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How to Make a Character Edit

Hello Peoples.~ Am going yo be showing an easy step of how to edit~

So Apps we are going to use...

We can use google or We Heart It but I use We Heart It more. For an example we are going to use Mizore from Rosario + Vampire. All these app are for free

user uploaded image

Picture we are going to use...

We are going to use 5 pictures of Mizore!

And the apps we are going to use in this part is

FotoRus. You have a to get a picture were it shows all their body or just half.

user uploaded image


We are going to use the 4 picture I picked.

We are going to use a collage to make this edit

user uploaded image

So putting the 4 pictures were going to but a fliter on the 4 pictures if you choose too

user uploaded image


After saving you collage you are going to move on to Eraser. Since we are using 5 pictures we are going to use the full body picture of Mizore. You are going to have to use auto to edit the back ground easier.

user uploaded image


After that we going to move to Pixlr. We going to photos and get the collage we made earlier.

user uploaded image

After tha with the picture we edit we are going to drag that edit picture in the middle of the collage

user uploaded image

You guys are going to get the picture and its fine if it has a black back ground. Once you get the picture it will be looking like this

user uploaded image


When going into Legend you type the name or whatever you want and make the fount and filter differnt and it will look like this..

user uploaded image

Here are some edits that are the step by step prosess..

user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image

I Can’t Stop Vibing to These Unapologetically Black Anime Edits

Fan edit of Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen

Last week was the season finale of Jujutsu Kaisen, a series I’ve thoroughly enjoyed ever since Yuji decided that the best part of waking up was a cursed finger in his mouth. There were a lot of spectacular moments in the finale, all of which I praised in my regular anime round-up, but as always, Satoru Gojo had to come in and steal the show with a single scene.

Screenshot of Gojo on the phone

Yes, this man is attractive, with a level of sass that’s on par with his extremely overpowered jujutsu. To be Satoru Gojo is to fully embrace being an absolute troll with an inhuman amount of swagger. Gojo will go from making extremely valid points about the way of the jujutsu world, imparting wisdom on his students, to pissing everyone off—enemies, and especially friends. To associate with Satoru Gojo is to go from this:


To this:


In seconds.

Something about this particular screenshot, though, hit the fandom community real hard. Is it the sly smirk on his face? The little head tilt to the side? The fact that he knows he’s a pain in the ass and delights in how it annoys others?

Whatever it was, it inspired an INCREDIBLE fan edit:


Yes hi.


The edit comes courtesy of blkitachi, who’s been doing edits like this since October 2018, “When I made a Naruto side blog on Tumblr,” they said when I reached out to ask about this fine ass Gojo who’d been all over my timeline. (They were kind enough to give us permission to feature their work here.) “Then I moved to Twitter and started editing other shows when I saw how much people liked my edits.”

Like is an understatement.

I was content with leaving it at that, but then I thought, “What happens if I click on their Twitter handle?” After all, they mentioned this starting with a Naruto blog.

What if.

There were more?

Any other fandoms? I wonder…

Oh, and here’s Gojo without the blindfold, so we can get a good look at those hypnotic eyes of his.


That’s how he looks at you when he asks if he can stay the night because he got kicked out of his place. He stopped paying the rent, you see, because they forgot to send the bill in the mail. Now that you know the truth he’s gonna ask to stay for just a week. Tops. Until he’s back on his feet, you know? He’s got some places lined up and he’ll sleep on the couch. He’s got a job interview in the morning, too.

Oh yeah, he got fired. Oops.

Before you realize it, a week’s gone by, he’s got his toothbrush next to yours, and he’s moved from the couch to your bed.

All extremely accurate headcanons aside (Gojo’s a disaster man, you know he’s probably living with Nanami, right?) what I really love about blkitachi’s edits is the hair. I love the various skin shades of Black with each character, too, but seeing my favorite characters with hairstyles similar to my own is really cool. As a cosplayer who’s wondered if I should get a wig or use my own damn hair, seeing my faves like this is extra validation to just be a natural hair version of whatever character I want.

I also adore that the characters with wild hair colors keep those colors. Langa from SK8 the Infinity keeps his blue hair while Naruto’s Sakura keeps her pink. I remember growing up with this idea drilled in my head that all the vibrant colors I’d see on white girls wouldn’t work on me, that it was ghetto when a Black girl decided to play around with bold oranges or, well, any color that wasn’t her own, so to see these characters not default to natural colors and, instead, keep those anime greens and cloud colored whites is amazing.

You can check out blkitachi at the following links:





For a pleasant melanin boost, I recommend just scrolling through their feed and looking at the edits AND the art/cosplay it’s inspired from others. You will not be disappointed.

(Image: blkitachi)

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Anime Characters Light Tone Girl Nakaru Tai 5th Anniversary Edit

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Anime Characters Light Tone Girl Nakaru Tai 5th Anniversary Edit


Anime Characters Light Tone Girl Nakaru Tai 5th Anniversary Edit

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Anime Characters Edit -- TikTok Compilation

The Coolest Anime Characters Ever| List of Top Favorites

Anime is an elaborate form of animation with its bright colors and vivid imagination. Combining the thematic elements of fiction and fantasy with science to give a distinctive feel. It is a modified version of animation as we know it in the West with a peculiar Japanese taste of art. Anime brings a wide variety of characters and personalities to life, from hardcore badass to shy girls, and everything in between, there is a unique character for everyone out there to relate to in this vast universe of Japanese anime series.

Now, who is the coolest anime character in the history of anime? It’s been debated on the internet forums for as long as the forums have been around. I thought I’d also give my perspective to the conversation, so I’ve compiled a list of the best anime characters in the anime world. The factors I considered were impact, legacy, recognition, but most importantly, the artistic greatness giving a unique power to the character.

Top 10 Coolest Anime Characters Ever

1. Light Yagami (Death Note)

Devilish, determined, and calculating to revamp the world in his own image, Light Yagami was the force behind the success of Death Note. The anime was exceedingly addictive, an absolute unputdownable material due to the author Tsugumi Ohba’s clever use of cliffhangers. The story much relied on Light’s cleverness and his layered plans. But once he gets possession of the death note, he commences an astonishing into a disturbing mastermind who becomes judge, jury, and the executioner for the whole world.

The misguided character of Light is an intricate mix of goals to make the world a happier, safer place but with a wrong mindset. His brilliance marks Light’s development throughout the series. His idealism and nobility shine when he relinquishes the hold of the Death Note, temporarily turning into a kindhearted and moral being. These intricate set qualities pool together to end up in creating a complicated character who ends up being a despicable villain; still, you root for him to come out of the story as a winner.

2. Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

Itachi Uchiha has a vivid and unique backstory, known as the Batman of anime, sums up how cool he is. He is a martyr, a true hero who was wronged by those in power and, therefore, a pitiable character. The character starts its journey by witnessing a World War at the age of 4 years old, which turned him into a pacifist. Itachi has a strange sadness, willingness to do what’s right, and faithfulness to the leaf village. He is the anti-hero that fans couldn’t think as bad as they stared into his dreamy Sharingan filled eyes. The charisma is extraordinary with his iconic design, mysterious history, and cool moves.

3. Naruto Uzumaki(Naruto)

The loudmouth ninja in the leaf village is a brash and immature person from the start, and the most usual way of communication is screaming in your face. Naruto is a pure goofball, but when it comes to his capabilities, he’s the by far the most determined and fierce fighter I’ve ever seen in the anime world. He’s an idealistic fool, but it’s hard not to admire the code of honor that goes with it. Naruto’s only life goal is to become Hokage; however, passing ninja school proves to be a tough goal.

Naruto grew up feared and shunned by his fellow villagers because of the nine-tailed fox malevolent spirit sealed inside his body. Under the mentorship of Kakashi, he learns to overcome many obstacles for a carefree soul to handle. In his prankish and ramen loving character, an ambitious, loftier Naruto is hidden, trying to achieve his life goal and lead his village is no romantic fantasy. His determination is so strong that his character becomes the very epicenter of persistence in life, as he often announces, “I’m going to make everyone recognize my existence!”.

4. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

Blend Bruce Lee’s martial art with an overdose of film noir, with a bit of a cool, and you get Spike Spiegel. Spike was an amalgamation of several influences resulting in a creation that was more than the sum of its parts. Cowboy Bebop 1998 was a mixture of cultures from around the world, and Spike was the essence of the story. Voice actor Steve Blum gave Spike a feel of smooth, effortless cool that arguably outshined the original Japanese version.

Spike presented a versatile character, a gearhead working on this own spaceship, an expert pickpocket, a smart detective, a hardcore fighter, while also a bit of a philosopher. However, the most attractive thing that made Spike was his past as a gangster, and a man hopelessly in love. Spike left in a blaze of glory that is unique in all of anime history.

5. Levi (Attack on Titan)

A personification of the phrase “big things come in small packages.” Levi has a complicated and fascinating history and humanity’s strongest yet very short. He never smiles and appears irritable, short-tempered, and challenging to approach. Notwithstanding his coarse behavior, fashions a trademark cravat around the neck. A steadfast, realistic, and empathetic character expresses no fear, anxiety, and no glaring weakness. He’s a veteran and knows his stuff is through everything. Levi is always focused on the task finding no time for humor or banter. With virtually no social skills and can be considered a sincere man.

His character challenges the notion of perfection and attains maximum potential when the main story even begins. He’s the embodiment of many positive traits such as passion and love for humanity, skills, and decisiveness, pragmatism, and wisdom. He’s the very best humanity has to offer but still flawed.

6. Saitama (One Punch Man)

Saitama, the One Punch Man, is formidably the strongest character in anime. The series is different from most other combat anime, as, in this series, the protagonist is already the most hardened person around. Saitama, after three years of rigorous training, was able to withstand any blow and defeat any enemy. Though his supreme power and strength leave him depressed, and the character explores the emptiness that follows after achieving a lifelong goal. The entire series surrounds the point that the pursuit of power or one’s lifelong goal is more fulfilling than actually holding such a position. He is not after popularity, reward, or not even survival; Saitama did everything for fun.

7. Portagas D Ace (One Piece)

Portagas is a two-faced one-piece character that manages to combine his goofy side with the loyal side, and everything sprinkled with a tinge of cool over. The character is never backing from a fight. His love for brother is so deep that he is willing to protect him even if it costs him his life. He is much polite and pragmatic than his younger brother. At times he is cool during combat, while at other times, his softer side shows when he is with his brother. His fire abilities help in the fight and will not let anyone hurt Monkey.

8. Meliodas(The Seven Deadly Sins)

Meliodas is the son of the Demon King and is sturdy and durable. Having monstrous strength, ability to reflect any magic, and command over the flames of hell, as well as cursed immortality. Meliodas is perhaps the most powerful and strongest character in The Seven Deadly Sins and any anime series for that matter. From his stature and cute appearance, he appears as a physically weak and less potent; however, he essentially holds an incredible demonic strength that is yet to appear in any other anime series.

The dominant traits of Meliodas are frankness and utter fearlessness. He’s also very vulgar and loves to tell jokes frequently, while his strong sense of justice and willingness to help people in distress stand out.

9. Shoto Todoroki(My Hero Academia)

Shoto Todoroki is a wealthy and serious but well-meaning young man. He is reasonably tall, quite muscular, with a well-built body for his age. He is the son of Endeavor (Enji Todoroki), the Flame Hero. However, Shoto grew up resenting his father as a result of the lifetime abuse he endured from his father, both physical and verbal. He is half cold and half hot, a combination of ice Quirk of his mother and fire Quirk of his father. He’s raised by Endeavor for the sole purpose of surpassing All Might and be a successor to him. He hates his father for only viewing him as a tool and as a rebellion, vows to become the number one her without ever using his fire abilities.

Shoto wears a hero costume while performing heroics and is packed with a list of features like resisting intense heat, body temperature sensor to either cool or heat it to keep it regulated. Despite his stoic exterior and proficient combating skills, he’s socially awkward and is quite compassionate. One of the most influential and intelligent people in his Class 1-A, he tends to get very intense with his emotions.

10. Killua Zaoldyeck(Hunter X Hunter)

Killua Zoldyck’s story is finding purpose and love in life without having to abandon your nature. He develops from a young assassin who lacked self-worth to a hunter that became the brother and best friend anyone could ever ask. Killua’s character is attractive because he tackles his inner struggles by learning from the relationships he makes in his life. He belongs to an infamous hunter family and has to bear many tortures at a young age and, as a result, becomes immune to poison, agile and strong, develops high tolerance to electricity, and his nails being able to turn into sharp claws.

Despite his training and years of torture, he doesn’t accept his fate and yearns for something more – being a normal childhood life for once. He wants to make friends, notwithstanding his brother saying he can’t have friends. He becomes best friends with Gon, a complete opposite of Killua, innocent, honest, and having an optimistic look on life. Gon became the Light for Killua’s inner darkness and proof of self-worth; he learns compassion and friendship from Gon. He feels indebted to Gon and struggles to protect his friend while simultaneously dealing with his fear of being unable to fight against a stronger opponent.

Final Words

Every anime character brings its feel and looks to the fictional world. As the vivid and ornate form of art, anime presents a different view of the world and human mind capabilities in creating such an intense augmentation of unreal to animated life. I’ve introduced a list of top favorite anime characters I’ve ever come across in my exquisite pursuit of the anime world.

What do you think about my picks as the coolest anime characters? Who would you rank as number one? Comment below and let us know.

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Shanoon Cox

Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.

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15 Most Popular Characters in Anime History (According to My Anime List)

An anime's popularity hinges on its characters. These are some of the most well received anime characters out there.

As hard as it is to admit, judging an anime is not always about the quality of the writing or animation. More often than not, it brings fans of any age back to the wild tribalism of their middle school lunch room as dominance is decided, not by wit or strength, but by a popularity contest. Which kid had the coolest shoes? Who had a cookie in their Lunchables? Whose dad "works at Nintendo"?

As is constant with the early days of humankind, those who stand at the top are those who are most popular, and this is no different for anime and its characters, where the next casual fan may have their next anime of choice dictated by what they see the most, either in the recommendations of YouTube or on the backpacks and t-shirts of their fellow weebs.

Whether it be the best looking, more intriguing, or most badass character, anime as a medium is one that is often defined by its most popular characters. Whether they perfectly condense all that one loves about a series into a personified form or just absolutely steal the show, anime characters are a performance worth paying for on their own. Bringing things back to the glory days of that middle school lunchroom, this list will be deciding who really is the coolest of the cool, as it runs down the Top 10 most popular characters in anime history (according to the community votes of My Anime List as of this writing).

Updated May 20th, 2020:Much like any other industry, the anime world has a competitive atmosphere whose landscape is constantly shifting. And while the studios may compete for a share of their audience, anime characters themselves also indirectly compete for attention, with the faces of the industry constantly changing within the fans' eyes. As such, this list will be adding a few more faces that have risen among the anime ranks, as well as adjusting for new rankings and votes within MyAnimeList.

15 Kazuto Kirigaya (40,164 Votes)

Sword Art Online has become a behemoth within the anime world for both influencing the isekai boom that fans know today as well as rising as one of the most successful franchises in anime history. And while each member of its eclectic cast has played a part in defining the series, its main man will always be the pro gamer himself, Kirito.

Whether fans are relating to his quiet attitude or just love his various adventures within video games and romance, Kirito is filling up heart containers everywhere with his charisma.

14 Kurisu Makise (42,666 Votes)

Steins;Gate was a pivotal and influential anime in more ways than one, but the area that really counts is in crafting one of the most famous tsunderes in anime. Kurisu "Christina" Makise is the reluctant partner in crime and science to the series' lead (more on him later). Her biting tongue made for some great rapport, and her sweet side helped compliment the famous endearing quality of the series main cast.

While good on their own, these qualities gave some weight to the twist in the beginning that she may very well die in the series. Grabbing the viewers tighter as the series gone on, fans began to love and worry more and more for their beloved Christina.

13 Hachiman Hikigaya (42,723 Votes)

The anime industry has taken a hit with the current crisis, with one of the most infamous delays being for the long-awaited return of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU. Perhaps the biggest call for fans' concern is the fact that they'll have to wait just a little longer for anime's king of self-deprecation, Hachiman Hikigaya.

A realist who still selflessly serves the betterment of his fellow students, Hachiman is a strong take on the high school protagonist that fans just can't help but be intrigued by and the people who actually take the time to know him just can't help but fall in love with him.

12 Itachi Uchiha (43,223 Votes)

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most famous edge lords in all of anime, but he wouldn't be what he is today without the older brother that he probably stole mixtapes and t-shirts from.

RELATED: Top 10 Edgy Anime Characters That Defined Our Childhoods

Itachi Uchiha is the anti-hero that fans didn't think for a second was bad, as they stared into his dreamy, Sharingan filled eyes. Whether it's his iconic design, mysterious history, or cool moves, Itachi made millions of fans everywhere question why he isn't the Uchiha the series focused on.

11 Killua Zoldyck (48,832 Votes)

Hunter x Hunter is far from being a one-character show. Even now, the series has pivoted across an entirely different perspective, giving fans awe to how versatile and complex this spectacular Shonen can be. If there was ever a character to define how cool and varied this series can be, it would be none other than Killua Zoldyck.

Though the series tries to relegate him as Gon Freecss' sidekick, Killua managed to grab a lot of attention for his mysterious family history, lethal talent, and constant contemplation of purpose and morality.

10 Sakata Gintoki-Gintama (51,200 Votes)

Starting off this list is the class clown of anime who can make anyone laugh or even cry at the drop of a hat. Gintama alone is a series known as the king of anime comedy, infamous for its surreal humor, loveable characters, and insurmountable amount of pop culture references that even put Family Guy to shame.

Leading the series' motley crew of clowns is the "White Demon" himself, Sakata Gintoki. Once a revolutionary during the alien invasion version of Japan's Edo period, Gin now finds himself doing "odd jobs" across town just to make ends meat, whether it's assisting in a sushi shop, solving local detective cases, or fighting off aliens. What helps elevate Gin to this list is his ability to pull off straight faced jokes, ecstatic straight man routines, and endearing, stoic lines, playing cool as both the humble fool and hard boiled badass with such mastery that Gin really sees no equal within his industry.

RELATED: Top 10 Episodes of Gintama That Define Anime Comedy

9 Naruto Uzamaki-Naruto (58,366 Votes)

Sitting at #9 is one the main characters of the infamous "Big Three," the Hidden Leaf Village's "Nine-Tailed Fox," Naruto Uzamaki. Naruto defines the very essence of "started at the bottom," as he began his journey as the incompetent outcast of his ninja school, only for the fans to cheer and cry as they watched him work and scrape to the top, training with the perviest of sages, fighting off the most powerful ninjas, and still finding time to look after his friends.

The #1 Knucklehead became #1 in several anime fan's hearts, as he gave some of anime's best fights, character dramas, and underdog stories. And, just a couple of years ago, Naruto reached that rare breed of shounen protagonist that actually gets to achieve their dreams, as he finally became the 7th Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village, making readers and viewers who followed along the way feel like proud parents.

RELATED: Top 10 Shonen Jump Series of the Modern Generation

8 Roronoa Zoro-One Piece (62,906 Votes)

Proving that supporting characters and second-in-commands can be beloved within their own right, the "Pirate Hunter" and first mate of the Straw Hat pirates, Roronoa Zoro, makes this list. In the beginning, Zoro was just a loudmouthed kid who thought that just having more swords meant he was stronger. However with diligent training and the pains of a lost rivalry, he'd go on to master the illustrious three-sword style and mature into the stoic badass that fans love to this day.

On his journey to become the world's best swordsmen, Zoro has paved (in more cases, cut) a path of destruction that has left behind buildings, robots, and some of One Piece's best antagonists. He is the coolheaded bedrock that has supported and guided Luffy as the Captain of the Straw Hats and a trusted companion that has proven to fans in more than one occasion what loyalty really means.

RELATED: One Piece: 10 Facts About Roronoa Zoro That Only the Most Diehard Fans Know

7 Rintarou Okabe-Steings;Gate (64,901 Votes)

Moving away from the more combat heavy series, this list enters sci-fi/suspense/visual novel territory, as it looks into anime's favorite mad scientist and the leader of the Future Gadget Research Establishment, Rintarou Okabe. Rin encapsulates everything that any struggling college/STEM student should aspire to be.

RELATED: 10 Sci-Fi Anime That Redefine the Genre

He is a first-year at Tokyo Denki University who's decided to move his operations to Akihabara and open up his own time travel research lab, leading a group of engineers who are more otaku than scientist. Rin draws fans in with his eccentric and over the top behavior but absolutely traps the viewer's attention with his hidden levels of sincerity and intrigue, as the series dives deeper into its own mysteries, putting Rin into a variety of high concept, moral dilemmas that give an already interesting character plenty to work with.

6 Light Yagami-Death Note (68,258 Votes)

On a similar note of high concept, moral questions and suspense is the teenage savior of humanity and punisher of all that is evil, "Kira" Light Yagami. Light was once the good looking prodigy of his high school whose societal and family pressures only made him more and more distant from the mundane elements of every day life, until the opportunity of a lifetime literally fell at his feet, and he would begin a journey of world salvation and mass murder.

Having found the Death Note and entering a companionship with the death god Ryuk, Light now has the ability to kill anyone, anywhere by dictating their name and even cause of death within the Death Note. Taking upon the identity of "Kira," Light uses his newfound opportunity to kill all of the worst criminals of the world, showing closure to some while launching a worldwide conspiracy/mystery to others. With his genius level intellect and eccentric passion, Light has lead fans in one of anime's greatest cat-and-mouse chases.

5 Edward Elric-Fullmetal Alchemist (69,513 Votes)

Acting as the protagonist to one of the greatest Shounen anime of all time, the "Fullmetal Alchemist" Edward Elric has brought fans equal parts spunky, underdog passion and morally conflicted human drama that most, if any, other Shounen protagonists don't achieve.

After an alchemy experiment gone wrong that left him without an arm and his brother's soul trapped in a suit of armor, Ed has lead fans on an absolutely stunning journey of existential and religious drama, political intrigue, heartwarming friendships, and epic, high concept alchemy battles. Despite his arrogant, loudmouthed nature, Edward Elric was the face of an adventure that anime fans everywhere ironically prayed for a happy ending.

4 Levi Ackerman-Attack on Titan (71,809 Votes)

Moving on to a master of blades of a different breed is humanity's strongest soldier as well as the Captain of the Scouting Legion division and the Special Operations Squad, Levi Ackerman. Since his introduction, Levi has earned more than just the fans' love, as he's absolutely taken their respect, as his role as the cold, stern faced captain scares to near Fullmetal Jacket levels but is mitigated by his tactful nature and genuine concern for his mission and team.

Beyond a leadership that even gets viewers standing to attention, Levi is also an incredible fighter on the battleground, as he's showcased some of Attack on Titan's most intense moments fighting off titans and other soldiers alike. Anyone who misjudges this man by his short stature may soon find themselves at the wrong end of a blade.

3 Monkey D. Luffy-One Piece (77,532 Votes)

Appropriately entering in at #3 is the leader of Shounen Jump's "Big Three," the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy.  The son of an infamous revolutionary and the grandson of a beloved marine, Luffy surprisingly had humble beginnings as just a little kid looking up to his pirate hero, "Red Haired" Shanks. After eating the Gum Gum fruit and being raised by bandits, Luff would go on to lead his own journey to become King of the Pirates, leading a loveable crew of misfits and outcasts that have ingrained the series with tons of personality.

RELATED: One Piece: The 10 Highest Bounties Ever

And no other member of that crew has more personality than the captain himself, as the fun loving, simple minded rubber man has made fans laugh, cry, and stare in awe, as Luffy's personal brand of justice and freedom are as provocative as they are endearing. Luffy's just a guy who's hard to hate, which falls in line with being a Shounen protagonist, but his own personal flavor promotes acceptance and dreaming in a way that other Shounen protagonists just haven't done.

2 L Lawliet-Death Note (92,662 Votes)

Surpassing his main character counterpart is Light Yagami's foil and the world's greatest detective, L Lawliet. It's no wonder that L has received as many votes as he did, as he's just an aesthetically distinct character. Whether it's his high level intelligence, eccentric personality, off center posture, or sweet tooth diet, L just leaves an impression on the viewer's mind which certainly adds to the intrigue of an already enthralling suspense series.

Beyond just matching Light in intelligence, L is a perfect foil in aesthetics alone, as his social ineptitude and strange aura allow him to gun past Light's more complex strategic and social reasoning. In the battle of the kid everybody loves versus the outcast that's just hard to look away from, L oddly wins out in a major popularity contest.

1 Lelouch Lamperouge-Code Geass (112,860 Votes)

Ranking in at #1 is a complex character leading complex characters in one of anime's most tightly structured and multifaceted series. Lelouch Lamperouge was at one point a prince 17th in line to the throne who renounced his status after the assassination of his mother and the crippling of his sister. Having been a political hostage in banishment within Japan as a student, Lelouch found his opportunity for revenge and redemption as he stumbled upon C.C., a mysterious girl who grants him the power of Geass, a strange ability that lets him dictate the actions of any person once.

With his newfound gift, Lelouch continues down a path of redemption and destruction as he becomes the leader of the revolutionary group the Order of the Black Knights, lies to and betrays his friends, and kills hundreds and thousands of people in the process. Seeing what type of man he becomes as he comes out the other side is just titillating enough to bring fans across a deep moral analysis and human drama.

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NextSquid Game: 10 Most Shocking Moments, Ranked

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Though he certainly regresses in a moral sense, Light Yagami offers an eerie depiction of one person's decay.

At the beginning of Death Note, Light drifts through life as a bored high school student with few challenges or particular interests. When he receives the Death Note, a magical item that kills any name written in it, he first becomes wildly altruistic, wanting to take down criminals so good people may live in peace. This leads to a number of ethical issues, but initially, he acts in accordance with some sort of "morality" in mind. 

As the series progresses, Light becomes less concerned with pursuing his vision of justice and more concerned with not getting caught. He sees himself as an all-powerful god, making Death Note a classic example of a tragedy centering around hubris - excessive pride that leads to a downfall. The lengths to which Light goes to evade capture are surprisingly depraved, completing his long dramatic journey. It may not be inspiring, but it is a compelling transformation.


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