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Limited-Time 12-Month Patron Bundle

A special Patron purchase bundle is now available for a limited time! Twelve months of Patron alongside exclusive items and cosmetics - and it's not swamp gas or a weather balloon!

Make enforcing secrecy look good! For a limited time, get TWELVE MONTHS of Patron Benefits and a slew of brand-new exclusive items for your characters. Don’t miss out, because once it’s gone it’ll be recognizable only as deja vu…

The 12-Month Patron Bundle is available for a limited time! This bundle contains 12 months' worth of Patronage, an entire clothing set called the "Secrecy Enforcement Agent" set composed of five pieces of clothing, the GLIDR sprint, and the Hypnotic Memory Surpressor gadget, which looks like a neuralyzer and behaves as an aggro-wiping gadget.

12-Month Patron Bundle Contents

  • 360 days of Patron membership
  • Hypnotic Memory Surpressor - A gadget capable of acting as an aggro wipe toward enemies, excluding bosses or other players. "Wipe the short-term memory of nearby enemies in front of you, making them forget that they were fighting you. Does not work on boss or player enemies".
  • GLIDR - A segway sprint that leaves a neon blue trail wherever it goes! GLIDR stands for "Gyroscopic Lightweight Intuitively Driven Robot". See TSWDB's GLIDR page for an image of it!
  • Secrecy Enforcement Agent - This sleek suit outfit comes with the following cosmetic pieces:
    • Polished dress shoes, black
    • Tailored dress shirt and tie, white
    • Tailored suit jacket, black
    • Tailored suit jacket, faction
    • Tailored suit pants, black

The bundle can be purchased for $99 by all players, be they current Patrons, Lifetime Patrons (Grandmasters), or not currently Patrons at all.

At this time, the bundle price is consistent regardless of what membership type the buyer holds. Grandmasters, should they purchase the bundle, will receive the gadget and cosmetics but not additional patronage, as they are already perpetual patrons.

The Limited-Time 12-Month Patron Bundle can be purchased either through clicking the GLIDR-shaped icon on the top-bar in-game or if you have Secret World Legends through Steam, through the Steam store page for the 12-Month Patron Bundle DLC.

Check out the official news release of the bundle here!



What is Secret World Legends?Expand

We are relaunching our acclaimed story-driven online game The Secret World (TSW) as Secret World Legends, a shared-world action RPG with revamped combat, updated visuals, and newly designed progression systems and quest flow that is completely free to play.

Why did you relaunch the game?Expand

We go into detail about the many reasons behind the relaunch of the game in our producer's letter to the community, which we hope you get a chance to read HERE!

But in short, we're incredibly proud of the ways in which The Secret World has grown in terms of the depth and extent of its storytelling, and we're ready for more players to be able to experience it in full by removing the hurdles of a pay-upfront structure. It's also an opportune moment to bring this vibrant universe up to date with where we see modern action RPGs are, with some ambitious adjustments to gameplay, progression, structure, and more, which we hope will result in a more satisfying player experience overall.

How does Secret World Legends differ from The Secret World?Expand

One major difference is that the game is free to play for everyone. But just as importantly, Secret World Legends has updates befitting a modern-day action RPG. This includes a redesigned combat system to make action feel more natural, more intuitive systems to interact with, enhanced visuals, an improved flow of quests, and improved structure of the early game for new players.

What do you mean by “free to play”?Expand

"Free to play" or F2P means that anyone can download and play Secret World Legends without spending any money to purchase the game. All content is available to everyone and does NOT require a subscription or purchase in order to play.

Will I need a credit card to play?Expand

You do NOT need a credit card to play. The game is free for everyone! Aurum and the Patron Benefit system will require a valid form of payment at the time you make the purchase.

What is Aurum and what can I use it for?Expand

Aurum is used to purchase a variety of in-game items and services in Secret World Legends. This includes but is not limited to: additional weapon pages, extra inventory space, additional characters, exclusive vanity items, and much more!

What are Marks of Favour?Expand

Marks of Favour are an in-game currency that are earned for free through completing daily challenges.  Marks of Favour are used for many things including, but not limited to, unlocking weapon pages, extra Sprint speed upgrades, empowerment and fusion, and more.

How many characters do I get on my account?Expand

Each account has access to one character slot. Additional character slots may be purchased in game.  

Players that used the original TSW Legacy Transfer service on or before September 4th, 2017 will have three total character slots.  The Legacy Transfer service no longer grants additional character slots.  Read here for details.

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So, I find it a little odd that being a parton does not give you an Aurum stipend as well.... Spending the $15 you would on patron would get you 1550 Aurum, which seems to me to be a much better deal. You do get cache keys for being patron, but you can also buy them with Aurum. Thoughts?

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Secret World Legends Patch Notes 2.0.1 - Patron Benefits - Dungeon - Loot changes in Patch 2.0.1

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Secret World Legends Update - Why I Have To Become A Patron

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