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Decorating on a budget? Love saving money? Like nice things?

If any (or all) of these sound like you, you’ve come to the right place. I’m Kendra Found It, and I’m all of these things. I believe that you can shop big, but spend small, and a bigger price tag doesn’t necessarily mean bigger style.

Today I’m sharing five of my Double Takes (also known as decor dupes) for your home. What’s a dupe? It’s an item that looks similar to an expensive product but costs much less.

This is not my first rodeo around here, so if you like what you see, check out the rest of my dupes and deals here (we’re talking Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and more).

Okay, enough small talk; let’s get to the good stuff.


Pottery Barn does so many things well: entertainment units, couches, beds, and dining tables, to name a few. So when one of you asked me to find a Pottery Barn dining table dupe, I was up for the challenge. The requestor wanted a round table similar to the Pottery Barn Banks dining table, and I got bonus points if it had some intentional distressing and farmhouse vibes.

Not only did I find one Pottery Barn dining table copycat, I actually found eight different options! I feel like I aced this test, but go check them out for yourself and leave a comment below which one you like best.

Pottery Barn Banks Round Pedestal Extending Dining Table, $2,

Dupes: Wayfair Cheatham Solid Wood Dining Table, $World Market Round Gray Pine Wood Lisette Dining Table
Wayfair Fortunat Extendable Dining Table
Overstock Carbon Loft Nightingale Round Wood Dining Table
Wayfair Whitten Dining Table
Overstock Copper Grove Asperg Grey Weathered Teak inch Round Dining Table
Overstock Alpine Furniture Kensington Natural FInish Pine Round Dining Table
Overstock Pengrove Round Mango Wood Dining Table

This Pottery Barn Banks round pedestal dining table dupe will give you the Pottery Barn dining room of your dreams! If you’re looking for an affordable dining room table that also happens to be distressed, have a bit of farmhouse style, and is wood, I’ve found it for you! I actually have EIGHT pottery barn copycats for this dining table that will save you huge money. #inspo #design #decor #home

If you’ve always wanted a Pottery Barn dining room, this Pottery Barn dupe is for you! I found a Pottery Barn Banks dining table copycat that will blow your mind. It even is an extendable table - just like the PB version! I love the farmhouse style, round shape, and pedestal base. I could see this affordable dining table in a kitchen or dining room with family gathered around it.


When it comes to beds, Anthropologie has a great selection of unique, funky, and vintage style beds. A follower on TikTok asked me for an Anthropologie Deco Bed dupe and as soon as I searched it, I knew I had seen similar options at a few different retailers.

After some digging and searching, I found six different metal deco beds that look so similar to Anthropologie! The best part is that they come in different colours, so you can choose from white, black and gold, copper, and more. If you want more Anthropologie bed copycats, make sure you check out my Anthropologie Lombok bed Double Take.

Anthropologie Deco Bed, $1,

Dupes: Home Depot Delacroix Black Metal King Bed with Gold Detail, $
Wayfair Astrid Platform Bed, $
Joss and Main Paloma Standard Bed, $
Joss All Modern Paloma Open-Frame Headboard, $
Walmart Novogratz Boutique Olivia Metal Bed, Queen Size Frame, Black and Gold, $
Joss and Main Marceno Standard Bed, $

Decorating on a budget? Love Anthropologie furniture? You need to see this Anthropology Deco Bed copycat. This metal and gold bed is a little vintage and a LOT stylish. The best part? I have a dupe that looks like Anthropologie but costs WAY less. #bedding #design #style #inspo

Are you looking for an Anthropologie Deco Bed copycat? If you’ve always dreamed of having an Anthropologie bedroom complete with an Anthropologie bed, this dupe is for you! I found a lookalike bed that looks like Anthropologie, but costs over $1, LESS! #art #decor #style #boho #vintage


By nature, my copycats are supposed to look similar (obv.). But sometimes even I’m shocked how similar two different items (and prices) from two different companies can be. This West Elm Audrey Nightstand is a perfect example of that. I literally had to pull up each photo and compare it next to each other to really identify the differences (the leg configuration).

If you’re looking for a sleek bedside table, Wayfair’s 2-drawer nightstand could be it. The enamel finish combined with the geometric texture drawers create a modern, yet vintage vibe.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my other West Elm nightstand Double Take here.

West Elm Audrey Nightstand – Charcoal, $
Dupe: Wayfair Francesca 2 – Drawer Nightstand, $

Matching Dressers: Wayfair White Capra 3 Drawer Chest, $
Wayfair Capra 7 Drawer Double Dresser, $1,
Wayfair Capra 5 Drawer Chest, $

Can we just talk about this West Elm Audrey Nightstand dupe?! This copycat will save you HALF the price (actually a bit more) and it’s not even on sale! I love geometric, textured bedside tables and the lacquer finish really seals the deal for me. This is total bedroom inspo! #design #goals #lookalike #knockoff

If you've always dreamed of having a West Elm bedroom or home, this West Elm dupe is for you! The Audrey enamel nightstand is now sold out, but my copycat isn't! If you are decorating on a budget or just like saving money, home decor dupes are for you. #inspo #design #lookforlessTop photo: @dustydaisyvintage


If you love a good Pottery Barn dupe, this find is for you; I discovered this Double Take while I was searching for a coffee table copycat for a reader. I literally did a bit of a double take (which is where the name came from) when I saw this Pottery Barn Berlin Square Ottoman dupe.

The great thing about this find is that this tufted ottoman can actually also be used as a coffee table! Just put a tray on top of it and boom – you’ve got yourself a tufted coffee table. The only thing I love better than a Double Take is a Double Take that does double duty!

Pottery Barn Berlin Square Ottoman, $

Dupes: Wayfair Aadi French Tufted Cocktail Ottoman, $
Wayfair Hailey Shelved Tufted Cocktail Ottoman, $
Wayfair Acantha Cocktail Ottoman, $
Wayfair Euphony 30″ Shelved Tufted Square Cocktail Ottoman, $
Wayfair Fasano Tufted Cocktail Ottoman, $
Wayfair Mayfair Tufted Cocktail Ottoman, $
Wayfair Kierra Tufted Cocktail Ottoman, $
Wayfair Athena Solid Wood Floor Shelf Coffee Table with Storage, $

Always dreamed of having a Pottery Barn living room? This Pottery Barn coffee table ottoman dupe is a great look-alike for Pottery Barn! I love Pottery Barn copycats, and this one is gold. If you’re decorating on a budget and love distressed, tufted, and linen decor, you’ve got to see this. #livingroom #goals #design #decor

Love Pottery Barn furniture? ME TOO. I’ve got some Pottery Barn dupes that will blow your mind. Lighting, ottomans, coffee tables, and other furniture that looks like Pottery Barn but costs way less. This tufted ottoman can also double as a coffee table and I found a lookalike for $ less. #inspo #design #decor #decorate Photo: @ehdesignmn


Even though I no longer live in an an apartment (we moved to the suburbs for more space and have never looked back), I still remember the struggles well. We never had enough room; I had to store things in the most random places; we didn’t have a dining table; and I never had a proper desk to work on.

When a reader DM’d me on Instagram asking for a West Elm mini desk dupe, I immediately felt her pain and had to help. She loved the mid-century modern vibe, walnut color, and small footprint of the desk…but she didn’t like the price.

So I did some digging and found not one, but three small but mighty options. I hope these copycats give her some space to work, especially since we are all working from home right now!

West Elm Mid-Century Mini Desk, $

Double Takes: World Market Walnut And Gold Metal Zola Desk, $
Wayfair Brown Lundquist Solid Wood Desk, $
Wayfair Grady Solid Wood Desk, $

Love West Elm furniture? ME TOO. This MCM West Elm mini acorn desk is perfect for small spaces, an apartment, a closet office, or even in a living room. It’s a great way to fit a desk into a small home. The best part? I’ve got a West Elm dupe for it that will save you hundreds of dollars. If you love home decor copycats, you need to see this. #inspo #design #house #lookforless

Have you seen my West Elm mini desk dupe? If you love furniture that looks like West Elm, you’ve got to see my West Elm copycats! Not only do I have a desk that looks like West Elm, I have bedside tables, dresser, rug, and bench dupes. #inspo #design #style #lookalike

Love West Elm furniture? ME TOO. This MCM West Elm mini acorn desk is perfect for small spaces, an apartment, a closet office, or even in a living room. It’s a great way to fit a desk into a small home. The best part? I’ve got a West Elm dupe for it that will save you hundreds of dollars. If you love home decor copycats, you need to see this. #inspo #design #house #lookforless

Still want more? Check out my extensive list of fashion, beauty, and decor deals at Kendra Found It or follow me on Instagram.

Sours: https://somethingturquoise.com//01/06/pottery-barn-dupes-west-elm-copycats-anthropologie/

11 Top West Elm Dining Room Table For Home Improvement

The dining room is the center of all your family activity in your home. It is the best place to share your adventures and stories with your lovely family. So, you should concern about the detail of your dining room if you want to make everyone happy.

West Elm is one of the leading companies in home improvement market. Their product is a guarantee of a high-quality furniture, especially West Elm dining room table, it is a must-have furniture if you plan on improving your dining room.

There are so many choices available for West Elm Dining Room Table, you can pick which one suitable for your dining room scheme. However, you should understand materials that make it last long with and its design that will make your dining room looks great. Finally. West Elm Dining Room Table should be the right solution to improving your dining room.

Especially the dining room table, you should buy it from a well-known branded furniture if a quality is a matter for you. However, famous brand furniture doesn’t have to be overpriced! For that reason, we’ve created this list so you can have a high-quality West Elm Dining Room Table with reasonable price.

West Elm Dining Room Table

Concrete Tower Dining Room Table (Price: $)

Lovely modern dining room table for you who have a modern lifestyle that requires comforts dining room. It has a unique yet simple design that can easily attract your attention when you spend your precious time with your family.

What we like the most about this engaging West Elm Dining Room Table is the comfy and large rectangle shape that makes your dinner feel amusing. Then, the concrete composite material of this is the main reason why it looks so solid in your dining room.

Lastly, you can own it for $, a cheap price you need to pay for a gorgeous and solid dining table.

Anderson Solid Wood Expandable Dining Table – Raw Acacia (Price: $)

Another lovely dining room that can increase the warm feeling in your dining room. This lovely has a simplicity which very important for a semi-modern dining interior design. Then the Acacia wood material is one of the best material around, make this West Elm Dining Room Table a high-quality dining table that you should consider to purchase.

Moreover, you have to combine it with a wooden chair to add stronger warm feeling into your dining room. Furthermore, to make it look nicer you can decorate it by adding some flowers in it. You should pay $ to have this lovely dining table in your home, a great over you can’t miss.

Dark Mineral Dining Room Table (Price: $)

A simple and distinctive outlook dining table, that’s what is in our mind when we the first time we saw it. It possesses a bizarre pattern that can make your dining room look larger. It’s perfect for a minimalist home interior that can make your home feels comfortable for everyone.

This product is made of solid wood to ensure you the quality of this dining table, also the stainless steel base material makes it last longer than most metallic based material. Then, it’s rectangle shape surely makes it look so eye-catching and can easily impress your guests. Finally, the $ you need to pay for a high-quality dining table seems inexpensive isn’t it?

Expandable Classic Mid-Century Dining Room Table (Price: $)

A good news for you who search for West Elm Dining Room Table with a vintage design for your lovely family, this one should be the answer for your needs. It has a unique style that makes it fits for a semi-modern and traditional dining room scheme; depends on the chair you use for your dining room.

Then, the solid eucalyptus wood guarantees you solid material for you and your family. Besides the great material this West Elm Dining Room Table also offer you charming feeling that makes your dining room relaxing.

Lastly, the price you need to pay for this lovely dining table is only $ an amazing price considering the quality of this lovely dining table.

Oval Silhouette Dining Room Table (Price

Classy and elegant dining room table that can drastically improve your dining room instantly. It has a unique design that can easily ease your mind. Then, the solid marble and metal material are the main reason why this adorable dining table is on our list.

It will be great for your traditional dining room plan, make it look so distinctive for you and your family. Furthermore, its round shape creates a strong romantic atmosphere which perfects for your romantic dinner with your loved one.

The $ you need to pay for this lovely dining table is surely a reasonable price for a high-quality material table.

Wood Box Frame Dining Table (Price: $)

Lovely dining room table with a strong charming feeling for you and your family. It has the simplicity which is perfect for you who need a relaxing and cozy dining room. Then, the steel frame base material assures you a high-quality dining room table to place in your home.

Furthermore, it is a perfect choice for you who have a semi-modern dining room, it can increase the relaxing feeling in your home and make it a great spot to enjoy.  Additionally, you can add a vase of flower or fruits to make it look attractive.

The $ you need to pay is a cheap price you need to pay for this a high-quality West Elm Dining Room Table. In brief, it is a perfect choice for you who want to improve your dining room.

Jensen Walnut Dining Room Glass Table (Price: $)

Adorable dining table with an elegant look that will make your family feel comforts. Made of Walnut wood, it ensures you a high-quality dining table for you and your family. Then, the glass material surely makes it look classy, a perfect match for modern dining room interior.

What we admire the most about it is the base design, make it look solid and make you feel comforts. Furthermore, you need to add an appropriate dining chair for this lovely dining table, a wooden frame chair will the best choice to make it looks great. The $ you need to pay without a doubt is worthed for a classy West Elm Dining Room Table.

Elegant Trestle Dining Room Table (Price: $)

Amazing combination of high-quality materials, that is what in our mind at the glance we check this lovely dining table.  The metallic based with antique finish surely makes it look so luxurious in your dining room. Then, the Solid Acacia top finish adds a strong feeling of relaxation in the entire home.

Furthermore, you should carefully choose a nice match for this dining table, it should have a metallic element on it. Moreover, it will be great for a modern home which needs elegant and simplicity element on it. $ is a cheap price you need to pay for this great furniture from a famous brand furniture.

Hourglass Round Dining Room Table (Price: $)

Adorable round dining room table with a breakthrough design that will make your dinner feels great for everybody. Made of a metallic base and top glass, this product will improve your dining room significantly. It has a fresh outlook that makes your dining room feel relaxing, a great place for release your tiredness after works.

In addition, adding fruits in it is a great way to make it looks engaging. Surprisingly, you only need $ to bring home this high-quality dining table. So, if you want an inexpensive dining room table with an elegant look this West Elm Dining Room Table is the solution to your needs.

Round Arc Pedestal Dining Room Table (Price: $)

An outstanding dining table with great material that can make your dining room the best place at home. Made of solid wood, it ensures you a high-quality furniture for your room. Then, make sure you combine it with chairs with a strong wood accent to make your dining feels warmer and charmer.

Furthermore, it is perfect for a traditional dining interior design which adds strong relaxing feeling throughout the dining room. The price for this adorable dining table is only $ a nice offer from a well-known brand.

Antique Boerum Dining Room Table (Price: $)

For you vintage lovers, this dining table can be your favorite furniture ever. It has a remarkable design that can easily change the atmosphere of your dining room into a relaxing one. Then, the solid mango wood material is a guarantee of a high-class dining table.

You must combine it with a wooden dining table to produce a strong antique feeling in it. The best part about this lovely dining table is the simplicity that makes you feel comfortable and easily relax your mind. You can have this adorable antique dining table for only $, an undeniable price for you who seriously want to improve your dining room.

Finding the right table for your lovely dining room is not an easy task to do. You should consider so many factors to ensure you don’t buy a low-quality like materials, design, price, etc.

Moreover, you can find a lot of products out there that may confuse you. So, hopefully, this list to help you choose the right West Elm Dining Room Table for you and your lovely family.

To ease you more in choosing the right West Elm dining table for your beloved dining room below.

Tips for Choosing the Right Dining Table

  • Determine the Space and Size

A dining table is the main focal point of a dining room which takes up a lot of space. Therefore, you have to measure the available space of the room which you will use as the spot to put on the table.

If you have a large space, you can consider buying a huge table which can handle many guests at once. For the narrow dining room, a round dining table is the best option since it looks more compact and can fit in very well. Moreover, keep in mind to also leave some inches around the table for traffic area. The empty space around the table should provide great comfort for everyone.

Another option that you can use when you have limited space is the foldable dining table. You can use it based o what you need in a particular occasion, it can be folded or unfolded as you wish easily.

After you have decided the design of the dining table that suits your needs and taste, you can start learning about the material. Of course, wood is the most common material which is uses for dining table.

There are several wood types which are available like walnut, mahogany, maple, teak, and oak in which each one of them has its plus and minus point. For more affordable options, MDF and plywoods are available but kind of less durable than the real wood.

For you who want to go more sophisticated, the dining table with metal construction and glass top is the best choice. It will bring another style to your modern decor.

As the focal point, a dining table will be a major attention grabber of the room. It has to create a nicely harmonious look with the decoration of your dining room. For instance, you can pick a dining table with the finish which is similar to the flooring and cabinet.

However, you can also make your dining table look more standout by choosing the one which juxtaposing the overall look of the room. If this is what you prefer, you have to carefully choose the finish and design of the table to make it look outstanding but still become a part of the decor.

Sours: https://www.divesanddollar.com/west-elm-dining-room-table/
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West Elm's New Summer Line Is Sustainable, Cool, and Everything We Want Right Now

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you'll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work.

It doesn't take much convincing to get us on board with loving anything from West Elm these days. If you're the same, then you're going to have a hard time leaving here empty-handed. The retailer just dropped its newest summer collection and not only is it filled with so many beautiful finds, but many of which are also sustainable.

To help you get a head start on shopping, we did the work for you. Ahead, we curated a list of a few of our favorite things that'll definitely give your home a bright new feel this season. From a comfy sofa that you'll never want to get up from and a chic coffee table that'll become the centerpiece of your room, prepare to love it all. Keep reading to shop.

Sours: https://www.popsugar.com/home/furniture-decor-from-west-elm-summercollection

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How to Install the Mid Century Expandable Dining Table by WEST ELM

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