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Sign in to Manage Your Landline Account in the AT&T

5 hours ago If you have a legacy landline account in certain states, you can use your phone number as an ID to sign in and manage your account online. You’ll manage these landline accounts through the AT&T Customer Center, not in myAT&T. To sign up for your account and create an ID. Sign in to the AT&T Customer Center. Select Register Now.

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How to create My AT&T User ID for Landline Account AT&T

800-288-20209 hours ago I am trying to setup a My AT&T online account in which I can view and pay my bill for my landline phone. However, your registration process includes sending a validation code to my landline account, which is not attainable. How can I set this up? I've called 800-288-2020 several times and always end up getting routed to Uverse personnel.

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AT&T Landline Account Number, Password & Contact Info

8 hours ago For AT&T landline accounts, your account # is the 10-digit phone number. The PIN is the 4 digits to the immediate right of the phone number in the top right corner of your bill.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I Find my at & T landline account number?

You can use the information below to get your AT&T Landline account number and password. For AT&T landline accounts, your account # is the 10-digit phone number. The PIN is the 4 digits to the immediate right of the phone number in the top right corner of your bill.

Where is the pin on an at & T landline?

AT&T Landline Porting Instructions. For AT&T landline accounts, your account # is the 10-digit phone number. The PIN is the 4 digits to the immediate right of the phone number in the top right corner of your bill.

Where do I call to dispute my at & T Bill?

To dispute your AT&T Wireless bill, dial 611 or call 800.331.0500 from your AT&T mobile phone. For all other AT&T services, including internet (including Fixed Wireless), AT&T TV and home phone, contact AT&T’s primary customer service number at 800.288.2020.

How can I contact at & T customer service?

Along with calling the AT&T customer service number, there are a few ways you can chat with AT&T support. Visit: AT&T – Contact Us. Then tap on Chat Available and choose which AT&T service you’d like to live chat about. Available every day from 7 a.m.-1 a.m. ET.

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AT&T - Login

You are being redirected to where you can recover your password.

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How to create My AT&T User ID for Landline Account

I am trying to setup a My AT&T online account in which I can view and pay my bill for my landline phone. However, your registration process includes sending a validation code to my landline account…

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AT&T - Account

AT&T High Speed Internet. Important Message from AT&T. Your account needs immediate attention. Residential customers can log in with your myAT&T user ID and password ...

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menu arrow - AT&T

Sign in to manage your account to manage your AT&T Wireless, U-verse, Internet or Home Phone services online. View or pay your bill, make a payment, check usage, change plans, manage devices & features, upgrade, add a device, and more

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AT&T Business Homepage - Mobility, Networking ...

AT&T Business offers a range of mobility, cybersecurity, networking, voice and collaboration, cloud and IoT solutions and services to match your technology needs.

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Text to Landline Service for Businesses at AT&T Business.

AT&T Landline Texting allows you to send and receive text messages on your published business phone number. Think of it as a texting plan for your landline or toll-free number. Once you set your account, your line will be text enabled in minutes.

Status: Online

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Are you with us? Transfer your mobile or landline number to T-Mobile and join the Uncarrier!


Can I transfer my number?

First, let's check eligibility​​​. In rare instances, your number may not be eligible if we don't have a transfer agreement with your original service provider. If this happens, we can give you a brand new number.


How do I transfer my number?

  1. Listen to this great news, there's no fee to transfer your number to T-Mobile, and it gets even better! With Carrier Freedom​, T-Mobile will pay early termination fees or device payments for up to five lines that are currently under a postpaid contract with AT&T or Verizon.
  2. Looking for a deal? We've got you covered. Check out our current Deals to find if there's anything that fits your needs. Love your current device that much? That's fine, too. Check out our Bring your own device program.
  3. Once you've had some serious retail therapy, let's take a look at your options to begin the transfer.
    Give us a call: It's that simple! Give us a call at 1-800-937-8997, and let us know that you're ready to make the switch! For Prepaid, call 1-877-778-2106.
    Go to a store: You can also go into one of our stores and get some face-time with one of our Mobile Experts. If you have a prepaid account that you'd like to transfer, come to one of our stores to begin the process.
    Do it online: Rather begin your transfer online? Of course you can. Follow the number transfer instructions on the payment page at checkout. We recommend this method if you don't need to use you current phone until your new T-Mobile phone or SIM card arrives.
  4. Now you can start the transition to your new T-Mobile account. To transition smoothly, keep your old phone and old account active until your number is fully activated on your new T-Mobile account.
  5. To make sure you don't miss any important calls or texts, your best bet is to wait to transfer your number until after you get your new device and SIM card.
  6. We'll handle the heavy lifting from here...


What happens next?

Number transfer timelines and expectations

How long does it take?

A single line, wireless or landline, typically takes two business days or less, but can take up to 10 business days.

Multiple lines may take up to 10 days, but most multi-line requests are completed within six calendar days.

No one likes retyping their contacts

You definitely don't want to lose any important information. We recommend backing up your contacts, voicemail, and text messages before transferring your number to T-Mobile.

Dual service

No, you haven't fallen into a parallel universe, you're just experiencing Dual Service. This is a period of up to 24 hours where service may be active on both phones. If you have to call 911 during this time, stay on the line. 911 may not be able to call you back.

Let the games begin!

You'll get a text message from T-Mobile to let you know the porting process has started. Don't cancel service for your old phone yet! Once you get a confirmation message from T-Mobile that the transfer is complete, cancel your service with your previous carrier. If you have any questions or experience any problems, we'd be happy to help!

Check port status

To check the status of your port request, contact a specialist at 1-877-789-3106. We'll look up your request, and give you any updates.


Transfer to another carrier

If you need help with your account or device, we're here to help. If you still want to transfer your number, contact the other carrier to start the port-out process.

How to Use AT\u0026T Call Block for Home Phone - AT\u0026T Account Management

View and pay your landline bill in the AT&T Customer Center

This info is for our landline service in: AZ, CO, DE, HI, ID, IA, ME, MD, MA, MN, MT, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NY, ND, OR, PA, RI, SD, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WY, DC.


Go online

View and pay your bill
From your computer or tablet, you can see and pay your bill online in the AT&T Customer Center. (You won’t be able to access your landline account in myAT&T.) It’s easy to pay using your checking or savings account. Or, pay with a debit or credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa).
  1. Sign in to the AT&T Customer Center.
  2. Select View Bill or View Current Bill.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Choose a new date to view another bill.
    • Select Print friendly format to print a bill.
    • Select Your Account Summary and then Pay Now to pay your bill.
    • Select View all payment settings to see stored payment methods.

Find bill credits or adjustments
  1. Sign in to the AT&T Customer Center.
  2. Select Billing, Usage, Payments at the top of the page.
  3. If you have more than 1 account, select the account from the dropdown at the top.
  4. Find adjustments under Previous bill activity.

Heads up:It can take up to 2 months after your request before you see any applied adjustments or credits on your bill.

Add or edit stored payment settings
  1. Sign in to the AT&T Customer Center and select Your Account Settings.
  2. Choose Payment.
  3. Update payment settings by:
    • Editing a saved payment method
    • Adding a new payment method
  4. Complete the applicable fields and select Continue.

Call us

Use the automated self-service system or speak with an agent. Call us at 800.288.2747, say Pay Bill, and follow the prompts.

Have these items handy when you call:
  1. A copy of your bill
  2. Your credit card or checking account info
  3. A way to save the confirmation number we give you

Good to know:There’s no fee when you pay by phone through the automated system. But, we charge a fee if you pay over the phone with Customer Care.

Question a charge

First, review these common reasons for changes in your bill:
  • Credits or adjustments - Once you request a credit, it may take 1 to 2 bills to apply it.
  • Fee or tax changes - Moving to a different address or changing plans and add-ons can affect the fees and taxes on your bill.
  • Expired promotion - Eventually promos end so new ones can begin.

None of those scenarios apply? To discuss a specific bill charge, have your bill handy. Then:
  1. Call us at 800.288.2747 during normal hours of operation.
  2. Say billing when prompted.

Account at&t landline

Contact AT&T customer service

Find help options for AT&T internet, TV, home phone and wireless services.

On this page:

AT&T customer service numbers

Need to get in touch with AT&T customer service? For the best experience, it’s important to call the right number for the assistance you need. You’ll find customer service contact info for AT&T services below.

AT&T customer support phone number and AT&T customer service hours


AT&T Customer Service Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. local time. Saturday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. local time.

The AT&T customer service number is the best number for current AT&T internet, TV and home phone customers to call regarding their service.

Use main AT&T customer service number to call AT&T for all of the following scenarios:

  • AT&T internet, TV or home phone issues:

    • Make changes to your account
    • Pay your AT&T internet (including AT&T Fixed Wireless) or TV bill
    • Transfer service to a new address
    • Add/remove AT&T services
    • Check shipping status of AT&T equipment
  • AT&T technical support issues:

    • Troubleshoot internet or TV issues
    • Report a service outage
    • Get help installing AT&T equipment
    • Order replacement equipment
    • Schedule a service appointment
  • AT&T customer retention

    • Use the primary AT&T phone number if you are wanting to terminate your AT&T account
    • To reach AT&T customer retention, say “customer retention” or “cancel service” when prompted to state the reason for your call

Additional AT&T customer service numbers

  • AT&T wireless customer service

    AT&T wireless customers should call 611 or 800.331.0500 from their AT&T mobile phone — not the main AT&T customer service number — for the best experience. Hours: Every day, 7 a.m.-10 p.m. local time

    Call AT&T wireless customer service to:

    • Make changes to your account
    • Check shipping status of AT&T phones
    • Pay your AT&T wireless bill
    • Transfer service to a new address
    • Check for service outages
  • DIRECTV customer service

    Call the main DIRECTV customer service number at 800.531.5000 for all issues related to your DIRECTV service. Customer service hours: Every day, 8 a.m.-midnight ET; Tech support available 24/7.

    Call DIRECTV customer service for:

    • Make changes to your account
    • Troubleshoot DIRECTV issues
    • Pay your DIRECTV bill
    • Transfer service to a new address
  • Wireless support for travel abroad

    When traveling outside of the U.S, call +1.314.925.6925 for AT&T Wireless support. Available 24/7 for free from AT&T mobile phones.

    Call Wireless support for:

    • Issues with your international plan
    • General wireless support in other countries
    • Trouble connecting to data, talk or text while abroad

Ready to order new AT&T services?

Call now to speak with an AT&T expert about new AT&T internet, TV and home phone services in your area. We’ll help you find the best AT&T deals for your home.

Call now (844) 451-2720 (844) 451-2720

Additional AT&T customer service contacts

Need to contact AT&T customer service with a question, make changes to your AT&T account or voice a concern? Along with calling the AT&T customer service number, there are a few ways you can chat with AT&T support.

Chat live with an AT&T representative 24/7

Chat live with an AT&T representative 24/7

Visit: AT&T – Contact Us. Then tap on Chat Available and choose which AT&T service you’d like to live chat about. Available every day from 7 a.m.-1 a.m. ET.

Social media

Social media

Contact AT&T social media pages for a quick response, and for service news and updates. Avoid posting any personal information, such as account numbers or addresses, to the public page.

Find an AT&T store location

Find an AT&T store location

AT&T troubleshooting and quick help guides

It may be possible to resolve your service issue without having to contact AT&T customer service. This can save you time or help you resolve an issue if a tech support agent is unavailable. 

Troubleshooting AT&T internet, TV or phone services

To troubleshoot common AT&T internet, TV and phone issues, go to AT&T Troubleshooting. From there, you can sign in with your AT&T account information and narrow your search to troubleshoot topics related to your specific services. 

You can also find quick troubleshooting guides to check your order status, change account passwords, connect to a Wi-Fi network, set up your equipment and more.

Resetting your AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway router

Rebooting your router is a common quick fix for Wi-Fi connectivity issues. To reboot your router, press and release the Reset button on the AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway router and wait for it to power back up. You can also try unplugging the router, waiting five seconds and plugging it back in.

To reset your AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway router, press and hold the Reset button for at least 10 seconds. 

*Important note: “resetting” your router may return it to factory settings. If you want to restart your router but keep any custom settings, try first to reboot the router, not reset it. Otherwise, make note of any custom settings before performing a reset so you may reapply them once the reset is complete.

Connecting to AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots

AT&T internet customers can take advantage of AT&T’s 30,000+ Wi-Fi hotspots across the U.S. When connecting to any Wi-Fi hotspot, be sure to take these Wi-Fi hotspot internet safety precautions.

To connect to a AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot:

  1. Enable Wi-Fi on your device.
  2. Select the Wi-Fi network attwifi.
  3. Open a browser and select I have an AT&T Account or Sign in with your AT&T Wi-Fi username and password.
  4. Log in with your AT&T internet account information.
  5. Select your AT&T network name from the Make a Selection drop-down list.
  6. Click Get Connected to connect to the AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot network.

If you don’t have AT&T internet service, but still wish to connect to an AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot, choose Purchase AT&T Wi-Fi Access at step 3. You can purchase temporary access to the AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot network for a set fee.

Managing your data use

Select AT&T internet plans have a data limit of 1 TB/mo. Going over your data limit can add fees to your monthly bill, so it’s important to keep an eye on your data usage throughout the month.

To view your data usage, go to MyAT&T and enter your account information. From the next screen, you can review your account and see how much data you have used in the current billing cycle. If you’re approaching your monthly data limit, consider these steps to monitor your data usage.

How to pay your AT&T bill

There are a few convenient ways to pay your AT&T bill for home internet and TV service. Make a single payment to your AT&T account any of the following ways:

  • Pay bill by phone: 800.288.2020. Call the AT&T customer bill pay number, Monday – Friday between the hours of 8 a.m.-7 p.m. ET, or Saturday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Pay bill by text: Download the myAT&T App and log into your account on the app to make payments.
  • Pay bill online: Visit and click Sign in, then select View Your Statement from the quick links section. Follow the instructions to complete your payment.
  • Pay bill by mail: Find your payment mailing address and mail a check or money order with your statement.
  • Pay bill in-person: Locate your nearest AT&T store location and visit during store hours to make a payment.

Paying your AT&T wireless bill

You can also pay your AT&T wireless bill online at, with the myAT&T app or at an official AT&T store location. Set up automatic payments online or with the myAT&T app, which may qualify you for a monthly discount.

To pay your AT&T wireless bill over the phone:

  1. Dial *PAY or *729 from your AT&T wireless device. Spanish-speaking customers may dial *PAGAR or *72427
  2. Choose 1 to pay using a bank account or 2 to pay with a credit or debit card
  3. Input your payment information by following the automated prompts

A confirmation number will be sent to you after a successful payment is made. If there’s no time for a phone call, you can also enroll in TXT-2-PAY to receive a balance notification six days before your billing due date to which you can reply to pay using a verified account.

Taylor GadsdenTaylor Gadsden

Written by:

Taylor Gadsden

Writer, Broadband & Wireless Content

Taylor is a veteran member of the Allconnect content team and has spearheaded a number of projects, including a data piece on the top fiber cities in the U.S. and a troubleshooting guide … Read more

AT&T customer service FAQs

How do I talk to a live person at AT&T?

How do I talk to a live person at AT&T?

To chat live with an AT&T representative, go to AT&T support and select the service you need assistance with. Scroll down and click the Chat Live box. A dialogue box will appear where you can enter brief information about your account and issue before being connected to a live AT&T representative. Note that the live chat option is only available from 7 a.m.-1 a.m. ET.

What are AT&T’s customer service hours? Is AT&T customer service 24 hours?

What are AT&T’s customer service hours? Is AT&T customer service 24 hours?

AT&T customer service hours for internet, TV and home phone services are Monday – Friday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. local time and Saturday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. local time.

AT&T wireless customer service hours are 7 a.m.-10 p.m. local time, every day of the week.

AT&T tech support is available 24/7.

How do I report an AT&T cell phone outage?

How do I report an AT&T cell phone outage?

To check if your cell phone service is down, visit the AT&T Troubleshooting page. Then log in with your AT&T account information and click on Check for Outages. If your AT&T wireless service is down, call AT&T technical support at 800.288.2020, or contact AT&T customer service via chat, Twitter or Facebook to report the outage.

How can I dispute my AT&T bill?

How can I dispute my AT&T bill?

To dispute your AT&T Wireless bill, dial 611 or call 800.331.0500 from your AT&T mobile phone. For all other AT&T services, including internet (including Fixed Wireless), AT&T TV and home phone, contact AT&T’s primary customer service number at 800.288.2020.

Last updated 08/28/20.

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AT\u0026T Login - LogIn to AT\u0026T -

My At&t Landline Account​

How to Sign Up for a Gmail Account?

Setting a g-mail account is an easy option. You will begin a task once you have created a Google account, and you can use a quick sign-up process through which you can use your Gmail account name. In this blog, we will learn how to set a Google account for Gmail and how you can edit the contacts, mail settings, and sending mail. Setting a Gmail account To create a g-mail address, you first need to set a Google account. From there, you will be redirected to the Gmail account sign up page. From there, you must learn some basic information like birth, name, gender, and date. Also, from there, you need to choose your name for the new Gmail address. Once you have created an account, then you can adjust your mail settings. Creating an account  First, you must go to the google website and then create an account that you prefer.  From the sign-up form. Follow all the directions that are important for every required information.  Next, you must enter your cell phone number to verify your account. Moreover, Google can use the two-step verification process for your security.  Furthermore, you can get the verification code from google. After then, you can also use the entering code to know about the account verification.  Moreover, some other brands can also see personal information like the birthday and your name.  After then you can use the google terms of services and the privacy policy, then you must be agreeing about it.  Then your account will be created Moreover, it is important to get a strong password, and in order words, it is difficult for someone else to guess. Your password must contain the upper case and the lower-case letters with the symbols as well. You should focus on creating a strong and easy-remembered password when meeting common errors when logging in. Sign in to your account When you have created your account, you will automatically be signed in to your account. Moreover, you also need to sign in and sign out when you are done. Signing out is one of the important parts to share on the computer because it will preview your emails. To sign in Go to the Gmail account Type the name you want to mention there and the password as well, then you can click on next. Sign out From the top right of the page, you can enter the option of locating the circle to sign out. You can click on the sign out option on the page. Mail settings Sometimes you wish to make changes in the mail's behavior and appearance. You can create the vacation reply or the signature, but you can change the theme and edit your labels. These settings can be made from the mail settings. Adding contacts Like every other major setting, you can easily have complete control over the address book provided by google. However, you can also memorize the contact information like phone, physical addresses, and others. Adding a contact From the drop-down of the contacts menu, you can click on the contacts you wish to have. From the add new contact, you can get the from the lower right corner, and from there, you can enter the save option. To edit contact From google, click on the drop-down menu, then you can select the option of the contact. After then you can edit the change you want to make I the connection. However, by default, you can edit all the changes into your contacts as the person needed. Important contacts and mail You must have the contact list from all the email addresses, and there would be the re-enter of the information that you can already be working on manually. Gmail allows all the essential information you wish to have manually. Gmail can also import the information from the email messages from the account. Several email providers like AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo. Adding another account From the top right corner, click on the settings on the page. Then go to the add a mail account. From there you can follow every important information to your mail. However, you might feel challenge you do not have a Gmail account. If it is the issue, then you must create one Gmail account. After then, you must Navigate the Gmail settings and then set the preferences in the Gmail settings. After then you can set the new contact you wish to have. Sending an email When you have written the email, then from the compose window, you will get the email recipient's option of the email address, and there you enter from the subject and the body of the email message itself. From there, you can get the various formatting of the texts and even more attachments. Then enter the send option and send the task. Conclusion All in all, sending an email and making an account on Gmail is the easiest option. Therefore, there are millions of ids in Gmail. Hence, you only need to have some seconds to learn about how to make your own Gmail id.  

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How to Cancel AT&T Service for You or Someone Who Died

Crystal-clear phone service and reliable internet are a must these days. Whether you want to stream shows or just chat with friends, finding the service provider that works well in your area is essential. Many people turn to AT&T for their phone and internet services.

Jump ahead to these sections:

Some people find that they offer the most competitive rates, while others prefer their speed of internet access. Others simply see an AT&T advertisement before they see any others!

If you find that AT&T isn’t serving your needs anymore or you’re just ready for a change, canceling your account is easier than you might think. Similarly, AT&T is responsive if you need to close a phone or internet service account after a death.

They’ll work with you to get the service shut off and stop the bills from coming. Closing down core accounts with billing companies like AT&T is a key part of managing a friend or family member’s digital legacy.

Once these accounts are closed, you can continue a loved one's legacy with a virtual funeral or memorial service on a platform like GatheringUs.

How to Cancel Your AT&T Internet or Phone Service

AT&T has an umbrella of different services. The starting point for canceling any of them is going to be giving them a call and sorting out the process for your particular service area.

Call to cancel

Start by calling 800.288.2020, whether you’re interested in canceling cell service, a landline, DirectTV, or your home internet. Follow the prompts from the automated system. You then can have your account information ready for when the customer service person asks for your information.

Be prepared ahead of time to be offered a deal to stay. Would you keep this service if it cost less per month, or if they gave you a month or two for free?

What a customer service rep can do for you may vary, especially if you’ve taken a deal to stay with their service before. Still, considering your criteria for a deal ahead of time will help you stick to your guns and cancel your service if they can’t meet your needs.

Return any borrowed equipment

If you had home internet service, you may have equipment, such as a router or modem, that needs to be returned. If this is the case, AT&T tends to allow you 21 days to return it, so make arrangements to do that promptly or else there’ll likely be a fee.

They can offer you information on how to wipe a device, such as a loaner cell phone, to avoid being charged or exposing your data.

Wrap up loose ends with any other add-ons

Some services, such as cell phone service, may require you to pay a fee if you haven’t completed your contract. Suspending your service may be an option if your phone was lost or stolen, rather than canceling fully.

DirectTV, as well, can be canceled through a Contact Form but you may incur a deactivation fee if you close your account before your contract is up.

Since each AT&T service may be part of a bundle product or a separate account, clarify with your customer service rep when you’re on the phone or communicating via email. Ask directly what parts of your service plan have been canceled and whether particular add-ons or separate accounts are still active or not.

» CAKE FOR ENTERPRISE: Could your company better support clients in preparing for or navigating end of life? Learn how Cake can help.


How to Permanently Cancel AT&T Service for Someone Who’s Died

When wrapping up the estate of a friend or family member who has died, it’s important to shut down any services that might continue to bill in the name of the deceased.

It can get complicated if someone is moving into the home of the deceased and they want to use AT&T for certain services. Here are some steps to take to either transfer the service or end it in your loved one’s name.

If someone is moving in, transfer the line

While paying the phone bill may be possible without changing the name on the account, if you know that someone will be living in your deceased loved one’s home and using AT&T services for multiple months, you can transfer the line out of the name of the deceased. It will make future canceling or transfer of the line easier down the road.

For both landline/internet services andwireless services, AT&T allows you to transfer service lines, sometimes even using an online process. If you have access to your loved one’s password manager and can log into their account, you may be able to complete a transfer of the line to a new person’s name.

Most likely, though, you’ll need to contact the main AT&T service phone number mentioned above to begin the transfer. Make it clear that you can share evidence, either a death certificate or an obituary, that the person has passed away. You may also want to mention if you’re the estate administrator since this can move the process along as well.

If no one needs the service, close the account over the phone

You’ll use the same number to close down services for someone who’s died as you would to transfer the service into a new name. Be patient with any requests for clarification or evidence, since the company doesn’t want to cancel anyone’s service if the person calling doesn’t have authority.

While it may take longer to process than canceling your own service, the company works with these requests all the time. Keep track of when you make the request so you can dispute any future charges that may occur after you’ve requested an end to the service.

Closing Down AT&T Service Permanently

Phone, internet, and even television services from AT&T are common parts of life, but there does come a time to try a new service or close down services you don’t want to use any more. When a friend or family member dies, it’s even more important to shut off service promptly, since there’s no reason to be charged for a service they can no longer use. 

Shutting off services is just one of the many small tasks to wrap up when it comes to handling an estate. If you’re managing this aspect of a person’s last wishes, you may feel more motivated than usual to make sure that your own affairs are well-handled. Join Cake to start end-of-life planning with tools that make it easy to get organized.


  1. “Cancel your service.” AT&
  2. “Contact Us.” AT&T
  3. “Transfer billing responsibility for wireless service.” AT&

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