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Black Ops Cold War | Call of Duty: Cold War

How To Level Up Weapon Levels Fast

Check out this guide to learn how to level up weapon levels fast in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War (COD Cold War)! Get to know fastest way to level up guns & unlock Attachments!!

Table of Contents

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How to Level Up Weapon Levels

Go & Kill Enemies

Go & Kill Enemies

The fastest and most obvious way to increase your weapon's rank and level is to kill enemy units. Toil and work hard with your favorite gun and grind until you get the attachments that you need!

Launchers Level Up By Destroying Vehicles

destroy uavs to level up launchers

To level up your Launchers, use them to destroy UAVs and enemy vehicles. Although technically not counted as kills, they are counted as such when taken down with the Launcher, contributing to the weapon's level.

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Use 2XP Weapon Level Tokens

Use 2XP tokens to double the weapon level XP you gain for a limited time! These can be obtained as Campaign rewards or completing challenges.

Tips On Fastest Way To Level Up Guns & Weapon Levels

Best Way: Zombies Mode (Solo)

How to level up weapons fast

▲ Zombies Mode is a good way to level up weapons you rarely use in PVP!!

Before jumping into multiplayer, you may want to unlock more attachments for your newly unlocked weapons. The best way to do this is by playing solo in Zombies mode. Spawn with your new weapon, upgrade it, and try to survive as long as you can. With this, you can level up your weapons in no time!

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Play Combined Arms Mode

Combined Arms Mode

Combined Arms Mode has the largest number of players out of all game modes. Here, you can join 12v12 fights that make it easier for you to pick off a decent number of enemy players. It's also way easier if you grind in Combined Arms: Domination as fixed objective points are good places to find enemies.

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Or Go Get Kills In Nuketown


Nuketown '84 is a compact map that allows players to immediately jump into the fight. You can play in this map to also quickly get some kills to level up your arsenal.

Check Out The Nuketown Map Guide Here!

Take Advantage Of 2XP Events

2X Weapon XP Events doubles the amount of XP gain of your weapons. Take advantage of these events to significantly increase your weapons' levels to unlock new attachments. These events usually come during holiday seasons.

Check Out Current Double XP Events Here!

Use Stealthy Loadouts

Ninja Perk

Using a weapon and perk loadout that boosts your stealth capabilities greatly helps in flanking enemy positions, netting you more kills and more XP. Take advantage of situations and gauge proper timing and movement to get fast but undetectable kills. Use Suppressors or even perks like Ghost and Ninja to keep you hidden from the enemy team.

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Weapon Leveling Rewards & Unlocks

Get More Attachment Options For Leveling Up

Rank up weapons

Experience points are given to you every time you kill an enemy. Not only does this increase your rank but it also increases your weapon's level. Once you reach a certain level, you get to unlock an attachment that you can use to improve your gun.

Unlock Attachments In Sequence

Unlock attachments in sequence

Each weapon has a unique set of attachments that can only be unlocked after you reach a certain level. You can view the order in which the attachments are unlocked using the Gunsmith menu.

Attachments Are Crucial To Builds

Some attachments are crucial to certain builds and playstyles. Suppressors, for example, keeps you hidden from the mini-map when firing, making it perfect for stealthy builds. Concentrate on unlocking attachments that you can customize your favorite weapon to make it fit your playstyle.

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Also Unlocks Weapon Camo

Leveling up your weapons rewards you with weapon camos. These weapons change the appearance of the weapon while showing off your proficiency and time with it, while also giving you rank XP for completion.

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Black Ops Cold War is undergoing its second double XP period, and one player has discovered the fastest way to level up your weapons while it’s active.

Treyarch’s latest double XP period allows players to not only rank up fast in Black Ops Cold War, but it also levels up your weapons quickly. This is particularly handy in Cold War, which many fans have criticized for having slow progression in general.

Of course, it didn’t take long before some fans discovered the best way to use your time in the double XP period. For all those looking to level up Black Ops Cold War fast, here’s the best way to take advantage of the double XP.

cold war zombies weapon xp fast

Best Way to Level Up Weapons in Black Ops Cold War Double XP

Unlike the last double XP period, weapon XP is no longer broken in Black Ops Cold War. And that means that the easy way to level up Cold War weapons fast is back up and running again.

For those that missed it the last time around, there are a few ways that will get you the maximum weapon XP in the shortest time possible. Here are your best strategies to earn XP and level up those guns quickly:

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Public Matches

Playing a 4-player Cold War Zombies match is the best possible way to earn weapon XP fast. Whether you’re playing with friends or just through the Zombies matchmaking system, you’ll see a noticeable boost to your leveling speed when using this method.

However, playing Zombies gives you diminishing returns after the first few rounds when it comes to weapon XP. As a result, you’ll want to leave the game at Round

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Weapon XP

Before that point, you’ll be earning around 1 weapon level with every passing round. Don’t worry about leaving games early; you won’t be losing any XP for doing so.

Simply remaining in the Die Maschine starting area is a solid strategy until you need to Pack-a-Punch. If your team is willing to Exfil, you can always take the bonus XP at this point.

Otherwise, leaving the game will keep all acquired levels with no issues.

The Solo Zombies Strategy

If you’re more of a solo player, it’s still possible to level up your weapons fast in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. The best way of doing it is to simply play the first 10 rounds of Die Maschine with your weapon of choice.

Make sure you’ve got the Ring of Fire Field Upgrade and get large groups of zombies following you around the stage. Then run for the door, near the radio spawn, and drop the flames.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Weapons

When standing in a Ring of Fire, you actually deal additional damage to the undead. What’s more, at Tier 3, the upgrade will let you shoot endlessly without reloading, by taking your bullets directly from your stock rather than your weapon’s magazine.

Try to avoid using Nuke power-ups when they drop, but definitely grab an Insta-Kill if you see one. You’ll be leveling up weapons quickly with this method, but rounds will take longer in general due to fewer players being active.

Which Mode to Play in Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer

If you’re not a Zombies fan and prefer to level up your weapons in Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer, that’s fine too. The best gamemode for weapon XP in Cold War has always been Fireteam: Dirty Bomb.

According to a large part of the game’s community, the game mode makes it easy to level up your weapons, especially in double XP. However, a recent glitch did make Fireteam: Dirty Bomb unplayable in Black Ops Cold War for a while.

Currently, Black Ops Cold War players are reverse boosting to protest SBMM. With the launch of the game’s first season just around the corner, it’s not great that players aren’t having fun with Cold War.

Perhaps Black Ops Cold War Season 1’s Christmas content will be enough to get players back on Treyarch’s side.

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Black Ops Cold War | Call of Duty: Cold War

How To Level Up / Rank Up Fast Guide

Check out How To Level Up Rank fast in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (COD Cold War) & Zombies! Learn how to get XP fast, best modes to grind for EXP farming, and more!!

Table of Contents

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How To Level Up Fast In Multiplayer - Best Modes & Tips

Farm Enemy Scorestreaks With Cigma 2

Farm Enemy Scorestreaks With Cigma 2

Most flying enemy scorestreaks take only 1 ~ 2 rocket to bring down. As these scorestreaks are often readily available due to their low score costs, you can farm them for experience. Help the team & yourself by knocking them out the air once in a while.

Check out Cigma 2 Launcher here!

Play Respawning Match Modes

Focus on playing game modes where the rules allow for respawns & some sort of objectives, so you can come back quickly if killed and your "targets" restock fast too. This helps in getting more Weapon XP as well.

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Recommended Modes

Play The Objectives

Play The Objectives

By capturing, getting kills or defending near objectives, you get additional experience aside from the XP from the kill. This will stack up to a sizeable experience bonus in a very short time, while also facilitating your path to victory for even more experience.

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Make Use Of Match Bonus

Make Use Of Match Bonus

Based on your match performance, you'll now get a Match Bonus XP when you finish a round. This hefty bonus can boost your rankings very quickly, so stay for the match even if you're getting creamed.

Complete Special Feats To Get Medals

Complete Special Feats To Get Medals

For meeting special conditions in battle such as getting double kills or one-shot kills, you'll get Medals which also rewards additional experience. Be familiar with them so you can use your weapons & equipment to get a quick medal.

Play When Double XP Event Is Active

Play When Double XP Event Is Active

Occasionally, there will be special events known as Double XP where you get double the amount of experience. Play the game during these events to double boost your XP! You can also use tokens to boost your XP gain whenever you want to.

Check out Double XP (2XP) Events here!

How To Level Up Fast - Challenges

Hunt Down Challenges For EXP Burst

Hunt Down Challenges For EXP Burst

Challenges will get you increasingly more experience if you can complete them, making them a good way to farm large amount of XP fast. Plan your game sessions to chase after the easier challenges!

Check "Nearest To Completion" Challenges

Check the "Nearest To Completion" tabs in the challenge section to see which challenge is near completion. Prioritize them for quick XP boosts!

Separate Challenges For Multiplayer & Zombies

Separate Challenges For Multiplayer & Zombies

There are separate challenges for Multiplayer & Zombies. Playing these 2 modes together will net you more XP then just focusing on 1 while preventing fatigue.

Complete Weapon Mastery For Guns

Weapons has their individual challenge that can be met for hefty experience experience. Swap your guns around so you can unlock multiple challenges for more experience, instead of just sticking to 1 gun.

Check out All Weapons & Gun List here!

Aim For Camo Challenges As Well

Aim For Camo Challenges As Well

Each weapon has its own camo challenges that unlocks unique skins for the weapon to use. Each weapon's camo must be unlocked independently so that means more XP to be farmed if you swap weapons.

How To Level Up Fast In Zombies - Best Modes & Tips

Play Zombies Solo

Play Zombies Solo

A good way to shoot up the your level without affecting your K/D is to play Zombies Mode. Zombies mode rewards players with XP the more zombies they slay. So if you want to unlock a couple of weapons before you jump into Multiplayer, grind a couple of levels with Zombies first!

Check out Zombies Mode Guide here!

Get Extractions


Instead of letting yourself being overrunned, try to aim for an extraction for additional experience. Time the game stage to start extractions as hordes of zombie swarms will try to stop your extraction.

Check Out How To Exfil Here!

Level Up Rank Rewards

Unlock New Weapons & Equipment

Unlock New Weapons & Equipment

Leveling up your ranks in CoD: Cold War will unlock various equipment that you can use in various multiplayer game modes! These include Perks, scorestreaks, weapons, and even Zombie mode items!

Unlock Custom Loadouts at Rank 4

Leveling up your rank to Private 4 will also unlock Custom Loadouts! Here, you will be able to create your own loadouts from scratch. Experiment with different equipment and perks to create your best soldier!

Rank up Fast For Prestige

To get to the Prestige ranks, you'll need to complete the base ranks & officer ranks. Completing prestige will give you more challenges, items & bragging rights!

Check out Prestige & Player Progression Summarized

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This Weapon XP Strat Is Twice As Fast As Anything Else!

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - How to level up weapons fast

Levelling up your weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is the quickest way to get important attachments that will make them more effective in Multiplayer and Zombies modes. Yet grinding to the top can be very time-consuming indeed, especially if you’re new to the series and unaware of the tips and tricks.

In this guide, we’re going to run through a few key pointers to help you maximise your efficiency when earning Weapon XP in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. This will help you achieve the elusive Diamond Camouflage skins and make the most of your favourite guns in the game’s limited arsenal. Here’s how to level up weapons fast in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

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Play the right game modes

Weapon XP is notoriously hard to level up, especially when you compare it to more typical Military Rank XP. Essentially, you only receive Weapon XP for killing enemies with the gun you’re using, so your options are limited. There are also no specific Weapon XP challenges, so you just have to eliminate as many people as possible when you play online.

So, the best thing to do is play game modes with lots of people in. At the moment, your best option is to play the Combined Arms Moshpit playlist. Here you’ll be matched with up to 24 players at once across three large maps, Armada, Crossroads and Cartel.

Combined Arms games also centre around objectives, which will make it easier to stack killstreaks and earn even more Weapon XP if you can find a good objective camping spot, or take advantage of a major route that enemies use to reach the objective. There’s also Fireteam, where there are 10 squads of 4 trying to set off Dirty Bombs, but given that eliminations are more like Warzone where they take longer, it’s best sticking to Combined Arms if you want to rank up at pace.

If you can get used to it, enemies die quicker in Hardcore mode, so in theory, there’s a chance you’ll get even more eliminations, but this is a situational solution, depending on the kind of weapon you’re using.

Make use of Zombies

If you’re struggling to get enough kills per match to speed through your weapon ranks in Multiplayer, you may fare better in Zombies, where the enemy AI is limited. You get less Weapon XP per kill in Zombies than you do in Multiplayer, but as you might expect, there are more enemies to kill in Zombies, with hordes of undead coming after you in every single round.

To maximise your Weapon XP in Zombies, you could also make use of the glitches currently present in the game. There are plenty of God Mode, AFK farming tricks in Die Maschine at launch which you can exploit to power through the Weapon XP ranks early on, by jumping and climbing into specific parts of the architecture where the undead won’t be able to hit and hurt you. At which point, you can fire away for hours, and leave one zombie at the end to run around with you while you restore ammo.

There’s also a strange glitch in Zombies at the moment where you will get Weapon XP for the gun your friend is using if you get an assist on a zombie elimination. Say your friend is using the Hauer 77 shotgun, but you’re using the AK If you hit a zombie with the AK before your friend kills them with the Hauer, you’ll get Weapon XP progression for their gun as well as yours. This one is a bit odd and will likely be patched, but do make hay while the sun shines.

PlayStation users get Double Weapon XP in parties

Do you own Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5? Do you also have one Call of Duty-playing friend you’re on amicable terms with? Well then, it’s your lucky day. As a special treat for staying loyal to Sony, PlayStation Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players will receive Double Weapon XP if they enter into a party with other players.

Given that the game features crossplay across PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series and PlayStation platforms, you can access this Weapon XP bonus with anyone, regardless of platform. Just keep in mind that only the PlayStation player will benefit. If you’re in a party with a friend on PC, you’ll get the buff, but they won’t!

Double Weapon XP Promotions

Given how difficult it is to make progress with your Weapon XP, you’d be smart to watch out for special Double Weapon XP promotions, offered by Treyarch throughout the game’s life cycle via special weekends and playlists.

You can also pick up Double Weapon XP by buying certain real-life products which offer collaborative promotional codes. You can check out all of the active promotions on the Activision blog here, and you can activate Weapon XP bonuses by clicking the left-stick in the lobby.

Sours: https://www.vgcom/call-duty-black-ops-cold-war-level-weapons-fast

Weapon xp cold war best

Black Ops Cold War Zombies has a new game mode, and Outbreak allows players to level up their guns extremely fast, gaining huge weapon XP with ease.

It’s time for a new season of Black Ops Cold War, and that can only mean that there’s some grinding to do.

Whether that’s progressing through the Battle Pass, unlocking new camos, or leveling up your new weapons, there’s always something to work towards.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak

But there’s a new mode that makes grinding your new Black Ops Cold War Season 2 weapons that much easier. We’re referring, of course, to Outbreak.

Cold War Zombies’ new open-world experience is something truly amazing, but it’s also a game mode that can be exploited for insane weapon XP. Here’s how:

How to Level Up Guns Fast in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

If you’re looking to level up your new Season 2 weapons, Cold War Zombies’ Outbreak mode is the best way to do it.

Thanks to how the game mode grants XP, it’s easily the best way to level up your new unlocks. This is particularly true, during the current Black Ops Cold War Double XP period that’s ongoing at the time of writing.

Read More: Standalone Call of Duty Zombies Game In Development, Reveals Leaker


If you’re looking to get weapon XP as fast as possible to level up your guns, here’s what to do:

  • First, hop into a game of Outbreak. You can do this just fine in Solo, but having 4 players in a match does grant you more XP.
  • Next, grab your weapon of choice and kill off every single zombie in the map.
  • That means driving to every location, killing all the roaming hordes, and triggering further spawns through events and entering houses.
  • Just like in standard Cold War Zombies, players amass weapon XP more quickly in earlier rounds of the game. Therefore, you’ll quickly rack up XP near the beginning of Outbreak, thanks to the sheer volume of zombies on the map.
  • Grab Perks like Stamin-up and Deadshot Daiquiri, in order to make the zombie-killing process quicker. Thankfully, you can get free Perks in Cold War Zombies’ Outbreak mode.
  • Since you’re earning so many points and salvage, you’ll be able to Pack-a-Punch your gun and upgrade its rarity. No matter how far you go in the game, you should be completely overpowered because of this.
  • However, the weapon XP does begin to drop off around Round 3. Therefore, after completing the third main objective in the game, it’s time to leave and collect your weapon XP.

Just by doing this process once, YouTuber Caspahz was able to take the Fara 83 from level 1 to level You can also unlock camos with this method, with similar speed.

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It takes too damn long to level up weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

I've spent a lot of time in Nuketown lately.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War got its version of the fan-favourite competitive multiplayer map this week, alongside a Nuketown 24/7 playlist, and I've jumped in each evening since to enjoy the close quarters chaos.

But there's another reason why I've set up shop in Nuketown: playing it is the only way I'm going to get anywhere with the Cold War grind.

Nuketown launched alongside a double XP and double weapon XP event that lasts until 30th November. This, combined with my usual something kills per game, gives me my only reasonable shot at making an inroad on leveling up weapons.

I think it's fair to say it takes too long to level up weapons in Black Ops Cold War. Developer Treyarch has tuned progression so that it takes around kills to max out a weapon - and unlock all of its attachments along the way. I've only managed to max out one weapon so far, the AK, and that was only really possible with the help of Nuketown, a map you get a lot more kills on than any other in the game because it's so small and plays so fast, and the double XP buff.


Beyond the attachment hunt (most weapons are useless until you've unlocked attachments), there's the camo grind, which I just can't see myself ever completing. These weapon skins are unlocked by completing certain challenges with a weapon - get five longshot medals with a gun unlocks a camo, for example. There are also reticles to unlock, each one asking for a certain number of kills with a specific optic. And then there's weapon mastery, which is a super long endgame grind for the coveted Dark Matter.

Call of Duty has always had a grind to it. Many players love it, and in previous games in the series it's certainly kept me interested in playing as I hunt down all there is to obtain for my favourite weapon. But Cold War's grind feels miserly - even just unlocking attachments feels like pulling teeth. It's no surprise, then, to see people playing the Zombies mode in an unintended way in an effort to level up weapons faster than normal. The video below, from Glitching Queen, reveals a method of leveling up guns on Zombies that involves dropping out of the mode after a few rounds then starting again in order to make use of an apparent fast XP earn rate that occurs in round two and three.

The state of Cold War's weapon grind actively discourages weapon variety, too. Because it takes so long to unlock attachments for a weapon, I'm much less likely to experiment with other guns if I want to stay competitive.


Sure, Nuketown 24/7 and double XP makes this grind just about palatable, but they won't be around forever. Annoyingly, Call of Duty developers rotate maps in and out as playlists change, preventing you from playing the game how you want to when you want to. Treyarch isn't alone in this - Infinity Ward does it with Modern Warfare, too, adding the popular Shipment and Shoot House maps one week, then taking them away the next. So, when double weapon XP ends at the end of November, it'll be back to the cripplingly slow weapon progression in Black Ops Cold War.

In my Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War review I touched on the grind. It's hard not to think Treyarch tuned the game in the way it has because Black Ops Cold War feels thin on the ground in terms of content. The situation makes the ridiculous PlayStation-exclusive party XP boost all the more galling for those playing on PC and Xbox.


The current double weapon XP is where level weapon progression should be at by default, I think, and I'd love for Treyarch to have a look at increasing the rate of progress.

Until then, it's back to Nuketown

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