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Preeta panics that Mahira is not moving at all. She checks on her pulse and was relieved. Sherlin had reached outside the room. Preeta looks at the unconscious Mahira. Sherlin whispers they will accomplish their plan, once she is married; she needs to hurry up. Preeta thinks that now she is sure of their plan and can not let Mahesh die. She wipes her tears in a new determination. Mahira’s kaleeran was tucked on her arm. Preeta considers it a symbol of what she had thought. She must marry Karan now, just the way Karan had married her. It seems to be God’s wish as well.

Preeta now drags Mahira behind the sofa. Sherlin now hurried Mahira to open the door. Preeta replies she is coming. Sherlin says the sound does not seems like hers. Preeta pulls Mahira’s dupatta and a bottle falls on the floor. Sherlin thinks she knows the reason why the sound did not seem like Mahira’s. She goes to knock the door again, but it opens, and the bride walks out. It was Preeta under the veil. Rishab comes from behind and Sherlin had to walk silently, but as soon as Rishab moves ahead; Sherlin stops Mahira. She scolds Mahira for not answering her calls, and even hiding her face under the veil. She threatens to tell her the truth herself. Under the veil, Preeta was stressed.

There in Mahesh’s room, Shrishti and Sameer watch Karan hug Mahesh. Rishab joins them. Rishab was hurt that he has never seen Karan like this, he feels really helpless today. Shrishti says there are problems in life, and one has to find a way out. Rishab was hurt that only Mahesh can speak to Karan at such a moment, because he is unable to speak to him. Shrishti requests Rishab to let Karan be with Mahesh, and not take him to Mandap. Rishab says Karan is being stubborn, if they try to stop him now, he will be more assertive. He goes to the room. There, Shrishti and Sameer thinks their plan will work this time and Karan will get unconscious. This will be the best plan to stop this marriage.

Preeta did not understand what Sherlin was talking about. Sherlin tells her to stay here and goes to the room to get her perfume. She scolds her again for drinking alcohol. Preeta understands that her dress smelled alcohol and this is the reason Sherlin was scolding her. Preeta spots Mahira from the mirror and tries to cover the view. Sherlin was still angry with Mahira and warns her to play anymore games. She says there is a lot of smell of alcohol and its better she keeps her mouth shut, and face covered. Sherlin takes Preeta and all across the corridor she was excited about her plan. Preeta thinks that she is marrying Karan under the veil, but there is nothing wrong in it. She is legally Karan’s wife and will remain so; its her duty to protect this family from a witch like Sherlin and she will rightfully do.

Sarla prayed in her house for Preeta. She cries that Preeta was dodged into marrying Karan and she accepted her fate. Then Karan left her in the middle of the road in the dark, she still accepted her fate. She prays for justice for Preeta now. Whatever had gone wrong must be corrected.

Karan had reached the Mandap. Kareena tells Karan not to leave Mandap this time to look for Preeta again. Karan tells the Pandit to start the wedding. He requests Rakhi to bring Mahesh in the hall if possible, its his wedding today. Dadi says they surely can.
Everyone turns their faces to the bride as Sherlin brings Preeta downstairs under the veil. Preeta thinks whatever she is doing is right. If she has to protect this family and this house and save Mahesh, then she must take this step. She is still unsure what will happen next. Dadi asks Mahira why she was wearing a veil. Sherlin qualifies there are a lot of hurdles in their wedding, its better Mahira covers her face.

Karan feels a vibe as Preeta sits besides him.

Shrishti writes a message for Rishab in which she thanks Rishab for always standing by them. Although they never speak a lot but today, she is writing each word by heart. He fought for her when police arrested her and helped Preeta at every moment. Rishab gets the text from Shrishti. Sameer notices Rishab and Shrishti talk to each other on text. Rishab wish he could do some more for them both.

PRECAP: Karan was about to faint in the Mandap. Everyone including Preeta supports him. Preeta tries to protect the veil on her face.

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Kundali Bhagya 18th August 2021 Written Update Wedding breaks

Kundali Bhagya 18th August 2021 Written Update Wedding breaks Sonakshi and Rajat’s wedding rituals begin with everyone’s blessings. The pandit guides them to take the wedding rounds. Sonakshi and Rajat take the wedding rounds and appear really happy together. Archala wants the wedding to complete as soon as possible. Sonakshi and Rajat sit for the last two rituals of sindoor and mangalsutra. Shrikant gets a shocking information on call. He rushes to stop Rajat from doing the sindoor rasam. Shrikant gives him the information, which leaves Rajat disturbed. Rajat wants to proceed with the rituals.

Shrikant asks him to think well. Rajat is shocked to know something crucial and drops the sindoor. This leaves the family shocked. Rajat leaves the mandap in anger. He throws away the garlands. Sonakshi questions him what’s the matter that he left the mandap. Rajat leaves her alone in the mandap. He breaks the wedding. He refuses to marry her. Yashvardhan asks him the reason for breaking the wedding. Rajat tells him that he just got to know something shocking, he can’t marry Sonakshi now.

He apologizes to Yashvardhan and Mahesh, asking them not to question him. Sonakshi asks Rajat not to insult her family. Rajat asks her to shut up, else he will reveal the reason which may leave her humiliated. Karan and Preeta also question Rajat about his decision. Yashvardhan tells that Sonakshi is his only child and the rightful owner of his property. Rajat tells that he just wanted Sonakshi, not his property.

Sonakshi asks Rajat to give her an answer before going. Rajat confronts her for hiding about her first marriage and marrying him to cheat. Sonakshi answers that she isn’t married to anyone. Shrikant tells that he has a proof that she is already married to someone else. He adds that he is getting the proof to the venue to shut her up. Sonakshi asks how dare they suspect her character and past. Archala tells them that Shrikant warned her about Sonakshi’s past many times, but she didn’t care, but today this truth matters.

Archala tells that she regrets that the wedding isn’t happening now. She asks Sonakshi not to make fun of the wedding. Sonakshi still states that she didn’t get married before. Shrikant accuses her for hiding her past. He tells that her past has come into her present and ruined her future. He asks her how could she dare to cheat Rajat and marry him. Yashvardhan warns Shrikant against maligning Sonakshi’s character. Archala tells that Shrikant has a right to find a good life partner for Rajat.

Yashvardhan tells that he can guarantee that Sonakshi isn’t hiding any past, her character is clean. Archala tells that maybe he isn’t aware of the truth. Preeta asks why would Sonakshi marry Rajat if she is already married to someone. She asks Rajat to show faith on Sonakshi and make the bond stronger, when he loved her and dreamt of marrying her. Rajat tells that he trusted Sonakshi a lot, he didn’t want to know about her past before, but Shrikant proved Sonakshi wrong. She tells that Sonakshi has hidden about her first marriage, he has a right to break the marriage now.

Preeta asks Rajat how did he leave the mandap if he didn’t see the proof. He replies that the proof is coming soon. She questions his faith and love. She tells that she met Sonakshi and can really believe her. Rajat doesn’t think anything can save their relation now. He decides to not marry Sonakshi. He accuses Sonakshi for breaking his trust. Sonakshi is left in tears. Luthras feel sorry for Sonakshi. Preeta rebukes Rajat. She asks Yashvardhan to let Rajat leave, its no use to get Rajat marry Sonakshi when he doesn’t trust her.

Yashvardhan asks Rajat and his family to leave. Shrikant asks him not to insult them. He tells that Preeta has accused Rajat, Rajat’s trust is broken, his heart is shattered because of Sonakshi’s lie. He tells that he will prove Sonakshi’s first marriage, that she is wrong, that Rajat got saved from a wrong girl. Sonakshi breaks down. She tells Preeta that Rajat was boasting of his love, he didn’t trust her and humiliated her. She feels sorry to involve Luthras and Preeta in the mess.

She tells that she will not prove her character to anyone, she really wanted to marry Rajat, who was chosen by her dad, she wanted to settle down happily and love her in-laws. She feels that she is really mad to fall for Rajat. She wants to go away from everybody. Preeta stops her. She asks Sonakshi to prove herself right, fight for her dignity and not cry for Rajat. She tells that Rajat doesn’t love her, else he would not believe anyone else than her. She asks Sonakshi to clear the blames on herself and her dad, else she would never stay happy.

Sonakshi tells that nobody will believe her, a girl always gets blamed. Preeta promises to support Sonakshi. She asks Sonakshi not to run away like a coward. She asks her to take a stand for her self-esteem and prove Rajat wrong. What’s the truth? Comment your views. Keep reading.

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Preeta gets worried when Mahira faints down. She checks Mahira and finds her pulse normal. Sherlyn comes to pick Mahira so that they can get done with the marriage and then their plan. Preeta tells that Sherlyn and Mahira want to kill Mahesh. She makes a plan to marry Karan to save Luthras. She hides Mahira from Sherlyn. Sherlyn asks Mahira to just open the door. Preeta gets an idea to take the disguise. Sherlyn calms herself down.

She doesn’t want Rishabh to know anything. She scolds Mahira. Preeta gets worried when Sherlyn rebukes her. Sherlyn asks Mahira to tell the truth to her. Karan hugs Mahesh and shares sorrow. Rishabh feels helpless seeing him. Shrishti tells him that they shall find a way to solve the mess. Rishabh tells that Karan isn’t ready to understand Preeta, who is the only one to help them. He asks them to go, he will get Karan to the dais.

Shrishti tells that they shall explain Karan to stop the marriage. Rishabh is ready to stop him, but he knows that Karan will do the reverse. He knows Karan’s stubborn behavior. He suggests them to leave. Shrishti tells Sameer that Karan would faint down and the marriage will stop. Sherlyn scolds Mahira for drinking alcohol. She asks her to apply the perfume, so that none knows about it. Preeta gets saved from Sherlyn’s suspicion.

Rishabh wants Karan to listen to him once. Karan doesn’t want to listen to anyone against the marriage. Preeta worries that she may get caught. She has taken the disguise of Mahira to sit in the mandap as bride. Sherlyn tells that once the marriage happens, Mahira will become Karan’s legal wife and then they will handle Mahesh. Preeta wants to fail her evil. She is ready to do anything to expose Sherlyn’s plan. Meanwhile, Sarla makes prayers for Preeta. She regrets that Preeta got married to Karan, who cheated her and ruined her life.

She wishes that Karan gets some sense and doesn’t hurt Preeta further. She feels Preeta deserves happiness. She wants justice to happen with her daughter. Karan sits in the mandap and waits for his bride. He looks for Preeta also. Kareena tells him that Preeta has left, he shouldn’t leave the mandap and find Preeta. She wants the marriage to happen soon. Karan tells that its his marriage, he wishes Mahesh to witness the marriage.

The family keeps his wish. Rishabh goes to fulfill his request. Preeta thinks she has to marry Karan to save the family’s happiness. Sherlyn tells the family that she covered the bride’s face so that no bad omen occurs. Preeta is taken to the dais. She sits with Karan in the mandap for the second time. Preeta wishes that Karan doesn’t know her truth until the marriage happens.

She doesn’t know the consequences of the marriage. Shrishti awaits Karan to fall unconscious. She messages Rishabh to thank him for his forever support. She feels indebted to him. Rishabh looks for Preeta. He gets Shrishti’s message. He wishes he could do more for Preeta and Shrishti.

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Kundali Bhagya - 19 August 2021 - Sonakshi Karan past Relationship exposed

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