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What are the most popular men’s haircuts and hairstyles for men? You will find them right here in this newly updated guide.

This is the best collection of men’s haircuts and cool hairstyles for men. We have been very careful to select only best examples of all the latest haircuts we are seeing cut and styled by the best barbers in the world. Scroll down, find a new look, and then simply show the photo to your barber. Super easy.

Below, you will find the freshest men’s hair ideas including short hair looks, medium to long hair length options, super cool fade haircuts. These are the latest and most popular men’s hairstyles and trends that we are seeing in the best barbershops around the world.

In detail, we discuss the haircuts, the best men’s hair products to use, and how to style them. And, we show you the most popular types of haircuts for men, as well as all the different types of fades your barber can give you.

These are the newest trends in fade haircuts, modern undercuts, pompadours in different lengths and styles, classic men’s haircuts, cool comb-over haircuts, and the most popular quiff haircuts and crop haircuts.

There are more cool haircut styles for guys than ever before. Stay fresh, stay cool. Mix and match features, hair length, part vs no part, or fade vs tapered haircut looks. We are also seeing men’s haircuts that show off longer hairstyles with movement and flow. If you have long hair or are thinking about growing it out, check out our ultimate guide to long hair for men.

Current trends are also showing natural-looking men’s hairstyles that are styled with lighter hold and matte finish pomades. You can also use a blow dryer to get some exaggerated flow and extra volume to your hairstyle.

Although the trend is leaning towards longer hair and medium-length men’s haircuts you will also find our top picks for guys that want short hair. Short haircuts are always popular because they are easy to manage and look clean cut.

Some of these looks below are fade haircuts which means your barber uses clippers to shave the sides and back of the head in a particular style. Other haircuts are entirely scissor cut all over including the sides and back.

If you have curly hair,wavy hair, or thick hair you will also find some great haircuts below. Got curls? Check out our complete guide to curly hair. We show you the best haircuts, and the best products to care for curly hair.

Top 100 Men’s Haircuts + Men’s Hairstyles

Okay, so let’s dive in and take a look at the best haircuts for men and hairstyles for men that we have seen this year. 

Somewhere on this list, there is a brand new haircut and men’s hairstyle combination for you to try out.

1. Cool Men’s Haircut + Low Fade

Zach Ramsey

This is a cool haircut for men that features medium textured hair and a low bald fade.

2. Medium Haircut For Men + Bald Fade

Barber Cole

This haircut features short to medium hair on top with shaved sides. A modern take on the pompadour.

3. Modern Slicked Men’s Haircut

Barber James Beaumont

A great example of a classic slicked back look. But here the hair on top is left a bit more natural looking. This is not the traditional approach of styling with a shiny pomade. Rather the hair has been brushed back and blown dry with a hairdryer to give that natural flow and movement. Use a matte pomade.

4. Side Part Hairstyle For Men

Slicked Side Part Quiff Haircut


A great looking men’s hairstyle with a side part. To get this look you will want to use a product that has a bit of shine. Work a small amount of a shiny pomade into damp hair. Comb into place. To get some extra body use a blow dryer.

5. Medium Length Men’s Haircut + Bald Fade

Short sides long on top haircut for men


This has been one of the most popular men’s haircuts for several years. Shaved sides. Long hair on top. You need to use a blow dryer to get the tall big hair standing up on top. A great look for any type but works best with thicker hair types.

6. Cool Flow Tapered Haircut For Men

Flow haircut for men

Iisakki Nummi

As we have said longer hair looks are in. More and more guys are growing their hair out longer on top. This is a beautiful scissor cut taper haircut for men with curly hair. It shows off some great looking flow and movement.

7. Short Textured Haircut + High Fade

Whitney Vermeer

This is a great short haircut for men that can be styled in a number of ways. You can wear it slicked and neat for the office, or mess it up for a more edgy look when you go out on the town.

8. Long Hair Pompadour Hairstyle For Men

Curran Candage

Another great example of a cool pompadour hairstyle with short sides and longer hair on top.

9. Undercut + Messy Hair On Top + Long Fringe

Cool undercut haircut for men

Kristijan Lizačić

This is a super cool undercut. If you have an abundance of thick hair than this might be a good option. The hair on top is left to flow wildly. Undercuts are one of those men’s haircuts that continues to evolve into cooler new styles.

10. Haircut With Long Fringe


A cool modern version of the classic “skater haircut” that features a long fringe in the front, and short sides

11. Tapered Haircut For Thick Hair With Short Sides + Long Fringe

Mens hairstyle for thick hair

Dre Hair

A beautifully tapered haircut. A great looking side part haircut. Not too much clipper work, mostly scissor cut.

12. Cool Short Haircut For Thick Hair + Bald Fade

short fade haircut


A cool haircut for men that have thick hair. It is cut short on top, nice and fresh in front with a line up, and shows off a bald fade on the sides.

13. Short Textured Men’s Haircut

Short textured mens haircut with a mid fade

Alternative Barbering Co.

A super cool short textured haircut with a low fade and plenty of flow. Textured men’s haircuts are awesome because they give you more styling options. They can be worn neat and clean if you style with a comb or styled into a less refined messy hairstyle.

14. Textured Haircut + Long Fringe + High Fade

Short textured haircut for men with high fade

Haircut by Rafa Underground

Such a cool haircut. Messy medium textures on top give that spiky look. Fringe was kept longer. Another undercut with a very modern twist to it.

15. Short Spiky Quiff Haircut + Beard

Short spiky quiff haircut with skin fade

Haircut by Tom Baxter Hair

Another great example of a quiff haircut. One of the most popular men’s haircuts we have seen the past couple years made popular by the likes of David Beckham. This one is on the shorter side. The textures give that spiky appearance on top. Use a medium to strong hold pomade to style the haircut into place.

16. Medium Length Taper Fade Haircut

Medium length mens taper fade haircut

Haircut by Agus De Asis

This is an awesome taper fade haircut with some great medium length flow on top. You will need to use a blow dryer to get that flow and movement.

17. Short Pompadour Haircut + Mid Fade

Short men's haircut for thick hair with mid to low fade

Haircut by Viroga’s Barbershop

This haircut for men features a super clean mid fade on the sides and back. Perfectly blended into the short to medium length hair on top. A great cleaned up look for those of you that have thick, wavy or curly hair.

18. Curly Flat Top Haircut

Haircut for curly hair flat-top

Haircut by Nathan Emery

Perfectly sculpted curls on top and sides kept short with a mid fade.

19. Medium Length Haircut + Mid Fade

Medium length haircut for men with mid fade

Haircut by Javi The Barber

A great looking line up in the front. To get the hair to look like this on top you need to use a blow dryer and brush. You can blow dry damp hair with or without a light to medium hold pomade.

20. Cool Hairstyle For Long Curly Hair + Drop Fade

Cool men's hairstyle for medium to long curly hair

Haircut by Braid Barbers

A bald drop fade keeps things cool in the back and sides. Curly hair on top is left wild. Long fringe in the front. If you have thick curly hair this is a great look. Easy to style and maintain. Simply towel dry and go.

21. Comb Over Haircut + Side Part + Low Fade

Side part hairstyle for men with a low fade

Haircut by Talitha ‘Tils’ Maddison

A nice classic men’s haircut with a modern feel to it. A mix of a side part and pompadour hairstyle.

22. Medium Length Modern Classic Men’s Haircut

Cool classic mens haircut for thick hair in medium length with disconnected beard

Haircut by Tom Baxter Hair

A great looking classic men’s tapered haircut with side part. Short on the sides. Long hair on top.

23. Classic Men’s Haircut Styled Back + Line Up

Medium length mens haircut with high fade

Squeak Pro Barber

This is such a great haircut for men to get. Super versatile. Easy to style. It features a high fade with medium length hair on top that can be styled in so many ways. Style a pomp, slick it back, comb into a side part hairstyle or just wear it dry and natural. So many options. To get this look use a light to medium hold pomade. Work a small amount of pomade into your hair when it is dry. Or, work it into damp hair and use a blow dryer and brush to get that movement and wavy look.

24. Cool Short Curly Haircut + Drop Fade

Short haircut for men with curly hair and drop fade


This is such a great summer haircut for men to get. Works with any hair type. Hair has been cut short on top. Features a drop fade down to the skin and cool looking disconnected beard.

25. Cool Pompadour Undercut Haircut + Drop Fade

Pompadour haircut for men with bald drop fade

Swiss Hair by Zainal

This haircut is half pompadour half undercut. It features a drop fade down to the skin. To get this look you need a blow dryer. That is what will give the hair body, flow and movement. Brush and blow dry to the one side. Brush and blow dry front to back. It is amazing what just a brush and a blow dryer can do to give the hair big flow. You don’t even need to use a product. However, a light to medium hold pomade will help to keep the hair standing up for more hours of the day.

26. Messy Undercut Hairstyle For Men With Thick Hair

Messy hairstyle for men with thick hair and burst fade

Dang Cuts Hair

Another great example of the modern undercut. Messy textured hair on top gives the undercut a modern feel.

27. Medium Length Haircut For Straight Hair + Low Fade

Low fade mens haircut

Conor Taaffe

A low fade to the sides and back with medium hair on top left to flow however it wants.

28. Long Curls + Cool Hair Design

Long curls mens flat-top hairstyle

Dynasty Barbers

Cool side hard part accenting this high fade. Perfectly blended into longer natural hair on top.

29. Low Fade + Messy Longer Hair On Top

Low bald fade and messy mens hairstyle on top

Men’s World Herenkappers

An undercut with long messy textured hair on top. Super clean low fade.

30. Textured Wavy Haircut For Men

Medium length textured hairstyle for men and bald fade


A bald fade haircut with long wavy hair on top. Lots of contrast going on. One of the coolest men’s haircuts you can get if you have wavy or curly hair.

31. Cool Side Part Haircut For Thick Hair

Cool mens haircut for thick hair with mid fade and side part

Viroga’s Barber

Cool looking low fade, side part (shaved hard part). Great looking medium length quiff hairstyle.

32. Natural Curls + Textures + Hard Part

Natural curls and textures with side part mens hairstyle

Julius Cvesar

Clean mid fade with natural curls on top. Hard part separates and contrasts the sides from the hair on top.

33. Stylish Curly Hair Haircut For Guys

Cool curly hair mens hairstyle

Whitney Vermeer and Ignite Models

Such a great looking haircut for guys that have curly hair. Super clean cut short sides blended into thick curly hair and longer fringe.

34. Long Beautiful Natural Curls

Long beautiful natural curls haircut for men

Whitney VerMeer

Another curly hair masterpiece. Nicely trimmed fresh looking sides. Hair on top is left to do its own thing.

35. Tapered Short Haircut For Curly Hair

Short haircut for curly hair


A cool simple neck design carved into this great looking taper fade. Blended nicely into a short classic men’s haircut. Use a small amount of pomade or just towel dry and brush into place. Super easy to style.

36. Short Haircut With Textured Curly Hair

Textured curly hair mens hairstyle

Tom Chapman

A cool thick textured hairstyle for men that have curly hair.

37. Pompadour Meets Modern Mullet

Cool mens haircut with beard

Juan Morales

Mullets are in. And will grow in popularity as we head towards 2020. This is a super cool undercut meets pompadour meets mullet.

38. Medium Textures On Top + Short Tapered Sides

medium mens hairstyle with thick textured hair on top and short sides

Morris Motley

If you have thick hair this is a great haircut to try out. Tapered short on the sides. Long hair on top styled back. You can style it into a side part look or just slick it back.

39. Slicked Back Modern Undercut Hairstyle

Slicked back modern undercut hairstyle for men

Josh Connolly

I like this haircut a lot. The undercut is not shaved as high as you normally see. Hair on top is slicked back. You can either brush and blow dry it back. Or you can go for a more slick look by using a shiny pomade, work it into damp hair, and simply brush or comb your hair back into place.

40. Scissor Cut Side Part Haircut For Thick Hair

Side part haircut for men

Underground Veria

Another great example of where things are headed. More flow, movement, and longer lengths of hair. A great looking tapered haircut for men. Short on the sides but no skin. Styled naturally into a side part.

41. Mohawk Bald Fade Haircut + Fresh Line Up

Mohawk hairstyle for curly hair and shape up front with bald fade


Mohawks have become more and more popular lately. This cut features a bald fade, line up in the front to keep things looking clean and fresh, and the curls on top are left natural to do their thing.

42. Long Textured Fringe + Mid Fade Haircut

Long textured fringe mens hairstyle with a mid fade


A long fringe just looks cool. This is a modern take on the classic skater haircut for guys. Long textures are styled forwards into the flow of the fringe. The heavier hair length up front and on top contrasts perfectly with the mid fade to the sides and back.

43. Short Textured Quiff Haircut + Mid Fade

Short mens quiff haircut with mid fade

Ross Parlane Barbershop

Short haircuts for men never go out of style and always look great. This is a great haircut for guys that have thick hair and want to keep things clean and fresh. This look features a mid skin fade, and short textured hair on top styled into a quiff. The great thing about short haircuts is that they are super easy to maintain and style. Not much to it. Simply towel dry, work a small amount of pomade into damp or dry hair, and style into place using your fingers. One of the best short haircuts you could get.

44. Textured Quiff Meets Pompadour Haircut + Line Up

Textured mohawk quiff haircut and low fade

Javi the Barber

A totally cool haircut. Part mohawk, part quiff, part pompadour. It features a bald fade that places the emphasis on the wild loose hair on top. To get this look you need to use a blow dryer and a brush.

45. Cool Short Crop Haircut For Wavy Hair + Low Fade

Cool short mens crop haircut with low fade

Alessio Bolognesi

Crop haircuts have been super popular. They are still going strong and will likely continue to be a top pick for guys that like a short haircut. Crop haircuts work for all hair types. At first we were seeing mostly blunt cut crops. These days we are seeing more textured and asymmetrical fringes. This one is kind of in between. This is definitely one of the best haircuts for men that want to keep their hair short. It is also one of the best haircuts for receding hairlines since the hair is styled forwards.

46. Natural Waves Medium Length Men’s Haircut + Short Sides

Medium length mens haircut

Hard Grind

A very natural looking classic men’s haircut. Short sides, a bit longer on top, brushed back into place.

47. Slicked Back Wavy Men’s Hairstyle + Bald Fade

Slicked back wavy mens hairstyle

Jake’s Barber Shop

Another good haircut for guys that have thick or wavy hair. A classic look with short sides and medium length hair on top. It can be styled back naturally as in this photo or slicked back with a strong hold pomade with shiny finish.

48. Modern Taper Fade Haircut For Men

Modern taper fade haircut for men with thick hair

Adam O’Callaghan

A totally cool tapered haircut. The hair on top and in the back is kept longer to give the hair movement and flow front to back.

49. Longer Curly Hair Flow Haircut

Long hair mens hairstyle for curly or wavy hair

Alan Beak

This is the best haircut for curly hair. Things have been all cleaned up along the hair line with an awesome minuscule taper fade. The curly hair on top and in the back is left to flow naturally.

50. Cool Textured Thick Hair + Short Sides

Cool textured haircut for men with thick hair, short sides

Ryan Cuts Hair

This is one of the best haircuts for thick hair or curly hair. Styled into a side part quiff. Super cool haircut for men.

51. Low Fade + Twisted Curls

Twisted curls on top, shape up, and low bald fade

Dill Black

This cut features a low fade with natural curls on top that have been styled using a twist sponge.

52. Natural Slicked Back Haircut For Cool Guys

Top haircuts for men with thick hair

Carter Supply Co.

One of the best haircuts for thick wavy hair. This natural look is popular right now. Sides are cut short (but not faded) to emphasize the natural wavy flow on top. Fade haircuts are still super popular but more guys are opting for more natural looks like this one.

53. Tapered Men’s Haircut + Side Part

Medium length mens hairstyle

Linus Jasper

Another amazing haircut for men with thick hair. A classic medium men’s haircut that has been popular. Things are trimmed and cleaned up. But no clipper work. No shaved hair. No skin. This is what we will see more and more. More guys are opting for longer hair.

54. Tapered Haircut For Men + Long Fringe + Super Natural Flow

Long fringe and medium length hair mens hairstyle

Josh Lamonaca

I love this haircut. This is one of the best haircuts for thin hair of fine hair. If you have less hair you want a haircut that keeps more but places the emphasis on what is left on top. This taper fade and short sides accomplish that. Blended perfectly into a medium length on top that has a tremendous amount of flow.

55. Super Cool Low Fade + Short Textured Hair On Top

Cool short haircut for men with short textures and a low fade

Underground Veria

This is one of my favorite haircuts that I have seen in the past year. I like fade haircuts that are not just your classic fade. This haircut shows off some cool 1980s design with hard lines in the back and sides to give the fade some extra detail. Very cool. I got this haircut myself after I saw it done by Rafa. On top, we have some nice soft looking medium textures.

56. Thick Hair Quiff Haircut With Textures + High Fade

Mens haircut for thick hair with high fade

Shane Cronin

Another fantastic haircut. I love this choppy textured quiff haircut that features a high skin fade. To get this hairstyle use strong hold pomade. Work it into damp hair. Blow dry and brush the hair into place. This is a super cool disconnected undercut meets quiff.

57. Choppy Textured Medium Length Haircut For Men

Medium length mens haircut with short sides and textured hair on top

Mokum Barbers

A few years ago it was all about short textured haircuts. Then things evolved into longer textured haircuts like this one. This is a good haircut for guys that have thicker hair whether your hair is coarse or fine. The textured cut makes the styling part easier. You can towel dry or do a quick blast blow dry. Then simply work a medium to strong hold pomade into the hair to bring the textures alive. Every day you can get a different look depending on the direction you move the hair into place. That is what is awesome about textured haircuts like this one.

58. Beautifully Tapered Men’s Haircut + Medium Length On Top

Tapered mens haircut

Javi the Barber

Such a great tapered haircut. Classic. Simply brush and blow dry front to back.

59. Simple Short Men’s Haircut With A High Fade

Short mens haircut with high fade

Glassbox Barbershop

A nice simple classic short haircut for men to get right now. The hair is styled a bit forward with a flip back and to the side in the front.

60. Temple Fade Haircut

Temple fade haircut and natural curls with clean shape up in the front

Pat Regan

A beauty temple fade haircut with natural curls shaped to perfection on top. This haircut is finished with a super clean shape up in the front

61. Low Bald Fade + Long Tall Curls (Jimmy Butler Styles)

Low bald fade on sides with long natural curls on top

Matt J.

Keep things cool in the summertime with a bald fade on the sides but a longer length of hair on top.

62. Short Textured Men’s Haircut For Curly Hair

Wavy hairstyle for men in medium length with a low fade

Whitney VerMeer

Whitney has put out some of the best men’s haircuts for curly hair. Here she has beautifully textured the curly hair and cut it at a short to medium length.

63. Long Wild Messy Natural Curls

Long messy curly hair and low bald fade


Bald fade on the sides to keep things fresh. Wild curls on top.

64. Super Cool Long Surfer Hairstyle For Guys

Long hairstyle for men slicked back

Andrew Does Hair

If you are thinking about growing your hair long this is a great cut that will take you in the right direction. Sides are short but not at all close to the skin. Hair on top is neatly trimmed and styled in a modern slick back look.

65. Beautifully Sculpted Modern Afro

Modern afro for men

Nomad Barber LDN

Incredible shape. What incredible attention to detail.

66. Hairstyle For Long Wavy Hair

Mens hairstyle for long curly hair

Simon Harvey

Another great haircut for men that want to work towards growing their hair out longer. The hair is scissor cut nice and neat and will allow for growing the hair out even longer over time.

67. Cool Long Hair Hairstyle For Men Tied Back

Cool long hair hairstyle for men tied back


Long hair is cool. More and more guys are growing their hair out. Looks great with the beard. Hair can be tied back into a bun, kept in a pony tail, or just let go loose and wild like.

68. Burst Fade Mohawk Haircut

Mohawk fade haircuts

Erin Grommon

A cool mohawk pompadour hairstyle with a disconnected beard.

69. Low Fade + Longer Curls On Top

Low bald fade with medium to long curls on top, clean shape up in front and on the sides

35 Good Haircuts For Men

Have you been researching good haircuts for men and having a hard time finding good hairstyles to try? We understand how important it is to look your best, whether that means getting a professional haircut for the office or a casual cut for your social life. To help you guys find nice haircuts, here are the best men’s hairstyles.

This curated gallery of pictures includes a number of the hottest classic and modern styles. In fact, you’ll find a version of all the best new haircuts for guys, from low and high fades to comb over, pompadour, slick back, side part, quiff, and spiky hairstyles on top.

Furthermore, we made sure to include cool short and long hairstyles along with different cuts to suit all types of hair types and face shapes. If you’re thinking about changing your cut and style, now is the time to take a look at the most stylish ways you can wear your hair.

Check out these good haircuts and try a popular new look. Whether you have curly, wavy, or thick hair, these are the best haircuts for men to get!

Good Haircuts For Men


Hard Part Comb Over Fade

Good Haircuts - High Fade with Hard Part and Comb Over

High Skin Taper Fade with Quiff

Nice Haircuts For Men - High Skin Taper Fade with Quiff

Modern Pompadour Fade with Hard Part

Good Hairstyles For Men - Mid Fade with Hard Part and Modern Pompadour

Hard Side Part Fade

Nice Hairstyles - Low Fade with Hard Part and Comb Over

Short Sides with Messy Hair

Good Haircuts For Men - Short Sides with Tousled Hair

Undercut with Long Top

Undercut with Long Top

Pomp Fade with Side Part

Pomp Fade with Side Part

High and Tight Fade

High and Tight Fade

Short Textured Crop with Fade

Short Textured Crop with Fade

Skin Fade Mohawk

Skin Fade Mohawk

Low Taper Fade with Spiky Hair

Low Taper Fade with Brush Up

Low Taper Fade with Angular Fringe

Low Taper Fade with Angular Fringe

Taper Fade with Textured Brushed Up Hair

Short Sides with Medium-Length Brush Up Hair and Beard

Slicked Back Fade

Fade with Slick Back

High Fade with Messy Fringe

High Fade with Messy Fringe

High Undercut Fade with Spiked Hair

High Skin Fade with Spiked Hair

Textured Modern Quiff Fade

Low Bald Fade with Quiff

Long Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle

Undercut with Long Slicked Back Hair

Long Blonde Pompadour Undercut

Undercut with Long Blonde Pompadour

Quiff with High Bald Fade

High Bald Fade with Quiff and Brush Up

Mid Skin Fade with Hard Part and Afro

Mid Skin Fade with Hard Part and Afro

Textured Spiky Hair Fade with Beard

Low Fade with Textured Thick Spikes and Beard

Hard Side Part Fade with Spikes

High Fade with Spiked Side Part

Curly Hair Fringe with High Skin Fade

High Skin Fade with Curly Fringe

Low Taper Fade with Short Top

Low Taper Fade with Short Top

Comb Over Undercut

Undercut with Comb Over

Textured Slick Back Fade

Bald Fade with Textured Slick Back

Low Fade with Side Part and Brush Up

Low Fade with Side Part and Brush Up

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

Hi Lo Fade with Messy Spikes

Hi Lo Fade with Messy Spikes

High Fade with Fringe

High Fade with Fringe

High Fade with Textured Long Comb Over

High Fade with Textured Long Comb Over

Low Skin Taper Fade with Brush Up

Low Skin Taper Fade with Brush Up

Mid Fade with Hard Part and Textured Spiky Hair

Mid Fade with Hard Part and Textured Spiky Hair

Taper Fade with Hard Part and Pomp

Taper Fade with Hard Part and Pomp
For more cool hairstyles, check out our list of best men’s haircuts.

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100 Cool Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Boys and Men

Now is the best time to take a look at the trendiest boys hairstyles and men’s haircuts for 2021. Nowadays, fashion isn’t only for women. In the last couple of years we’ve seen a huge resurgence in vintage barbering styles and classy undercuts. That’s because men are becoming more and more aware of their looks. But it’s no less important to feel comfortable than to look attractive. Despite the huge popularity of buns and shoulder-length hairstyles for men, short haircuts remain the ‘reigning kings’, due to their clean cuts and precise styling.

Short Haircuts and Hairstyles for Boys and Men

This year, the rules are out the window, as more and more boys have decided to make a statement and create their signature styles. You should definitely take a look at these fresh, classy and effortless men`s short hairstyles!

#1: Pompadour Haircut

A disconnected pompadour is trendy right now. Hair is clipped close or faded on the sides and kept long and voluminous on top. This slicked back look is a jazzy quiff hairstyle that looks good on all men despite nationality. If you need a quiff haircut that feels new and different, go with the combed back pompadour that’s definitely trending upward. When it comes to haircuts for men that add length to such face shapes as round and square, this one is a nice, highly-recommended choice.

#2: Spiky Top with Mid Fade

One of the best ways to ease into faded haircuts for men is to keep the top of your hair a little longer than you normally do for your regular cut and gradually decrease the length as you go down. Use your favorite hair gel or mousse to spike up the ends for a boyish, yet put-together style.

#3: Grey Comb Over with Hard Part

Modern guy haircuts are more versatile than one might believe. If you prefer men’s styles that are on the dramatic side, opt for a deep part in your hair with a sleek comb over. This haircut style is good for men looking to show off graying hair in a sophisticated way.

#4: Messy Spikes with Low Fade

With faded styles, you don’t have to go too drastic, but it’s always nice to show off some contrast. Fades work on all hair types, especially for those blessed with natural lift and volume at their roots. However, the spiked effect can be enhanced with a small amount of product. Style your longer hair up and define the ends for this cool stiff-looking yet soft-to-the touch look.

#5: Temple Fade for Natural Hair

A nice modern style for natural hair is the temple fade with line up. This men’s cut is a great choice if you want to have short and manageable hair with natural texture. Complete with an equally perfect facial hairstyle.

#6: Cowlick Hair

A hair cowlick doesn’t have to be frustrating – just work it into a personal style the ladies will love. Coarse hair works best for styled cowlicks, and you may want to consider an undercut to stave off some of the thickness. While cowlicks can be difficult to tame, your stylist will show you how to use proper hair products and upkeep the ideal look with regular salon appointments.

#7: Taper Cut

A classic taper cut involves thick hair on top gradually decreasing in length on the sides and the back of the head. If you’ve ever combed a tapered hairstyle, you know the importance of keeping it maintained with a product and regular shampoos – otherwise your tapered masterpiece will quickly go wild. This is one of the most requested hairstyles for men due to its versatility.

#8: Tapered Undercut with Added Height

Volume and height play important roles in current hairstyles for men. To give your roots that coveted lift, cut a faded undercut and style a pomp. Use a round brush and a hairdryer to achieve those cute ocean-like waves that show off the faded edges and give you a punk rock vibe.

#9: Skin Fade for Balding Men

An easy way to deal with balding is to go with a high fade so the transition is more natural and seamless. At the same time this particular cut is universally flattering and will also work for boys who have plenty of hair and want a bold half shaved look. Now this is one of the most popular boys haircuts.

#10: Fade Haircut

Low fade haircuts involve shaving just the lower half of the hair, while hair up top is trimmed and shaped, but kept longer. You can also opt for a classic taper fade haircut that is a bit longer than a regular fade, or go for a high fade haircut where practically the whole head is clipped down decreasingly except for a signature piece like a Mohawk. If you wish to have long hair on top, tell your barber ahead of time. In case you are looking for a more casual look, break the mold by getting a fade on the sides only and experimenting with bold styles up top.

#11: Modern Men`s Hairstyle

Boys young and old look wonderful with this perfectly sculpted hairstyle. The trick is to bring equal focus to the top of the head and facial hair. Add some styling product to spike the top hair forward.

#12: The Side Part Cut

The Side Part haircut is similar to the undercut, with the major difference that only one side is cut extra short. This haircut is ideal for those who don’t want to put a lot of time and effort into their look. It is a rather casual haircut that works well with men who have medium-length hair, that can be swept over nonchalantly. The best thing about it is that you can alternate between looks by sweeping the hair towards the side with the undercut, or towards the one with longer strands.

#13: Combined Long-Short Hairstyles for Men

Keep hair sleek and soft without using a ton of product. This can be achieved by incorporating various lengths into your style. Keep one side long and try a tapered cut on the other side. It fades downward until the ear line blends into very subtle facial hair. Men who have thick hair with a slight wave will look best with this sweet boy-next door style.

#14: Short Hairstyles for Men with Angular Fringe

The angular fringe men`s haircuts became extremely popular with male fashion models last summer. Since then they has been adopted at a rapidly increasing pace. The long hair on the top is styled at an angle. The guy in the photo above is totally rocking his angular fringe with ombre highlights.

#15: Smart Style

The smart style of this tailored haircut feels as fresh as it looks. That’s because the hair will only have longer lengths on top, while the sides have a blend of shorter cuts. The smart boys cut is extremely versatile and can be styled with lightweight smoothing lotion for extra class, or left wild and free for a more casual appearance. It looks particularly good on men with oval, triangular or square face shapes.

#16: The Side-Swept Undercut

This season the undercut, with its countless variations, has managed to take the crown for “The Most Popular Cut” from all Mohawk-inspired mens haircuts. Although the style was first spotted 3 years ago, it made a real comeback with the “Vikings” series, where protagonist, RagnarLothbrok, sports one of the manliest undercuts ever known to mankind. If you wish to embrace this look, all you need to do is to keep your hair medium length on top and undercut on the sides.

#17: Tame That Mane

If your crazy curls are taking over, it might be the time for a more professional short haircut for men. You can still maintain your texture, adding the structure to your look. Make sure to add definition to the curls with a styling product that won’t weigh them down. It’s an ideal look for a post grad entering the workforce.

#18: Slicked Back Hairstyles

The classic slicked back hairstyle is simple, comfortable and quite dashing. This look can be easily achieved by pulling the hair back with a brush and styling it with some hairproduct. A useful tip would be to cut the hair shorter on the sides, while gradually increasing the length towards the top.

#19: Buzz Cut with High Fade

The buzzed head is in demand with low-maintenance men. Adding in a high fade will bring something new and different to this classic cut. For the bearded guys out there, have your hair fade out near your temples and fade back in towards the jawline. The result is a great haircut style for the trendy man.

#20: Dyed Hairstyles

This isn’t a boy’s hairstyle in its own right, but rather a trend. Although, a few years ago, it was considered a taboo for guys to dye their hair, nowadays it has become a normal thing. Men dye their hair for two reasons: they either wish to conceal strands of gray hair, or they simply wish to make a statement. The model in the picture above is sporting a platinum blonde color and a cool side-swept undercut.

#21: Textured Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Fine hair definitely appears thicker when grown out longer and undercut. This softer version of the modern pompadour is full of texture and movement, perfect for men who seek a current style with short styling time.

#22: Natural Long Top Short Sides Hairstyle

With male styles, it can also be fun to play around with colors and different lengths. The longer section can be highlighted, twisted and pulled back into a pony or a man bun.

#23: Hip and Masculine Haircut

The best male haircuts are all about shape. Talented barbers know how to work with the shape of your head and face to create a masculine style. Squared haircuts create balance and accentuate the jawline. Expert barbers always consider these elements when crafting a new cut.

#24: Suave and Romantic Mens Hairstyle

A side part with a swoop of choppy waves creates an appealing look for boys. This style works especially well with thick, naturally textured hair. You may simply use a medium-hold mousse and blowdry your hair backwards to keep everything in place.

#25: Clean Trendy Style

If you’re into popular mens haircuts, look no further. This style is the perfect combination of everything that’s on trend: thick waves and volume on top, mid fade, line up, and beard. It’s a clean, cool look that isn’t going out of style anytime soon.

#26: Haircut for Thick Wavy Hair

Oh, to be blessed with thick hair! Men who can afford it, should absolutely try this style. Using the hair’s natural texture to create a nice height on top makes for an urban, trendy look. This haircut works great with a minimum amount of products.

#27: Platinum Blonde Fade

Remember the frosted tips that were all the rage in the ‘90s? Well, now you can get a similar look but with a fiercer cool vibe. Pair them with an undercut that brings in dimension and visual interest into your look.

#28: Long Tousled Top Short Sides

New hairstyles for men in 2021 often feature a sharp distinction between the top and the sides, and this look is a perfect example of contrasting lengths. The hair on the back and sides is kept very short, while the longer pieces are styled with a maximum height and separation. A dry shampoo formulated for men will be your new best friend with this style.

#29: Designed Mens Haircut

Shaved lines and designs are the key elements of today’s cool haircuts. This version features an old school silhouette, a deep side part, and an edged fade. Pair it with some hip, urban clothes like a leather bomber or jean jacket and you’re golden.

#30: Low Fade Haircut

The low fade (where the haircut gets short low on the head) is a great option for men who aren’t used to fade haircuts but want to experiment with the trend. Coupled with messy texture on top, the low fade adds a nice edge to the cut without being too in-your-face.

#31: Handsomely Tousled Curls

Modern haircuts for men look great with natural texture. While it can be fun to turn on the blow dryer once in a while, most men need an everyday look that is low maintenance. This Ivy League cut can be easily styled with a little bit of mousse or texturizing cream.

#32: Natural Waves and Parting

A natural side parting in addition to natural texture is quickly becoming a new mens hair trend. Instead of creating perfect side parts, use your hands to easily part the hair. This style appeals to those who value low maintenance but still want a clean, tailored look.

#33: Curved Low Fade Cut

The simple low fade acts as a great base for the thick, full waves. While a high fade creates a statement look, a low fade is a subtler take on the trend. To style the top, apply mousse on washed hair and scrunch the longest sections helping the texture to reveal.

#34: Cool Textured Bangs

Short haircuts for men don’t have to be classic. Instead, try something a bit more stylish—like this asymmetrical cut with sharp bangs. Pay attention to the back view of this cut. The hair is left a bit longer. Also, all the lines have to be super accurate.

#35: Natural Waves with Short Sides

For cool hairstyles that are easy to pull off and even easier to style, try something that isn’t too structured. This look won’t require constant trims, and will grow out nicely. Ask your barber for a neat taper with a long top.

#36: Curled-Over Pomp Hairstyle

The pompadour is dominating in male hairstyles right now, and for good reason. What could be more handsome? You can smooth back your new pompadour, wear it high, or let it fall to a side. This version (with the front curl) is definitely a stylish option.

#37: Short and Spiky Haircut

At their essence, good boy haircuts are simple and clean. Nothing crazy and fancy there. Just some cute spikes and a short, smooth fade. Good haircuts for guys should have a youthful appeal, and this haircut has just that. To style this cut, apply a light hold gel immediately after showering and run your fingers through your hair.

#38: Thick Waves with Designed Part

This cool haircut is a great way to showcase thick textured hair. Volume on top is very on-trend, and for men with thick hair, volume is never a problem! Adding the designed side part and a smooth fade gives the haircut a more modern vibe.

#39: Smooth Slick Backed Hairstyle

For more classic male hairstyles, symmetry is a must. Without a side part, this high fade is perfectly symmetrical. When styling, slick the longer hair back with a pompadour lift for a more traditional, masculine look. Add a perfectly groomed mustache and beard for the win!

#40: Classically Charming Mens Haircut

This cute style is one of the top guys haircuts. The textured waves with plenty of volume create a charming, romantic look that’s hard to achieve with spiky cuts for straight hair. Depending on your wardrobe, this haircut can skew preppy or hip. To keep it looking effortless, use a lightweight pomade on air dried hair.

#41: Soft and Smoky Men’s Hairstyle

Marble hair is not just for ladies, hop on the dye trend bandwagon with a smoky gray hair color. Keeping it dark at the roots and lighter at the ends adds depth and thickness to medium hair.

#42: Long Top, Short Sides and Beard

When people speak about men’s style in a trendy place like Brooklyn, this is the look they are most likely referring to. It’s a delicate balance of modern and retro that results in a style that shows you care about your appearance and keep your finger on the pulse of fashion trends.

#43: Tapered Haircut and Neat Side-Parted Hairstyle

As much as we love seeing wild, untamed locks and man buns, we have to admit that a clean hairstyle will always be considered classier. The example above is nothing more than a styled tapered cut, with a well-defined side parting.

#44: Haircuts and Hairstyles with Bangs

Bangs can soften any face and add another cute element to a hairstyle. Whether you prefer your bangs spiky or loyal to your flat hair, a hairstyle with fringe is always in style. Choose from classic fringe, messy fringe or straight fringe – if you don’t know what will look best, ask your barber to give you some pointers. From shaving an undercut to trimming bangs into a unique position, this is a style element that is really versatile and fun to wear.

#45: Disheveled Hairstyle with Highlighted Fringe

The highlighted fringe has been an all-time favorite hair style for many years. The look was probably trademarked by Nate Archibald (actor: Chace Crawford), in the series Gossip Girl. The idea here is to let the hair grow longer and get the angled layers. This style is perfect for triangular, square and oval shaped faces.

#46: Curly Short Men’s Hairstyle

This haircut style for men with thick hair will show off a strong chiseled face perfectly. The slightly mussed yet totally sophisticated haircut style for men is a good fit for a preppy guy who doesn’t take life too seriously.

#47: Haircut with Varied Length

Men’s haircuts often tend to be pretty mundane – identified by blade numbers and not much else. However, any man can have a cool cut by using a bit of creativity. Opt to go with a longer quiff brushed back up top and hair growing shorter upon descent.

#48: Curly Long Top Short Sides Men’s Hairstyle

Similar to the look above, this hairstyle takes a little more off the sides to make the top stand out more. The disconnected section also draws attention to your beard and helps it to pop more. It’s a different take on the popular shaved styles.

#49: Battle Thinning Hair

A lot of men tend to get thinning hair on the crown, which is especially noticeable with dark-haired men. A shorter length is a way out. Get a nice quiff and well-trimmed facial hairstyle – you will be irresistible!

#50: Curly and Creative Short Fauxhawk

This is a great look for black men who are tired of low top fades. It is a good way to show off your curly hair, while still sporting a fade haircut. The best part is that you can turn this look into a Mohawk by letting your hair grow out a bit more.

#51: Mohawk Haircut

No, they didn’t disappear with the 1980s – in fact, today’s Mohawk is more modern and versatile than ever before. It’s known for its signature hair strip in the middle – you can make this as thin or thick as you’d like, as well as incorporate various lengths into the final look. A faux hawk is done by clipping the sides of the head and trimming some longer hair up top that can then either flow free or go into a ‘hawk position with some holding gel. A classic Mohawk will leave hair longer on top, while a fade Mohawk often features medium-length spiked hair. Nowadays this cut tends to be one of the most noticeable trends among men from all around the world!

#52: Comb Over Haircut

It isn’t just for hiding baldness – young men are sporting this awesome quiff with added volume. Perfect for both curly and straight hair, you can wear a comb over loose or change it into a combed back haircut style if your hair is thick enough. A comb over fade is one more variety, allowing you to have options and styles up top while also showing off cool faded sides. Mens hairstyles can still be unique without being a huge hassle.

#53: Ivy League Haircut

Chances are you experienced this sweet, clean-cut style for at least one school picture day growing up. With a side-parted top and slicked down sides, the Ivy League haircut is truly one of the most polished vintage cuts available today. The barber will cut hair with scissors and include a gradual taper to make hair formal without being too fussy.

#54: Front Focus

Self-conscious about your forehead? Looking to accentuate your eyes? Whatever the reason, a front focused boys haircuts will keep things looking professional yet fun at the same time. Get the back and sides of your head shaved or closely cut and style the top tresses brushed forward. Short haircuts for men like this one are easily styled. The simplest way not to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror in the mornings.

#55: Creative Haircuts for Guys

This cut uses graduated thicknesses, starting with the heaviest amount of hair up top, followed by a shorter cut middle section and a close cut bottom.

#56: Crew Cut

The Crew cut can be trimmed in several ways. Hair can remain long on top and fade into connected facial hair, or it can just be coifed and spiked for an easy take away style. The barber will use both a razor and scissors to clip this timeless male cut just right. If you tend to have a rounder face shape, go for a crew cut with a bit longer top that will frame yours face and cause it to look slimmer.

#57: Modern Punk

Taking a cue from 80s and 90s hairstyles gone by, this modern punk cut features spiked hair on top with shaved sides. Get a strong holding gel to keep the height all day long.

#58: Asian Hairstyles for Boys

Asian hair is especially desirable thanks to its thick, soft texture that responds well to cuts and styles. For this look, keep hair up on top, setting it in place with a product.

#59: Side Designs

Rebel against the standard barber fare with your own interpretation of hair art. Endless designs can be carved into the side, giving you the best look for your unique personality.

#60: Side Part Haircut

A side part haircut will give you a classic and stylish look you can wear everywhere. Following long top trends from the past, the classic side part haircut is divided deeply on one side with the rest of the hair brushed over and set with a product.

#61: Short Haircuts for Men

Curly hair doesn’t mean you have to shave your head – take the courage to grow it out a little and see how awesome you feel. Very short cuts are great for warm weather and convenience, but add some length, when you’re ready to go for a new look.

#62: Side Angle Cut

Long and point cut for cool texture, this hairstyle suggests plenty of hair product to hold it in place. Get the sides shaved to bring the emphasis to the top of the head. Keep your face clean shaven for this one – any facial hair can distract from the cool trick of hair defying gravity.

#63: Blown Back Suave

Classically romantic and easy to care for, try a medium length style with a blown back top section. This can add height to your frame and give your lady something to run her fingers through. You’ll only need a light product to keep hair in place, and the thicker your hair, the easier it is to manage.

#64: Sideburned Style

Use sideburns to their full potential by blending them into light facial hair. This urban style introduces the sideburns into the cut, bringing a unique but easy look to your daily style. This style looks good on men of all ages, but it’s mostly worn by teens and 20-somethings. It`s a pity. Such men`s short hairstyles are really crazy, don`t avoid them even if you are 30+

#65: Textured Pompadour

For a nice look that’s retro and modern at the same time, go for a deconstructed pompadour. This style features the old school silhouette but reveals some novelty in texture. Modern hair products like dry shampoos and light-weight pomades allow for more natural texture with excellent hold.

#66: Quirky Quilted Undercut

Nowadays it’s hard to surprise or shock anyone with a hairstyle. But, this intricate look may just do the trick. By decorating your undercut with an all-over quilt-like pattern this might just be the ticket to becoming a trendsetter.

#67: Slick and Scruffy

Probably the most popular men’s haircut this year is a ‘short sides long top’ style. The reason is because it allows you to wear it in a million of different ways, while still adding a bit of toughness to your everyday look. You can slick it back in a sort of hipster manner, or soften your look with a long bang.

#68: Nod to the Nineties

In contrast, a high top fade has been experiencing a major resurgence this year, for reference see the movie Dope. The look was popular in the nineties, but the current takes on the style incorporate graphic designs and creative elements.

#69: Sexy and Simple Black Fade

Sometimes the best hairstyles for men are the ones that are not overdone or forced. This faded haircut with a crisp facial hairstyle hits all the right notes. It’s a strong yet neat look for a powerful business man.

#70: Short Faded Side Part

Another example of the appeal of a classic cut, this sleek look is elevated by the crispness of the part and sharpness of the lines of the facial hairstyle. It is a universally appealing style that will work well both in formal and casual settings.

#71: Comb Back Curly Hairstyle and Sexy Stubble

There’s something about a five o’clock shadow that is undeniably sexy. Maybe it’s that it gives an air of toughness and hyper masculinity. Whatever it is, you can’t go wrong with incorporating a bit of stubble into your short hairstyle for men.

#72: Spiky Short Haircut with Faded Temples

This is another great clean-shaven option, except this look is perfect for men with thin hair. It’s an easy hairstyle that won’t take too much prep time in the morning. A bit of a light hold product, possibly with a wet look effect, will create a fabulous edgy look.

#73: Desirable Dad Hair

With the current popularity of men with “Dad Bod,” think Russel Crowe and Vince Vaughn, it’s only a matter of time before “Dad Hair” becomes a cool hairstyle for men. The medium look says “I care enough about my look not to embarrass you, but I also won’t take more time getting ready than you.” It’s the perfect balance.

#74: Short Curly Men’s Haircut

While sometimes it’s nice just to let your natural hair do its thing, the wake-up-and-go look might not be doing you any favors. Floppy hair is not the best choice for round faces because it cuts off your visage and makes your look stouter. Simply trimming your strands adds inches and takes off pounds.

#75: Simple Short Haircut for Salt and Pepper Hair

Mature men have it easy: while younger guys are dyeing their hair to get that rugged black-and-white male hairstyle, yours happens naturally. With such a distinct hair color, it’s best to keep it simple when it comes to the cut and style. Besides, you earned that salt and pepper hair and you deserve a regal style that matches the supposed wisdom it conveys.

#76: Cool Pompadour Hairstyle for Men with a Side Part

This rather pretentious hairstyle was first seen in classic movies. Although many men wore the Pompadour hairstyle well back then, it was Clark Gable that truly managed to make a statement with it. We often see it on fashion runways, and hairstylists are saying that this elegant vintage cut is making a strong comeback. That’s probably because more and more men are now wearing tailored suits and require a more sophisticated hairstyle to go with them. The great thing about the Side Part Pompadour is the fact that it works with all hair lengths and it can be easily kept in place with pomade.

#77: Short Back and Sides

This variation of the undercut features slightly longer sides and a rich fringe in the middle. It would be easier to describe it as a combination of Mohawk and undercut, because the top gradually becomes shorter towards the back and is styled as a Mohawk. This particular haircut for boys looks good only on guys with thick hair.

#78: Top Knot Hairstyle for Guys

Another heavily critiqued hairstyle is the top knot. It is basically a variation of the man bun, with the major difference that the sides are cut short, while only the top part of the hair is tied into a knot. We believe that this haircut can look extremely sexy as long as there are more than three wispy strands of hair tied in the knot.

#79: Gelled Pompadour Look

The model seen above is sporting a neat boy’s haircut, styled into pompadour and dyed in platinum blonde. It’s the details that make the difference in this particular hair-style: you will notice that the fringe is uniquely styled to complement the model’s features and eyebrows. Men`s short haircuts like this one always look so formal and stylish!

#80: Choppy Gray Undercut

Mens hairstyles aren’t just about the cut. Why not go for a new color? Try something different by combining a unique hair color with your natural beard shade. The result is this grungy style that is totally on-trend. Silver is the perfect option for anyone who wants to push the envelope.

#81: Shaggy Men`s Hairstyle

Adam Levine’s creative mess is a result of styling with special products. To lift the top hair with a blow-dryer is a matter of a few minutes. Next use wax to define separate spikes for an extra edge in your look.

Adam Levine short men's hairstyle

HelgaEsteb /

#82: Rebellious Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Boys and men with curly hair have two optimal hair solutions: either to cut their hair very short or to go for a tapered haircut with elongated hair on top. Chris Galya opts for the second one. A bit of light hold styling product with matt finish to tousle the top hair and define the texture and your cool, trendy hairstyle is ready.

short men's hairstyle for curly hair

JoeSeer /

#83: Trendy Short Hairstyle for Boys and Men

Colin Farrel’s appearance at any event quickens girls’ heartbeats. His chic hairstyles are a part of his self-image of a cool guy. Colin’s short cut with temple undercuts has a clean and stylish look. You can style the hair on top in a sort of pompadour bangs, sweeping them back and fixing the result with semi-matte wax.

Colin Farrel short hairstyle for boys and men

Jaguar PS /

#84: Full Retro Pompadour

No need to play it safe. If you’re into retro haircuts, don’t be afraid to go all out. The height of a classic pompadour will completely transform your style and give you tons of confidence. Use a blow dryer and round brush to lift the hair straight up and bend it slightly back.

#85: Statement Hairstyle for Thick Hair

If you have thick, dense hair, you may try a hairstyle with a voluminous top and clean sides. It’s going to be especially flattering for guys with round and square faces. The top hair is lifted up during blow-drying. Extra-body finishing spray will hold the lift.

Bruno Mars hort hairstyle

s_bukley /

#86: Boys` and Men`s Messy Hairstyle

“Bed hair” on boys and men is a risky hairstyle, but Daniel Radcliffe’s photo shows us that there are positive experiments in this relation. Spray wax is a nice product to define the texture and style the hair mess.

Daniel Radcliffe’s messy hairstyle for guys

Simon James /

#87: Edgy Short Haircut for Thick Hair

Peter Andre’s hair is graded at the ends for an extra edgy touch. Certainly, all the potential of any haircut is revealed through the right hairstyle. Semi-matt wax is a good product to define the edges and keep your hair up.

Peter Andre short edgy haircut for men

Featureflash /

#88: Medium Tapered Haircut

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s haircuts and hairstyles are a rich source of inspiration. The British actor has tried different lengths, coming eventually to the chic short haircut with undercut and temple fade. This is a cool haircut idea for guys with curly hair.

stylish short haircut for men

HelgaEsteb /

#89: Cool Short Haircut for Boys

Whenever you choose a new haircut, your second thought is “Are girls going to like it?” Chris Colfer has made the right guy’s haircut and hairstyle choices. The short sides and nape, plus slightly elongated hair on top, styled upwards guarantee some extra attention from the opposite sex.

short hairstyle for boys

HelgaEsteb /

#90: Boys` and Men`s Edgy Haircut

Joel McHale has chosen a haircut variety that flatters him the most. The extremely short temples and razored hair on top are the attributes of the popular male haircut that looks showy, but needs styling. Gel or wax will help you to complete the look and enhance the texture of your hair.

Edgy Short Haircut For Boys And Men

HelgaEsteb /

#91: Caesar Cut

If your first impression of this style involves Jim Carrey in a particular film, rest assured a Caesar cut can reach far beyond mediocre comedies and ancient rulers. This unique style is ideal for boys who have long faces and/or broad foreheads – the short bangs bring the balance. If you go with a low Caesar cut, even more of a perceived facial flaw can be concealed thanks to the longer strands left on top. Caesar cuts are also great for those who are experiencing premature balding, as it brings the hair forward and detracts attention away from any sparse patches. A short Caesar cut is another option if you want something simple and sleek.

#92: Mens Undercut

Unlike fade and taper with their gradual decrease of length, undercut features a sharp contrast in length – long/short. It’s almost like two looks in one when you go for an undercut hairstyle. A disconnected undercut is very popular with young men who prefer a trendy look with a shaved underside and long top. Those who want to add an extra edge to their styles will appreciate the sharp line of an undercut. You can also have hair textured or add bangs to the final look if you’re ready to try something different. Even curly undercuts always look really attractive!

#93: Straight and Wavy Short Shag Haircuts

Just as it’s true for women, men can also try a variety of shag haircuts that look nice and different. Straight shag hair is one of the most popular, as it is the most manageable and versatile. Those looking for something to detract attention away from certain facial features, go with a wavy shag and keep it messy. Layered hair always looks great, and a shag cut is no exception.

#94: Cornrow Braids

These are versatile and stunning on African American men. You will need to go to a braiding salon to get any variation of cornrow styles. If you would like your braids shaped into waves, spikes, letters or numbers, this can be done by an experienced braider. Short cornrows are incredibly popular during the summer months, and as for rows of braids for men, they will likely always be in style.

#95: Induction Cut

Young boys` hair varies with plenty of looks to choose from. An induction cut is popular, whether or not a boy plans to enlist. As a military cut is one of the shortest half- shaved cuts available, many young men appreciate its no-nonsense look and ease of maintenance. Cut very short, it works for almost every face shape and hair type. The barber will use a razor to bring your induction cut to perfection.

#96: Burr Cut

A longer variation of the induction cut, the burr cut is clipped with blade size №1. It can be worn on any ethnicity but tends to be most popular with Latino and African American men. This style can vary in form – some opt for designs carved into the side, while others prefer a simple clean cut all over the head. A cool burr is discreet enough not to distract attention from your facial features and personality.

#97: Buzz Cut

A classically youthful style, cut with electric clippers, this is always one of the most popular choices in young mens haircuts. With a low maintenance upkeep, a buzz cut is a great way to maintain short hair without having to go dramatically close to the scalp all over the head. In fact, many of today’s buzz cuts leave hair thicker in specific sections to provide room for shaved designs on the sides or back of the head. If you play sports, a buzz cut is a great compromise in the world of haircut styles which offer convenience without losing at fashion and style.

#98: High and Tight

Military boys often sport mens haircuts that are very short and straightforward. For a high and tight recon, the sides and back of the head will be shaved, leaving some shortly trimmed hair on top. Although this military-style look is extremely short, it can also work for curly hair, which brings a totally unique feel to an otherwise rigid cut.

#99: Short Afro Hairstyles

Short dreads are really popular with black men, especially those who have rounder faces. The dreads bring facial features upward, deterring eyes from full cheeks and mitigating other frustrating flaws. A tapered Afro is also a desired hair reality for African American men with an enviable natural curl.

#100: Butch Cut

A butch cut is not quite the same as an extremely short buzz cut. It’s designed with clippers guards from 3 to 5. It sure is a popular boys haircut go, thanks to its low maintenance. It is an incredibly masculine look, and if you are hoping to join the military, this will be your standard ‘do for the next few years. A butch cut is done with clippers and touched up with scissors.

Before you go to a salon to refresh your haircut, it’s good to make up your mind as to how you would like to look. Your hairstylist can recommend the right haircut, relying on your hair type, face shape, and general preferences. If you spend 10 minutes every day on hair styling, you will always have a stylish look.

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45 Good Haircuts For Men

Good haircuts for men never go out of style. In fact, nice haircuts and good hairstyles should be timeless, trendy, and hot. From the comb over fade to the slicked back undercut to the quiff, pompadour, side part, textured crew cut, French crop, faux hawk and blowout taper, there are many great men’s haircuts to get right now.

Whether you want modern styles or classic cuts, check out these good-looking haircuts for guys to inspire you to update your look and try a nice new hairstyle. With something for every hair type and length, our list of best guy hairstyles feature cuts and styles with the latest men’s hair trends.

Good Haircuts For Men


Good Hairstyles

Good hairstyles start with a short sides, long top haircut and range in styling from textured and messy to neat and shiny. There are all types of fades and undercuts for a short cut on the sides and back. Coupled with short, medium and long hair on top, men are able to style a variety of different looks. Ultimately, good haircuts translate into nice hairstyles.

Good Hairstyles For Guys

If you’re looking for the top haircut styles of the year, we’re confident you’ll love this collection of the best hairstyles for men!

Nice Haircuts For Guys

Comb Over Taper Fade

Comb Over Taper Fade

As one of the most popular men’s hairstyles, the comb over taper fade has remained a barbershop favorite for years. With a low fade and line up on the sides and longer hair parted to one side, the style is classy and modern.

Use a matte styling product like pomade or wax to bring out your hair’s natural texture while keeping the look styled all day.

Curly Hair Fade

Curly Hair Fade

This curly hair fade is a classic hairstyle for men with curls. Short on the sides and back with a long fringe, this great-looking haircut makes it easy for guys to tame their curls and style a trendy look. Use a strong pomade or cream to minimize frizz but maximize volume and flow.

Slick Back Undercut Fade

Slick Back Undercut Fade

This is a good slick back undercut hairstyle for men. The undercut fade on the sides gets the hair buzzed down to the skin, focusing the eyes on the longer cut on top. Sleek, stylish and modern, the short slick back is easy to style.

High and Tight Fade

High and Tight Fade

The high and tight haircut is perfect for guys who want a simple, quick hairstyle. This cut features a high fade with the lower part shaved, and a line up along the hairline for a clean, fresh look. The short cut on top is textured and spiky for a unique twist.

Crew Cut Fade

Crew Cut FadeThe crew cut fade is a nice short hairstyle for men. For starters, the tapered cut on the sides offers good contrast. The thick hair is trimmed with a longer fringe, resulting in a spiked front. This crew cut is clean and sharp for a dapper look on young men.

Hard Side Part Hairstyle

Hard Side Part Hairstyle

This good-looking side part hairstyle for guys is edgy and handsome. The haircut features shaved sides with a hard part cut into the hair on top. Parted to one side with the front combed back, this side part fade balances between bad boy and gentleman.

Textured Modern Quiff

Textured Modern Quiff

The quiff haircut is flattering and easy to wear for most guys. The short fade on the sides is paired with a line design, and the thick hair is left medium to long with layers.

To style this quiff, brush up your bangs and comb the rest of your hair forward and spiked. Use a high-quality men’s hair product for that textured, modern look.

Buzz Cut Fade

Buzz Cut Fade

The buzz cut is a very short hairstyle for guys who want an effortless look. The skin fade and shape up add a fresh, clean-cut finish while the full beard is masculine and rugged. Men can buzz their own hair at home with good clippers.

Pomp Fade + Side Part

Pomp Fade + Side Part

This amazing haircut combines two classic styles – the pompadour and side part. Mixed with a high fade, thick beard, and shaved line to accentuate the natural part, this cool hairstyle is versatile and stylish.

Long Curls + Undercut Fade

Long Curls + Undercut Fade

There are many trendy ways to style haircuts for curly hair. This undercut fade leaves the sides very short, emphasizing the styling on top. While thick curls can be hard to work with and control, a strong pomade or curl-enhancing cream can define curls and fight frizz. Furthermore, naturally curly hair offers a unique texture and look that makes any hairstyle stand out.

Thick Swept Back + High Fade + Shape Up

Thick Swept Back + High Fade + Shape Up

Guys with nice hair get all the coolest haircuts. The high fade and line up provide the foundation of a good short sides, long top hairstyle. The thick hair is swept back naturally for great movement and flow. This same fashionable cut can style a comb over, quiff, or slick back.

Long Fringe + Fade

Long Fringe + Fade

The textured crop has become the latest men’s hairstyle trend. For a short haircut, this long fringe and fade can be styled many different ways. Pictured, this version brushes the hair forward and let’s the layered hairstyle create volume and flow. Guys can pair a cropped cut with a fringe and taper to style a number of new looks.

Temple Fade + Hair Design

Temple Fade + Hair Design + Spiky Quiff + BeardIf you want more than just a decent haircut, this short medium-length hairstyle features a badass temp fade with a cool hair design. Spiked, textured and messy on top, we highly recommend this cut and style if you think you can pull off the look. Grow a short beard or trim a clean stubble beard to balance between manly and pretty boy styles.

High Fade Comb Over

High Fade Comb Over

Comb over hairstyle continue to be among the hottest men’s hair trends because they look great, are easy to style, and blend between professional and casual. The high fade haircut tapers into the skin on the sides, but the longer hair on top maximizes volume and movement. Styled with a medium hold men’s product, the hair is combed over lightly for a natural, textured style.

Faux Hawk + Low Fade

Low Fade Faux HawkThis faux hawk hairstyle and low fade haircut with a line up scream modern, sexy and hot. The perfect textured fade blends beautifully, and the line shaved into the scalp creates a distinct contrast. The long spiky hair is styled towards the middle to get the fohawk.

Finally, the well-groomed facial hair design completes the look with another dimension. As one of the best haircuts for men and boys, ask your barber about getting this style.

Short Sides, Long Top Hairstyle

Short Sides, Long Top Hairstyle - Thick Textured Medium Hair + Low Fade Haircut

A great example of a cool short sides, long top style, this new hairstyle for men shows off the numerous haircut choices guys have today. The low bald fade tapers down to the skin and neck. The short fade highlights the medium hair on top.

Brushed back and up, the nice look takes advantage of the thick, voluminous styling. Use a matte pomade or cream with a blow dryer to get that natural flow and movement.

Short Spiky Hair Fade

Thick Spiky Hair Fade

Another trendy haircut idea for men with short hair. The spiky hair fade is cut very short on the sides with a high skin fade. The thick spikes are styled up in the front and forward in the back. Short hairstyles and beards work especially well together.

Burst Fade Mohawk

Burst Fade Mohawk

This modern mohawk hairstyle looks less intense and edgy than the classic version. Get a burst fade on the sides to cut the hair short around the ears and down the neck. The short mohawk is more practical and low-maintenance.

Brushed Back + Taper Fade

Brushed Back + Taper Fade

As one of the top hairstyles for young men, brushed back hair with short sides can look neat and structured or casual and messy. The tapered fade is classy and conservative. Use a matte men’s hair product and comb back your hair with your hands and fingers for a lightly styled, loose finish.

Short Pompadour Fade

Short Pompadour Fade

A good haircut for guys with a receding hairline. A short pompadour hairstyle with a high fade may seem counter-intuitive because the classic style exposes the hairline, but it’s hard to argue with the elegance of this modern variation.

Long Wavy Hair Fringe

Long Wavy Hair Fringe

A long fringe (bangs) and taper fade haircut can be another cool hairstyle for men. More guys are growing out their hair, and this messy textured styling flows wildly. Equal parts skater, surfer and hipster, men’s haircuts with longer lengths in the front are fresh and on trend.

Textured Crop Top

Textured Crop Top + Low FadeThe textured crop top haircut has been super popular this year. The men’s crop hairstyle starts with an undercut or fade on the sides and thicker, longer hair on top. How short you cut your hair is all about personal style.

Tousled and messy, guys should apply low to moderate hold pomades, waxes or creams. If you have healthy, shiny hair, leave the style flowing and natural-looking.

Messy Spikes + Taper Fade

Messy Spikes + Taper Fade

Messy styles are all the rage this year. This time, we have thick spikes all over with the front spiked up and a short taper fade on the sides and back.

Quiff Undercut

Quiff Undercut

Undercut hairstyles always look excellent. The quiff is styled to have volume and flow, and the short undercut and shape up are quite flattering. Add in the full beard and you get an elegant yet sexy style.

Short Wavy Hair + Skin Fade

Short Wavy Hair + Skin Fade

Blowout Taper Fade

Blowout Taper Fade

Long Side Swept Hairstyle + Taper Fade

Long Side Swept Hairstyle + Taper Fade

Side Part + Low Fade + Shaved Line

Side Part + Low Fade + Shaved Line

Short Fohawk Fade

Short Fohawk Fade

Buzz Fade + Line Up

Buzz Fade + Line Up

Thick Ivy League Haircut

Thick Ivy League Haircut

Wavy Comb Over + Undercut Fade

Wavy Comb Over + Undercut Fade

Short Hair + Natural Flow

Short Hair Fade + Natural Flow

Long Mohawk + Undercut + Shape Up

Long Mohawk + Undercut + Shape Up

Textured Messy Medium Length Hair + Undercut

Textured Messy Medium Length Hair + Undercut

Short Crew Cut + Line Up + Low Razor Fade

Short Crew Cut + Line Up + Low Razor Fade

Low Drop Fade Comb Over

Low Drop Fade Comb Over

Side Quiff + Low Fade

Side Quiff + Low Fade

Combed Back Hair + High Taper Fade

Combed Back Hair + High Taper Fade

Bald Fade Haircut with Line

Bald Fade Haircut with Line

Very Short Haircut

Very Short Haircut

Good Haircuts


Men for nice haircuts

125 Best Haircuts For Men

If you’re looking for a new hairstyle or want to get a cool men’s haircut to transform your style, then you’ll love this collection of the best haircuts for men. With short hair on the sides and longer hair on top, these popular hairstyles for guys are trendy, clean cut, and easy to style. Whether you want a fade or undercut with short, medium or long hair, there are a number of awesome cuts and styles to choose from. From the comb over to the slicked back, quiff, pompadour, faux hawk, crop top, crew cut, and side part, these are the best men’s hairstyles to try right now! Check out the latest hair trends to find classic and modern haircut styles to suit your hair type and length.

Best Haircuts For Men


Best Men’s Haircuts

While undercut hairstyles and taper fade haircuts continue to be good ways to cut your hair on the sides and back, most guys are styling messy and textured styles on top. Short men’s hairstyles like the French crop, side part, high and tight, and fringe can be fashionable and low-maintenance, but medium-length to long styles are trending strong. Use a good men’s hair product like pomade, wax, or cream to maximize volume, movement and flow on the top hairstyles.

Whether you have thick, thin, wavy or curly hair, here are the best men’s haircuts to get in 2021.

Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle For Men

Slicked Back Undercut

The slicked back undercut hairstyle is a trendy mix of classic and modern styles. It works best with medium-length hair, and styling is as simple as blow-drying your hair back while using a brush to control the direction. Finishing with a matte pomade will hold this style in place all day or night.

Long Comb Over Hairstyle + Low Fade

Long Comb Over + Low Fade

A long comb over with a low fade offers a bold yet classy hairstyle for men. The deep part adds contrast and height to the style while the low fade keeps the sides and back neat and clean cut. Styling with a low-shine pomade affords you some control without making your hair stiff.

Short Quiff Haircut For Men

Short Quiff + Skin Fade

The quiff is one of the best hairstyles for guys, and continues to be a popular style in barbershops. The voluminous quiff haircut gives your look personality, and the skin fade on the sides not only enhances the height on top, but also provides a clean-cut look. It works best when your hair is three to four inches long on top, and you can style it with a pomade or wax that offers moderate to high hold to keep it looking stylish all day.

Medium Side Swept Men’s Hairstyle

Medium Side Swept Men's Hairstyle + Short Taper Fade Sides

The modern side swept hairstyle is trendy and hot on most guys, and the combed over look pairs especially well with a full beard. It’s perfect for men who have thick hair between 3 and 5 inches long. To style it, simply brush your hair to one side, being sure to leave it textured and messy in the process. A medium hold pomade with low shine or a matte finish is ideal.

Short Textured Men’s Haircut

Short Textured Haircut + High Taper Fade

If you have curly or wavy hair, a short textured hairstyle with a high fade on the sides and back looks professional enough for the office, but still casual for a night out. As a short sides, longer top haircut, you’ll need 2 to 3 inches of length on top that tapers down to a close bald fade on the sides and toward the nape of the neck. All you need to complete the look and keep it amazing all day is a matte hair product such as pomade, wax or clay. As a very popular men’s haircut, we highly recommend this messy crop top fade.

Long Hairstyle For Men + Beard

Long Hairstyle For Men + Beard

Men with long hairstyles and beards are able to combine sexy and masculine for a fashionable look. As more guys grow out their hair and style medium-length to longer styles, this popular hair trend continues to go strong. Messy and textured or naturally shiny and pulled back, this trendy long men’s hairstyle with a short beard is the way to go. To style it, apply a small amount of styling cream or mousse to damp hair, then use your fingers or a blow dryer to tousle it gently before allowing it to air dry. This will maximize volume, flow and movement for long hair men.

Short Haircut Combed Over + Undercut

Short Haircut Combed Over + Undercut

The comb over hairstyle isn’t just for men with longer hair. In fact, all you need to pull off a comb over is a minimum of 3 inches of length. While most guys get a comb over fade, pictured above is a clean-cut example of a chic undercut comb over. This short sides, long top style with sharp edges is perfectly offset by a cool long fringe in the front. As one of the most popular haircuts for men to style, the look is easy and simple to get. Just apply some of your favorite matte pomade and brush your hair to one side.

Curly Hair Taper Fade

Curly Hair Taper Fade

This curly hair fade is one of the best hairstyles for men with curly hair. If you view your curly hair as a curse, this taper fade haircut may just change your mind. With just 2 to 3 inches of length in the front and 1 inch or so in the back, this curly hairstyle is as easy as towel-drying your curls, applying some matte or low-shine curl-enhancing cream, and walking out the door.

Messy Taper Hairstyle

Messy Taper Hairstyle

If you’re a fan of modern messy styles, this thick medium-length look is sure to be a hit. The length in the front gives your style some personality, and the medium taper adds some classic edge. It’s just as suitable for a day at work as a pub crawl, and when paired with a thick, full beard, it oozes sex appeal. Styling with your favorite low-shine pomade is quick and easy.

Textured Pompadour Fade

Textured Pompadour Fade

The modern pompadour is another good haircut for guys that like clean-cut, trendy styles. With a disconnected undercut and an amazing line up, this textured pompadour is sure to turn heads. It’s best for men with thick, straight hair. To style a pompadour and keep it in place all day, just apply a strong wax or pomade to towel-dried hair, then blow dry your locks into place. Start by brushing your hair up and back to create height and volume in the front. Feel free to finish with a shine-free hairspray.

Short Sides, Long Top Hairstyle

Short Sides, Long Top Hairstyle For Men

For some men, hair is all about expression, and this long-on-top style says it all. Here, the longer hair length on top stands out with the help of some bright blond highlights, and the fresh skin fade on the sides and back adds even more contrast. Grow a full beard and trim it down with a stubble trimmer for a heavy stubble beard that looks manly and hot.

Slicked Back Wavy Men’s Hairstyle

Slicked Back Wavy Men's Hairstyle

Slicked back hairstyles have been around since the beginning of time, but this one – perfect for thick, wavy hair – adds two modern touches. The first is the skin fade on the sides and back, and the second is the short beard that balances the look with shaved sideburns. To do a slicked back fade, just add some matte or low-shine pomade and brush your wavy hair back, taming fly-away hair as you go.

Textured Crop Top Fade

Textured Crop Top Fade

The textured crop, also known as the French crop, is an awesome way to introduce some fringe into your style. In this photo, the textured style stands out even more with the addition of some blond highlights, and the edge up adds another layer of personality. Style this one by adding wax or pomade, then twisting sections of hair at the ends with your fingers.

Long Hair Brushed Back Men’s Hairstyle

Short Sides, Long Hair on Top Brushed Back Men’s Hairstyle

Many of today’s hottest styles are all about height, and while you’ll definitely need a good product to keep things in place, it all starts with the right cut. For this one, you will need hair between four and six inches long on top toward the front that gradually gets shorter toward the back and fades on both sides. A medium- to high-shine product finishes the look.

Faux Hawk Fade

Faux Hawk Fade

With so many men opting for spiky textured crops, the faux hawk continues to gain popularity. The modern look foregoes the standard shiny gelled spikes for something that is subtle, but still offers some texture. A matte product makes it easy to spike your hair and hold it in place all day, and the skin fade makes it stand out.

Side Part Hairstyle + High Bald Fade

Side Part Hairstyle + High Bald Fade

If you have fine hair and you’re looking for a modern style that doesn’t require the same volume as a pompadour or quiff, this side part style is a great alternative. You’ll need a product with some shine to create the look, which is easy enough to do with nothing more than a comb. The bald fade draws attention to the bold part.

Long Crew Cut + Tapered Sides

Long Crew Cut + Tapered Sides

While the crew cut has long been associated with the military, today’s barbers have found some unique ways to make it modern, sexy, and fun. This long and textured crew cut is the perfect example; a simple cut can be transformed with a bit of moderate-shine pomade and your fingertips. Pairing the cut with tapered sides creates the illusion of additional height.

Spiky Hair Fade Haircut

Spiky Hair Fade

If you like the idea of spikes but a mohawk (or even faux hawk) is too bold for your taste, this spiky hairstyle with a short fade may spark your interest. Just apply some pomade to damp hair and use a brush to pull hair up and slightly over to one side, using your fingertips to style the textured spikes.

Long Curly Hair Fade

Long Curly Hair Fade

This sexy and modern long hair curly fade is one of the best ways to embrace your natural curls simply and effortlessly. The length on top shows off the curls, especially if you choose a good styling cream, and the skin fade on the sides enhances the look.

Long Hair Brushed Back

Long Hair Brushed Back

Long hair is incredibly versatile thanks to the dozens of different ways to wear it. This stunning brushed back style is easy to achieve. The short sides offer contrast and the illusion of extra height on top, which you can style yourself with a brush, a blow-dryer, and a high-hold product applied to towel-dried hair.

Thick Swept Back Undercut Fade

Thick Swept Back Undercut

Your hair can make quite the statement depending on your choice of styles, and this unique swept back undercut fade is the perfect example. The shape up draws attention to the longer hair on top, and the drop skin fade is just different enough to stand out. Pair it with a short, well-groomed beard for the full effect.

Medium Length Men’s Haircut + High Skin Fade

Medium Length Men's Haircut + High Skin Fade

If you want your cut to make your face appear longer and more masculine, it’s hard to go wrong with this medium-length hairstyle and high skin fade. The wavy hair on top, the full beard, and the clean fade with line up highlights the best parts of this look.

Modern Messy Quiff

Modern Messy Quiff Haircut For Men

If you think of a quiff as a modern style that requires every hair in its proper place, think again. This messy quiff breaks every one of the rules to add some edge and personality to your style. It’s best for men who have thick and wavy or curly hair, and it’s super easy to style with a matte pomade or wax.

Slick Back with Flow

Slick Back with Flow

Though plenty of men still appreciate classic greaser hairstyles, this style adds a modern twist. This slick back still requires a high-hold product with shine, but in this case, it’s brushed back andto the side for a natural flow.

Mohawk Fade

Mohawk Fade

Not all mohawks are a foot tall, colorful, and gelled into sharp points, and this amazing mohawk fade is the perfect example. Hair in the center stands straight up to form something resembling tousled spikes while the close-cropped fade and short beard adds another dimension of interest.

Side Part Fade

Side Part Fade

The clean-cut side part is making a huge comeback, especially when paired with a skin fade. To get this style, you will need a product that offers quite a bit of shine, and even a styling gel can do the trick. Add it to damp hair, comb out from the bold part, and then comb the front upward to create the stylish swoop or pomp.

Quiff Undercut Fade

Modern Quiff Undercut Fade

There are many ways to style a quiff, but this undercut fade is the most popular since it works so well for a variety of hair types and lengths. The undercut keeps styling simple while drawing the eye to the texture and touchable flow on top. Use a product that offers up some hold to keep the volume, but be sure that it still allows for some movement at the same time.

High Skin Fade + Messy Spiky Hair

High Skin Fade + Messy Spiky Hair

Messy spiky hair continues to be a top hairstyle for men. Modern and cool, the skin fade on the sides plays up the textured spikes. The choppy cut creates a nice canvas for you to use a high-hold matte product to twist your hair into an awesome spiky style.

Low Fade Haircut + Thick Wavy Hair

Low Fade Haircut + Thick Wavy Hair

This popular style for thick, wavy hair is by far one of the best haircuts. It starts with a simple cut that keeps hair longer on top and in the front, then fades toward the nape and the ears. A pomade with shine finishes the look; just add a small amount to damp hair and comb it back. Finish with hair spray to tame fly-away hair and keep your style fresh all day.

Buzz Cut Fade

Buzz Cut Fade

Men who live no-nonsense lifestyles often go for very short hairstyles that require little to no effort on their part, and this cool buzz cut fade is a great choice. The perfect shape up makes the short style look striking, and the two lines on the sides as hair designs add some extra interest. Easy to get, simple to style and low-maintenance to keep, the buzz cut is a wash-and-go style that looks good on most any man.

Short Naturally Curly Hairstyle

Short Naturally Curly Hairstyle

Naturally curly hair often takes on a life of its own, but by keeping it cut short, it’s possible to gain more control over your locks. This fantastic style incorporates a bit of length on top that gradually fades to skin right at the nape. Styling is simple with some matte pomade, and the edging around the ears adds some personal flair.

Low Fade + Long Fringe

Low Fade + Long Fringe

Fringe adds youthfulness to a hairstyle in the best possible way, and it can also draw attention to your eyes. This gorgeous textured cut is perfect for men who have wavy hair and who want something that looks high-maintenance without the hassle. Just apply some mid-shine pomade to damp hair and separate into sections with your fingers, pulling it forward as you go.

Textured Quiff

Textured Quiff

A short quiff is an excellent choice for men who want to take the first step toward modern styles. This one starts with a classic cut that is longer on the top and the front than in the back, and it incorporates a skin fade on the sides and nape. The unique beard shape really sets it off, and the messy texture gives it additional creativity.

Side Swept Crew Cut

Side Swept Crew Cut

Simple hairstyles can be cool and unique, and this short side-swept crew cut is a good example. The short texture on top paired with the nearly-shaven sides looks somehow professional and playful at the same time. It’s the perfect choice if you have fine hair with natural waves. Styling is incredibly easy with a pea-sized amount of pomade and your fingertips.

Taper Fade Comb Over

Taper Fade Comb Over

Making a personal statement with your hairstyle is all about choosing one that you love – and one that you enjoy styling each day. This taper fade comb over may look high maintenance, but it’s actually relatively easy to get. The bold part and the swept-over height are the base of the look, and the two lines near the neck add a unique twist.

Medium Length Hairstyle + Taper Fade

Medium Length Hairstyle + Taper Fade

A medium-length taper fade is another excellent option if you’re interested in a bad boy look. The base of the style is a classic masculine cut, but the length on top gives you the ability to style it in many ways. Here, the longer hair on top has been combed up and over to give it a slightly messy appearance. It pairs well with the full, trimmed beard.

Short Textured Haircut

Short Textured Haircut

If you want to keep your hair short, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. This textured short cut is easy to achieve and maintain with nothing more than a brush and some matte pomade. Just apply a tiny amount of pomade to your palms, work it through the top section of your hair, and then use a comb to brush hair forward and up.

High Fade Pompadour

High Fade Pompadour

The high fade pompadour is a favorite among men who prefer masculine clean-cut styles. Here, longer hair in the front is paired with shorter hair in the back that gradually fades to skin near the ears and nape. The height requires some product with hold, and the slight texture is effortless to achieve with a wide-tooth comb.

High and Tight Fade

High and Tight Fade

Yet another example that proves a buzz cut can be interesting, this high fade pairs especially nicely with a faded beard. Hair on top is less than half an inch in length, and it gradually fades to bald high on the sides of the head. The edged-in part gives the style some interest.

Spiky Quiff Hairstyle

Spiky Quiff Hairstyle

This spiky quiff with mid taper fade and hard part just looks stylish and handsome. The style requires quite a bit of length on top, particularly in the front, and a longer fade on the sides and back. Some high-shine, high-hold pomade will let you create the height and keep it in place all day.

Skin Fade Comb Over

Skin Fade Comb Over

A skin fade comb over is one of the bolder styles you can choose, especially for guys with longer hair. As you can see, the hair is quite long in this example, and the skin fade on the side makes it appear even bolder. Despite its complexity, it’s easy to style with a medium-hold product.

Short Curly Hairstyle

Short Curly Hairstyle

This short style is perfect for playing up your curls, but in this case, the product you choose for styling is just as important as the cut. The high fade draws attention to the curls on top, so be sure you choose a styling cream or pomade that is meant for texturizing and defining hair while holding it in place.

Thick Hair + Undercut Fade

Thick Hair + Undercut Fade

Thick hair is great for creating many of today’s most popular voluminous styles, including the quiff, slick back, pompadour, fohawk, comb over, and side part hairstyle. This variation of the classic quiff requires short-to-medium thick hair brushed upward in front and forward from the back. The undercut fade adds some definition.

Modern Slick Back Taper Fade

Modern Slick Back Taper Fade

This slicked back taper fade is another excellent choice for men who have thicker hair. It’s slightly textured on the top, and because it is brushed back, it creates a couple inches of height. The taper fade makes it look clean and balanced, which pairs nicely with the full medium-length beard. All you need to style this modern slick back is a medium-hold and medium-shine pomade with a wide-tooth comb.

Short Textured Crop Top Fade

Short Textured Crop Top Fade

This textured crop top is all about the perfect edges, which gives it a clean-cut, modern look. The high skin fade draws even more attention to the style, making it painless to do at home with almost any good men’s hair product. Because it’s short, it’s easy to maintain with frequent trips to the barber.

Short Spiky Hair

Short Spiky Hair

This sexy style incorporates several of today’s trendiest modern cuts and meshes them together to create stunning textured spiky hair. The quiff-like flip in front, when paired with the spiky texture on top and the skin fade on the sides and back, makes it look far more high-maintenance than it really is.

Comb Over + Tapered Haircut

Comb Over + Tapered Haircut

This tapered comb over offers amazing height, and it’s best for men who have straight, thick hair for this reason. After getting the perfect cut (4 to 6 inches of length on top and a classic taper on the sides and back), just add some matte wax or pomade to damp hair and blow dry up and over for volume.

Low Fade Faux Hawk

Low Fade Faux Hawk

Can’t decide between a spiky faux hawk and a voluminous pompadour? This style allows you to have the best of both worlds.

High Top Fade

High Top Fade

Though the high top (also known as hi-top) enjoyed mainstream attention in the 80’s and early 90’s, it’s certainly making a comeback, especially when paired with a clean line up complementing natural curls. The high skin fade on the sides adds more interest to the height, and the trimmed thin mustache and goatee finish the look.

Short Pompadour

Short Pompadour Fade

Not all pompadours require several inches of length, and this one – paired with a classic skin fade – is proof of that. It’s a toned-down version of the modern pomp that is relatively easy to style with the high-hold product of your choice, and it’s versatile enough for a slicked back or combed-over look.

Hard Side Part + Low Fade

Hard Side Part + Low Fade

A high side part is the perfect way to bring a bit of professionalism into your style. It’s a classic Wall Street or frat boy look that, when paired with a short-cropped beard, suddenly becomes masculine and fun. Style this one with a high-shine pomade and a fine-tooth comb to achieve this look.

Brushed Back Fade Hairstyle

Brushed Back Fade Hairstyle

This brushed-back style is picture perfect with every hair in its proper place. You’ll need a talented barber to help you achieve this look along with a matte pomade or wax for styling. Once you get the hang of it, the clean-cut finish takes minutes in the morning and lasts all day.

Disconnected Quiff

Disconnected Quiff

The disconnected quiff is one of the most popular hairstyles for guys this year. The blond highlights and high skin fade with a disconnected undercut amplify height and increase contrast. High-hold products will keep your hair in place all day, and you can use a wide-tooth comb to create texture similar to that in the photo.

Buzz Cut + Line Up + Low Bald Fade

Buzz Cut + Line Up + Low Bald Fade

If you want to take your simple bald fade buzz cut to the next level, a barber who has mad line up skills will be your best friend. Just choose your favorite design – abstract or geometric – and ask your barber to work his magic. There’s no maintenance for this cut other than frequent trips to the barber’s chair, making it ideal for busy men.

Side Swept Hairstyle + Undercut + Short Beard

Side Swept Hairstyle + Undercut + Short Beard

There’s something uniquely provocative about a man with voluminous hair offset by a short beard, and as this photo shows, it’s sexy and intellectual at the same time. The undercut brings the eyes to the height, which is swept over to one side with tousled fringe and held in place with high-hold products.

Messy Spiky Hair Taper

Messy Spiky Hair Taper

Another example of messy, spiky hair combines a little bit of quiff with a whole lot of texture. The swept-up length in the front perfectly offsets the incredible spiky texture on top, which pairs nicely with the tapered fade on the sides and back. To style, just use your fingertips and a matte pomade to create the texture and use a natural-bristle brush to brush up the hair in front.

Burst Fade Mohawk

Burst Fade Mohawk

The mohawk hairstyle conjures images of tall, perfect spikes and shaved sides, you might be surprised to know there are several other options out there. This one is nice and short (for a mohawk) and plays on a guy’s natural curls. The burst fade creates the illusion of more height.

Faux Hawk + Shaved Sides

Faux Hawk + Shaved Sides

This faux hawk is more classic than others, but it still foregoes the sharp, shiny spikes for something slightly more textured and natural. The buzzed sides truly set the style off, making it easy to do at home with some high-hold matte wax and a natural-bristle brush. You can use your fingertips to style the spiky texture on top.

Long Fringe + High Taper Fade

Long Fringe + High Taper Fade

Bold fringe is ideal for men who want a boyish, high-maintenance look without all the work. It all starts with the cut, which is perfectly angled to allow the length to come to a point on one side of the face. The texture on top along with the high taper fade makes this one of the most interesting cuts on this list.

Short Spiky Hair in Front + Crew Cut Fade

Short Spiky Hair in Front + Crew Cut Fade

The timeless crew cut is handsome enough, but when it’s paired with short quiff-like spikes in the front and a fade on the sides, it instantly becomes more modern. The textured look suits men who have thick wavy hair, and pairing it with a beard makes it appear even more masculine.

Modern Pompadour Undercut + Beard

Modern Pompadour Undercut + Beard

With so many cool ways to style a pompadour, the side-swept look is one of the most popular, especially when it’s offset by a short undercut. This style works best for men who have thick, straight hair with plenty of natural volume, but it can also be adapted for wavy hair. Paired with a thick beard, it screams sex appeal everywhere you go.

Short Cropped Hair + Taper Fade + Part

Short Cropped Hair + Taper Fade + Part

Short hair styles don’t have to be boring, and this is evident with the platinum blond short textured ‘do shown here. The tapered sides and faux part trimmed into the side make it even more interesting. When paired with a clean-shaven face, it’s youthful, fun, and striking.

Short Comb Over + Low Fade

Short Comb Over + Low Fade

The short comb over with a low fade on the sides is a great blend of professionalism and modern style. The hair on top is only a couple inches long – just enough to create the combed-over look. To do it, use a medium-shine pomade or wax and a regular comb to gently coax hair into position. Finish with hairspray if needed to keep things in place all day.

Short Sides + Long Hair on Top

Short Sides + Long Hair on Top

With many of today’s most popular styles being all about the volume, it comes as no surprise that men will defy gravity to create unbelievable volume and flow. In this case, hair about 6 inches long styles a modern combed over pompadour with a twist, and the extra-short sides with a bald fade make it appear even taller.

Cool Hairstyle For Thick Hair

Cool Hairstyle For Thick Hair

If you have thick, wavy hair, it may seem as if your hairstyle options are numbered. Fortunately, you can easily get the side-swept look that is professional, trendy and relatively easy to get. All you need is a moderate hold and shine pomade to coax hair into place with a brush.

Long Hair Slicked Back + Shaved Sides

Long Hair Slicked Back + Shaved Sides

If your preferred style is somewhere between classic punk and new-age hipster, then this slicked back is great for you. The shaved (or closely buzzed) sides contrast nicely with the ultra-shiny slick back hair in the center. Pairing it up with a long, full beard creates a badass masculine finish.

Cool Hairstyle For Men with Curly Hair

Best Hairstyle For Men with Curly Hair

If you want to do something fun and modern with your super-thick, super-curly hair, this style plays on its natural volume with a unique approach. The taper gradually builds up to the thick, long curls on top, which you can style with your favorite volumizing mousse for shine and all-day hold.

Long Flowing Natural Hairstyle + Low Taper

Long Flowing Natural Hairstyle + Low Taper

Flowing hair is a symbol of romance, and this amazing style with its low taper is a great way to achieve it. You will need to style medium-length hair on top in textured pieces that seem to flow backward from the front and offer a small bit of fringe and height in the front.

Slicked Back Side Part

Slicked Back Side Part

This slicked back side part is a great choice for men who want a badass hairstyle, but don’t want to sacrifice their high-maintenance look. The cut takes the hard work out of the style, which can be easily achieved with a wet-look gel and a wide-toothed comb. You’ll need a skilled barber to give you a shape up along your hairline and beard to duplicate this look.

Long Wavy Hairstyle

Long Wavy Hairstyle

Women dream of running their hands through a man’s long, wavy locks, and if that suits your fancy, then this style is one to consider. It’s perfectly shaped at the back and on the sides, but the top flows naturally. Just apply a bit of matte pomade and brush hair back from the sides and top, then use your fingertips to muss the top section and allow it to fall naturally.

High Fade Quiff

High Fade Quiff

If you like the idea of a quiff but it seems a bit high-maintenance, this faded quiff haircut is a good choice. With very short sides and a short to medium length top, all you have to do is apply some pomade, brush up your hair, and leave it spiked and messy. Styling the quiff is easier than you might think, and the end result looks amazing.

Messy Hairstyle For Guys with Thick Hair

Messy Hairstyle For Guys with Thick Hair

Thick hair can take on a life of its own, and for some men, styling it seems impossible. However, if you embrace its messy nature, you can create looks like this one – modern, fun, and professional all at the same time. A pomade applied to damp hair will help you achieve this look; just apply it evenly and then tousle hair with your fingertips.

Military Buzz Cut

Military Buzz Cut

The military buzz cut is a tapered buzz that is just slightly longer on top than on the sides. This bald fade trims the sides very short, shaving the hair down to the skin at the nape and ears. Low-maintenance and effortless, the buzz cut fade hairstyle is still popular.

Short Curly Haircut + Low Drop Fade

Short Curly Haircut + Low Drop Fade

Men’s curls seem to take on a life of their own when they are cut short, and the unique look is perfect for many of today’s popular textured styles. It’s a simple cut that fades into skin at the back and the ears and pairs nicely with a shaped beard.

Medium Length Hairstyle + Classic Taper

Medium Length Hairstyle + Classic Taper

The classic taper is one of the most popular cuts among men, and it’s been transformed into numerous styles like this one. Here, the hair on top is medium-length and swoops over from a very slight side part. Some mid-shine pomade and wide-tooth comb make it easy to achieve this style at home, and it pairs nicely with a clean face, some stubble, or a full beard.

Short Hair + Spiked Front + Undercut

Short Hair + Spiked Front + Undercut

An undercut pairs just as nicely with short hair as with medium-length or long hair, and that’s evident with this style. Naturally thick wavy hair adds height, volume, and texture, which is only accentuated by the short hair on the sides.

Curly Flat Top

Curly Flat Top

Men who are blessed with incredibly tight and small curls are more limited in their styles, but this relatively short flat top is a great option. The skin fade on the sides creates the illusion of even more height. A small amount of product will help hair hold its shape throughout the day.

Textured Thick Spiky Hair + Mid Fade

Textured Thick Spiky Hair + Mid Fade

Thick spiky hair with a mid fade is another extremely sexy masculine look that requires longer hair on top swept up and over from a subtle side part. Adding some mid-shine pomade to damp hair and creating texture with a wide-tooth comb really helps set this look apart from others.

Long Combed Over Hair + High Fade

Long Combed Over Hair + High Fade

A long comb over is a trendy men’s style, but when paired with a high fade, the hairstyle truly stands out. In this case, the comb over is styled with volume and flow. Moreover, the comb over fade is always easy to do, especially for men who have thick, stick-straight hair.

Cool Long Men’s Hairstyle

Cool Long Men's Hairstyle

This hairstyle for men with long hair defies gravity. You’ll undoubtedly need some firm-hold product and a blow dryer to achieve it, but this is one of those styles that become easier with time as you train your hair to slick back. It’s loud, bold, and sure to make a few heads turn your way.

Short Textured Haircut + Long Fringe

Short Textured Haircut + Long Fringe

Fringe is a popular part of many of today’s best styles, but in this case, it’s the star. The bald fade is perfect, especially with such thick, dark hair. Plus, the short textured style looks amazing with the thicker, longer fringe. Though it seems high-maintenance, all you need is a brush, some pomade, and your fingertips to coax the style in place.

Short Sides, Long Curly Hair on Top

Short Sides, Long Curly Hair on Top

Long, curly hair on top can look better than you might think, and this picture is proof. The unique shape of the cut – and the amazing curly fringe in the front – is nicely paired with short faded sides to make a personal statement. It looks great with the full beard, but it also looks amazing with a clean-shaven face.

Long Spiky Hairstyle + High Skin Fade

Long Spiky Hairstyle + High Skin Fade

Long, blunt spikes are a bit more difficult to style than some of the other cuts shown here, but it’s definitely a unique style that many men have embraced. Three inches of hair on top twisted into blunt spikes with a matte product is perfectly complemented by the near-bald sides and perfectly-shaped beard.

Messy Textured Pompadour + Low Fade

Messy Textured Pompadour + Low Fade

This is yet another example of a messy pompadour that pairs wonderfully with a beard and a low fade. It’s not a style for the faint of heart, but this pomp fade will certainly help you stand out in any crowd, especially with this kind of height and movement. It works well for thick, straight hair, but can also be styled with somewhat wavy hair.

Short Combed Back Undercut Hairstyle

Short Combed Back Undercut Hairstyle


This curated selection of good haircuts for men includes some classics, trends and combinations of the two.

We’ve got side part hairstyles, comb overs, spikes and short cuts that suit all types of hair and face shapes. Add a fade of your choice or rock a taper.

All of these styles look great and are on point. Check out these 25 hot looks.

1. Sweep Back + High Fade

Good Haircuts For Men

Braid Barbers

This version of the popular men’s hairstyle is cut and styled in a more formal way. The fade goes short instead of down to the skin while the top has a matte hold with a hint of wave but is neither slick or messy.

2. Side Part Hairstyle + Texture + Low Fade

Sam Campagna

Here’s the classic side part hairstyle with some updates this year. Hair on top features plenty of volume and some piecey separation while a low fade exposes skin at the hairline.

3. Textured Spikes + Fade

Tom Baxter Hair

Texture is one of this year’s top hair trends. It can be added to any men’s hairstyle but works especially well with classic spikes.

4. Pomp Fade + Side Part

side part hairstyle for men

Woodies Barbershop

The pompadour and the side part are two classic men’s hairstyles that are constantly being reinvented. Here they combine forces with a fade for a modern look with timeless appeal.

5. Textured Quiff

Little Jay

Men’s hair with volume along the forehead are flattering on just about everyone and also easy to style. This version also has a high fade and texture.

6. Short Curls + Temple Fade


The latest texture trend applies to curly hair too. We are seeing lots of longer styles that highlight natural texture. A line up and temple fade keep the edges neat.

7. Buzz Fade + Line Up

Pat Regan

This is one of the most popular very short hairstyles for men. The line up and fade add style and clean cut finish to an otherwise ordinary buzz cut.

8. High and Tight + High Fade + Hair Design

Tariq Nevar

After the cut above, the high and tight is one of the top short hairstyles for black hair. It leaves enough length on top for some texture while cutting the sides close in a high fade. A simple hair design at the neck sets this particular cut apart from the rest.

9. Curly Hair + Mid Bald Fade

Raggos Barbering

A fade with some length on top is one of the best haircuts for guys with curly hair. It is a low maintenance way to have some curly texture and just takes moments to style by working a curl cream through hair to define curls and fight frizz.

10. Side Part + Wavy Hair + Low Fade

Matt J.

Create your own unique hairstyle by mixing and matching a cut, fade and hair texture. This modern take on a classic side part features a low fade and unexpected waves on top.

11. Side Part Hairstyle with Movement and Flow

Matt J.

In addition to texture, a top trend for the year is men’s hairstyles that are styled to have movement and flow. These looks still use product but ones with a matte finish and flexible hold.

12. Hi-Top + Curls + Low Bald Fade

Matt J.

The high top fade is one of the coolest cuts for guys with kinky curls. It’s not as geometric or precise as the flat top but has a similar impact with plenty of height and texture.

13. Thick Spikes + High Fade

Javi the Barber

Spiky styles are also being influenced by the texture trend. This fresh look features larger than usual spikes pointed both up and forward.

14. Curved Spikes

Dang Cuts Hair

Instead of classic straight up spikes, this version features a hint of curve for something different.

15. Comb Over + Quiff + High Fade


This flattering and and easy-to-wear style is clean cut enough for work and cool enough for the rest of your life. Hair is longer on top and worked over to one side with some volume at the forehead.

16. Comb Over Fade + Texture

Diana Pour

Comb over styles are popular because they look great and are easy to wear. This one is styled with fingers to add some texture.

17. Wavy Sweep Back + High Bald Fade


We are seeing lots of new versions of old favorites. Here’s a unique take on the sweep back, a looser version of the slick back, with lots of waves and high fade.

18. Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Whitney VerMeer

This long on top, short sides and back hairstyle is a great option for guys with fine hair. The sweep back adds volume and texture that makes hair appear fuller.

19. Thick Crop + Side Fringe

Conor Taaffe

The textured crop is huge men’s trend that can be worn lots of different ways. This version has lots of weight on top and features fringe worked over to one side.

20. Messy Spikes

Braid Barbers

Another cool variation on classic spikes, this messy styles pulls spikes in all directions.

21. Textured Quiff + High Fade

Ivan Rodriguez Hernandez

This quiff is flattering for all face shapes and easy to style, thanks to layering on top and ultra short sides.

22. New Hairstyles for Men

Braid Barbers

This fresh look styles a classic men’s haircut in a new way. Sections of hair are worked in an arc towards the center for a high volume and textured finish.

23. Wavy Hair + Mid Fade

Dean Marshall Braid

This is one of the best haircuts for guys with wavy or curly hair. Just work a curl cream through hair and wear it messy.

24. Taper Fade Haircut

Alan Beak

Tapered hairstyles that shave hair down to the skin at the hairline are getting more popular. It’s a classic style with a modern finishing touch.

25. Short Haircuts for Men

Andrew Does Hair

Here is a solid short hairstyle for guys that can easily be styled messy, like above, or cleaner cut when required.

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