Cherry tv stand 70 inch

Cherry tv stand 70 inch DEFAULT

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With a sleek and minimal TV wall unit, you can let your TV blend into your interiors, while having plenty of storage to boot. If you like the bohemian look, a rustic TV bench adds a warm feeling to a room. No matter what your style, you can find the perfect home for your TV and things here.

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A wall-mounted TV, white BESTÅ cabinets below it, and white BESTÅ cabinets with glass doors above displaying bowls and vases.
A traditional living room with a TV bench and a bookcase in black-brown/solid pine and decorative items in natural materials.

Create your favorite TV unit combination

Do you prefer a mix of colors or a sleek and clean monochrome look? The BESTÅ system offers so many options that you can combine to easily get the personal storage solution that’s right for your space.

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  • Remington Brown Cherry Tv Stand

    25 Mar, 2018

    My Remington TV Stand from 1stop just arrived. Amazing! It is unbelievable. It goes with all of my furniture.

  • Remington Brown Cherry Tv Stand

    29 Oct, 2017

    Online orders can be so hard. If you buy something and hate it, the return process can be awful through many websites. I had a lot of questions about what the return policy was for the TV Stand I purchased from the Remington (in case I needed to return it) and was great about answering my inquiries. Luckily I loved my purchase and had no need to return it, but I appreciated the time they took with me.

  • Remington Brown Cherry Tv Stand

    16 Oct, 2017

    I was afraid to buy a low priced piece of furniture until I saw the Remington TV Stand at a friend's house. I had equated that with questionable quality, but was told the Remington collection was nothing like that. Well, no doubt, this was a good-looking, sturdy TV Stand. My fears sufficiently assuaged, I returned home to order my own Remington TV Stand. My friend's advice was right on point, and now I have a beautiful piece added to my furniture collection.

  • Remington Brown Cherry Tv Stand

    28 Sep, 2017

    Wow. has a great selection of ACME brand furniture and their Remington is amazing. I ordered a TV Stand from the Remington and it is beautiful and just like it was described. I had some questions and the customer service was very helpful. Fast delivery. Thanks

  • Remington Brown Cherry Tv Stand

    18 Aug, 2017

    This arrived just when I needed it to for my guest TV Stand. It is a lovely TV Stand, just as it was pictured online. Packaged great and stunning in person. Highly recommend the Remington.

  • Remington Brown Cherry Tv Stand

    15 Aug, 2017

    This TV Stand from the Remington is very sturdy and will last for many years. Not to mention it is very pleasing to the eye. Thank you again 1stop furniture!

  • Remington Brown Cherry Tv Stand

    21 Jul, 2017

    Bought this TV Stand, from the Remington collection, after reading the description of the components and decided that it sounded like a durable TV Stand, which is exactly what I got. I am very happy with my order.

  • Remington Brown Cherry Tv Stand

    02 May, 2017

    I just recently bought a TV Stand from the Remington and it is a gorgeous furniture. Well made and and makes any home feel complete. Shipping was quick and easy.

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    Mecor Modern White TV Stand

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    70 stand cherry inch tv

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    Minimalist Modern Tripod TV Stand from EleTab

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