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North East ISD - Executive Director-Human Resources


Location: Richard A Middleton Education Center

Work Schedule: 12 Months

Work Type: Regular Full-Time

Exempt: Yes

Pay Grade: E9

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Bachelors Degree
Eight years experience in Human Resources

Five years administrative experience in an educational setting

High School Diplomas and college/university degrees must be obtained from an accredited program or university approved by the United States Department of Education and the Texas Education Agency.

Directs and manages the District Human Resources functions to ensure legally sound and effective personnel management practices. Responsible for the development and implementation of Human Resources programs to include wage, salary administration; employee records management system; department budget; supervisor training programs; recruitment and staffing; employee relations matters; employee leave administration; employee recognition programs and interpretation of District Board policies and administrative regulations.


1. Implements a recruitment and selection process for all employees.
2. Oversees the District application and screening process and ensures that the District is represented as an attractive employer.
3. Administers and oversees orientation programs for new employees.
4. Administers the District employee evaluation program and ensures that it is implemented effectively and uniformly.
5. Administers employment contracts and facilitates the contract renewal and nonrenewable process.
6. Plans, evaluates, and administers equal employment opportunity provisions and works cooperatively with others to ensure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.
7. Assists supervisory personnel in conducting due process procedures.
8. Oversees the necessary processing for issuance and renewal of state certificates and permits.
9. Administers employee leave policies and regulations.


10. Develops and implements procedures for administering wages, salaries, and other forms of compensation.
11. Develops and implements procedures for the preparation and revision of job descriptions and for the classification of positions in the District compensation plan.
12. Administers the teacher salary schedule and ensures compliance with state minimum salary schedule requirements.
13. Administers the exempt and nonexempt compensation programs and ensures compliance with federal wage and overtime laws.
14. Provides cost analysis of salary and wage adjustments for the budgeting process.
15. Coordinates liability research for Board reports and monitors compliance with related federal and state mandates.

Employee Relations:

16. Uses management practices that promote collegiality, teamwork and collaborative decision making among staff.
17. Develops and implements procedures to ensure that employees are informed of personnel policies, procedures and programs that affect them.
18. Implements and oversee effective District-wide employee recognition programs.
19. Implements policies associated with and oversee processing of employee complaints and grievances.


20. Works with others to compile and report projections of staff and facility needs.
21. Ensures that programs are cost effective and that funds are managed prudently.
22. Compiles budgets and cost estimates based on documented program needs.
23. Implements the policies established by federal and state laws, State Board of Education rule and local board policy in the area assigned.


24. Supervises personnel records management and oversees required personnel records management program.
25. Develops and maintain systems for retrieval of information in support of programs.
26. Compiles, maintains, files, and secures all physical and computerized reports, records, and other required documents.

Personnel Staff/Training and Evaluation:

27. Recruits, trains, and supervises department staff and make recommendations relative to personnel placement, assignment, retention, discipline and termination.
28. Evaluates job performance of department staff to ensure effectiveness.
29. Develops training options and improvement plans for department staff to ensure the department's effective operation.


30. Ensures that department operations contribute to the attainment of District goals and objectives.
31. Recommends policies that improve human resource related programs.
32. Attends board meetings regularly and makes presentations to the board.
33. Participates in professional development activities to maintain current knowledge of personnel rules, regulations and practices.
34. Maintains confidentiality of information.
35. Reports to work on time every day.
36. Performs additional duties and accepts other responsibilities as may be assigned.

- Knowledge of the selection, training and supervision of personnel
- Knowledge of wage and salary administration
- Knowledge of employee relations matters
- Knowledge of workers' compensation regulations
- Knowledge of FMLA and other leave policies
- Knowledge of school employment law and hearing procedures
- Knowledge of return to work laws and policies
- Strong communication, public relations and interpersonal skills
- Ability to interpret policy, procedures and data
- Valid Texas Drivers License with driving record that meets the requirements of the District


While all applications will be reviewed, not all applicants will be interviewed.


Human Resources
Record Request Form

8961 Tesoro Dr, Suite 200
San Antonio, Texas 78217

Phone: (210) 407-0188
Fax: (210) 804-7056

8961 Tesoro Dr, Suite 200
San Antonio, Texas 78217

Phone: (210) 407-0188
Fax: (210) 804-7056

Thank you. Your request has been successfully submitted. Due to the time required to process final payments and leave balances, employees separating from the district will experience a delay in receiving a final official service record.
NEISD Human Resources

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NEISD considers its employees to be its most valuable resource. As a result, the District is committed to identifying and implementing strategies that will allow for the retention of a highly competent workforce. The use of separation interviews as a tool for gathering information regarding the experience of employees leaving the organization is critical in the development and implementation of recruitment and retention strategies. In order to facilitate the collection of information, the District has developed a separation process to be used by all District departments.

Submitting a Resignation or Retirement

1. Prior to submitting a resignation online, an employee should inform their direct supervisor.

2. Log in to Employee Center

3. Under Employee > Manage My Profile, click on Update Personal Information

4. Click on Edit Profile, then the Resign button at the top of the page

5. Fill in all required fields.

Reason = If you are retiring via TRS or ERS, use the R-Retirement reason and enter a retirement date. This is how you indicate your intentions to retire to the district. Otherwise, choose the most appropriate reason.

Resignation Date = Last day of work

Date of Notice = Today's date

6. When the request has been received and approved by your manager and Human Resources, you will receive an email confirmation.

Exit Survey

Employees resigning from the District are offered the opportunity to participate in a voluntary and confidential exit survey regarding the employee’s experience during their employment and to help improve our recruitment and retention of staff.  Upon submitting a resignation, employees will also be prompted to complete an online Exit Survey. All exit survey data will be maintained confidentially by the Human Resources Department.

Helpful Links

End of Employment Checklist

TRS – Planning Your Retirement

Social Security and TRS

Social Security Administration

NEISD Benefits Information for Retirees

NEISD Payroll Information for Retirees

COBRA Benefits for Separated Employees

Request Service Records

Safety and Security at NEISD

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