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Best Model Poses and Ideas

model poses and ideas

Let's face it, we have all been in a situation where we are having our picture taken, professionally or not, and we all of a sudden forget how to pose. Sometimes we even brainstorm how we want our pictures to turn out and envision what they will look like, but as soon as the camera comes out, our minds freeze once again, and we think, "How do I pose?"

If that question has ever crossed your mind, you are at the right place. This article is for girls who want to learn about best model poses and ideas. Use this as your best model posing guide for your next model photoshoot.

We at Pasha Belman Photography take pictures of everyday people, and with the help of different posing techniques, we make every girl look like a professional model. The tips and girl posing ideas you will read about in this article come from years of experience, so rest assured that you will finish this article ready for your model photoshoot!

How to Prepare for Your Model Photoshoot

Some things to consider to prepare for your model photoshoot are learning poses you find on Pinterest or Instagram. Simply typing "Model Headshot Photography and Pose Ideas" will give you countless images that you can recreate on your own!

Another way you can prepare for your model photography photoshoots is to practice in front of the mirror. Doing this may seem awkward at first, but the more you practice, the more confidence you will gain in yourself! Remember, it is all about your confidence.

By believing you can look like a professional model, your photoshoot will turn out even better than you expect it! Practice your full-body or close-up headshot poses and bring them with you to your photoshoot. Don't forget; you are capable of posing like a professional model!

Next, practice taking cell phone images with a remote control or self-timer! With all of the cell-phone updates, phones now have incredible camera qualities and functions, so use them to your advantage! Pick a modeling pose you want to try, prop your phone up, select self-timer, and then pose. It is as easy as that!

What to Expect During Your Model Photoshoot

If you have never had your model headshots taken professionally before, you may not know what to expect during your model photoshoot. That's okay! As some of the best professional model photographers in South Carolina, we are here to help you prepare for your photoshoot in every aspect.

Before your outdoor or indoor model photoshoot, we will have already communicated with you asking where you want your pictures and what you plan on wearing. By doing so, you will feel prepared upon arrival to your photoshoot, but if for whatever reason you begin to feel nervous during model portrait session, don't worry, because we are there the whole time to help you pose like a model.

During your professional model photoshoot, you might feel nervous and uncomfortable at first. These are normal feelings if you have never had your pictures taken by a professional fashion or model photographer before. Still, our job is not only to give you high-quality pictures but also to guide, encourage, and prompt you throughout your entire photoshoot. Rest assured, you have nothing to worry about! 

If you would like for Pasha Belman Photography to be your model headshot photographer, please contact us today.

Types of Model Poses AND PHOTOGRAPHY

We have all seen and know about a few modeling poses, but learning more about them and different types of model photography will help you during your photoshoot. If you are looking for creative ideas for model headshot photography or how to pose like a professional model, envision yourself doing one of these modeling poses first. 

Runway model poses require female model's graceful motion and interaction with clothing fabric while strutting on a runway or catwalk.

High-fashion headshot model poses are striking and project confidence. We often see high-fashion female and male models use glamorous yet quirky poses. 

Commercial model poses are all about the product, so the model is often looking away or interacting with the environment or product. In this type of modeling, the models are usually smiling and pose more natural during the photoshoot.

Fitness model poses typically require action shots, like running and jumping. Female and male models look effortless and use energy-filled poses. These model poses show off a model's figure very well. 

Model Posing Ideas for Photoshoot

Before jumping into model poses for females and headshot photography ideas, let's go over basic posing ideas that will help you in every pose you try to create.

These would be second nature to you after a photoshoot with a professional model photographer. Still, you could also go into the photoshoot ready to rock it with our model posing tips we have listed below:

Pose Your Hands Better. Shake off your hands throughout the photoshoot to make sure your fingers are relaxed at all times and not stiff. This trick will also help you avoid "dead hands" or, in other words, it will remind you to pose your hands at all times.

Accentuate Your Jawline. Bring your forehead a little bit forward and down to create a strong jawline. This tip will help you with a more flattering look in your photos.

Pose with Your Eyes. For looking away pose, move your chin in the same direction you will be looking. This way, the whites of your eyes won't show too much. Also, practice the perfect "almost squint" like we have all seen Tyra Banks master. Tighten the lower eyelid and project your confidence with your eyes! 

Bring the Best Posture. There is no place for sluggish posture during the modeling photoshoot. Practice your best posture by bringing your shoulders back and elongating your neck.

Interact with Surroundings: Interact with the light source, environment, clothing, the camera when you need to switch up a pose or create a new one on a fly. 

If you are looking for a profesional headshot photographer for your modeling photoshoot in Myrtle Beach or Charleston, South Carolina, feel free to contact us. We specialize in model portfolio photoshoots.

Model Poses and Ideas for Your Photoshoot

When you are at the photoshoot, the photographer will be using a professional camera and specific focal lengths. Depending on the distance to the camera, or the photographer's choice of the lens, you will need to create full-body, half-body, or close-up headshot poses.


In full-body poses, you are using your entire body to pose for the picture. 

Every detail is essential to consider here: how you position your feet, the direction your hips are turned, and even the way your head is tilted.

The main thing to remember in full-body poses is not to slump your shoulders and bring out your best posture. Full-body poses require you to think about more than just smiling for you to get a great picture!

Half-Body FEMALE MODEL Poses

Half-body poses show the model's upper body from the hips up. Turn your body at an angle and then make subtle changes with the positions of your arms, hands, eye gaze, and the direction your head is facing.

Any slight movement or change gives you a new pose, so have fun with it!


It is crucial to practice close-up headshot model poses where you face the camera straight on, and the photographer is focused only on your face and eyes. 

To give your picture more movement and element, slightly tilt your head, bring your hands to your face our hair, and play around with a straight face or soft smile. This model headshot photography is all about the emotion your face projects, especially your eyes! 

20 Best Model Poses for Females 

Here are 20 of our best model poses and posing ideas that will show you how to pose like a professional model during your photoshoot.


When it comes to sitting poses, facing the camera straight on leaves you with a bland picture. You can avoid this by turning your body at an angle, cross one leg over the other, or even your ankles, and then focus on different positions of your head (look to the side, tilt your head, gaze down at the ground) for a variety of model poses.

Try sitting with one leg bent to the side and the other with your knee is up. Do not be afraid to play around with this pose! Play with your hair, lean back, and put weight in your hands as if you are propping yourself up. 


It is always fun to use props during a model photoshoot, and there is a specific prop you can use in multiple ways - a chair. To pose like a model sitting on a chair, keep in mind the position of your legs. It would be best if you turn your knees to the side not to face the camera directly. 


While laying on your side, you can either prop your head up with your hand or rest your head on your arm while you lay entirely on your side.

To pose like a model with this type of posing, remember to make subtle changes to get different pictures with different moods, such as looking directly at the camera and then looking off into the distance. 


While looking away, the number one thing to be aware of is eye-gaze placement. Something as small as where your eyes are looking makes a big difference in your pictures.

You do not want to look so far to one side where the camera loses sight of your pupils. Instead, subtleness in eye-gaze placement makes all the difference! Your professional photographer should be able to guide you if you need help. 


With this type of pose, you can either do full-body or half-body posing. If you are looking over your shoulder as you pose for your picture, it is important to remember not to slump your shoulders and move your hair away from your face. This one is also great for a close-up headshot photo. 


Leaning back model pose for girls can be tricky, but it is not impossible! The key here is to be aware of your body's angles while leaning back and the best way to be mindful of this is by practicing in the mirror. Be sure not to lean too far back and not to drop your head back. 


By leaning forward in your pictures, the camera focuses on your face and chest. While doing this pose, be sure that your torso is not facing straight on but has a tilt or turn in your shoulders.


How do you pose by resting your head in your hands? Well, it is quite simple. Whether you are leaning, sitting, or laying down, all you have to do is to pretend that you rest your chin in your hands. So instead of pressing your fingers on your skin, imitate a slight gentle touch. Be sure to play around with various hand positions. This one is one of our most favorite headshot poses for models. 

With this type of pose, you can look directly at the camera or off in the distance. Just remember when you are looking away from the camera not to look too far up or down so that the photographer does not lose all of your facial features.  


"Hands on the hips" is the first pose we usually do when we are ready for a picture. However, this pose is rather unflattering and requires some tweaks. First of all, for this type of model pose, you should avoid symmetry in your hand position.

Instead of just placing hands on the hips, try sliding the palms of your hands over your hips asymmetrically. Secondly, pull your elbows back for a flattering look. And lastly, slightly turn your body at the angle to the camera and find the perfect angle. Anyone can do this pose while leaning against something, too. 


Posing like a model with action shots can be so much fun! You can be walking, running, skipping, dancing, spinning, or any other action you can think of to be captured while in motion. Does this sound familiar?

That is because runway modeling requires the model to be in motion while also focusing on their facials, which leaves them with beautiful pictures. Another type of modeling that uses action poses is fitness modeling.

Shooting in movement is a pose that requires model photographers to be knowledgeable with their camera and have the settings calibrated correctly to get the crisp action model pose. 


For this model pose, you can do almost anything with your hands near your face. 
Use your hands to play with your hair or frame your face. Move as if you are brushing something off of your face with a gentle touch. But remember not to show the back of your hands straight on or the inside of your hands. Any subtle movements with your hands around your face will give you a unique model pose. This one is also beautiful for your outdoor headshot poses.


This model pose is a fun one to do no matter how long your hair is! However, this pose's trick is to ensure that your underarms are not the focal point or showing. Model poses for females with your hands in your hair is best when your hair is longer to hide your underarms or wear long sleeves.


Whether they are close up shots or further away, profile pictures (no, not your Facebook one) are when the model is looking to the side, and the image is not taken straight on. Lighting and angles are important here. A good tip to do during this pose is to stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth while looking to the side, which will tighten the skin under your jawline.


Do you have a long flowy dress or skirt hanging in your closet? If so, and you decide to wear it to your outdoor model photoshoot, fabric motion poses could quickly end up being your favorite pose! Hold your dress or skirt on the side, slightly raise it, and let the wind add motion to it. You could hold your skirt while spinning in a circle. 

Motion poses are fun; remember to let loose and not be afraid to dance in the middle of your photoshoot to get those stop motion pictures of your clothes in the wind or while you dance! This pose is similar to commercial modeling like we mentioned earlier, so pretend you are trying to sell the brand of your beautiful clothes and channel that inner commercial model!


Just like posing with your hands in your hair, you do not want your underarms to be the focal point for this pose, either. Posing with your hands in the air can be done while dancing, spinning, and just having fun during your model photoshoot!


If you are sharing the spotlight and are posing with someone for your pictures, keep in mind differences, such as height. Each person should choose their pose so the pictures are unique and not flat.

For example, one of you could have one hand on your hip facing the camera, while the other uses their hand to fix their hair and look off to the side. Subtle changes in poses and just having fun in the moment will leave you with authentic pictures.


Do you have a furry family member that you want to bring to your photoshoot? Bring your dog! They are all natural-born models anyway. Some things you can do while posing with your dog are kneeling next to them, pick them up, or walk them on their leash for an action picture.


Kneeling is a great pose you can do to get different emotions and moods depending on your facials. For a fun and playful pose, kneel down and rest one elbow on your knee and your chin in your hand while looking at the camera and smiling.

For more of a more profound mood, kneel down and look down at the ground, but not so much that the camera loses focus on your face. 

hand on THE head pose 

Do you remember reading about high-fashion modeling earlier in the article? This pose would fall under that category. The "headache" pose requires you to look as if you are caressing your forehead without actually grabbing your head or applying too much pressure.

Even though this pose may sound like you should look as if you are in pain, it is a beautiful and editorial pose you could easily practice at home in the mirror!


Are you wearing a necklace or statement earrings to your photoshoot? Consider playing with them during your photoshoot! Hold your necklace and look at the camera or off in the distance, or go as if you are fixing the back of your earring while looking down at the ground. 


Now that you have read about the many types of model poses for girls, it is your turn to practice them and get the perfect picture. Did any model poses stick out to you? Pick a few of your favorite and start to practice them! Before you know it, they will come naturally to you!

Anyone can be a model, and yes, that includes you! These poses may not come naturally to everyone at first, and that is okay! You can practice these on your own, so when it comes time for you to be in front of the lens again, you have all the confidence you need in yourself to believe that you are a professional model, too. 

Remember, we at Pasha Belman Photography take pictures of everyday people. We are professionals when it comes to tips and tricks with model poses for females and males that can help you to pose like a professional model. Trust us when we say you will leave your photoshoot with pictures ready for a modeling portfolio!


10 Fun and Creative Beach Photography Ideas

Coming from a town on the shoreline of the Mediterranean sea, the beach has a special place in my heart, so it shouldn&#;t be surprising that I would write an article about beach photography.
I decided to share with you a few beach photography ideas for fun and creative images. Some of them could even be developed into a family project or be used as activities for the whole family.
An overhead shot of a shell on sand, creative beach photography ideas.

1. Try Miniature Photography

When we were kids we used to play a lot at the beach. Why not do it now as adults too?
I took a few Playmobil people and tried my hand at photography miniature lifestyle situations. Place the toy on the beach and frame the image as if it were a portrait. You can apply composition rules to make the image more interesting.
Something I like to do when I am taking photos of toys in open spaces is to get really low. This way, because of the perspective, the toy will take more space in the frame. It will make it look bigger than it is in real life.
This is a great chance to get the kids involved (whether it&#;s your own child or nephews, nieces, etc.) and get them interested in photography. Or just to spend some quality time together and have fun playing and taking photos with them.
A playmobil character with a surfboard posed on a rocky beach, creative beach photography ideas.

2. Tell a Story

Another fun thing is to create a story through photos. You can do that by taking three or four photos that follow a certain motif, plot or development. The story doesn&#;t have to be complicated or elaborate.
In fact, the simpler the story, the better. It will be easier to understand by viewers.
You can take photos of the kids building a sand castle: digging in the sand, piling it up, the castle standing finished and when they are destroying it.
You can also take photos of the day at the beach: placing the towels, enjoying the sun, taking a dip, playing something and looking at the sunset, etc.

Four photos of pirate playmobil characters posed as if they are fighting on the sand, creative beach photography ideas.

Once you get used to building little stories you can go a step further and try to keep certain uniformity along the photos. This will make them have a sense of togetherness and reveal that they to the same series of photos.
It is good to use the same camera, lens, and try to keep the same settings. And if you edit your photos, give them the same look in post processing.

3. Creative Pictures With LED Lights (Fairy Lights)

These days it is easy and affordable to get LED lights that work on batteries. Thanks to that and to their portability, you can easily take them to the beach to play around with.
The perfect time is during sunrise or sunset, when there&#;s still natural light but it is not too strong to overshadow the LEDs. The beach is perfect for these photos because you don&#;t have too many artificial light sources there.
If you can, you should bring a jar or any other transparent object and put the lights inside. You can create fantasy or dreamy photos as if you are collecting or releasing stars/fairies.
If you use a shallow depth of field (an aperture of f4 or below), the out of focus LED lights will create a nice bokeh effect.
Other beach photography ideas you can try are holding the lights in your hands, placing them around your body, holding one side of the LED lights and another person the other or arranging them on the ground.
A person on a beach at night, holding a glass jar of fairy lights

4.  Draw or Write in the Sand

If you want to be creative and you don&#;t have the equipment from the previous photography tips, don&#;t worry. All you really need for this one is a stick (or even just your finger) and a clear area of sand.
Draw simple shapes such as hearts or arrows or write a date, the name of the place you are in or your favourite quote! You can even combine the drawing with your model and you will get a unique portrait.
A young boy sits in the middle of a love heart drawn in the sand, creative beach photography ideas.

5. Try Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography requires more equipment than the other ideas, but it is totally worth it!
Long exposure photography is done by opening the shutter speed for a long period of time. By doing this, you make the moving subjects in the frame look silky.
The effect looks especially beautiful with water and clouds. The beach is a perfect place for this type of photography.
A serene beach landscape photography shot
You will need a tripod and filters. The tripod will help you to keep the camera steady. As for the filters, the shutter speed is so low that even if you&#;d set the ISO as low as you can and close the aperture, you will still get overexposed photos.
The filters will allow you to block the excess light. For this you need neutral density filters and they can be attached to your lens (just like the UV filter) or come with a filter holder.
They block different light intensities and there are some that block light in a gradient. I recommend you to go to your local supplier&#;s store and ask them for a basic set of filters to play around with and see if you like long exposure before investing in an expensive set of filters.
Long exposure will require you to slow down, set the tripod and practice. Besides your equipment, bring your beach towel, something to drink and enjoy the moment!

6. Fun Family Beach Pictures

Family beach pictures always hold beautiful memories. During my photo sessions I always take more classic looking portraits because they are timeless and clients like them a lot.
However, I combine them with not so typical family portraits to make their session special. Different doesn&#;t mean complicated. Tell the family to sit looking towards the sea while you take their photos from the back.
A calm beach photo of a couple sitting and a small dog on the sand and gazing into the sea
Another idea is to take photos of baby&#;s things.  You can tell the parents to hold the little shoes and some object with the baby&#;s name.
With the sea in the background it will be a beautiful family memory!
close up of a person holding a baby's hoes and necklace on a beach photo shoot

7. Look for Summer Symbols

There are certain objects you can find around the beach that might have a meaning for you. For me, parasols, bicycles and Frisbees mean &#;summer&#;.
Try to take original photos of these meaningful common objects. Take the photos from different and unusual perspectives, play with colour combinations or reflections, fill the frame, leave negative space, etc.
Have fun experimenting and you will be surprised with your results.

Serene beach photo of deckchairs and umbrella with the sea in the background

For example, with no more than your sunglasses, you can have a lot of fun. Put them in the sun and take photos of the reflections on them.
This is a great way to take a self-portrait, or if you are with someone else, even a group photo.
A pair of green framed sunglasses resting on the sand with the photographers reflection in one glass, cool beach photography ideas.
Depending on the type of glasses, you can also capture the colours of the sky during twilight.
A pair of green framed sunglasses resting on the sand, the seas waves blurred in the background

8. Use the Beach as Background

If you like crafts you can use the beach as background to show off your creations. This will work well with nature related crafts. The sea and the sand are a great background that adds a bit of colour without adding too many distracting elements.
If you want to try this photography idea, I recommend you to do it during sunrise or sunset. That&#;s when the light and colours are softer, so you&#;ll avoid hard shadows over your art.

A DIY photo holder made from beach stones on the sand, a fabulous seascape in the background

9. Sun Stars and Silhouettes

Sunrises and sunsets are the perfect times to play with sun stars and silhouettes. The sun is low and its light comes at an angle.
Both of these effects require backlight. To get that you should place the camera facing towards the sun with the model between the camera and the sun. When the model blocks the sun completely, you get a silhouette.
Measure the exposure and adjust the camera settings according to the background to make sure that your model will appear totally black, like a shadow.
If you prefer a less black silhouette, so that the viewers can still see some of your model&#;s details, you can play a bit with the settings and take the photo with a slight high exposure of the background.
The silhouette of a person posing fro beach photography, a fabulous seascape and sunset in the background
Sun stars are easier to get when the sun is peaking from behind something, for example your model. Close the aperture (around f14 is a good starting point), check if you need to readjust the camera settings for a proper exposure, choose a focus point and shoot.
Something a bit challenging but very important: avoid looking directly at the sun while taking the photo, otherwise you can seriously damage your eyes.

Message in a Bottle

With a bit of imagination and some crafts materials you can create a photo of your own treasure from the depths, in this case, a message in a bottle.
All you need is a clear glass bottle with a plug (I used a special one with LED lights, but cork would work just fine), a piece of paper and a string.  I wanted a classic simple bottle so I used one of white wine but you can find other, fancier ones.
You can just roll up a piece of paper and put it in the bottle, but you can also write a little message which will make it look more authentic. If you give it a quick brush of lemon juice and some fire you will get an awesome ancient scroll effect.
Once you have the prop ready, you can take photos of it partly buried in the sand or floating in the water. And if you are with kids (or adults) you can take photos of them finding it.
An SOS message inside a bottle in the sand - cool beach photography ideas
Another use for the message in a bottle is to actually convey a message. You can create event invitations and later share the photo with your guests to give them the information about time and location!
A pirate note inside a bottle in the sand - cool beach photography ideas


The beach is a great place to try new ideas and let your creativity run wild. You can use props, build stories and scenes, take epic photos and the list goes on!
You can also try new photography techniques such as long exposure and creating silhouettes and sun stars. Just remember to be wise in the sun, take sunscreen and water to avoid getting dehydrated! Be safe and have fun!

Looking for more creative inspiration? Check out our new post on how to do a mermaid photoshoot next!

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When planning a photo shoot, one of the first decisions you need to make is where it will take place: location, location, location.

Whether you are located in the city, the suburbs or in a more rural area &#; there are plenty of creative ways to discover new backdrops for your images.

To help you get the ideas flowing, we have created a list of 10 outdoor concepts for you to try on your next photo shoot with a model.

Let’s check them out below &#;

10 Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas for Models:

1. Beach

Outdoor Full Body Portrait: Beach Location

Using the beach as your location offers an array of options for your shoot. For example, if you are shooting at a tropical beach in Florida, you will have crystal clear waters and beautiful sand. For a beach on the west coast in California, the landscape will have mountains in the distance, rocks to climb on and elevation that will offer depth.

Beach settings in Europe may be situated in small quaint towns that infuse a travel perspective into your portrait. When using the beach as your location, be sure to shoot a mixture of images on land and in the water. The juxtaposition of texture and color from sand to sea will definitely give a visually engaging look to your work.

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2. Open Field

Open field portrait from the back

Our second location idea for outdoor shooting is to use the landscape of an open field. In this situation, you want a field that is flat and long, in order to create perspective and depth in your images. This can be a place with budding green grass or even a field full of flowers &#; as long as there is a vast space to place your subject.

When shooting in an open field, you should focus on creating different lengths between you and your model. Compose up-close portraits, full body shots with a small distance between you two and then increase the distance as to have your model immersed into the landscape. Since an open field does not have distracting surrounding elements, capture a range of perspectives. This means you can have your subject lay down within the grass or you can angle upward capturing more of the surrounding sky.

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3. Cafe / Coffee Shop

Portrait indoors with coffee

Using elements and places in your city is a great way to create creative portraits. The cafe scene is a popular idea for many photographers who want their images to be infused with a storytelling element. Cafes and coffee shops can be found in every city and most have some visually aesthetic appeal such as a design or color scheme.

Additionally, coffee shops and cafes allow for various methods of composition. Your subject can be seated, standing, inside the cafe, through the window or out on the terrace &#; the possibilities are endless.

4. By the Pool

Aerial View Girl In Pool

Photographing your model poolside is an ideal option for the summertime. You can pull inspiration from shoots at a retro motel, place your model in a colorful chair or even have them fully immersed in the blue water &#; just be sure to add waterproof protection to your gear. Using the pool as your location is often seen in commercial work such as for swimwear or sunglass brands. Creating concepts shot by the pool is guaranteed to make your work look professional.

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5. City Streets

Full Body Portrait in the Streets

Depending on which city you live in, using the streets as your location is guaranteed to create unique and personal images. It is noted that photographers who shoot their subject in a city setting often create a representation of how they view that city.

For example in New York, a photographer who feels drawn by the elegance of the Upper East Side may photograph their model on the steps of a chic brownstone. While another photographer who values the urban industrial side of the city may find themselves in areas of Brooklyn such as Bushwick.

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No matter where you choose to photograph your model, city streets offer the element of life into your images. You will be guaranteed to have taxis zooming by, stunning architecture and the movements of people surrounding you.

A great way to photograph your model in a city is to aim for a center, in the streets perspective. This allows you to compose a shot where your model is the focus and the city delicately fills in the surrounding frame.

6. Tennis Court

Portrait Photo on the Tennis Court

Using sports-related locations does not always call for an athletic shoot. In fact, a great example of using a location for a creative idea is a tennis court. Since the court offers depth, a juxtaposition of lines, and varying ways to play with light &#; you are guaranteed to be able to conceptualize images that are visually captivating.

A great trick to create portraits with intriguing light is to use the court’s net to play with shadows and patterns on the frame of your subject. Additionally, since most tennis courts are wide open with little shade, you will have plenty of light no matter the time of day. This can create soft textures in the early morning or evening hours and more potent, dramatic light in the middle of the day.

7. Rooftop

Rooftop full body portrait

If you’re looking for a location that offers depth, wide open space and flattering light &#; you need to consider shooting on a rooftop. Rooftops are ideal locations because they capture the essence of a city without the distractions and interruptions that can occur on the streets. When shooting on rooftops, you can choose options such as a traditional building or even the top of a parking garage.

Shooting on a rooftop is also a location that offers optimal light no matter the time of day. You can catch the sunrise in the early hours, create dramatic portraits in the middle of the day, warm images when the sun dips below the buildings and even portraits in the night sky, illuminated by city lights.

8. Backyard / Garden

Backyard Portrait Photo (Women with Flowers)

Similar to photographing your model in an open field, using a backyard garden can give your images a dreamy, romantic and ethereal feel. With the hues of greenery and the assortment of flowers a garden provides, you can use the tones and colors to highlight the feminine nature of your subject.

A great technique for composing portraits in a garden is to use the flowers to frame the model’s face and figure. You can also choose to add additional props and elements to create a storytelling aspect to your shoots such as a white sheet on a clothing line, lawn chairs or blankets.  

9. Mountaintop

Another outdoor portrait photography location: Mountain top

For the adventurous photographers and models, using a mountaintop for your location can be a great way to create portraits with depth. When photographing in wide open spaces, you are able to infuse the design of nature and the frame of your model into one visually captivating photograph.

Using a mountaintop can be ideal for the photographer interested in working with outdoor, lifestyle brands and companies. From the likes of brands such as North Face or Patagonia, using the rustic and awe-inspiring visuals of peaks and valleys can help you create a portfolio of daring, bold and unique images.

Industrial Background

Our final outdoor portrait photography tip: use an industrial background

Our last idea for an outdoor photo shoot is to photograph your model within an industrial backdrop. In this situation, you can utilize areas such as underneath bridges or overpasses, against metal garage doors or even graffitied walls.

Industrial and urban settings create a definitive contrast between your location and subject. With the beauty of your model and the lack of obvious visual appeal of your background, you can create strong, impactful portraits.

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As you can see, there are a wide variety of outdoor options to use as your next photo shoot location. From city streets and rooftops to sandy beaches and rocky mountaintops &#; you are guaranteed to capture creative and engaging imagery of your model.

Do you have any favorite outdoor photoshoot locations? Share your thoughts and suggestions with us in the comments below!

5 Tips for Better Beach Portraits - Master Your Craft

Beach Photoshoot Ideas & What to Wear: Tips From a Professional Photographer

Looks like you’re planning a beach photoshoot – how exciting! Now, the toughest part remains&#; What are you going to wear!? Where are the best photo spots? What are the best colors to wear for beach photos? How do you hire a professional beach photographer?

Don&#;t worry, we got you covered.

In a time where we have more selfies and mobile phone snapshots, there is nothing more special than a photoshoot. Hiring a professional photographer allows us to have special moments captured that can be displayed around our homes instead of only adorning social media.

A beach photoshoot is nothing more than magical. It is the perfect location that can suit all types of people or occasions. Think sunsets and shadows and colors that are formed in nature not editing software. An all-weather and light location, you can even rug up and do wintery beach shots. When done with the right outfit and poses, a beach photoshoot creates a relaxed vibe so the shots are more natural and you can forget you are even being photographed.

No matter what you wear or how you pose, the main thing is to have fun and be yourself. Wear something that is easy to move in, suitable to be worn for a long time and you can easily sit in and the shoot will run smoothly and successfully. Learn all about the best poses, outfits, and ideas for your beach photoshoot below:

What to Wear for a Beach Photoshoot?

Even if you are doing the shoot on your own you want to ensure your outfit not only matches the location but doesn’t take away from you as the subject of the photo. Avoid wearing patterns and logos. Even a single strip or small emblem can be distracting as this will draw the eye to the pattern not the photo as a whole. Avoid over-accessorizing or even wear no accessories at all.

Below we’ve outlined some of our favorite tips on what to wear for beach pictures along with some of our favorite beach photoshoot ideas for your outfit; you’ll look perfect in photos that will surely last a lifetime.

Best Colors to Wear for Beach Photos

No matter who the subject is, wearing white is always a good choice. Pair this with neutrals for a softening yet effective look that goes with any backdrop. Whether you have a cloudy day or choose sunlight or sunset time, wearing white will highlight the blue of the ocean. It also looks great with all skin tones and hair colors. If you are after a pop of color, stick with shades of blues, turquoise, and aqua as they stand out with the neutral backdrop of the sand.

All white never fails

When going through some beach photoshoot ideas for your outfit, there’s something about the beach that draws folks to a whiter wardrobe. It makes sense seeing as white is the color choice that will keep you cool in the hottest of climates. We recommend white dresses, white polo shirts, and white linen for your beach photoshoot apparel. A white wardrobe looks beautiful against the colors of the sand, water, and sky at the beach.

Bright and bold

For those looking for photos with a bit more pop, we think the best colors to wear for beach photos are bright yellows, teals, or tangerine! These bolder colors simply scream summer fun, sunshine, and smiles. But be careful not to mix these colors with neons or patterns. Also keep in mind that brighter colors will overpower more muted colors so if you’re going to go with a bright yellow outfit, pair it with a white or black bottom.

Pick two colors

If you’re having a beach family photoshoot or a photo session with a bunch of friends, it can be a great idea to pick two main colors. Whether guys wear one color and girls wear another, or your kids wear one color while you and your spouse wear another, it’s a cute idea to coordinate while adding interest to your photos.

Beach Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

As mentioned above the main thing to consider when choosing anyout for a photoshoot is to be comfortable. Think loose fitting shirts, dresses and pants in soft fabrics like cotton. Garments with a little movement gives the look of being relaxed and provides softness. Keep the clothing choices basic with solid colour and minimalistic buttons, zips and belts. If wearing a top and

pants combination, jeans are also a great option without being too harsh looking. No matter the style you choose to go for, having bare feet for the shoot is effective and keeps the experience light-hearted.

Dresses for a Beach Photoshoot

The ideal dress for a beach photoshoot is long and flowy. Straight maxi-dresses are also an option as you don’t want a dress to be too short. The shorter the dress the more uncomfortable you will be as it is harder to pose. The same applies to a dress that may be more fitted. If a dress is unflattering, it will make the experience tense and stressful, and that will be seen in your photos, no matter how talented the photographer is.

Wear hair tied back

Remember, things are generally a bit windier at the beach. Be sure you have something to secure your hair so that it’s not all in your face for the photos! Plus, a fun printed headband or neat hair clips can help add further interest to your overall look!

Hide those tan lines

Be sure to choose an outfit that will HIDE any dreaded or awkward tan lines. These lines can ultimately take away from a photo– no one wants that! The same goes for sunburn; be sure to lather on sunscreen days before your beach photoshoot if you plan on being in the sun. You don’t want to end up looking like a lobster!

Beach Couple Outfits

When you think of beach photoshoots for couples, you think engagement pictures, wedding announcements, maternity photos, or maybe even a beach marriage proposal! Whatever the occasion, the photos need to show a couple in love so consider an outfit that will look soft and romantic. A flowy dress compliments the straighter lines of a pants and shirt. If there is a pattern on the dress ensure that your partner&#;s outfit has solid color and is complementary to the dress.

Family Beach Outfits

Using the rules above, make sure you match each other or stay in a theme. Colors are the best way to do this. You don&#;t have to necessarily wear the exact same outfit, but keeping to the same color scheme is effective and eye-catching.

If you are a family with young children, it is adorable to see the children in the same outfits as their parents. Think mum and daughter in matching dresses or dad and son in matching shirts and pants.

Ideas for Beach Photoshoot Poses

Even though you are at a beach and you can be more relaxed during the photo session, there are still some dos and don’ts to consider when figuring out how to pose for your beach photoshoot.

Beach Poses for Families

When taking a family photo during your travels, it’s tempting to simply huddle up and smile for a selfie. Next time, try blocking out time for “good” photos with a professional photographer, and then just enjoy the rest of your trip knowing that you don’t have to stop and take photos everywhere. We promise that the vacation photos you&#;ll get will become your new favorite souvenir.

When having a photoshoot with young children, sometimes the best shots aren’t still posed but by the family being themselves. Even just the act of walking together along the beach, laughing and talking as if you aren&#;t having a photoshoot. Let the photographer do the work by getting the angles that look the best and capture your family.

If you do want to pose, perhaps sitting together chatting and playing with young children. Lifting up the kids and just playing often gets the best and most natural shots.

Poses for Women

No matter your body shape or size, the way you sit can really change how you look on camera. Keep your posture strong and bring your knees up with toes pointed forward for a flattering seated pose. You can either lean towards your knees, looking at the camera or arching back with your arms supporting you. Walking away from the camera and looking over your shoulder is another great pose. Or if you are wearing a flowy dress, consider slow spins and allow the full skirt to move, creating a beautiful silhouette.

Beach Couple Poses

As mentioned above, a beach couple photoshoot needs to capture the love. Any pose with a couple holding hands and looking each other in the eyes shows romance. Walking and chatting like no one is watching will also create natural and unforced love. Leaning into the arms of your partner either standing or sitting is also a nice relaxed-looking pose.

Hiring a Professional Beach Photographer

Book a fun experience with a local professional photographer who knows all the best photo spots, when the best lighting will be, and how to beat the crowds to capture magical moments without tons of other tourists in the background. Not only will they take amazing beach photos, but will edit them to be beautiful photo souvenirs you’ll treasure for years to come.

Check out the best photographers for a beach photoshoot in the top sandy destinations in the world, such as:

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What’s included in a beach photoshoot package?

With every beach photography package, you&#;ll get high-resolution photos that are professionally edited and delivered by email in a private online gallery within 5 business days. In your gallery, you will be able to see all the photos from your beach photoshoot and get to download a certain number of your favorites, depending on your package. It also includes:

  • one-on-one planning with your photographer
  • a private online gallery
  • high-resolution photos that are professionally edited
  • photos delivered within 5 days

See photoshoot packages & pricing

How much does a beach photoshoot cost?

Prices vary by city, ensuring you the best rates. High-resolution photos are professionally edited and delivered by email in a private online gallery within 5 business days. Choose between 4 different photo packages:

  • 30 minutes – Includes 15 digital photos
  • 1 hour – Includes 30 digital photos
  • 90 minutes – Includes 45 digital photos
  • 2 hours – Includes 60 digital photos

See pricing for your city


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