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Pros and Cons of Double Sink vs Single Sink Vanities

What is a single sink bathroom vanity?

A single sink bathroom vanity is cabinet with only one sink installation. Normally they can range anywhere from 16 inches to 72 inches. There are options for both freestanding and wall-mounted types.

What is a double sink vanity?

A double sink bathroom vanity has two sinks installed into the cabinet. The countertop is usually cut to accommodate the two sinks as well as the faucets that are installed. Since having two sinks, you’re also going to need 2 faucets. In order for the plumbing to work, they need to be spaced correctly so the smallest cabinet sizes usually start at around 48 inches.

What are the pros of a single sink vanity?

  • Easier to install
    • This is probably the most obvious pro. Having one sink means it is much easier to install than a double sink vanity. You only have one sink and one faucet to install. Not to mention the cost of installation will be cheaper with only one sink to install.
  • Great for small bathrooms
    • Having only one sink means the cabinetry can be made a lot smaller. If you are really limited on space, you can easily find one that can fit.
  • More Storage Space
    • This can differ in how the specific vanity was made but you can generally fit an extra drawer or two into the vanity. General rule of thumb for vanities is that you can’t put a drawer under the sink due to the plumbing. If you have a vanity with a large width and only one sink, you can probably fit an extra drawer on it.
  • More Counter space
    • This is similar to our point of having more storage space. Having only one sink on a larger width vanity gives you a tremendous more amount of countertop space. This lets you put more stuff including hairdryers, toothbrushes and other bathroom essentials.

What are the cons of a single sink vanity?

Might Not Great for Larger Bathrooms

If you are sharing a really large master bathroom with your significant other, it might be awkward to only have one sink. You will most likely have a lot of extra space in the bathroom so only having one sink might not feel as convenient.

What are the pros of a double sink vanity?

  • Sharing is Caring
    • Having two sinks means more than one person can use the bathroom at the same time. If everyone needs to get ready at the same time, this is a nice little compromise that works for everybody.
  • Less Clutter
    • A single sink vanity might provide a little more countertop space but you also increase the chance of cluttering the countertop. Having a double sink vanity will encourage you to tidy up your countertop better.

What are the cons of a double sink vanity?

  • Ironically, Less Counter Space
    • Mid range double sink vanities will probably be limited in the amount of countertop space it provides. The sinks take up a lot of space and you will probably only be able to put a few small items. This problem is fixed if you opt for a larger width cabinet.
  • More sinks means more plumbing
    • Having an extra sink means, you will need to pay the cost on the extra sink and faucet as well as the plumbing costs to fix or install everything.

So Is it cheaper to get a single sink vanity or not?

You probably already know it but cheaper doesn’t always mean better. But more expensive also doesn’t mean better either. Most of your costs is going to be from the extra fixtures and plumbing costs. A cheaper vanity might also mean skimping on the quality of the materials used to build the vanity. The last thing you want is to lowball yourself and end up with a flimsy vanity. In the end, you should do your research on what material is good for a high quality bathroom vanity.

You should also think about what you value more. Having double sinks is more convenient for sharing the bathroom. Having a single sink will offer more countertop space but you might also risk cluttering it.

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Double Sink vs Single Sink Bathroom Vanities

Does Your Bathroom Need a Double Sink?

July 26,

double sinks for a master bathroom

Think about your morning routine. Do you struggle to elbow past your partner to brush your teeth? Or have trouble finding space for your hot curling iron on the countertop? If every morning is a struggle, the solution to these challenges and more could be a double sink. 

You do not need to knock down a wall to create more space in this high-use area. If you are designing a new bathroom or renovating an old room, a double sink may be smart choice for your home. 

Reasons to consider a double sink
Unless you live by yourself, you probably split a bathroom with a romantic partner or platonic roommate. And while they say that sharing is caring, at times it may be more beneficial for your morning routine to have your own spaces. 

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. The most common reason to choose a double sink is that you need more space because you share the bathroom with another person. 

"Couples these days usually prefer the idea of two sinks for one simple reason," architect Thayer Hopkins told Houzz. "They lead busy lives and need access to the bathroom at the same time." 

However, simplifying your morning routine is not the only reason to choose a double sink. Another benefit of this optionis the increase of personal space. No more worrying about which tube of toothpaste is yours &#; just keep your possessions around your personal sink. 

You will also have more counter space, which can help if you use a straightening iron, curling iron or other tool in the morning that needs to rest on a flat surface. 

Finally, assuming you put in a double vanity as well, this strategy will increase your storage space. And who does not need more room for bathroom organization? 

A vanity with two sinks increases both counter space and storage in your bathroom.

Considerations for a single sink
A double sink is not for everyone. When making these bathroom layout decisions, one of the first things that you need to think about is space. Clearly, two sinks take up more room than one, so you need to make sure that this is a feasible option for your bathroom.

"If there isn't a solid 6 feet or more available for two sinks, I will counsel clients to stick with just one sink basin," Hopkins told Houzz. "These 6 feet or more will give the minimum to inch buffer needed between basins to keep a couple from banging elbows and crowding each other out." 

Keep in mind that just because you have the space does not mean that it is the right decision. Squeezing in an extra sink might make the room more crowded and give you less space to move around, which would actually make the resulting design less convenient when you get ready in the morning. 

Another downside to the double sink is the cost. Between the increased supplies, a larger vanity and more difficult piping and installation, you may spend significantly more than if you had chosen a single sink instead. So make sure that you are willing to invest in the project before you get started. 

Once you have decided on the right sink &#; or sinks &#; for your bathroom, give some thought to the faucets that you want to pair with the new design. At your local Wolseley Canada Kitchen & Bath Classics showroom, you can choose from a number of trusted brands, such as American Standard, DXV, and GROHE, to ensure you find the right sink and faucet solutions for your home.  

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Should You Have One Sink or Two in Your Master Bathroom?

An architect discusses the pros and cons of double vs. solo sinks and offers advice for both

Tiffany Carboni
Tiffany CarboniOctober 14,
Houzz Contributor. I am a home design writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
One sink or two? This is the classic debate for couples renovating a sizable master bathroom. There are pros and cons to both. So what’s right for your bathroom? I spoke with architect Thayer Hopkins, who offered up what you need to consider about installing either a single or double sink during your master suite remodel.
“Couples these days usually prefer the idea of two sinks for one simple reason,” says Hopkins. “They lead busy lives and need access to the bathroom at the same time.” On paper the double sink looks ideal. But let’s walk through this two-sided argument.

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Some Benefits of Two Sinks

Personal space. With two sinks, theoretically no one will ever again spit toothpaste on your hand as you’re trying to wash up. Also, your very own sink means you can keep your makeup, moisturizers or shaving kit out as necessary without having your partner knock anything over.

And by having your own designated sink, you don’t have to stare at your partner’s toothpaste residue while you’re brushing your own teeth. Even in the best of partnerships, there are some things that neither of you want to see of the other.

Two sinks can help make you and your partner feel like you’re in a loving, adult relationship rather than siblings fighting over a single faucet.
Some Disadvantages of Two Sinks

“The convenience of two sinks has its tradeoffs to consider,” Hopkins notes.

Cost. It costs more to plumb two sinks than one. Add to that the additional cost of finishes and a larger vanity.

Space. A typical sink basin is about 17 to 19 inches wide. “If there isn’t a solid 6 feet or more available for two sinks, I will counsel clients to stick with just one sink basin,” says Hopkins. “These 6 feet or more will give the minimum to inch buffer needed between basins to keep a couple from banging elbows and crowding each other out.”

Even if you do have a good amount of space, two sinks will eat into counter space that could be used for tasks, displays etc. Two sinks will also double the amount of undercabinet space taken up by the double drain pipes.

If you’ve got ample storage or counter space elsewhere in the bathroom, this space tradeoff may not pose any problems.
Two-sink styles you can both agree on. A prefabricated two-sink vanity is one of the easiest styles to choose and install in a bathroom because of its fixed dimensions. In other words, there’s no guessing if elbow clearance might be an issue for you and your partner. You can tape out the dimensions prior to ordering a vanity to test the sink measurements.

Custom vanities offer even more benefits, as they can be tailored to your exact wishes. But you and your partner have to be willing to work with a designer or cabinetmaker to cull through the possibilities.
You can also use two freestanding pedestal sinks, either for aesthetics or to overcome any space limitations, as they can be put side by side or on separate walls. “Pedestal sinks have made a resurgence in the last 10 to 15 years,” Hopkins says. “As a result, there’s more product available to suit different needs.”

If you don’t need the counter space or storage space in a vanity, two pedestals will create an airy feel that may sway your choice.
You can also use a single basin with two separate faucets.

This sort of double sink performs duties for two people while acting like one sink underneath with its single drain, which leads us to …
The Benefits of the Single Sink

Leaves room for other amenities. “I might push for a couple to install only one sink if there’s a possibility of using that extra space for a separate shower and tub instead,” says Hopkins.

Cost and cleaning. One sink, with one hardware set, is cheaper than two, and one sink is easier to clean than two.
More storage. You can have more storage underneath if there’s only one drainpipe. If you’re the kind of person who loves to pull out every bit of makeup, you’re going to get frustrated if you don’t have enough room for it because of that extra sink.

Find single-sink vanities on Houzz
45+ Awesome Double Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas 2018

For many years now, the Master Bathroom has been designed as an oasis for the masters of the home to retreat to; a place away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house where they can peacefully bathe and prepare for their day or evening. In most home designs the master bath has included the toilet, walk-in shower, possibly a separate tub, and two vanity sinks. But why two sinks? Is there some design rule out there that states all master bathrooms must have two sinks? I&#;ve never come across that rule in my years of designing, and it seems a bit outdated today. While having two sinks can be a nice feature, you really have to ask yourself how often there are two people in the same bathroom needing to use a sink at the same time. Some spaces might be better suited for just one sink. 

I have a friend that is looking to remodel the main bath of their home. The original bath has a 72&#; long double bowl vanity. There is no separate master bathroom in the house and she would like for this space to have more of a master bath feel. Right now the only people using the bathroom is her and her 10 YO daughter. The remodel will be a long-term investment for at least the next years. As I have been working on this, my designer brain is selling her on the idea of having just one sink rather than two. In the examples below you can see how they differ.


Main double sink bathroom in

Dual or Single Bowl Vanity: Is One Or Two Master Bathroom Sinks Best?

While many homeowners like a double sink in the master bathroom, there is a case for a single sink. If you're a couple that prefers privacy in the bathroom, a single sink is a great option.

A single vanity offers other benefits, like additional counter space. If you don't have the extra square footage in your master bath, a double vanity can often result in less counter and storage space. Rather than fitting a small double vanity into a restricted space, you can put a single sink with extra counter space, and still have additional room in your bathroom.

In fact, the space you save can actually make room for other features, like a more massive walk-in shower, or a separate soaking tub and shower. Sink also require plumbing inside the vanity. If you only have one, you'll have additional drawer or cabinet space.

A single sink costs less to plumb, and one sink fixture costs less than two. A single sink can free up money in your budget for other options, like heated flooring, upgrading to a natural stone countertop, or upgrading your tile choices. Plus as a bonus, cleaning one sink is faster and easier than cleaning two.

The Bottom Line Dual or Single Bowl Vanities

If you have space, and the budget, a double vanity is a luxurious addition to your master bathroom. If you're a couple who enjoys spending your time getting ready for work together, to plan your day, or just to be together, a double sink is excellent. However, if you like your privacy in the bathroom, or would prefer having the space to add a deep soaking tub, a single space might be the better choice.

Ultimately it comes down to your personal preference. Part of working with a design-build contractor is determining the best choices for your bathroom remodel to fit your lifestyle. A good designer will work closely with you to give you all of your options based on the available space, your budget, and your lifestyle.

This article was updated by Abe Degnan on 3/8/

If you're planning on remodeling or renovating your master bathroom, why not give the experts at Degnan Design Build Remodel a call at () . Our designers work closely with you throughout the process. We listen to your plans and design the perfect space to meet your goals and fulfill your needs. We have the experience to offer you multiple imaginative solutions to create the ideal living space to meet your needs and goals.

Double Sink Vanity Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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