sableye is Clefable. It's just one of the strongest pokemon in the game to use for a setup. What you do with Clefable is you go Bold nature you fully invest hitpoints, fully invest defense, 1 point in special defense big whoop. And then you just kind of play it like an un-killable tank. Now normally on Clefable you'll see something like Magic Guard. The reason why I'm running Unaware is because of Sableye; if I feel a strong status is coming my way, I can switch into Sableye, have him like bounce back the status or something. And one of the biggest problems to the team is if a pokemon is trying to set up really quick, like a Swords Dance Talonflame, any kind of Swords Dance or Dragon Dance Pokemon. Sometimes it takes them a turn to realize I might be Unaware so they go for what they think is a free stat boost and they don't do any damage and then I can get free setup and a lot of other cool stuff.

Now the great thing about Clefable is that it covers for itself because it gets Flamethrower; you set up one Calm Mind and then you predict like a Scizor and that thing is gone. Any kind of Steel type that's trying to answer to you, you can do really well against, and most of the time you can just endure a super effective physical hit like an Iron Head or something like that, because you have so much defensive bulk. And Clefable's just filthy like that. Now the only drawback is Moonlight, but Moonlight is like the most legitimate way of running Clefable, because Softboiled is like some generation 3 almost impossible thing to get. I have two heavy win conditions in Sableye and Clefable and that's really what the team revolves around. The rest is just kind of switching around until my opponent loses the thing that can stop my win con and then I just kind of win.

Scizor Lum Berry
Ability: Technician
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Att / 4 Sp Def
Adamant Nature
- Roost
- Swords Dance
- Bullet Punch
- Defog

This is the next pokemon I want to address. I threw him in because it's a quick answer to Fairy type pokemon. I like him as a Defogger because if I'm doing so much switching getting some Stealth Rock damage could be a little annoying over time. I have Lum Berry so I don't get statused and then pretty much what I do with Scizor is I set up as many Swords Dances as I'm comfortable with and I start throwing out Bullet Punches. Since I'm not running Knock Off because I want to be more utility Scizor instead of like a hard carry Scizor, it's just Bullet Punch that I can get resisted, there's a lot of physical walls in the game. It doesn't come through reliably but it's still a strong pokemon.

Amoonguss @ Black Sludge
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 252 HP / 128 Def / 128 SpD
Calm Nature
- Spore
- Giga Drain
- Sludge Bomb
- Synthesis

Ok so I have Regenerator on Amoonguss, pretty much I bring in Amoonguss, I Spore a Pokemon. If this was Battle Spot this would be way more unforgiving to battle against. So with Amoonguss I did go for Calm Nature more special defense, with some good defensive bulk, that way I just kind of come in tank up everything. Black Sludge Regenerator is super broken, you get way too much health back. So pretty much I Spore, Sludge Bomb, I chip away some damage, I can Synthesis, I can switch out when it's bad, switch into Heatran or some kind of other monstrous tank. Everyone knows what Amoonguss does, it comes in there tries to put a pokemon to sleep, turns into setup and then it just becomes unkillable throughout the course of a battle.

Heatran @ Choice Specs
Ability: Flash Fire
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
- Earth Power
- Flash Cannon
- Lava Plume
- Hidden Power [Ice]

Heatran is unusual but here's the thing; I don't need a hyper tank stall Toxic Roar phaze whatever Heatran. My idea of this Heatran is running Modest, with some speed investment and hitpoints, it's just full speed full hitpoints that way I'm getting outspeeds. Modest with Choice Specs means I'm getting the most out of my stats, and this is one of the most unusual things that has worked so well because people don't expect a Heatran to outspeed like that. Right now, super tank Garchomp is a thing. This outspeeds that Garchomp. I've been outspeeding Garchomps and throwing out the Hidden Power Ice. Or if it's a Swords Dance Garchomp or Stealth Rocks, what happens is I bring in Heatran on the revenge and Garchomp comes in and I just throw out the Hidden Power Ice.
The rest of it is coverage, Flash Cannon, I come in, I resist a Fairy type attack super hard, throw out a Flash Cannon and if they switch they get a tonne of damage because Stab Choice Specs. Earth Power covers pretty well and Lava Plume for Scizor Ferrothorn. This is the ultimate staple pokemon right here that, between dancing around with Amoonguss and stuff it's like, I bring in Heatran and time to soften up their team so I can really go for the sweep. And this unusual Heatran has been one of the strongest things I've been using.

Excadrill @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Mold Breaker
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- Facade
- Iron Head

This is Adamant Scarfed Excadrill. I'm not going for super ridiculous amounts of speed, but I'm looking to at least outspeed high base speed pokemon, or slower scarf pokemon, but its mostly just about the power. I'm coming in, I'm going with a 135 attack, I'm just going to lock into that Earthquake, and I'm going to try do what I can. Also Excadrill's natural hitpoint bulk makes it easy as like a switch in pokemon. So I can bring it in, set up into like an Earthquake, Iron Head or Rock Slide. So it's just extra Fairy killing or just high damage Earthquake support. It just comes in, has ridiculous amounts of Earthquake damage, which is why I run the Adamant nature, and also it's just really nice that if the opponent has slower pokemon or I'm just trying to look for a really good cleanup in the mid to late game, I bring in Excadrill, I chip in some damage, it eventually goes down but by then enough threats have been removed that i go back into Heatran Amoonguss Sableye or Clefable, and then I kind of win.​

This team forces a lot of switches, but personally I'm not an entry hazards kind of battler. I just come in, I sit in there, and eventually my pokemon are going to win out just from not budging and having too much setup. So I don't really put too much stress on that when I could rather use that turn for a Calm Mind or at least getting some health back.
My core is super great, it's just Heatran Amoonguss. The Heatran Amoonguss covers for Sableye Clefable so well it's just absurd. This team has not too many stall aspects if any at all. The funny thing about Amoonguss is it's regarded as a stall pokemon, but the way I run it just as just this really hard stop to anything weakens up Sableye or Clefable (Poison type attacks, Fairy type attacks), Amoonguss has got that covered. So it's more of a catalyst, that I scare off their pokemon, go into Heatran, blow up a pokemon that threatens me, and then I go into Sableye or Clefable. I don't sit in for a million turns with Amoonguss just trying to draw out the battle because I've already lost. No, he actually speeds up my win condition, so this Amoonguss doesn't really make the team any more stall.
It's not an easy team to pick up and go play with, you need to understand what your opponent's going to do, but you just need to stick to your win condition. Try to identify your opponent's win condition because they might say "alright I'm going to keep my Fairy type safe so I beat out the Sableye," or "I'm going to keep my Clefable counter safe so I can beat out the Clefable". But if you just get that one outplay where your win condition trumps theirs because you made the correct switch or you just got that one in that you needed before they did, then it's a really easy team to win with.

My win rate is pretty ridiculous right now; I think it's like 24 or something. i just come in, I win, and cool things happen. It's a really hard team to get around, and unless you fully understand what it's going to do, it's easy to just slip up and lose to it really quickly, which is why all those ragequits happen.

I'm not going to be greedy with this team, I feel I could have kept it hidden and secretly laddered, but I'd rather show you this is what I'm up to. This is the team I pull out if I want to win and I don't feel like having fun and playing pokemon in a very lighthearted way.
Hidden and secretly laddered? This is pretty much verlisify's team with some set changes.
Your overview says that the team has almost no stall aspects, which is incorrect.
A few changes I can suggest is switch facade on drill to rapid spin. Then change defog on scizor to baton pass. I would suggest a lead or stall breaker heatran but if you want your current set then it's much better to go max special attack. IMO scarf heatran is better than specs.
Dude this is a joke lmao he just watched Verlisify's video about this team and put it into a RMT, allof these paragraphs are Verlis' own words about his team lol some people just don't get sarcasm
I thought so. But that's not what this forum is supposed to be (IMO)

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Pokemon: The 10 Best Pokemon To Use As Sweepers

By Christopher Julian AnayaUpdated


Having a good sweeper on your team can completely turn the tides in battle. These Pokemon are great at doing just that.

Pokemon games push trainers to better themselves to become the very best, like no one ever was. This means training Pokemon thoughtfully and adapting teams to challenges they may face. It is a meticulous process that becomes even more challenging for competitive battling. The complexities of competitive Pokemon require trainers to carefully plan out their teams and designate specific roles for each member. Every Pokemon serves a purpose but none are as vital as Sweepers.

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Sweepers are Pokemon that boast impressive offensive potential capable of wiping out entire teams. These devastating Pokemon can shift the course of a battle, but they can easily be removed from the game without proper consideration. This means that players must use Sweepers cautiously and understand their strengths as well as their weaknesses. Each of these Pokemon benefits trainers differently and with a vast selection of Sweepers, it is a difficult choice. However, there are many notable Pokemon that make excellent Sweepers.

Updated August 18th, 2021, by Christopher Anaya:Although several new Pokemon games are in the works, many trainers continue fighting their way through Sword and Shield's competitive scene. This far more challenging side of Pokemon constantly changes as trainers work tirelessly to implement new strategies and team compositions. As a result, the rankings of Pokemon rise and fall with each passing season. Therefore, the efficacy of once-prominent Sweepers has diminished, leaving their positions open to more capable Pokemon. Moreover, the builds of the remaining entries have undergone many changes to better suit competitive play. Since this side of Pokemon favors those knowledgeable in the meta, players should take note of the best Sweepers to date.

10 Scizor (Bug / Steel Type)

Offensive Swords Dance Build

  • Item: Life Orb
  • Ability: Technician
  • Nature: Adamant
  • EVs: 252 Attack / 4 Sp.Def / 252 Speed
  • Moves: Swords Dance, Bullet Punch, Knock Off, Sand Tomb

Scizor is a decently defensive Physical Sweeper with phenomenal offensive capabilities. Its Bug / Steel typing grants many resistances and immunity to Poison, yet a debilitating weakness to Fire as well. Scizor possesses an exceptional Attack stat, making it a significant threat to even the most formidable Physical Walls. This build works to reinforce its role as a Physical Sweeper.

This build functions to capitalize on Scizor's offensive potential while compensating for its basic defenses and negligible Speed. Providing Scizor with a Life Orb multiplies the damage it can deal at the cost of some HP, furthering its Sweeping capabilities. Moreover, Scizor's Ability, Technician, builds upon its Attack by enhancing moves of 60 power or less. This allows Scizor to utilize the move Bullet Punch so that it may effectively dispatch faster foes.

9 Garchomp (Dragon / Ground Type)

Swords Dance Build

  • Item: Leftovers
  • Ability: Rough Skin
  • Nature: Jolly
  • EVs: 252 Attack / 4 Sp.Def / 252 Speed
  • Moves: Swords Dance, Earthquake, Fire Fang, Scale Shot

Garchomp is a well-rounded Physical Sweeper capable of withstanding and dishing out hits. Its Dragon / Ground typing grants a few resistances and immunity to Electric; however, it sports a deadly weakness to Ice as well. Garchomp bears an impressive Attack stat capable of annihilating the most stalwart Physical Walls. It's is already an impressive Pokemon, but this build makes it even more capable in competitive battles.

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This build works to maximize Garchomp's offensive capabilities while bettering its longevity in battle. With Leftovers, Garchomp can continuously regenerate HP so that it may easily recover from hits it endures. Garchomp's Ability, Rough Skin, will inflict considerable damage to any Pokemon that makes contact. This allows it to effectively punish Physical Attackers like Dragapult, wearing down their HP with every hit.

8 Cinderace (Fire-Type)

Offensive Utility Build

  • Item: Heavy-Duty Boots
  • Ability: Libero
  • Nature: Jolly
  • EVs: 252 Attack / 4 Sp.Def / 252 Speed
  • Moves: Pyro Ball, Court Change, Sucker Punch, U-Turn

Cinderace is a versatile Physical Sweeper capable of dealing with nearly any challenger. Its Fire typing provides many resistances and few weaknesses. Cinderace holds both an impressive Attack stat and Speed stat, allowing it to get the jump on most opponents. It makes for a phenomenal Physical Sweeper, especially with the following build.

This build focuses on making Cinderace much more effective and adaptable in battle. Heavy-Duty Boots prevent Cinderace from taking detrimental damage from hazards such as Stealth Rock. Cinderace's Ability, Libero, changes its type depending on the move it uses. This grants Cinderace a STAB boost on every attack, and makes it far more difficult to counter.

7 Volcarona (Bug / Fire Type)

Offensive Quiver Dance Build

  • Item: Heavy-Duty Boots
  • Ability: Flame Body
  • Nature: Timid
  • ​​EVs: 4 Defense / 252 Sp.Atk / 252 Speed
  • Moves: Quiver Dance, Flamethrower, Bug Buzz, Psychic

Volcarona is capable of surpassing the most renowned competitive Pokemon. Its Bug / Fire typing grants many resistances, though it has a crippling weakness to Rockas well. Volcarona possesses an exceptional Special Attack, stat making it a threat to even the most capable Special Walls. Volcarona is already an outstanding Special Sweeper, and this build functions to further its offensive potential.

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This build not only reinforces Volcarona's strengths, but allows it to hinder opponents as well. With Heavy-Duty Boots,Volcarona will be immune to hazards like Stealth Rock. Volcarona's Ability, Flame Body, grants it a chance to impose the Burned status effect upon foes that touch it, allowing Volcarona to passively dwindle at a Physical Attacker's HP.

6 Mimikyu (Ghost / Fairy Type)

Swords Dance Build

  • Type: Ghost / Fairy
  • Item: Life Orb
  • Ability: Disguise
  • Nature: Jolly
  • EVs: 252 Attack / 4 Defense / 252 Speed
  • Moves: Swords Dance, Play Rough, Shadow Sneak, Shadow Claw

Mimikyu is an exceptionally defensive Physical Sweeper able to withstand the nastiest of blows. Its Ghost / Fairy typing grants resistance against Bug alongside immunity to Normal, Fighting, and Dragon. While Mimikyu's stats are blatantly average, its other features make it a resilient and worthwhile Physical Sweeper — especially with the elements of this build.

This build takes advantage of Mimikyu's surprising bulk to prepare itself and endure powerful attacks. The Life Orb provides Mimikyu with a much-needed attack boost, though it will decrease HP slightly. Mimkyu's Ability, Disguise, allows it to withstand a devastating blow, taking only 1/8 of the damage. This allows it to do a variety of neat tricks,, such as setting up Swords Dance or picking off faster foes.

5 Hawlucha (Fighting / Flying Type)

Unburden Build

  • Item: Grassy / Electric Seed
  • Ability: Unburden
  • Nature: Adamant
  • EVs: 252 Attack / 132 Sp.Def / 124 Speed
  • Moves: Swords Dance, Acrobatics, Close Combat, Taunt

Hawlucha is a fearsome Physical Sweeper, able to outspeed Pokemon like Dragapult. Its Fighting / Flying typing grants few resistances alongside an immunity to Ground. Hawlucha has an impressive Speed stat that, in conjunction with its Ability, can surpass many of the fastest Pokemon.

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This build improves its Speed to legendary levels so that it can sweep foes with little trouble. Using either a Grassy Seed or an Electric Seed will raise Hawlucha's Defense, granting it extra bulk. Hawlucha's Ability, Unburden, doubles its Speed on held item loss. This works well with the Grassy/Electric Seed, as it can easily be used and provides an additional stat boost.

4 Excadrill (Ground / Steel Type)

Sand Rush Build

  • Item: Leftovers
  • Ability: Sand Rush
  • Nature: Jolly
  • ​​EVs: 252 Attack / 4 Sp.Def / 252 Speed
  • Moves: Swords Dance, Earthquake, Iron Head, Rapid Spin

Excadrill is an exceptional Physical Sweeper that can easily overcome faster foes. Its Ground / Steel typing provides an expansive number of resistances alongside immunity to Electric and Poison. Excadrill boasts an exceedingly high Attack stat, allowing it to easily dispatch many Physical Walls.

This build works to enhance Excadrill's Speed so that it may sweep teams near effortlessly. With Leftovers, Excadrill can recover lost HP which greatly increases its longevity in battle. Excadrill's Ability, Sand Rush, doubles its Speed if a Sandstorm is active. This allows Excadrill to outspeed most opponents and easily dispatch adversaries.

3 Weavile (Dark / Ice Type)

Swords Dance Build

  • Item: Heavy-Duty Boots
  • Ability: Pressure
  • Nature: Jolly
  • ​​EVs: 252 Attack / 4 Sp.Def / 252 Speed
  • Moves: Swords Dance, Triple Axel, Knock Off, Ice Shard

Weavile is a capable Physical Sweeper that possesses a great balance of Attack and Speed. Its Dark / Ice typing grants few resistances and immunity to Psychic, yet a disastrous weakness to Fighting as well. Weavile's exceptional Attack and Speed make it a dangerous opponent to face.

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This build works to build upon Weavile's strengths and better guarantee OHKOs. The Heavy-Duty Boots protect Weavile from various hazards such as Stealth Rock. Weavile's Ability, Pressure, decreases the PP of any move used against it. This allows Weavile to chip away at the PP of vital moves such as U-Turn.

2 Dragonite (Dragon / Flying Type)

Offensive Dragon Dance

  • Item: Heavy-Duty Boots
  • Ability: Multiscale
  • Nature: Jolly
  • ​​EVs: 252 Attack / 4 Sp.Def / 252 Speed
  • Moves: Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Dual Wingbeat, Roost

Dragonite is a formidable Physical Sweeper that is capable of taking hits and returning them in full. Its Dragon / Flying typing provides many resistances and immunity to Ground; however, it has an overwhelming weakness to Ice as well. Dragonite's Attack is phenomenal, allowing it to OHKO many of the Physical Walls in competitive play.

This build enhances Dragonite's offensive and recuperative capabilities, allowing it to endure unfavorable circumstances. With Heavy-Duty Boots, Dragonite can avoid hazards like Stealth Rock altogether. Dragonite's Ability, Multiscale, halves the damage taken when it is at full HP. In conjunction with Roost, Dragonite could endure numerous devastating blows with ease.

1 Dragapult

Mixed Attacker Build

  • Item: Life Orb
  • Ability: Infiltrator
  • Nature: Hasty
  • ​​EVs: 48 Attack / 204 Sp.Atk / 252 Speed
  • Moves: U-Turn, Dragon Darts, Thunderbolt, Fire Blast

Dragapult is an unpredictable Mixed Sweeper that is difficult to fend against. Its Dragon / Ghost typing grants many resistances alongside immunity to Normal and Fighting. Dragapult's good Attack and amazing Speed make it a near-perfect Sweeper.

This build works to include both Physical and Special Attacks into Dragapult's moveset, granting it much coverage. With a Life Orb, Dragapult's Attack stat is enhanced at the cost of some HP. Dragapult's Ability, Infiltrator, allows it to ignore defensive moves such as Substitute or Reflect. This allows Dragapult to deal damage without any barriers or protections.

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What is the best team for Pokemon Showdown?

What is the best team for Pokemon Showdown?

ORAS OU Most OP OU Team – Rip Pokemon Showdown

  • Sableye @ Sablenite. Ability: Prankster. EVs: 252 HP / 200 Def / 56 SpD.
  • Clefable @ Leftovers. Ability: Unaware. EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD.
  • Scizor Lum Berry. Ability: Technician.
  • Amoonguss @ Black Sludge. Ability: Regenerator.
  • Heatran @ Choice Specs. Ability: Flash Fire.
  • Excadrill @ Choice Scarf. Ability: Mold Breaker.

What does OU mean in Pokemon?

Over Used

Why is Wobbuffet banned?

You see, Wobbuffet has terrible attack. So, if it’s holding leftovers, it will actually recover more damage than it is being dealt by another Wobbuffet’s Struggle and by the recoil from Struggle. And because they both have Shadow Tag, they couldn’t switch out. And that’s why Wobbuffet was banned.

Why is Aegislash banned?

“Ban it! According to the user Valentine, this was one of the reasons a ban was proposed. Aegislash could “constantly force 50/50s with King’s Shield.” Physical attackers that chose to attack at the wrong time would pay dearly, meaning a battle against Aegislash could sometimes turn into a battle of chance.

Why was mega rayquaza banned?

It is tied with Mega Mewtwo Pokémon for the highest base stats of any Pokémon ever – 780 or about the firepower of 2.5 Pikachus. Therefore, the banning of Mega Rayquaza is related to its own abilities: It is the only creature in the game that doesn’t need a Mega Stone to perform Mega Evolution.

Is Mega rayquaza broken?

For starters, Mega Rayquaza is so broken that it is tiered as ‘AG’ or ‘Anything Goes’. This is due mainly to Mega Rayquaza being able to hold any item and still Mega Evolve. In addition, Delta Stream effectively removes its Flying type weaknesses.

Is Mega rayquaza stronger than arceus?

In terms of the actual game mechanics, Mega Rayquaza is mathematically superior to Arceus, having a base stat total of 780 as opposed to Arceus’ 720 BST. Mega Mewtwo X and Y, Primal Groudon and Kyogre, Ultra Necrozma, and Eternamax Eternatus all have higher BSTs than Arceus.

Does Ash ever mega evolve a Pokemon?

Ash’s Charizard is undoubtedly one of Ash’s most powerful Pokemon ever. Like Sceptile and Lucario, Charizard gained the ability to Mega-Evolve, making it one of the most powerful and battle-tested Pokemon in the world ever.

Did arceus create Mew?

Mew is a genetic repository that Arceus created in his own image, containing information about all Pokémon thanks to his design. Here, Mew was explicitly engineered by Arceus to contain all possible Pokémon DNA, including that of the creators.

Can Mewtwo defeat arceus?

In the movie Arceus and the Jewel of Life, Arceus isn’t as powerful as us fans make him out to be. In terms of its base stats, Arceus reaches at 720, while Mewtwo in his Mega Form gets a base stat of 780. I’m not saying that Mewtwo could defeat Arceus in a battle, but he’d certainly be able to stand up to him.


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Team best pokemon showdown

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BEST POKEMON TEAM EVER (Pokemon Showdown OU Tier)

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