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Fresh Clean Tees Review

Today we are bringing you our Fresh Clean Tees Review. If you’ve been on any social media site, you’ve probably seen a ton of t-shirt startups popping up and wondered, “Are these shirts any good?” Well, let’s dive into our full Fresh Clean Tees Review to find out if there is really such a thing as an awesome t-shirt for less than $

Fresh Clean Tees Review: What you need to know

Fresh Clean Tees Review: What we love and 1 style we hate. 2

“Hey, what T-Shirt are you wearing in your videos?”

Fresh Clean Tees Review: What we love and 1 style we hate. 3

Now, we’ve had a couple of people comment on our videos and review before and asked, “Hey, what shirt is that you’re wearing all the time?”

I’m actually wearing the Buck Mason Vintage Tri-Blend Tee (see our full Buck Mason Review and our Buck Mason T-Shirt Review). I wear it in a lot of videos because it’s nice, easy, and comfortable.

It’s decent looking – but not distracting. It’s also really high quality. So let’s compare Fresh Clean Tees to what I consider the gold standard of t-shirts: Buck Mason. Fresh Clean Tees sent me a couple of shirts for me to review. I loved some and hates some. So, let’s dive right in.

Fresh Clean Tees Review: What is it?

Fresh Clean Tees Review: What we love and 1 style we hate. 5

What is Fresh Clean Tees? They opened their virtual doors back in by a husband and wife team. They knew the men’s basic market was flawed. They found many great shirts that fit well and looked good, but they retailed for over 30 bucks, but some t-shirts retail for over $50! That’s crazy!

There are some cheaper tees out there – but they were poorly made, don’t fit, and came part after a few washes. They also had no consistency. So the husband and wife duo decided to make Fresh Clean Tees. Their tees are a 60/40 cotton/poly blend. That means their shirts are 60% cotton, 40% polyester. It lets the shirts be nice and airy and comfortable and also stylish.

Fresh Clean Tees Review: What we tried – and loved

Fresh Clean Tees Review: Classic Crew

This is their classic crew neck shirt. On their website, they say they wanted to call this the “Mark Zuckerberg crew neck,” but they decided not to poke the bear. This is a really nice soft t-shirt. I think it is actually slightly lighter than the Buck Mason T-shirt, which I like.

It’s got a good, nice shape. You can see it’s a little bit wrinkled, but this is fresh out of the box. No irony, no cleaning. It is a great, nice, soft T-shirt and I like it.

Fresh Clean Tees Review: Classic Crew in Sand

This is the same Crew Neck Fresh Clean Tee in Sand. I usually don’t like light-colored t-shirts because my chest hair can poke through, and you can kind of see the chest hair (TMI, I know). But with the Fresh Clean Tees shirt, it doesn’t happen, which is great.

Polos, Hoodies and Henley: Oh my!

Fresh Clean Tees Review: What we love and 1 style we hate. 6

In addition to the Fresh Clean Tees, well, T-shirts, we’ve also tried their Fresh Clean Tee Polo (read our full Fresh Clean Tee Polo Review), the Fresh Clean Tee Henley, and some of the Fresh Clean Tee Hoodies (read everything in our Fresh Clean Hoodies Review).

One of the most amazing things: the Fresh Clean Tees Polo is only $25! That’s an incredible deal. Shop the Fresh Clean Tee Polos here.

Fresh Clean Tees: What we hated

Fresh Clean Tees Review: Longline

Now let’s move to something that we didn’t like, I don’t use the word “hate” very often, but I really hated the Fresh Clean Tees Longline Shirt. Want the simple Fresh Clean Tees Longline Review? They are simply awful. They are too long. That’s all I have to say about that.

I don’t know if Fresh Clean Tees is trying to have more of a Curved Hem like Buck Mason, but these are too long.

The Longline Tee might be going to my wife to wear with some leggings or as a dress. The Split Hem in the t-shirt made it even worse.

Pass. Pass. Pass. Did we say we didn’t like these yet?

Fresh Clean Tees Review: Sizing

I wear a size medium in just about every single t-shirt and every single polo shirt that I own. I also wear a size medium in Fresh Clean Tees. They run true to size before washing. Since they aren’t % Cotton, I don’t think they will shrink much.

Fresh Clean Tees: The Materials

Fresh Clean Tees Review: The Materials

As I mentioned before, the Fresh Clean Tees are made from a 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester blend. They almost apologize for it on the website, but the blend is really what makes their products great. A % cotton t-shirt will shrink. % Cotton T-Shirts can have all sorts of different issues. However, the poly blend really does add a nice touch to it.

As I mentioned earlier, I love the Buck Mason shirts. For comparison, Buck Mason Tees are 50% polyester, 38% cotton, and 12% rayon (synthetic silk). So, Fresh Clean Tees aren’t the only T-Shirt Company doing a cotton/poly blend. The combination actually makes it really nice and lightweight, breathable, and I really liked how it feels. It’s really soft.

When you see items with multiple fabrics, they are typically trying to get the best from all of them – the softness of Cotton, the breathability and structure of polyester, etc.

Our Favorite Part of Fresh Clean Tees: The price!

Fresh Clean Tees Review : How much are they?

Now it is time for our favorite part of Fresh Clean Tees: the price. You can not beat the price of Fresh Clean Tees. They retail for $ Compare that to Buck Mason, which retails for about $25+. Other clothing brands have t-shirts that are $60+ (I’m looking at your, Goodlife!), which is just crazy to me.

You can also use our exclusive, Fresh Clean Tees promo code.

Do you want to save even more? You can save even more by having your t-shirts delivered automatically. So, for example:

  • You can get what they call the Foundation 3-Pack pack for $ That’s just $ a shirt, which is a steal!
  • You can use our Fresh Clean Tees Promo code and save an additional 15%: that makes it about $ a shirt!
  • That’s an incredible deal for some high-quality shirts.

If you’re running a little low on the shirt department, this is a great way to keep your closet stocked with some great basics and some comfortable tees. You won’t have a problem wearing these shirts out and about or around the house.

Fresh Clean Tees Review: The Final Verdict?

If you are looking for a great t-shirt, check out Fresh Clean Tees. Their tees aren’t flashy or crazy. They don’t have a “killer feature” (except the price!).

But you will find a super comfortable shirt you can wear out and about but also wear at home and not feel like you’re wearing an expensive t-shirt you can’t get dirty.

Oh, we almost forgot; how do they hold up to Buck Mason? We think they are pretty comparable! You can’t beat the price of Fresh Clean Tees, especially in a three-pack with our Fresh Clean Tees Promo Code. If Buck Mason is a /10 – we give Fresh Clean Tees a solid 9! Pretty close!

Be sure to check out Fresh Clean Tees and be sure to use our promo code.

Do you have any questions about Fresh Clean Tees? Let us know! You might also be interested in checking out our Perk T-Shirt Review. The Perk Tee is more expensive (at $35 – but we’ve got a Perk Clothing Promo Code, too) – find out if it’s worth the extra price in our honest Perk Shirt Review.



About Fresh Clean Tees

Fresh Clean Tees Review

Finding a basic but high-quality tee for a reasonable price is surprisingly more complicated than it seems. Fresh Clean Tees was created with the intention of helping men look and feel good in their T-shirts without breaking the bank. Available in various colors and styles, the brand’s tees are made to be super-soft, look stylish, and feel comfortable. 

This Fresh Clean Tees review should also note that the brand has dedicated itself to doing its part for the planet, using % recyclable packaging and eliminating all single-use plastic. On top of that, Fresh Clean Tees donates a percentage of each sale to the Surfrider Foundation to help protect the US coastline and preserve the ocean’s ecosystem. 

Fresh Clean Tees has a solid following of K on Instagram and over 32K likes on Facebook. The brand’s founders also made an appearance on the brand-new HGTV show Self-Made Mansions, hosted by Clinton Kelly. 

This Fresh Clean Tees review will give you the scoop on the brand and its products, as well as customer ratings, discounts and promotions, and more to help you decide if these are the tees for you. 

Overview of Fresh Clean Tees

Fresh Clean Tees Review

Recognizing the minimal options on the market for high-quality men’s T-shirts, the husband-and-wife team of Matthew and Melissa Parvis launched Fresh Clean Tees in from their San Diego garage, with a mission to “create quality men&#;s basics to help men look good and feel great.” 

Fresh Clean Tees’ goal is to meet a consistent premium standard for all its many colors and varieties of tees, so that customers can stock up on these essentials in bulk. But it isn’t just about the shirts: the company is also committed to reducing the waste and pollution created by the global fashion industry by using sustainable practices, giving back, and paying it forward.

Fresh Clean Tees Review

Before getting any further into this Fresh Clean Tees review, let&#;s look at some of the prominent highlights about the company. 


  • Variety of different colors and style options
  • Option to purchase individual products or subscribe to bundles
  • Affordable price point compared to competitors
  • Free shipping for orders $75 and over to US and Puerto Rico, and orders $ and over for Canada
  • day guarantee

Being basic doesn’t mean being cheap. Fresh Clean Tees aims to give your everyday apparel a luxury feel without breaking your bank account. Stay tuned as this Fresh Clean Tees review dives into the brand’s range of products and bundle offers.

Fresh Clean Tees Basic Tees Review

All Fresh Clean Tees V-necks, crewnecks, and Henleys are made from a super-soft blend of ringspun cotton and polyester, which helps them maintain their shape and color. Whether worn on their own or as part of a layered look, these tees will make you look and feel great.

This Fresh Clean Tees review will now go over some of the brand&#;s bestselling basics so you can decide what shirt style works best for you. If you’re looking for Fresh Clean Tees with pockets, you can check out the Pocket Tees section of the brand website.

Fresh Clean Tees Black & White 3-Pack Review 

Fresh Clean Tees Review

A good black or white tee is a necessity in everyone&#;s wardrobe because they&#;re super-versatile: whether you’re rocking one with a sharp blazer or your favourite given-up-on-the-day lounge pants, it’s got you covered in every situation. Back up your basics with the Black & White 3-Pack subscription, which gives you a trio of tees every month.

Choose either V-neck or crewneck, select your size (from S to 3XL), and then decide on the term of your subscription (one, two, or three months). Whatever length of time you go for, the Black & White 3-Pack subscription is $44/month.

Fresh Clean Tees Basic 5-Pack Review 

Fresh Clean Tees Review

Get all the colors of the monochrome rainbow with the Basic 5-Pack. This step up from the 3-pack not only gives you your beloved black and white, but also no less than three shimmery shades of glorious grey: silver strand, charcoal, and heather grey.

The Basic 5-Pack comes in either crewneck or V-neck options, and ranges in size from S to 3XL. Unlike the 3-pack, this set is available as either a one-time purchase or a 1- to 3-month subscription. Whichever purchase option you choose, the Fresh Clean Tees 5 Pack is currently on sale for $75, originally $85.

Fresh Clean Tees Long Sleeves Review

Let&#;s move this Fresh Clean Tees review along and lay into the long sleeves. These classic-looking and super-comfortable shirts look equally great when worn on their own or with a jacket, and they’re a particularly great addition to your wardrobe for the colder months of the year.

This Fresh Clean Tees review will now dive into some of the brand’s bestsellers in this category.

Fresh Clean Tees Loma Hoodie Long Sleeve Review 

Fresh Clean Tees Review

Know those frustrating days when it&#;s too cold for a T-shirt but too warm for a sweater? Beat that cursed in-between weather with the perfect in-between garment: the Loma Hoodie Long Sleeve is a lightweight tee that’ll keep you cool when the sun comes out, and lets you flip up the attached hood when those sudden cold breezes start whipping down the street.

Available in vintage black or earth-colored Military, the Loma Hoodie Long Sleeve comes in sizes S to 2XL and will run you $32.

Fresh Clean Tees Grey Long Sleeve Henley Review

Fresh Clean Tees Review

Get optimal comfort and effortless style with the Long Sleeve Henley. The crewneck with three-button placket lets you choose whether to stay buttoned up or show a tantalizing tuft of chest hair, and the hemmed cuffs look great whether they’re hugging your wrists or casually pulled up to your forearms.

This shirt’s soft material and timelessly casual style make for a super-chill outfit that you won&#;t want to change out of. For warmer days, though, you can switch it up for the Fresh Clean Tees short sleeve Henley. The Long Sleeve Henley is available in four colors (black, white, grey, and navy), and goes for $28.

Fresh Clean Tees Black Zip-Up Hoodie Review

Fresh Clean Tees Review

A good hoodie is absolutely crucial for the fall and winter months, whether you’re chilling at home or getting chilled by gusting winds. The Black Zip-Up Hoodie comes equipped with every hoodie essential: a jersey-lined hood with a flat drawstring, ribbed waistband and cuffs, and a large front pocket.

Warm and comfortable, you can wear this hoodie on its own or layer it with your favorite Fresh Clean Tee. The Black Zip-Up Hoodie is currently on sale for $38, regular $48. The same design is also available in maroon, steel grey, navy, and forest green.

Fresh Clean Tees Forest Green Pullover Hoodie Review 

Fresh Clean Tees Review

If you&#;re looking for premium comfort and the epitome of softness, this is the hoodie you&#;ve been searching for. The Forest Green Pullover Hoodie is the perfect addition to your casual standbys, warm enough for hibernating at home or braving the elements in those cold winter months. 

This warm hug of a hoodie is on sale for $38, down from $48.

Fresh Clean Tees Classic Crew Sweatshirt Review 

Fresh Clean Tees Review

Another sweater that hits it out of the park is the Classic Crew Sweatshirt. Incredibly snug and comfortable, this sweatshirt has a slightly slimmer fit that will nicely complement the build of athletic guys. It also makes this a great unisex option for the lady in your life, when she insists on appropriating your tops.

That slim fit also gives this sweatshirt a touch of style, so you can wear it wherever you please without looking out of place. Choose from black, charcoal, pine, or maroon, and grab the Classic CrewSweatshirt for $38 (originally $48).

Fresh Clean Tees Fleece Bomber Jacket Review 

Fresh Clean Tees Review

No need to sacrifice comfort for fashion: the Fleece Bomber Jacket is a slick sweater-jacket hybrid that keeps you cozy while looking super-sharp. It’s great for pairing with one of your Fresh Clean Tees crewnecks, Henleys, or V-necks. 

Get the new staple of your fall wardrobe for $43, originally $54.

Fresh Clean Tees Basic 3-Pack Crew Socks Review

Fresh Clean Tees Review

The Basic 3-Pack Crew Socks are like a soft, cozy sweater for your feet. The three-pack gives you these foot fundamentals in black, white, and grey. They hit mid-calf and provide snugness and security from ankles to toes with their ribbed arch support. 

Made from high-quality yarn, these socks mold themselves closely to your feet to eliminate any chance of chafing. The Basic 3-Pack Crew Socks retails for $18.

Fresh Clean Tees Subscription Review 

Fresh Clean Tees Review

If you dig Fresh Clean Tees products, you can keep your closet updated by subscribing to the items you know and love. When you&#;re a member, you can benefit from the best price per shirt, have early access to new releases and limited-edition colors, and receive free shipping in the US.

The Fresh Clean Tees Subscription allows you to select 3-pack, 5-pack, or individual tees. You have the option to switch up your pack, skip a renewal, and add more items! It&#;s all straightforward and simple to manage, and you can make any adjustments you need in the member portal.

This Fresh Clean Tees review found that when you subscribe, you save. Membership pricing varies depending on your subscription choices. 

Will Fresh Clean Tees Shrink?

Fresh Clean Tees Review

If you don&#;t take proper care of your clothing items, chances are they won&#;t hold up as well as you&#;d want. Fresh Clean Tees come pre-shrunk, but even so, you might still see a bit of shrinkage depending on your wash process. It&#;s advised to wash these tees in cold water and follow up with either air drying or a low tumble dry.

The company uses % cotton for longlines and pocket tees, which tends to shrink a little more. For this reason, the brand recommends always washing in cold water, with little to no heat afterward. Hang these tees to dry if you can—and if not, just be cautious of your dryer settings!

If the shirts shrink more than they should, Fresh Clean Tees will stand by their day guarantee and replace them for you. Just contact their customer support, and they&#;d be happy to assist you.

How Does Fresh Clean Tees Subscription Work?

Fresh Clean Tees Review

Fresh Clean Tees offers a subscription option for club members, which allows them to set up recurring T-shirt purchases for $44. If you don&#;t feel like subscribing, the company also offers one-time product purchases.

Fresh Clean Tees t shirt subscriptions let you choose your pack type, neck style, and whether you want a new pack every one, two, or three months. Subscriptions provide you with the best price per shirt, as well as free shipping. 

Fresh Clean Tees Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Fresh Clean Tees Review

In search of helpful feedback, this Fresh Clean Tees review browsed the web for customer reviews to give us more insight into the brand&#;s product quality and customer service. We came across ratings on the brand&#;s website, TrustPilot, and Reddit that we share with you below.

On the company&#;s website, Fresh Clean Tees scored an excellent average of /5 stars based on 8, reviews. One customer summed up the general feeling when he testified that the products he received lived up to the brand&#;s claims, saying: 

&#;I&#;m really happy with my shirts&#; I&#;ve seen them advertised and was always skeptical about ordering because it&#;s never the same experience as the advertisement .. I&#;m extremely satisfied that the shirts are just as they say !!&#;

Fresh Clean Tees Review

Another customer gave details on the fit, saying that&#;I&#;m lb and I love the medium fit [its] roomy [and] gives me the flexibility to do whatever I need to do [in] it without feeling confined [or] constricted [and it] holds its shape well [plus, the] color is great [&#;].&#;

An additional reviewer helped clear up concerns aboutshrinkage. The customer wrote, &#;Went a size up thinking the shirts may shrink some. They don&#;t. [The] Next batch ordered fit perfect. Overall this is a great product that&#;s worth the price!&#;

On TrustPilot, Fresh Clean Tees has only five reviews with a /5-star overall rating. A happy customer stated how thrilled they were with the exchange process and the responsiveness of the brand’s customer service. 

&#;Awesome company. [I] Ordered my first shirts, they were soft, comfortable, just a bit big. I ordered XXL which is normally what I get, but the way they design the fit, i needed one size smaller, I couldn&#;t believe how easy it was to exchange the shirts for a smaller size,&#; the reviewer recounted.

Fresh Clean Tees Review

One Reddit user wrote, &#;I ordered 5 shirts from Fresh Clean Tees a couple weeks ago and felt like I got a good deal based on the quality. I really like the fit and length. Wish I would have seen this a couple weeks ago though lol. Gonna order some of these to compare.&#;

Fresh Clean Tees Review

A further commenter added,&#;Nextlevel can be amazing. Got a free shirt from a company that used them [and] it&#;s one of my favorite pajama shirts.&#;

Overall, it seems as though most Fresh Clean Tees customers are satisfied with their purchase. The fit appears to be great, as does the comfort and quality. There were also positive notes about the exchange policy and customer service. 

Although the company might use a wholesaler, people still seem to support the quality regardless. So, what do customers think? The majority would agree to purchase from Fresh Clean Tees again.

Is Fresh Clean Tees Worth It?

Fresh Clean Tees Review

For easy, basic, premium-quality men&#;s t-shirts at an affordable price, this Fresh Clean Tees review deems the brand worth it. Based on the higher-than-average customer ratings, the brand’s flexible subscription program and day guarantee, as well as its charitable donations, Fresh Clean Tees seems to be a wholesome company. 

The brand appears to have proven itself a reliable source of quality clothing that offers a great price point compared to competitors. When a brand&#;s mission and customer service back up their product, that&#;s what stands out. 

The brand carries inclusive sizes, as well as longer styles for tall men. They also provide free US shipping options, as well as great sales and additional discounts. For these reasons, this Fresh Clean Tees review believes their tees are worth the try. 

Fresh Clean Tees Promotions & Discounts 

Fresh Clean Tees Review

At the time of this Fresh Clean Tees review, we found a couple of promotions and discounts available: 

  • Text the Fresh Clean Tees discount code INSTAFRESH to for 10% off on your first order
  • Save 15% on your first order with code FRESH15 at checkout

To see when Fresh Clean Tees is offering exclusive discounts and coupons, sign up for the brand’s e-newsletter subscription.

The company website also features an exclusive Last Chance Collection that offers discounts on items leaving their shop for good. You can save on all sorts of tees, from crewnecks and V-necks to pocket tees and long-sleeve items, as well as Fresh Clean Tees tank tops and sweatshirts. 

You can also tack on additional promo codes to these discounted items, which really takes your savings to the next level.

Where To Buy Fresh Clean Tees

Fresh Clean Tees Review

You can purchase Fresh Clean Tees products directly from the company website, You have the option of buying a subscription or individual items.


Fresh Clean Tees Review

Where is Fresh Clean Tees located?

Fresh Clean Tees products are designed by the company&#;s product developers in San Diego, where the brand was founded. The shirts are produced in various factories in Latin America, including Guatemala and Honduras, as well as in the Philippines. 

Are Fresh Clean Tees too long?

Fresh Clean Tees&#; longline style features three extra inches of length, plus a curved hem. This length may be considered too long for some people, while it could be perfect for others; it ultimately boils down to personal preference and body shape.

How much is Fresh Clean Tees subscription?

The Fresh Clean Tees price for their Members Only Subscription 3-packs is $44 per order. You have the option of signing up for monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly deliveries.

What sizes does Fresh Clean Tees have? 

Fresh Clean Tees run from size S to 3XL. The brand’s long sleeves, Henleys, tanks, and outerwear range from size S to 2XL.

How do I cancel my Fresh Clean Tees subscription?

You&#;re not tied down to your tees; you can feel free to cancel your Fresh Clean Tees subscription at any time. To cancel your subscription, log into your account and follow these steps:

  1. Locate your upcoming order
  2. Click on the product or set you&#;re looking to cancel 
  3. Click the option to “edit product” and then click “remove product”
  4. Provide your reason for cancellation
  5. Lastly, click “cancel subscription” 

For additional help, you can email the company&#;s customer service team before your next renewal and they&#;d be happy to help.

What is Fresh Clean Tees&#; Shipping Policy?

This Fresh Clean Tees review found that the company delivers to the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada. You can receive free shipping in the US and Puerto Rico on orders of $75 and over, and for Canadian orders of $ and over. 

Your order will usually be processed in 1 business day. Standard delivery takes up to 7 business days, and expedited delivery will take a maximum of 3 business days.  

What is Fresh Clean Tees&#; Return Policy?

If you&#;d like to return items to Fresh Clean Tees, you&#;ll have to reach out to their customer service team within days after receiving your order. The company provides a day guarantee on their products, meaning that if your shirt doesn&#;t meet your expectations, you can get a replacement or refund at no extra cost.

How to Contact Fresh Clean Tees Customer Service 

To get hold of the customer service team, email them at [email&#;protected] You can also use the live chat on, or send a message via the contact page.

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Very nice soft shirts!

I just got my second order from them. Was really pleased with the quality and softness of the shirts. They aren't the best shirts I own, but its nice to have a good option when looking for blank tees.

Almost Scammed

Fresh Clean Tees is a scam

Fresh Clean Tees is nothing more than a business based on essentially a couple of scalpers. They buy plain wholesale t-shirts from brands like Next Level Apparel, remove their tags, print their own, then sell as-is at an outrageous markup. You can get most of their shirts straight from the source for like $4-$5.

Awesome company

Awesome company. Ordered my first shirts, they were soft, comfortable, just a bit big. I ordered XXL which is normally what I get, but the way they design the fit, i needed one size smaller, I couldn't believe how easy it was to exchange the shirts for a smaller size.

I dropped off my shirts at a happy return location, and before I got back to my car, I had an email confirming my exchange was processed.


Shady company with bad customer service

Horrible shady company with bad customer service. They do not guarantee their products. They will not exchange sale items. You won't really find this info unless you read thoroughly. If you're used to shopping at online clothing stores that want to make you a happy customer, avoid this company. They appear to have started out ripping tags off another manufacture's shirts and printing their own name on it like they made the shirt themselves. That should tell you everything you need to know.

Good business model but sketchy

Good business model - t-shirts are hard to find. 3 big issues off the start.

1. The site says CAD but charges in USD. So if you buy a $28 CAD shirt, it's actually $28 USD, making it nearly $45 CAD.

2. The description of the site doesn't say what size the model is wearing. Most sites do.

3. Shipping is $ I currently get my t-shirts from sites and they're free shipping. You can ship a t-shirt from USA to Canada for about $3 with an account at DHL. Big rip off here.

4. The spinning coupon widget on the site always gives 10% off. It's rigged to land there. I've tried it 4 times and it never goes to 5% off, 15% off or free shipping.

Overall I would like to try their t-shirts but there's too many red flags off the start.

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The Best Tee Shirt for Dad Bods - Fresh Clean Tees Review

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Fresh Clean Tees Review \u0026 Try-On (Pocket Tee, V-Neck, Henley, Sweatshirt, Tank)

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