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    Aegean Weave Plain by Wallace Sterling Silver Flatware Set For 12 Service 67 Pcs
  • Grande Baroque by Wallace Sterling Silver Flatware Set For 12 Service 96 Pieces
    Grande Baroque by Wallace Sterling Silver Flatware Set For 12 Service 96 Pieces
  • Rose Point by Wallace Sterling Silver Dinner Size Flatware Set Service 77 Pieces
    Rose Point by Wallace Sterling Silver Dinner Size Flatware Set Service 77 Pieces
  • Sir Christopher by Wallace Sterling Silver Flatware Set For 12 Service 65 Pieces
    Sir Christopher by Wallace Sterling Silver Flatware Set For 12 Service 65 Pieces
  • Grande Baroque by Wallace Sterling Silver Flatware Set 12 Service 76 pcs Dinner
    Grande Baroque by Wallace Sterling Silver Flatware Set 12 Service 76 pcs Dinner
  • Romance of the Sea by Wallace Sterling Silver Flatware Set Service 79 Pieces
    Romance of the Sea by Wallace Sterling Silver Flatware Set Service 79 Pieces

The 5 most valuable sought after sterling silver flatware patterns

Sterling silver dinnerware has a prestigious history, and sterling silver flatware is crucial to an antique sterling silver set. Beyond the use at the dinner table, the shape and beauty of sterling silver flatware, they are collectibles that can be very valuable. Typically, sterling silver flatware is passed down from generation to generation in families, or they can sometimes be purchased from an antique seller or buyer.

Sterling Silver Flatware Pattern

In many countries around the world, sterling silver flatware is associated with elegance, and sometimes even royalty. For many years, sterling silver flatware was considered essential to setting the table at a formal event. Flatware usually refers to the utensils used in a dining set. This includes spoons, forks, knives, and serving pieces. Check out some of the five most valuable sought after sterling silver flatware patterns.

1. Grand Baroque by Wallace

Grand Baroque by Wallace


The Grande Baroque sterling silver flatware is a pattern that is produced by Wallace Silversmiths. The pattern was specifically created by William S. Warren, in Overall, it took Warren four years to develop and perfect this pattern and he did so with the mission of the design “to reflect the very essence of merriment and adventure, of artistic progress.”

When Warren originally began designing the pattern, the intent was that it was only meant to be a flatware pattern but then, later on, hollowware was added to the collection line. Then, once the demand for the Grand Baroque pattern increased, a Golden Grande Baroque was introduced. Besides the traditional place settings in lunch, dinner, and continental size, there are now over a hundred flatware pieces in the Grand Baroque pattern.

2. Repousse by Stieff

Repousse sterling silver flatware pattern

The sterling silver flatware pattern Repoussé by Stieff was introduced in The hollowware pattern Repoussé was introduced in and features an intricate floral design along its entire stem and handle. To develop the design that made the Repoussé pattern so unique, the relief design, the pattern has to be pressed through the back of the item. This pattern was named after the art of repoussé (the process of embossing metal from the back by hammering), originally used in European silversmithing. What is also a key trait in this pattern is that Repousse sterling silver flatware pattern is flat on the opposite side. Because of the intricacy of the pattern and the work that it takes to develop the flatware, the Repousse by Stieff is highly desired and sought after.

3. Francis 1st by Reed & Barton


Francis 1st by Reed & Barton

The Francis 1st by Reed & Barton flatware pattern is an American sterling silver tableware pattern, that was introduced in The Francis 1st pattern was designed by Ernest Meyer, a French silversmith. The pattern was named after King Francis I of France. Meyer’s goal was to create a pattern that surpassed the Renaissance-Baroque metalwork of Benvenuto Cellini. Cellini was a court artist and sculptor in the court of King Francis I, who ascended the French throne in

Identifying the Francis 1st pattern relies on the uniqueness of the design. Unlike many other flatware patterns, the Francis 1st pattern has fifteen different fruit-and-flower clusters and each of the handles contains one of these detailed designs. Many claims that the design idea was inspired by many tableware patterns of the Italian silver manufacturer, Cesa
To identify the pattern, the original backstamp featured a lion, an eagle, and the letter “R.” Around a new back stamp was used and that read “Reed and Barton.&#;

4. Eloquence Sterling by Lunt

Eloquence Sterling by Lunt

Lunt Silversmiths sterling silver is known for the unique design elegance that its patterns have and it has been part of the Lunt family heritage since the early s in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Beyond the elegance, Lunt sterling silver has a variety of patterns over years of existence, all patterns representing outstanding quality and craftsmanship, like their Eloquence sterling silver pattern. Eloquence was debuted in , and it is considered a&#;flagship&#; pattern for Lunt. The pattern consists of wonderfully ornate handles that are pierced in four places, which isolates the plain center, making it stand out in elegance.

Lunt and Bowlen Company took over A.F. Towle Co. in , which had original sterling patterns dating back to that became a part of Lunt sterling flatware. In , they changed their name to Lunt Silversmiths.

5. King Richard by Towle

King Richard by Towle


The design inspiration for the King Richard pattern by Towle, shields carried by knights, comes from the Crusades. Because of that design inspiration, it is fitting that the richly ornamented King Richard pattern is named after the most famous Crusader of all, Richard the Lion-Hearted. The pattern was developed in of sterling and doesn’t have any monograms.

The sterling silver King Richard set consists of a pointed oval top and a richly ornamented shield in the center of the handle. The design of the handle takes so much time to be modeled that it seems to be more deeply and finely carved than any pattern that is comparable. King Richard&#;s design inspiration simply sets it apart from all other decorated patterned sterling silver.

If you have any of the sets listed above, it is important to note that the full sets will fetch more money than an incomplete set and that extra pieces are a plus. Furthermore, the condition of your sets is key to getting the best price. Monograms tend to devalue a set. With those notes in mind, as a leading Antique Buyer, we are happy to take a look at any antiques that you may have for appraisal and value. Our expert team is well-versed in many different antiques from all over the world and we frequently visit places like Osprey, Englewood, and Ellenton. We buy antiques of all variety. If you want to know the value of your antiques, bring them in for appraisal and we can tell you all about the sets that you have.

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Who makes Wallace flatware?

Wallace Silversmiths Inc.
FounderRobert Wallace
ParentLifetime Brands

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Herein, is Wallace flatware good quality?

Up to date, Wallace remains as one of the best manufacturers of flatware and it does not show any signs of dropping down the pecking order. Superior quality 18/10 stainless steel construction: Enables the set to meet the most demanding standards for durability and strength.

Also, is Wallace silver worth anything? Wallace silver is around for more than years and very well known in the US. Founded in , the “Wallace Silversmiths” soon became an important manufacturer for silverware. Wallace silverware made during the last 80 years is usually not extremely valuable and priced by the current silver value.

Just so, is Wallace Sterling real silver?

Wallace opened his own workshop in , focusing on silver spoons. The following year, Wallace approached German chemist Louis Feuchtwanger to learn more about the durable metal called “German silver.” Also known as nickel silver, the alloy's principal component is copper and, in fact, it contains no silver at all.

What is the best silverware quality?

First, stainless steel is the best silverware material due to its durability. Specifically, you should look for 18/10 stainless steel. The "18/10" refers to the 18% chromium and 10% nickel used in the steel composition. Nickel is valued for its resistance to corrosion and rust.

How Much Is Sterling Silver Flatware Worth?

Have you inherited a set of antique silverware and are wondering if it’s worth anything? Perhaps you’ve come across various sets of flatware at estate sales or thrift stores and wondered if you should purchase it to resell to a collector. Knowing some of the most valuable patterns and sets can be helpful if you’re thinking about selling your silver. Here are some of these patterns you might want to look for.

Antique Tea sets

The Wallace Grand Baroque Pattern

One good example of a set of silver that is worth a nice amount of money is the Wallace Grand Baroque pattern. You may find a standard set of four pieces (fork, salad fork, teaspoon, and knife) of this pattern selling for several hundred dollars. Like most silver sets, there are additional pieces available such as soup spoons, butter knives, and cocktail forks. There are a number of different factors that will determine the overall price you can sell a set of this silver for.

Tea set

Other Patterns to Look For

There are many other patterns you should look for if you want to make a nice profit by reselling silver. Here are a few of them:

  • Audubon by Tiffany – this pattern was produced during the s. In addition to sterling silver, a gold-plated version of the Audubon pattern is also available.
  • Reed and Barton St. Frances – Reed and Barton began producing sterling silver sets in the s. Their older sets are highly sought after, especially since the company went bankrupt in
  • Rose by Stieff – Stieff, now called Kirk-Stieff, produced a number of patterns. Their most famous is the Maryland or Stieff Rose pattern, a unique print that has been manufactured since
  • Cactus by George Jensen – this art Deco pattern was mainly produced during the s and 30s.
  • Grand Victoria by Wallace – while not the pattern that made Wallace a true name in the silver industry, the Grand Victoria is still very popular among collectors.

a Tiffany mark

What Makes a Set a Gold Mine?

How do you know if you’ve got a truly collectable set of silverware or if you have something that’s best used at your next family gathering? There are a number of things to take into account. A few pieces of Rose by Stieff may sell fairly well to someone who needs to complete their set, but overall, collectors generally want full sets. A set of Audubon by Tiffany that’s polished, unbent, and undamaged will, naturally, fetch a higher price than a set with rust and obvious heavy use.

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Wallace worth is anything silver

For collectors and silver enthusiasts, Wallace sterling silver offers something truly special. This silver company has a fascinating history and an array of beautiful patterns to suit every taste - from the ornate, like its Sir Christoper or Grand Baroque lines, to the simple, such as Cardinale or Palatina. Discover what makes Wallace silverware special and how to tell if a piece is valuable.

Fascinating History of Wallace Silver

Robert Wallace began his career as an apprentice for Meriden Brittania Company in Connecticut, but in , he left Meriden Brittania to start his own firm, specializing just in spoons. The company was then known as R. Wallace and Sons Manufacturing Company.

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Earliest Pieces of "German Silver"

Wallace's main early commercial successes weren't sterling silver flatware, but rather, the more affordable alternative for the middle and lower-middle classes: "german silver", a nickel and copper alloy that contains no silver but imitates its look and feel very well. He expanded into complete place settings instead of just spoons and began extensive partnerships and production lines, becoming one of the largest flatware makers in the world.

Introduction of Sterling Silver Flatware Designs

It wasn't until that Wallace, then 60 years old, introduced the first Wallace sterling silver flatware lines: Hawthorne, The Crown, and St. Leon. When Robert Wallace died in , his sons (as well as his sons-in-law) led the business' continuing expansion in sterling silver, german silver, and silver plated steel.

s and s: Iconic Sterling Silver Flatware Designs

The company expanded aggressively into silver design in the s, introducing several new lines. These included Wallace Rose Point, Sir Christopher, and Stradivari. In the s, patterns like the popular Grand Baroque and Romance of the Sea made the Wallace name even more famous.

and After: Wallace Changes Hands

In , Hamilton Watch Company acquired Wallace Silversmiths (as it was then known), and was itself acquired by Katy Industries in In , Syratech acquired Katy Industries and moved Wallace to East Boston, near the original seat of American silver design and manufacturing. You can still purchase new Wallace sterling silver today, and the company is owned by Lifetime Brands.

Wallace Sterling Silver Marks to Know

If you're considering collecting Wallace silver, there are some important marks to understand. This table of Wallace sterling silver marks can help.

Wallace Mark Reference Picture Description
Initials and stag's head
Many pieces of antique Wallace silver feature the mark of a stag's head surrounded by the initials "RW" on the left and "&S" on the right for Robert Wallace and Sons.
Stylized W
Wallace also marked their silver with a letter "W" with the middle of the letter looking like crossed swords.
Some Wallace silver pieces are simply marked with the name "Wallace" in block capital letters.

How Can You Tell If Wallace Sterling Is Real Silver?

Because Wallace made items that were silver-plated or German/nickel silver, it's natural to wonder whether you're looking a piece that's real silver. Fortunately, silver manufacturers like Wallace marked their wares with the metal content. Sterling silver was the highest silver content used by Wallace, and it is % silver. If a piece is sterling silver, it will display one of the following marks:

  • Wallace sterling
  • Sterling
  • /
  • Sterling silver

How Is Wallace Silver Plate Marked?

Silver plate is a thin layer of silver over a less valuable base metal. Wallace also marked many of their silver plate pieces, so this can also help you determine whether an item is real silver. Look for the following statements stamped on the item:

  • "Wallace silver plate"
  • "Wallace silver plate on copper"
  • "EPNS by Wallace"
  • "Luxor plate - Wallace"

If a piece is unmarked, you should assume it is not sterling silver.

Popular Wallace Sterling Silver Patterns

During its long history, Wallace has made hundreds of sterling silver flatware patterns. However, a few are especially popular with people who collect antique silver. The value of these patterns varies depending on the value of silver metal content, but the values listed below are based on the sales price at Replacements, LTD.

Wallace Rose Point -

saw the first production of Rose Point, an elegant floral style that suggests lace or needlepoint work. The rose design appears to be suspended over a sunken area in the handle, producing a very striking effect. Depending on condition, a five-piece place setting of Rose Point can be worth between $ and $

Sir Christopher -

Two years later, in , Wallace released Sir Christopher, inspired by Sir Christopher Wren's architecture. The pattern features elaborate scrollwork and floral motifs meant to invoke the richness of an English country estate. A five-piece place setting can range from $ to $, depending on the age and condition.

Stradivari -

Stradivari, following in , is a much simpler design, with subtle, only slightly curving lines on the edges. This simplicity reflects the influence of Art Deco design, which focused on geometric motifs. Stradivari is a less expensive pattern, and a five-piece place setting in good condition can be worth between $ and $

Grand Baroque -

Wallace Grand Baroque is the company's most famous pattern, released in This design established Wallace not just as a producer but as a designer and is still one of the best-selling sterling silver designs in the United States. It is a very formal three-dimensional acanthus leaf design strongly influenced by the French late Renaissance and early Baroque style, but is not as cumbersome to handle as its rich and heavy design suggests. A five-piece place setting of Wallace Grand Baroque can be worth between $ and $

Romance of the Sea -

The Romance of the Sea, with a stylized sea shell design, could be either formal or less formal. This reflected the entertaining needs of the era and worked well in mid-century homes. A five-piece place setting is worth between $ and $

Finding the Value of Wallace Sterling Silver

If you have a piece of sterling silver flatware or even an entire service or collection, it's important to understand the value of your silver before you buy or sell your items. It's also good to make sure you know the value for insurance purposes. While the best way to do this is a professional appraisal, you can get a good sense of value using this process:

  • Identify the pattern - Take a look at the patterns listed on Replacements, LTD or another trustworthy source for antique silver flatware. Compare your pieces to determine which pattern you have.
  • Check the condition - Carefully examine your Wallace silver. Is it bent, scratched, over-polished, or damaged in another way? Does it have monograms? If it's marked or marred, this can decrease its value.
  • Compare it to recently sold pieces - Compare your item to similar pieces that have sold recently on auction sites. Don't use items that are currently for sale at auction, since the seller can ask any price for these. You can also check the price at retailers who specialize in flatware.

Buying and Selling Wallace Sterling Silver Flatware

Most Wallace designs, whether still in production or discontinued, are available from silver specialists. However, antique items are best found at the following sources:

  • Online auctions - Online auction sites, such as eBay, are a good place to look for vintage and antique Wallace sterling silver pieces. However, whether you buy or sell on eBay, beware of shipping charges and check the return policy. You want to be able to return the item if it doesn't meet your expectations.
  • Antique stores - You can also find Wallace pieces at local antique stores and resale shops. Antique stores have the advantage of letting you inspect before you buy and not having to worry about shipping costs. If you're selling at an antique store, you will usually pay a small commission.
  • Estate sales - Sometimes, an entire set of Wallace sterling silver can come up for sale at an estate sale or local auction. You may also find individual pieces there.

Preserving the Beauty of Your Wallace Sterling

If you want to preserve the beauty and value of your Wallace sterling silver pieces, it's important that you take good care of them. The patina, or subtle tarnishing in the recessed areas of a pattern, can add to the value of antique silver. When you polish your silver, do it gently to avoid removing the patina or damaging the metal. Then store your silver pieces carefully to avoid scratches. With a little extra care, your Wallace sterling will be just as gorgeous in decades to come as it is today.

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Is Silver About To Join The Commodity Super Cycle? What Impact Will Copper Have On Silver Prices?

How much is Wallace silverware worth?

Wallace Sterling Silver Spoons

Wallace silver spoons on dollar bills

How much is Wallace silverware worth?

Wallace silver has a turbulent but also innovative history. And its Prospect, CT born founder, Robert Wallace, was even more innovative. He bought the formula and rights to produce the first American made so-called &#;German Silver&#; what was a nickel-alloy and just perfect for silverware thanks to its strength and outstanding quality. Those items are obviously not very valuable these days because soon after inventing this new alloy, Wallace went to mass production.

In contrast to those mass products, solid silver-silverware was more rare and is still reflecting a nice value. Wallace did also lots of contract work for other companies and brands like Sir Christopher or Juneau Alaska. Later in the s, the company got re-branded into Wallace Brothers specializing in producing silver-plated items based on stainless steel. It was also later in the s that Wallace Brothers established the first sterling-silver product-line consisting of three different patterns. Wallace sterling silver from the earliest years can be very valuable and is sought after collectors. is able to identify very old Wallace silver and of course we pay much more than just the silver-value for those pieces. We use very old auction catalogs from the 19th century for literature comparison and research helping us a lot to identify authentic Wallace silver pieces from the s and s.


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