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30 Best Young Men’s Hairstyles You’ve Gotta See

Over the course of the last three or four decades, there have been many changes in the ways young men wear their hair. Changing trends in young men’s hairstyles have gone from very tame short haircuts to some really way out long hairstyles and there is no boundary right now. The decision is yours… all we have is a list of the trendiest hairstyles for young guys right now.


Short & Simple Hairstyle

short hairstyle for young men

Jensen Ackles short and simple hairstyle

There are still a variety of simple hairstyles for young men that come in different lengths. Most conservative families still encourage young men to keep their hair short and simple, usually just flipped over to one side. Some popular styles from the fifties and sixties and still around, including the ducktail and the flat top.


Emo Hair

emo hairstyle for young men

Emo hairstyle for young men

More modern young men are going in different directions with their hairstyles. One of the more trendy styles today is known as emo hair. This basically consists of cutting the hair to any length one desires and styling it in a way that is truly unique and individual. In most cases, the hair is dyed black with other colors used in different ways to create a fringe or a spot of color within the style.

View emo hair gallery


Punk Hairstyles

young man with punk hairstyle

Mohawk hairstyle

Punk hairstyles are still quite popular as well. The most common punk style, the Mohawk, is still going strong, but other punk styles are coming along as well. Medium length hair is often worn in spikes that stick up all over the head. Most punk styles are high maintenance and require a great deal of time applying mousse or styling gel to hold the hair in the rakish positions chosen for the day.

See punk hairstyles gallery


Faux Hawk

faux hawk haircut for young men

Faux-hawk hairstyle

One of the most popular new hairstyles for young men is known as the faux-hawk. This hairstyle uses the Mohawk as a basis, but instead of shaving the sides of the head, the hair is worn short on the sides and longer on top. How the hair is styled is a matter of personal taste. It can be styled with the longer top hair standing up like a regular Mohawk or it can be adjusted to a more traditional look.

View various faux hawk hairstyles

One thing that is different today is the fact that young men have a great deal more latitude in how they wear their hair without fear of being seen as strange or aberrant. Where once short hair was the only choice available for young men in the mainstream, now it is not uncommon to see men with hair as long as any woman. The number of styles that can be worn is just as varied.


Hairstyles For Young Men

1. Hairstyle for Young Black Man

A short haircut is easy to wake up and go with and any facial hair you have will pair well, like this goatee.


2. Pompadour

A pompadour with a fade is packing height, which is great for men with round faces as it will elongate your structure.


3. Young Man With Grey Hair

Grey hair is no longer for older men. Work the hair color into a shaggy haircut with a fade and use a little shaping gel to encourage texture.


4. Young Boy With Long Braids

One of the best ways to show off long hair is with a lot of thin braids. Make the look edgy with a bald or tapered fade.


5. Twist Hair For Young Men

Short twists are a neat way of styling black hair and last several weeks while being stylish.


6. Dreadlocks

Do you have long and thick hair? Dreadlocks piled high will let the world see your gorgeous face – decorate locks with gold beads for accent.


7. Wavy Hair

No matter you’re going for a long or short wavy hairstyle, waves are attractive. always give off a boy-next-door vibe and the bedhead look is always in, so you can wake up and go in no time at all.


8. Young Guy With Curly Hair

A simple center part is all you need to style thick curly hair. Give it a blunt cut above the jawline for a modern look. You can also try curly mohawk, curly undercut, curly bun, curly fade, curly taper fade, curly temp fade,  curly low fade, high top fade on curly hair with both long and short curls.


9. Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, count yourself lucky that no styling is needed: simply leave it loose but keep it trimmed at regular intervals for healthy locks.


10. Buzz Cut

Round or oval, the buzz cut is a classic choice that works for any face shape. A bit of facial hair helps round out the look.


11. Colored Hair With Fade

Young Guy's Fade Haircut


This fade haircut features a blunt bang and a flair of orange and yellow color striped down the middle.


12. Layered Hair

For easy texture and built-in style you don’t need to spend a lot of time on, ask your stylist for layers.


13. Hair Design

A spiky textured haircut features shaved designs in its fade. Come prepared with inspiration of your own or ask your stylist to get creative.


14. Hard Part

Hard parts are clean shaved in lines on either side of the head that add easy dimension to your haircut. Here, it separates a fade from heightened texture.


15. Young Guys With Thick

Thick locks are a hot look for any guy – get the look but using plenty of product and combining the style with a medium or low fade.


16. Fine Hair

To make fine hair look thicker, slick it all back in one direction. It’s a professional style that’ll also stay looking hot while you’re working up a sweat at the gym.


17. Messy Hair

Messy hair, aka bedhead, is not difficult to get: use your fingers to scrunch the hair near the forehead and keep the back trimmed short so you don’t look sloppy.


18. Slick Back Hair

When heading out to a fancy event, the slicked back style with a low fade is your go-to. Comb mousse through locks and you’re done.


19. Long Bun Hair

The man bun is masculine and always in style. Simply pull your medium length hair up and secure with an elastic.


20. Medium Hair

For short to medium hair, try a blunt or choppy cut with a center part. This style especially helps to elongate round faces.


21. Perm Hair

Male perms tend to last between 4-6 weeks. If you’re craving volume, give it a try and wear curls with a fade for a truly unique style.


22. Young Balding Men

To distract from that receding hairline, opt for a semi-short haircut with a curtain bang parted to one side.


23. Orange Mohawk

Prefer a hairstyle that catches eyes? This mohawk fade pops with orange hair color but platinum blonde or baby blue would look just as awesome.


24. Blonde Look

Another boy-next-door hairstyle that never fails to impress. Encourage body up top with mousse and frame it with a mid to high fade.


25. Professional Hairstyle

A professional haircut is ideal for men with conservative jobs. It features medium body up top with a tapered fade and minimal facial hair, if any.


26. Undercut

Young men Hairstyle With Undercut


Undercuts are a favorite because they work with any men’s hair. Leave a little length on top for the perfect balance of long and short.


27. Hairstyle for Asian Young Men

A soft tousled haircut is a great option for Asian men tired of their straight hair. Let it grow to eyebrows and go for some color to liven it up.


28. Spiky Hair

Silvery grey edges up this spiky textured hairstyle. A mid bald fade and shaped facial hair ensure this style is nothing short of detail.


29. Afro Hair

Rock your natural hair by letting it grow several inches and leaving it wild. Make sure to leave your gorgeous eyes visible for a look everyone will love.


30. Quiff 

Quiffs are popular for the way they combine a pompadour with a flattop. Wear it with a fade or an undercut, or both!


Feeling inspired by these young men’s hairstyles? When it comes to looking trendy, there’s no shortage of ways to insert your personality onto your haircut. Try one or all of these styles and see which one you love best. We have a feeling this list will become your go-to!


100 Cool Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Boys and Men

Now is the best time to take a look at the trendiest boys hairstyles and men’s haircuts for 2021. Nowadays, fashion isn’t only for women. In the last couple of years we’ve seen a huge resurgence in vintage barbering styles and classy undercuts. That’s because men are becoming more and more aware of their looks. But it’s no less important to feel comfortable than to look attractive. Despite the huge popularity of buns and shoulder-length hairstyles for men, short haircuts remain the ‘reigning kings’, due to their clean cuts and precise styling.

Short Haircuts and Hairstyles for Boys and Men

This year, the rules are out the window, as more and more boys have decided to make a statement and create their signature styles. You should definitely take a look at these fresh, classy and effortless men`s short hairstyles!

#1: Pompadour Haircut

A disconnected pompadour is trendy right now. Hair is clipped close or faded on the sides and kept long and voluminous on top. This slicked back look is a jazzy quiff hairstyle that looks good on all men despite nationality. If you need a quiff haircut that feels new and different, go with the combed back pompadour that’s definitely trending upward. When it comes to haircuts for men that add length to such face shapes as round and square, this one is a nice, highly-recommended choice.

#2: Spiky Top with Mid Fade

One of the best ways to ease into faded haircuts for men is to keep the top of your hair a little longer than you normally do for your regular cut and gradually decrease the length as you go down. Use your favorite hair gel or mousse to spike up the ends for a boyish, yet put-together style.

#3: Grey Comb Over with Hard Part

Modern guy haircuts are more versatile than one might believe. If you prefer men’s styles that are on the dramatic side, opt for a deep part in your hair with a sleek comb over. This haircut style is good for men looking to show off graying hair in a sophisticated way.

#4: Messy Spikes with Low Fade

With faded styles, you don’t have to go too drastic, but it’s always nice to show off some contrast. Fades work on all hair types, especially for those blessed with natural lift and volume at their roots. However, the spiked effect can be enhanced with a small amount of product. Style your longer hair up and define the ends for this cool stiff-looking yet soft-to-the touch look.

#5: Temple Fade for Natural Hair

A nice modern style for natural hair is the temple fade with line up. This men’s cut is a great choice if you want to have short and manageable hair with natural texture. Complete with an equally perfect facial hairstyle.

#6: Cowlick Hair

A hair cowlick doesn’t have to be frustrating – just work it into a personal style the ladies will love. Coarse hair works best for styled cowlicks, and you may want to consider an undercut to stave off some of the thickness. While cowlicks can be difficult to tame, your stylist will show you how to use proper hair products and upkeep the ideal look with regular salon appointments.

#7: Taper Cut

A classic taper cut involves thick hair on top gradually decreasing in length on the sides and the back of the head. If you’ve ever combed a tapered hairstyle, you know the importance of keeping it maintained with a product and regular shampoos – otherwise your tapered masterpiece will quickly go wild. This is one of the most requested hairstyles for men due to its versatility.

#8: Tapered Undercut with Added Height

Volume and height play important roles in current hairstyles for men. To give your roots that coveted lift, cut a faded undercut and style a pomp. Use a round brush and a hairdryer to achieve those cute ocean-like waves that show off the faded edges and give you a punk rock vibe.

#9: Skin Fade for Balding Men

An easy way to deal with balding is to go with a high fade so the transition is more natural and seamless. At the same time this particular cut is universally flattering and will also work for boys who have plenty of hair and want a bold half shaved look. Now this is one of the most popular boys haircuts.

#10: Fade Haircut

Low fade haircuts involve shaving just the lower half of the hair, while hair up top is trimmed and shaped, but kept longer. You can also opt for a classic taper fade haircut that is a bit longer than a regular fade, or go for a high fade haircut where practically the whole head is clipped down decreasingly except for a signature piece like a Mohawk. If you wish to have long hair on top, tell your barber ahead of time. In case you are looking for a more casual look, break the mold by getting a fade on the sides only and experimenting with bold styles up top.

#11: Modern Men`s Hairstyle

Boys young and old look wonderful with this perfectly sculpted hairstyle. The trick is to bring equal focus to the top of the head and facial hair. Add some styling product to spike the top hair forward.

#12: The Side Part Cut

The Side Part haircut is similar to the undercut, with the major difference that only one side is cut extra short. This haircut is ideal for those who don’t want to put a lot of time and effort into their look. It is a rather casual haircut that works well with men who have medium-length hair, that can be swept over nonchalantly. The best thing about it is that you can alternate between looks by sweeping the hair towards the side with the undercut, or towards the one with longer strands.

#13: Combined Long-Short Hairstyles for Men

Keep hair sleek and soft without using a ton of product. This can be achieved by incorporating various lengths into your style. Keep one side long and try a tapered cut on the other side. It fades downward until the ear line blends into very subtle facial hair. Men who have thick hair with a slight wave will look best with this sweet boy-next door style.

#14: Short Hairstyles for Men with Angular Fringe

The angular fringe men`s haircuts became extremely popular with male fashion models last summer. Since then they has been adopted at a rapidly increasing pace. The long hair on the top is styled at an angle. The guy in the photo above is totally rocking his angular fringe with ombre highlights.

#15: Smart Style

The smart style of this tailored haircut feels as fresh as it looks. That’s because the hair will only have longer lengths on top, while the sides have a blend of shorter cuts. The smart boys cut is extremely versatile and can be styled with lightweight smoothing lotion for extra class, or left wild and free for a more casual appearance. It looks particularly good on men with oval, triangular or square face shapes.

#16: The Side-Swept Undercut

This season the undercut, with its countless variations, has managed to take the crown for “The Most Popular Cut” from all Mohawk-inspired mens haircuts. Although the style was first spotted 3 years ago, it made a real comeback with the “Vikings” series, where protagonist, RagnarLothbrok, sports one of the manliest undercuts ever known to mankind. If you wish to embrace this look, all you need to do is to keep your hair medium length on top and undercut on the sides.

#17: Tame That Mane

If your crazy curls are taking over, it might be the time for a more professional short haircut for men. You can still maintain your texture, adding the structure to your look. Make sure to add definition to the curls with a styling product that won’t weigh them down. It’s an ideal look for a post grad entering the workforce.

#18: Slicked Back Hairstyles

The classic slicked back hairstyle is simple, comfortable and quite dashing. This look can be easily achieved by pulling the hair back with a brush and styling it with some hairproduct. A useful tip would be to cut the hair shorter on the sides, while gradually increasing the length towards the top.

#19: Buzz Cut with High Fade

The buzzed head is in demand with low-maintenance men. Adding in a high fade will bring something new and different to this classic cut. For the bearded guys out there, have your hair fade out near your temples and fade back in towards the jawline. The result is a great haircut style for the trendy man.

#20: Dyed Hairstyles

This isn’t a boy’s hairstyle in its own right, but rather a trend. Although, a few years ago, it was considered a taboo for guys to dye their hair, nowadays it has become a normal thing. Men dye their hair for two reasons: they either wish to conceal strands of gray hair, or they simply wish to make a statement. The model in the picture above is sporting a platinum blonde color and a cool side-swept undercut.

#21: Textured Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Fine hair definitely appears thicker when grown out longer and undercut. This softer version of the modern pompadour is full of texture and movement, perfect for men who seek a current style with short styling time.

#22: Natural Long Top Short Sides Hairstyle

With male styles, it can also be fun to play around with colors and different lengths. The longer section can be highlighted, twisted and pulled back into a pony or a man bun.

#23: Hip and Masculine Haircut

The best male haircuts are all about shape. Talented barbers know how to work with the shape of your head and face to create a masculine style. Squared haircuts create balance and accentuate the jawline. Expert barbers always consider these elements when crafting a new cut.

#24: Suave and Romantic Mens Hairstyle

A side part with a swoop of choppy waves creates an appealing look for boys. This style works especially well with thick, naturally textured hair. You may simply use a medium-hold mousse and blowdry your hair backwards to keep everything in place.

#25: Clean Trendy Style

If you’re into popular mens haircuts, look no further. This style is the perfect combination of everything that’s on trend: thick waves and volume on top, mid fade, line up, and beard. It’s a clean, cool look that isn’t going out of style anytime soon.

#26: Haircut for Thick Wavy Hair

Oh, to be blessed with thick hair! Men who can afford it, should absolutely try this style. Using the hair’s natural texture to create a nice height on top makes for an urban, trendy look. This haircut works great with a minimum amount of products.

#27: Platinum Blonde Fade

Remember the frosted tips that were all the rage in the ‘90s? Well, now you can get a similar look but with a fiercer cool vibe. Pair them with an undercut that brings in dimension and visual interest into your look.

#28: Long Tousled Top Short Sides

New hairstyles for men in 2021 often feature a sharp distinction between the top and the sides, and this look is a perfect example of contrasting lengths. The hair on the back and sides is kept very short, while the longer pieces are styled with a maximum height and separation. A dry shampoo formulated for men will be your new best friend with this style.

#29: Designed Mens Haircut

Shaved lines and designs are the key elements of today’s cool haircuts. This version features an old school silhouette, a deep side part, and an edged fade. Pair it with some hip, urban clothes like a leather bomber or jean jacket and you’re golden.

#30: Low Fade Haircut

The low fade (where the haircut gets short low on the head) is a great option for men who aren’t used to fade haircuts but want to experiment with the trend. Coupled with messy texture on top, the low fade adds a nice edge to the cut without being too in-your-face.

#31: Handsomely Tousled Curls

Modern haircuts for men look great with natural texture. While it can be fun to turn on the blow dryer once in a while, most men need an everyday look that is low maintenance. This Ivy League cut can be easily styled with a little bit of mousse or texturizing cream.

#32: Natural Waves and Parting

A natural side parting in addition to natural texture is quickly becoming a new mens hair trend. Instead of creating perfect side parts, use your hands to easily part the hair. This style appeals to those who value low maintenance but still want a clean, tailored look.

#33: Curved Low Fade Cut

The simple low fade acts as a great base for the thick, full waves. While a high fade creates a statement look, a low fade is a subtler take on the trend. To style the top, apply mousse on washed hair and scrunch the longest sections helping the texture to reveal.

#34: Cool Textured Bangs

Short haircuts for men don’t have to be classic. Instead, try something a bit more stylish—like this asymmetrical cut with sharp bangs. Pay attention to the back view of this cut. The hair is left a bit longer. Also, all the lines have to be super accurate.

#35: Natural Waves with Short Sides

For cool hairstyles that are easy to pull off and even easier to style, try something that isn’t too structured. This look won’t require constant trims, and will grow out nicely. Ask your barber for a neat taper with a long top.

#36: Curled-Over Pomp Hairstyle

The pompadour is dominating in male hairstyles right now, and for good reason. What could be more handsome? You can smooth back your new pompadour, wear it high, or let it fall to a side. This version (with the front curl) is definitely a stylish option.

#37: Short and Spiky Haircut

At their essence, good boy haircuts are simple and clean. Nothing crazy and fancy there. Just some cute spikes and a short, smooth fade. Good haircuts for guys should have a youthful appeal, and this haircut has just that. To style this cut, apply a light hold gel immediately after showering and run your fingers through your hair.

#38: Thick Waves with Designed Part

This cool haircut is a great way to showcase thick textured hair. Volume on top is very on-trend, and for men with thick hair, volume is never a problem! Adding the designed side part and a smooth fade gives the haircut a more modern vibe.

#39: Smooth Slick Backed Hairstyle

For more classic male hairstyles, symmetry is a must. Without a side part, this high fade is perfectly symmetrical. When styling, slick the longer hair back with a pompadour lift for a more traditional, masculine look. Add a perfectly groomed mustache and beard for the win!

#40: Classically Charming Mens Haircut

This cute style is one of the top guys haircuts. The textured waves with plenty of volume create a charming, romantic look that’s hard to achieve with spiky cuts for straight hair. Depending on your wardrobe, this haircut can skew preppy or hip. To keep it looking effortless, use a lightweight pomade on air dried hair.

#41: Soft and Smoky Men’s Hairstyle

Marble hair is not just for ladies, hop on the dye trend bandwagon with a smoky gray hair color. Keeping it dark at the roots and lighter at the ends adds depth and thickness to medium hair.

#42: Long Top, Short Sides and Beard

When people speak about men’s style in a trendy place like Brooklyn, this is the look they are most likely referring to. It’s a delicate balance of modern and retro that results in a style that shows you care about your appearance and keep your finger on the pulse of fashion trends.

#43: Tapered Haircut and Neat Side-Parted Hairstyle

As much as we love seeing wild, untamed locks and man buns, we have to admit that a clean hairstyle will always be considered classier. The example above is nothing more than a styled tapered cut, with a well-defined side parting.

#44: Haircuts and Hairstyles with Bangs

Bangs can soften any face and add another cute element to a hairstyle. Whether you prefer your bangs spiky or loyal to your flat hair, a hairstyle with fringe is always in style. Choose from classic fringe, messy fringe or straight fringe – if you don’t know what will look best, ask your barber to give you some pointers. From shaving an undercut to trimming bangs into a unique position, this is a style element that is really versatile and fun to wear.

#45: Disheveled Hairstyle with Highlighted Fringe

The highlighted fringe has been an all-time favorite hair style for many years. The look was probably trademarked by Nate Archibald (actor: Chace Crawford), in the series Gossip Girl. The idea here is to let the hair grow longer and get the angled layers. This style is perfect for triangular, square and oval shaped faces.

#46: Curly Short Men’s Hairstyle

This haircut style for men with thick hair will show off a strong chiseled face perfectly. The slightly mussed yet totally sophisticated haircut style for men is a good fit for a preppy guy who doesn’t take life too seriously.

#47: Haircut with Varied Length

Men’s haircuts often tend to be pretty mundane – identified by blade numbers and not much else. However, any man can have a cool cut by using a bit of creativity. Opt to go with a longer quiff brushed back up top and hair growing shorter upon descent.

#48: Curly Long Top Short Sides Men’s Hairstyle

Similar to the look above, this hairstyle takes a little more off the sides to make the top stand out more. The disconnected section also draws attention to your beard and helps it to pop more. It’s a different take on the popular shaved styles.

#49: Battle Thinning Hair

A lot of men tend to get thinning hair on the crown, which is especially noticeable with dark-haired men. A shorter length is a way out. Get a nice quiff and well-trimmed facial hairstyle – you will be irresistible!

#50: Curly and Creative Short Fauxhawk

This is a great look for black men who are tired of low top fades. It is a good way to show off your curly hair, while still sporting a fade haircut. The best part is that you can turn this look into a Mohawk by letting your hair grow out a bit more.

#51: Mohawk Haircut

No, they didn’t disappear with the 1980s – in fact, today’s Mohawk is more modern and versatile than ever before. It’s known for its signature hair strip in the middle – you can make this as thin or thick as you’d like, as well as incorporate various lengths into the final look. A faux hawk is done by clipping the sides of the head and trimming some longer hair up top that can then either flow free or go into a ‘hawk position with some holding gel. A classic Mohawk will leave hair longer on top, while a fade Mohawk often features medium-length spiked hair. Nowadays this cut tends to be one of the most noticeable trends among men from all around the world!

#52: Comb Over Haircut

It isn’t just for hiding baldness – young men are sporting this awesome quiff with added volume. Perfect for both curly and straight hair, you can wear a comb over loose or change it into a combed back haircut style if your hair is thick enough. A comb over fade is one more variety, allowing you to have options and styles up top while also showing off cool faded sides. Mens hairstyles can still be unique without being a huge hassle.

#53: Ivy League Haircut

Chances are you experienced this sweet, clean-cut style for at least one school picture day growing up. With a side-parted top and slicked down sides, the Ivy League haircut is truly one of the most polished vintage cuts available today. The barber will cut hair with scissors and include a gradual taper to make hair formal without being too fussy.

#54: Front Focus

Self-conscious about your forehead? Looking to accentuate your eyes? Whatever the reason, a front focused boys haircuts will keep things looking professional yet fun at the same time. Get the back and sides of your head shaved or closely cut and style the top tresses brushed forward. Short haircuts for men like this one are easily styled. The simplest way not to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror in the mornings.

#55: Creative Haircuts for Guys

This cut uses graduated thicknesses, starting with the heaviest amount of hair up top, followed by a shorter cut middle section and a close cut bottom.

#56: Crew Cut

The Crew cut can be trimmed in several ways. Hair can remain long on top and fade into connected facial hair, or it can just be coifed and spiked for an easy take away style. The barber will use both a razor and scissors to clip this timeless male cut just right. If you tend to have a rounder face shape, go for a crew cut with a bit longer top that will frame yours face and cause it to look slimmer.

#57: Modern Punk

Taking a cue from 80s and 90s hairstyles gone by, this modern punk cut features spiked hair on top with shaved sides. Get a strong holding gel to keep the height all day long.

#58: Asian Hairstyles for Boys

Asian hair is especially desirable thanks to its thick, soft texture that responds well to cuts and styles. For this look, keep hair up on top, setting it in place with a product.

#59: Side Designs

Rebel against the standard barber fare with your own interpretation of hair art. Endless designs can be carved into the side, giving you the best look for your unique personality.

#60: Side Part Haircut

A side part haircut will give you a classic and stylish look you can wear everywhere. Following long top trends from the past, the classic side part haircut is divided deeply on one side with the rest of the hair brushed over and set with a product.

#61: Short Haircuts for Men

Curly hair doesn’t mean you have to shave your head – take the courage to grow it out a little and see how awesome you feel. Very short cuts are great for warm weather and convenience, but add some length, when you’re ready to go for a new look.

#62: Side Angle Cut

Long and point cut for cool texture, this hairstyle suggests plenty of hair product to hold it in place. Get the sides shaved to bring the emphasis to the top of the head. Keep your face clean shaven for this one – any facial hair can distract from the cool trick of hair defying gravity.

#63: Blown Back Suave

Classically romantic and easy to care for, try a medium length style with a blown back top section. This can add height to your frame and give your lady something to run her fingers through. You’ll only need a light product to keep hair in place, and the thicker your hair, the easier it is to manage.

#64: Sideburned Style

Use sideburns to their full potential by blending them into light facial hair. This urban style introduces the sideburns into the cut, bringing a unique but easy look to your daily style. This style looks good on men of all ages, but it’s mostly worn by teens and 20-somethings. It`s a pity. Such men`s short hairstyles are really crazy, don`t avoid them even if you are 30+

#65: Textured Pompadour

For a nice look that’s retro and modern at the same time, go for a deconstructed pompadour. This style features the old school silhouette but reveals some novelty in texture. Modern hair products like dry shampoos and light-weight pomades allow for more natural texture with excellent hold.

#66: Quirky Quilted Undercut

Nowadays it’s hard to surprise or shock anyone with a hairstyle. But, this intricate look may just do the trick. By decorating your undercut with an all-over quilt-like pattern this might just be the ticket to becoming a trendsetter.

#67: Slick and Scruffy

Probably the most popular men’s haircut this year is a ‘short sides long top’ style. The reason is because it allows you to wear it in a million of different ways, while still adding a bit of toughness to your everyday look. You can slick it back in a sort of hipster manner, or soften your look with a long bang.

#68: Nod to the Nineties

In contrast, a high top fade has been experiencing a major resurgence this year, for reference see the movie Dope. The look was popular in the nineties, but the current takes on the style incorporate graphic designs and creative elements.

#69: Sexy and Simple Black Fade

Sometimes the best hairstyles for men are the ones that are not overdone or forced. This faded haircut with a crisp facial hairstyle hits all the right notes. It’s a strong yet neat look for a powerful business man.

#70: Short Faded Side Part

Another example of the appeal of a classic cut, this sleek look is elevated by the crispness of the part and sharpness of the lines of the facial hairstyle. It is a universally appealing style that will work well both in formal and casual settings.

#71: Comb Back Curly Hairstyle and Sexy Stubble

There’s something about a five o’clock shadow that is undeniably sexy. Maybe it’s that it gives an air of toughness and hyper masculinity. Whatever it is, you can’t go wrong with incorporating a bit of stubble into your short hairstyle for men.

#72: Spiky Short Haircut with Faded Temples

This is another great clean-shaven option, except this look is perfect for men with thin hair. It’s an easy hairstyle that won’t take too much prep time in the morning. A bit of a light hold product, possibly with a wet look effect, will create a fabulous edgy look.

#73: Desirable Dad Hair

With the current popularity of men with “Dad Bod,” think Russel Crowe and Vince Vaughn, it’s only a matter of time before “Dad Hair” becomes a cool hairstyle for men. The medium look says “I care enough about my look not to embarrass you, but I also won’t take more time getting ready than you.” It’s the perfect balance.

#74: Short Curly Men’s Haircut

While sometimes it’s nice just to let your natural hair do its thing, the wake-up-and-go look might not be doing you any favors. Floppy hair is not the best choice for round faces because it cuts off your visage and makes your look stouter. Simply trimming your strands adds inches and takes off pounds.

#75: Simple Short Haircut for Salt and Pepper Hair

Mature men have it easy: while younger guys are dyeing their hair to get that rugged black-and-white male hairstyle, yours happens naturally. With such a distinct hair color, it’s best to keep it simple when it comes to the cut and style. Besides, you earned that salt and pepper hair and you deserve a regal style that matches the supposed wisdom it conveys.

#76: Cool Pompadour Hairstyle for Men with a Side Part

This rather pretentious hairstyle was first seen in classic movies. Although many men wore the Pompadour hairstyle well back then, it was Clark Gable that truly managed to make a statement with it. We often see it on fashion runways, and hairstylists are saying that this elegant vintage cut is making a strong comeback. That’s probably because more and more men are now wearing tailored suits and require a more sophisticated hairstyle to go with them. The great thing about the Side Part Pompadour is the fact that it works with all hair lengths and it can be easily kept in place with pomade.

#77: Short Back and Sides

This variation of the undercut features slightly longer sides and a rich fringe in the middle. It would be easier to describe it as a combination of Mohawk and undercut, because the top gradually becomes shorter towards the back and is styled as a Mohawk. This particular haircut for boys looks good only on guys with thick hair.

#78: Top Knot Hairstyle for Guys

Another heavily critiqued hairstyle is the top knot. It is basically a variation of the man bun, with the major difference that the sides are cut short, while only the top part of the hair is tied into a knot. We believe that this haircut can look extremely sexy as long as there are more than three wispy strands of hair tied in the knot.

#79: Gelled Pompadour Look

The model seen above is sporting a neat boy’s haircut, styled into pompadour and dyed in platinum blonde. It’s the details that make the difference in this particular hair-style: you will notice that the fringe is uniquely styled to complement the model’s features and eyebrows. Men`s short haircuts like this one always look so formal and stylish!

#80: Choppy Gray Undercut

Mens hairstyles aren’t just about the cut. Why not go for a new color? Try something different by combining a unique hair color with your natural beard shade. The result is this grungy style that is totally on-trend. Silver is the perfect option for anyone who wants to push the envelope.

#81: Shaggy Men`s Hairstyle

Adam Levine’s creative mess is a result of styling with special products. To lift the top hair with a blow-dryer is a matter of a few minutes. Next use wax to define separate spikes for an extra edge in your look.

Adam Levine short men's hairstyle

HelgaEsteb /

#82: Rebellious Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Boys and men with curly hair have two optimal hair solutions: either to cut their hair very short or to go for a tapered haircut with elongated hair on top. Chris Galya opts for the second one. A bit of light hold styling product with matt finish to tousle the top hair and define the texture and your cool, trendy hairstyle is ready.

short men's hairstyle for curly hair

JoeSeer /

#83: Trendy Short Hairstyle for Boys and Men

Colin Farrel’s appearance at any event quickens girls’ heartbeats. His chic hairstyles are a part of his self-image of a cool guy. Colin’s short cut with temple undercuts has a clean and stylish look. You can style the hair on top in a sort of pompadour bangs, sweeping them back and fixing the result with semi-matte wax.

Colin Farrel short hairstyle for boys and men

Jaguar PS /

#84: Full Retro Pompadour

No need to play it safe. If you’re into retro haircuts, don’t be afraid to go all out. The height of a classic pompadour will completely transform your style and give you tons of confidence. Use a blow dryer and round brush to lift the hair straight up and bend it slightly back.

#85: Statement Hairstyle for Thick Hair

If you have thick, dense hair, you may try a hairstyle with a voluminous top and clean sides. It’s going to be especially flattering for guys with round and square faces. The top hair is lifted up during blow-drying. Extra-body finishing spray will hold the lift.

Bruno Mars hort hairstyle

s_bukley /

#86: Boys` and Men`s Messy Hairstyle

“Bed hair” on boys and men is a risky hairstyle, but Daniel Radcliffe’s photo shows us that there are positive experiments in this relation. Spray wax is a nice product to define the texture and style the hair mess.

Daniel Radcliffe’s messy hairstyle for guys

Simon James /

#87: Edgy Short Haircut for Thick Hair

Peter Andre’s hair is graded at the ends for an extra edgy touch. Certainly, all the potential of any haircut is revealed through the right hairstyle. Semi-matt wax is a good product to define the edges and keep your hair up.

Peter Andre short edgy haircut for men

Featureflash /

#88: Medium Tapered Haircut

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s haircuts and hairstyles are a rich source of inspiration. The British actor has tried different lengths, coming eventually to the chic short haircut with undercut and temple fade. This is a cool haircut idea for guys with curly hair.

stylish short haircut for men

HelgaEsteb /

#89: Cool Short Haircut for Boys

Whenever you choose a new haircut, your second thought is “Are girls going to like it?” Chris Colfer has made the right guy’s haircut and hairstyle choices. The short sides and nape, plus slightly elongated hair on top, styled upwards guarantee some extra attention from the opposite sex.

short hairstyle for boys

HelgaEsteb /

#90: Boys` and Men`s Edgy Haircut

Joel McHale has chosen a haircut variety that flatters him the most. The extremely short temples and razored hair on top are the attributes of the popular male haircut that looks showy, but needs styling. Gel or wax will help you to complete the look and enhance the texture of your hair.

Edgy Short Haircut For Boys And Men

HelgaEsteb /

#91: Caesar Cut

If your first impression of this style involves Jim Carrey in a particular film, rest assured a Caesar cut can reach far beyond mediocre comedies and ancient rulers. This unique style is ideal for boys who have long faces and/or broad foreheads – the short bangs bring the balance. If you go with a low Caesar cut, even more of a perceived facial flaw can be concealed thanks to the longer strands left on top. Caesar cuts are also great for those who are experiencing premature balding, as it brings the hair forward and detracts attention away from any sparse patches. A short Caesar cut is another option if you want something simple and sleek.

#92: Mens Undercut

Unlike fade and taper with their gradual decrease of length, undercut features a sharp contrast in length – long/short. It’s almost like two looks in one when you go for an undercut hairstyle. A disconnected undercut is very popular with young men who prefer a trendy look with a shaved underside and long top. Those who want to add an extra edge to their styles will appreciate the sharp line of an undercut. You can also have hair textured or add bangs to the final look if you’re ready to try something different. Even curly undercuts always look really attractive!

#93: Straight and Wavy Short Shag Haircuts

Just as it’s true for women, men can also try a variety of shag haircuts that look nice and different. Straight shag hair is one of the most popular, as it is the most manageable and versatile. Those looking for something to detract attention away from certain facial features, go with a wavy shag and keep it messy. Layered hair always looks great, and a shag cut is no exception.

#94: Cornrow Braids

These are versatile and stunning on African American men. You will need to go to a braiding salon to get any variation of cornrow styles. If you would like your braids shaped into waves, spikes, letters or numbers, this can be done by an experienced braider. Short cornrows are incredibly popular during the summer months, and as for rows of braids for men, they will likely always be in style.

#95: Induction Cut

Young boys` hair varies with plenty of looks to choose from. An induction cut is popular, whether or not a boy plans to enlist. As a military cut is one of the shortest half- shaved cuts available, many young men appreciate its no-nonsense look and ease of maintenance. Cut very short, it works for almost every face shape and hair type. The barber will use a razor to bring your induction cut to perfection.

#96: Burr Cut

A longer variation of the induction cut, the burr cut is clipped with blade size №1. It can be worn on any ethnicity but tends to be most popular with Latino and African American men. This style can vary in form – some opt for designs carved into the side, while others prefer a simple clean cut all over the head. A cool burr is discreet enough not to distract attention from your facial features and personality.

#97: Buzz Cut

A classically youthful style, cut with electric clippers, this is always one of the most popular choices in young mens haircuts. With a low maintenance upkeep, a buzz cut is a great way to maintain short hair without having to go dramatically close to the scalp all over the head. In fact, many of today’s buzz cuts leave hair thicker in specific sections to provide room for shaved designs on the sides or back of the head. If you play sports, a buzz cut is a great compromise in the world of haircut styles which offer convenience without losing at fashion and style.

#98: High and Tight

Military boys often sport mens haircuts that are very short and straightforward. For a high and tight recon, the sides and back of the head will be shaved, leaving some shortly trimmed hair on top. Although this military-style look is extremely short, it can also work for curly hair, which brings a totally unique feel to an otherwise rigid cut.

#99: Short Afro Hairstyles

Short dreads are really popular with black men, especially those who have rounder faces. The dreads bring facial features upward, deterring eyes from full cheeks and mitigating other frustrating flaws. A tapered Afro is also a desired hair reality for African American men with an enviable natural curl.

#100: Butch Cut

A butch cut is not quite the same as an extremely short buzz cut. It’s designed with clippers guards from 3 to 5. It sure is a popular boys haircut go, thanks to its low maintenance. It is an incredibly masculine look, and if you are hoping to join the military, this will be your standard ‘do for the next few years. A butch cut is done with clippers and touched up with scissors.

Before you go to a salon to refresh your haircut, it’s good to make up your mind as to how you would like to look. Your hairstylist can recommend the right haircut, relying on your hair type, face shape, and general preferences. If you spend 10 minutes every day on hair styling, you will always have a stylish look.

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60 Best Hairstyles for Teenage Guys in 2021

Are you a teen boy looking for some inspiration for your next haircut? Here are the 60 best hairstyles for teenage guys in 2021!

There will be hairstyle ideas ranging from curly, wavy, straight, and long hair.

No matter what type of hair you have, you’ll be sure to find a hairstyle that works for you in this extensive list!

Note that some pictures might not be of teen boys. The pictures are just meant for inspiration

Let’s dive straight in!

Best Hairstyles for Teenage Guys in 2021

Each section will be split up into 15 different haircuts with different types of hair. It will go in order from curly, straight, wavy, and then long hair.

Hairstyles for Teenage Guys with Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, then these 15 hairstyles will definitely be for you!

1) Short Sides, High Top

curly hairstyles for black teenage guys

If you have medium length curly hair, then this is definitely a style you can rock!

It offers a clean and modern looking cut without sacrificing the look of those curls. You really just need to get the sides cut super short and you’re good to go.

2) Short and Tight Curls

short and tight curly hairstyles for teen boys

This is easily one of the best hairstyles for teenage guys with curly hair because of its simplicity.

If you have short curly hair and like the modern look, then definitely consider getting this style during your next haircut.

Ask for a short fade on the side and to just clean up some of the more messy curls. You can also see if your barber can add some texture to up the hairstyle!

3) Messy Curls

messy curls haircut for teenage guys

If you have wild curls, this is the hairstyle to embrace it! You can still go short on the sides, but you can let everything else go loose.

If anything, you can purposefully make the curls go loose and spread everything out on the top. This haircut looks much cleaner when the sides are slightly longer than a tight fade.

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4) Middle Part

middle part curly hair men

While this hairstyle is not the traditional middle part that most straight haired teen guys can rock, it is a messier version of it.

Again, embracing those curls is exactly what makes these hairstyles stylish. If you put some of your hair in one direction and the rest in another, you can pull off this look.

It works especially well when you have thicker curly hair and enough volume to split up the hair!

5) Curly Fringe

curly hairstyles for teenage guys

Fringe styles are extremely popular hairstyles for teenage guys in 2021 because the hair is naturally heading outwards towards your forehead.

The back and middle sections of your hair can go a little more flat while most of the work is done in the very front.

You can add a little height and texture or keep it on a downward slope to match the angle of your forehead.

6) Faded Fringe

faded fringe curly hair

The faded fringe is excellent for those who still want the clean looking sides while also adding a bit of flare in the front.

Simply ask for a short fade at your next haircut and then style your hair forward. Focus on keeping your hair low and close to your head.

This hairstyle works especially well when your hair is right in between curly and wavy, since it is a straighter looking cut.

7) High Volume Curls

high volume curls mens hairstyles

If you’ve got medium to long hair, then you’ll love this hairstyle that was used by none other than Nick Jonas himself!

If your curls are similar to his, this hairstyle will be a piece of cake to recreate. All you need is a bit of product to keep those curls from straying too far from the head.

It should look like it’s messy, but controlled. As if you meant for it to look the way it does!

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8) Bouncy Defined Curls

bouncy defined curls for black teenage guys

If you are blessed enough to have curls like this teenage guy (above), then you should 110% be rocking this at all times!

It still allows you to go shorter on the sides and show off those amazing curls at the same exact time.

This is definitely the best curly hairstyle for black teenage boys on the list!

9) Angled Fringe

teen boy with angled fringe

If your curls tend to naturally lean forward, then consider the angled fringe. It is essentially a normal fringe that is angled either to the right or left.

As you can see from the model above, his hair is angled toward the right side of his face. Meanwhile, the sides are still well-kept and maintained.

You want the sides to be relatively short on this one. Make the fringe become the center of attention in this hairstyle.

10) Heavy Forward Curls

best hairstyles for teenage guys with curly hair

Got thick, heavy, and curly hair? Consider utilizing this hairstyle!

It works especially well for teenage guys with middle eastern hair since it maintains a steady and consistent look for curly hair.

For this, style the hair so that the curls are all angled towards the forehead (without turning it into a fringe)! You want your hair to be nice and high instead of straight and low.

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11) Curly Swoops

curly swoops hair for men

If you want a similar hairstyle to a fringe that doesn’t sacrifice the entire forehead area, try out these curly swoops.

Think of this haircut as a curly haired version of Superman’s haircut. The hairstyle where he has a curl going down his face.

Notice how the model above has just a few curls coming down to his face instead of 90% of his hair. 

12) Tall Rounded Curls

tall rounded curly hair for teenage guys

Curls that actually complete full circles are even harder to deal with than curly hair that creates half loops and mimics wavy hair.

If your hair creates those big curly circles, then this is definitely your most stylish bet for rocking those insane curls.

You will most likely need some hair product here to keep your hair up nice and high while also maintaining the organized look. You don’t want messy curls here.

13) Light Side Part 

light side part curly hair teen boy

Similar to a side part for someone with straight hair, this curly haired version looks so much more natural!

As long as your hair is more curly than it is coiled, then you can easily pull off this light side part hairstyle.

Pick one side of your hair and move your hair over to the opposite side. Refer to the photo above for inspiration.

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14) Fringe Undercut

fringe undercut hairstyles for teenage guys with curly hair

The fringe undercut is one of the best hairstyles for teenage guys with curly hair! It looks clean, natural, and works with most curly haircuts.

For this, you want to get your sides buzzed super short. Then, texture your curly hair so that it has volume and length.

After that, bring your hair over your sides so that you’re essentially hiding some of your buzzed sides. That’s it!

15) Long Hair, High Volume

long hair high volume curly hair for men

If you have much longer hair than most teenage guys on this list, you’re going to like this one!

The long hair, high volume hairstyle is a perfect way to let those curls loose, while still giving them volume.

You’ll need some product to keep everything controlled. However, the messy style can also fit when you have long enough hair.

Hairstyles for Teenage Guys with Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, consider checking out these next 15 cool haircut ideas for teen boys!

16) Straight Comb Over

Best hairstyles for teenage guys with straight hair

The straight comb over is one of the best hairstyles for teenage guys with straight hair in 2021!

It offers texture, style, and volume all in one haircut.

To copy this hairstyle, ask for a short buzz on the sides and to keep the volume on top. Comb over all your hair on top in one direction while keeping your hair high.

17) Fade with Forward Volume

straight hairstyles for teenage boys

If your hair naturally goes in a forward direction, this hairstyle is definitely for you!

Get a fade on the sides and bring all your hair forward and up on the top. You can add direction to your hair by brushing it to a side or keeping it in the middle.

It’s versatile and one of the easier hairstyles to manage on this list if you have straight hair.

18) Side Part Comb Over

hairstyles for teen boys with straight hair

Similar to the straight comb over, the side part comb over allows you to swoop the top of your hair to one direction.

The big difference… you can keep a bit of length on the sides by implementing a side part and not fully buzzing your sides.

Remember to keep the height on top in order to maintain that voluminous shape. You don’t want the sides to take over the look.

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19) Angled Fringe

fringe haircut for teenage guys

If you have longer straight hair, you might find a fringe haircut to be a worthy choice for you.

A fringe is basically any hairstyle where your hair goes down, past your forehead. The model above has his hair going on an angle over the right side of his forehead.

To copy this, straighten your hair completely forward and comb it down on an angle. It’s also recommended that you shorten/buzz the sides of your hair.

20) Messy Volume 

messy hairstyles for straight hair guys

Want a super low maintenance, but stylish hairstyle? Consider this messy volume look.

You might need a bit of hair product to keep everything up nice and high throughout the day. However, the messy look requires no extra maintenance.

Leave the sides long and turn your hair into a purposeful accident with a ton of volume!

21) Disconnected High Fade

disconnected high fade hairstyle for guys

The disconnected high fade is one of the most stylish hairstyles for teenage guys out there.

All you need to do is get a high fade on the sides and bring everything up from all angles on the top.

Use the model above as a reference for how the hairstyle is supposed to turn out. Pay attention to how the front is lifted straight up while every other part goes towards it.

22) Side Swept Undercut

hairstyles for men with straight hair

The side swept undercut is extremely popular amongst teenage guys because of the modern look it has.

An undercut is essentially where the top of your hair goes over the buzzed sides, making it look like you cut underneath your volume.

Sweep all of your hair on top to one side of your head, allowing it to hang slightly over your sides. That’s all there is to it!

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23) Straight Combed Quiff

hairstyles for teenage guys with straight hair

A straight combed quiff is an easy hairstyle for teen guys with straight hair to replicate.

If you have medium length hair, brush everything forward and up. This will create a quiff. 

After that, make sure your sides are cut short, but you don’t have to buzz them if you don’t like that look.

The model above is a great example for how you can copy this look!

24) Side Part Undercut Fade

Undercut hairstyles for teenage guys

If you like the side part look, try out this wacky variation that adds a bit more style to the look!

Part your hair closer to one side on the top and brush both sides in opposite directions. Make sure that the shorter side is still long enough to create an undercut.

For the sides, you can get a straight buzz or fade them out for a more modern hairstyle.

25) Side Hanging Fringe

fringe haircuts for teen guys

If you have straight long hair, this is a great hairstyle for you as a teenage boy.

As the name implies, take the longest part of your hair and have it hang on the side of your face.

You can incorporate a side part or turn it into a side swept undercut for maximum hang. Cut your hair to the proper length so that it’s not hanging too far down.

26) Straight Pompadour

best hairstyles for teenage guys with straight hair

A straight pompadour is one of the best hairstyles for teenage guys with straight hair because of how modern it looks!

A pompadour is essentially a high mound of hair near the very front of your head, making it the centerpiece of the style.

You will likely need to use a shaping cream to help you maintain that height. Buzz the sides short and comb the top up and slightly back.

27) Textured Short Hair Quiff

textured straight hairstyles for teen guys

If your straight hair tends to get a bit wild, you might want to take advantage of natural texture to make it stand out.

All you need for this is a relatively short haircut where the sides are cut short (but not buzzed) and the top has enough hair to make a small quiff.

This will give you height and texture for an already short hairstyle. Plus, it’s a lot easier to manage on a daily basis.

28) Short Pompadour

pompadour haircuts for teenage boys

The short pompadour gives you all the volume you need without sacrificing a low maintenance look.

This hairstyle can go on for days without the need for any product or shaping cream to keep it up high.

If you have thick straight hair, it will be extremely easy for you to keep up with this haircut because your hair will naturally stay up for you.

29) Curtain Middle Part

middle part hairstyles for teenage guys

The curtain middle part hairstyle has become extremely popular amongst teenage guys with straight hair.

It doesn’t require much effort since all you have to do is part your hair down the middle and brush each side in opposite directions.

Try to keep your hair length up to your ears, but no lower than that. Once the hair hangs past the ears, it no longer has the same curtain effect.

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30) Combed Back Straight Fade

best straight hairstyles for teenage guys

A simple and elegant look for a young guy doesn’t require much. Just a simple combed-back style will do!

All you have to get is a fade on the sides and brush all your hair straight back from the very front.

You can add volume by raising the front of your hair a bit and bring the back side down. It’s great for formal occasions too!

Hairstyles for Teenage Guys with Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is one of the coolest hair types there is. Hopefully these 15 wavy haircut ideas give you some inspiration!

31) Messy Side Part

best hairstyles for teenage guys with wavy hair

If your wavy hair tends to get a bit out of control, take advantage of it with this hairstyle!

For this haircut, all you need to do is grow out your hair to a medium length. After that, part your hair on one side.

Bring the shorter half down towards your ear. Take the longer half and brush it over to the opposite direction with your fingers.

32) Long Sides and Volume

wavy hairstyles for teenage guys

Long sides and volume is an easy way to capitalize on really wavy hair. It requires haircuts less often and is not super hard to maintain.

You can incorporate a side/middle part to this if desired. On top of that, having longer sides makes your face look skinnier and smaller.

It does, however, make the top of your head appear larger. Keep that in mind when deciding the right hairstyle for you.

33) Wavy Quiff

best hairstyles for teenage guys with wavy hair

The wavy quiff is one of the best hairstyles for teenage guys with wavy hair! It’s clean and modern for any teen boy.

It works mostly for short to medium length hair since you want enough hair in the front, but not too much that it gets messy.

For this hairstyle, ask for a short buzz on the sides. Brush the front of your hair upwards and bring the rest of your hair towards the front!

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34) Textured Quiff

best wavy hairstyles for teen boys

The textured quiff is very similar to the wavy quiff above. However, there is one main difference…

Most of the hair in this hairstyle is brushed up and textured, instead of all the hair going forward.

This can be useful for adding more volume to your look, appearing taller, or having more style with an outfit!

35) Brushed Back Waves

brushed back wavy hairstyle for guys

The brushed back waves are essential for maintaining a clean look when it comes to wavy hair!

Wavy hair can be styled like many straight hairstyles. Plus, wavy hair has access to even more possibilities.

However, it can be uncontrollable. With this hairstyle, you can use a bit of product to keep things under control and slick everything back. 

Buzz the sides and keep the top as long as you desire. It might help to use a comb for this type of hair.

36) Short Hair Fringe

cool hairstyles for teen guys with wavy hair

If you have short wavy hair, the short hair fringe is one of the coolest hairstyles for teenage boys to utilize.

All you need to do is buzz the sides super short. Then, bring all that wavy hair forward so that it sits over your forehead.

If you have acne on your forehead, you might want to stay away from this hairstyle since it locks in sweat.

It also doesn’t give your forehead room to breathe, but it does offer a bit of natural protection from the sun.

37) Waves Haircut

wave hairstyle for black teenage guys

For all the black teenage guys out there, definitely consider getting waves for your next haircut!

It’s easy for short hair and only requires a bit of maintenance compared to many other popular hairstyles.

Just remember to keep brushing consistently and consider wearing a durag at night to prevent the hairstyle from coming undone.

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38) Medium Length Wavy Undercut

The medium length wavy undercut is one of my favorite hairstyles for teenage guys with wavy hair in 2021 because of how good it looks!

For this haircut, buzz the sides somewhat short and leave as much hair as you can on top.

Let the top of your hair hang slightly over the buzzed sides to complete the undercut look. Use the model above as a reference.

This hairstyle is especially nice for teen boys with thick hair as well!

39) Short Hair Side Part

Bad boy teenage guy with wavy hair

If you have thinner and shorter hair, this hairstyle is definitely for you!

A simple side part on top is all you really need to keep this hairstyle alive. Buzzing the sides is optional, but recommended for a cleaner look.

You can also let a few hairs hang over your forehead (like the model above) for a bit of added “bad boy” style.

40) Textured Fringe

Wavy Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

The textured fringe looks like a hairstyle that is uncontrollable, but you meant it that way. Think of it as a preplanned mess in the best way possible.

A fringe is simply a term used to describe a hairstyle that hangs over the forehead. The rest is really up to you, but adding a bit of texture here works really well!

Using a bit of product will help raise those hairs from your head and increase the overall volume on your head.

41) Slicked Back Pompadour

hairstyles for teenage guys with wavy hair

When you combine a slicked back look and a quiff, you get the ultimate hairstyle… the slicked back pompadour.

A lot of times, slicking your hair back means that you’re sacrificing volume for maintenance. However, the pompadour allows you to slick everything back and keep the front nice and high.

Cut your hair just enough so that you don’t have excess hair near the back of your neck. Aside from that, the length is really your choice!

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42) Medium Length Middle Part

best haircuts for teenage guys with wavy hair

For those teenage boys with longer hair, a middle part might be an excellent way to go.

Your hair can stay pretty messy as long as the middle part is noticeable.

Many notable celebrities with medium length hair have copied this hairstyle for years, including Tom Holland.

43) High and Tight Fade

wavy haircuts for teen boys

Not sure whether your hair falls under the category of wavy or curly? Go with this hairstyle and it won’t even matter!

Get a tight fade that leads up to the top. Clean up some of the straggler hairs at the very top to modernize the look.

Combining the high and tight look together gives you an easily manageable wavy hairstyle as a teenage guy.

44) Heavy Fringe

heavy fringe hairstyle for teenage guys

If you have heavy, wavy hair to begin with, then consider this heavy fringe look.

This hairstyle allows you to keep all the volume in the world without sacrificing buzzed sides or frequent haircuts.

For this, get the sides buzzed and bring all your hair forward (allowing it to hang over your forehead).

Again, if you have a lot of forehead acne, this might not be the hairstyle for you.

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45) Textured Pompadour

hairstyles for teenage guys wavy hair

The textured pompadour is one of the most stylish hairstyles for teenage guys with wavy hair. As a teen, you want something simple that still looks fantastic.

This is exactly the haircut for that. The sides are not buzzed super close and the top has a bit of freedom around the top.

You can brush the front slightly in one direction (as shown above) to add a bit of direction to your hair.Product will probably be needed for styling this.

Long Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

Hair getting a bit long? Check out these 15 awesome long hairstyles that you can rock all year long!

46) Light Middle Part

best hairstyles for teenage guys with long hair

If you have medium to long hair, then this hairstyle is definitely for you!

A simple light middle part is a perfect way to add a bit of style to your hair without doing anything too crazy.

Simply brush both sides of your hair gently so that there is a slightly noticeable part in the middle of your head!

47) Heavy Fringe

heavy fringe boys haircut

If most of your long hair is at the top, then you might like this heavy fringe look.

All you have to do is brush over all your hair on top to one side so that it sits over your cheek and falls naturally.

This is probably one of the harder hairstyles to maintain since you’re dealing with a lot of hair in front of your face.

48) Long All Over

men's hairstyle long all over

Long all over is easily one of the best hairstyles for teenage guys with long hair because of its simplicity!

If you have medium to long hair, just tuck everything behind your head and ears so that everything is facing back.

You can still have fun with the top and play around with different types of brush ups. It’s best if your hair is cut right before your neck connects to your back.

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49) Heavy Side Swept Undercut

long hair side swept undercut

Similar to the heavy fringe, the side swept undercut is a cool way to show off your long hair without it going down your neck.

For this hairstyle, get the sides buzzed short and ask for an undercut. This will allow you to see clear separation of the hair on your head.

Brush everything over to one side and you’re good to go!. This is a great option for teen boys with straight long hair.

50) Long Hair Side Part

Long hair side part for teen boys

The long hair side part is a super popular hairstyle for teenage boys with long hair. It’s incredibly trendy right now!

Instead of getting the sides buzzed, leave everything long and add a side part in your hair.

This way, you get to keep the awesome side part look while also maximizing your volume and height. 

51) Pulled Back High Pompadour

pompadour hairstyle for teenage guys

If you have hair length that sits closer to medium, then you’ll love this pompadour style!

You essentially pull all your hair back on the sides and on the top. However, the top is pulled back in a way that still gives it volume.

You really want to aim for height with the front of the hair to perfectly finish off this incredible look.

52) Man Bun

man bun teen guy

The man bun is one of the most simple and easily manageable hairstyles for teenage guys with long hair.

All you need is a good hair tie to keep everything in place for you.

You can tie up all of your hair or go for a more unique look…

Buzz the sides short and leave the top super long. Then, you just tie up all the long hair at the top for a more modern look.

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53) Short Dreads Undercut

short dreads black hairstyles for long hair

The short dreads undercut is a sick option for black teen guys with long hair that need some styling!

Twist up your dreads, let them hang, and create an even layer of them across your head.

You don’t even need any hair ties for this one, making it an easily manageable hairstyle (at least until the hairs start to loosen up a bit).

54) Half Up, Half Down

half up half down long hairstyle

If you have really long hair, you can make a “half up, half down” look.

Essentially what you’re doing is creating a man bun at the top and letting the rest of your hair hang.

Be sure to separate both sections of hair before tying up the man bun. If you don’t, you’ll end up missing a lot of hairs (which makes it look super messy).

55) Dreadlocks

dreadlocks black hairstyles for teenage guys

Dreadlocks is another excellent hairstyle for black teen guys that want to rock a longer look.

Make those dreads nice and tight and don’t forget to keep up with them regularly. If you’ve dealt with dreads before, then you know how much maintenance you might need.

It’s definitely not the easiest hairstyle on this list, but it sure is the coolest looking one!

56) Curly Afro

curly afro boy

The curly afro is made for those guys with curly hair that has been growing out for years now.

Rocking a massive afro is always going to be a trendy and cool look as a teenage guy with long hair.

Again, maintenance is a must with this hairstyle, but the pay off is so worth it in the end!

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57) Messy Side Sweep

messy side sweep hairstyles for teenage guys

If you have a mix between straight and wavy hair, then this hairstyle is definitely for you!

A simple messy side weep is basically a light side part that sweeps the longer portion of the hair to one side.

It’s easy and can be made in a matter of seconds if you gently brush over your hair to the side. The point is to keep it a bit messy, so go with that if you like it!

58) Fringe

fringe haircut for teenage boys

A fringe is a super classic hairstyle for teen boys. All you have to do is comb your hair to the front of your face.

It’s best to comb it over slightly in a certain direction, but that’s completely up to you.

You can also make this look even more modern by buzzing the sides and leaving the top nice and long.

59) High Brush Up

high brush up hairstyle for guys

A high brush up is going to give you the most height and volume out of every hairstyle on this list.

You can keep the sides really short or let them loose while you brush up the front of your hair.

You will definitely need a good hair product for this hairstyle in order to keep that hair as high as possible without it losing to gravity.

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60) Straight Middle Part

straight long hair middle part asian teen

The straight hair middle part is great for asian teens or teen guys with really straight long hair.

Simply divide your hair straight down the middle and part both sides in the direction of the hair.

You can also make the part just a bit off center to give one side a little more volume (as seen in the model above).


Hopefully these 60 different hairstyles for teenage boys gave you some inspiration for your next haircut!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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young man haircut 👌

29 Coolest Boys Haircuts for School in 2021

School Ready Cool Boys Haircuts

School ready boys haircut

Instagram @chanthebarber

If you’re looking for school-ready cool boys haircuts, short hairstyles are a smart choice. Short hairstyles look good even after a long day, and they are easy to wash and style. A clipper cut fade is a cool hairstyle for little gentlemen.

Long, Side Swept Hairstyle

Long side swept hairstyle for boys

Instagram @ian.g.martinez

A long side-swept hairstyle is the perfect long haircut for boys. Longer hair is more unique for boys but is usually easy to style and doesn’t need to be cut as often as a buzz cut. A longer side-swept cut is a great transition for a boy trying to grow out his hair.

Cute Curly High Top

A curly high top

Instagram @scammellsbarbershop

High top meets curly hair, kids version. Although it probably won’t last long, haircuts are designed for special occasions. Classic meets cute, well worth it in the end. The curls provide that extra touch needed for this look.

Perfectly Patterned Waves

Q&A with style creator, Alan Beak
Barber @ Ruger Barber in Tameside, UK

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

Boys want cool hairstyles for school, and this layered hairstyle is very fashion forward. The best way to describe this look would be the emphasis on texture and separation. With a lot of my work, I like to focus on contrast. This guy’s hair has amazing natural tones in it, so creating separation and enhancing the natural texture only makes it stand out.

It was important for this hair and head shape that we retain length around the crown, and this is my favorite part of the overall haircut. There is something so aesthetically pleasing about a crown that has been left longer to appreciate its natural form.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

The looks that I tend to create are a lot more natural, and that goes so well with our brand RUGER. When it comes to styling the crown which can be quite troublesome, I do tend to over blow dry the area flat to keep it flat to the head, overdirecting the movement toward the front of the face.

Applying sea salt spray before drying allows me to pre-style the hair and give me extra hold before I dress the hair with a soft, water-based matte clay. Here I used RUGER Essential, which is our best selling product.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

With a particularly round head, this style was perfect him. To maintain a square and masculine shape, I made sure to retain weight around the corners of the head, intruding a square layer and keeping my clipper work quite low. I used a 1.5 guard around the back and side, blending it using clipper over comb. This allowed me to have more to work with on top. Parents looking for school haircuts will find this one perfect for class pictures.

Enhancing the natural texture of the hair means the style isn’t to be forced and can be worn that way any day and for any occasion. For kids haircuts, going to a salon and stylist who has experience cutting kids hair will give them a enjoyable time.

Stylish Surgical Lines Buzz

stylish surgical lines buzz cut for little boys

Instagram @jaf_barbers

Being a kid allows for freedom so don’t be afraid of choosing these bold cuts for the little ones. If anything it will expose him to what it means to have style and that will work wonders through the years.

As always you can adjust for visual impact by choosing between with or without the surgical lines on the sides. The buzz cut around the side and back complement the longer hair on top.

The Classic Pompadour

The classic pompadour for kids

Instagram @bastardoldschool

The classic pompadour is a great choice for kids with thick and slightly wavy hair. Products such as gel and hairspray will definitely be needed to make the hair stay put in this classic haircut. If your child’s hair is super straight this cut might not be as suitable.

Classic French Crop With a Twist

Classic french crop with a twist for boys

Instagram @chanthebarber

A classic french crop with a twist for toddlers is quite cool. It is easy to style for mornings before school. The cut is sharp with more length on top for added texture. It doesn’t need to be slicked into place. So, even if the hair gets messy from playing with other kids on the playground, it will still look stylish.

Classic Combover

Classic combover haircut for kids


A classic combover will always be on-trend to give more volume to a boy’s haircut. The length can be nicely tapered on the sides while leaving more length on top to comb up and over. Try using a medium-hold hairspray to hold in the style all day long.

Slicked Back Side Part

Slicked back side part cut

Instagram @naira_olqinyan

A slicked back side-part haircut on a young boy is distinguished and classic. A tight fade with a long top is easy to manage and also gives a put-together appearance for any young boy.

Happy Comb Over

Comb over for boys

Instagram @js_the_barberx

A boy’s short comb-over is a sophisticated hairstyle and gives a young boy a grown-up feel. With a comb-over, styling is important so before making the cut, make sure it is age-appropriate and that the little guy will be able or willing to style the hair almost daily.

Mohawk Man

Q&A with style creator, Raymond DeCandia
Licensed Barber/Pirate @ Male Ego Barber Cafe in Tempe, AZ

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

I like to call this a “gremlin’s mohawk”. If you remember the movie “Gremlins”, there was a bad gremlin who had a little mohawk. Note that we didn’t take the sides down to the skin, so there is still some hair on the sides of his head. The hair spikes neatly up from the sides.

What products do you recommend to recreate this look?

I actually just used a little of the Reuzel fiber pomade and some grooming tonic to get it to punk up. I tend to use matte products for haircuts like this.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

ANYONE! If you get guys or girls in your chair who is bold enough to wear a mohawk, do it! It’s fun! Kids hairstyles do not always have to be safe and plain.

Ivy League Cut with Tapered Sides

Ivy league cut with tapered sides

Instagram @salon_bergler

Try an Ivy League cut with tapered sides for a sharp and sleek appearance. This modern-day crew cut leaves a little more length on top, allowing the hair to be parted to the side, leaving a clean, groomed finish. This style is best held in place with a little gel or wax. Whether they’re playing sports or in the playground, it stays in place all day long.

Modern Pomp Line Up

A modern pomp line up haircut with a line

Instagram @javipthecfbarber

Q&A with style creator, Javier Perales
Master Barber @ Changing Faces Barbershop in Lockhart, TX

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

I would describe this haircut as a vintage look with a modern twist because the hard part to enhance the sharp lines. My favorite thing about this haircut would be the last step where I style the hair for the desired signature pomp look.

What products do you recommend to recreate this look?

To style these haircuts, I used a locally made product called Aqua 512 Pomade. After I style the hair, I top it off with some hair sheen to give it that glossy wet look. It helps lock everything in place to give it that WOW factor.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

I wouldn’t recommend this hairstyle for a boy with curly or very coarse hair. It usually suits those with straight textured hair best.

Frohawk with Burst Fade

A frohawk with burst fade is a cool and edgy haircut that matches a fun personality. Barber and stylist Gerred Curwick of Arizona says it’s perfect for natural curls.

Curwick always considers the head shape and the hair texture when working on a frohawk. “I use a lot of raking while doing my fades and setting in good guidelines on both sides. I then start blending in order to keep both sides symmetrical,” he notes.

Trendsetter High Fade With Lines

Q&A with style creator, Sarah Taylor
Manager @ Impressions Salon in Mequon, WI

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

I call haircuts like this a fade. My favorite thing about this style is the design that goes into it. Fade lines can be specific to the head shape or the person’s desire. Some people want their fade high and tight, while others want a fade line with longer hair as it goes up. It is highly personalized and each client can put their own personality into it. This young man requested that I put a design on the side to make it more fun, and I love that!

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

As far as products go, I would use some sort of a firm hold pomade or paste to keep the top up. In addition, use hairspray to hold it in place all day through the active lifestyle of young kids. I personally love Redken Outplay or Workhard followed by Forceful hairspray for high hold haircuts.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

These haircuts are definitely for the trendsetter. Faded haircuts can work awesome on people that are willing to put in a little bit of time and feel comfortable styling. The young man that I did this on styles his own hair every day, so I knew it would work.

Personally, I think that a fade can look good on most face shapes with the exception of oblong. The look creates height, so if the face is long it is not ideal. It is also a bit more difficult to pull off this hairstyle if the hair is stick straight.

Black Retro High Top

Q&A with style creator, F4Fade
Barber @ F4Fade Hair Designs in London, U.K.

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This is a high top/flat top that has a very retro feel.

What products do you recommend to recreate this look?

I recommend an afro comb, sheen spray to keep the shine, and possibly have your hair blow dried before cutting. I also recommend a curl sponge if you prefer the rough look or advanced sculpting gel for a softer curly look.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

These haircuts are ideal for the slim type kids, but can really work on most anyone. It is perfect for those with a bubbly personality.

Tapered Hard Part Spikes

Q&A with style creator, Nic Alexander
Licensed Barber @ The Chop Shop in Milford, MA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This hairstyle has taken over your basic “boys regular”, really turning these young men into a gentleman. This look features a 1/4-inch fade up to the part and blended on the other side, as well as a crisp line up around ears and back. This top is cut to the desired length, then combed to the side with a froth quiff. The part is also razored in.

What products do you recommend to recreate this look?

For this hairstyle, I recommend using a pomade. I like to use water-soluble pomades because they have a nice shine and great hold. Also, throughout the day it can be easily reactivated to restyle the haircut with a just little bit a water and a comb. Unlike traditional pomades, water solubles wash out of the hair with ease.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This hairstyle is great for anyone with straight hair, but honestly, with the right product, anything is possible! This is the type of haircut that needs to be styled, so you need to keep that in mind when deciding to take on this look. This haircut will not look the same without hair products and styling. Whether you’re just doing your day to day activities or have a special event, this hairstyle never fails to make you look sharp and classy.

High Skin Fade Twists

Q&A with style creator, Christopher Eliares
Owner and Master Barber @ The Dogpatch Barber and Shave in San Francisco, CA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This is a high skin fade with a sharp line up and natural top. My favorite thing about these haircuts is that it is simple yet stylish. It is easy to do as a stylist, and easy to maintain for the parent as well as the child. It is also a very trendy and cool look for the current times.

What products do you recommend to recreate this look?

As for the actual cutting of this look, I’d recommend the Wahl Magic Clip cordless clipper, the Wahl 5 Star shaver, and the Andis Slimline Pro trimmer. As for styling the hair, to achieve the natural twist look, I’d recommend any twist styling product such as the Twist Sponge. You may use the Sponge on dry hair, or you can apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner, gel or cream prior to applying the Sponge. You can top it off with a holding spray to really lock it in.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

The natural twist look will only work on African American textured hair. It is the only texture that the Sponge will grab onto. As for the high skin fade and ton top, I’d recommend these hairstyles to someone with more of a square shaped facial structure. The height of the hair and shape of the cut will complement their face shape.

This is a very summertime look and, depending on where someone works, it may or may not work appropriate. Haircuts like this are very popular amongst the modern generation, and is popularized in hip hop culture and professional sports.

Toddler Textured

Textured haircut for toddler boy

Instagram @switch_barbershop_nobe

A toddler textured haircut is a fun style. Kiddos in the classroom will comment on your child ‘s new cut. Ask your stylist to cut the sides and back short and to cut into the top with scissors to create this style. Gel should be used to get that spikey top. Children’s hair grows fast, so you will need to get a trim every 4-5 weeks to keep it looking fresh.

Clean Disconnected

Clean disconnected cut for boys

Instagram @kartikhairsalon

A clean disconnected haircut is adorable and the perfect hairstyle for young lads. Adding a fade and letting a boy choose a design in the back lets them show their creativity and style.

Active Style

cute bowl cut for active little boys

Instagram @masterlook_89

Opt for a cute bowl cut if your little guy is active. Haircuts like this are versatile.

It’s the perfect haircut for any active boy who wants to look stylish, but doesn’t want to spend time having his hair fussed with.

Preppy Faux Hawk

Q&A with style creator, Julia Crowley
Hairstylists @ Snip Into in Manly Vale, NSW

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

I call this look a Preppy Faux Hawk. The best thing about these haircuts is that it can be combed into place and look neat and tidy, or roughed up to get the faux hawk haircuts style.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

For the faux hawk haircuts, I recommend Eleven Australia’s Dry Powder Volume Paste because it works well for a dry textured look that is still pliable. For the more preppy combover look, I love Schwarzkopf Osis Damped because it gives a slightly wet look with good hold.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

These haircuts work well on kids who want a look that they can change up. It can be customised to work on fine or thick hair. It is easy to style and looks great even with no styling.

Modern Mohawk

Modern mohawk for kids

Instagram @hairbyjessmitch

Try a modern mohawk if your child wants to add character to their style. The shaved sides are clipper cut and the top is left longer, so a strong hold extreme gel will probably be needed to defy gravity. As long as product is used this cut will work on any hair type.

Cool Disconnected Undercut

Cool disconnected undercut for boys

Instagram @theblack__barbeer

A cool disconnected undercut is well-suited for boys and or men wanting a clean, sleek cut. Having straight hair compliments this cut well. It gives the appearance of a parting with a blended fade. This cut does not need loads of product for the shape to stay.

Surfer Shag

Surfer shag haircut for kids

Instagram @veromacnamara

A surfer shag is a cute cut especially if you just can’t bring yourself to cut your kiddos hair short. A longer look is also beneficial because it grows out less noticeably. So you can stretch cuts to 6-8 weeks.

Textured Crew Cut

Q&A with style creator, Joy Joanne Say
Stylist @ The Joy of Hair in London, Uk

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This is a pared down version of skin fade haircuts with a short, texturized top. I love the level of graduation, the sharpness of it, that it’s very current, and a hell of a lot of cool. This crew cut style can work on younger and older guys alike.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

For finishing haircuts like this one, I used a pomade to give it a nice, glossy and groomed appearance. A pomade also works well with the texturized top and highlighting some definition.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

These haircuts lend themselves really well to those with a rounder face as the length on top elongates the face, giving it more structure. It also suits those with a lot of thick hair. It is ideal for the gentleman with a busy life who wants a current hairstyle, but not the high maintenance home care.

Stand Up Hard Lines

Fresh Combover hairstyle

Instagram @baileybeauty_bykrista

Q&A with style creator, Krista Flores
Cosmetologistt @ Rock Paper Scissors Salon in Nampa Idaho

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

These cuts are a fresh take on the popular combover style trending now. The extra hard part and hair tattoo add uniqueness and extra style.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

For this style, I recommend a hard hold pomade or gel applied to dry hair.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

These cuts are great for guys of all ages. It can be changed little by little for each individual client to make it work for them perfectly.

Low Taper Fade with Long Surgical Line

A low fade haircut that's tapered for

Instagram @angie_trezza

Q&A with style creator, Angela Siciliano
Senior Stylist @ Smartstyle in Reading, PA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

The taper fade haircuts (or long-top fades) are trendy and versatile, which makes them a great cut for guys of all ages. That’s what I love about it! These cuts can be achieved using different types of fades (mid, temp, skin or bald) depending on personal preference.

Similarly, the taper fade can be combined with a variety of styles (usually a combover, mohawk, or blowout) to create any classic or modern boys cut. In this instance, I chose a combover for easy maintenance.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

To maintain and recreate these cuts, I recommend a professional texturizing or styling clay. I used Designline’s Interrupt because it works great to keep the style in place. Sexy Hair’s “Frenzy” is also a great product to use because it has a firm hold with some level of shine, but any firm hold clay will do the trick! Just add a dime-sized amount of the product to wet or dry hair and comb as desired. Easy peasy!

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

In my opinion, the long top fade looks best with hair that is normal to thick. With fine hair, I find the style doesn’t come out quite as defined. In this instance, I was working with very thick hair. This haircut also compliments oval, round or square face shapes. Since the style is tight on the sides and longer on top, it adds height to the overall appearance of the face, lengthening rounder faces and softening square ones. So if you have a long and narrow face shape, this might not be the cut for you.

If you’re looking for trendy, versatile and easy to take care of cuts, then the taper fade haircut is definitely the way to go!

Messy French Crop with Cool Designs

messy french crop with cool designs

Instagram @abstracthand_design


Man 2021 young haircut

Young Men Haircuts

Young Men Haircuts. The pompadour was a. From short buzz cuts and waves to box and Afro fades to curls and twists haircut styles for black men have never been so fresh and trendy. How the hair is styled is a matter of personal taste. Long Slicked Back Hair The long slicked back hairstyle is a great way for men to transform longer medium length hair into a classy and polished style. From fades and undercuts Ivy League the quiff pompadour comb over and messy hairstyles we encourage you to experiment with different hair styles to find a look you love so check out the latest young hairstyles below to get inspiration for your next visit to the barber shop. The wavy fringe is an edgy new haircut for men with curly wavy hair. Many barbers and their customers have chosen the most flattering and easy to wear haircuts but this is not the best hairstyle for men. Medium-length hair is typically defined as a style thats 5 to 10 centimetres long 2 to 4 inches. In this style the hair is usually dyed in a convenient color with sides parted. From teen boys to young men guys are loving the aesthetic of the fringe.

Pin On Crowning Glory

Oct 6 2016 - This season men are looking to the 1950s and 60s for inspiration with hybrid looks making waves as styles embracing natural texture. Side Part Comb Back Hair This is one among the hairstyles for an old man of age over 60 years. However the top hairstyles for black men seem to incorporate a low mid or high fade haircut with some kind of fresh styling on top. In this style the hair is usually dyed in a convenient color with sides parted. Although the locks are longer a fringe hairstyle tends to be smooth and relaxed cementing the youthful vibe. One of the most popular new hairstyles for young men is known as the faux-hawk. The distinguishing feature of the fringe hairstyle is the longer hair at the front of the head which forms a waves on your forehead. Medium-length hair is typically defined as a style thats 5 to 10 centimetres long 2 to 4 inches. Feb 8 2021 - Explore Sparks Decors board haircuts for young men followed by 589 people on Pinterest. The pompadour was a.

The distinguishing feature of the fringe hairstyle is the longer hair at the front of the head which forms a waves on your forehead.

This hairstyle uses the Mohawk as a basis but instead of shaving the sides of the head the hair is worn short on the sides and longer on top. Thats because it looks great and can fit any hairstyle or face. Spiky Faux Hawk Haircut with Double line design. Although the locks are longer a fringe hairstyle tends to be smooth and relaxed cementing the youthful vibe. Many barbers and their customers have chosen the most flattering and easy to wear haircuts but this is not the best hairstyle for men. Jul 24 2020 - Explore Kathleen Hausers board young men haircuts on Pinterest. Paving the way for quiffs pompadours and textured crops medium-length mens haircuts open up a Pandoras Box of possibilities. Jun 29 2014 - Explore Katrina Nicosias board Young mens hairstyles on Pinterest. This hairstyle uses the Mohawk as a basis but instead of shaving the sides of the head the hair is worn short on the sides and longer on top. The wavy fringe is an edgy new haircut for men with curly wavy hair. See more ideas about mens hairstyles mens hairstyles medium medium hair styles.

5 Men's Hairstyles Women LOVE (2021) - Courtney Ryan

The most popular men’s haircuts include a little bit of everything. That’s why we have 50 different pictures to show them all. From short hair, black hair, and fade haircuts to trendy cut and professional looks, there is something for everyone and every style.

There are a few reasons why these haircuts are so popular for men.

First, they look good. That’s the goal of a haircut, right?

Second, these men’s haircuts are easy to style. These hairstyles look great with minimal styling time and hair products.

The last reason is they are stylish and in style. Some of these looks are more on trendy than others but they are all fresh and modern. Scroll down and pick out your next look!

1. Short Spiky + Textured Haircut

short haircuts for men

This short men’s hair is cut and styled to enhance texture. You can wear hair up in these loose spikes or down.

2. Men’s Undercut Haircut For Thick Hair + Long Fringe

mens fade haircut

All types of fade haircuts are popular right now. This fringe hairstyle is especially cool because of the distinct line of hair over the high fade.

3. Popular Haircuts For Black Men – Twist Curls

black men haircuts

The line up and fade are popular additions to many haircuts for black men. Some guys wear hair short while others wear hair long. These tight curls are somewhere in between and are on point with this year’s texture trend.

4. Medium Haircut For Men + Long Fringe + Low Fade

Medium length styles for men are getting more popular. Maybe it’s because more guys are into styling their hair. Maybe it’s because they can be styled in plenty of different ways. Maybe it’s because they look so good, like this loose sweep back over a mid fade.

5. Men’s Slicked Back Haircut At Medium Length

 medium length mens haircuts

This is essentially the same haircut as the last one but styled into a modern pompadour with some texture.

6. Best Haircut For Men With Short Sides Long Hair On Top

The best haircut for men is the one that makes you look and feel good. This long top, short sides combination is flattering on just about everyone and can be styled as professional or cool as you like. Try an easy to use hair wax to get this texture and hold.

7. Men’s Spiky Haircuts At Medium Length

mens medium haircuts

This modern mullet keeps hair medium length everywhere except the faded temples. This is a very cool way to rock some flow.

8. Men’s Haircut For Curly Hair – Tapered Style

haircuts for curly hair men

Loose and textured hair is one of the top trends right now. This curly version takes the look to the next level. Try a hair cream for hold and curl definition.

9. Ultra Short Fade Haircut For Black Men

fade haircut black men

This blurry fade is especially striking in platinum but looks just as good in other colors.

10. Short Hair Men’s Haircut + Bald Fade + Beard

short hair mens haircuts

This is an attractive and easy-to-wear short haircut for guys with busy lifestyles and/or thick hair. The faded sides with short hair on type looks great when styled messy or professional.

11. Haircut For Men With Thin Hair + Cool Beard Style

haircuts for men with thin hair

A combination of length, volume, and hair product help fine or thin hair appear thicker.

12. Comb Over Haircut + Hard Part

popular mens haircuts

The quiff is one of the most popular hairstyles for men. That bump of volume is ultra-flattering, whether it is in a pompadour like this or spiky. The hard side part adds to the effect.

13. Cool Haircut for Asian Men + High Fade

asian men haircut

This modern comb over fade is a popular way to style thick and coarse hair.

14. Short Crop Haircut For Men + Hard Part + Bald Fade

cool haircuts for men

The French crop with bangs has been a major trend for the last couple of years. Barbers are keeping it fresh with jagged bangs, a shaved line, and contrasting color.

15. Good Textured Haircut For Men -> Short To Medium Length Of Hair

good haircuts for men

There are a lot of choices out there but good haircuts for men aren’t complicated. In general, the short sides, longer top combination is a winner.

16. Men’s Haircut For Round Faces + Tapered Sides

haircut for round face men

There are two things that make round faces look longer. The first is height, like this pompadour, to create an elongated profile. The second is short sides, like this temp fade, that don’t add any width to the face.

17. Super Cool Long Wavy Hair Haircut For Men

long hair haircuts men

Wearing hair long for men takes more than growing hair out. Regular trims keep the shape flattering and ends healthy. This long haircut features staggered lengths around the face.

18. Modern Men’s Haircut + Spikes + Rounded Bald Fade

modern mens haircuts

When we think of modern hair, we think of bold new looks that stand out from the crowd. This curved neckline does just that.

19. Taper Haircut For Men + Beard

taper haircut men

The taper haircut is a scissor cut style without a fade. It’s a classic look that is also in style today, especially with some flow on top.

20. Men’s Haircuts For Thick Hair -> Textured Spikes

This haircut manages thick hair by raising the neckline and removing some weight on top. The cut also enhances texture for these cool spikes.

21. Modern Young Men Haircuts

young men haircuts

We’re going to generalize here and say that young men tend to go for newer, edgier looks. This fresh look has a mohawk shape from the sides with a fauxhawk/quiff style and piece of pointed fringe.

22. Great Short Haircut For Balding Men -> Comb Forward

haircuts for balding men

The best haircuts for hair loss maximize coverage with the hair you have. This cut works for receding hairlines as well as bald spots because of the combination of length and texture. Try some of these hair products for hold and to help hair appear thicker.

23. Haircut For Men With Thick Hair -> Slicked Back

haircuts for men with thick hair

This pompadour fade haircut makes thick hair look great and easy to style.

24. Short Sides, Long Hair On Top Men’s Haircut

Short sides with longer hair on top is a classic combination. This cool version gets an update with a taper fade.

25. Shag Haircut For Men

shag haircut men

A shag cut is a hairstyle that has been layered to various lengths. Spiking hair up shows even more of those layers.

26. Trendy Men’s Haircut -> Spiky Short Hair + High Fade

trendy mens haircuts

The French crop aka the crop fade aka the crop haircut is one of the top men’s hair trends right now. Here’s a shorter version of that cut with plenty of that signature texture.

27. Classic Men’s Haircut -> Blow Dry + Brushed Back

classic mens haircut

It doesn’t get much more classic than the pompadour. It’s a slicked back style with extra height. Customize it by wearing it lower or higher, shiny or matte, smooth or textured.

28. Low Fade Haircut For Men With Thick or Wavy or Curly Hair

Low Fade Haircut For Men

The low fade is pretty much a type of neckline. This low drop fade creates a blurry and curved neckline instead of whatever nature gave you.

29. Men’s Haircuts With Disconnected Beard + Long Fringe

mens haircuts with beards

Obviously you can wear any haircut with any beard that you like. The main thing to consider is the transition between hair and the beard. Some guys keep it connected while this cool look has a beard fade.

30. Textured Fringe Haircut For Men

fringe haircut men

Fringe, also known as bangs, as the hair that hangs down over the forehead. Fringe haircuts have always been popular for men, starting with the short Caesar haircut. Bangs are even more popular today, as part of the French crop.

31. Low Maintenance Men’s Haircuts -> Ultra Short Buzz Cut

 low maintenance mens haircuts

This buzz cut with a fade and line up is the easiest and coolest haircut for men.

32. Long On Top Men’s Haircuts -> Natural Curls

men's haircuts long on top

Long on top men’s haircuts look great for all hair types, from the straighest to the curliest.

33. Classic Men’s Short Haircut

 mens short haircuts

Short haircuts for men will probably always be the most popular. Mostly because they are easy. This is a simple and classic cut that a hint of length at the forehead.

34. Professional Short Haircut For Men

professional haircuts for men

This classic men’s haircut is also very professional. Hair can be styled cleaner for work and messier for play.

35. Undercut Haircut For Men + Curly Hair

undercut haircut men

The undercut is one of the most popular hair searches for men, even if people don’t always try it. This type of very high fade makes it easy to wear hair long, whether it’s straight or curly.

36. Short Haircut For Black Men With Waves

black men short haircuts

One of the most popular ways to wear short hair for black men is in waves. Wear 360 waves with this taper fade or a higher fade for 180 waves. Add a beard and shaved line or don’t.

37. Haircut Ideas For Men -> Medium Length Hair

haircut ideas for men

It’s an exciting time for men’s hair because there are always more creative and innovative styles. One of the latest haircut ideas for men is neckline hair designs, like this one.

38. Haircuts For Men With Receding Hairline

haircuts for men with receding hairline

When that forehead starts creeping up higher, it’s time to start growing hair longer for more coverage. This short haircut helps minimize a receding hairline while being on trend and looking great.

39. Haircut For Men With Straight Hair + High Fade + Line Up

haircuts for men with straight hair

If you have the type of straight hair that want to stick up, go with it with this cool spiky style.

40. Haircut For Men With Wavy Hair + High Fade

haircuts for wavy hair men

Waves bring natural texture and volume to any haircut when given some length.

41. Men’s Very Short Crop Haircut + High Fade

mens short fade haircut

This cool look is all about the quick, high fade and the arc that it makes as it drops down at the back of the head.

42. Nice Haircuts For Men -> Side Part + Slicked Back

nice haircuts for men

This side part hairstyle with a quiff has been a popular cut for at least a hundred years. Pretty nice.

43. Professional Men’s Haircut -> Clean + Short

professional mens haircuts

To be professional, haircuts just need to be clean cut. This short haircut fits the bill with a fade at the temples and a hint of length at the forehead. This cut works really well for gray hair, which can tend to become coarse.

44. Taper Haircut For Black Men

taper haircut black men

The taper, also known as the taper fade, is a haircut with a quick fade at the side burns and neckline with an arc of hair behind the ear. On top, hair can be anything you want but this pompadour for black hair is especially cool.

45. New Haircut For Men -> Modern Mullet

New Haircut for Men

There might not be any completely new haircuts for men but there are some new creations. This look starts with a short and textured mullet style and then adds a temp fade, shaved line, and blunt fringe.

46. Best Haircut For Men With Thin Hair

best haircut for thin hair men

In contrast to the blurry skin fade, thin hair appears thicker. This buzz fade is one of the best options for balding guys.

47. Best Short Haircuts For Men -> Pompadour Hairstyle + High Fade

best short haircuts for men

This is one of the best short haircuts for men because it is short almost everywhere while leaving some length and fullness at the forehead. Style hair into this quiff, a comb over, or spikes.

48. Men’s High Fade Haircut + Naturally Curly Hair

mens high fade haircut

This high top fade uses a high fade to focus attention on the shape and texture of hair on top.

49. Popular Men’s Short Haircut + Low Fade + Disconnected Beard

Popular Men's Short Haircuts

This thick top, low fade cut is as long as short hair can be.

50. Popular Haircuts for Black Men -> Waves + Low Fade

Popular Haircuts for Black Men

We’ve already talked about how popular the buzz fade with a line up is for all guys. For black men, add some waves.

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