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I have an answer for you. I just installed the master window switch and had the same issue. As you probably noticed, there’s not much infor on the web about it. So I did some trouble shooting. If you still have your OLD master switch, you’re going to be fine. If not, this will be no help. You’ll see in the picture the circled part of the back of the master switch. From what I gather, this is the key fob receiver or controller. There’s one screw in the circular hole. Take it out and that piece will pop out. Switch it out with the one on your new master switch. There’s a possibility you may need to program itI so here’s those instructions: Note: Entering the programming mode cancels all learned keyless remotes, so none of the previously programmed remotes will work. You must reprogram all of the keyless remotes once you are in the programming mode. You must complete each step within 5 seconds of the previous step to keep the system from exiting the programming mode. 1. Turn ignition switch to ON (II) 2. Press the LOCK or UNOCK button on one of the remotes. (An unprogrammed remote can be used for this step.) 3. Turn ignition switch to LOCK (0) 4. Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 two more times using the same keyless remote used in step 2 5. Turn the ignition switch to ON (II) 6. Press the LOCK or UNLOCK button the same remote. Make sure the power door locks cycle to confirm you are in programming mode. 7. Press the LOCK or UNLOCK button on each remote you want to program. Make sure door locks cycle after you push each remote button to confirm system has accepted the remote. 8. Turn the igniton switch to LOCK (0) to exit programming mode. 9. Test remote(s) I hope this helps!

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A Key fob is a small electronic device that provides you with the liberty to open or even start your car from a distance.

But, even with a new battery, your key fob can stop working one time or another. So, why isn’t a Honda key fob working after battery replacement?

Is a battery replacement enough for all key fobs?

Not really, since in a few cases, their electronic system gets reset during the switching process. If this happens, the key fob needs to be reprogrammed to pair with your car again.

A battery replacement is an easy enough thing to do at home, but the battery that you purchase should be a genuine part. Also, make sure that you take all the precautions when changing it.

Finally, if it doesn’t work, reprogram it, which can be done for specific models, though this is not always the reason.

It may even be due to a damaged circuit, improper installation, damaged key fob, etc.

Here’s the top 3 recommended below:

6 Reasons Why My Honda Key Fob May Not Work

Honda is a well-known brand, mostly known for their top of the line SUVs and sedans.

Honda has included the remote start in most models in though all their cars come with a keyfob. They are one of the most reliable in the market and has a range of about ft.

With all the above features, it can be genuinely frustrating when the key fob doesn’t work. While you can blame the battery, for the most part, it is not always the case.

Sometimes your key fob may not work even when you change the battery. In this case, you might want to look at the other factors.

1. Key Fob May Have Been Reset

For the key fob to work, it should be paired securely with the car. The transmitter in the key fob connects with the receiver unit in the vehicle.

This dependency prevents others from unlocking yours, even one from the make and model. The additional level of protection makes your car safe and secure.

But, this comes with a drawback; the connections may get reset when you change your battery or replace your key fob, after which it would not be able to recognize your car.

You will have to reprogram your key fob to pair with the vehicle and regain its remote functionality. Until you program it again, you may not be able to start the car.

Answering another question, I often get asked, Is your Honda key fob red light not working?

Again, you might have to reprogram your key fob. While this issue occurs with original key fobs, it is rampant among the aftermarket key fobs. Second-hand car owners also report the same.

Key fob programming is relatively easy. You can do it yourself for older model cars, but when it comes to newer models, they need special equipment and software.

For this reason, you may have to consult a locksmith or a Honda dealership. While the former is inexpensive, the latter might cost you a bit.

2. Broken Key Fob

A broken key fob may also be the reason why it is not working. If you attempted to change the batteries yourself, the chances are you may have inadvertently damaged the circuit or the keys.

It includes the battery terminals, the external cover, buttons, etc.

Sometimes it is the unlock button that is the issue. In this case, try opening the trunk or panic button. If they work, then your unlock button may be broken, and you might have to get a new key fob.

Suppose none of your controls work, then the key fob itself is defective.

Is your Honda CRV key fob not working after battery replacement? The chances are that you may have damaged the circuit.

It would be best if you handled the remote gently and with the utmost care. Do not touch the circuitry with bare hands; for better protection, wear a glove for protection.

You have no idea how easy it is to break the case.

Follow the recommendations in the owner’s manual. Any deviations and you run the risk of damaging the case, connections, or even the circuitry.

3. Damaged Transmitter

The key fob abides by the basic communication principle, where two components send and receive signals.

In our case, it is the transmitter in the remote and receiver in the car. The pairing works only with each other by exchanging signals.

This interaction between them locks and unlocks the door, starts the vehicle, etc. If any damage occurs to one of the two, the key fob will not work since the communication channel breaks.

Loose connections and other internal damage can also affect the transmitter. The same happens if something happens to the receiver.

In this case, you might not want to touch the key fob. Get it repaired at the locksmith’s or mechanic or even the dealership if you are ready to pump in the money.

4. Wrong Installation

You may want to check if you have installed the battery the right way.

The owner’s manual should have all the details on battery replacement. Did you check the orientation of the battery before installation?

While the positive side of the battery is usually marked, the negative side is not. Customarily, the positive side faces down, but this may vary.

5. Wrong Battery Type

Like I mentioned earlier, consult with your manual before changing your battery.

It gives you details on how to change the battery; it also gives you the type of battery you need to purchase.

The wrong one can mess up your key fob rendering it inactive due to the incorrect voltage.

Also, never attempt to push in the battery to fit it in; it can damage the terminals.

6. Broken Contacts

Key fobs are used almost daily, and as such, they have to face severe abuse.

This manhandling leads to broken connections, damaged circuit boards, and even the buttons. Open the key fobs carefully and check the controls and their contacts.

If anything is missing, you can try soldering the missing or loose connections.

Do not attempt unless you have some working knowledge of boards. Assuming that nothing is out of order, check the buttons themselves. Sometimes they pop out of place and need to be pushed back in.

How To Reprogram Your Honda Key Fob

Do I have to reprogram my key fob after battery replacement? Not always and very rarely in the case of a genuine key fob. But with aftermarket parts, it is a gamble.

But fortunately, you can reprogram most of the Honda key fobs yourself. The bad news is that the latest model cars need special software and equipment to reprogram the remote.

Here is everything I know about how to program key fobs.

  1. Gather all Honda key fobs for your car. Even though you are programming one, the vehicle will forget the rest.
  2. Get in your car; lock all the doors and windows.
  3. Turn the key to the ON position but not to ignition.
  4. Within 5 seconds, press the lock button on your key fob for just a second.
  5. Move the key to the OFF position.
  6. Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 two more times within 5 seconds of each other.
  7. On the fourth and final attempt, repeat steps 3 and 4 but not 5. You should hear a sound similar to the door locking, which indicates that you have reprogrammed the key fob.
  8. For the additional remote, press the lock button once, and you have about five seconds.
  9. Turn off the car and test all your remotes.
  10. You have successfully reprogrammed all your remotes.

You can also follow this video:

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How Much Does A Honda Key Fob Replacement Cost?

A new Honda key fob should cost around $ and may go up to $

It may vary depending on the make, model, and year of the car. However, an aftermarket key costs lesser. If you are looking for a case, it should only about $

How Do I Unlock My Car With A Honda Key Fob That Is Not Working?

If you have a spare, you can use it. Else, release the catch to the emergency door and get the hidden key out of the Honda key fob.

Even though the car is keyless with a remote start, there should be a hidden emergency key slot in the door handle close to the door’s edging. Pry the trim off and use the key on the secret space.

How Long Does The Honda Key Fob Battery Last?

The Honda key fob battery can last three to four years, depending on the usage and how gentle you handle it. With rough use, it might not survive the recommended time.


A battery replacement in a car is an easy enough job for an ordinary person. Still, the issue is that sometimes the key fob can get reset, especially with an aftermarket key fob.

In this case, you might have to reprogram the Honda key fob, which you can do yourself for older models but not with newer ones.

While the above mentioned may be the most popular reason, it is just not that. There may be more reasons for which you may have to contact a dealership or a locksmith.

However, if you have the know-how on a key fob, you can attempt opening the fob again for repairs.

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Keyless entry is the trend in modern cars and vehicles nowadays. It gives us convenience and comfort in entering the vehicle without the hassle of using the car keys. It is instrumental and helpful in situations where you get difficulty in using the car keys when both of your hands are full or during a rainy day.

Entering the car using the remote keyless entry is advantageous. However, many issues go with it as well, like when the essential fob battery has already failed.

Why isn’t a Honda key fob working after battery replacement? When your key fob is still not working despite a battery replacement, the problem could lie on the type of battery you installed. You must realize that there are a lot of fake cells in the market today.

Not being able to acquire a real crucial genuine fob battery will naturally not work. The problem lies with the essential fob replacement battery itself. You may also have the key fob checked as well. The mechanism of the key fob must have changed and needs to be reset.

Inevitably, using a keyless entry brings a lot of convenience and comfort on the part of the car owners. However, you must also give due time and importance in maintaining the Key fob battery to avoid battery failure.

How Do I Reset the Remote Of Honda Pilot?

Honda Pilot is one of the world’s top names in the line of SUVs. One of the best features of the Honda Pilot is the keyless entry remote system. It can be controlled from feet far. Its features include car starting, opening of the trunk, unlock and lock of the doors. You can reset your Pilot by the following steps.

Step 1: Open the car through the driver’s side, you have to close the doors and the trunk behind, leave all entries unlocked. Hold on to your keyless remote and the ignition key.
Step 2: Insert the ignition key and turn it to the “On” position.
Step 3: Press the lock and unlock button on your remote and turn off the ignition key.
Step 4: Repeat these steps #1 and #3 twice while turning on the car. Press the button and turn off the car. This process should be done thrice.
Step 5: Turn on the ignition key and press the lock and unlock button. It will already start the programming system.
Step 6: Press your remote’s lock button to reset the transmitter. Wait for the locks to reply by cycling each of the remotes. Turn off the ignition key and remove it from the key slot; it will end the programming system. You are all set for your remotes.

Is Reprogramming Needed After Battery Replacement Of Key Fob?

Some key fobs don’t need reprogramming after replacing the battery. But, for Honda keyless entries, the reprogramming process can be considered pattern sensitive.

You should be able to follow the necessary steps needed in completing the sequence of programming or you may not be successful in reprogramming your key fobs.

For some models, it requires expert help to get the reprogramming done. Therefore, you have to bring your key fob to the nearest Honda dealers.

What are the Symptoms Of a Weak Key Fob?

Prevention is better than cure. This saying holds true to a Key fob battery. There are sure signs that your key fob battery is already failing. Do not wait until it is no longer working.

Here are some of the tell-tale signs that your key fob battery needs replacement.

1. Lessened Signal Strength

Modern cars key fob can send its signal to the vehicle for up to 50 feet. Honda cars can even surpass that to feet. When your battery is slowly wearing out, the signal strength and the range of frequency lessens. You will notice that your remote finds difficulty in locking and unlocking the car; it is a time to replace your battery.

2. Multiple Clicks to Lock and Unlock the Doors

A Key Fob with a good working battery will lock and unlock the doors with just one click. But when you start taking more effort to lock and unlock your doors, then it is a sure sign that your battery is depleted and needs immediate replacement.

3. Inconsistency in Key Fob Function

If your Key Fob is functioning well, it will quickly activate once a button is pressed. Newer keys may also trigger the ignition of the car. If your key fob is also used for ignition, it is usually inserted in the dashboard slot and then press the start button. When this kind of function is not working consistently, then it is time for a battery replacement.

You must be able to find a quality battery for a replacement to make it work effectively again. To make sure that you get the right battery, remove the old battery from the Key fob. You can double-check this with the specification in the car manual.

I wrote the article on how to change a Honda car key battery. Check that out!

How Long Does a Key Fob Battery Last?

Key fob batteries usually last between 3 to 4 years before you need to replace it. A key fob with a lousy battery may lead to a lot of stress and frustration. In most cases, you will find it impossible to enter your vehicle without the Key fob.

When it is already time for replacement, make sure that you get the same battery type and voltage as the one you removed. Incorrectly placed batteries will not make your Key fob work.

If the Key Fob is Not Working, What Can You Do to Enter Your Car?

All modern cars, including Honda, comes with a mechanical key. This mechanical key enables you to unlock the door on the driver’s side. After opening the car, you must hold the key after the Start up button and depress it.

It will most likely make your engine work and start. If the engine still not start and you even cannot open the door locks, the problem could be the car battery and not the Key fob battery.

When you wonder why isn’t a Honda Key Fob working after a battery changed, think again. You must have used a wrong battery or a fake one. Ensure that you have installed the battery correctly to make it work.

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Honda Door Key not working hack/fix simple and easy

Honda: Why is My Key Fob Not Working?

The key fob remote offers luxury to your Honda, and it requires general maintenance. Learn how you can keep your key fob working from the comfort of your home.

By Charlie Gaston - March 10,

This article applies to the Honda Civic (), and Accord ().

Are the buttons on the key fob no longer working? A non-functional key fob can usually be repaired with minor hassle, and won't require a costly replacement. In most cases, you can fix a faulty key fob without needing to take a trip to your local Honda dealer.

Materials Needed

  • Replacement battery
  • Phillips screwdriver

Step 1 – Check the signal

The signal may not be strong enough for the car to respond.

  • Press the unlock or alarm button on the key fob to determine if the device is sending a strong signal to the car.
  • Because proximity matters, move closer to the car to determine if any signal strength is being produced by the key fob.
  • Replace the battery if the signal isn't detected.
  • Remove the back of the key fob using a Phillips screwdriver. Replace the battery as directed by the manufacturer. Check that the positive side is facing up before snapping the back of the key fob back into place.
  • Check the signal. If it is working, the door will lock, unlock, or sound the alarm as directed.

Step 2 – Enter programming mode to reset key fob

If the key fob was disrupted by an electronic emitter, the manufacturer's programming codes will no longer work, and the key fob will need to be reset.

  • Turn the ignition switch to the "ON" position.
  • Press the valet's disarm button, which is located between the stereo and CD control buttons on the instrument panel.
  • Continue to hold the disarm button, and check that the power doors cycle. Hold until the last step is carried out.
  • Press the "lock" and "unlock" buttons as the power doors cycle, and the transmitter accepts the codes.

Pro Tip

Even if a key fob was previously programmed and functioning properly, additional maintenance may be needed.

Step 3 – Purchase a replacement

The old key fob might be broken. On the other side of the key fob's thin external plastic shell is a sensitive interior circuit board, which could become damaged when pressed under the weight of a heavy object like a book. If the circuit board is damaged, it would need to be replaced by a local Honda dealer. Water damage could also cause the circuit board to stop transmitting a signal.

Pro Tip

Expect to pay approximately $75 or more for a replacement key fob. If a replacement set is not available in stock at the dealership, the dealer would need to order one.

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