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    • I'll Pin a Note On Your Pillow
    • Greatest Hits · 1987
    • Down In the Boondocks
    • Greatest Hits · 1980
    • Burned Like a Rocket
    • Greatest Hits · 1991
    • Down in the Boondocks
    • Down in the Boondocks · 1965
    • Till I Can't Take It Anymore
    • Greatest Hits · 1989
    • Love Has No Right
    • Greatest Hits · 1989
    • Tell It Like It Is
    • Greatest Hits · 1989

Billy Joe Royal, Singer, Dies at 73; His ‘Down in the Boondocks’ Was a Hit

Billy Joe Royal.

Billy Joe Royal, a pop and country singer best known for the 1965 hit “Down in the Boondocks,” died on Tuesday at his home in Morehead City, N.C. He was 73.

The cause has not been determined, his publicist, Brent Taylor, said, adding that Mr. Royal had performed at a concert as recently as Sept. 24 and had a full touring schedule lined up for the fall.

Mr. Royal, who sang with a tremulous tenor and an intense delivery, had his biggest hits with several songs written and produced by Joe South. The top seller was “Down in the Boondocks,” the bitter lament of a boy from the wrong side of the tracks in love with a rich girl, which reached No. 9 on the pop charts.

“I guess people related to poor people,” Mr. Royal told The Chicago Tribune in 1990. “Once in a while I hear it on the radio, and it still stands up. The song meant everything to my career. I was making about $125 a week before that.”

He hit the charts with two other songs by Mr. South, “Hush” and “I Knew You When,” and ended the decade in the Top 20 with “Cherry Hill Park” (1969).

In the 1980s, after signing with Atlantic Records in Nashville, Mr. Royal turned out a steady stream of country hits, beginning with “Burned Like a Rocket,” which reached the country Top 10 in 1985 and was climbing when the space shuttle Challenger exploded. As a gesture of respect, D.J.s stopped playing the song. He followed up with “I’ll Pin a Note to Your Pillow,” a cover version of the Aaron Neville hit “Tell It Like It Is” and others.

Billy Joe Royal was born on April 3, 1942, in Valdosta, Ga., and grew up in Marietta, near Atlanta. He began singing in grade school, learned to play steel guitar and was soon performing with his uncle’s country-and-western band on local radio.

The success of Elvis Presley galvanized him. “When he made it so big, all us Southern boys thought maybe we had a shot, too,” he said in an interview posted on his website.

At 14, he became a regular on the radio program “Georgia Jubilee,” where other performers included Jerry Reed, Ray Stevens and Mr. South, who died in 2012.

Mr. Royal formed a rock band, the Corvettes, in high school and was later hired to perform at the Bamboo Ranch in Savannah, Ga., an enormous dance hall that booked top country and soul acts.

He was singing at a Cincinnati nightclub, Guys and Dolls, when Mr. South asked him to make a demonstration record of “Down in the Boondocks,” which he hoped to sell to Gene Pitney. Bill Lowery, a well-connected music producer and publisher in Atlanta, heard the record and brought it to Columbia, which signed Mr. Royal to a contract.

After the success of “Down in the Boondocks,” Mr. Royal was invited to join the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars, a package tour that included the Turtles, the Shirelles, Peter and Gordon, and Tom Jones. In the 1970s he performed regularly at resorts in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe, Calif.

Mr. Royal’s three marriages ended in divorce. He is survived by a daughter, Savannah Royal; two stepsons, Trey and Joe Rivenbark; his mother, Mary Royal; and a brother, Jack.

Mr. Royal toured regularly in recent years, often with B. J. Thomas.

“I say this with all humility,” he said on his website. “The old voice has stood up, you know.” He added: “The other thing is, this is all I’ve ever done. I had to stick to it because I’ve never done anything else.”

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Singer Billy Joe Royal enjoyed a successful musical career which spanned over forty years and encompassed the pop, rock, and country music genres. He was born on April 3, 1942 in Valdosta, Georgia and raised in Marietta, Georgia. Royal hailed from a family of musical entertainers. Billy Joe made his public debut at age five in a first-grade performance for the PTA and sang on his uncle's radio show at age eleven. At age fourteen Royal learned how to play the steel guitar and joined the Georgia Jubilee. He fronted his own rock band at age sixteen which performed around Atlanta. In addition, Billy Joe was a local singing sensation at the Bamboo Ranch in Savannah, Georgia in the 1950's and early 1960's.

Royal recorded a single in 1962 that flopped. Billy Joe scored a massive top 10 hit in 1965 with "Down in the Boondocks," which peaked at #9 and turned Royal into a teen idol for a short spell. The follow-up songs "I Knew You When," "I've Got To Be Somebody," and "Cherry Hill Park" all likewise cracked the Billboard top 40. When Royal's career faltered in the late 1970's, he became a regular performer in both Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. Billy Joe bounced back in the 1980's as a country singer; the songs "Burned Like a Rocket," "I'll Pin a Note on Your Pillow," and "Tell It Like It Is" were all top 10 country chart hits. Royal acted in the Shakespearean rock opera "Catch My Soul," made an uncredited appearance singing the folk ballad "Mountain Woman" in the bizarre horror picture "A Name for Evil," and narrated the groovy rock documentary "Mondo Daytona." He also acted in several TV commercials. His signature tune "Down in the Boondocks" is featured on the soundtracks for the films "Glory Road" and "Riding in Cars with Boys." Among the albums Billy Joe recorded were "Stay Close to Home," "Now and Then, Then and Now," and "His First Gospel Album," which was his last album. Moreover, Royal continued to perform on stage in country bars all over the South. He died in his sleep at age 73 at his home in North Carolina on October 6, 2015.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: woodyanders

Family (1)

Spouse Michelle Rivenbark (9 September 1995 - ?)  (divorced)  (1 child)
Georgia M Theodocion (8 May 1973 - 1982)  (divorced)

Trade Mark (2)

Often recorded songs written by Joe South

Personal Quotes (1)

I say this with all humility. The old voice has stood up, you know. I think if I'd ever stopped for four or five years or didn't sing all the time, it might've gone away. It's like working out with weights.
Billy Joe Royal- Love Has No Right With Lyrics

Billy Joe Royal Songs List

  • Billy Joe Royal
  • Billy Joe Royal also appears in this compilation

    • Tracks of Disc 1
    • 1.Lightning Strikes
    • 2.Rescue Me
    • 3.Downtown
    • 4.Hello Stranger
    • 5.Monster Mash
    • 6.Bobby's Girl
    • 7.Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
    • 8.I Wanna Love Him So Bad
    • 9.Lonely Teenager
    • 10.Love Makes The World Go 'Round
    • 11.The Rain Park, And Other Things
    • 12.My Boyfriend's Back
    • 13.Bread And Butter
    • 14.No Particular Place To Go
    • 15.But I Do
    • 16.Where The Boys Are
    • 17.A Little Bit Of Soap
    • 18.Two Faces Have I
    • 19.Wooly Bully
    • 20.It's My Party
    • 21.You're The One
    • 22.Liar Liar
    • 23.Cry Baby Cry
    • 24.A Summer Song
    • Tracks of Disc 2
    • 1.So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star
    • 2.Piece Of My Heart
    • 3.Evil Ways
    • 4.Spinning Wheel
    • 5.Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
    • 6.Kicks
    • 7.Groovin' Is Easy
    • 8.Hey Little Cobra
    • 9.The Weight
    • 10.Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
    • 11.Down In The Boondocks
    • 12.Time Has Come Today
    • Tracks of Disc 3
    • 1.The Lion Sleeps Tonight
    • 2.I Will Follow Him
    • 3.Palisades Park
    • 4.More Today Than Yesterday
    • 5.Oh, Pretty Woman
    • 6.Since I Feel For You
    • 7.Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
    • 8.To Sir with Love
    • 9.Young Girl
    • 10.Donna the Prima Donna
    • 11.Theme from "A Summer Place"

    Billy Joe Royal also appears in this compilation

    • Tracks of Disc 1
    • 1.So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star
    • 2.Piece Of My Heart
    • 3.Evil Ways
    • 4.Spinning Wheel
    • 5.Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
    • 6.Kicks
    • 7.Groovin' Is Easy
    • 8.Hey Little Cobra
    • 9.The Weight
    • 10.Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
    • 11.Down In The Boondocks
    • 12.Time Has Come Today
    • Tracks of Disc 1
    • 1.Tell It Like It Is
    • 2.Kiss and Say Goodbye
    • 3.Slip Away
    • 4.He Don't Know
    • 5.Cross My Heart and Hope to Try
    • 6.Love Has No Right
    • 7.The Truth Is I Lied
    • 8.Till I Can't Take It Anymore
    • 9.I Was Losing You
    • 10.What's the Matter Baby
    • 11.Love Is a Full Time Job

    Billy Joe Royal also appears in this compilation

    • Tracks of Disc 1
    • 1.You've Made Me So Very Happy
    • 2.Brown Eyed Girl
    • 3.Hang On Sloopy
    • 4.Oh, Pretty Woman
    • 5.Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um
    • 6.The Madison Time
    • 7.Hush
    • 8.Hey Little Cobra
    • 9.Down At Papa Joe's
    • 10.It's Your Thing
    • 11.Bless You
    • 12.Donna, The Prima Donna
    • 13.It's All Over
    • Tracks of Disc 2
    • 1.A Little Bit O'Soul
    • 2.I Get Around
    • 3.The Wanderer
    • 4.Tell Him
    • 5.He's So Fine
    • 6.Mockingbird
    • 7.Bus Stop
    • 8.Bad To Me
    • 9.Let's Lock The Door (And Throw Away The Key)
    • 10.You Turn Me On (Turn On Song)
    • Tracks of Disc 3
    • 1.I Fought The Law
    • 2.The Beat Goes On
    • 3.In The Midnight Hour
    • 4.People Got To Be Free
    • 5.In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
    • 6.Crimson & Clover
    • 7.Laugh, Laugh
    • 8.C'mon And Swim
    • 9.You Keep Me Haning On
    • 10.Jenny Take A Ride

    Billy Joe Royal also appears in this compilation

    • Tracks of Disc 1
    • 1.Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On
    • 2.Hushabye
    • 3.Story Untold
    • 4.All I Have To Do Is Dream
    • 5.Whispering Bells
    • 6.Gleam In You Eyes
    • 7.I Wonder Why
    • 8.Venus
    • 9.At My Front Door
    • 10.You Cheated
    • 11.Rockin Robin
    • 12.I'm So Young
    • Tracks of Disc 2
    • 1.So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star
    • 2.Piece Of My Heart
    • 3.Evil Ways
    • 4.Spinning Wheel
    • 5.Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
    • 6.Kicks
    • 7.Groovin' Is Easy
    • 8.Hey Little Cobra
    • 9.The Weight
    • 10.Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
    • 11.Down In The Boondocks
    • 12.Time Has Come Today
    • Tracks of Disc 3
    • 1.Love Will Keep Us Together
    • 2.All Right Now
    • 3.Hot Stuff
    • 4.Is She Really Going Out With Him?
    • 5.Nothing From Nothing
    • 6.What's Your Name
    • 7.I Wanna Get Next To You
    • 8.The Thing We Do For Love
    • 9.Shake Your Groove Thing
    • 10.Morning Side Of The Mountain
    • 11.Rockin Robin
    • 12.You Wear It Well
    • 13.I'm In You
    • 14.Once You Get Started
    • 15.Hollywood Swinging
    • 16.Higher & Higher
    • 17.Hot Pants (Pt. 1)
    • 18.Don't Worry Baby
    • 19.One Bad Apple
    • 20.Mama Told Me (Not To Come)
    • Tracks of Disc 1
    • 1.Down in the Boondocks
    • 2.Cherry Hill Park
    • 3.Old Bridges Burn Slow
    • 4.I'll Pin a Note on Your Pillow
    • 5.A Ring Where a Ring Use to Be
    • 6.If the Jukebox Took Teardrops
    • 7.I'm Okay (And Getting Better)
    • 8.Till I Can't Take It Anymore
    • 9.Searchin' for Some Kind of Clue
    • 10.Funny How Time Slips Away

    Billy Joe Royal also appears in this compilation

    • Tracks of Disc 1
    • 1. Young Girl
    • 2. Summer In The City
    • 3. Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)
    • 4. To Love Somebody
    • 5. She's About a Mover
    • 6. Making Time
    • 7. In the Year 2525
    • 8. She Sold Me Magic
    • 9. (Dance with The) Guitar Man
    • 10. At The Party
    • 11. The Letter
    • 12. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
    • 13. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
    • 14. Hang on Sloopy
    • 15. Because I Love You
    • 16. Move in a Little Closer
    • 17. Somebody's Been Sleeping in My Bed
    • 18. Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um
    • 19. Cupid
    • 20. Holy Cow
    • Tracks of Disc 2
    • 1. Albatross
    • 2. Daydream
    • 3. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In
    • 4. All I Really Want to Do
    • 5. Light My Fire
    • 6. Everybody's Talkin'
    • 7. San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)
    • 8. Painter Man
    • 9. Music to Watch Girls By
    • 10. Green Tambourine
    • 11. Captain of Your Ship
    • 12. Don't Rain On My Parade
    • 13. The Rains Came
    • 14. Maria Elena
    • 15. It’s Not Unusual
    • 16. Hold Me Tight
    • 17. Dear Delilah
    • 18. Simon Says
    • 19. I'm Gonna Make You Mine
    • 20. The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)
    • Tracks of Disc 3
    • 1. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
    • 2. Distant Drums
    • 3. Teensville
    • 4. Black Magic Woman
    • 5. Eight Miles High
    • 6. A Boy Named Sue
    • 7. If I Were a Carpenter
    • 8. Down in the Boondocks
    • 9. Little Black Book
    • 10. And the Sun Will Shine
    • 11. Ringo
    • 12. On the Rebound
    • 13. Please Help Me, I'm Falling
    • 14. Foggy Mountain Breakdown
    • 15. Havah Nagila
    • 16. Flowers on the Wall
    • 17.Standing on the Corner
    • 18. Devil Woman
    • 19. Caterina
    • 20. Durham Town (The Leavin')
    • Tracks of Disc 4
    • 1. A Summer Place [Theme] Percy Faith
    • 2. I Left My Heart in San Francisco
    • 3. Unsquare Dance
    • 4. Can't Get Used to Losing You
    • 5. Move Over Darling
    • 6. Tears in the Wind
    • 7. San Antonio Rose
    • 8. Love Me Warm and Tender
    • 9. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
    • 10.Delaware
    • 11. Like an Old Time Movie
    • 12. The Big Hurt
    • 13.Lady Willpower
    • 14. How Soon
    • 15. I Won't Forget You
    • 16. Big Bad John
    • 17. My Love for You
    • 18. Birth
    • 19. The End of the World
    • 20. Oh Happy Day
    • Tracks of Disc 5
    • 1. Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen
    • 2. No Mule’s Fool
    • 3. Over Under Sideways Down
    • 4. Shades of Orange
    • 5. It Ain't Me Babe
    • 6. Ain’t Nothing But A House Party
    • 7. Mind, Body & Soul
    • 8. Cry Like a Baby
    • 9. I’m A Good Woman
    • 10. Working in the Coal Mine
    • 11. A Steel Guitar and a Glass of Wine
    • 12. If I Were a Rich Man
    • 13. Like I Do
    • 14. Bless You
    • 15. Stay
    • 16. Ain't Got No/I Got Life
    • 17. The Good Life
    • 18.I'd Rather Go Blind
    • 19.Misty
    • 20. Moon River
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    Royal billy music by joe

    Billy Joe Royal

    American singer

    Billy Joe Royal

    Royal in 1966

    Royal in 1966

    Born(1942-04-03)April 3, 1942
    Valdosta, Georgia, U.S.
    DiedOctober 6, 2015(2015-10-06) (aged 73)
    Morehead City, North Carolina, U.S.
    GenresRock and roll, country rock, country soul, country pop
    InstrumentsVocals, acoustic guitar, piano
    Years active1950s–2015
    LabelsSussex, Columbia, Atlantic, Tower

    Musical artist

    Billy Joe Royal (April 3, 1942 – October 6, 2015)[1] was an American country soul singer.[2] His most successful record was "Down in the Boondocks" in 1965.

    Life and career[edit]

    Born in Valdosta, Georgia, to Clarence and Mary Sue Smith Royal, and raised in Marietta, Georgia, Royal performed at the Georgia Jubilee in Atlanta during his teens. He formed his own rock and roll band, and became a local star at the Bamboo Ranch in Savannah in the late 1950s and early 1960s, where his singing style was influenced by African-American performers, including Sam Cooke.[2] Royal was a friend of performer and songwriterJoe South, and recorded what was intended as a demo of South's song "Down in the Boondocks". The recording was heard at Columbia Records, who offered Royal a singing contract in 1965 and released his version of the song, produced by South.[2] "Down in the Boondocks" remained his best-known song, reaching number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100,[3] and number 38 in the UK.[4]

    He followed up his initial success with the singles "I Knew You When" (Top 20, 1965) and "Hush" (1967), also written and produced by Joe South. Another South composition, "Yo-Yo," just missed the top 40 in Canada and charted poorly in the U.S. when Royal released it in 1967, but a later remake by The Osmonds was a much greater success. His 1969 single, "Cherry Hill Park", peaked at No. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100.[5] In the 1970s his recording of "Heart's Desire" gained popularity among Northern soul enthusiasts and was regularly played in Northern soul nightclubs.[6]

    By the late 1970s, Royal had become a regular performer in Las Vegas, and also appeared as an actor in movies and on television. His last hit on the US pop charts was in 1978, when his version of "Under the Boardwalk" became a minor hit. However, he reinvented himself in the 1980s as a mainstream country star, and had his first hit on the country music chart in 1984 with "Burned Like a Rocket", released on the Atlantic label. His other country hits included "I'll Pin a Note on Your Pillow" (1987), "Tell It Like It Is", and "Till I Can't Take It Anymore" (both 1989). His successes on the country charts continued until the early 1990s.[2]

    Royal experienced a second comeback during the 2000s due to regular airplay on "oldies" radio stations. His music was further exposed to younger generations through a movement known as The Beat Army, an online music forum based on Facebook which is operated by author and music producer Paul Collins. Royal continued to tour regularly, performing concerts at casinos, music festivals, and clubs in North America, Japan, and throughout Europe. His set lists included a mixture of songs representing multiple genres from the 1960s onwards. He also played Robert Ally in the indie Western film, Billy the Kid (2013), co-starring country singer Cody McCarver.[7][8]

    Royal died in his sleep on October 6, 2015 in Morehead City, North Carolina.[1]


    Main article: Billy Joe Royal discography


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    Billy Joe Royal - Boardwalk Angel

    He didnt hammer like a woodpecker, and he didnt move like at a funeral - slowly and sadly. Rather, his love dance resembled a waltz and two-step at the same time. Like: Two steps to the right, one step forward and two steps back. All in all, they had a lot of sex.

    Both were satisfied and bowed to each other for a long time.

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