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State of Survival is one of the most popular strategy games, combining a zombie apocalypse setting with simple yet very engaging strategy mechanics alongside RPG aspects and real-time combat, all wrapped in a neat little package. The game looks, plays, and feels amazing, especially with its attractive hand-drawn visuals and smooth animations. If you play it on BlueStacks, you can enjoy it to the fullest extent by cranking the framerate up to a solid 60 and leaving it there without any sort of interruptions or slowdowns, as well as by playing it on a larger screen and with mouse and keyboard support.

State of Survival Daily Checklist – The Tasks That You Should be Performing on a Daily Basis

However, like many other strategy games on the market, State of Survival is quick to show its gameplay loop. After completing the first few chapters, you’ll instantly run into a progression wall in the form of timers and resource constraints. In other words, most of your constructions will either take a lot of time to complete or require tons of resources—or both. In this sense, if you want to maintain a constant progression, you’ll need to complete your daily tasks diligently. These missions will allow you to receive specific resources that are vital to your progression in many aspects.

In this guide, we’re going to give you a checklist of the daily things you should be doing in State of Survival in order to expedite your progression and outplay the competition.

State of Survival Daily Checklist – The Tasks That You Should be Performing on a Daily Basis

Login Everyday

First and foremost, the most basic of daily tasks; simply login into the game and claim your sign-in rewards. You get different rewards every day, and these bonuses reset after the seventh day, starting over from day 1. If you break the cycle, however, you’ll be automatically reset back to step 1.

Since the best rewards are usually in the latter days of the sign-in rewards, you always want to claim them as the first thing you do as soon as you log in.

State of Survival Daily Checklist – The Tasks That You Should be Performing on a Daily Basis

Daily Missions

The daily tasks in SoS are an important part of your progress, consisting of simple missions that you can complete in just a few minutes, but that reward you greatly for doing so. These missions can go from the most basic tasks such as signing in, performing one upgrade, and training troops, to helping your alliance mates, completing one explorer trail challenge, or killing infected on the world map, among many others.

Regardless of the type of mission, you should always try to complete them all as they will net you some sweet, sweet rewards. However, these rewards don’t come exactly from the missions themselves, rather than from when you reach certain activity milestones.

State of Survival Daily Checklist – The Tasks That You Should be Performing on a Daily Basis

State of Survival Daily Checklist – The Tasks That You Should be Performing on a Daily Basis

Every daily task grants a number of activity points, from as low as 5 points and up to 30 points, depending on the type of mission. When you reach certain milestones, you’ll get a chest with important loot, including even biocaps, the game’s premium currency. And if you complete ALL your daily tasks, you’ll even get a free Epic Search Map, which gives you the chance of rolling for the best heroes in the game, or at least for their upgrade materials.

If you’re limited on time and can’t sit down to play for a long session, your best bet would be to, at the very least, complete the daily missions as these are the ones that net you some of the best rewards.

Final Hope Transmissions

Your Intel Post is a source of missions and information about the game’s story. However, it’s also a cache of prizes that you can claim three times per day. These rewards are called “Final Hope Transmissions” and simply consist of an envelope with a small gift, which you can receive every few minutes in this building.

Though it’s not very significant, these rewards are completely free, so you might as well grab them whenever they’re available. To this end, we recommend putting your Intel Post somewhere you can always see it when the Final Hope Transmission icon pops up above it.

State of Survival Daily Checklist – The Tasks That You Should be Performing on a Daily Basis

State of Survival Daily Checklist – The Tasks That You Should be Performing on a Daily Basis

Alliance Donations

If you’re in a good alliance, one of the best ways you can contribute to its development is by donating resources to the Alliance Tech feature. Depending on the specific type of tech you’re developing, you can donate any of the main resources such as lumber, food, metal, or gas. If donating via this method, you’re limited to 25 donations per day—you should always try to donate as much as you can every day to help your alliance grow. Not to mention that donating to Alliance Tech is often one of the daily missions, so you’ll need to do it, anyway.

State of Survival Daily Checklist – The Tasks That You Should be Performing on a Daily Basis

Hero Searches

Your Hero Precinct is your main source of heroes in State of Survival. This is where the game’s gacha system is located as most of the characters are unlocked via the randomized summoning system, called “Hero Search”. It’s also where you’ll find the Explorer Trail, the game’s single-player RPG mode.

There are two types of Hero Searches in State of Survival; Advanced Search, and Epic Search. You get 4 free rolls of the former every day, and 1 free roll of the latter every few days. This is also one of the most important things you should try to do on a daily basis as it’s one of the best ways to find new heroes, and to find fragments for upgrading the ones you’ve already unlocked.

State of Survival Daily Checklist – The Tasks That You Should be Performing on a Daily Basis

State of Survival Daily Checklist – The Tasks That You Should be Performing on a Daily Basis

Research and Construction

Though not technically a daily task, the development of your settlement is something you need to always keep in mind, but which becomes progressively more difficult to do so as you progress further in the game. This is because, while construction and research takes only a few moments and resources in the beginning, they can start taking entire days and hundreds of thousands of resources for a single upgrade. Regardless, whenever you save up enough for an upgrade, you should definitely go for it.

State of Survival Daily Checklist – The Tasks That You Should be Performing on a Daily Basis

While there are definitely more things you can do every day in State of Survival, the 6 tasks we mentioned above are some of the most important. If at all possible, try to complete them all in order to progress as fast as possible in this awesome strategy game.

File:Building Intel Post.png

Intel Post would be unlocked once you have completed the initial tutorial and you will be able to enter into the wilderness. Final Hope Transmission will appear periodically when the countdown timer on the building ends if you have completed all your Intels. There are two types of intel, State Intel and Intels.

By completing the quests in the Intels, you can level up your radar level (details below) and complete story collections. Intel will refresh every 8 hours and each quest will only last for 16 hours, after which it will disappear.

You can access intel quest via your settlement building or the intel icon at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Completing intel uses chief stamina. The intel map would look something like the image below:

Intel Strength Breakthrough.png

Radar Level

There are five types of intel quality, Common (Grey), Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple) and Legendary (Yellow). As you complete the intel quests, you will fill up the radar level, the higher the radar level, the better the quality of intel you will receive, the better your intel rewards.

As your radar level increases, your maximum intel amount would increase as well. Maximum intel amount you can get is 8, excluding the ventures and collection intel quests and the maximum intel level you can achieve is level 20.

Refer to the bottom left of the the image above.

Intel Strength Level Breakthrough

As your intel breakthrough progresses, the level of infected you face would be more challenging, giving you better possible rewards. You can increase your strength level by defeating higher level infected in the wilderness as per the upgrade requirements shown. After each breakthrough, you will be awarded with 200 biocaps as a reward, maximum upgrade is level 10.

Refer to the bottom right of the the image above.

Intel Types

There are five type of intel to complete: Eliminate Infected, Rescue Survivor, Squad Exploration, Ventures and Collection Quest.

Eliminate Infected: For intel maximum level 22 infected, attack it as per normal infected. When you reach HQ 30, you will start getting plasmas.
Rescue Survivors: You will obtain troops when completed.
Squad Exploration: When completed you will receive hero gear parts and hero fragments

Note that all Intel reward varies based on the radar and strength level.

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In the mobile game State of Survival, when you reach around level 30, you won't be able to upgrade your buildings with regular resources in the game. When you reach this point, you have to gather up what are called plasma cores, but there is a problem with this. These cores are rare resources that are extremely hard to find in the game. But luckily, In this guide, we will explain how to get plasma cores in State of Survival.

To get plasma cores in State of Survival, you must complete epic level missions. You can find these missions at the Intel post, and you will need a level 30 radar level to unlock them if you haven't already. When you get the missions unlocked, browse through all missions at the Intel post for ones that reward the plasma cores. Be warned; you may be in for quite the grind as you are not guaranteed to get plasma cores as a reward. 

But once you gather up some plasma cores, you can then use the resource to upgrade the headquarters and barracks buildings. For the full list of structures you can upgrade, check the list below.

  • Headquarters
  • Barracks
  • Hero Precinct
  • Range
  • Garage

As a side note, you will not be able to upgrade other buildings to plasma level until you have upgraded your Headquarters first. Also, If you upgrade your barracks to plasma level, you will gain access to plasma tier units, which are more robust variants of standard units in the game.

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