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You Know You&#;re A Theatre Kid When&#;

With the release of Hamilton on Disney+ this weekend, theatre lovers everywhere are waiting in anticipation for to watch the famous show on the big screen. If you don&#;t know what Hamilton is allow us to explain: It&#;s a Broadway musical about one of America&#;s founding fathers Alexander Hamilton, the show has a unique musical sound with a mix of R&B, jazz, hip-hop and Broadway which is different to anything we&#;ve heard before on stage. Basically it&#;s a big deal in the musical theatre world and tickets are almost impossible to get unless you&#;re rich, so having a recording of the broadway version at our fingertips is great news!

If you did know what Hamilton was, chances are you&#;d be classed as a theatre kid, here&#;s some telltale signs that you come under this title&#;

1. You can&#;t count the number of shows you&#;ve been part of on one hand

A lot of people have done some type of performance when they were growing up, maybe in school or speech and drama, but those who are in it for the long haul and have been in more than five productions? True theatre kids right there. At that stage, it&#;s gone past your mam forcing you to do it or your school making you take part, over five productions means you enjoy this and voluntarily give it time.

2. You have musical songs on your Spotify playlist 

Listening to musicals as if they are chart hits in the car or on walks is a telltale sign of a theatre kid. Your workout song is Whipped into Shape from Legally Blonde, and your friends don&#;t want to give you the aux in case a show tune pops up&#; they don&#;t get it.

3. Your TikTok FYP is theatre related

Yep, these days it seems like TikTok is a mind reader, and your FYP pretty much sums up your interests, weirdly. If you&#;re seeing people doing a &#;Theatre kid check&#;, &#;Songs I auditioned with and parts I got&#; videos or anything with Kristin Chenoweth on your feed, you are officially theatre obsessed.

@kristinchenowethPlayed with this filter for over an hour until I got ##Wicked&#; My Broadway-loving heart is HAPPY 💗🎭 ##Broadway##musicals##musical##glinda##galinda♬ original sound &#; kristinchenoweth

4. You and 20 other kids have hounded a McDonalds after a show

Oh yes, closing night tradition of being super loud and annoying at 10 pm in McDonald&#;s and sometimes only ordering ice cream? Almost everyone who&#;s done a show is guilty of this. But hey it&#;s part of the process.

5. It&#;s your dream to see something on Broadway! 

Someone going to New York or London with no interest in seeing a show is a crime to you. Aren&#;t musicals, like the point of going to these cities?

6. You&#;ve browsed the Juilliard application form

Most likely at an age nowhere near college with no sense of travel or living expenses. A kid can dream, right?

7. High School Musical was your favourite film

You also wanted to be Sharpay. A musical movie about a musical? Disney really hit the jackpot there.

8. The day the parts were announced was intense

Nerves from the minute you wake up not knowing If you&#;re about to use your &#;Aw that&#;s okay I&#;m happy with villager number 4&#;  face, or your &#;I&#;m so humbled and grateful to be Snow White&#; face, while you&#;re screaming with delight on the inside.

9. You made your friends or siblings be part of your home productions

An artist has to practice right? Putting on plays for your parents was a weekly routine, of course, you were the star always.

The smell of hairspray brings back show memories

Ah yes the overly sprayed hair and lack of oxygen in the dressing room. Good times.

You can&#;t wait to watch Hamilton on Disney+

It&#;s on your bucket list to see live but watching on the TV will do for now! Lin Manuel Miranda is the next Shakespeare to you and you&#;d be disappointed if it wasn&#;t the original cast.

You were a Disney kid

Not always, but most likely, these two go hand in hand.

Well, how much of a theatre kid are you?

Words by Jade Carpenter

Sours: https://www.kiss.ie/you-know-youre-a-theatre-kid-when/

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theatre tiktoks that make me ascend (part 1)

Which Theatre Kid Stereotype Are You?

We all know that theatre kids get a lot of flack. I’d say we’re at least on par with band kids and horse girls as far as social standing is concerned. My current favorite meme is the one about how theatre kids should be the last to get vaccinated. Dark? Yes. Funny? Absolutely. Because I just have to say it: Those theatre kid jokes are sometimes well-deserved. We can be really annoying!

So what exactly constitutes a theatre kid and how can we still be ourselves without annoying everyone around us? Here are some of the categories that I use to describe some of the most obnoxious theatre kid stereotypes out there. Trust me, I’m sure you’ll be familiar with every single one of them.

But before we get started, I want to preface this by saying that this truly is written with love. I know for a fact that I fit into multiple categories on this list, and I can guarantee that I have done some super embarrassing theatre kid stuff. Singing musical theatre songs at an all-night diner after a high school production? Yeah, I’ve done that. And I’m sure that I’ve annoyed plenty of people out there with my theatre kid obnoxiousness. It’s time for me to take full responsibility for the ridiculousness of my behavior.

So which theatre kid stereotype(s) are you?

The Straight Guy

Every single theatre department has one: A straight boy with mediocre looks and medium talent who is somehow cast as every single male lead. This is the guy who is a decidedly normal person, yet is fawned over by every single straight girl in his high school production of Grease.

It’s not that I dislike the fact that this person is continuously cast or is beloved by those around him. What drives me crazy is the inevitable ego that accompanies this level of theatre kid fame. There is no way you can get that much attention without letting it go to your head.

The I <3 NYC Kid

Yes, there are a lot of theatre people who want to live in the Big Apple. I may not be one of them, but I can definitely understand the appeal. No, this theatre kid stereotype is meant for the people who have an unhealthy obsession with the concept of moving to New York.

This is the kid who says things like, “New York, you haven’t seen the last of me” as they ride the bus home from their school field trip to see a Broadway show. They’re the ones who stand in the middle of Time Square just to breathe in the energy of the city, and wax poetic about moving to NYC with just two dollars in their pocket and a whole lot of dreams. They plan on moving to New York the second they can and they definitely don’t understand people who don’t feel the same way.

The Theatre Makers™

There is a lot of pretentious energy amongst the stereotypes on this list, but I would argue that these guys take the cake. This stereotype is for the people who describe themselves as “theatre makers” and take the time to “explore the space” and “breathe in the room.” They answer questions in class using words like “liminal” and “juxtapose” and would probably be gung-ho about putting together a show reminiscent of SNL’s High School Theatre Showcase.

The Musical Theatre Kid

This stereotype doesn’t need a whole lot of explanation because they tend to get the most attention. These are the Broadway obsessed kids who sing songs as they skip through the hallways of the school. They know every line of every musical ever and they will make references whenever possible. Is it December 24th at 9 pm? They will remind you that “from here on in, they’re shooting without a script.” Did they just turn 19? Then they’ll probably use the Instagram caption, “Only 19 but my mind is older.”

They’re not afraid of jazz hands or time steps at inappropriate times, and they will absolutely get a musical theatre tattoo of some kind.

The Show Off

This theatre kid stereotype often overlaps with the previous one. These are the kids who know the name of every single actor in every single show on Broadway and who will name drop whenever they can. They have seen every Broadway show, probably multiple times, and they won’t let you forget it. No, you should feel ashamed that you didn’t know that it was Jeremy Jordan or Andrew Rannells or Aaron Tveit in that one show that one time. So why is this theatre kid making you feel like you should be?

The Classical Actor

Finally, we have the Shakespeare-obsessed classical actors. I ask that when you read the word “actors” in that last sentence that you imagine it said in the most pretentious voice possible. These are the theatre kids who claim that they have no problem understanding Shakespeare and want to make sure that you know that they have no problem understanding Shakespeare. They “get” classical theatre, and they think that makes them better than everyone else.

So there you have it. Was this list harsh? Probably. But we theatre kids need a wake-up call! Do we want to keep annoying everyone around us or do we want to figure out what we’re doing wrong and fix it?

That said, I hope that, above all, this list makes you laugh. I’m sure you can think of someone for every single category on this list, and that you can probably add a few categories of your own. We may be annoying, but we have a great time, and I will always love the crazy theatre kids in my life.

Sours: https://www.onstageblog.com/columns//which-theatre-kid-stereotype-are-you

Of theatre kid a mind

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Theater Kids

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