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Slide-outs are an amazing invention because they allow you to expand your RV’s floorplan without creating a larger footprint.

But when you park and hook up in a campsite or RV park, you want the setup experience to be quick, easy, and painless. To that end, a slide topper can keep the elements and debris off your slides, so you spend less time cleaning up and more time relaxing.

Here, we’ll cover the best RV slide toppers on the market, plus offer advice on how to find the best topper for your needs (and your rig).

Protect Your RV Slide Out with These Slide Toppers

Our Reviews of the 5 Best RV Slide Toppers

Now that you know the names to look for, it’s time to discuss our RV slide out awning reviews and why you’ll want to look for them.

Best Overall

Lippert RV Solera Awning

Now, this one here is the shining star of the lot. The Lippert RV Solera Awning has everything you could ask for in an RV slide topper. Need a inch awning? How about a cover that seals off the slide room fully? Is cold resistance as low as °F something you need? As one of the best RV slide toppers around, Lippert RV Solera Awning has all of that.

On top of all of that, it’s decently easy to install! The mounting equipment and the fabric even come in matching colors.

It’s not hard to see why RV owners like this topper; it extends to a staggering length, offers heavy-duty weather resistance, and is simple to install. If you’re looking for a stable, reliable slide topper for the year-round RV lifestyle, this one could be for you!


  • Long extension range
  • Full sealing
  • Superior weather resistance
  • Easy installation


Best Heavy Duty Slide Out Topper

Carefree SlideOut Kover III

If durability is your number one concern for a topper, the Carefree Slideout Kover III is something to think about.

Made of sturdy vinyl and even sturdier aluminum, this polished piece is guaranteed to go great with your RV. It’s built to keep from caving in—and the way the cradle support is integrated, nobody will even notice all of the materials that went into the installation.

That’s not all, either: it’ll provide you and your vehicle with protection from all sorts of Mother Nature’s elements, from rain to wind to leaves.

There are a couple of things you’re going to want to know before you set your heart on this one, though. The first, most pressing thing is that it doesn’t come with a roller cover. The second thing is that some people find the instructions a little hard to follow.

If either of those issues is a deal-breaker for you, I’m going to suggest you try another slide topper for your RV.

Carefree (UQ) SideOut Kover III Awning
Carefree (UQ) SideOut Kover III Awning
  • Carefree SideOut Kover III, White Vinyl fabric with White deflector; for roof size range
  • The SideOut Kover III includes a wind deflector and integrates with the patio and window awnings for


  • Resilient against the elements
  • Discreet supporting materials
  • Structurally sound


  • Does not come with a roller cover
  • Instructions may be hard to follow

Best Awning Fabric

SunWave Slide Out Cover Fabric

It’s like they always say: quality over quantity. That adage applies to fabrics as much as anything else. It’s why you should take a look at SunWave Slide Out Cover Fabric.

With inches of fabric at your disposal, there’s no shortage of customization you can do with this stuff. Don’t worry about fraying it while cutting: that won’t be an issue. It’s not delicate stuff, either: it’s trusty ol’ vinyl. It can cover toppers with up to 50 inches of projection, too. That’s a pretty good range!

Here’s my one gripe with it: it only comes in one color—white. If you want a white slide topper, that’s great! If you’re looking for something more colorful, though, you’ll want to pass on this one.


  • Long range
  • Durable material
  • Won’t fray when cut


Most Affordable Slide Out Cover

Innova Trim to Fit Slideout Cover

Times are tough right now. It’s entirely possible you don’t have a lot of money to spend on RV slide out covers. Not to worry! The Innova Trim to Fit Slideout Cover has you covered. This slide cover won’t cost you a fortune.

It’s good quality for the price, too—in fact, it’s one of the best RV slide toppers out there. The unhemmed sides make it so that you don’t have to worry about a downpour of rain making a small lake out of your slide topper. Meanwhile, the tough awning keeps the wind from making too much racket. Best of all, fraying won’t be an issue with this cover.

Are there any drawbacks? Not really. It’s a pretty sound slide topper. It comes in black and white, giving it twice the chromatic range of some toppers on the market. The only pressing issue is that it only extends to 42 inches, which may not be enough for some RVs. I’d say that overall, though, you’re not going to go wrong with this one.

  • Fits Carefree SideOut Covers and A&E Slidetoppers under 93" without alumaguard and slide extensions
  • Electronically welded polycord hems that slide into awning rail and awning roller will not leak or


  • Low price
  • Robust protection from the elements
  • Resistant to fraying


  • Shorter extension length than some other models

Easiest Slide Out Awning to Install

Carefree White Slideout Cover

Installation can be a real hassle, especially if you’ve got the wrong topper. Thankfully, I know just the solution: The Carefree White Slideout Cover. Depending on how fast you work, you can install this versatile topper in less than half an hour. It’s lightweight, too—22 lbs! Nobody I’ve seen has had anything negative to say about the installation process.

Here’s the hitch, though: some customers have reported their order not including mounting brackets. Make sure you know what’s coming with your order. If you can afford it, you can purchase mounting brackets separately. However, if you can’t afford a separate order (or don’t want to make a separate order), pass on this one.


  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Good warranty


  • Have to order brackets separately

Recap: The Best RV Slide Toppers

Factors to Consider Before Buying an RV Slide Topper

All of the top picks listed above have handy features and highlights, but how do you choose? These are some factors you should take into account before making your purchase.

Does It Come With All the Parts I Need (Or Don’t)?

As you saw in the list above, not all RV awnings come with all of the parts you need for installation. For some people, this isn’t a problem. Some people already have the parts they need and would be better off not getting an extra set of parts with their slide topper. Other people are fine placing separate orders for parts.

If that’s you, then opt for a cover that’s just the cover. If you need additional parts for installation, though, then go with a product that’s guaranteed to have them.

Necessary or Unnecessary Additional Features?

If you are looking to purchase an RV Slide Topper, then this is something to heavily consider. Every slide topper you will look at will have its own set of special features and unique gadgets that might catch your eye. Whether it be automatic features, innovative material, etc.

Although these may look tempting, if you are in a financial situation where you know this is not necessary, then please don&#;t fall victim. People pay loads of extra money for all of these qualities that you may find are completley useless on the road. Do your research beforehand and know your budget before buying something you know you might not need.

Will It Weather the Weather?

If you live the RV life, then this question will be top of mind for you. What good is a stay in Alaska if your slide topper can barely handle Oregon? What fun is a trip to Florida if the heat in Colorado is a bit much for your cover?

Always make sure you read up on the temperatures a given topper can take. There are plenty on the market that can take on the heat and the cold. Granted, if you’re only traveling to very mild, temperate locales, then heat or cold resistance may not be such a big issue for you.

However, you should consider other weather factors, too. Can your topper handle the rain? How about fall weather in general—can it deal with leaves coming down on it? It’s not just the immediate temperature you have to consider; it’s the overall climate. You’ll want something that’s climate-proof for everywhere you want to go.

You also may want to consider protecting your seals. This will ensure your long lasting, smooth sliding topper for your RV. Some of the most durable toppers will also prevent mildew from building up inside your seals, and on the fabric as well. So watch out for cheap materials that will haunt you in the long run.

How Big is It?

Make sure you’re buying something that fits your RV. The last thing you’ll want is to invest your hard-earned money into a cover that’s too big or too small. Some covers are designed to be cut down to size, but that won’t help you if it’s too small in the first place.

Thankfully, some brands offer specific topper models in different sizes. Of course, you might need to head out and climb up a ladder to measure properly. Be sure to note the width of your slide box—and then add inches to that.

How Much Does It All Cost?

This one might seem obvious, but it can be easy to lose sight of it if you’re not careful.

If you’re in a place financially where you can afford to buy the most expensive topper on the market, then go ahead and do that (as long as it meets all of your criteria)! If not, consider a less expensive model. Remember, price doesn’t always equate to quality; you saw that the Innova Trim to Fit Slideout Cover is a fine piece of equipment at a steal.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this article has given you some good direction about which RV slide topper is right for you. We’ve given you five of the best RV slide toppers to read about and provided you some ideas of what to consider before buying. Check out some frequently asked questions below as well. And if you have other questions about slide toppers and awnings, hop over to Brian&#;s guides on installing awnings and cleaning awnings.

Overall, our top recommendation is the Lippert RV Solera Awning, because it’s easy to install and is packed with features to make your next RV trip more comfortable. Convenience plus the comfort of home means you can stay protected and cozy on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best RV Slide Topper Material?

Some fabric materials may vary for your specific needs on the road, such as how much heat or cold your awning is going to endure on your journey. The most common and popular materials are Vinyl and Acrylic fabrics. Acrylic is where you get that breathable topper that will dry faster and is easier to maintain. Vinyl is where you&#;re going to get that waterproof, sturdy topper that is just a little more expensive. Although these toppers look top notch, it is very easy for these to build up mildew if not taken proper care of.

How Long will it Last?

Typically, most awnings last from about years depending on the quality, and how well you take care of it. Generally speaking, you can keep an awning for as long as you&#;d like if you take proper care of it and don&#;t let it deteriorate.

What Size Topper do I Need?

Every RV differs in slide room sizes, you will need to measure your&#;s out for yourself. You will want to measure the width of your slide room on the outside wall of your RV, including your flange. Measure out to about 2 and a half inches past each side and that will be your perfect size!


Slideout Covers

Protect Your RV Slide-Outs

Your campers slide-out’s add to the enjoyment and comfort of your camping trips. One of the best ways to protect them and enhance their function is to cover with with a Slide-Out Cover.

$ – $ Installed – Per Slide – Approximately $6/mo* on RV Loan


RV Slide Cover

• Cooling: The thickness of the roof on your slide is only a few inches, whereas the main roof averages around 8 inches. Slide out covers can help keep your camper cooler.

Auto Slide Cover RV

• Debris: Sticks, leaves and dirt can easily find it’s way on to the top of your slide. If you do not remove them before moving your slides in it can damage the seals and roof of your slide.

RV Slide Cover

• Water: Water leaking into your camper is never a good thing, and a slide-out cover can help. Although water coming sideways can never be prevented a slideout cover can keep excess water off your slides.

Contact The Business Manager who is handling your financing at the number below about including this package in your financing.

Des Moines
Kari Alexander

[email protected]
Webster City
Mike Carter

[email protected]

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Portable RV Slide Out Covers

Which Portable RV slide out covers are Best for the Typical RV?

Every RV owner has wondered about this question since there are tons of these types of products being sold in the market. The following are the best Portable RV slide out covers one can find on the market for sale:

First, there is the 8' x 36" Dura-Fold Portable RV slide out covers from Dura-Bilt Products, Inc. With this product RV slide outs can be protected from damage caused by weather and water conditions. There is an option to buy this with or without a decorative valance. It can be easily folded down and locked during off seasons. Take note that this must be removed during travel. It has a 3" insulated white aluminum roof and it includes mounting rails and hardware for installation. The customer can choose from various optional fabric valance colors like blue, brown, rust, burgundy, gray, teal and green. There is a five year limited warranty for this US-made product.

Next, is the 8' x 48" Dura-Fold Portable RV slide out covers. Another product from Dura-Bilt Products, this is also a protective cover for RV slide outs. The materials are the same as the smaller 8' x 36" RV slide out covers of the same brand. Even through harsh weather, RV owners can rest easy that their slide outs are safe from damage. It also comes with the same 3" insulated white aluminum roof as well as mounting rails and hardware for installation. Color choices for fabric valances are also varied to fit the RV owner's color preferences.

Read More

Remove water and leaves from RV slide out roofs

Are you looking for the best RV slide topper to help protect your slide out, but don’t know where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place because this article will go over all the ins and outs of these products.

It’ll discuss everything you could want to know about these devices from types, valuable features, brands, etc. In other words, this article will have the answers to any questions you may have about an RV slide topper.

best rv slide topper

We’ll even provide you with 8 RV slide topper reviews of the products we consider the best on the market. These discussions will give you an idea of what a high-quality one of these items might look like before you start your search.

They’ll also help you narrow down the vast amount of options you have to choose from into a more manageable and reasonable selection. In the end, our goal is to ensure you end up buying an RV slide topper that fulfills your needs and expectations as an RV owner.

So please, let us help you find a slide topper that’ll keep your slide out protected for years to come. I promise you won’t regret it!

Table of Contents

10 Best RV Slide Topper Reviews

1. Lippert RV Solera Awning Black Slider

Our first product is the Lippert RV Solera Awning Slider, which has a host of features that make it one of the best. I mean, there isn’t much to complain about with this particular RV slide topper.

For instance, this slider comes in numerous different sizes, which means finding the perfect one won’t be a complicated process. It’s always a nice touch when a manufacturer gives you a variety of options to pick from regarding sizing.

I also love the fact that this product consists of high-quality materials, which have been proven to be incredibly durable. In fact, several customers discussed in this RV slide out awning reviews how great this model is at making sure things like dust, debris, sticks, or leaves don’t become an issue.

The material’s even waterproof to ensure leaks don’t cause havoc inside your RV. As a result, you can expect this slide topper to protect your slide out for many years adequately. Aside from protecting numerous issue-causing things, this product also extends up to 50ft.

This extension length is much longer than most other products on the market and provides a lot more protection coverage. Its black color design is another feature that I found intriguing as it would mesh swimmingly with my black colored RV.

You can also take comfort with this product’s ability to extend and retract with your slide out automatically; therefore, you won’t have to do anything manually, which can be an incredible hassle with certain products.

And I didn’t even mention that multiple customers reported the installation instructions that arrived with the product were clear and straightforward. All in all, this slide topper would be a fantastic purchase for any RV owner.

But if you do intend on buying it, get ready to spend a small fortune. This model is easily one of the more expensive ones on this entire list.


  • Extends up to 50ft
  • Automatically extends and retracts with slide out
  • Made with durable materials
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Easy to install
  • Appealing black design

The Carefree SideOut Kover III Awning comes from one of my favorite manufacturers within this marketplace. This brand’s products are always among the best reviewed and most popular slide toppers on the market.

And this particular model is no different as it features a set of qualities that provide a wide range of benefits. I mean, I love that this slide topper includes a wind deflector, which will help solve the one issue that these products tend to provide: instability during high wind conditions.

But this feature isn’t the only one that makes this product stand out; there’s also its sleek and modern design, which should mesh well with most RVs. It also helps that this design features built-in cradle support that&#;ll help ensure the roller assembly doesn’t sag.

If it didn’t have the cradle support, the sagging roller assembly might distract from your otherwise fabulous looking RV. I also found the vinyl material it consists of to be an overwhelming positive attribute this product offers.

After all, this material has proven to be incredibly durable and capable of protecting your slide out against debris, water, leaves, and other damaging environmental factors. And the customer reviews certainly back up this finding as most of them praise the durability of this product profusely.

It also doesn’t hurt that this slide topper was designed to work automatically with your slide out. In other words, it’ll extend and retract based on your slide out’s movements, which is convenient feature some customers tend to overlook.

But there was one problem area that I encountered during my research. You see multiple customers complained that the install instructions were too complicated. And being someone that isn’t great at doing these type of installs, this aspect wasn’t a welcome sight.


  • Includes a wind deflector
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Works automatically with your slide out
  • Durable vinyl material
  • Effective in protection against various environmental elements
  • Built-in cradle support to prevent roller assembly from sagging


  • Expensive
  • Some customers complained about the installation instructions being complex

3. Lippert RV Solera Awning White Slider

As another product from Lippert, you can expect this particular model to provide you with an outstanding level of performance. This expectation is fulfilled with a set of features that makes this slide topper among the best.

Its sleek white colored design was the first thing that stood out to me as it looks modern and can adapt into the color scheme of most RVs. Of course, it wouldn’t be a great fit with my black RV as it’d stick out like a sore thumb.

But in other situations, I think this design would fit in perfectly and further establish your RV’s aesthetic. I also like the fact that this slide topper’s hardware has a universal hole pattern, which eliminates the need to patch holes and speaks to the overall versatility of this product.

This model also consists of high-quality, durable material that’ll put up an intense fight against any environment element that might cause it damage. There were even multiple customer reviews that depicted dire situations where this product held up beautifully.

And this slide topper has some of the features that I loved about the first Lippert product we reviewed as well. For one, it has the capability of automatically extend and retract along with your slide out, which is always such an essential feature.

Plus, it extends up to 50ft like the other Lippert product as well giving you a significant amount of coverage area. Overall, there isn’t much about this product that a potential customer could see as something that would sway them from buying it.

But there was one legitimately issue that gave me a little, and it was regarding the product’s shipping. You see there were a few customers who reported receiving this slide topper in less than ideal condition, which isn’t something you like to see in the customer reviews.


  • Available in various sizes
  • Extends up to 50ft
  • The hardware hole pattern is universal
  • Made with durable materials
  • Sleek white colored design
  • Automatically retracts/extends


  • Shipping issues
  • Expensive

4. Carefree Cut-to-Fit Slide Out Awning Fabric

The Carefree Cut-to-Fit Slide Out Awning Fabric is the perfect purchase for an RV owner with an awning roller and rail already in place. This product will ensure your slide out stays protected from anything that might cause it harm with its tear and rip resistant fabric.

I also love that you can order this fabric in either black or white to make sure you get a product that meshes well with your RV’s aesthetic; black would undoubtedly be my pick. This type of feature showcases how this company continually puts its customer’s needs and wants first.

It’s helpful that this fabric comes with a pre-installed cording, which makes the installation process into your awning rail and roller simple. Any feature with the capabilities of making the install easier is always a win in my book.

This product coming with Carefree’s FLXguard fabric protection isn’t a bad feature to have as well. You see this protective quality will ensure this fabric stays in pristine shape during transit by protecting it against dirt, sunlight, and debris.

You don’t have to worry about figuring out the size either as it’s a cut-to-fit fabric. In other words, you cut off the right amount to cover your slide out and then save the rest of it for another project, which showcases how useful this product can be for a customer.

Plus, this fabric is reasonably priced for a product of this quality and with these features. It’s genuinely one of the best RV slide topper fabrics on this entire list when a person buys it in the right circumstances.

But therein lies the problem as this product doesn’t come with the additional hardware with purchase: the awning’s rail and roller. So, if you don’t already have these pieces in place, you’ll have to buy them separately, which is always a pain.


  • Available in white or black
  • Includes a pre-installed cording
  • Tear resistant
  • Cut-to-fit vinyl fabric
  • Equipped with Carefree FLXguard fabric protection
  • Reasonably priced

5. SunWave Slide Out Cover Fabric

Our next product, the SunWave Slide Out Cover Fabric, is another cut-to-fit fabric that’ll do its job without causing any complications or hassles. And any product that fits into that description is one I’m always going to consider.

It also helps that this fabric has waterproof capabilities, which should help stop any leak from causing damage to your RV. Given the insane cost of water damage related repair, you can bet this aspect is something I value highly.

I found the fabric’s sleek white design to be visually appealing as well. It would easily fit into the aesthetic of most RVs without any issue, which further highlights why this particular product made into this list.

But the best attribute this fabric brings to the table is its convenient qualities. You see this product comes equipped with a pre-installed cording, which makes installing it into your existing awning rail and roller a remarkably easy feat.

Along the same lines, it’s categorization as a cut-to-fit fabric also showcases its convenience as you don’t have to worry about ordering by size. You instead buy the product and cut it according to the parameters of your slide out.

The low cost doesn’t hurt this product either. In fact, it’s easily one of the least expensive options on this entire list. Plus, the flaws this slide topper has aren’t too devastating as there are only two problem areas I identified during my research.

Its first issue was that this product’s purchase didn’t come with the hardware included, which is more of a personal preference problem. The second one was a bit more concerning as a few customer reviews mentioned this model had issues protecting against dirt.

Neither one is anything too serious, but both are things you should put some thought into before putting this product into your online shopping cart.


  • Cut-to-fit fabric
  • Sleek white design
  • Low price
  • Waterproof capabilities
  • Pre-installed cording
  • Easy to install


  • No hardware included
  • Some customers reported issues with it protecting against dirt

The Carefree SideOut Kover II RV Slide Topper is another fantastic product from a brand that keeps dominating this list. And this particular slide topper is the lowest priced item on this entire article, which means bargain buyers should pay close attention to it.

I mean, even with this low price tag, this product still has a laundry list of features that I find incredible. For one, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, which offers you some protection in the event something terrible happens to the product.

Warranties are something that I always find comforting because it conveys the manufacturer has faith in the product; therefore, the addition of one is something I put down as a positive regardless of the circumstances.

It also helps that this fabric has waterproof capabilities that’ll ensure you never have to worry about leaks becoming a significant issue. In fact, multiple customers reported this item easily surviving through numerous rainstorms, which is quite impressive.

This product’s UV resistant as well that’ll keep its coloring from fading or weakening due to the sun’s rays. Given this information, you should expect this fabric to stay in pristine condition for a long time.

And the inclusion of the pre-installed cording is never a bad feature to have with one of these products. It makes the installation process a much more manageable and less consuming adventure for the people attempting it.

But this product doesn’t include instructions for install with purchase, which is a hassle I would like to avoid at all costs. Thankfully, it seems you can find a guide quite easily with a quick google search; however, it’s still not something I want to see in a product like this one.

This product also doesn’t come with hardware included, which means you’ll have to use the equipment you already have or buy them separately.


  • Comes with a manufacturer’s warranty
  • Cut-to-fit fabric
  • Pre-installed cording
  • Low price
  • Waterproof capabilities
  • UV resistance


  • Installation instructions not included
  • Hardware not included

7. Innova Trim to Fit Slideout Cover

Another cut-to-fit fabric has made our list, and this one has some features that we haven’t see in the other products. You see this durable fabric not only looks fantastic, but it has a set of qualities that any RV owner would see as wonderfully beneficial.

For instance, this RV slide out awning replacement fabric has non-hemmed edges, which will help prevent water pooling and keep leaks from forming. Any protection against potential water damage is something I&#;m going to value highly, and this feature certainly fits the bill.

These non-hemmed edges also offer a solution to the one reoccurring issue that often faces these products as it’ll ensure the slide topper will make less noise in harsh winds. And since this problem can be quite a headache, this feature is welcomed sight.

The fact that you can choose between black and white coloring is another feature that I like. It gives me the chance to evaluate whether either color fits better into the RV aesthetic I’m going for as an owner.

It was nice to see the customer reviews praising the installation process as well. Nothing worse than buying a product that’s too complicated to set up and this product doesn’t have this issue based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback.

We should also mention that this product being a cut-to-fit fabric means you don’t have to buy based on size either. And it’s available for a price that will fall well within most of your budgets.

But as a cut-to-fit product, it does means the hardware isn’t included with purchase. It’s also imperative we note that the installation process, while easy is a two person job, which is something you should think about before making a final decision.


  • Cut-to-fit
  • Available in white or black
  • Non-hemmed edges to prevent water pooling
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to install
  • Durable fabric


  • Hardware not included
  • Installation is a two person job

8. Carefree RV Slideout Cover

The last product on our list is one of the best RV slide out covers thanks to its high-quality performance and long-lasting durability. This model features numerous things that make it stand out from the pack and a few that I find unbelievable.

The first thing that stuck out to me was this slide topper comes equipped with a roller lock, which prevents billowing in transit. In other words, it keeps it stable when facing harsh winds and reduces the noise it might make.

I found the fact that the roller tube and mounting brackets consist of heavy-duty aluminum quite appealing as well. Given this material, you can expect these parts of this topper to hold up for years without issue.

It also comes with a manufacturer warranty, which is always a nice touch as it never hurts to have a bit of an insurance policy when/if something goes wrong. Just another feature that shows Carefree tends to put their customer’s needs first.

Plus, this model is an affordable option that includes all the hardware needed for the installation process with purchase. As a person that hates buying things separately, you can bet I was incredibly happy when I realized I wouldn&#;t have to with this product.

We should also mention the installation process for this model is considered straightforward and not entirely too time-consuming. As a result, you won’t have to spend too much time away from the fun things about the RVing experience.

But even though the install is considered easy, the purchase of this product doesn’t come with a set of installation instructions: a bit of a bummer for someone like me that isn’t that talented at this type of stuff.


  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Affordable
  • Roller tube and mounting brackets made with heavy-duty aluminum
  • Great looking white design
  • Equipped with a roller lock
  • Easy to install


  • No installation instructions

What to Look for When Buying an RV Slide Topper


Finding the perfect RV slide topper will involve looking out for a few determining factors during your search. This section will discuss these things at length to ensure you know what a high-quality product should look like as a potential customer.

After all, there are an insane amount of options for you to choose from as a customer. And since these slide toppers tend to be a bit expensive, making the right decision becomes imperative. These following factors will help make this process much more straightforward:


Finding the most cost-effective RV slide topper should be near the top of your to-do list. Due to this, it’s essential you understand what you want from one of these products and design a budget around those requirements.

This budget will make the searching process much easier as it’ll limit your options to a more reasonable amount. As a result, the feeling of being overwhelmed by this process will soon disappear thanks to a reduced selection.

A budget will also ensure you end up feeling satisfied with your purchase. There’s nothing worse than buying a product that you can’t enjoy because you spent a bit too on it and feel like it wasn’t worth it: clear parameters establishing what you can pay will help avoid this feeling.


One of the most essential things to understand about an RV slide topper before buying is its material. There are numerous potential options that a slide topper can consist of and you must evaluate whether it can provide you with high-quality performance.

For instance, you must determine whether the material has certain qualities that make it a user-friendly option. Is the material easy to clean? Is it durable? Does it have waterproof capabilities?

It’s answers to questions like these that’ll help you feel comfortable buying a slide topper made from a specific material. If you find yourself doubting your evaluation of the material, another helpful resource you should look through is the customer reviews.

These reviews will provide you with an in-depth account of other customers&#; experiences with the product. And their feelings on the material used in the product’s creation should be heavily referred to within these useful resources.

Additional Features

Every RV slide topper you encounter will have its own set of special features that’ll try to convey why that particular model is better than the rest on the market. These add-ons might include things like automatic features, unique options, innovative hardware, etc.

Due to this, you must evaluate what features you deem entire necessary for your slide topper. Don’t fall victim to paying extra money for a bunch of qualities you don’t actually find useful or essential in one of these products.


The slide topper’s durability is another thing you must consider before purchasing one of these products. It all starts with being aware of whether the manufacturer uses the product description to discuss the fabric’s durability.

Some companies will avoid discussing it and instead focus on the hardware used. This situation is a sign that some might be up with the fabric’s quality. You should also notice the warranties the manufacturers offer with these products.

A more extended warranty evokes a sense of faith that the company has in the product. Meanwhile, a product with a shorter or no warranty might be from a manufacturer that’s just trying to make a quick buck off a deficient slide topper.

This area is another place where those all-too-important customer reviews come into play as well. Trust me; if a slide topper isn’t proven to be durable, there will several consumers complaining about it within those reviews.

In the end, it’s essential you make sure your slide topper can handle the wear and tear of protecting your RV’s slide out from damaging situations. And it should be able to offer this protection without becoming damaged itself.


Everything we mentioned within the previous section will end up being significant factors in your final decision. But the background knowledge about these products below will also help you understand, which RV slide topper is the perfect product for you.

What is an RV slide topper?

An RV slide topper, also known as an RV slide out awning, is an extension that’s located above your RV’s slide out. These products come in various designs and styles ranging from incredibly vibrant to bland and straightforward.

Some RVers even find the time to get their RV slide toppers customized towards their particular preference. In any case, the purpose of these products is they offer another layer of protection against anything that might cause damage to your Rv&#;s slide out.

You see many RV owners would agree that having a rig with a slide out increases the chances you’ll have problems with things like leakage, flooding, and other potentially damaging issues. As a result, you can see how a slide topper would be a useful product to have covering your slide out.

Due to this essential purpose, these slide toppers have become a popular product among RV owners. They’re so popular that it’s highly probable any campground you drive into will have at least one RV with a slide topper over their slide out.

And let’s be honest; customizing your RV toward your preferences is always fun. A slide out topper gives you another way of making your on-the-road home feel like a place that represents you.

How does it work?

The way an RV slide topper works is remarkably simple when you compare it to other RV parts. I mean, sometimes these maintenance problems can get overly complicated to the point it induces massive headaches.

But these products won’t cause you any frustration as all they do is pull out when the slide is extended and retract when its rolled up. And it provides its useful protection ability by working similar to how a blanket does.

For instance, it’ll act like a cover over the slide out and keep things like rainwater or debris from causing damage. And that’s pretty much all you need to know about how these slide toppers function as a potential customer.

What are the different types of RV slide toppers?

RV slide toppers don’t have specific categories that separate one type from another. This lack of categorization likely comes from the fact that slide toppers are already referred to as a kind of awning. Plus, nobody likes dealing with sub-categories when they can avoid it.

It also doesn’t help that most slide toppers typically look the same. But there are certain features that’ll make one slide topper stand out from another. For instance, a product with an anti-billowing mechanism is always thought to be high-quality.

You see this feature will keep the topper from filling up with air when you’re on the road. If this situation does occur, it could cause some severe issues for you. As a result, making sure your RV slide topper has an anti-billowing mechanism&#;s something you must do.

Another feature where these products tend to differ is regarding their individual case’s material. In other words, the things protecting the topper when its rolled up and not preventing things from damaging your slide out.

Some slide out toppers will have a case with a metal weather seal, which will protect it against whatever environmental element might potentially damage it: snow, sleet, rain, etc. Others may have the entire topper in a metal case until you extend the slide out.

And then, there are the cheaper slide out toppers that’ll come with a vinyl weather seal, which won’t put up much of a fight against certain weather conditions. Of course, some manufacturers don’t include a case at all.

In an ideal situation, you want to ensure your slide out topper has a case with a metal weather seal at least. After all, there’s no reason you want to be buying another topper in a few months because yours didn’t receive enough protection.

Understanding these little details will go a long way and ensure you end up buying a slide out topper you’re happy with as an RV owner.

Why do you need an RV slide topper?

If you own an RV, the importance of a high-quality RV slide topper shouldn’t be a hard thing to understand. After all, these products represent the best way to protect your rig as it starts getting up there in age.

You see the seals around your slide out will start acclimating damage as your rig ages. This damage will eventually lead to nasty things such as leaks; therefore, a slide topper will help prevent these issues from occurring by protecting both the slide out and its seals.

As a result, its lifespan will extend and ensure the slide out is available to you for many upcoming RV trips. In fact, the high-quality toppers like the ones in this article will typical prevent buildups of mildew and protect your slide out from harsh weather conditions as well.

In the simplest terms, a high-quality slide topper can provide the following benefits:

  • Keeps rain and snow away from your slide out’s seals, which will protect your RV’s inside from any potential issues caused by water.
  • Protects your slide out from UV rays that&#;ll cause discoloration and weaken materials.
  • These products are often easy to clean. A topper will let everything roll off it once you retract the slide out; therefore, the debris doesn’t ever touch it, and it doesn’t create a mess you have to deal with as an RV owner.
  • It offers a protective layer against debris and extreme environmental elements such as rain, sleet, or snow.

Given these fantastic benefits, it’s hard to see a reason why an RV owner wouldn’t invest money into buying one of these products. The only issue you hear about an RV slide topper is regarding its tendency to flap around when the wind becomes harsh.

This issue can be a nuisance depending on the wind’s strength. But this one potential issue shouldn’t sway you from buying one of these useful products. I mean, it seems the benefits for sure outweigh the negatives when it comes to RV slide toppers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Like with any FAQs section, this part of the article will try to answer any remaining questions that you have about these particular products. The answers you receive below should help alleviate any concerns about what it means to own an RV slide topper.

What are good RV slide topper brands?

The great RV slide topper brands are the ones you see in our product review section. All of these manufacturers provide high-quality products at reasonable prices, which is all you can ask for from these companies.

But within this small group of brands, I find two manufacturers tend to stick out even a little bit more: Carefree and Lippert. Both these companies’ products are routinely near the top of the market and are often among the best reviewed.

With this in mind, we thought it’d be a good idea to explore these two brands’ backgrounds a bit and get you more familiar with what makes them great.


This brand prides itself on creating products that’ll offer the best user experience possible. A mission statement like this one means that Carefree having the products with the following qualities isn’t shocking: the easiest to order, have the fastest turnaround and possess the best combination of value and performance.

And products that feature these three aspects are hard to pass on as a customer. I mean, who wouldn’t a slide topper by Carefree given their relentless pursuit of making sure everything about their products suits the customer’s needs?


This company has become a leading manufacturer in this marketplace thanks to them creating long-lasting relationships with their customers. And this willingness to put the people buying their merchandise first has reflected itself in the reviews of their products.

It also helps that Lippert’s always looking for new inventive ways to improve their products based on their customer’s wants and needs. It’s quite evident that buying from this brand will most likely result in a positive buying experience you won’t regret.

Overall, any of the brands we highlight within our product review section will offer you a user-friendly experience and end up with you getting a high-quality product. But in particular, these two brands seem to provide more from a customer’s perspective.

Is the fabric waterproof?

It’ll ultimately depend on the RV slide topper you end up purchasing, but some of them will be waterproof. Most of them will be at least water resistant, which should offer you some protection against those pesky rain or snow storms.

If you’re genuinely worried about this part of the buying experience, you shouldn’t be as there are plenty of options that have waterproof capabilities. The only issue is these RV slide toppers will end up costing you a bit more money.

We should also mention that any acrylic slide topper that says its waterproof is lying as these type of fabrics can only be water-resistant at the most.

How to install an RV slide topper?

It’s a bit hard to talk about the installation process for these products in a general sense as each RV slide topper will have little differences in how they’re installed. But overall, the set up shouldn’t take all that much time or effort on your part.

In most cases, the RV slide topper you buy will come with a well-detailed set of instructions that’ll guide you through the process. If it doesn’t, a quick google search should point your in the right directions as there are numerous YouTube depicting these installs.

You might even find a copy of the instruction manual right on the manufacturer’s website. Either way, a quick google search could do wonders in making sure you have a productive install experience with the product you end up buying.

If you’re worried about the process, an excellent way to examine whether it’ll be a simple job is by looking through the customer reviews. These vital resources will make it apparent what other people have experienced regarding the installation process.

And please, don’t ever trust a manufacturer that says their product is easy to install at their word. You should instead rely on your research into the topic and decide from your findings.

How to adjust an RV slide topper?

Your RV slide topper’s tension must have a quick adjustment to ensure the fabric’s taut and the awning remains stable. As we established, these products tend to come in all shapes and sizes; but the good news is this process tends to be relatively the same (buttons and levers might be in different locations).

You see the adjusting process for most RV slide toppers typically revolve around the same five basic principles or steps, which we will go over below. And once you got these down, this activity should be a piece of cake.

  1. Make sure your RV’s parked and with the brake set. It’s also essential you ensure it’s level using a leveling system and jacks.
  2. Go over to the awning and remove any debris such as leaves or sticks that may occupy the awning’s seam. Proceed to open the slide out, and your slide topper should automatically extend once the slide out starts to unhinge. Make sure both the slide topper and slide out are fully extended.
  3. Grab a step stool and put it near your awning’s lip. Push the awning’s aluminum pole up towards your RV’s wall and down to the awning&#;s lip that’ll end up being under the awning itself. From there, position it in a way where the pole will push the awning out, which will add tension to the fabric. In most cases, special aluminum poles will come with the awning for this intended purpose.
  4. You should then inflate the air bladder of your awning to provide your awning’s fabric with more tension. In the case that your slide topper has an air bladder, locate the internal air pump and use it to inflate the awning, which will end up adding tension.
  5. Shove the foam pieces under the awning’s bottom lip. This action will offer more tension and support to protect further against anything happening. And lastly, push the foam below your awning’s roller, which will be near your awning’s end.

How to keep RV slide toppers from flapping?

There are plenty of things to love about RV slide toppers given the protection they provide and other beneficial advantages. But there’s one aspect about them that can cause RV owners all sorts of problem, and that’s their tendency to start flapping when the winds become harsh.

And it often results with the RV owner having to bring in their slide outs, which isn’t ideal as it removes a lot of floor space; therefore, you must figure out a way to ensure your topper’s flapping doesn’t become an issue.

There are a couple of ways you could effectively stopping the flapping. Some RVers have experienced success correcting this issue by lassoing the topper. All you have to do is take a soft rope and throw it over the slide out width-ways.

From there, you use the rope to form a “V” with your topper when tightening down the rope and tie both ends. An ideal place for the tie points would be the slide out bars, which are typically located under the slide out.

Another option RV owners have had success with is installing tetherballs between your topper and the slide out roof temporarily. You see these tetherballs can reduce the effects the harsh winds have on your topper by providing a little cushion.

It’s also helpful that you can run a clothesline to the tetherball that’ll lessen the hassle removing it might cause when the winds finally become a non-factor. In other words, it’ll eliminate the need for you to get up on a ladder after the ordeal is over.

And other RV owners often suggest trading in your factory-equipped topper for one with a sunscreen material. This type of material will still provide you protection against the sun’s hot rays during those summer days, but it also doesn’t allow the wind much of a chance to pick up the topper’s surface.

As a result, there’s a lower amount of noise and reduces the chance of any flapping or tearing from occurring significantly. So, if you do encounter this issue, it’s quite clear that you have some options to choose from as an RV owner.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy an RV slide topper is Amazon, which will have the largest selection and best prices a potential customer will encounter. I mean, there’s a reason all the links in this article go to the product’s Amazon page.

If you don’t like the idea of using Amazon, Camping World is another site I’d recommend checking out before making your final decision. It’ll have a sizable selection and fair prices, but typically they won’t be as low as you’d see on Amazon.

Even with this in mind, there are still sometimes where Camping World is having a sale on a particular product, and the price might dip below Amazon’s; therefore, it’s always a good idea to check both sites before purchasing.

You could also find high-quality RV slide toppers at your local WalMart or RV store. The options will be much more limited than you’d find at either of the online stores mentioned above, but they should still a few reliable choices.

The customer service these places provide is an advantage that you don’t get with online shopping as well. Overall, these couple of options represent the marketplaces I consider the best for buying one of these products.

Anyone of them will offer a buying experience, which will meet your expectations and get you a high-quality RV slide topper. All you have to do now is choose the one that suits your particular shopping style the best.


Given all your new knowledge about these products, the search for the best RV slide topper shouldn’t be the nightmare experience it once represented. You can instead use this information and whittle down the options to a much more manageable amount.

And once you do find the perfect topper, you won’t have to worry about debris or other potentially damaging issues causing problems for your slide out ever again. It’ll also help you return to the more fun parts of the RVing experience.

In the end, we hope this article made this buying experience a simple one and maybe even pointed towards the topper that’ll make your life easier for years to come. Honestly, we’d like to help in any way we can.

So please, if you have any more questions or concerns about these products, feel free to express them in the comment section below.

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Cover out roof camper slide

Table of Contents

What is a Slide Topper?

An RV slide topper, or a slide out awning, is a durable vinyl fabric sheet that is connected to a reel. The reel extends and retracts automatically over an RV slide out room. It covers the roof of the slide out and protects it from rain and debris, so all of that mess doesn&#;t come into your rig when you pull in the slide out.

Dometic SlideTopper

We recently installed a Dometic Elite SlideTopper EZ and couldn&#;t be happier. The slide out awning fabric is made from a heavy duty durable material that is either white vinyl or black. We went with the black to match the colors on our RV slide.

It is very easy to install and using it is even easier as you don&#;t have to do anything to protect your RV from various weather conditions. As your slide out goes out, so does the slide topper, so it&#;s a piece of cake.

Benefits of a Slide Topper

The main benefit is to protect the top of the slide out from harmful debris like leaves and sticks that can fall onto the slide out roof. This debris can cause damage when falling. Having the slide out awning as an extra layer of protection definitely adds peace of mind.

Dometic SlideTopper Closing

The slide toppers are situated so that there is a slight angle from where the topper is secured to the side wall of your RV, down to the end of the slide out. Any bigger things like acorns or pinecones will typically roll right off and a heavy rainfall will stream right off of it.

Without a slide topper any of that remaining debris, like leaves, will remain on the slide out roof unless you get up on the roof of your camper or motorhome to sweep it off. This isn&#;t the easiest thing to do and very easy to forget. Once you start bringing the slide out in, all of that water and anything else that found its way on top of the slide out will come in as well.

Slide toppers also protect from sun damage to the roof of the slide out. The sun can do some major damage to fiberglass and rubber roofs, so having the slide topper protect the slide out roof is a major plus.

Dometic SlideTopper Protecting From Sun

Along with protecting from the sun&#;s UV rays, the slide topper can also help keep your RV cool. While the sun is beating down on the slide out roof eating into the rubber or fiberglass that is up there, it&#;s also cooking that side of your rig.

The slide topper will act as a shade awning over your slide out and since there is about 4 or 5 inches of space between the slide topper fabric and the slide out roof, the heat will dissipate and barely any of that will make it&#;s way into your rig.


We had a professional install our Dometic slide out awning, but I did help and it was much easier than I thought.

The first part of the installation required us to take down the existing rain gutter that was mounted above the slide out. Removing the gutter gave us the perfect mounting point for the awning rail which is how the slide topper fabric connects to the side wall of the RV.

Mounting the awning rail was easy as it only took a few screws as well as some butyl tape behind the screws to make it is water tight. Make sure the awning rail is level with your RV, not necessarily level in general since your RV may not be perfectly level. Since we were able to use the markings from the rain gutter, we had an easy guide.

Next was attaching the mounting brackets to the slide out. These brackets support the reel that extends and retracts the slide topper.

The brackets attach to the top corners of the slide out with a few screws, however, make sure they mount to the slide out wall and not the trim piece that goes around the slide out.

When the awning rail and the brackets are installed, the next part is to feed the fabric of the slide topper through the awning rail. At the end of the slide topper&#;s fabric, there is a bead that fits into a slot on the awning rail.

A pro tip is to spray a little WD all along that slot so it slides easily. Also, if you had to cut the awning rail, or use more than one awning rail, to fit the length of your slide out, you may want to use a file to file off any burrs at the end of the awning rail that may snag the slide topper fabric.

This part requires 2 people and 2 ladders as most slide toppers are pretty long. In my case, it is 12 feet. We were able to easily feed the slide topper through while each person stood on a ladder.

When the slide topper is fed all the way through and is aligned over the slide out, you attach the reel to the brackets. This is done by pulling the brackets out a bit (they are extendable) so they fit around the awning reel. The reel will slip into the brackets and then they are secured with a cotter pin on each side.

After the cotter pins are in place you can test that it works by bringing your slide all the way in then all the way out. You should see the slide topper moving with the slide out.

That&#;s pretty much it! Our install took about 3 hours and went very smoothly.

Should you get a Slide Topper on your rig?

Most newer RV&#;s are including slide toppers over their slide outs and for good reason. The protection they offer is fantastic and there is nothing you have to do to use it.

If your rig doesn&#;t have one, I&#;d definitely recommend installing one. The cost of the slide topper pails in comparison to water seeping into your slide out and causing water damage somewhere in your rig. Or that terrible crunch sound of a big branch getting crushed on the slide out roof as you bring in the slide out.

You can check out the SlideToppers Dometic offers here.

This post is in paid partnership with Dometic.

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