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amana heat pump buying guide

Note: Before you dive into the specific brand review, we highly recommend you to read our elaborate Heat Pump Buying Guide in advance, there are several crucial steps you need to take before you even start to think about the brand.

Amana is an iconic American brand, and Daikin is a global leader in the production of HVAC equipment. In , Daikin bought Goodman, the owner of the Amana HVAC brand, to get a foot in the North American residential heating and air conditioning market. Currently Daikin, Goodman and Amana heat pumps are identical in all but name.

This guide covers Daikin and Amana heat pump models. Notable features, pros and cons are discussed. The first table below lists each model with its critical specs. The second and third tables show Daikin and Amana heat pump price lists for the equipment and heat pump installation cost based on model and heat pump size. Our goal is to give you a clear idea of what your heat pump cost will be with installation.

Daikin and Amana Heat Pump Unique Features

These brands offer heat pumps in basic, better and best ranges, as most top brands do. The focus in this section is on their “best” models. As we begin Daikin and Amana heat pump pros and cons, let’s start with where these units excel.

Inverter Scroll Compressors

The Amana AVZC20 and Daikin DZ20VC feature scroll compressors that modulate like cruise control on a car. The purpose is to maintain precisely even heating and air conditioning (and dehumidification in the warm months) for optimal indoor comfort. These are Daikin compressors. Amana’s marketing uses the term “inverter” that is borrowed from the high-efficiency mini split niche. The 21 SEER air conditioning and 10 HSPF heating rating are in the top tier of the industry, though not the absolute most efficient models, and earned Energy Star Most Efficient recognition.

Communicating Technology

Both brands offer communicating heat pump technology called ComfortNet, the term that’s been used by Amana/Goodman for more than a decade. In a communicating system, the heat pump, air handler and thermostat share operating and indoor climate data. The purpose is to synchronize performance to deliver the best climate control. There are distinct pros and cons of communicating HVAC technology. We recommend reading our guide to Communicating vs. Non-communicating HVAC equipment before buying a communicating system from any brand.

Best Warranty in the Industry

Amana has long had some of the best warranties. The brand’s heat pumps are backed by lifetime unit replacement warranties on the compressor. If the compressor ever fails, Amana will replace the entire condensing unit – the outside unit, commonly called the heat pump.

Daikin heat pumps come with a year unit replacement warranty. Though the models are the same, Daikin has chosen to keep the industry-best warranty on Amana heat pumps and limit its risk on Daikin heat pumps. But consider this: Daikin’s least efficient heat pump, the DZ14SN has the same year warranty as the brand’s top model.

By comparison, only Maytag’s and American Standard’sbest models have a year warranty, and NO Carrier models have such lengthy warranty coverage. Most other brands offer 10 years of coverage on top models and 5 years on lesser models.

Finally, the brands have stopped making 13 SEER and 14 SEER models ahead of the curve. Low-efficiency heat pumps are dinosaurs. Daikin is an efficiency-conscious company, so got rid of its least efficient models.

Cons for Amana and Daikin Heat Pumps

ComfortNet communicating technology is an option on the top Daikin and Amana heat pumps. The upgrade costs $$1, for the onboard equipment and communicating ComfortNet thermostat.

At this point in the development of communicating technology, we do not recommend it. The systems, like those from most brands, tend to stop communicating. It can be very difficult to get components “talking” again. When that happens, many customers choose to replace the communicating thermostat with a standard thermostat, but in doing that, some of the heat pump’s potential performance and efficiency are lost.

Some dealers won’t sell communicating systems, because they fear they’ll be called to troubleshoot and repair them frequently. Again, see our Communicating vs. Non-communicating guide if you’re interested in the details.

Model Reviews and Recommendation

Daikin and Amana make 7 models. This table allows you to compare them at a glance.

Daikin ModelAmana ModelSEERHSPFCompressorCommunicatingOther
DZ20VCAVZC202110Variable/inverterOptionalEnergy Star
DZ18TCASZC18182-stageOptionalEnergy Star
DZ16TCASZC16162-stageOptionalEnergy Star
DZ16SAASZ16169Single-stageNoEnergy Star
DZ14SAASZ14159Single-stageNoEnergy Star

The top models, the Amana AVZC20 and AVZC18 and the Daikin DZ20VC and DZ18VC, are variable-capacity heat pumps with excellent efficiency ideal for extreme climates, especially where summers are long, hot and humid.

In the past, heat pumps were only rated for climates that range from hot to moderate, but not where winter temperatures were often below freezing. However, the Amana AVZC20 and the Daikin DZ20VC are certified as cold climate air source heat pumps. This means that they continue to heat effectively in temperatures below freezing. This makes them a suitable choice for northern climates from the Plains to New England. Having said that, in cold climates, an efficient Amana or Daikin gas furnace with a small central air conditioner might be a more cost-effective choice than an expensive heat pump.

If you prefer very good efficiency at a lower cost, the 2-stage Amana ASZC18 and ASZC16 and the Daikin DZ18TC and DZ16TC meet the criteria. These are Energy Star heat pumps that offer an attractive combination of indoor comfort and lower energy consumption.

The 15 SEER and 16 SEER single-stage models like the Energy Star Daikin DZ16SA and Amana ASZ16 are more affordable and suitable for all but the hottest climates.

Prices by Models

The table below shows a range of prices because each model is produced in a range from ton or ton to tons of heating and cooling capacity. That’s 18, BTU or 24, BTU to 60, BTU, as each ton equals 12, BTU. Prices for each reflect the different sizes.

Amana ModelsDaikin ModelsSEERSystem OnlySystem Installed Cost
AVZC20DZ20VC21$3, - $5,$4, - $8,
AVZC18DZ18VC19$3, - $4,$4, - $7,
ASZC18DZ18TC18$2, - $3,$3, - $7,
ASZC16DZ16TC16$2, - $3,$2, - $6,
ASZ16DZ16SA16$1, - $3,$2, - $6,
ASZ14DZ14SA15$1, - $2,$2, - $5,
ANZ14DZ14SN15$1, - $2,$2, - $5,

The System Installed cost includes the heat pump, labor and all supplies for installation. If the new heat pump has upgraded features such as variable-capacity performance or communicating technology, you’ll need a new thermostat too.

Prices by Unit Size

Correctly sizing the heat pump for your home might be the most important factor in your buying decision. Many heat pumps are oversized “just to be sure” they do the job. But that can lead to imbalanced temperatures and mechanical issues. Ask your HVAC pro to conduct testing to determine the heating and cooling load required of your heat pump. For more information, see What Size Heat Pump Do I Need in our buying guide.

The table shows Amana and Daikin heat pumps by size from tons to tons. In HVAC terms, 1 ton is equal to 12, BTUs of heating (adding heat to space) and air conditioning (removing heat from space) per hour. The range for each size varies by efficiency and whether the units are single-stage (basic), two-stage (better) or variable-capacity (best).

Heat Pump SizeHome SizeSystem OnlySystem Installed
ton - sf$1, - $3,$3, - $5,
2 ton - sf$1, - $3,$3, - $5,
ton - sf$1, - $4,$3, - $7,
3 ton - sf$1, - $4,$3, - $7,
ton - sf$1, - $4,$3, - $7,
4 ton - sf$1, - $4,$4, - $8,
5 ton - sf$2, - $5,$4, - $8,

Not sure what size you need? Try our heat pump sizing calculator which is based on several common factors.

Visitor Shared  Prices and Reviews

Brand & Model & SizePriceHome LocationHome Size
Amana ASPT59c14, ASZ$5,Sarasota, FL sq ft
$ for Extended warranty, 10 year labor and material,$ maintenance visits
ASZ13 13 SEER$4,Denver, NC sqft
When I was installing this unit, I came across a number of negative comments. However, I was impressed by the specs so I decided to go ahead with the purchase. What I have realized is that most people do not pay close attention to their units. As a result, this leads to constant breakdowns. A good analogy would be refusing to change the oil regularly in a vehicle. Soon it is going to break down. Another thing to note is that one should only use certified mechanics. The company knows their machines best and they give the best advice to their qualified contractors.
16 SEER ASZC16$6,Kansas City, MO sqft
This is the best value for money I have got in years. This unit does everything it is supposed to just as promised by the manufacturer. What I loved most about the Amana heat pump was how cooperative the contractor. I remember I had a problem with the fan motor a while back. The company did not hesitate to send a replacement part. The warranty terms for this unit are really quite impressive. I would recommend this unit to anyone.
Amana ASZ14 14 SEER$5,Knoxville, TN sqft
I needed a simple solution to my home’s heating needs and the ton model I purchased was just perfect. When making such an important purchase, it is best to take your time to understand what a good heat pump entails. Make sure the contractor does a perfect sizing of the home. Otherwise, you may not enjoy all the energy conservation that comes with a heat pump.
Amana ASZC18$8,Milan, IN sqft
My home is a bit large and I needed a model that was both powerful and efficient. Since I replaced my old model, I can honestly say the reduction in my electricity bill has been amazing. This is definitely a great model for people who want good heating coupled with efficiency. With a SEER, rating of 18, it is Amana’s most efficient heat pump. However, the high initial cost will be totally worth it in the end.
Amana ASZ16$6,Fort Worth, TX sqft
When I purchased this model, I decided it was better to pay more upfront and get quality later on. I can say that this choice has really worked out for the best. This heat pump delivers heating just as required and without a strain on the pockets. I would definitely recommend this model to those who want good heating in their home. Additionally, I was quite impressed by the warranty terms.
SSZ14 Distinctions$4,Tampa, FL sqft
I managed to snag this piece a while back. It has been five years now and the unit continues to work perfectly. The best advice I can offer is for people to combine a quality brand with a quality contractor. If any issues arise with such a high-quality model, it is most likely due to the contractor rather than the heat pump.

How to Get the Best Amana Heat Pump Prices?

  • Firstly, keep in mind that installation quality is always the most important thing for heat pump project. So never sacrifice contractor quality for lower price.
  • Secondly, remember to look up the latest tax credit and rebates.
  • Thirdly, ask for at least 3 bids before you make the decision. You can click here to get 3 free estimates for your local contractor, and this estimate already take rebates and tax credit into consideration and filter unqualified contractors automatically.

Lastly, once you chose the right contractor, remember to use the tactics from this guide: homeowners tactics when negotiating with HVAC dealer to get the final best price.

Sours: https://www.pickhvac.com/heat-pump/amana/
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