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Comparing deaths (bl2 and bl3) and Ava

So, in bl2 we lose Angel, Roland and Bloodwing. There are reasons those deaths feel more impactful than Maya’s, so I thought I’d examine them.

For Angel, she’s someone we’ve had talking to us for two games. Her death is a conscious decision on her part, and a noble self sacrifice (since she’d rather die than remain a slave to Jack and watch him destroy the world). We have a whole fight where we, personally, have to participate in her death, all the while hearing her pain and determination.

For Roland, we’ve also had him being a big part of the game, and what really makes his death hit is the suddenness of it. You’ve just killed Angel, and you think… okay… Jack can’t charge the key anymore, we just need to find him and kill him, and that’s the end. Everything’s fine. Then, boom, out of nowhere Jack just 1-shots Roland and pulls the rug out from under your feet (I’m a leaf on the wind).

Similarly, Bloodwing’s death is hard hitting. We spend a whole mission going to try and rescue this bird, all the while hearing Mordecai’s distress and desperation, and the whole time you’re thinking ‘don’t worry buddy I’ll get your bird back, everything will be okay’. And you finally finish the boss fight, and you’re about to use a sleep dart to get her back and… boom… Jack pulls the rug out from under your feet and you can just hear Mordecai’s pain… and then Jack just rubs salt into the wound by mocking you…

Not to mention, all of these deaths have impacts on the characters. Tina has a dlc about her dealing with Roland’s death, and how she blamed Angel. There’s memorials.

Now… with Maya’s death, you already know something bad is going to happen the second the twins appear. Personally I expected them to capture Ava as a means to torment the vaulthunters, but eh… I was prepared for consequences so It didn’t suddenly jump from ‘everything is okay’ to ‘holy crap no’. Plus, there’s no player involvement like with Angel or Bloodwing, you just kinda… stand there and watch I guess? With Roland you can understand not reacting because of how sudden it was, but this was just cheap. And of course, we didn’t spend enough time with Maya to get to know her and form a strong connection. Then, of course, Ava is sad for a bit, Tannis makes a lame speech and Lilith says it’s a war. Done. Lilith seems to get memorials in the end credits but everyone forgot about Maya.

Now… I hear a lot of people being very mad at Ava and hating her as a character, but personally I think that’s down to poor execution. She could have been an interesting character if we spent more time getting to know her and form an attachment. We get, like, 1 sidequest and her showing up in the plot to yell occasionally.

So… if we got more sidequests with her…

I’m thinking since she is still a kid, and she has headphones, maybe there could be one where she tasks the vaulthunter to go get an autograph from her favourite band (reminding us that she really is still a kid/teen in a messed up world, plus it could be hilarious).

Maybe we could have one where she wants to get a present for Maya to show her gratitude for helping her get off the streets (showing her in a more sympathetic light), and maybe that quest goes awry and her present gets destroyed and she has a heartfelt scene where she tries to explain this to Maya but Maya is honestly just flattered that Ava would want to get her anything…

Maybe we could have a quest where Ava tries to set up things she can do to impress Maya to prove she’s worthy of more responsibility…

Maybe in the main plot Ava does get captured by the Calypsos and ends up growing up a bit as a result, and realising how to temper her rash behaviour (plus we could have a whole other quest with Maya trying to get Ava back). And maybe she helps in her own rescue and achieves some things herself before magically being bestowed powers. Maybe if Maya does still die, we see more of Ava reflecting on her own actions and how to learn from her mistakes.

Basically, they didn’t give us any reason to like Ava or give her a chance to shine, and Maya’s death just seemed like they wanted to replicate deaths from bl2 but didn’t understand why they worked. I think that’s the end of my rant…

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Borderlands 3 | BL3

What Happens When You Die - Death Effects & Penalty

Check out this Borderlands 3 guide to know what happens when you die. Including death effects & penalties, respawn points, & losses per death.

Table of Contents

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What Happens When You Die?

Activates "Fight For Your Life"

Activates Fight For Your Life

When you lose all of your health, you'll activate the "Fight For Your Life" situation. It's a short event that can revive you if completed successfully.

Gain Second Wind When You Kill An Enemy

Gain Second Wind When You Kill An Enemy

If you kill an enemy during a Fight For Your Life event, you'll gain "Second Wind". This revives you and gives you a small amount of health, allowing you to continue the fight where you left off.

7% Of Total Money Is Lost When You Respawn

7% Of Total Money Is Lost When You Respawn

If you're unsuccessful with Fight For Your Life, you will lose 7% of the total money you are currently carrying. With small amounts of money, it's negligible however, this can add up if you've already accumulated a lot of cash in the game.

Respawn In New-U Stations

Respawn In New-U Stations

When you die, you'll respawn at the nearest New-U station. These stations serve as a sort of checkpoint in Borderlands 3.

Bosses & Badasses Regain Health

Bosses & Badasses Regain Health

When you respawn, any bosses or Badass enemies that you haven't been able to kill will regain all of their health. You'll have to face them again with full HP bars.

Can Fail Certain Missions

Certain story missions in Borderlands 3 can fail when you die. Make sure to keep an eye on your HP to keep this from happening.

About Death In Borderlands 3

No Perma-Death In Borderlands 3

No Perma-Death In Borderlands 3

There is no permanent death in Borderlands 3. The game gives you a chance to keep fighting and even if you fail Fight For Your Life, you don't get too many losses except some progress and money.

Avoid Dying When You Have A Lot Of Money

Since the game takes a fixed 7% of your total money when you respawn, it's not recommended to keep dying when you are carrying a lot of cash. This will whittle down your funds so keep an eye on your HP bar.

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With the behind-the-scenes content in Director's Cut, players can experience Borderlands 3's most emotional deleted scene. The following article contains major spoilers for Borderlands 3.

Of all the behind-the-scenes content included in the Director's Cut add-on for Borderlands 3, one selection has a particularly heavy emotional impact: a deleted scene of Maya's funeral.

Originally intended to take place following Maya's shocking death at the hands of Troy Calypso in the Promethean Vault, this scene ultimately had to be cut from Borderlands 3's story campaign. Now, thanks to the treasure trove of enlightening extras in Director's Cut, players will have the chance to witness this scene as a voiced storyboard animatic.

To get more insight into the making of this powerful scene, we asked Gearbox's Sam Winkler, Co-Lead Writer for Borderlands 3, about how Maya's funeral scene came to be and what it means to finally share it with the community. You can see the full scene for yourself when Director's Cut launches on April 8.

How does it feel to know that the Borderlands community can now see this scene as you originally envisioned it?

Sam Winkler, Co-Lead Writer for Borderlands 3: It's admittedly bittersweet, since it's hard to work on a story without falling in love with it and some things inevitably have to be cut. But I'm extremely happy that players will now get to see these moments. I wish more games had the chance to include the "DVD extras" behind-the-scenes content. Without it, players rarely get to see the development process in rough form, warts and all.

For Director's Cut, we went back and looked at what had been intended for Maya's funeral sequence. We worked with animator Hill Gavin and the original voice actors to bring the scene up to our standard of internal storyboard animatic. Pretty much every cutscene in BL3 went through the same process, which allowed us to prove out sequences that can look very different in text-only script format. It was a lot of fun getting the actors back, because they wear these characters so well and immediately understood the intent and weight of the scene.

During development, when was the decision made that Maya would die? What were those initial conversations like?

Maya's death was built into the plot of Borderlands 3 very early on, before [Co-Lead Writer] Danny Homan and I even came onto the project in At the time, the leadership team was developing the high-level arc, sketching out the plot structure from planet to planet. The early goal was to cement the Calypsos as having a terrifying new power: the ability to take away Siren powers and use them for themselves. It wasn't until later that we introduced the sequence of Lilith losing her powers to Tyreen that kicked off the whole race, and by then the Maya story beat was solidly locked in.

Were any other major characters considered to be slain by the Calypso Twins, or did it always have to be Maya?

The sequence in the Vault on Promethea was always going to end in Maya's death, simply because of the nature of the moment. The Calypsos had to become more powerful at the expense of the Crimson Raiders. At certain points in development there were other Calypso casualties later on in the storyline, but I'll leave those to the imagination.

What did you want players to feel for Ava in this scene? For Lilith?

The first scene aboard Sanctuary III is about pain and powerlessness. Ava is young, but she has a lot of experience feeling lost and alone. Maya is the closest she's gotten to having a family. After the initial shock is gone, her first reaction is anger—at Maya for being gone, at Lilith for trying to help, at herself for believing things could get better. Meanwhile, Lilith is still grappling with her own idea of herself as a leader. She's lost her powers and now a close friend. As the leader, she takes the weight of responsibility on her own shoulders, even though Maya expressly asked her to stay on the ship.

The second scene on Athenas is ultimately about trust. Once emotions have cooled, the two are able to reach out and admit their fears to each other. In her eulogy, Lilith admires Maya's ability to see things in people even they can't see. Afterward, she and Ava reconcile over Maya's trust in both of them. Without her around, they have to hold themselves true to what she saw in them. Lilith can't replace Maya or bring her back, but she can offer Ava the same family that Maya did. It's up to Ava to accept that offer and surpass the fear of abandonment that led her to lash out earlier.

In the storyboard, we get to see quick glimpses of Krieg and Zer0, who have plenty of experience fighting alongside Maya. What's going through their minds during this funeral scene?

Zer0 is a fairly buttoned-up character, but he respects a warrior above all else. Maya was a fierce Vault Hunter who went through the same trials as he did back on Pandora, so for him the moment is about honoring her in the way she would've wanted in an Athenean ceremony.

Krieg is a tough one. Those who know their history from Borderlands 2 and the Meat Bicycle Built for Two short will immediately understand that Krieg is hit by Maya's death hardest of all. On Pandora, we're able to hear ECHO logs of the progress Krieg had been making in balancing out his two personalities. It was in large part Maya's trust in him that pushed him to better himself. When she died, he felt that he might be unfixable. But as Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck explores, even the dead live on in the ones who remember them.

How was the storyline of Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck impacted by Maya's funeral scene ultimately not making it into the base game?

As players watching the scene might guess from his presence, Krieg was intended to appear in the base game during the Promethea storyline. Cutting him from the sequence left only the Pandora ECHO logs, along with Maya's now-final conversation with him—"Don't worry, big guy. I'll be back. I promise."—hitting far more painfully than was intended when written. So when we started working on DLC4, we knew that we had to address Maya's central importance to him without retreading the already brilliantly executed story of loss in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep from Borderlands 2. It pushed us to show Maya not just as an object of grief, but as person that still lived inside Krieg who could persist and grow.

Are there any other characters you would've liked to see attending Maya's funeral?

I would've loved to bring all the Vault Hunters from Borderlands 2 back for this moment. There was talk of bringing in characters who would have known Maya such as Sir Hammerlock and the B-Team (Tina, Brick, and Mordecai), but they hadn't been introduced in the campaign's plot yet and that would've screwed up the timeline.

What does it mean for a Siren to pass on? Do Sirens experience death differently from ordinary mortals?

Ultimately, whatever their metaphysical powers may be, Sirens are human. They die, whether it's a bullet to the head or a tentacle through the entire torso. That said, Borderlands 3 answers a few questions about Sirens and poses even more. When a Siren dies, they are able to choose either to will their powers to another person or release them into the universe. As both Maya and Nyriad mention in different moments, a Siren can still feel the connection to the previous owner of their powers, stretching like a braid or a chain back into the past. They can also imbue their memories into objects and heal themselves from otherwise catastrophic injuries using Eridium. This is all to say that, for Sirens, death might be a little more complicated.

Sours: https://borderlands.com/en-US/news/borderlandsdirector-s-cut-maya-deleted-scene/
How Fast Can You Speedrun Borderlands 3 With A Fresh Character?

The Ending Of Borderlands 3 Explained

By Robert Scarpinito/Sept. 27, pm EDT

During the lengthy campaign of Borderlands 3, you'll shoot a lot of guns and loot a lot of guns. Along the way, an assortment of wacky characters will talk to you (or at you) through your ECHO device. By the end of your first journey, you might have accrued a couple legendary items, but you might have also shed a few tears at the bittersweet ending of the story.

What does the ending mean for the overarching Borderlands lore though? The series spans across five games now, along with a couple of non-canon comic books, so Gearbox has definitely built up a rich world full of twists and turns. We've lost some important characters and gained a couple new ones. However, some previously major characters didn't get much attention in this long-awaited sequel, leaving us with many questions about the future of Borderlands.

Before we dive into True Vault Hunter mode, let's take a retrospective look at what the ending means for the series. Of course, we'll be spoiling everything about the end of Borderlands 3 (and some other games in the franchise). If you haven't conquered the Calypso Twins yet, steer clear.

What happened at the end of Borderlands 3?

In Borderlands 3, your main quest puts you at odds with the Calypso Twins, a duo of powerful Sirens who want to become gods. The two also host a livestream where they amass a cult following and kill people for followers, which is a whole other mess to emotionally unpack.

Nonetheless, Tyreen absorbs the power of many creatures, hoping to unleash the ultimate Vault Guardian on Pandora: The Destroyer. Turns out, Pandora itself is the Great Vault that housed The Destroyer. Elpis, Pandora's moon, is the key that unlocks the Great Vault. Once unleashed, she fuses with the Vault Guardian, becoming a living god herself.

You (and up to three other friends) are the only thing standing between Tyreen the Destroyer and the destruction of Pandora. After defeating Tyreen, though, Elpis sets on a course to crash into Pandora, which would destroy it. Lilith, after regaining her powers from the dead Tyreen, sacrifices herself to keep Elpis at bay. This marks the moon with a gigantic insignia of the Firehawk, which Ava says is Lilith continuing to light the way for future Vault Hunters.

Is Borderlands 3 Lilith's last game?

Lilith may be gone, but is she really dead? She saved Pandora from assured destruction by flying up to the moon, but the game doesn't really show what she does. Sacrifice seems like a fitting end for a hero like Lilith, who gave up so much for the Crimson Raiders.

But what if she isn't dead? After the light show dies down, Tannis remarks that Lilith is gone. However, Ava responds, "Not entirely. She's lighting the way." While this could simply be a heartwarming recognition of Lilith's lasting legacy, there could be more than meets the eye here. Sirens are known for doing crazily powerful things in the Borderlands universe. Surviving something like this wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility.

Furthermore, during the credits, we see a sketch of Tannis furiously searching for Lilith. She has a board with all sorts of clues surrounding Lilith's face, and the word "WHERE???" is circled on it. Tannis prides herself on being pragmatic, and as the leading expert on Eridians and Vaults, she knows a good lead when she sees one. She wouldn't be hunting for a dead person without good reason.

Sirens are as unpredictable as ever

Sirens are some of the most powerful creatures in the universe. They can do wild things, like hack into technology from afar or trap creatures in telekinetic bubbles. Their tribal-like tattoos (like Lilith or Maya) are a telltale sign of a Siren. They all had another thing in common: they were all women.

At least, that's what we believed up until Borderlands 3. For all we know about Sirens, Gearbox loves to buck the trend. Typhon DeLeon, father of the Calypso Twins, reveals that his conjoined twin children were born as Sirens. That means from birth, Troy, a man, was a Siren, circumventing the rule we've known for years.

Furthermore, the Calypso Twins have Siren powers we've never seen before. They have the ability to leech life from others, and if they do so with Sirens, they steal their powers. We've never seen a Siren do that. To be fair, we've also never seen a Siren summon six burly arms before, and Amara does just that. This goes to show that whatever Gearbox has next for Sirens up its tattooed sleeves, we can expect the unexpected.

The Crimson Raiders post-Borderlands 3

Throughout Borderlands 3, we see a young but skilled Ava grow up quickly, ultimately earning her place as the new leader of the Crimson Raiders. We first find her on Athenas under the care of Maya. The kid is spunky, but she has heart and potential. She latches onto every story Maya tells about being a Vault Hunter. Furthermore, she carries those lessons with her after Maya dies at the hands of Troy Calypso. After killing Troy, Ava inherits Maya's Siren powers, signifying the passing of the torch. Ava quickly shows off how much she's learned, using those powers to save Lilith and Tannis from Tyreen.

Despite her young naivete, Ava teaches Lilith a thing or two about what it means to be a Vault Hunter. Later on, before Lilith sacrifices herself to stop Elpis, she remembers something Ava said about Vault Hunters: they always run towards the fire. She then leaves Sanctuary in Ava's now capable hands. As the new head of the Crimson Raiders, we'll be seeing more of her in the future as she grows into a (hopefully) competent leader.

The six Sirens post-Borderlands 3

If you remember your lore from Borderlands 2, Handsome Jack once remarked that only six Sirens can exist in the universe at any given time. Now that we know everything that happens in Borderlands 3, six Sirens are apparent at the beginning. Lilith, Maya, Amara, Tyreen, and Troy are the obvious ones. However, we learn that Tannis has been a Siren since Angel's death, rounding out the quota.

By the end of the game, however, we lose a few of these Sirens. Tyreen and Troy die at your own hands, bringing the count down to four. We lose Maya as well, but she's replaced by Ava before the game wraps up. Furthermore, there's Lilith's sacrifice, which leaves things a little unclear as to the state of her Siren powers. Nonetheless, the universe has room for at least two more Sirens to join the fray.

In future Borderlands content, whether it's DLC or a full-on sequel, we might learn the identities of these new Sirens. Historically, these powerful beings have been the crux of the plot, so you can expect to see more of them, especially after we discovered the Eridian homeworld.

Typhon DeLeon is a bad father

Throughout most of your time in Borderlands 3, you'll be collecting old audio logs from the one and only Typhon DeLeon, the first ever Vault Hunter. However, by the time you get to the last planet, Nekrotafeyo, you learn that Tyhpon's actually been alive this whole time.

You'll journey with him through the Eridian homeworld, and he seems like a fairly cool guy who wants to save the universe. He reveals that he and his wife gave birth to conjoined twins, who eventually grow up to become the Calypso Twins. It makes you wonder how a fellow like him could raise such awful people like them. He told them stories of grandeur, planting the seed of wanderlust (and bloodlust) in their minds. Now, they're livestreamers who literally kill people for attention.

Typhon even calls his kids "monsters," and that's how he justifies the fact that you murdered his son. He basically stays complacent for most of the campaign, all while his monstrous children try to destroy everything. It isn't until you knock on his door that he starts saving the universe.

Will Krieg reach his breaking point?

Fans of Borderlands 2 might remember Krieg. He was insane, but it's not all his fault. He has a terrifying voice in his head that drives him mad. We learn that of the four original Vault Hunters in the second game, he was closest to Maya. They formed a strong friendship, one that hinted at romantic possibilities.

We saw Maya in Borderlands 3, but Krieg was mysteriously missing (along with a majority of the Borderlands 2 Vault Hunters). We can hear Krieg, though, and it's heartbreaking. In Konrad's Hold, you can find audio logs scattered around the map featuring Krieg and the voice in his head. He struggles, trying to control his madness before he sees Maya again.

In the Splinterlands, you can also find an audio log depicting the (presumably) last conversation between Maya and Krieg. The Psycho begs her not to go to Athenas, while Maya claims she has to because it "feels important." We now know that they'll never see each other again. If we ever see Krieg, we might see a reformed Psycho who controlled his inner demons. Alternatively, we might see him angrier than he's ever been.

Borderlands 3 fixes The Destroyer

Back when Borderlands 3's cover art was first revealed, eagle-eyed fans noticed some Morse code on the game's box art that hinted at The Destroyer. Those fans were onto something, as The Destroyer ended up becoming the final boss of the game, in a way. Tyreen fused with it, ultimately becoming Tyreen the Destroyer.

In terms of story, it provided the writers a way to tie the original big bad from Borderlands into this game's climax. In terms of game design, though, it gives the developers another shot at rewriting the public perception of The Destroyer. Even after the Borderlands remaster, people bemoaned how easy The Destroyer was to, well, destroy. It was a lackluster final boss fight that felt like an unfitting end.

This time around, The Destroyer packs a lot more punch, thanks to Tyreen. Its attacks engage the player much more, requiring you to skillfully dodge arena-wide attacks. At certain points, you'll even need to climb onto its back to do more damage, creating a sense of urgency rather than complacency, which was the dominating feeling in the first game.

Who watches The Watcher from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel?

The road from Borderlands 2 to 3 wasn't a particularly straightforward one. We took a few detours, and one of those was Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. If you took the time to beat it (or just looked up the story), you'll know that it told us about Handsome Jack's rise to power in Hyperion. It ends with Lilith trying to execute Athena, one of the main characters, but before anything rash can be done, an Eridian stops them.

Simply called The Watcher, this character stops the execution from happening and warns them that they all need to band together. The in-fighting will only hurt them because "war is coming." Presumably, The Watcher was talking about the Calypso Twins' campaign to absorb The Destroyer.

However, this leaves us with a lot of questions about the story of Borderlands 3. For one, if they truly banded together, where's Athena? Furthermore, where was The Watcher this whole time? We explore the Eridian homeworld and stop the oncoming war, but The Watcher is nowhere to be seen. Was it talking about a different war we haven't seen yet? Or did Gearbox forget about The Pre-Sequel?

The Vault of the Traveler

Another detour on the road to Borderlands 3 was an outside venture from Telltale Games. Called Tales from the Borderlands, this narrative-focused game told the story of Rhys, Fiona, and their gang of misfits as they searched for a vault on Pandora. They ultimately succeed, finding what's called the Vault of the Traveler. They open it, and the story ends with Rhys and Fiona opening up a chest in the vault.

Jumping to Borderlands 3, we see Rhys made a name for himself by restoring Atlas to its former glory. Vaughn became a bandit leader, which we also saw in the Borderlands 2 DLC Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary. But what about everyone and everything else?

The whole story of Borderlands 3 revolved around multiple vaults, yet the Vault of the Traveler isn't mentioned once. Furthermore, we don't see Fiona, who was arguably just as important as Rhys in Tales from the Borderlands. Rhys' love interest, Sasha, makes an appearance as a photo on the Atlas CEO's desk. Yet, he doesn't talk about her at all. Maybe these questions will be answered in future DLC, but for now, they're left pretty open.

The Children of the Firehawk reignited

In Borderlands 2, a series of main quests puts you in contact with Incinerator Clayton, the leader of a small cult called the Children of the Firehawk. This group of nutjobs worshipped Lilith like a god, intentionally sacrificing themselves to fire to "appease" her. This group wasn't all that widespread, though, and they were confined to a small area in Pandora.

However, after her noble sacrifice at the end of Borderlands 3, you'll notice that the Children of the Firehawk make a reappearance in the credits. A sketch shows four bandits standing in front of a banner, praising the Firehawk. Furthermore, the banner reads "Children of the Firehawk," but "Firehawk" covers up part of the original text. More than likely, the banner initially bore the words "Children of the Vault," the main opposing army throughout the game.

Does this imply that Lilith became a martyr for her own cult religion? After all, the Firehawk insignia is now emblazoned upon the moon for everyone to see. She might have ignited a flame in the hearts of new worshippers, converting former enemies into possible allies.

Will we see a Borderlands 4?

Borderlands 3 has sold well since its launch, moving five million units in its first five days. With those high sales numbers, a Borderlands 4 could very well be on the horizon. Luckily, 3 sets up a relatively neutral starting point for a sequel.

For one, many new yet likeable characters could become central to a brand new story. Ava leads the Crimson Raiders now, and Balex (voiced by Ice-T) navigates the now-spaceborne Sanctuary. Amara, Zane, Moze, and FL4K could become new NPCs in future games, as well.

Furthermore, older characters have new tricks up their sleeves, opening up new plot points for them to explore. Arguably the biggest change is Tannis' new Siren abilities, which could help her uncover more secrets about the Eridians. Additionally, now that they know where Nekrotafeyo is, Eridians could play a more present role in future Borderlands stories. Additionally, Tannis' quest to find Lilith could bear fruit, becoming a central plot point in future content.

If Gearbox moves forward with a new Borderlands game, there's more than enough plot hooks and clean slates for them to use. The Borderlands 3 DLC could shed light on the franchise's future, too.

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In borderlands dies 3 who

Breaking down the Borderlands 3 ending: What it means, where it went wrong, and the questions we still have

In what seems to be a habit for the series, the Borderlands 3 ending is proving to be a point of contention for many fans. It closes the books on this Pandora chapter, while still leaving the path open for a number of unresolved story threads. Maybe for DLC, or another Pre-Sequel style spin off. Whatever happens in the future though there's a lot to work through with the Borderlands 3 ending.

This should really go without saying, but this Borderlands 3 ending explanation and analysis goes into full, unfiltered spoilers for the entire game, including its final moments, credits sequence, and the fate of several characters. With that in mind, complete the full Borderlands 3 campaign before reading any of the following questions, at which point you can come back here safe from having anything spoiled for you before seeing it for yourself. Done that? Good. Let's get started, beginning with the most pertinent question of them all

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1. Is Lilith really dead? 

Vault Hunts rarely succeed without sacrifice, and the ultimate Vault Hunt in Borderlands 3 required a Siren as powerful as Lilith to give up her own life to stop Pandora (The Great Vault) being ripped apart by its moon, Elpis (The Great Vault Key). It's not exactly clear how Lilith did this, but we see her fly towards Elpis and explode into some sort of Eridium-fuelled supernova of Siren energy, brandish the moon with her Firehawk mark in the process. 

It's pretty messianic stuff, which part of the reason we're not quite sure Lilith is actually dead… yet. Many on Pandora, including Tannis and Ava, are seen in the credits sequence investigating their friend's whereabouts, which suggests she's merely "stuck" somewhere on Elpis or beyond, and there's a chance to bring her back. My best guess is that this thread will be a dominant narrative arc for Borderlands 4 which, let's face it, is as inevitable as a Skag to the slaughterhouse at this point. 

2. What's next for the Crimson Raiders? 

With Lilith gone, Ava has essentially taken over as the new leader of the Crimson Raiders, and Pandora is safe (well, as safe as it can be) once again. So… what happens now? During the post-credits, we see our heroes enjoying some well earned down time, with Hammerlock and Wainwright tying the knot, Tiny Tina and her adoptive parents Brick and Mordecia back to playing Bunkers & Badasses, and our Vault Hunters tucking into a hearty, post-adventure meal at Dynasty Diner, Avengers style. 

Meanwhile, with Ava studying to become a full time Siren, I wouldn't be surprised if she's being poised by Gearbox as one of the next set of playable characters in a future instalment, but it's unclear whether the days of Vault Hunting are behind us now that The Great Vault itself has been dealt with. For now, we're happy to give Pandora some peace and quiet, but this is the Borderlands, and a new threat will surely rear its ugly head soon enough. 

3. What is going on with the Sirens? 

So Borderlands 3 makes some serious leaps and bounds when it comes to the lore of its Siren mythology. Going into the game, we knew that Sirens were women born with mystical powers that was somehow connected to Eridium, the mystical element left behind by an ancient alien race, and that there could only be six in existence at any one time. 

Borderlands 3 throws a spanner into all that, giving us a male siren with Troy, suggesting that Siren powers can be both siphoned from the living and inherited from the dead, and that Sirens like Maya are capable of much more than just telekinesis, including the power of premonition. Not only that, but the deaths of Troy, Tyreen, Maya, and Lilith (?) leaves a huge vacuum for at least three more Sirens to appear in the future, which makes the future of the Siren-verse as indeducible as ever. Tannis herself – an expert on all things Pandoran – is also now officially known as the Sirentologist, so hopefully she'll be able to explain more in the future. 

4. Where are the rest of the Vault Hunters? 

This strikes me as a particularly egregious omission on Gearbox's part, and one that I'm hoping future Borderlands 3 expansions can remedy. Seriously, where the hell are the likes of Axton, Salvador, Athena, Gortys, Loader Bot, and Fiona in Borderlands 3? Given that previous games have made a big effort to present former playable protagonists as major NPCs, the fact that only Zero, Maya, and Aurelia show up in person throughout the main story (with passing Easter egg nods for Timothy, Sasha, Gaige, and Krieg) strikes me as odd. 

Granted, Borderlands has an exceptionally large roster of heroes, so not every character can be included as a natural part of the story but, given the fate of the universe is at staked, you'd expect some of these guys to at least make an appearance of sorts. My hope is that Gearbox is merely saving some of its familiar faces for Borderlands 3's incoming story expansions, because the fact that we didn't even get to see Krieg say goodbye to Maya is frankly heretical.

5. What about those Tales and Pre-Sequel cliffhangers?

Another lingering question for many longtime Borderlands fans, the fact that neither the Watcher's divine intervention at the end of The Pre-Sequel, nor the opening of the vault by Rhys and Fiona in Tales From the Borderlands, were addressed in Borderlands 3 also strikes me as irregular. The former game made a big deal out of The Watcher, an emissary for the Eridians, who prophesied the onset of The Calypsos years before they landed on Pandora's shores, but this seemingly omnipotent, omniscient entity is mentioned only in passing again during the events of the Commander Lilith DLC. 

As for Tales, it's a little disappointing to have spent several hours hunting the Vault of the Traveller as Rhys and Fiona, only to never find out what was inside, where the pair mysteriously teleported to when they opened it, and what happened to Fiona outright. Again, there's room for clarification in future DLCs, but ignoring these cliffhangers means Borderlands 3 doesn't quite close the books on this era of Borderlands as neatly as we'd hoped. 

Check out our full list of Borderlands 3 Shift codes, or watch our Borderlands story recap video to catch up on everything that's happened so far.

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BORDERLANDS 3 Troy Boss Fight (#Borderlands3 Boss Fight) Borderlands 3 Troy Death

Borderlands: 5 Saddest Deaths in Series History

By Dalton Cooper


With Borderlands 3 right around the corner, we take a look back at some of the saddest character deaths in series history.

The Borderlands franchise may be known for its over-the-top humor and billions of guns, but the series also has its fair share of emotional moments. The Borderlands games do a good job of making players attached to its characters, so whenever one of them meets their untimely demise, it's always heartbreaking to see. The upcoming Borderlands 3 is likely to kill off even more fan favorite characters, courtesy of the villainous Calypso Twins, and while we prepare for those shocking moments, we thought we'd take a look back at the saddest deaths in the series to date.

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In anticipation of Borderlands 3, here are the saddest characters death in the Borderlands series.

5 5. Handsome Jack

Handsome Jack is a homicidal maniac throughout Borderlands 2, but Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel succeeds in showing a somewhat different side to him, and paints him in a less antagonistic light. Even so, Handsome Jack's death in Borderlands 2 isn't sad at all because it comes after he was directly responsible for killing some of the Borderlands franchise's most beloved characters. However, his second death that comes at the end of Tales from the Borderlands is quite emotional.

In Tales from the Borderlands, Handsome Jack gets a second shot at life in digital form. Digital code of his personality winds up implanted in the cybernetics of Tales from the Borderlands protagonist Rhys, and it allows him to communicate to Rhys as a hologram. Jack eventually uploads himself into Helios and regains control over the Hyperion corporation, but eventually Rhys realizes what must be done to destroy Jack. Depending on player choice, Rhys may very well crush his cybernetic eye, destroying Jack and ending the evil villain's life for a second time. Jack's pleading for mercy is what makes this scene so sad, especially since the digital Jack seen in Tales from the Borderlands is much more sympathetic than the human Jack from Borderlands 2.

4 4. Angel

In the first Borderlands, the mysterious Guardian Angel is what guided the original Vault Hunters to the Vault. The Vault Hunters in Borderlands 2 are also contacted by Angel, who guides them on their journey as well. However, it's revealed that Angel is actually Handsome Jack's daughter, and she ends up betraying the Vault Hunters. This leads the Vault Hunters to confront her, where it's revealed that Angel actually wants them to kill her so that her father can't take advantage of her Siren powers. Ever since her powers accidentally caused her mother's death, Angel has been kept in captivity by Jack, who has kept her powers under control while also using them to his advantage. Jack wants to use Angel's abilities to charge the Vault Key, but instead Angel asks the Vault Hunters to kill her. While Angel's betrayal stung, having to kill someone who has been actively communicating with the player since the start of the first Borderlands is still heartbreaking.

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3 3. Scooter

In the main Borderlands games, Scooter is the quirky mechanic who provides the Vault Hunters with the vehicles that they use to traverse Pandora's desert wastelands. We learn more about Scooter as the games progress, and even meet some of his family members along the way. Tales from the Borderlands expands on Scooter's character even further, and it's in that game where he develops a crush on Fiona. Scooter assists the Tales from the Borderlands gang with getting to Helios, but has to sacrifice himself so that the spaceship can make it there safely. While Scooter's sacrifice is sad, he at least goes out in the most appropriate way possible - screaming his "Catch a ride!" catchphrase while hurtling to Pandora's surface on the back of a rocket.

2 2. Roland

Roland was one of the original playable characters in the first Borderlands, so it's safe to say that some fans that have been with the series since the beginning had an attachment to him. This combined with the fact that Roland was the first playable character killed off in Borderlands history made his death all the more shocking. Roland's death comes shortly after the Vault Hunters kill Angel, when he is shot through the back by Handsome Jack, who then escapes with Lilith in tow.

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Roland's death is made even more depressing by the Borderlands 2 DLC expansion Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. The expansion is a game of Dungeons & Dragons ran by Tina, who is in denial that Roland won't be joining them for the game. She eventually makes Roland into a powerful NPC to help the players in their quest, and by the end of the expansion, finally comes to terms with the fact that her friend is gone.

1 1. Bloodwing

Mordecai, the sniper character from the first Borderlands, is known for his pet bird Bloodwing that he uses in combat. Players who played through the entirety of the first game may have become attached to Bloodwing, and for them, it was especially shocking when the bird was captured by Jack's men and transformed into a monster. What's worse is that players are forced to fight the mutated Bloodwing, and just when they think they've managed to save the bird, Jack blows up the explosive collar around its neck. Mordecai's reaction to Bloodwing's death is heart wrenching, and it's a truly vile act that solidifies Handsome Jack as the series' best villain.

Borderlands 3 launches on September 13 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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