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Finish The Lyrics: Disney Edition

One of the best part about Disney films are the soundtracks! Disney films are typically broken down into three categories. There is classic Disney films, the Disney renaissance, and the Disney revival.  The original Disney renaissance came about from Walt Disney's desire to get back to making animated musical films based on other popularized story. It featured films such as The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Hercules, and Pocahontas. The second wave of the Disney renaissance, classified more commonly as the Disney revival includes films such as The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Frozen, and Moana.

No matter which Disney era is your favorite though, the ballads and anthems from these movies have made their way into the mainstream. Just about everybody can hum a Disney tune or two...or three or four!

This quiz will test your knowledge of the lyrics of some of the best and most popular Disney songs. This quiz is strictly Disney! It does not include Disney channel, nor live action versions of Disney classics. If you need a little extra help, check the question description! It will provide you with the title of the Disney song, as well as the name of the Disney film.

Question 1

You want thingamabobs? I got ...

The Disney song: Part of Your World! The Disney movie: The Little Mermaid! Part of Your World is one of the most memorable Disney songs, it is a solo by Ariel. She sings about all of her adventures under the sea, and how they are not enough. What Ariel really wants is to be up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the sun. Despite the quantity of thingamabobs she has, Ariel just wants more.

Question 2

One jump ahead of the breadline. One swing ahead of the sword, I steal...

The Disney song: One Jump Ahead! The Disney film: Aladdin! This is a song early on in the film, and it attempts to show that Aladdin is considered a "street rat" by other members of society. Aladdin is on the wrong side of the law because he tends to steal things. Aladdin is lonely, with only his pet monkey Abu on his side. Aladdin does not consider himself worthy of a princess, and asks the genie to transform him into the wonderful Prince Ali.

Question 3

You think the only people who are people, are the people ...

The Disney song: Colors of the Wind! The Disney film: Pocahontas! This is one of the most famous Disney songs. It is also arguably one of, if not the most, meaningful Disney songs to date. The story of Pocahontas is quite heart breaking, and the Disney film does not begin to capture the story of her life. The song Colors of the Wind does a good job of showing a way of life that appreciates nature, and the song counters the idea that Pocahontas and her people are "savages".

Question 4

No one's slick as Gaston, no one's quick as Gaston, no one's ________ is incredibly thick as Gaston

The Disney song: Gaston! The Disney movie: Beauty and the Beast! The song Gaston is about, well you probably guessed it, Gaston. He is so self involved he could not even think of a title for a song dedicated to himself other than his own name. This song is basically a celebration of Gaston for no real reason. Essentially, the song is a long list of things Gaston loves about himself as he brags to other people in the cavern.

Question 5

To see her is to take....

The Disney song: Cruella De Vil! The Disney film: 101 Dalmatians! This song is her villain song, which means it describes why exactly the audience should fear her! Although, the fact that she hates puppies is usually enough to turn audiences against her. The name Cruella De Vil too closely resembles the phrase "cruel and evil" to ever be considered a hero in a story. Just like Gaston, this is another Disney villain that has their own song AND it is named after them.

Question 6

There's children throwing snowballs instead of...

The Disney song: What's this? The Disney film: The Nightmare Before Christmas. This Disney film is quite unlike all the rest. The film mainly takes place in "Halloween Town". One day, Jack Skellington decides to go for a walk in a forest where he comes across a circle of trees which all have beautiful paintings on the outside representing each holiday. Jack opens the door with a Christmas tree on it, and winds up in "Christmas Town". What's This is a song about Jack discovering just how different things are in the other worlds.

Question 7

This one longing to be thinner, that one wants ....

The Disney song: Poor Unfortunate Souls! The Disney film: The Little Mermaid! Ursula may be the villain in the film, but does she ever steal the show. Poor Unfortunate Souls is the song that Ursula sings to Ariel when she is trying to convince her that she is a witch with special magical powers and she works to grant wishes. Ursula tells Ariel stories about past mer people that she had helped, including someone who wanted to be thinner, as well as someone who wants....

Question 8

Down here all the fish is happy As off through the waves they roll The fish on the land ain't happy...

The Disney song: Under the Sea! The Disney film: The Little Mermaid! This song is another one of the most well known Disney songs. This large and fun musical number is what Sebastian uses to try to convince Ariel to stay, you guessed it, Under the Sea. Sebastian has been appointed in charge of making sure Ariel stays safe. Being a tiny crab, there is only so much he can do to persuade Ariel since he cannot physically stop her.

Question 9

A spoonful of sugar helps...

The Disney song: A Spoonful of Sugar! The Disney film: Mary Poppins! This song is what Mary Poppins sings to the children she looks after. She tries to teach them to take the good with the bad, and that there can almost always be a way to make the best of a bad situation. Mary Poppins is not just a regular babysitter or nanny, she has a magic bag full of tricks and she can make the most magical things happen.

Question 10

I couldn’t care less what she wears or what she looks like, it all depends on what....

The Disney song: A Girl Worth Fighting For! The Disney film: Mulan! In this song, Mulan is still training for the war and travelling with her fellow soldiers. Different members of their travelling group take turns singing about the women back home that they are fighting this war to protect. Mulan, being a girl, does not know how to participate in this type of conversation. She gets a sneak peak at what could be considered "locker room talk", but really all of the men are sweethearts.

Question 11

Tell me princess, now when did you last ...

The Disney song: A Whole New World! The Disney film: Aladdin. This song is where Aladdin, who is claiming to be Prince Ali, attempts to woo Princess Jasmine by showing her the world. They take a little trip by flying around on a magic carpet. The two bond during this carpet ride around the world and get to know each other. Jasmine even believes that she could marry Prince Ali instead of one of the men her father had tried to pick out for her.

Question 12

I know everybody on this island seems so happy on this island ....

The Disney song: How Far I'll Go! The Disney film: Moana! Moana is part of the second wave of the Disney renaissance, along with Frozen. Moana is a strong female that is next in line to lead the island, but first she must figure out her call to the water and save the island from destruction. Moana claims NOT to be a princess, but some point out that she has many qualities that are similar to a princess, especially a Disney princess!

Question 13

I’d rather be called deadly for my ...

The Disney song: I Have a Dream! The Disney film: Tangled! Tangled is the Disney version of the story of Rapunzel, the princess that is locked away in a tower and uses her incredibly long hair to lift the old woman to the tower. Rapunzel manages to escape the tower and she is worried about the world being dangerous based on everything Mother Gothel had told her. When she shows up at a tavern that is filled with intimidating looking men, she soon realizes that you can not judge a person solely based on their appearance.

Question 14

Let the storm rage on...

The Disney song: Let it Go! The Disney film: Frozen! Elsa sings this song to celebrate her freedom of being able to use and show off her powers. No matter how hard you may have tried to never hear the popular song Let it Go from Frozen, you probably heard it at one point or another. For a while after the film was released, this song was everywhere. This should be a fairly easy question to get right. But if you get it wrong, you can just let it go...

Question 15

Back when the world was new, the planet earth was...

The Disney song: The Gospel Truth! The Disney film: Hercules! This is the song that gives important backstory and context for the rest of the film. These ladies are the muses that know the history of the gods, like Zeus and Hercules. The world was not always the peaceful place it is during the time a d setting of the film, there are big forces that can cause major damage to the world. Luckily Hercules is there to save the world!

Question 16

The gleam in your eyes is ...

The Disney song: Once Upon A Dream! The Disney film: Sleeping Beauty! Princess Aurora lives in the woods and stays hidden because of an evil spell that was placed on her when she was only a baby. The princess does not even know that she is a princess. She dreams of meeting a handsome man. One day she is in the forest singing about meeting a man with her animal friends. Low and behold a man shows up and happens to know the words to the song she is singing.... but do you know the words?

Question 17

I mean it's crazy! We finish each other's...

The Disney song: Love is an Open Door! The Disney film: Frozen. It only takes the span of this musical number for Hans and Anna to fall in love and decide to get married. Anna is so excited about finding love with Hans that she rushes into an engagement with him. The song Love is an Open Door is so cute it almost makes you root for Hans and Anna to end up together. Good one, Disney! You almost got us.

Question 18

Life is so unnerving for ...

The Disney song: Be Our Guest! The Disney film: Beauty and the Beast! This is the most fun and upbeat number in the film. All of the servants and objects put on a grand spectacle of a musical number. This musical number is put on for Belle when she is treated to a dinner without the Beast. This song is mainly about greeting Belle and making her want to stay in the castle so that the spell can be broken.

Question 19

You swoon, you sigh, why deny it? Oh, oh....

The Disney song: I Won't Say (I'm In Love)! The Disney film: Hercules! This song is sung by Meg, who has been burned in the past by love. She is falling for the hero of the story, Hercules, but she does not want to admit her feelings. It is pretty clear that she is afraid of sharing her emotions because she might end up getting hurt. Having a female Disney character that does NOT want to rush into love and/ or marriage is quite refreshing.

Question 20

You can't expect a demigod to beat a decapod....

The Disney song: Shiny! The Disney film: Moana! This song is sung by Tamatoa, who is a decapod. This particular line in the song is interesting as it is educational and musical. Tamatoa speaks the following line to break the fourth wall and say something to the audience. Basically the line is saying that you can't expect for Maui to beat Tamatoa. Maui is a demigod, and Tamatoa is the decapod. Tamatoa expects that a decapod is a term that the audience would not know.

Question 21

It's clear from your vacant expressions The lights are not all on upstairs But we're talking kings and successions Even you ...

The Disney song: Be Prepared! The Disney film: The Lion King! This song is sung by Scar, Mufasa's brother that wants to take over the kingdom. Scar has been exiled and is alone. For help, he enlists an army of hyenas. This song is what he uses to convince, and obviously prepare, his hyena army for his plan to take over the land. All of the hyenas are depicted as incredibly dim witted, but when the subject matter is as important as kings and successions even they ...

Question 22

Can your friends do this? Can your friends do that? Can your friends pull this...

The Disney song: Friend Like Me! The Disney film: Aladdin! This song is where the genie shows off all of his magical powers. Aladdin finds his magic hard to believe at first, but once the genie shows Aladdin a large variety of wishes that he can grant, Aladdin becomes increasingly excited. The genie begins questioning whether or not Aladdin has friends in his life that can provide the same magic and opportunities that the genie can provide. Who wouldn't like their wishes granted by the genie?

Question 23

The cards, the cards, the cards will tell The past, the present and the future as well The cards, the cards, just take three Take a little trip into...

The Disney song: Friends on the Other Side! The Disney film: Princess and the Frog! This villain song is a fun and colorful musical number. Dr. Facilier convinces Prince Naveen and his lackey Lawrence to sit down and have their cards read by him. Dr. Facilier reads their cards and makes them all kinds of promises. Near the end of the song, when the men all shake hands, the spell begins to work. Dr. Facilier manages to keep all of his promises, but not in the way the characters expected.

Question 24

Mother's right here Mother will protect you Darling, here's what I suggest: skip the drama

The Disney song: Mother Knows Best! The Disney film: Tangled! Mother Gothel has been described as one of the scarier Disney villains. This sometimes surprises people because she has no magical powers, and no extreme strength. Instead, she is manipulative and has an evil heart. This villain scares people since they can often relate to having overbearing friends or family members. It is hopefully not nearly to the same extent as Mother Gothel and Rapunzel's relationship. Mother Gothel wants to say beautiful and young forever, but the way she goes about it is pure evil.

Question 25

I’m never gonna catch my breath, say goodbye to those who knew me, boy was I a fool in school…

The Disney song: I'll Make a Man Out of You! The Disney film: Mulan! This song depicts the journey Mulan and her fellow soldiers go through while training for the war. Li Shang sings I'll Make a Man Out of You while complaining about the misfit band of recruits that have been sent to him. This number has a strong sense of irony as Li Shang sings about making a man out of the recruits, but Mulan is actually a woman, and a talented recruit.

Question 26

What’s the lesson what is the take away don’t mess with Maui ...

The Disney song: You're Welcome! The Disney film: Moana! This song is a fun number that establishes the fact that Maui is incredibly cocky and full of himself. Maui sings to Moana about all of his accomplishments and how Moana should be very thankful for everything Maui has done. Luckily, Moana is not intimidated or scared by Maui and his many accomplishments. This song is a great introduction to the character. It is also incredibly energetic, fun, and especially catchy.

Question 27

All those days watching from the windows All those years outside looking in All that time never even knowing...

The Disney song: I See The Light! The Disney film: Tangled! This song has the most beautiful backdrop of lanterns and floating lights that Rapunzel has been dreaming about ever since she was a child. This is a love song between Eugene and Rapunzel who, after all of their adventures, have fallen in love. Rapunzel sings about the heart breaking truth of growing up isolated from the rest of the world. All that time she never even knew which of the following descriptive phrases?

Question 28

I never see you anymore. Come out the door. It's like you've gone away! We used to be best buddies, and now we're not...

The Disney song: Do You Want to Build a Snowman? The Disney film: Frozen! This is the song Anna sings when she is younger and first separated from her sister, Elsa. This song is used to bridge the gap of a serious time jump of almost 10 years. When Elsa is first kept away from Anna, she does not know why and begins to think that it is because Elsa does not want to be her buddy anymore. Seeing Anna grow up alone is particularly sad.

Question 29

What I desire is ...

The Disney Song: I Wanna Be Like You! The Disney moive: The Jungle Book! King Louie sings this song about wanting to be like a human in certain ways. King Louie uses his monkey army to search and find Mowgli. They bring Mowgli to King Louie so Louie can attempt to get the secret of fire from Mowgli. Louie is under the impression that Mowgli will know how to make fire because he is a human. Mowgli, never having been around humans, has no idea how to make fire.

Question 30

I know every mile will be worth my while. I would go most anywhere ...

The Disney song: Go The Distance! The Disney film: Hercules! Before finding himself and establishing his powers as a God, Hercules does not feel like he belongs anywhere. He is certainly not a God at that point, but he has super strength and is irrefutably different than the other humans. Hercules knows that he does not belong, but he is persistent enough to work hard and dedicate himself to becoming the best version of himself as well as finding a place where he feels at home.

Question 31

Prince Ali! Amorous he! Ali Ababwa. Heard your princess....

The Disney song: Prince Ali! The Disney film: Aladdin! This character's name is Aladdin, but at this point in the film he is being known as Prince Ali. Prince Ali is the name of the character created by Aladdin and the genie in order for Aladdin to have a chance with the lovely Princess Jasmine. This musical number is especially grand, as Prince Ali is attempting to make a big first impression on Princess Jasmine, as well as show her why he is the one for her.

Question 32

Yes, you want her. Look at her, you know you do. Possible she...

The Disney song: Kiss the Girl! The Disney film: The Little Mermaid! This song depicts the romantic boat ride that Prince Eric and Ariel take together. Sebastian and others do what they can to increase the romantic atmosphere. Prince Eric needs to kiss Ariel within 3 days of knowing her or Ariel will turn back into a mermaid forever and her soul will be kept in Ursula's cave forever. Needless to say, the stakes are pretty high. C'mon Eric! Kiss the girl!

Question 33

Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities. Forget about

The Disney song: Bare Necessities! The Disney film: The Jungle Book! This fun song is sung by Baloo! It is about being happy with what you have, and not over complicating things by worrying too much. As long as you have the bare necessities in life, everything else will work itself out. Baloo also helps teach Mowgli some tips and tricks for surviving in the wild by himself. For example, what fruits are safe to eat and the easiest ways to get them.

Question 34

It means no worries for the rest of your days. It's our...

The Disney song: Hakuna Matata! The Disney film: The Lion King! This Disney song is yet another positive song that help create a brighter outlook towards life. This song is used to bridge the gap between a young child Simba, and Simba as a young adult. Simba even sings lead on the final chorus of the song. Almost everybody knows that Hakuna Matata means no worries for the rest of your days! But do you remember the rest of the words to this catchy song from The Lion King?

Question 35

Everybody wants to be a cat, because a cats the only cat who....

The Disney song: Everybody Wants to be a Cat! The Disney movie: The Aristocats! This song is the most upbeat and fun number throughout the film. Along with Scales and Arpeggios, Everybody Wants to be a Cat is one of the most popular and memorable moments of the film. This song is actually quite controversial as certain sections of the song had to be removed over time due to insensitive material in the song. Luckily, many versions of the film have updated to have that section of song removed.

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We’re pretty sure you like Disney songs, but how well do you know them? Only the biggest Disney music fans will ace this quiz:

♫ One jump ahead of the __________, one skip ahead of my doom ♫

♫ Come feed the little birds, show them __________ __________ ♫

♫ I know you, the gleam in your eyes is so familiar a __________ ♫

♫ I wanna know, can you ________ me, I wanna know about these strangers like me ♫

♫ Why is my reflection someone I _________ __________ ♫

♫ Just around the riverbend, beyond the shore, where the _________ fly free ♫

♫ But now he's _________, and so unsure, I wonder why I didn't see it there before ♫

♫ Sha la la la la la, don't be scared, you got __________ _________ prepared ♫

♫ Now I'm the king of the _________ oh, the jungle VIP ♫

♫ Like a __________ in the sky, you can fly! You can fly! You can fly! ♫

♫ It ain't no trick to get rich quick if you __________ __________ _________ with a shovel or a pick ♫

♫ Side by side with your loved one, you'll find __________ here ♫

♫ So she's a bit of a fixer-upper, her brain's a bit __________ ♫

♫ Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh, chubby little _________ all stuffed with fluff ♫

♫ He showed the __________, brains, and spunk, from zero to hero, a major hunk ♫

♫ Rescue Aid Society, honesty, _________, we pledge to thee ♫

♫ I've seen a front porch swing, heard a diamond ring, I've seen a __________ __________ railroad tie ♫

♫ Drip, drip, drop little April shower, __________ a tune as you fall all around ♫

♫ Can you feel the love tonight, the __________ the evening brings ♫

♫ Yep, I'd rather be called deadly for my __________ show tune medley ♫

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Descendants 3 Challenge - 16 Lyrics Only True Fans Can Finish

Can You Finish the Lyrics to These Disney Movie Songs?

By: J. Reinoehl

6 Min Quiz

Image: Walt Disney Pictures

About This Quiz

Be our guest! We want to know if you really sing along to Disney songs or if you're a lip-sync artist!

Do you know classics like “When You Wish Upon a Star?” Can you “Let It Go” with the best of them? Will you be able to rise to the challenge with a few songs from some of the less popular animated films like “Zero to Hero?” Do you really know Disney songs or do you just think you know what they are saying? This quiz will distinguish Disney experts from Disney wannabes.

Disney might be known as the “House of Mouse,” but from Mickey Mouse’s very first appearance in Steamboat Willie, music has been a part of their films. Steamboat Willie revolutionized animated features by adding synchronized sound, using a click track. This put it above the other animated features, such as Dinner Time (released by Paul Terry), which had sound but was frequently off in the synchronization. The Disney brothers had little experience with music, but they incorporated the Disney Film Recording Company, Limited in 1929, although most of Disney’s music was licensed to other companies. By 1949, with the release of the Cinderella soundtrack, Disney began making its way into mainstream music. It continues today with the Disney Music Group (founded in 1956).

This “Can You Finish the Lyrics to These Disney Movie Songs?” quiz will check your knowledge of Disney songs past and present. Show us you can be the next Cinderella or Prince Charming, and challenge your friends too!

Winnie-the-Pooh is one of only 13 fictional characters to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The others are Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Big Bird, Bugs Bunny, Godzilla, Snoopy, Kermit the Frog, The Munchkins, Shrek, Snow White, Tinkerbell, Woody Woodpecker, The Rugrats, and the Simpsons. Mickey Mouse was the first fictional character to receive one on November 18, 1978. (“The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers” from The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh)


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Lyrics finish disney the

307 Disney Finish the Lyric Trivia Questions & Answers:

photo of Disney Finish the Lyric This category is for questions and answers related to Disney Finish the Lyric, as asked by users of Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible.

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There are 307 questions in this immediate directory. Last updated Oct 24 2021.
1"I'm just floating around over the ground Wondering where I will ______?"
Answer: Drip

The song "Little Black Rain Cloud" is from the movie "Winnie the Pooh". While Winnie the Pooh was singing this song he was trying to steal honey from the tree while holding onto a balloon.
Question From Quiz: Finish the Disney Song!. Question by author chubbybirbo.
2"I Won't Say (I'm in Love)", "Hercules" "If there's a prize for rotten judgment, I guess I've already won that. No man is worth the _______, That's ancient history, Been there, done that!"

    Your options: [ exasperation ] [ irritation ] [ aggravation ] [ frustration ]
Answer: aggravation

Meg sings this song in "Hercules" (1997). She's disillusioned with love and doesn't want to admit she is falling for Hercules. Meg is voiced by Susan Egan.
Question From Quiz: Just Another Lyric Quiz. Question by author Ardyn.
3Complete the lyric - 'No matter how your heart is ________ if you keep on believing the dream that you wish will come true' - "Cinderella" (1950)

    Your options: [ Feeling ] [ Grieving ] [ Aching ] [ Breaking ]
Answer: Grieving

This is a lyric from the song "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" sung by Cinderella.
Question From Quiz: Disney Songs. Question by author CornwallCathy.
4"But the thing that's a _____ must is a little bit of pixie dust. The dust is a _____ must"

    Your options: [ positive ] [ absolute ] [ definite ] [ real ]
Answer: positive

"You Can Fly!" like the birdies can in Disney's classic tale, "Peter Pan" (Bobby Driscoll). Join Wendy (Kathryn Beaumont), John (Paul Collins), and Michael (Tommy Luske) as they travel to Neverland and take on the evil Captain Hook (Hans Conried)!
Question From Quiz: Remember the Words? Version 2. Question by author wildmonkey500.
5"Up on the shore they _____, out in the sun they _____"

    Your options: [ slave away, work all day ] [ work all day, slave away ] [ work away, slave all day ] [ slave all day, work away ]
Answer: work all day, slave away

"Under The Sea" was a song sung by Sebastian (Samuel E. Wright) in "The Little Mermaid". He sings to Ariel (Jodi Benson) to try to convince her that life under the sea is greater than life up on dry land.
Question From Quiz: Remember the Words?. Question by author wildmonkey500.
6What is the missing word? "Below the shelter of the trees. Only love can enter here. A simple life, they live in _______ ."
Answer: peace

This is from "Tarzan"'s "Two Worlds".
Question From Quiz: Disney Song fill in the blanks. Question by author huskiegal.
7Fill in the blank from "Aladdin and the King of Thieves". "Your father's a man___________."

    Your options: [ who should be where you are ] [ who taught you who you are ] [ who knows who you are ] [ who lives near where you are ]
Answer: who taught you who you are

Aladdin sings this song with Jasmine when Aladdin misses his dad because he is about to get married.
Question From Quiz: Hodge Podge of Disney Songs. Question by author willow38.
8"I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream. I know you the____ in your eyes is so familiar a ____."- From "Sleeping Beauty".

    Your options: [ beam ] [ light ] [ gleam ] [ love ]
Answer: gleam

This is from the song "Once Upon a Dream" from the movie "Sleeping Beauty". Mary Costa was the voice of Princess Aurora.
Question From Quiz: Disney Song Lyrics. Question by author nyc_gal1305.
9This song is "A Pirate's Life For Me": "We're beggars and blighters, ne'er do well cads. Drink up me hearties. Yo ho! Aye but we're loved by our_________. Drink up me hearties. Yo ho!"

    Your options: [ poppas and mammas ] [ mommies and dads ] [ brothers and sisters ] [ aunts and our uncles ]
Answer: mommies and dads

"Yo ho! Yo ho! A pirates life for me!" This song is from the Disneyland and Walt Disney World ride, "Pirates of the Carribean". It plays through most of the ride.
Question From Quiz: My Favorite Disney Songs 2. Question by author ganondorf319.
10'Certain as the sun, rising in the _______, tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Beauty and the Beast'

    Your options: [ west ] [ north ] [ east ] [ south ]
Answer: east

This song is called "Beauty and the Beast" and is from, well, "Beauty and the Beast". It is sung when they are dancing in the ballroom. Mrs. Potts the teapot sings this song.
Question From Quiz: Disney Songs Word Mixes. Question by author cedric_luvr4.
Try Not To Sing Along Challenge !! -Disney Edition- !!

They now had their own small courtyard, formed by the hedge that Duvall had erected around the house. And there, behind the hut, under the shade of a huge palm tree, he made a cozy bed of bamboo flooring covered with grass. This was their place where they could enjoy each other without fear of waking up their son. And Anna heard him immediately, with some unmistakable instinct predicting that the baby was awake and ready to cry.

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