How to make grave flowers

How to make grave flowers DEFAULT

How to: Floral Arrangement for Cemetery Vase

Tutorial for DIY Floral Arrangement for Graveside Vase

Please note: I am not a florist. This is simply my method of making floral arrangements for my husband&#;s grave.

Also, the colors in the photos look pinkish but the flowers are actually purple. It&#;s the lighting somehow, sorry.

Cost: Making an arrangement like this isn&#;t necessarily going to be cheaper than buying a finished one. However, it&#;s very therapeutic for me because it&#;s something I can still &#;do&#; for my husband. I tend to buy the artificial flowers either at Walmart, or Old Time Pottery or Hobby Lobby if there&#;s a sale on florals. I usually spend between $40 and $50 on the materials for one arrangement.



  • If necessary, cut the foam to fit your cemetery vase. For mine, I had to cut off about 1/2 inch on the bottom for a snug fit. I also marked where the foam will stick out from the top of the vase, that way I know how far down I can insert picks. With this particular cone, the top 1 1/2 inches will be sticking out of the vase. There are different shapes and sizes of foam available and you may have to experiment which ones work best for your cemetery vase. If you don&#;t have a cemetery vase, you can buy green plastic vases with a stake. They are available with and without foam insert.
  • Place floral cone into vase or other container to hold in place while working on the arrangement.
  • Separate the individual flowers by cutting all stems off the floral bouquets/bushes, leaving as much of the stem as possible (you can always cut them shorter later).
  • I recommend using floral picks on all stems. They can add height and the flowers will hold better in the foam than if you simply insert the stems without picks. If you don&#;t want to use floral picks, you may want to add some hot glue to the end of each stem before inserting into the foam.
  • Hold stem and floral pick together with one hand. Use the other hand to wrap wire tightly around both stem and pick twice, then guide wire in between stem and pick before continuing to wrap around and down both stem and pick. At the bottom, also guide wire once in between the stem and the pick before finishing with two or three more wraparounds.
  • Wrap floral tape around where stem and pick are joined together. Pull and stretch floral tape as you wrap; this releases it&#;s adhesive quality.
  • Insert the tallest flower in the center of the arrangement. Always start with your biggest (main focus) flowers to create the &#;framework&#; and then fill in with smaller flowers and greenery.
  • Cut 4 stems (or however many you choose for the second tier, generally I&#;d say ) slightly shorter than the center stem, add floral pick and tape to each. Insert evenly spaced around the center.
  • Keep adding your main focus flowers going around tier by tier until you arrive at the bottom of the arrangement. Don&#;t worry if something doesn&#;t look quite right. Just adjust the stems (lengths or placement) as needed.
  • Add filler flowers and greenery
  • The finished arrangement:

Gallery: photos of cemetery floral arrangementsI&#;ve made over the years for my husband&#;s grave.

Check out my tutorial for this easy DIY infinity and heart grief bracelet

Like this:



How to Make Flower Arrangements for a Cemetery Grave

Making flower arrangements for a cemetery grave is a wonderful way to personalize the display on the graves of those you love. As a remembrance of those who have passed, and to honor the lives of those who served in the military, millions of Americans place flowers on graves across the country on Memorial Day. Unfortunately, many of the floral arrangements look the same, with similar assortments of flowers. If you want something a little more personal to honor the taste and personality of your loved one, you can make an arrangement with any flowers you choose.

Purchase a spiked grave vase. You can often find these near Memorial Day in craft stores or you may be able to purchase one from the florist. Although any vase can be used, spiked vases are designed to be anchored to the grave and are much easier to work with.

Cut floral oasis foam to the appropriate size to fit inside the vase. Aim for a snug fit to prevent the foam from coming loose in the vase.

Soak the foam in water until it is fully saturated, then fill the cavity of the vase with the foam.

Select the main flowers for you flower arrangement. Cut the stems on an angle to create a point. Push the stems into the floral foam. Create the basic arrangement with the flowers of your choice.

Add greenery to the arrangement to conceal the edge of the vase. Cut short sections and insert on an angle around the base of the arrangement. Leaves should point outward from the center of the vase, creating a base for the bouquet. Gradually add additional ferns and greenery to work as the background of the arrangement.

Add baby's breath or other delicate blooms to add color and texture to the the display. Generally, the central flowers should be largest. Smaller flowers should taper in size the further they are from the center.

Add embellishments like ribbons or miniature items that reflect the personality of the loved one who has passed away. Consider a small toy for young children.

Insert the spiked end of the grave vase into the soil on the grave. Check that it is securely in place. Add water, if necessary, to keep the floral foam wet.

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Making Grave Site Floral Arrangements

Question: Making a Gravesite Floral Spray?

How do I make a gravesite floral spray using Styrofoam as the base?

By Theresa T


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Here is a nice tutorial:

There are a variety of the foam shapes depending on the planter size and shape.

Before you get started, be sure that the cemetery permits use of styrofoam floral arrangements. Our families' resting place does not permit these. No fake or real flowers with any foam fillers.

You can only plant real flowers in the ground.

In a cemetery that does allow displays with filler, my one friend uses plastic flowers withbthe foam bases, but they are hard to find. They hold up the best in weather. The fabric flowers rot after a few months, especially during spring and winter.

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I would use a knitting needle to make the holes. Make sure you have greenery and flowers, and put everything in a pretty vase or basket.

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How to make a simple Artificial Floral Cemetery Birthday Arrangement for *only* $10.00

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Flowers make grave how to

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How To Do A Funeral Flower Arrangement

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