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The original Spyro trilogy is back with stunning new visuals, remixed musical magic and of course a few challenges along the way. Of course there’s always the Trophy Achievements for bragging rights, but Toys For Bob spiced it up a bit by bringing back Skill Points that upon completion unlock concept art for the game’s various worlds and enemies. This is something I haven’t seen in heavy rotation since the PS2 days – and hopefully this marks the comeback &#; but how do you complete these challenges?

Whereas most of these are self-explanatory, some are a bit more cryptic and require some finely honed skills. So here are some Tips & Tricks to keep in mind while trying to unlock every &#;skill point&#; in Spyro: Reignited Trilogy.

Patience –Perfect Runs:

I once heard someone compare the difficulty of bosses in the new Spyro game to Dark Souls… seriously. Though whereas this is FAR from an accurate depiction of difficulty, the premise of Dark Souls boss battles can be applied here for completing the Perfect challenges – learn their moves. For example, Dr Shemp has a set attack depending on which platform he’s on. Crush & Gulp’s basic attacks simply require you to run and their specials are all telegraphed. Learn the timing, see what works / what doesn’t and you’ll perfect them in no time! This advice also helps with challenges like taking no electrical damage in Terrace Village.

Know Your Game/ Path – Time-Based Challenges & Mechanics:

Thankfully there’s no time based flight challenges for the first game, but this might actually be on purpose due to controls. You see, flight differs a bit game to game – especially the 1st to later games. So when you do any challenge focusing on flight/ mechanics, don’t go into it with last game’s mechanics. For example, on Playstation the Triangle button cuts your flight short in Game 1; but in later games it gives you a big boost in height before descending. So if you played Ripto’s Rage all day and want to tackle some of the challenges from the first game, don’t be surprised when your timing is way off. This is especially important with challenges like 3 Laps of Supercharges in Fracture Hill as there’s no real place to train for this in the other games. Just keep practicing in the environment you’re already in.

Now once you have learned the moves, you’ll need to know the proper order in which to tackle the timed challenges. Below is the list per challenge.

  • Ocean Speedway &#; Rings, Blue Arches, Boats and then Cars.
  • Icy Speedway &#; Snowmobiles then multitask Skaters, Serpents and Arches
  • Metro Speedway – Multitask Pigeons and Bungee Jumpers followed by multitasking Metal Arches and Slow Sign Walruses.
  • Canyon Speedway &#; Ram, Rings, Bikers and then Vultures.

Another difficult mechanics based skill point is in Charmed Ridge ‘The Impossible Tower’.  As you go through you’ll spy a dragon egg on a raised platform next to a Cat Wizard. This egg contains the dragon Moe. Once there, you’ll need to jump up the set of wood beams/ railing on the side. This will give you enough height to JUST make gliding to that solo tower a little ways away from the main path. In order to make this jump you’ll need to have mastered perfect timing for running rum, flying at TOP of your jump and the hover boost.

On Your Journey To % &#; Discover/ Kill/ etc

As you go through the game naturally collecting all the Gems, Dragons, Eggs you’ll complete most of these challenges without realizing it. Such example of these are “Reach tricky platform” in Artisan. Others however are a bit more challenging and require some hunting. What follows are the trickiest to find:

  • Stone Hill: Burn The Hidden Pink Tulip – once you take the lift to the upper hill portion of Stone Hill (the egg thief area) run right until you come across the egg thief. The tulip will be towards the right of him in the shade between two mini tower roofs.
  • High Caves: Burn hidden painting – you know those two wizards operating tilty platforms? Cross and then upon entering the room after them, immediately turn right. You’ll see the small painting.
  • Dream Weavers: Secret Room – as you approach the portal for Icy Flight (on the floating green island), hug the wall to the right following the ledge. You’ll see one of those fools there. He isn’t important but the randomly placed ledge behind him is. Jump onto it and simply walk into the wall. It’s fake and you’ll find yourself in the secret room. Step on the odd weird green and black circle and boom!
  • Haunted Towers: Burn blue wizard hat – take the whirlwind up to that set of stairs on the outside of the main tower. Now remember that stand alone complex where you received that fairy’s kiss to get your super flame ability? Glide towards there. You’ll see a small flat roof portion of the building with the hat on it. You most likely wont make the landing but flame at the end of your flight and you should hit it.
  • Lofty Castle: Destroy hidden stump – this one is kind of a doozy to find, so I’ll just share the reference video below.

  • Idol Springs: Land on idol – as you progress through the level naturally, you’ll find an upper portion of grassy platforms towards levels end. As you make your way through them, look towards the hula girls. See that slanted (slightly idol-looking) thing in the arena? Land on that!
  • Multiple: Destroy all Seaweed – These challenges are referring to only the bright crimson seaweed and they’ll only be destroyable by special means. In other words, you’ll need either super flame ability or the manta-ray missiles.
  • Molten Crater: Supercharge the wall – the age ole video game rule applies here. When you come across a semi shattered glowing wall…. It’s breakable. Break it! Normal charge will do.
  • Fireworks Factory: Find Agent 9&#;s power-up &#; (Agent 9 Mini-game) As you begin, walk through the first door, then the second, then turn around and go through the second door again looking upward. You’ll see a red box. Shoot it and the power up will drop.
  • Icy Peak: Glide to pedestal – as you make your way through the charge puzzle, you’ll see a little nook/ cave off to your left. Walk in there and you’ll take a whirlwind up. Once you land, head to the tiny platform in the middle on the first track.
  • Seashell Shore: Catch the funky chicken – in the giant room right before the ‘Return Home Portal’ you’ll see two scuba chickens swimming around. One’s helmet will occasionally change colors. Take that funky bugger down!
  • Haunted Tomb: Swim into the dark hole – as you start the level, make your way into the next room. You’ll see a small stream ending in a waterfall. Swim against the current into the darkened hall the water is flowing out of.
  • Dino Mines: Hit the secret dino – (Agent 9 Mini-game) toward the end of the shooter, you’ll spy a random red dinosaur walking. That’s it!

Dedicated Attempts – Do ‘This’ to ‘That’ Thing:

While many skill points you’re complete naturally, some require you to at least know what to look for because they can be missed and/or timed out on one play through.

  • Town Square: All Bulls Stuck – the bulls in Town Square have different reactions based on whether you flame or charge them. Upon charging them, they will actually flip over and get stuck in the ground. Do this to all 8 bulls but DO NOT kill them. They need to all be stuck at the same time. They won’t unstuck themselves so it’s basically a matter of charge everything you see in this level.
  • Skelos Badlands: Catbat Quartet – past the end of the level, you’ll find a small circular area with 4 CatBats. Simply use the fire rock to take them out.
  • Gulp’s Overlook: Hit Ripto – use one of the rockets to hit Ripto while he’s watching
  • Molten Crater: Assemble Tiki Heads – (Sgt. Byrd Mini-game), gather the tiki heads on the biggest platform instead of on their respective bodies. When the heads start bouncing around together, you’ll know it worked.
  • Frozen Altars: Beat yeti in two rounds – blocking is for wimps (and those who don’t want this skill point) Just go all out offense and kick that yeti’s but super-fast!

Hopefully these tips and tricks helped solve any problems you had with skills points, but if there’s one that’s still troubling you sound off in the comments below and I’ll try to add it! Special thanks to TomsGuide for helping my initial play through with some these Skill Points. And of course, thank you as always to Toys for Bob/ Activision for bringing back this classic gem!

Joe Pellicone

Joe primarily covers video games news (i.e.: Pokemon, Spyro & Destiny) as well as the occasional &#;Theory Thursday&#; pieces. Before writing for FanFest, Joe was the Creator & Editor of He is also an illustrator and is currently working on Season 3 of his not-for-profit, fan-art crossover series PokéRangers on Instagram.


Spyro Reignited Trilogy &#; Location Of All The Skill Points

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Spyro Reignited Trilogy is finally out now on Xbox One and PS4. it will be the remastered edition of the first three Spyro games which include Spyro The Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto&#;s Rage and Spyro: Year Of The Dragon.

All the three games have been remade from the scratch and will have HD graphics and a completely new voice over. but the good thing is that all the levels and items will be the same as the originals.

Location Of All The Skill Points In Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Throughout the game, you will be able to collect many different items and skills which will make Spyro more powerful.

All the three games have Skills point and in total there are 50 different skill points. 14 in Spyro 1, 16 in Spyro 2, and 20 in Spyro 3.

Getting them will give you a life and other goodies. below you will find the location of all the skill point present in all three games.

Spyro The Dragon Skill Points In Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Artisans &#; to get this skill go towards the hilltop where you will find two Gnorc. from here glide onto the platform present on the platform. you will find some gems, a treasure chest, and the skill.

Stone Hill &#; the stone hill level is present in the Artisan world. here you need to reach the area where there are some shepherds. now look up and you will see a pink tulip sitting on a higher platform. go to it and burn it to get the Skill.

Town Square &#; go to the town square, there you will find many Bulls running around. you will need to charge at each of the bull which will make the bulls get stuck on the ground. remember to not flame these bulls. once all the bulls get stuck on the ground you will get the skill.

PeaceKeeper &#; in the Peace Keepers homeworld you will find many foot soldiers. if you flame even one of them they will retreat back into their tent. so all you have to do is kill one-foot soldier with flame and scare the rest of them. you will need to scare 6 of them into the tent and you will get the skill.

Dr. Shemp &#; to get this skill point you will need to defeat Dr. Shemp(only the boss) without taking any damage.

High Caves &#; in this area kill the green druids and proceed towards the platform where they were standing. doing this will send you to a new area. once here you will need to turn around and on the left side, you will see a hidden painting. burn it down and you will find the skill point in Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

Blowhard &#; while progressing through the game you will enter a cave where you will find many Green Druids moving platforms. all you need to do is stand on one of these platforms for ten seconds and you will get the skill.

Terrance Village &#; the Terrance Village is a level present in Beast Makers World. here you will find some floors which are being electrified by the Gnorcs. to get the skill you will need to exit vortex with being electrocuted.

Metalhead &#; to get this kill you will need to defeat Metalhead(only the boss) without taking any damage.

Dream Weavers &#; While progressing through the Icy flight you will need to flame clock fools to activate two platforms. but instead of doing this you will need to first go through the invisible wall present on the right opposite of the first pillar. you just need to walk over the dark green circle and you will get the skill.

Haunted Towers &#; after using the first whirlwind just go up the stairs and at the very end of the stair steps look for a castle and a platform. you will be able to get there by flying. once you get there you will find a blue wizard just burn it and you will get the skill.

Lofty Castle &#; here you need to go to an area where you will find a pool. at the foot of the tower present on the right, you will find a hidden stump. you can reach it by using the whirlwind or by supercharging yourself. you need to flame it or ram it and you will get the skill.

Jacques &#; to unlock this skill you will need to defeat Jacques(only the boss) without taking any damage.

Gnasty Gnorc &#; to unlock this skill you will need to defeat Gnasty Grnorc(only the boss) without taking any damage in Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

Spyro 2 &#; Ripto&#;s Rage Skill Points In Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Colossus &#; in colossus you will find an orb challenge where you need to beat an ice hockey minigame twice. you will need to win both games without letting the opponent score against you.

Idol Springs &#; in the area where you play a challenge to release all hula girls, you will find an Idol. you need to get to the top of the idol by using a higher platform. once you reach the top of idol you will get the skill.

Hurricos &#; in Hurricos you will find many small windmills. you will need to destroy all of them to unlock this skill point.

Aquaria Tower &#; the Aquaria towers is a level present in the Summer Forest. here you will find a super flame power up. you need to activate it and then burn all the seaweed present there. doing this will give you the skill.

Ocean Speedway &#; you will need to complete this speedway in under In Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

Crush &#; you will need to defeat Crush without taking any damage.

Metro Speedway &#; you will need to complete this speedway in under

Skelos Badlands &#; throughout the Skelos level you will find many Cacti. flame all of them to unlock the skill.

Skelos Badlands &#; at the end of Skelos Badlands you will find a higher platform area where there is a rocket. you need to destroy the rocket, all bats and iron chest. spit a rock at each of them to unlock this skill.

Scorch &#; throughout this level you will find many palm trees with coconuts. you need to knock all palm tree to drop the coconuts and you will get the skill.

Fracture Hill &#; in this level you will need to free Faun from being locked inside a temple. you will find a supercharge power-up in this level. to activate it you need to get enough kills. after getting it run one tree laps to free faun and two more to get the skills. so in total, you need to complete three laps of the supercharge course.

Icy Speedway &#; you need to complete the speedway in under

Gulp &#; while fighting Gulp you will see Ripto sitting on a throne. you will need to hit Ripto with one the weapons that are being dropped by the pterodactyls.

Gulp &#; you will need to defeat Gulp without taking any damage.

Canyon Speedway &#; you will need to complete this speedway in under in Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

Ripto &#; you need to defeat Ripto without taking and any damage.

Spyro 3 Year Of the Dragon Skill Points In Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Sunny Villa &#; at this level you will find two skateboard course challenges where you need to catch Lizards. you need to complete the challenge with more than points to get this skill.

Sunny Villa &#; throughout this level you will find many trees. you will need to burn them down to unlock this skill.

Molten Crater &#; you need to release Sgt.Byrd in Midday Gardens after paying the money bags Gems. after doing this you will need to return to the Molten crater and take his challenge. in this challenge, you will need to put all heads in a circle in a large platform present at the beginning of the area. you will need to do this before placing them on Tiki&#;s Bodies.

Molten Crater &#; In the egg thief area you will find a cracked wall. you will need to supercharge into it and you will unlock the skill point.

Seashell Shore &#; in this area, right before opening the gates to rescue the seal friends there is a chicken swimming. you will need to charge through it to unlock the skill point.

Icy Peak &#; in one of the minigames present in Icy Peak you will need to use supercharge to chase after an Egg Thief. once you catch the thief do not leave the area instead use the whirlwind present inside the mountain and aim for the pedestal sitting in the middle of the horseshoe looking curve. once you land in this area you will get the skill.

Enchanted towers &#; In this area you find two egg challenges in which you need to beat the hunter&#;s skateboard course. you will need to beat the record of 10, points before the time is up to get the skill.

Spooky Swamp &#; throughout this area, you will find many Piranha signs. you will need to destroy all of them to unlock the skill.

Sgt Byrd&#;s base &#; you will need to save Sgt Byrd by paying gems to Moneybags. after doing this you will get access to Byrd&#;s level. here you will find many Grophers present in the ground. you will need to kill them using the bombs from Sgt Byrd. eliminate all Grophers to get the skill.

Frozen Altars &#; here you will need to beat Yeti in the boxing challenge within two rounds. doing this will unlock the skill.

Fireworks Factory &#; first you need to free Agent 9 by paying gems to moneybags. after this, you can get access to Agent 9&#;s mini-game in the Fireworks Factory. in this area, you will need to clear all the enemies in this arena. then you will need to get back to the room where you killed the first enemies. here look up and you will see a red box. you need to shoot this box to get the power up and get the skill point.

Charmed Ridge &#; Free Sgt Byrd by paying gems to Moneybags. after that, you will need to play Byrd&#;s min game in which you need to get rid of the flying cat coming at you. here you will also find an area which has four glass window. break them all with rockets yo get the skill.

Charmed Ridge &#; in one of the caves of Charmed Ridge you will find a super flame power up the gate. next to it is a wall which leads to the balcony. from here you will be able to see a wizard cat. you will get to defeat it. after that fly to the platform right in front of you. now charge jump and reach the platform to get the skill.

Lost Fleet &#; in this area you will find two egg challenges in which you need to skate and race against other racers to collect Crabs. you will need to complete the track three times in less than

Bentley&#;s Outpost &#; first you need to free Bentley by paying Moneybags gems. after that, you can access his level. here you need to use your club to get rid of seals. you will notice a box sitting next to the gateway. you will need to push it off the cliff to unlock the skill.

Desert Ruins &#; in the underwater area of this level where you get the hunter&#;s challenges. use super flame power up to burn down all the weed present in the level. doing this will get you the skill in Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

Haunted Tomb &#; While progressing through this level you will notice a water stream which seems to have a hole at one of its ends. you will need to get there and swim in this dark area to get the skill.

Dino Mines &#; free Agent 9 by paying gems to Moneybags. then get into Agent 9 mini-game of Dino Mines where you will get a shooting challenge in which you need to bring down all dinosaurs. at the end of the challenge, you will see dinosaurs coming from everywhere. you will need to shoot down the red dinosaur to get the skill.

Dino Mines &#; While progressing through this level you will have to dive underwater and then destroy all Seahorses to get the skill.

Agent 9&#;s Lab &#; free Agent 9 by paying gems to Moneybags. then you will need to use the bomb dispensers to collect bombs then Agent 9 can use them to blast off all the palm trees. doing this will unlock the skill point.

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Idol Springs

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&#;Hula girl rescue&#; orb:

Start by eliminating 8 enemies to activate the super charge bonus, then go to the large area south of the map (Picture1). Then approach the dancer who is handcuffed to the rocks, so that she tells you to destroy the pillars of the sector (Picture2). So use the super charge bonus nearby to gain speed, which will allow you to destroy them (Picture3).

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

“Foreman’s bud puzzles” orb:

Dive into the lake next to the beginning of the level, then follow the underwater conduit to reach Bud (Picture4). You will then have to solve three small puzzles, for the first, light 8 slabs by jumping on them (Picture5). To do this, climb only once on the 4 slabs located at the corners of the square formed by the 8 slabs, which will allow all to turn on and solve the first puzzle (Picture6).

Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Then join Bud who is waiting near the starting point of the level, then talk to him to explain that you will have to feed the idol (Picture7). The goal is to spit flames on the fish coming out of the water, but only the yellow and blue fish because the idol will spit out the others (Picture8). For the last puzzle, go to the West of the map near the exit and chat with Bud to activate the various tiles next to you (Picture9).

Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

You will have to go up on these tiles in this precise order:

    The tile with the green star.

    The tile with the orange square.

    The tile with the orange moon.

    The tile with the green moon.

    The tile with the blue disc.


How to unlock the skill point:

Go to the South where the quest for the &#;Hula girl rescue&#; orb is located, more precisely, on the raised area east of the square (Picture10). From there, look to the southwest to spot the idol statue below, then fly to land on its head and get the skill point (Picture11).

Picture 10
Picture 11

Go to the South where the quest for the &#;Hula girl rescue&#; orb is located, more precisely, on the raised area east of the square (Picture10). From there, look to the southwest to spot the idol statue below, then fly to land on its head and get the skill point (Picture11).

Picture 10
Picture 11

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Spyro Reignited Trilogy - IDOL SPRINGS Skill Point

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage Wiki Guide

Skill Points are hidden objectives that have appeared in Insomniac's Spyro and Ratchet & Clank titles, and were first introduced in Spyro 2. Earning a Skill Point will reward you with a 1up Butterfly. Collecting eight Skill Points unlocks the Epilogue in the Guidebook after you defeat Ripto, while collecting all of sixteen of them them extends the Epilogue to include the Extinct Animals section of the Guidebook. Collecing all the Skill Points is marked with the words "Well Done!" on the second page.

Summer Forest


Perfect in Hockey

This Skill Point is earned for a perfect game in the Ice Hockey minigame. You’ll want to be very on the ball with Flaming your opponent to stop him from approaching your goal. If you don’t he’ll almost certainly score and void that run for the Skill Point. If you lose, simply get off the ice and leave the aea. When the scores disappear, head back and talk to Brother Kipp to restart the Challenge.

Idol Springs

Land on Idol

At the back-most section of Idol Springs is a Supercharge loop where you have to smash through statues with Hula girls on them. In the center of this area is a stone idol. To get on top of it, go to the roofs surrounding the area and then Glide over to it. The jump is much easier if you use a Charge Jump before Gliding.


All Windmills

Scattered about Hurricos are a collection of Windmills. Only one of them is considered "hidden" (it's near the start of the tunnel leading to the Stone Thief Chase Challenge), but the step-by-step guide below will help all.

From the start of the level, head through the first Forcefield Gate and follow the wall to your right and up the ledge. Jump up to the top of the wall from here and face the way you came to find Windmill #1. Head to the edge of this elevated spot closest to the next Forcefield Gate and you can see Windmills #2 and #3 visible on either side of it. Now go through the Forcefield Gate and past Zoe to the other side. Stop at the grassy area and go right to find Windmill #4.

Now go to the Powerup Pylons and you should see Windmill #5 between it and the next Forcefield Gate. Return to the Powerup Pylon and head down the route leading to the Stone Thief Chase Challenge. Instead of jumping up the steps to the base of the fan, however, walk around to the other side to find Windmill #6.

Head through the gate and turn right on the other side, where you might see Windmill #7. It’s likely however that you already destroyed it Supercharging to a metal windmill in the process of setting up for the Factory Glide 1 Challenge. Lastly, find the Whirlwind that takes you to the start of Factory Glide 2 (or complete Factory Glide 1 if it isn’t there) and go down this route until you get on top of the second Forcefield Gate. From here you can Glide to a grassy ledge on the right near the start of the level. Windmill #8 will be there.

Aquaria Towers

All Seaweed

Throughout Aquaria Towers are eleven fronds of seaweed. You need to destroy them using the Superflame Powerup found at the end of the main level path. This Skill Point is more manageable if you unlock the special reward in Dragon Shores first, but it's easily possible without it too.

Seaweed Frond #1 can be found after exiting the tunnel from the first room into the second room, on the left-hand side. You can find seaweed Fronds #2 and #3 in the Metal Shark Cave accessible from the second room, and Fronds #4, #5 and #6 in the Metal Shark tunnel.

The trickier part will be the Fronds in the upper level. Floating above the entrance, you can find Frond #7 between the entrance and Hunter’s Manta Ray plateau. Turn right from it to find Frond #8 close to the central tower with the passage on the bottom, and Frond #9 underneath the arch connecting two towers nearby. From there turn left to spot Frond #10 near Hunter’s Manta Ray plateau, next to a sheep. Frond #11 is located near King Flippy. From that one, turn around and swim under the nearby arch behind King Flippy to find Frond #12 near a sheep.

Ocean Speedway


This Skill Point asks you to complete the main course in under 1 minute 10 seconds. The route described in the Ocean Speedway page is able to get two and a half seconds under the required time if performed efficiently enough.

Crush’s Dungeon


To unlock this Skill Point, you must defeat Crush without taking any damage. To replay the fight against Crush, simply jump down the hole near Aquaria Towers' Portal again.

Autumn Plains

Skelos Badlands

All Cacti

Flame all seven Cacti in the level to destroy them and earn this Skill Point. From the start of the level facing forwards, you can find Cacti #1 to the right next to the hut. Continue forwards through the skeleton ribcage and, at the end, turn left to spot Cacti #2 down the ledge. Cacti #3 can be found in front of the skull entrance to the tunnel, on the left. Go into the tunnel and take the left early on to spot Cacti #4. Exit the tunnel and Glide to the first island on the left to grab Cacti #5. Cacti #6 is to the left of Glug and the Exit Portal. Hop up the nearby steps to the Catbad quartet area to find Cacti #7 on the left, earning you the Skill Point!

Skelos Badlands

Catbat Quartet

A certain section just past the end of the level has four Catbats hanging out at a plateau. You can find it by looking right of where the Return Home Portal is and jumping up the steps. Kill all four Catbats to earn the Skill Point. These Catbats are hard to hit because they fly up above Spyro if he gets close, so you'll need to use nearby lava rocks to hit them.


All Trees

To unlock this Skill Point, you need to Charge all seven palm trees in the level to drop their coconuts. This excludes the S shaped trees involved in the Barrel of Monkeys Challenge.

To start, go all the way back to where you first met Greta and face the flagpost. Behind it down the steps will be Tree #1. Head to the exit door and look to the left of it to find Tree #2.

The next batch of trees are actually up in the Barrel of Monkeys area; you can tell them apart from the monkey trees because they are in a C shape, while the monkey trees are in an S shape. Jump up the steps from the second area to find Tree #3 on the right. Tree #4 can be found behind Hunter close to the wall. Tree #5 is in the back of the area on the right side, near the lone monkey tree at the far end.

Enter the second area and jump up the ledges to the upper area where Tree #6 is, next to where the Sealed Chest was. Now go to the third area and jump up the ledge straight ahead to find Tree #7 and get the Skill Point!

Fracture Hills

3 Laps of Supercharge

As implied by the in-game description, you need to do three unbroken laps of the Supercharge course. It’s very important to memorize which spots you need to jump, namely the entry and exit of the first tunnel, over the lava river as you exit the first tunnel, and off the ramp into the third tunnel. Also be careful not to run into the Powerup Pylons as you finish a lap!

Metro Speedway


To get this Skill Point, you have to complete the main course in under 1 minute 15 seconds. The route described in the Metro Speedway page is able to get up to twelve seconds under the required time if performed efficiently enough.

Icy Speedway


This Skill Point asks you to complete the main course in under 1 minute 15 seconds. The route described in the Icy Speedway page is able to get up to six seconds under the required time if performed efficiently.

Gulp's Overlook


For this Skill Point, you need to defeat Gulp without taking any damage. This Skill Point is ridiculously easy if you have the Permenant Superflame from Dragon Shores: since Gulp doesn't do anything until Spyro moves, just mash the Flame Attack button to spam Superflame fireballs and kill him effortlessly!

Gulp’s Overlook

Hit Ripto

This odd Skill Point requires you to hit Ripto on his throne in the arena. You can do this by Spitting one of the Mini-Rockets you would normally use on Gulp. The best time to do this is after taking two hitpoints off of Gulp, as you will only get Mini-Rockets and Gulp won't attempt to eat them yet. However this Skill Point is much easier if you come back with Permenant Superflame from Dragon Shores.

Winter Tundra

Canyon Speedway


Getting this Skill Point requires you to complete the main course in under 1 minute and 10 seconds. If you follow the route described in the Canyon Speedwayguide efficiently, you can beat the time by as much as twelve seconds.

Ripto’s Arena


Last but certainly not least, this Skill Point is earned by defeating Ripto without taking any damage. You’ll want to be extremely careful in the first round against Ripto one-on-one because of how likely it is for his plasma shots to hit you while you’re close. In the final stage of the battle, listen for the “sheen!” sound effect to know when Ripto’s firing a shot at you so you can dodge out of the way.


Skill idol point springs

Spyro Reignited Trilogy: How to Get All the Skill Points

Revived from the original PlayStation, Spyro is finally back in with overhauled graphics in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, thanks to the developers at Toys for Bob.

Reliving your childhood through the eyes of Spyro is certainly calming, but if you want to challenge yourself, you can strive to get all of the skill points in the game. Obtaining skill points will grant you access to the concept art for each game in the collection.

Some of the skill point objectives are pretty straightforward, but others are annoyingly cryptic, so I've crafted a guide on how to get each one of them just for you. You actually don't need the skill points to earn an achievement or trophy, so this guide is simply for the true Spyro enthusiasts out there that are aiming to percent the Reignited Trilogy.

Let's get started!

Spyro the Dragon

Artisans: Reach tricky platform

This one is slightly obvious, especially if you're going to collect all of the gems in the level. As soon as you spawn you'll notice a grassy hill on the right-hand side next to two towers. Between the towers is the "tricky platform." Simply climb to the top of the hill, jump to your max height and glide to get across.

Stone Hill: Burn the hidden pink tulip

Go to the area on the right and enter the tower with the lift. Glide to get across where the Dragon Egg thief is, and if you hang right, nearly making a degree circle, you'll come across a tower with a bush next to it. The pink tulip is on the right side of the tower.

Town Square: All bulls stuck

While the message is cryptic, the task is somewhat simple. You have to charge all of the bulls in the level so that their horns get stuck in the ground. It's important that you don't kill or burn them, otherwise you'll have to restart to get the skill point. There are eight bulls in total and you'll earn the skill point as soon as you've hit them all.

Peacekeepers: Scare 6 Gnorcs into tents

Once you've come upon the Gnorcs and their tents, simply kill one and the rest will run into their tents in fear of your mighty wrath.

Dr. Shemp: Perfect

You have to beat Dr. Shemp without getting hit. Basically, dodge his attacks and burn his butt with your fire breath.

High Caves: Burn hidden painting

Eventually, you'll come across two Green Druids tilting two seperate towers. Once you make it across to the castle, stop at the gateway platform and look to your right inside the room. You'll see the painting hanging there, so just jump from that platform and flame it to death.

Blowhard: Ride a Druid platform for 10 seconds

Similar to the last level, you'll come across two Green Druids, but this time they're moving two platforms vertically. Simply ride one of these platforms for 10 seconds (the Green Druids won't attack you).

Terrace Village: No electric floor damage

Throughout the level, you'll find Electro Gnorcs using electric rods to electrocute the metal plates surrounding them. It's very important that you be patient and charge the Electro Gnorcs first before you deal with the other enemies. You'll get the skill point once you get the room with the Return Home portal.

Metalhead: Perfect

Once again, you have to beat this boss without taking damage. To beat him, you just need to charge the pylons when they turn green.

Dream Weavers: Secret room

From the Dark Passage portal, go to the floating island on your right and you'll notice two enemies guarding an entrance (you can get past them by shrinking them with the turret across from them). Once you're through the entrance and at the top of the stairs, jump to the ledge just in front of you, turn right, and you'll see a green chest on a platform. Behind the platform may seem like a wall, but it's actually a secret room! Go through it and step on the green-and-black platform to get your skill point.

Haunted Towers: Burn blue wizard hat

Eventually, you’ll come across a metal door that can only be destroyed with a Superflame ability (given by a fairy's kiss). Once you're in, use the lift to get on the stairs and climb to the top platform. Don't go inside, look degrees to your left and you'll see a small platform on the roof of the building across from you. Glide there and you'll find the infamous blue wizard hat. Don't forget to burn it.

Lofty Castle: Destroy hidden stump

Go to the inside of the tower with the backward "S" bridge, and go to the end of the platform. For reference, you'll be able to spot the Return Home portal across the way. From the platform you're on, jump directly to your right onto a grassy platform with a tree. Then jump to the next one in front of you with a smaller tree. Behind the tower in front of you is the platform with the hidden stump, so you'll have to jump and glide around it. Once you're there, just charge into it.

Jacques: Perfect

You have to (you guessed it) not get hit during this boss fight. You can do this by simply dodging his devilish present attacks and burning him when he's on the square platforms.

Gnasty Gnorc: Perfect

To beat this boss, you'll first need to get the key from the giggling thief in order to open the metal door. Then (surprise) you'll see another thief with a key. Steal that and go to Gnorc. Now, you'll have to chase him around a track without falling off. Once he stops, that's when you burn him. You'll have to then follow him into a speedy platforming session where the platforms are on a time limit and just below you is a snuggly pit of lava. However, once you make it across safely you can burn him one last time and you'll get your final skill point.

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Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage!

Idol Springs: Land on idol

There's a grassy cliff to the southeast of the hula girls that you need to get on top of. Once you're on the cliff, you can see the idol to the left of the hula girls. It's a simple glide there.

Colossus: Perfect in Hockey

There's going to be two ice hockey minigames in this level. Don't you let those bears score a single point on you! Pro tip: Burn the attacker!

Hurricos: All Windmills

Burn every single windmill you find to the ground. There are six in total, and they're mostly out in the open.

Aquaria Towers: All Seaweed

You'll need to use the Superflame ability, which can be found in the level, to burn all 10 of the seaweed. The seaweed glows red, but since it's among other, green seaweed, they're easy to spot. If you want to make this process slightly shorter, you can come back once you've obtained the permanent Superflame power.

Ocean Speedway: Under

This challenge is self-explanatory. I made it by hitting the objectives in this order: Rings, Blue Arches, Boats and then Cars.

Crush's Dungeon: Perfect

I'm sure you remember from the last game that you have to do this without being touched. To do damage to Crush, you'll have to hit him when he's crossing platforms. He'll start with flame- breath waves, which you can jump over. He'll then switch it up to energy blasts, which are easy enough to dodge left or right. Then he'll start chasing you, which you can easily outrun, and he'll just hurt himself. After that, he'll start combining all of the moves he's previously used. Once you get him down one last time, you'll get your skill point.

Skelos Badlands: Catbat Quartet

Eventually, you'll come across a band of four evil cats spitting fireballs at you. To kill them, you'll need to light the rocket in the same area. Once you do that, a fire rock will appear that you can use to spit at them. Once they’re dead, you'll get your skill point.

Skelos Badlands: All Cacti

There are seven cacti scattered around in the same level as the cats, so feel free to get your pyromaniac on.

Scorch: All Trees

There are four coconut trees you’ll have to charge into throughout this level. You'll know if you're successful in hitting them when a coconut falls down.

Fracture Hills: 3 Laps of Supercharge

This one is self-explanatory as well. Simply run three laps around the Supercharge course and you'll get your skill point.

Icy Speedway: Under

Hit the Snowmobiles first. Afterward, there's a path where you can combo the Skaters, Serpents and Arches at the same time. Just don't go too out of your way to grab one; stay on a path. You can do it!

Metro Speedway: Under

You can start with the Pigeons and go into a combo with the Bungee Jumpers. Then, start with the Metal Arches and combo that with the Slow Sign Walrussess. Seriously, I believe in you!

Gulp's Overlook: Perfect

This fight is all about dodging and waiting for items to fall at your feet so you can flame them toward Gulp. His moves are well-choreographed, but he can be a little tricky. He'll chase you, shoot AOE electricity blasts at you smash a wave of fire balls at you and even launch rocket barrels at you. His animations will give you a hint as to what he'll do next.

Gulp’s Overlook: Hit Ripto

Once the rockets come into play during the boss fight, gobble one up and spit it at Ripto.

Canyon Speedway: Under

Hit the track in this order: Ram, Rings, Bikers and then Vultures. You got this!

Ripto's Arena: Perfect

In this boss fight, you have to collect orbs in the arena before Ripto does so you can do damage to him. While you're both scrambling for orbs, he'll try to shoot energy at you with his scepter. Not to worry, however. Even if he gets the orbs, his attacks are still easy to dodge — they're just a lot bigger.

After you take down his first health bar, he'll summon a metal bull, which is actually easier on you because he moves slower when getting the orbs, but he will attack faster. He'll then summon a metal dragon and take flight. You don't have to worry about the orbs this time, just focus on dodging his scepter blasts and use your long-range breath attacks.

Spyro: Year of the Dragon

Sunny Villa: Flame all trees

Scattered across the map, there are eight small trees in fancy pots waiting for you to burn them to ashes. Have fun.

Sunny Villa: Skateboard course record I

You must score at least 3, points before the time runs out. Performing a Gnasty Gnorc trick could easily net you anywhere from 2, to 6, points. You can do this move by rolling while doing a flip.

Molten Crater: Assemble tiki heads

You’ll be able to do this during Sgt. Byrd's minigame. Instead of putting the tiki heads on the bodies, gather them around on the biggest platform. You'll know it worked when the heads start bouncing around and you get your skill point.

Molten Crater: Supercharge the wall

The wall that the skill point is referring to is a boulder you'll find with a glowing red "<" symbol on it. All you have to do is Supercharge through it.

Seashell Shore: Catch the funky chicken

You can find said funky chicken swimming in a body of water near the seals you need to rescue. Charge it with all you've got, and that skill point is yours.

Icy Peak: Glide to pedestal

Use the center lift to gain height, and when you come out of it, hang left. You'll see a small platform peeking out of the clouds beneath you (it'll be in the center of the U-shaped track). Just glide over there, and you got yourself a skill point.

Enchanted Towers: Skateboard course record II

You'll need to earn 10, points before the time runs out to get this skill point.

Spooky Swamp: Destroy all piranha signs

There are eight piranha signs in total throughout his level. Get to burning, Spyro!

Sgt. Byrd's Base: Bomb the gophers

There are seven gophers scattered around this level that you need to drop bombs on. You can spot them running around their holes.

Frozen Altars: Beat yeti in two rounds

It's time to box a yeti. This one is simple, just do not block whatsoever during this fight — that way, you can pump out the most amount of damage. Just spam your high and low attacks to wherever the yeti isn't blocking at the time.

Lost Fleet: Skateboard record time

You'll need to beat this course in Use the tricks you learned during the skateboarding challenges to build up boost that you can use to go faster.

Fireworks Factory: Find Agent 9's power-up

During Agent 9's minigame, you'll get to a hallway with just another door in front of you. If you look up at the ceiling, you'll see a red device that you can shoot. This will give you your skill point and a power-up.

Charmed Ridge: The Impossible Tower

In the southwest corner of the map you'll find a Cat Wizard just below a couple of platforms. Get to the highest platform, and directly in front of you should be the Impossible Tower. You're going to have to charge to build up speed, then jump and glide when you're at maximum height. Even if Spyro is a little short of the landing, he should be able to climb up the rest of the way.

Charmed Ridge: Shoot the temple windows

This one is simple. During Sgt. Byrd's minigame, use your rockets to blow the four windows in the temple to kingdom come.

Bentley's Outpost: Push box off the cliff

Eventually, you'll come across a sole box blocking a gateway. Push that baby off the cliff, and claim your victory over storage.

Desert Ruins: Destroy all seaweed

Similar to the last game, there are glowing red seaweed all over the place. This time there are seven, to be exact.

Haunted Tomb: Swim into the dark hole

The dark hole that it is referring to is located on the westernmost part of the map, where the waterfall is. Jump off the bridge and into the water. Then, swim into the dark hole under the bridge.

Dino Mines: Hit all the seahorses

Once you get to the underwater part, there will be four seahorses attempting to attack you. You must ram each and every one of them along the way to get this skill point.

Dino Mines: Hit the secret dino

Toward the end of Agent 9's minigame, you'll see a red dinosaur casually walking in the background, looking for his day to be ruined.

Agent 9's Lab: Blow up all palm trees

There are seven total palm trees throughout this level. Now, go destroy nature!

We hope that this guide helped you on your journey, young dragon. Let us know if you were successful in your quest for the illustrious percent!

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Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Skill Point, Idol Springs, Land on a Idol

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage Wiki Guide

Return to Foreman Max and now go down the area to his left to pick up two Red Gems. Smash the Basket up the ledge, then Glide across the gap to collect two Red Gems and two Green Gems. Glide across the next gap to land on a Green Gem, then divert right and up the ledge to find two Purple Gems. From that spot, turn around and Glide to the grassy platform with a Red Gem on it, then jump onto the roof of the building where the two Baskets are, which contain a Purple Gem each.

Hop down to the area below to find two more Baskets holding a Purple Gem each, then continue forwards to pick up four Red Gems. Glide to the next roof with two Baskets that hold a Gold Gem each, then jump to the ledge with three Green Gems.

Turn around from that point and you can see the next part of the route that requires Gliding to a column. Get there to collect two Purple Gems from the Baskets, then two more on the other side of the next gap. Jump up the ledge to find two Green Gems, then turn right. Glide to the next rooftop before jumping to the spot with the three Green Gems. Flame the two Baskets for their Purple Gems, then get to the end of the route and Flame the Rocket.

The Rocket will have flown into a Sealed Chest that’s behind the giant idol head, which you may have spotted earlier above the lake at the start of the level. Glide around the idol head to reach the platform and collect the Green Gem, Gold Gem and two Purple Gems atop it. Dive into the lake to collect the Gems that fell down there: two Purple Gems and a Gold Gem.

Phew! Okay, for the next part, go all the way back to the Exit Portal and Glide across the first two gaps of the route you just took. Look for the steps that lead down to the area below with two Green Gems on them. Ignore the Powerup and instead go around this area to collect two Red Gems, four Green Gems, and three Purple Gems. Look for the Basket near the steps you took down here, it’ll have another Green Gem. That’s all !

Now go to the middle plaza of this area and talk to Hulagirl Stella.

Orb #2: Hula Girl Rescue

Difficulty: 3

This Orb Challenge requires you to Supercharge through all six stone Idol heads on the path to send the Hula Girls onto the plaza so that they can free Stella. The trick is that you have to do it in one run, or the purple idol on the plaza will send all of them back to where they were. The main challenge here is the cornering: you really have to know how to take each corner to snake you way into all six of the stone idol heads in one go. Do it all in one go, and the hula girls will summon a rain dance to kill the purple idol, freeing Stella and allowing her to gift you with an Orb.

This level's Skill Point can also be attained in this area. Jump up the steps to the rooftops make your way down to the ledge on the opposite side of the hula girl area to the Supercharge Powerup. From here, a stone idol head should be visible to the left of the hula girl plaza. Glide and Hover to land on it and get the Skill Point!

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