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On different occasions, we need different dress up style. Simple and decent style is suitable for home. When you stay at your house, just wearing some fitted and comfortable clothes is good enough. Elegant style is more fit for some formal occasion such as joining a charity show. When you have a party with your family and friends, lively clothes are your best choice. No need to constrained yourself, right? There are many other types we didn't mention like wedding, Halloween, dating etc.

Hearing so many beautiful clothes, I think you already can't wait to dress up for yourself. We have collected a variety of dress up games for you! There are so many amazing clothes and jewelry can make you breathless. Find the model you like and start your adventure! In these games, you don't need to be afraid of having a bad taste or make your model angry, you can do anything you want to do and wear any clothes for your girls and boys as your design. The best things in the world is shopping and dress up, isn't it?

We are keeping update our dress up games almost every day, if you like our website, play check it from time to time, we will try our best to create a place can make you happy and relax. So, start your adventure in clothes' world!

There are Dress Up games on 4J.Com, such as Barbie's Fashion Boutique, Bridal Rush and Day Routine With Princess. We have picked the best Dress Up games which you can play online for free. All of these games can be played online directly, without register or download needed. We also add new games daily to ensure you won't become bored with old games. Enjoy!

Dress Up Games


Girl Dress Up Games

Girl Dress Up Games

Give a makeover, and become a fashion stylist in one of our girl dress up games. If you love shopping for clothes, our adventures are perfect for you. Admire a vast range of clothing styles, and enjoy our large selection of themed challenges. Sneakerz, Disco, and Holiday are only a few of the girl dress up categories we have for you. Also, choose from many special characters, including princesses, prom queens, and Bullz-eye dolls. The wardrobe possibilities are endless!

With a simple mouse-click, you can change outfits, try on new heels, and put on dazzling accessories. Young girls and teenagers will love the simple controls and flashy design of our girl dress up games. Shop in virtual malls, and pick out new shoes, skirts, dresses, and tops. Pick one of many characters, and get ready to become a professional stylist. We have girl dress up levels with every style imaginable, including alternative ones; dress up your character as a nanny or sporty girl! Choose a character of any age and start dressing her up today!

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Barbie dress up games


Gold Hair Games. Would you like to be prettier about your hair? Do you want to learn how to prepare different
hairstyles? Do you want to know how to use a pair of scissors, brush, hair irons, or hair dyes of different colors?
Or do you want to play funny games with hair dressers? Choose a game in the side menu or from the pictures.

All Year Round Fashion Addict Star


Princesses Trendy Photoshoot








Week Model


Princess Modern


Remembering College




Celebrity Crush




Winter fashion




Instagram adventure


School Uniform


Princesses Detective


Cozy Fall Scents


My fashion blog




Ballet Show


Retro Party




Glam Queen


Barbie's Closet Makeover


Dolly Party





The checked shirts aren't for girls? Look at this darling!



For a rainy fall day the best choise are some trendy rainboots.



Worldwide fashion tour; let's join us.



A reporter should be always prepared and pretty as well.


First fashion

Barbie and her first fashion show. - I am sure you would be nervous too.



Choose which clothes should the girl s bring to the beach.



You should go out in purple dress, that's clear. But we must choose on from the six dress!



Your mobile is ringing! Answer it!


Princess Magazine



Do you say that fall is not colorful? Take a look to this.


Lookbook fashion

It's getting cold, it's time to take out the fall clothes.



Be a fashion designer. You can start now.



Allegedly Paris is the most romantic city in the world.



Blogging have came into vogue, start a blog in the topic of fashion.


Road Trip

Anna and her family ar gonig to a roadtrip, but first, we have to wash off the car.



Hurry up with the morning makeup, because you also have to try on the dress.


Christmas Party

You should go to the ball in a pretty dress.


Take look to the latest fashion and makeup trends.



Barbie's amazing gardrobe. What a wide range of trend clothes!



The beautysalon of the princesses. Makeup and hairdresser salon too.



The spy's life is really exicting. Especially to work with such a great team like this.



We looking for a modern haircut and a trendy outfit, for Barbie.



You wake up a little bit tired. Let's see what can we do.



Tomorrow will be the graduation after party, but I have no idea what to wear.



How the world coolest shoe are made?



The princesses and Barbie's best friends came for the wedding.


Good or Bad

What style should we choose? Now decide you instead of Barbie.


In the frist step, choose what kind of hair do you want.



Tangled and Barbie are two blond beauty. Did you know that they are good friends?


Photo Booth

Barbie wants to make a photo from herself. Help her to choose a nice outfit.



Online dress designer game.



Did you know that Elsa and Barbie are friends? Look how trendy jeans they're wearing.


Pop Star

Barbie is preparing for her concert. Dress up her like a fabulous popstar.


Tea Party

Tea party of pretty princesses in a spectacular garden. If I'm correct, it's not only tea that's being served, but also tasty cake.


Wedding day fashions

It's the day of the wedding, she has to be at the church by 11, so she has to hurry up, do her make up, get dressed and put the finishing touches to her look.



Dress up these two girlfriends and do their makeup, choose from the trendy clothes.


Colorful wedding

Ok, the wedding dress is white, but why would the others wear boring white or black? Let's find those colourful clothes for the wedding!


Phone Friend

These two girlfirends are talking on the phone every day, their favourite topic is what to wear the next day.


What should I pack for vacation? Weather forecast says it will be sunny for the next two weeks, let's pack light summer dresses.



In the first part of the game we have to find a lot of objects on the boutiqe's shelves, then comes the dress fitting part.



Funny online game, what a surprising effect we get with an airbrush and a mud shooting slingshot.



Modern day princess, judging only by her clothes, you couldn't tell she lives in a real castle.



Barbie will be on the cover of next week's fashion magazine, but she has no idea which dress to wear to the photoshoot.



A princess with superpower. She is Super Barbie.



What type of dress do you think would be the best choice for a safari?


Pretty clothes

This wardrobe is really diverse, we can choose from a lot of pretty clothes


Shoes decorating

Let's decorate our shoes to get something original, but pay attention to the colours and high standards.



Let's go through Barbie's wardrobe together, she has everything from classic jeans wear to long and short skirts to tons of trendy T-shirts and blouses.


Roman Lady

Let's travel back in time and take a look at the fashion in Rome during antiquity.



Look, the sewing machine is free to use, use this time to quickly sew your dress.


Rockstar stage

Almost everyone had a rockstar stage at some point in life, but most of us grew out of it



Swimwear design game. Let's make Barbie's swimsuit fit perfectly



Let's do Barbie's makeup, then click Next to take a look at her wardrobe.


 shool fashion

Choose the style, colour and pattern of the dress. The sky is the limit!


beach fashion

Let's take a look at all the comfortable clothes we found for the beach.


Cold weather clothing

Since the weather got a little colder, it's time to get your warm clothes out of the closet.



Let's have a glimpse into Barbie's changing room. Find the objects in the lower row.



Find the 10 objects on the picture in Anna's closet!


If spring arrives, I can finally wear my light and breezy clothes.


Coat Designer

Online fashion designer game for little girls. Choose a pattern, then cut the fabric.



This afternoon I'm taking a walk with my girlfriend on the beach. Let's see which dress I should wear!



Although we can't find any trace of it in the city, in the mountains it has been snowing a lot. Let's go skiing!



Around Christmas stores offer multiple discounts for their customers. You can't resist them either, can you? But before buying anything always ask yourself if you really need it even if the store offers half off the price.



It's not easy to choose the best dresses, since all of them are beautiful.



Patchwork clothes are unique and special. Although the process requires patience, the result is extraordinary.


spring mode

I'm so waiting for the spring; this winter is cold and gray, and it seems like it never wants to end.


Barbie nail salon

Barbie went to the manicurist today. I would like to go home with really beautiful and trendy nails.


Funny nail paint

Create an original nail painting for Barbie in a completely new style. Let's start the whole thing with a thorough hand wash.


Little Barbie's mom finally let her to take ballet classes. Her first thing to do of course was to choose a nice ballet dress.



How good is your memory? Look at the details on the pictures carefully, because we will ask you about them!


Fishing clothes

You should look for some comfortable and hard-wearing clothes when you're about to go fishing, leave the delicate clothes to other occasions.



Have you ever noticed that some clothes in your closet always stay there while other you always pull out happily? If you'll never wear it, why should it take up space, you rather give it to someone as a niceness.


New ideas




Barbie just got her newest pair of skates. But what shall she wear with them? A short skirt surely won't do but a pair of skinny jeans aren't comfortable for skating either.



Designing the cover of a magazine is a very responsible job as the cover can be one reason to buy it.


palm trees

Palm trees, sunshine and a beautiful sandy beach. Not enough? Sure! Take a surf board and meet the waves!



Barbie is in the cover photo of Star Sue newspaper. She is on it with animals, because she loves animals.



Barbie is in her new room. She loves it very much and she want to wear a cloth which match to the room.



Bon Voyage Barbie! Imagine, Barbie is travelling to a secret place with a plane!



Barbie loves to go to school and she also like the uniform of the school. How about you?



What can we do at a cold winter evening? Barbie has some plans for the weekend.



After a lot of countries Barbie is in Japan. She wears Japanese kimono.



Would you like if Barbie will your teacher? In your opinion would she a great teacher? She will definitely a pretty teacher.



Congratulions! Today is Barbie's graduation day, and you are invited for it!



Summer is one of the favourite season of Barbie. She loves to lie in the sun in bikini.



Barbie is so cool in army style clothes! Dress up if you like this style! It's now very fahionable!



Barbie has travelled to Greece. She loves this country. Now she is a greek beauty.



Barbie is in India, so now she wears Saree clothes. Dress up her!



Dress up barbie! She is a beauteuos fairy! Add her wings!



Summer time, when the livin' is easy Dress up barbie, if you like summer and love Barbie.



Barbie is in the USA. She celebrate the Independence Day. You have to dress up her to american clothes. They are very fashionable.



Here is Princess Barbie. Dress up her, make up and make her hair. She will looks like amazing!


Kendama Battle


Barbie 24h Fashionista


Little sisters day


cherry blossom


Pinterest Barbie




 Little Black Dress


Barbie vs Rapunzel


Barbie and Elsa, Anna


Winter Lookbook




Denim Addiction


Sisters Fashion


Blind Date


Prince and Princess


Smart Phone




Instagram Life


Flatlay Expert


Barbie New Earrings


Celebrity Style


My vlog channel


Becomes An Actress






Princess Winter



Classical fashion game for girls. By a few click you can dress up the girl.


Girls Sweaters

At late autumn, we can take out the warm sweaters.



Do you want to take a look to a princess's college room?



A fashion photographer should take care with every small detail.



These box are full of cool hipster stuffs. Let's open them!



A lot of trendy clothes. Just put it on the girl.



Make your old jeans trendy again with a few easy steps.



The best denim clothes, overalls, shorts and dresses.



The school has started. It's time to refresh my wardrobe.



The princesses are should go to school too. See what they're wearing on weekdays.



Hve you ever been to Disneyland? Let's join to Barbie.


Jacket design

Let's design a cool jacket. Take out your fantasy and creativity.





Barbie needs some cool photos from meals, and rooms, for her new blog.



I can't believe it! I've finished the high school, and now we're here on our graduation.



Princesses are having a great time even an African safari too.



Take your guitar, and the concert could start!


Jeans will never goout of fashion.



How to make a tulle skirt? Now you'll know it.



The floral prints are always trendy. Sometimes the big patterns, sometimes the small flowers are in fashion.



In the hot summer weather, the best thing is to chill by a pool.



Let's see what wonderful things are hidden in these boxes.



For the tonight's party, Barbie want to choose a pretty hairdo. Help her!



How the world coolest shoe are made? Follow each step in the progress.



Barbie is really pretty, and her voice is amazing as well.


Cool Boots

Wooow! There are super duper rainbow rainboots. Decorate them.


Let's play

Hi! Let's play dressing up! Can you help me?



Let's sew clothes at home. If there's a pattern, you will see, it's not as hard as you thought.



Princesses in sneakers? It's a new trend?


Princess Dance

Amazing dancing with the Prince Charming.


Orange juice

Be careful with the orange juice! It's not easy to whas it out from your dress.



Online games for girls.



Selfies are so popular that even the Disney princesses started to take group selfies.



Who hasn't seen teenage girls sitting in front of the computer for hours searching for trendy clothes, wishing they had them all! But don't overdo this, talk to your friends in person, not online!



Spin the wheel and answer the questions on different topics, of course trendy clothes won't be left out of the game.



The princess is stunningly beautiful, and what a wardrobe she has in her suite with all those beautiful dresses!


Early fall

Classic fall pieces for early fall. Choose longer skirts and warmer jeans.



Fall is finally here, it's a lot easier to pay attention to what we wear, we have more options, in the summer your only choice is T-shirts and shorts, so boring.


Red Dresses

Pretty red dresses, tops and skirts in the wardrobe. Is it Valentine's day already?



Barbie can choose between beautiful old english clothes, all of them are pretty.



It's no accident that athletic and sporty clothes are very popular with youngsters.


Glittery clothes

Super Barbie in extra shiny and glittery clothes. Which one fits her best?



Pajama parties are very exciting. First steps are making a cool invitation, getting lots and lots of pillows, and of course making pancakes for the hungry ones.



It's easy to tell what these three princesses have in common. All of them have beautiful blond hair.



Clothes made of real leather are not cheap. Let's take the measurements and start making the dress.



Fashion in the Middle East is a lot more modest than in Europe or North America.


Fashion Designer

You might discover a whole new side of Barbie, she designs beautiful clothes


Dream House

Let's make a dream house, but we have to start from the beginning. First step is to trim the shrubs and collect waste, then starts the building process!


Future career

Finding the right career path is not easy, especially for women.


Ballet clothing

Barbie loves doing ballet, she designs her ballet dancewear herself.



Barbie is a superhero? Is it something new or just a joke?


Floral fashion

Floral print dresses are in one season and out the other, but they never really go out of style



One-piece swimwear is very popular again this season


My Baby sister dressup

Exclusive children's fashion, take a look, you have to try it!



Two of Barbie's best friends are helping her deciding between the trendy wedding dresses.



A real, high-quality patchwork skirt is quite expensive, but beautiful - and the most important thing is that it never goes out of style.



These are some very stylish clothes - try them all on!


best friend


High School

Take a fashion trip around Europe, visiting the most popular fashion boutiques.



Tennis is not as easy a sport as you thought. Have you tried it? You don't need anything else for it, but a good racket and comfortable clothes.


Closet Dresses

Open the virtual closet: the winter is coming, but fortunately the closet is full of warm woollen clothes.



When the cold winter comes a warm and fluffy knit scarf can come in handy. Let's make one together!


Messy Barbie

It was raining cats and dogs, and buses didn't run, thus Barbie had to go home walking. As a result she and her clothes got covered in mud.


warm clothing

When the winter comes, it's time to get the warm clothes out of the closet. It's quite unpleasant to go to school or work freezing.



I was asked by one of the most popular magazines to be their cover girl wearing a stylish dress - but which one should I wear?


clothes shop

The most high-quality and in-style clothes can be bought here. It is worth to visit this shop from time to time, since I'm sure I can find something I like.


Eye exam test

Barbie complained about her vision, so she went to the doctor where they carefully examined her eyes.


A short trip to Dubai on the weekend. They say the weather will be great, we should quickly prepare a collection for the weekend.



Barbie is a real city girl, but she always loved working on the farm, sowing and dealing with animals.



Glittering dresses and magnificent baronial castles - let's have a look at this world too.



If Europe, Italy then - so Barbie thought and picked it for the holiday. And they didn't regret it.



Gardening is wonderful, and strawberries are really grateful if the little gardenerslook after them. Why not try it yourself next year?


Clothes assortment

Though the wardrope is full with nice clothes I still don't know what to wear. Well, I probably have too many clothes, that's why I can't decide.



Down at the bottom of the sea, there lives a fair-haired, beautiful mermaid called Barbie.



Italy is a beautiful country and Milan is one of the nicest cities. There are a plenty of shopping and freetime facilities waiting for the tourists.


Princess nail

Barbie attends a ball this evening. She has her dress, she knows which jewellery she wants to wear but her nails need to be done as well. Let's get started with the manicure!



What is your faviurite colour? Barbie's love the pink! Dress up her, there are a lots of pink clothes.



Barbie is speaking in the school. Dress up her to be pretty in her school speech.



Poor Barbie, she is in the rain! Comfort her and dress up to rainy clothes.



Barbie dressed to cheerleader in a baseball game. I love the pop pom girl's clothes!



Dress up Barbie ballerina! She can very good dance and she is very beautiful.



Switch on the TV! Barbie is the TV host. But before it dress up her!



Today Barbie is working as flight attendant. She loves fliing, so it's a very good job for her.



Egypt, pyramids, Khleopatra, Barbie. Barbie? Yes, today he is travelling to Egypt to buy Egypt clothes.



In the roman era the rich women were very beautiful in their collection. Dress up Barbie to roman clothes.



Tea time! Barbie's girlfriends invited her to a tea party. Be careful, don't late!



I love nay style, so do Barbie. She is in a ship travelling, in striped clothes. Love this!



Barbie loves to be in the Big Apple. Add her fashionable clothes and dress up her!



Barbie want to be a rockstar. (Only for the evening.) Choose clothes for Barbie, to wear on the rock concert.



I think this is one of the best of Barbie games. It's a make up, dress up and hair salon game with Barbie.



Oh Babrie is in love. But she can't decide what to wear on the date. Let's help her!


BABY PETS Kira Dresses up as Barbie in New Dressing Room 💥 Gameplay for Kids in English

Barbie™ Fashion Closet

The latest Barbie fashion collection is here – Barbie™ Extra! Add an extra shimmer to your style with three new characters and outfits based on the Barbie™ Extra fashion line. Each new character comes with the cutest, cuddliest, and most stylish pets around, each rocking a unique look. Dial up your self-expression and become the ultimate trendsetter with these oh-so Extra styles!

Barbie and her friends are excited you're here and can't wait to show off all their fun fashions. Play with makeup, select fun hairdos, and pick from hundreds of tops, bottoms, dresses, and shoes. Once you're done dressing up your favorite character, snap a picture in front of one of the many backgrounds in a stylish pose!

With your help, Barbie and her friends will be the most stylish crew around. We can’t wait to see what you dream up and create!

CHARACTERS. Style Barbie, Nikki, Rene, Teresa, and their friends to create cute fashionable looks.

HAIR & MAKEUP. Choose between a bun, ponytail, braid, and many more hairdos to fit your style. You can even color your model’s hair. Apply magical makeup to pull your look together!

OUTFIT. Select trendy tops, bottoms, or chic dresses with hundreds of outfit combinations to become the ultimate fashion trendsetter.

PHOTOSHOOT. Strike a pose and snap pictures of your design to become the fashion influencer you were meant to be.

COLLECT. Win collectible fashion items or unlock fun surprises by logging in daily or through incredible purchase packs.

Have fun with your friends playing Barbie™ Fashion Closet!

Privacy Policy:

© Mattel.


Games up barbie dress

Barbie Dress Up Games

Games Girl Games Barbie Games Barbie Dress Up Games

Barbie Dress Up Games

If you want to discover the latest trends in make-up, hairstyles and fashion, test our choices about Barbie dress up games. These free games are great for girls who want to learn the top 10 brands of dresses, who want to choose the outfits depending on the party they take, including the wedding dress of the dolls or even military clothes for your favorite characters. Now you have the chance to have fun choosing holographic clothes or going to the school of princesses, creating a nice design for hooded sweatshirts or helping the doll become Miss World. Have fun with the princess in various zombies in high school. Now you have the chance to imagine your favorite character having fun with other well-known cartoon characters.

Varied Barbie Dress Up games are at your disposal for you and your friends. We are waiting for you to enter a fun, colorful, fun and playful world that allows you to show off your fashionistry talent, passionate gamers able to adapt to any game and style of play, including helping Barbie prepare for a romantic meeting or for the red carpet.

Paper Dolls Dress Up - Stubborn Rapunzel vs Mother Troubled Dress - Barbie Story \u0026 Crafts

Dress Up Games

For all fashionistas and virtual doll styling fans here is the ultimate makeover app with tons and tons of clothes to rummage through.

Style gorgeous models for 6 different occasions: prom night, shopping run, wedding, international beauty pageant, pop singer contest and a movie star award show. In each occasion, there is a separate wardrobe, with glamorous dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, capes, shawls and veils. Pick among dozens of chic hairstyles, fancy shoes, stylish handbags, luxurious jewelry and other accessories. Certainly you can also choose the race of the girls.

The game boasts a huge selection of garments - likely more than you've ever seen in a cosplay & fashion simulator. Set your inner fashionista free and train you skill as an outfit designer / image maker for famous actresses, celebrities, top supermodels and glam socialites on the red carpet. Join the world of glamour, Hollywood and Broadway, and imagine you are a superstar, actress, supermodel, music idol or just a crazily rich VIP shopaholic posting hauler videos with millions of fans and subscribers. For even more fame and glory, become the Beauty Queen of the world and marry a millionaire (e.g. some handsome actor with an oceanside mansion in California). Pick a trendy hairstyle and put together amazing bridal or festive outfits for your celebrity model.

If your friends also love dressup apps and digital girl makeovers, be sure to tell them about this great new app! Download it and play it for free, forever, on your Android phone or tablet - it's really the best you've ever seen.


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