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[Top 10] Best Sims 4 Graphics Mods We Love!

Just look at the stark contrast that can be achieved through mods to truly enhance your gaming experience.

For five years we’ve been playing the Sims 4 and for five years, they’ve looked the same. Sure, their cartoony glory is great for the young ones, but what about for storytellers? Are you looking for a more realistic world you can plop your Maxis Match or Alpha styled Sims into? Look no farther and take a peek at these stunning graphics mods.

About Face by Pyxis

Go from flat-faced and lifeless to defined and alive! These facial details will help capture even the smallest features on your Sims.

This mod adds on an extra layer of customizability to your Sims. Available in the Tattoos, Skin Details, and Face Paint categories, dapple your Sims with highlights and shadows. Sculpt their faces to perfection and capture that little piece of them.

  • The pull-to-sculpt feature in Create-A-Sim is great and everything, but still lacks the depth found within this mod.
  • Finally, capture that small hint of shadow beneath your Sim’s brow bone or define and enhance their cheekbones with highlights.
  • Create more varied and unique Sims to keep your world breathing and ever-changing!

Find the mod here: About Face by Pyxis

9. ReShade by crosire

ReShade opens up endless possibilities for your game. Control the depth of colors, vibrancy, and contrast all with a few clicks of your mouse.

ReShade is a post-processing injector designed for video games and videos alike. This mod allows you to add new depth to your Sims game through things like color saturation, hue adjustment, and depth of field. Breathe life into your Sims world with vibrant colors, creepy fog, and glimmering waters.

  • Allows you to set custom shaders for your game, bringing new life and brighter colors.
  • Give your world that icy, cool breath of winter or the sun-kissed glow of summer through presets or dabbling with the settings yourself.
  • The more advanced modder can even add fog and dust effects with this mod.

Find the mod here: ReShade by corsire

*Make sure to carefully follow the download instructions to ensure an easy setup and make sure to grab a preset!

8. Vibrance Reshade by MissLollypopSims

A perfect recolor for your next romantic getaway to Sulani. Have fun in the sun and bask in each other's glow.

One of the many custom, preset reshades that you have to choose from. This one enhances those bright and sunny afternoons along with the picturesque beach sunset.

  • Add the sun’s kiss to your whole game and bring summer with your Sims everywhere they go.
  • Skip the learning curve of ReShade with this well-balanced and warm preset.
  • Give your Sims the bright, sunny days you know they deserve!

Find the mod here: Vibrance Reshade by MissLollypopSims

7. K Mod by K-Hippie

In the blink of an eye, the world around you takes a breath and comes alive with fancy foliage and bushes.

Give the outdoors a little TLC with this texture mod. Bring some life back into those flat, boring bushes and plastic trees. Let your Sims stop and smell the roses and have a better picture to share for it!

  • Plastic is bad for the environment! Get rid of it, with new lush trees that you feel like you can climb.
  • Shrubs and bushes appear fuller and more realistic, from fronds to the number of blooms, this mod only improves.
  • Let your Sims enjoy the outdoors, finally! That Hermit sure knew what they were talking about!

Find the mod here: K Mod by K-Hippie

6. K Mod by K-Hippie

Continue the renovations by adding perfectly realistic foundations and roofs that will make your Sims squeal with glee.

Why stop with the terrain when enhancing your world? The houses should match this new world we’re slowly falling into. This mod replaces roofs and foundations to bring your builds stunning detail from top to bottom.

  • Our worlds are only as strong as their base foundation, making these replacements the perfect first step to beautifying your world.
  • Work from the ground up here and give your Sims the beautiful house you’ve…*cough cough*..they’ve wanted.
  • Top it all off with a roof that gets rid of that clay-ified look but doesn’t throw your Sims into the real world.

Find the mod here: K Mod by K-Hippie

5. K Mod by K-Hippie

Prepare to see the Sims like never before with these brand new textures to bring realism to the tiniest of things, even rocks!

Are you sick of flat, lifeless grass and rocks that look like lumps of ill-formed clay? This mod has all you need when it comes to terrain features. Updated through EcoLifestyle, you can get your higher quality fix of rocks, sands, and grasses!

  • Environs were so bland before! Flat and practically lifeless, this mod breathes new life into every world.
  • From the creepiest dark corner of Forgotten Hollow to the destroyed walkways of the Realm of Magic, find magnificent detail in every pixel.
  • Your rocks will be sharp and hard, your grass soft and inviting to the feet, and the dirtwell, dirty!

Find the mod here: K Mod by K-Hippie

4. Love Shade Vogue by HazelMine

The perfect recolor preset for designing your own Indie film, filled with romance and adventure.

This preset is to be used alongside ReShade to doll up your Sims game all nice and pretty. This one adds a cinematic effect to your game, enhancing the drama in all of life’s wild moments.

  • Skip the tedious trial-and-error process of creating your own preset.
  • Add a little drama to your lens as you shape your Sims’ lives and see how they play out.
  • Brighten up colors and enhance contrast without blinding yourself with a terrible white balance with this well-crafted preset.

Find the mod here: Love Shade Vogue by HazelMine

3. No EA Eyelashes~ by Cień Z Różą

The removal of EA's lashes make it easier to see your CC lashes much more clearly.

Working so hard to make your Sims flawless can be disappointing when you get everything just right, just to have it marred by EA’s terrible chunky eyelashes. No longer! This mod removes EA’s permanent-marker eyelashes and leaves a space behind for all those custom lashes, perfect for butterfly kisses.

  • Get rid of EA’s eyelashes and see what you want to see. What you downloaded to see!
  • Bat those long eyelashes at a lover, without them worrying about some new blackened form of pink eye.
  • You also have the option to leave them without CC lashes and just leave them looking a little surprised.

Find the mod here: No EA Eyelashes~ by Cień Z Różą

2. Cube Map Replacement for CAS by Alf-Si

Bring life to your Sims and see the way the starlight reflects in their eyes.

Give your Sims a little extra glitter in their eyes. Catch that glint of mischief in your friend’s eyes as they suggest a Crazy Scheme.

  • Replaces the original, bland EA eye shines, for some with some more depth to them.
  • Bring the realism to the smallest of scales and get your Sims to fit right into the beautiful world you hunted for CC to create.
  • Add a little glimmer of hope, a glint of surprise, or glassiness of teary eyes.

Find the mod here: Cube Map Replacement for CAS by Alf-Si

1. K Mod by K-Hippie

A brand new collection of hi-def flooring to remodel your house just as you always imagined.

Why not enhance your builds with a bit more of a realistic flair? Here is a collection of gorgeous replacement floors that will fit beautifully in any world, regardless of CC.

  • Your Sims will surely know a life of luxury once they’ve walked these halls themselves!
  • Find new, well-finished hardwood floors and masonry that look like bricks that were actually lain.
  • Continue the Home Makeover: Sims Edition with these replacements to go along with your new roof and foundation.

Find the mod here: K Mod by K-Hippie

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If you are active in The Sims community either on Twitter or Discord over the last few days, you may have seen a lot of people talking about a graphics overhaul for The Sims 4 by Simp4Sims. Intrigued about this myself, I took a look.

Many people were saying that not only were their game&#;s graphics looking clearer and more vibrant, but their game was also running a lot smoother than it had before.

It&#;s important to note that this is not a mod, and it is not ReShade, but it is a more in depth GraphicsRule.SGR file which Mac and Windows users can add to their game. A number of players who also use ReShade have stated that this works well alongside it, and have also noticed improvements with both in game.

Watching the trailer above, you can see the difference between the default The Sims 4 graphics and how they look with the overhaul. The best part is, it&#;s incredibly easy to do this graphics overhaul, too! It&#;s just as easy as adding mods or custom content to your game. Full installation details can be found in the Patreon post.

I tried this in my own game to see what it was like, and I was shocked to see not only how much visually my game had improved, but the lag that I experienced had decreased and overall the game was running much smoother. It&#;s one thing seeing something presented in a video, but seeing it for yourself on your own set up is something different!

This first image is from my game and is the default The Sims 4 game settings. It was taken at around 8am in-game time.

The second image is of the same location, same time, but with the graphics overhaul now in game.

The vast difference between the two is incredible and my general gameplay experience is so much better now with it in game!

It&#;s very simple to install this Mod. Simply drop the GraphicsRules.sgr file into the save game folder for The Sims 4 in your Documents. The exact directory is Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Config Override folder.

You can download the Mod down below! The download link is located at the bottom of the Patreon page.


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  2. Good morning blessings images
  3. Deviantart serial man
  4. 3 tier wall shelving unit

HQ textures in The Sims 4

Full. Separate images: 1, 2 

Old version (eng) | New version (eng) | &#;&#;&#;&#;&#;&#; &#;&#;&#;&#;&#;&#; (&#;&#;&#;) | &#;&#;&#;&#;&#; &#;&#;&#;&#;&#;&#; (&#;&#;&#;)

This instruction is only for sims. You can use HQ textures for objects without any additional changes to game files  UPD: not actual (7).

Tested with Windows 7. 

Use this at your own risk.

1. General

At the moment, only way to use high-resolution textures ( x ) without loss of quality - use them without non-HQ.
About game engine. If you will use edited GraphicsRules.sgr (see below) with non-HQ textures (see below) together, they won’t work correct (see below).

It is actual and for CC, and for standard content. You need to replace all unsuitable textures. Load on the graphics card and size of Mods folder will increase.

2. Installation

Game Options

Sims must be Very High.

Enable Custom Content and Mods.


 Find GraphicsRules.sgr:

<path to game folder>\Game\Bin\GraphicsRules.sgr (bit game version)

(for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\The Sims 4\Game\Bin \GraphicsRules.sgr).


<path to game folder>\Game\Bin_LE\GraphicsRules.sgr (bit game version)

(for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\The Sims 4\Game\Bin_LE\GraphicsRules.sgr).

 Make a backup.

Open original file with Notepad.

 Find option SimQuality. You need one that is under setting $VeryHigh. Find these:

       prop $ConfigGroup RenderSimTextureSizes “, , , ”
       prop $ConfigGroup CASSimTextureSize

RenderSimTextureSizes - for game, CASSimTextureSize - for CAS.

 Change first number to for RenderSimTextureSizes, number to for CASSimTextureSizeLike this:

 Save the file.

Replacement of textures from the basegame and expansion packs

You should replace textures from the basegame. If you want, you can replace textures from the expansion packs too.

Downloadgoogle drive

  • BaseGameTexturesForHQ - textures for the base game;
  • FP01TexturesForHQ - textures for FP01 Holiday Celebration;
  • EP01TexturesForHQ - textures for EP01 Get To Work;
  • EP02TexturesForHQ - textures for EP02 Get Together;
  • EP03TexturesForHQ - textures for EP03 City Living;
  • EP04TexturesForHQ - textures for EP04 Cats and Dogs*;
  • EP06TexturesForHQ - textures for EP06 Get Famous;
  • GP01TexturesForHQ - textures for GP01 Outdoor Retreat;
  • GP02TexturesForHQ - textures for GP02 Spa Day;
  • GP03TexturesForHQ - textures for GP03 Dine Out;
  • GP04TexturesForHQ - textures for GP04 Vampires;
  • GP05TexturesForHQ - textures for GP05 Parenthood;
  • SP01TexturesForHQ - textures for SP01 Luxury Party Stuff;
  • SP02TexturesForHQ - textures for SP02 Perfect Patio;
  • SP03TexturesForHQ - textures for SP03 Cool Kitchen;
  • SP04TexturesForHQ - textures for SP04 Spooky Stuff;
  • SP05TexturesForHQ - textures for SP05 Movie Hangout Stuff;
  • SP06TexturesForHQ - textures for SP06 Romantic Garden;
  • SP07TexturesForHQ - textures for SP07 Kids’ Room;
  • SP08TexturesForHQ - textures for SP08 Backyard Stuff;
  • SP09TexturesForHQ - textures for SP09 Vintage Glamour Stuff;
  • SP10TexturesForHQ - textures for SP Bowling Night Stuff;

The other by simovee:

Note 1: replacement of standard textures do not entail quality improvements because they are just resized. It is basis for CC.

Note 2: the files for earlier versions will be deleted at once.

Note 3: you can reupload files and share.

Note 4: *works with CAP coat templates/color, doesn’t work with CAP Paint Mode.

Download necessary files and move them into Mods folder. If you want to use another eyes default replacement, delete file EyeColorD (for basegame), EP01EyesD (for “Get to work”), EP04PetsEyesCats, EP04PetsEyesDogs (for “Cats and dogs”. Probably, you need to delete EyeColorS, EP01EyesS, EP04PetsEyesCatsS, EP04PetsEyesDogsS (these are specular maps).

 If Mods folder isn’t empty or you want to use default replacements, I recommend check your folder with Mod Conflict Detector.

3. Correct size of textures

  • rle2/lrle (diffuse, shadow maps) - &#; ;
  • rles (specular map) - &#;  and for map, and for mask;  
  • normal (bump) map - not important.

4. Possible problems and their solutions

If sim (or part of it) get black textures (example), it means there is incorrect shadow (sometimes - diffuse) map. If you want to find it, you need to change all wearable things by sim to standard stuff from basegame - skin/clothes/tattoos/hair/makeup/etc.

If all reflections (eyes/clothes/lipstick/etc) disappear, it means there is incorrect specular map. If you want to find it, you need to change all wearable things by sim to standard stuff from basegame - skin/clothes/tattoos/hair/makeup/etc.

If sim look like this, it means there is incorrect diffuse map. If you want to find it, you need to change all wearable things by sim to standard stuff from basegame - skin/clothes/tattoos/hair/makeup/etc.

If it isn’t help:

  • check Mods folder with Mod Conflict Detector; 
  • move to another place all CC from the Mods folder, except files from these archives and try to replace things on the Sim again.

If it still doesn’t work, you can try this method:

  • move all CC from Mods folder in another place, besides Resource file;
  • download files for the basegame, move into Mods folder;
  • change GraphicRules file;
  • run the game and check standard sims (not yours!), those who are allowed in gallery without online and you can add them in CAS;
  • if they are Ok and if you want, change default eyes, add files for EPs, CC, etc;
  • if no, check package files (only these packages and Resource.cfg must be at Mods folder): 

If HQ look like non-HQ after game update, check Game Options and GraphicsRules.sgr.

5. How to make CC compatible with HQ

You need to resize textures. You can do it automatically: use HQ Texture Converter by CmarNYC. Otherwise you can do it manually:

  1. Open package and extract rle2/rles files.
  2. Here you can find tutorial about Batch Export/Import textures in Sims 4 Studio and Batch/Image Size options in Photoshop CS6. 
  3. If you get rle2image/rlesimage, rename them (rle2image/rlesimage to png) or use converter.
  4. If S4S close when you use Batch Export/Import Sims 4 Studio, you need to reduce number of exported/imported images. You can also use dds for import.

6. How to make EP/GP/SP compatible with HQ

This is similar to CC. You need convert rle2/rles from packages:

<path to game folder>\<number>\ClientFullBuild0.package

<path to game folder>\Delta\<number>\ClientDeltaBuild0.package

First - files after installation, second - after game patches. Use conflicts checking - something can be in basegame files already.

7. HQ textures in Sims 4 Studio

You need to change the default skintones to x

8. HQ & objects



The content lying below can do wonders for your game. The underlying Sims 4 graphics mod has excellent textures and custom contents. Tune in to the article now to get the best results.

Sims 4 Graphics Mod

It’s been six years for the Sims 4 to be out, and gamers are still interested in playing it as before. The only thing that the base game lacks is updating and modifications with textures and expansion packs. But earnest gratitude is poured right out to the modders who are always working hard for updating the surfaces.

The consistency would have never been possible if it’s not for these content creators, who frequently poke us with their new expansion packs or graphic related modifications. We know how modding is the sheer appalling task to perform, and we have some of the best visual-oriented mods below to enhance the functionality of the game. 

The Sims 4 graphics mod has distinctive features and modifications that can make your game more aesthetically pleasing and exciting. Tune in to the article below for the Sims 4 graphics overhaul. Download the underlying graphics mod and make sure you use them right. 

Sims 4 Graphics Mod, Texture Mod, Better Graphics (Download)

Sims 4 Graphics Mods and Know-How’s

Now, let us begin with the introductions of the Sims 4 graphics mods that might interest you for the betterment of the game aesthetics. They are as follows: 


This modification is preferably downloaded for the chromatic corrections, lighting, and many other visual alteration options. These adjustments can be attained by fiddling with the program’s settings, but that takes a lot of effort and time. So, rather than adhering to the trial and error method, many installs presets. Hence, this reshade mod is one of them.

Click Here For Reshade Mod

Pixelore’s Drama ReShade

This reshade preset is the most commonly used module as it gives you cinematic lighting and features to your game. Also, the camera settings get improved as if it’s shot with a real one. It makes your skin brighter and makes your facial expressions more visible. This preset is ideal for screenshots and storytelling. Also, it works for both day and night. 

Click Here For Pixelore’s Drama

Honey Bodies Nostalgia Re-Shade

This is another color-correcting preset, which gives you a very nostalgic and melancholic vibe. Like the pictures you used to take with the disposable cameras, which are now stored in the drawer or at the bedside. Honey bodies create it. 

Click Here For Honey Bodies

Money and Milk ReShade

This graphic setting would surely get more downloads as it gives you a picture-perfect effect. It blurs the far-away backgrounds and adds a more homely cozy vibe to the game. It can help your player have better photographs to post. If sure, your character could upload them on social media, and they will receive a lot of comments and likes.

Click Here For Money & Milk

Sims 4 Texture Mod and Descriptions

The following gives you more Sims 4 texture mods and gameplay based modifications. Also, it gives you reports about it. They are:

Clear Bloom

This modification straightly indulges in gameplay textures rather than screenshot storytelling. It enhances the compositions of the gameplay by giving it a slight facelift. It also makes your game brighter, which is far better than the vanilla game could provide you. Moreover, it is easier to use and understand, unlike the other mods. 

Click Here For Clear Bloom

Stealthic’s Hair Mods

Hair is such an essential thing to be precise. It’s not just for us but for our characters too. This modification brings you more extra hair swatches with super detailing textures in CAS that make you look more stylish and trendy. Also, they include many hairstyles that set trends on social media. However, this mod can give your hair goals, unlike the vanilla game.

Click Here For Stealthic’s Hair

Hair Physics Simulation

They say, make every hair flip count. But how will your character sway their hair? This mod will help you achieve that sway and flips. It gives your player’s hair the right mobility they require and hence provides them with a great hairstyle.

Click Here For Hair Physics

Encore Eyes

Eyes can be captivating, and they are one of the most attractive things in a human. The characters can have the new encore eye textures despite those cartoony ones. They can make them look intense and beautiful. This module will give your character’s eye a fuller effect with extra swatches in your CAS. Make them yours now.

Click Here For Encore Eyes

Sims 4 Better Graphics mod and face Enhancements

Last but not least, we have Sims 4 better graphics mod, which suggests you with some of the best ones to add up the facial enhancements. These face improving custom contents that enhance the beauty of the Sims. They are as follows: 

Kijiko’s 3D lashes

As earlier, we talked about the eyes and how they can make the show, but what’s the use if you don’t change the cartoony eyelashes. This module can act as a better add on that adds beauty and realism to the face. These eyelashes are more realistic and replace those cartoony ones. They can make your Sims look better and can enhance the facial expressions. 

Click Here For 3d Eyelashes

PralineSims’ Eyebrows and Makeup

If all of us are talking about beautiful facial elements, why not speak about eyebrows and makeup. This mod can bring the glow to your player’s face with 3D eyebrows and makeup. After all, we all want our faces to look brighter and amazing. Bring out the fashionista in you and download this module now. 

Click Here For Eyebrows and Makeup

Luumia’s Vanilla skin

You will witness many skin developing mods on the internet, but none like this before. This mod can change the skin graphics that can feel realistic with the touch of clay-like vanilla game tones. This feature doesn’t make the character feel out of place and have the best skin types. 

Click Here For Luumia’s Vanilla

HQ Mod

Who all want HD features installed on your players’ faces? This module can make that happen. It gives your characters a 4K texture that makes them look lively and pleasing. It will be HQ compatible and have a few more graphical changes. Have these 4K textures and bring on the live features. 

Click Here For HQ Mod

These were some of the enhanced Sims 4 graphic mods that look best on your players. Subscribe to these suggested modules and have great textures on your Sims gameplay. Another area where this module might work is the clothing mods. Download them now!


Hd sims mod 4

12 Best Graphics Mods For Sims 4 (All Free)

Despite enjoying great popularity and still getting new content packs, The Sims 4 has been out for almost six years now.

And the graphics have begun to show their age despite the game’s cartoonish style slowing the process(and everyone waiting for Sims 5 details).

Luckily, Sims lovers in the fandom have always been a fertile breeding ground for passionate modders. They stay hard at work improving the game’s functionality, and more importantly, its looks.

This is generally achieved with a combination of tweaked graphic effects and updated textures in the form of custom content, either hyper-realistic or following the game’s original clay-like art style.

The sheer amount of variety can make modding appear to be a daunting task, so I’ve put together this list ranking all the best graphic-enhancing mods that can make your game more aesthetically pleasing.

But I’ve also dropped in a few options for the hardcore mod-enthusiasts out there too. Enjoy!


ReShade mod for Sims4

Check Out This Mod

ReShade isn’t exactly a mod, but a graphics injector that works on many games.

It lets you tweak several effects like chromatic aberration, lighting, and a whole other slew of visual options.

While playing around with the program’s settings will eventually give you the perfect look for you, this can be a very time consuming trial-and-error process.

So most people prefer downloading presets uploaded by other users.

This is hardly the least important tool on this list, but it’s necessary to understand before we take a look at some of the best presets available online.


Pixelore’s Drama ReShade

Pixelore’s Drama ReShade Sims4

Check Out This Mod

One of the most well-known presets used by Sims 4 players is Pixelore’s Drama ReShade, which lends your game a very cinematic feel reminiscent of something released in the mids.

Light sources look much brighter, as if your game was being shot from an actual camera.

This same effect also highlights your Sims’ facial features thanks to the light being reflected off their skin.

This preset is ideal for storytelling screenshots too. And it comes in both day and night versions for an easier setup.


Honeybodies Nostalgia ReShade

Honeybodies Nostalgia Sims4

Check Out This Mod

Another very popular ReShade preset is this melancholic, nostalgia-inducing one by creator Honeybodies.

It gives your game the look of old pictures, the kind you took with a disposable Kodak camera back in the ‘90s and have lost some color over time.

Your Sim probably has a picture that looks like this stored somewhere deep within a drawer in their bedroom.

It’s ideal for storytelling screenshots and just making your game look very, very dramatic. The sepia filter is optional.


9. Money and Milk ReShade

Money and Milk ReShade Sims4

Check Out This Mod

If rather than nostalgia you’d rather add a warm, homely feeling to your game, then the Money and Milk ReShade by Midpoosimmer is your best bet.

This makes heavy use of focus effects, blurring far-away backgrounds, and giving your game a decidedly photographic look.

Which is amazing for photoshoots depicting your Sims having wholesome fun with family and friends. Or something more depraved, up to you.

If your Sims could post this to social media, it’s safe to say they’d get a lot of likes.


8. Clear Bloom ReShade

Clear Bloom ReShade Sims4

Check Out This Mod

The most versatile preset I could find that’s fit for gameplay rather than screenshots is Clear Bloom by creator Amoebae.

This ReShade will make your game look bright and colorful in a way the vanilla game just can’t achieve.

It’s also relatively discreet, so it’s perfect if you just want to give your game a slight facelift.

It’s also one of the easier presets to understand &#; edit, if you don’t mind opening ReShade from time to time so you can tweak it.

This will let you have a custom look to suit your tastes without having to dive so deep into the program.


7. Stealthic’s Hair Mods

Stealthic’s Hair Mods Sims4

Check Out This Mod

Among a Sim’s customizable characteristics, their hair is one of the most influential in their overall look.

We’ve covered a huge list of hair mods for Sims 4, but this one definitely deserves a mention as a graphics enhancer too.

Proficient creator Stealthic offers a wide array of extra hair swatches to use in CAS with a much more stylish and realistic look than vanilla.

It’s what’s known by the community as an “alpha” CC.

While originally made to go with hyper-detailed skin and eye textures, they look just fine when coupled with the base game’s cartoonish look.

These elaborate hairstyles are ideal for Sims with a very active social media presence, vampires with a penchant for the dramatic, and just Sims who use a lot of hair conditioner.


6. Hair Physics Simulation

Hair Physics Simulation Sims4

Check Out This Mod

And if you’re getting better hair for your CAS, you can’t miss the chance to also give it some mobility.

This mod by creator GuiMerman_Z tweaks a Sim’s rig, the “skeleton” that controls their movements and joints.

By doing so, most hair types will sway as they walk, run, or dance. Immersive!

Luckily, most CC hairstyles are built on top of vanilla rigs by default. So they’ll all be equally enhanced by these newly introduces hair physics.


5. Encore Eyes

Encore Eyes Sims4

Check Out This Mod

According to William Shakespeare, the eyes are the windows of the soul.

Which makes them key in establishing a Sim’s look and personality. I mean, if they weren’t weird digital creatures living in your computer.

Encore Eyes by Kelly-Hannah is one of the most versatile eye-enhancing mods available for Sims 4, because it lets you replace all of the vanilla eyes for this bright and detailed version.

It feels much nicer than just adding them as extra swatches to your CAS – which you can also do. But go with Encore Eyes for the full effect.


4. Kijiko’s 3D Lashes

Kijiko’s 3D Lashes Sims4

Check Out This Mod

And if you’re making eyes look so much better, it would be too jarring not to also replace the default cartoony eyelashes for something a bit more sophisticated too.

Kijiko’s 3D eyelashes are the most popular and widely recommended CC to give your Sims some gorgeous eyelashes, which look great on both alpha-looking Sims and more vanilla-friendly ones.

There’s even a version made specifically for kids!


3. PralineSims’ Eyebrows and Make-Up

PralineSims’ Eyebrows and Make-Up Sims4

Check Out This Mod

Once you’ve seen what some small changes can do towards making your Sims beautiful, you won’t be able to stop yourself from completing the transformation.

Famous creator PralineSims has tons of CC to make your Sims look better. Including much-needed HD eyebrows and make-up that’ll give them a more lifelike appearance.

Whether you want matte or glossy lipstick, glitter in your eye-shadow, or just picture-perfect influencer eyebrows – it’s all there!


2. Luumia’s Vanilla Skin

Luumia’s Vanilla Skin Sims4

Check Out This Mod

There’s a truly immense variety of skin-replacement mods available for The Sims 4.

You’ll find stuff ranging from very mild enhancements to hyper-detailed alpha CC.

Luumia’s Vanilla Skin belongs somewhere inbetween, enhancing the overall texture quality and detail of your Sims’ epidermis while maintaining the original game’s somewhat clay-like look so they don’t appear out-of-place in the game.

This also lets you experiment more with different kinds of CC, as both alpha and more traditional additions to your CAS will both work pretty well with this skin tone.


1. HQ Mod

HQ Mod screenshot for Sims4

Check Out This Mod

If you truly want to take your Sims world to the limit, you’ll want to get the HQ Mod.

This lets the game load 4K textures among quite a few other graphical things.

It’s generally only used for screenshots, as it not only requires you to replace every single texture for HQ-compatible versions, but can only be run by truly powerful gaming rigs.

I mean 4K is no joke.

That said, if you’ve got an Nvidia GeForce RTX Ti hooked up to your computer then it’s worth pouring in time to get all the textures and effects you need.

Nothing is stopping you from turning your Sims 4 playthrough into a truly sublime piece of eye-candy.

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Nelson Chitty is a Venezuelan expat living in Argentina. He’s a writer and translator passionate about history and foreign cultures. His ideal weekend is spent between leisurely playing games of Civilization VI and looking for the next seinen anime to marathon.


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