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Hunger Games Maps for Minecraft PE. HungerGames is a tactical minigame that requires a lot of skills. You must quickly find the chests containing your item. Then find a way to destroy all the enemies. Find ambush places, kill unexpectedly, or face enemies, etc. Besides, you will be hungry with food shortages.

Currently, the number of Hunger games Minecraft PE maps is not much. Some may not work at a latest version. However, we will try to give you the best Hungergames maps for MCPE available today.

Download the best Hunger Games maps for Minecraft PE

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Map

For those Hunger Games lovers out there, that ought to be simple for comprehending, at least if you’ve seen the second film in its series. It is the area where everything from the Hunger Games battle begins.

Read more and download this map here.

Classic Hunger Games maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Classic Hunger Games is a small survival games map is a suitable map when playing from 2 to 8 players. The Hunger Games is a very popular minigame for Minecraft, and especially multiplayer servers, where players must compete with each other in PvP survival environments.

The objective is the last survivor. To win, you must fight other players, collect resources and survive.

Creator: GoldenEnergy

How to play?

In this Hunger Games Maps for MCPE, before starting the game, players will be able to choose a kit for themselves. This is done by pressing one of the mobs in the set selection area. There are three different kits and each has its own specialty.

Classic Hunger Games Minecraft PE

As soon as you’ve selected a kit you’ll spawn at the arena. The game requires 2 – 8 players in order to start.

The top 5 Hunger Games Maps for Minecraft PE - Bedrock Edition

The ultimate goal is to survive and be the last person standing. Gather items from the chests and use them to survive.

The top 5 Hunger Games Maps for Minecraft PE - Bedrock Edition

Read more and download this map here.

MedievalWays Hunger Games [PvP]

MedievalWays comes with a hunger games arena place in a medieval-themed environment suitable for anywhere between two to eight players. It is a rather modest arena, but the fantastic advantage with this is that there’ll be plenty of fighting and the rounds are somewhat shorter. It’s a fairly simple Hunger Games Maps for Minecraft Bedrock Edition but still pretty fun to play!

Creator: TeamBOB123

How to play?

Gather everybody in the lobby before dropping down to the actual arena. Stand on a chiselled stone brick each. Make a countdown from 10 then conduct toward the middle and fall to the arena.

Minecraft PE hunger games map download

The first purpose is to come to find some items in the chests. These chests are located around the arena. You have got to be fast to get there ahead of your competitors.

The top 5 Hunger Games Maps for Minecraft PE - Bedrock Edition

This Minecraft PE hunger games map download is quite small, which means you don’t have a lot of places to hide, and there’ll probably be plenty of battling after it begins.

The player alive is the winner. Just remember that just one winner is permitted so if you opt to team up with someone just remember that among you might need to die in the end!

Read more and download this map here.

Arcane Hunger Games

This MCPE Hunger Games map uses the Arcane Wizardry V2 addon, also created by me. Experience the hungry game is greatly improved.

How to play Arcane Hunger Games?

By pressing the button in front of you, the player and the chest will be spread throughout the map automatically.

Collect items in random chests and fight to the death with your friends.

hunger games maps for Minecraft Bedrock Edition
The top 5 Hunger Games Maps for Minecraft PE - Bedrock Edition

Read more and download this map here.

Hunger Games Mars Map for MCPE

If you have spent anytime at all playing Minecraft competitively with your friends then you have played the Hunger Game. You have seen Hunger Games right? I have always been a sucker for Jennifer Lawrence. But if you don’t know what that is, it is what you call a game where everybody fights for themselves and kill every man, woman, and child in sight. And since the start of time, or Minecraft, dozens of Hungers Games map for MCPE have been created. And now, we have Hunger Games Mars, where you fight for your survival on Mars.

All credit goes to Jooky2000.

How to play Hunger Games Mars?

This a PvP map that can feature between 2-24 players. And I do like me more players to beat. You do start with a certain amount of weapons and food but you would really want to go around to search for chests which contain more food and better weapons. It is beneficial for you to find these chest before others to get the upper hand. Last man or girl standing will be the winner. So you might have to kill one or two.

The map is situated on the planet Mars, more specifically, a space station somewhere on Mars. The space station alone is massive to cover but you can also go out of it. Since the ground might be too big once the number of surviving players go low, so I recommend playing with some sort of a time limit. It is possible for the final two to seize each other up for an hour or so before docking it out. It the surrounding areas, there are some gold and diamond ores too, so mining and crafting your own gears is a nice alternative to seeking out chests if you really have the time and space.

Read more and download this map here.

More Hunger Games Maps for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Or you should try the best Mansion Maps for Minecraft PE here.

Sours: https://mcpebox.com/hunger-games-maps-for-minecraft-pe-bedrock-edition/

On the territory of a small map Classic Hunger Games for Minecraft PE you will find a real game for survival, which is perfect for 2-8 people.

Classic Hunger Games Map – a very popular mini-game in the world of MCPE, especially for multi-player servers, where players have to compete among themselves in the survival environment of PvP. The main goal of this game is to be the last surviving player! Well, for this victory you will have to fight with other players, collect resources and survive in Minecraft Pocket Edition! Good luck!

How to play?

Before starting this game in Minecraft PE, you have to choose a set of objects. This is done very simply, you only need to hit one of the mobs in the selection area. There are three different sets, each of which has its own unique features.

Classic Hunger Games map [PvP] Screenshots:

Once you choose the kit, you can send to the survival arena! To start the game will require at least 2 players (and a maximum of 8).

The main task – to survive, well, more precisely, to experience all the other players. Collect all items from the chests and use them for your survival in the MCRE!

Once the match has started, do not let new players join the world, otherwise it will lead to a malfunction of the players count system!
Rendering distance: 10 or more
Before the game, do not jump from the pedestal!


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Download the Hunger Games map for Minecraft PE: a favorite minigame has become available for more users.

Hunger Games MCPE Map Highlights

Minecraft Bedrock Edition has tons of minigames with intriguing gameplay, repetitive joys of victory and sorrows of loss, and fantastic locations.

Bed and Sky Wars let you fight until death, hide-and-seek gives you an opportunity to sneak and disappear for fifteen minutes, and Death Run tests your skills and reaction.

Generally, Minecraft has perhaps the best minigames you can find on the Web.

Notwithstanding, there is one game that has been there for a long time now and has existed nearly from the release of MCPE.

This minigame is Hunger Game, utterly the predecessor of the Battle Royale genre. It features simple rules but entertaining gameplay.

Therefore the Web is full of Hunger Games maps where Minecraft PE players shall fight for their own destiny and win prizes.

Medieval Ways

As you can tell by the title, this Hunger Games map features a place that derived right from the Middle Ages, which makes this location quite unique.

First of all, a few buildings are constructed in a contemporary style of that time where you can loot and hide in. Besides, this Minecraft PE map is not as big as you would like it to be.

Despite that, there is a vital difference in the game’s speed. Everything happens faster: players appear on the map, they loot the chests, combat with each other, die, and repeat.

Therefore you may have more fun and pleasure exploring this unique location and dying on it repeatedly to start it afterward.

Classic Hunger Games

According to the authors, they tried implementing the original minigame and bringing back the classics. Consequently, you may recognize some of the constructions and other moments.

Nevertheless, this Minecraft location is still pretty unique and rare to find. Besides, it owns all that you might need in a Hunger Games map.

Sours: https://mcpe-planet.com/maps/minigame/hunger-games/
The Rise and Fall of Minecraft Hunger Games...

For those who don’t know what to do in Minecraft Bedrock, an ET’s Survival Games map has been developed. The authors were inspired by the Hunger Games series and took some of the ideas from there.

You have to survive in a limited area. At your disposal will be several houses, a cave with resources and some chests. The bottom line is that these are recoverable resources. And they will recover over time. Gather the necessary resources and survive in this world!

ET’s Survival Games Map Screenshots:


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Sours: https://mcpedb.com/ets-survival-games-map/

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