Another word for super fast

Another word for super fast DEFAULT


The definition of swift is something that happens quickly or something that moves at high speed.



Quick and changeable in temperament; volatile:


Accomplished or arrived at without delay; prompt.


Exposed to the wind and sea; unsheltered.

quick as a bunny (or wink)


Mentally quick; quick-witted; alert


Engaging in sex only with one's spouse or only with one's partner in a sexual relationship.


Rapid is defined as something that is fast or quick or that happens in a short time.


Characterized by much action or motion; lively, busy, agile, quick, etc.


The definition of gay is someone or something bright or happy.


The definition of expeditious is done with speed and efficiency.


Firmly fixed or fastened:


Allowing movement or action only at a low speed:


The definition of hasty is done very quickly, generally with little thought or attention.


The definition of precipitous is something very steep.



Capable of being changed or adjusted to meet particular or varied needs:


(Heraldry) Having steps; said of a cross whose extremities end in steps growing larger as they leave the centre; on degrees.


The definition of dissipated is scattered or wasted.


That can be washed without shrinking, fading, or other damage

high speed

Having a speed of 50–500 frames per second, as movie film, to record events that occur too rapidly for usual photography.

fast day

A religious holy day, etc. observed by fasting


The definition of invincible is someone or something that cannot be harmed or that is too powerful to be destroyed.


Prompt is defined as something that is done on time or right away or someone who does things on time or immediately.


At a fast pace; with speed; swiftly


Not susceptible to a process of decay, such as radioactivity. For example, the most common isotope of carbon, carbon 12, is stable. Protons and photons are examples of stable subatomic particles.


Not permanent; not lasting; fleeting; temporary


The definition of insecure is having a lack of confidence, or exposed to danger or risk.


Forceful and pointed; emphatic:


Lacking moral restraint; indulging in sensual pleasures or vices.


The definition of libertine is someone who has a lack of morality, or someone who rejects customary religious beliefs and thinks freely.


The definition of profligate is acting wasteful or spending money too freely.


Without restraint; disorderly; boisterous


Acting with or marked by excessive haste and lack of due deliberation.


Moving with uncontrolled speed and force


(--- Law) Designating or of personal property as distinguished from real property


Made of or coated or treated with rubber, plastic, or a sealing agent to prevent penetration by water.


Persisting for an extended period of time.


Of, relating to, or appropriate for rapid travel:


(Idiomatic) In modern usage it refers to a picnic or cookout for the ship's crew.


Marked by or indicating the tone and resiliency of healthy tissue:


Difficult or impossible to attack, challenge, or refute with success:


Not expected to change in status, condition, or place:


Firmly loyal or constant; unswerving.


To keep oneself from doing, engaging in, or partaking of something; refrain:



To free from an obligation or responsibility; absolve


To make secure (in all the above senses).


Stuck is defined as to have poked or to have put something on something, usually with something sticky like glue.


Short in time, duration, length, or extent.


Of or characteristic of whores or a whore; lewd.



(Rare) Swift, speedy, fast.


Frequently Asked Questions About speedy

How does the adjective speedy contrast with its synonyms?

Some common synonyms of speedy are expeditious, fast, fleet, hasty, quick, rapid, and swift. While all these words mean "moving, proceeding, or acting with celerity," speedy implies quickness of successful accomplishment and may also suggest unusual velocity.

speedy delivery of mail

When can expeditious be used instead of speedy?

The words expeditious and speedy are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, expeditious suggests efficiency together with rapidity of accomplishment.

the expeditious handling of an order

How do fast and rapid relate to one another, in the sense of speedy?

Both fast and rapid are very close in meaning, but fast applies particularly to the thing that moves.

fast horses

When could fleet be used to replace speedy?

Although the words fleet and speedy have much in common, fleet adds the implication of lightness and nimbleness.

fleet runners

When is it sensible to use hasty instead of speedy?

In some situations, the words hasty and speedy are roughly equivalent. However, hasty suggests hurry and precipitousness and often connotes carelessness.

a hasty inspection

When is quick a more appropriate choice than speedy?

While in some cases nearly identical to speedy, quick suggests promptness and the taking of little time.

a quick wit

Where would rapid be a reasonable alternative to speedy?

The synonyms rapid and speedy are sometimes interchangeable, but rapid applies to the movement itself, rather than to the thing that moves.

rapid current

When might swift be a better fit than speedy?

While the synonyms swift and speedy are close in meaning, swift suggests great rapidity coupled with ease of movement.

returned the ball with one swift stroke

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Synonyms of fast in English

: fast1fast2


See US English definition of fast

See UK English definition of fast

See Spanish definition of rápido


1‘a fast sports car’


speedy, quick, swift, rapid

brisk, nimble, sprightly, lively

fast-moving, high-speed, turbo, sporty, accelerated, express, flying

whirlwind, blistering, breakneck, pell-mell, meteoric, smart

hasty, hurried

unhesitating, expeditious


informal nippy, zippy, spanking, scorching, blinding, supersonic

British informal cracking

literary fleet

rare tantivy, alacritous, volant

2‘his hand slammed against the door, holding it fast’


secure, secured, fastened, tight, firmly fixed

stuck, jammed, immovable, unbudgeable, stiff

closed, shut, to

3‘the dyes are boiled with yarn to produce a fast colour’


indelible, lasting, permanent, stable

4‘they remained fast friends’


loyal, devoted, faithful, firm, steadfast, staunch, true, boon, bosom, inseparable

constant, lasting, unchanging, unwavering, enduring, unswerving

informal as thick as thieves

5‘the fast life she led in London’


wild, dissipated, dissolute, debauched, intemperate, immoderate, louche, rakish, decadent, unrestrained, reckless, profligate, self-indulgent, shameless, sinful, immoral, extravagant

informal swinging


1‘she drove fast towards the gates’


quickly, rapidly, swiftly, speedily, briskly, at speed, at full speed, at full tilt


hastily, with all haste, in haste, hurriedly, in a hurry, post-haste, pell-mell

without delay, expeditiously, with dispatch, like a shot, like a flash, in a flash, in the blink of an eye, in a wink, in a trice, in no time, in no time at all, on the double, at the speed of light, like an arrow from a bow

informal double quick, in double quick time, p.d.q., pretty damn quick, nippily, like lightning, like greased lightning, at warp speed, hell for leather, like mad, like crazy, like the wind, like a bomb, like nobody's business, like a scalded cat, like the deuce, a mile a minute, like a bat out of hell, at warp speed

British informal like the clappers, at a rate of knots, like billy-o

North American informal lickety-split

literary apace

2‘his wheels were stuck fast’


securely, tightly, immovably, fixedly, firmly

3‘Richard's fast asleep’


deeply, sound, completely

4‘she lived fast and dangerously’


wildly, dissolutely, intemperately, immoderately, rakishly, recklessly, self-indulgently, extravagantly

Synonyms of fast in English

: fast1fast2


See US English definition of fast

See UK English definition of fast

See Spanish definition of rápido


1‘the ministry instructed people to fast, pray, and read scripture’


abstain from food, refrain from eating, deny oneself food, go without food, go hungry, eat nothing, starve oneself

go on hunger strike


eat, indulge oneself


1‘a five-day fast’


period of fasting, period of abstinence

hunger strike



    make fast

    ‘the craft is made fast to the shore’


    attach, fasten, secure, fix, affix, join, connect, couple, link, tie, tie up, bind, fetter, strap, rope, tether, truss, lash, hitch, moor, anchor, yoke, chain

    fast and furious

    ‘the fun was fast and furious’


    frantic, wild, frenetic, hectic, fraught, feverish, fevered, mad, crazed, manic, hyperactive, energetic, intense, turbulent, tumultuous

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