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karasuno boys as boyfriends

a/n: im just basically astral projecting myself into these situations; ALSO if you want more detailed ones, just ask, and you shall receive! (also this is my first post i’ve written on here! but if you want plenty of kpop content i’m @hyucksong where i’ve been writing and I am still active! :))


-tsukishima, yamaguchi, hinata, kageyama, tanaka, nishinoya, sugawara, daichi, and asahi

tsukishima kei.

  • the type to look you straight in your eyes when you ask for a hug and say “no, who do you think i am, your boyfriend?”
  • runs his hands through your hair from the front and then when his hand reaches the back of your head he pulls you into him and kisses you either on the forehead or the lips <3
  • in order to be in a relationship with him you HAVE to have the same type of humor.
  • i don’t think he could date someone who doesn’t make fun of people with him
  • you guys are like best friends who make fun of each other and. make out a little every once in a while
  • he’ll hold your hand and hug you in public but he will NEVER do anything else, especially not in front of the boys
  • he thinks the blush that ignites on your kissable cheeks should be for his eyes only
  • he gave you a keychain that had a cute little strawberry shortcake on it. and it’s your most prized possession 
  • will shoot a glare at anyone who watches you too closely. like no. don’t get googly eyed over MY girlfriend. 
  • and you don’t have a problem with that ;) 

yamaguchi tadashi.

  • he likes to watch you when you’re not looking to pick out the little habits you do
  • he thinks that knowing someone’s little hardly noticeable habits is one of the most intimate things on mother earth
  • he knows that you stir the milk in the bowl three times before you pour the cereal in to check for chunks because you accidentally drank spoiled milk when you were younger
  • NEVER has an issue getting you a gift for any occasion. he ALWAYS knows what you’re looking at and what you want and you lowkey think he can read your mind but in reality he just pays attention <3
  • you’re either just as shy as him to bring out his more assertive side or more assertive than he is to bring out his more timid side – both are good
  • kisses you on the forehead and holds your hand in public – he loves PDA because he can show you off :’)
  • yes. he kisses the back of your nape in public. so what. 

kageyama tobio.

  • he probably fell in love with you because you were just as passionate about something else as he is about volleyball; music, drawing, writing, math, science, reading – whatever
  • i see this relationship as being one that’s like…accelerated friends. like,,, you act like him and hinata except you kiss sometimes and he can see you at the end of the wedding aisle
  • DEFINITELY reads cosmopolitans once you start dating because he wants to be a good boyfriend for you <3
  • PDA is literally little to NONe,,, not because he doesn’t like it…it’s just because he doesn’t realize that he’s not showing you affection lololol
  • like in one arm he has his athletic duffel bag and the other he has a volleyball
  • he doesn’t mean to neglect you he just does AGAGAG
  • realized he liked you when he thought about you when he was drinking his milk and mindlessly bought you one too
  • the first time y’all kissed. he literally stared at you so intensely for a SOLID ten minutes debating in his head whether or not he should just go for it or wait or just smash his face into yours and hope your lips connect
  • he chose to cross his fingers and ended up smashing his forehead and nose into yours 
  • it was cute tho <3

hinata shoyo.

  • when yall cuddle and you’re the little spoon he likes to put his head on your shoulder/between your neck and watch as you scroll through tiktok or instagram and just mindlessly talk about his day 
  • the type of boyfriend where neither of you can cook and you both confusedly look at recipes on google like: ????? wtf is the difference between brown sugar and regular sugar
  • it’s his INSTINCT to hold your hand. no matter what. his hand just…gravitates to yous.
  • AND HIS LIPS JUST FIND YOUR CHEEK??? like it’s so natural to him to kiss your cheek when he sees you, even in public. it’s so adorable i–
  • he loves to tickle you. like you’ll be vibing, drinking whatever you drink in the morning and he’ll come up to you all casually and kiss you cheek…and then he’ll pounce 
  • he holds you close to his chest when he tickles you, partally because he likes feeling your laugh vibrate on his chest, and partially because it’s easier to not get tickled if he’s right behind you
  • his sister LOVes you and it just. makes him so happy

tanaka ryuunosuke.

  • you CANNOT remove his hand from your ass. it is permanently glued there. it is attached to you. yes, even in public.
  • number 1 hypeman! he will always support you, no matter what! you could be in a competition to raise the biggest beetle and he’ll be there rooting you on and staying up late with you as you rear your award-winning beetle
  • you two lay next to each other on the couch/on his bed and he’ll have his arm around you and you’ll lay your head on his chest as you watch netflix shows
  • i don’t imagine him being shy when he first kisses you; the first time he kissed you, you were literally just. existing and he literally just…couldn’t hold it in…and he just went for it
  • literally CATAPULTS himself into you and kisses you senseless
  • yes you and saeko are besties she gives you ALL the tea about young tanaka
  • the type to take off his shirt more during practice if you’re there watching, and literally BURN red if you mention anything about his muscles
  • you once traced a vein in his arm and commented on how hot it was and he literally short-circuited 
  • kiss his biceps. kiss his abs. kiss his cheek. please. it’s all he wants. he’s touch-starved

nishinoya yuu.

  • SUCH an excited boyfriend
  • like he seriously gets so hype doing ANYTHING with you pleaSE give this man an award. you’ll be at the amusement park and the line to get into a ride will be three hours and he’ll be like
  • “I get to spend three hours with you?!! fucking sick! absolutely radical!” 
  • he’s bold in public, but only because he wants to rub you in his teammates faces, but his ears will be Red
  • at home, he’s calmer :) he just loves to spend time with you, even if you’re sitting on a bench watching him practice receives for five hours straight in the blazing sun. 
  • he just treasures your time so much, you treats you like a precious gem – he will NEVER treat you wrong. deadass has no problem admitting when he’s wrong – but if he thinks he’s right then he WILL stand his ground
  • he’s a passionate man, who loves just as passionately.
  • his favorite time to kiss you is after you’ve taken a sip of a soda because he likes the taste of the syrup and the burn of the carbonation, but most of all because he likes the taste of your lips in combination with all of them
  • the day nishinoya told everyone yall were dating, kiyoko stopped you in the hallway and deadass got on her knees and thanked you LITERALLY she was like “i’ll buy you anything. give the word and it’ll be yours.” 

sugawara koushi.

  • would kiss you on the first date. deadass. he’ll just drop you off at your doorstep and you’re still high on adrenaline, and you’re lowkey hoping he’ll kiss you and you get  little disappointed when he doesn’t and then when you least expect it. bam. his lips on yours
  • his smell oh god, he literally smells like fresh sugar cookies. it’s like as soon as you get anywhere near him his smell just invades you nose and. you’re powerless. you just wanna hug him
  • never smells bad. try me, bitch. NEVER.
  • his hugs are literally god’s gifts. he loves hugging you. he just completely envelopes you with his pretty setter arms and his smell takes up all the space in your head and nothing else exists for that moment, just you two
  • loves tucking your hair behind your ears or just moving it out of your face; doing homework and your bangs are in the way? not for long because he’ll clip them up for you <3
  • he’s pretty mischievous and will playfully put his hand next to your head and lean down with such a HOT look in his eyes 
  • and he’ll say some shit like “i wanna devour you” and then he’ll laugh afterwards and give you a kiss on the forehead and you’re standing there. like -.- o.o -.- o.o
  • whenever he feels insecure about his position on the team, you’re always there to comfort him and he’ll just lay between your legs and rest his face on your stomach as you comb your fingers through his hair and scroll through tiktok
  • PDA? yes please. uh huh. mhmm. he doesn’t care who sees his love for you he just wants to love on you baby. kisses you on the lips, no problemo

daichi sawamura.

  • you and suga are the only ones who can scare him when yall are mad lol
  • boyfriend where you’ve dated for like a year but it feel like 50 have already passed. in a good way!
  • this relationship is so ungodly domestic. like from the first day it’s just pure comfort and he’s like your rock and you’re his anchor
  • you two bicker a lot but it’s lighthearted and you just feel so secure with him that poking fun at him and at yourself is just natural
  • daichi. gives. god. hugs. he does. it’s fact. 
  • his arms are just so big and he has so much body warmth and he probably smells like some bullshit cologne like “smoldering woods” and it’s just so. daichi
  • you two spend the night at each other’s house so often it’s like you already live with each other and people always forget that you don’t lolol
  • totally sleeps with his shirt off and only with underwear. isn’t awkward about it either;  when he wakes up he puts on sweats but still remains topless (not that you’re complaining)
  • you two are like. the strict parental couple, when you walk together whether it be down the street or in the hallways, you just look so right for each other it’s. mind blowing
  • doesn’t mind kissing you a little in public but really thinks that stuff should be for private; so normally he just kisses your temple and always has an arm either around your shoulder or around your waist

asahi azumane.

  • literal fucking teddy bear. god please cuddle him. please kith him. please comb through his hair with your fingers and kiss his nape and kiss the back of his head. please i beg of you.
  • did NOT ask you out first. he wrote love letter to you and then waiting behind the gym because he thought being near the volleyball gym would give him some luck and them you got in front of him and he was. deer in the headlights
  • needless to say you asked him out and kissed his cheek. he DIED
  • even once yall are comfortable in the relationship he still needs reassurance every once in a while because he’s a little insecure, not that you’ll leave him for someone else, but that he’s not good enough
  • his PDA skill are. subpar. he usually just holds your hand and that’s it, but sometimes kisses the corner of your eye or nose and you just combust
  • when yall cuddle he doesn’t like spooning. he likes to be able to see your face and the expressions you make, so doesn’t like being the little or big spoon; yall face each other and just lets your head lay on his arm even tho it’s numb. im: soft
  • kisses are so sweet, slow, and hesitant. he doesn’t really kiss you often because he has terrible timing but…when he does it’s like the whole world just becomes still in that moment and nothing matters but his hands on your waist and yours in his hair 

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i have this theory that the shows you watch as a toddler influence how you behave socially in some way. the babies who watch peppa pig end up being socially more savvy and adept at how they navigate interpersonal relationships. the ones who watched spongebob have a distinct sense of humour now you can always recognise. the ones who watched courage the cowardly dog became literateur horror enthusiasts as they grew. the ones who watched powerpuff girls became honorary eldest daughters burdened with the need to be helpful. and so on.

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btw, the realization that you can just not say shit about topics you’re not qualified to talk about is both very liberating and one I think alot of you need to make.

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happy birthday!!! hope you have a great day dear, love your writing <333

thank you 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 my day was great!!!!

AHHH THANM YOU LUV!!!!! I took a nap while playing collar x malice, so it was a great day :]

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Haikyuu Boyfriend Quiz – Who Would Be The One?

haikyuu boyfriend quiz

An incident caused Shōyō Hinata to awaken his love for volleyball. Speaking of love, what do you think, which of the Haikyuu hunks could be your boyfriend? Hardworking and confident Tobio Kageyama? Persistent and stubborn Shōyō Hinata? Neither of these two? How about the caring and patient Daichi Sawamura? You don't need to think anymore. All you have to do is answer a series of fascinating questions in our Haikyuu boyfriend quiz, and you will be answered like a bolt from the blue!

However, before you get carried away by your fantasy and imagine yourself having a romantic dinner with one of the characters of this fantastic anime, don't you think it would be worth learning a bit more about them? You don't want to make hasty decisions and choose a random thug, do you?

It would be appropriate to do a little research. Therefore, we will briefly describe to you each handsome guy that we think is worth your attention. Be careful; you will fall in love just after the description. However, it is only our Haikyuu boyfriend quiz that will introduce you to your chosen one. Once you get the result, it might be worth getting ready for your date together.

Which Haikyuu Character Could Be Your Boyfriend?

All right, pretty. So let's move on to an amazing presentation of individual males who might be your potential future boyfriends. It will be a kind of "Haikyuu boyfriend matchmaker," thanks to which you will get to know your volleyball crush.

Tobio Kageyama

He's a handsome guy, isn't he? Tall, slim, athletic. Black hair, gray (blue?) eyes. What more could you want? Isn't that your ideal of a man? Let's continue to another elegant...

Shōyō Hinata

Not very tall, but who cares? After all, Shōyō Hinata is distinguished by his beautiful smile that outshines his flaws. Beautiful red hair and brown eyes is an aspect that is sure to attract the opposite sex.

Daichi Sawamura

Powerfully built Daichi will certainly give support and a sense of security to many women. A boy with short, black hair and round, brown eyes with a clearly defined jaw. What more could you want? In addition, his friendly gaze inspires immediate confidence.

Yū Nishinoya

If none of the above has made your heart beat faster, then Yū will definitely do it. Stylish hairstyle - black hair with blonde highlights and slightly longer fringe. You could talk about hairstyles or even go to the hairdresser to color your hair together. Common interests are something fundamental in a relationship.

Kei Tsukishima

Contrary to appearances, this kind of guy stimulates the imagination of a woman. Kei is a typical nerd. Very slim, tall, with short, shaggy blonde hair. Don't be fooled by this plain look. Kei is a real flirt!

Keishin Ukai

If you've gotten to that part, apparently, none of the above impressed you. Time for a real bomb! You don't seem to like younger guys, which is why Keishin will be perfect for you. The 26-year-old coach of the Karasuno team is a perfect example of a bad boy! Ukai has dyed blonde hair and usually wears a headband. In addition, he has 2 earrings on his left ear, which adds +10 to his appearance! What else do you need?

Haikyuu Boyfriend Quiz - How to Play?

Jokes aside, it's time to finally find out which Haikyuu's dapper boy could be your boyfriend. What do you think? Who is your Haikyuu boyfriend? You'll find out in a moment, but how about finding out which Haikyuu character resembles you the most? You guessed it, we have such a quiz!

If none of the above suits you, then you have nothing to worry about. We still have a few tricks up our sleeve. The Haikyuu boyfriend quiz is not an ordinary quiz you've been solving so far. We will analyze your answers in depth and match you with the perfect candidate for a boyfriend. Our internal matchmaker is a specialist in this field. Therefore, do not hesitate any longer, because someone will take your chosen one from you.

Sours: https://quizondo.com/haikyuu-boyfriend-quiz/
  1. Rebecca zamolo game master series
  2. Robert small dream daddy
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  4. Martin county school district

Who Is Your Haikyuu Boyfriend?


Volleyball – a game of athletic skill, wits, and cooperation. If you’re here, though, then the boys at Haikyuu are competing for a much tougher prize – the tender heart of our dear reader.

Few fans would skip on the chance to have a date with one of our budding volleyball stars.

Whether it’s their feats of speed and endurance in the volleyball court, their signature personalities, or simply their charming good looks and excellent physique, Haikyuu lovers are spoiled for options in deciding which qualities they prefer in their dream date.

But much like a game of volleyball, romance is a battle played by two sides. On one side, you’ve got some of the most eligible bachelors this side of recent sports anime, each coming with different strengths and weaknesses. On the other side is you, the reader, with your own traits and personality.

How would your personality fare against these charming young gentlemen? Which one might be your ideal match? Exactly who is your Haikyuu boyfriend? Better ready your block stance, because this quiz is set to spike some questions straight to your kokoro!

⬇ Scroll Down & Take The Quiz ⬇

Haikyuu Boyfriend Quiz

What’s your ideal type like?

Which hair color is the most attractive?

What character trait appeals to you the most?

Pick which food is the tastiest

You’re planning on a first date, deciding to go to…

Do you mind being affectionate in public?

Which body build would you prefer in guys?

What’s a cute character tic that makes you go nuts?

You’re planning on a home date this time. You look forward to…

Do you think you’re competitive?

Which volleyball role impresses you the most?

Who Is Your Haikyuu Boyfriend?

Your boyfriend is Tetsuro Kuroo!

Kuroo contradicts himself a lot. He’s a troublemaker, but also a responsible leader. He’s eager to excel in school and volleyball, but can be extremely lax. A snarky and smug guy who’s nonetheless intensely protective and loyal to his team; that’s quite a winning combination, eh?

Your boyfriend is Tobio Kageyama!

Aloof and awkward, Kageyama is laser-focused on anything he has his mind on, be it a girl or his game. This strong and silent lad is also really shy, but you can bet he’ll share everything on his kooky mind with you. He’s a sweetheart. Consider taking him on dates to improve his social skills.

Your boyfriend is Tooru Oikawa!

Oikawa is a rather handsome man, as his scores of fangirls attest to. Confident, talented, and always armed with his signature smile, and you happen to be the perfect match for him. Hope you don’t mind getting kisses and affection in public, since Oikawa’s all about that. Plus he’s great with kids! A real trooper.

Your boyfriend is Kei Tsukishima!

The stoic and severe Tsukki usually doesn’t let anyone get into his zone of comfort easily, but since you’re matched with him, you might be able to break his ice king demeanor. He’d undoubtedly be a tsun, starting out serious but loosening up over time. Guy will enjoy alone time with you – music, movies… and dinosaur documentaries.

Your boyfriend is Wakatoshi Ushijima!

A papa to his men, and perhaps to you as well. Ushiwaka is a stern and imposing figure in the volleyball community, but he can be clumsy off the court due to his straightforward attitude. It’ll be a challenge to help him communicate his feelings properly, but make no mistake, this ace player is a big ol’ cinnamon bun.

About our Haikyuu!! Boyfriend Personality Quiz

The world of sports breeds a lot of formidable players; people who tirelessly practice to hone their athletic ability, coordination, mental acumen and stamina to crush the competition.

But even with such rigorous training in volleyball, all sorts of personalities manage to distinguish themselves. The game is many things – fast-paced, intense, complex, but it’ll never be boring. And the interactions among Haikyuu’s colourful characters are a big reason for why the series remains wildly fun.

What do romance and volleyball have in common? Well, psychological warfare is one thing - you’ve got guys like Kooru and Kei who are diabolically good at reading and messing with others. Imagine how good they must be at playfully teasing you on dates!

The guys in Haikyuu all have admirable qualities, with said traits mixing and matching to create lots of interesting (and lovable) people. You can expect no less from the students who are stepping up to be the world’s next volleyball stars. We have no doubt that you’ve got what it takes to date one of them, but just who would it be?

Want to figure out which Haikyuu character is your boyfriend? Find out your match with this quiz. Enjoy!

FAQ Haikyuu!!

When is Tobio Kageyama’s birthday?

Kageyama was born on 22 December 1996, the date of the winter solstice. Such days have the longest nights of the year, with only ten hours of daylight. This date is one of many parallels that the King of the Court has with Hinata, who was born on 21 June – the summer solstice.
It’s also notable that Kageyama, a prodigy, is still the youngest player on the Karasuno roster, while Hinata stands as the oldest member.

Why is Tsukki so mean?

Ah, yes. The salty middle blocker. Tsukki used to be a cheerful young lad who looked up to his older brother, who was the team ace at their school’s volleyball club. He later found out that his brother was rejected from the Karasuno volleyball team, which made him sore and bitter. He believed that nobody’s hard work could compete against natural talents like Kageyama or Nishinoya.
He gets better after receiving a pep talk from his childhood friend, Yamaguchi, as well as Bokuto, and becomes more open about loving the sport.

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Haikyuu Boys as your boyfriend--Fake Sub--

Liana got out of the car. Ralph came up from behind and pulled her to him, with one hand wrapped around her waist, and with the other he took her by the neck. The girl tried to get out of the embrace, but he immediately pressed on his neck.

Your boyfriend as haikyuu

We will leave this island. - What. - Anna looked up at him, not believing his words. - What you said.

-•Haikyuu Text•- Wait Until Your Boyfriend Kisses You First - Bottoms Challenge

A friend. Even a woman. And you alone are fucking her. - Something you have never offered me Tatyana, friend. - Tatiana, wife.

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Wrapped in sheets, we sat in armchairs, sipping natural kvass and continued the conversation. When we made three visits to the sauna, the body relaxed completely and bliss settled in it. - Let's go upstairs, - said the chief, getting up and taking my hand, - I'll show you how I mastered the skills of massage. Upstairs we went to one of the massage rooms.

There was a massage couch and a table with a huge number of bottles and tubes.

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