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Time to Go Faux? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Faux Plants

Artificial plants have a bad reputation in the world of interior design. To some people, they are only slightly better than weeds in the plant kingdom hierarchy. And frankly, the faux plants of yesteryear deserved this bad rap. They were made of thick plastic and looked about as real as you’d expect (that is to say: not real at all).

Fortunately, those days are long gone and the faux plants of today are realistic, long-lasting, and absolutely beautiful. They look so real that you might even find yourself watering them – whoops!

So, if you want to infuse your home with some greenery and decorate with indoor plants but aren’t sure real plants are for you, consider some faux alternatives. Still not convinced? Read on to get some of your burning questions answered and learn a little more about why it might be time to change your tune on faux plants being a faux pas!

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Is it ok to decorate with faux plants?

The short answer? Yes! Like we said, faux plants don’t have the same tacky reputation they used to. (No shabby plastic plants here!) Some people prefer real house plants (we love them too), but artificial plants can be better for certain homes.

faux plant decor

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What’s so great about faux plants, anyway?

1. They&#;re Low Maintenance

Not everyone has a green thumb. If you’ve struggled to keep your plants alive, and often find yourself overwatering or letting them dry out, listen up! With faux plants, you get all the beauty without the worry. Plus, no more asking the neighbors to take care of your plants while you’re on vacation—you can have your tree and not water it, too! With a faux option, you’ll never have to stress about it dying on you. How’s that for freedom?!

2. They&#;re Durable

While real plants can be delicate, faux plants are as beautiful as they are durable. Real plants also demand a certain amount of sun, the right amount of water, and protection from pests and diseases. When a real plant has been around a few years, it can feel like a miracle. On the flip side, our faux plants are made out of durable materials. So not only do faux plants last for years, they also maintain their good looks the whole time.

3.  They Look Good

One of the best benefits of faux plants today is how real they look. Unless you really know your way around the garden, you probably can&#;t tell the difference with the new, better materials used today.

At Modsy, we partnered with the leading manufacturer of artificial plants, DW Silks, to add some of the most-popular and long-lasting faux plants to our catalog. We&#;ve dubbed them our So-Real-You-Can&#;t-Tell-They-Are-Fake-Line. No one will ever call your striped agave an imposter!

4. They&#;re Versatile

Perhaps the best benefit of faux plants is that you can put them anywhere. When you are a parent to real plants, you have to accommodate your photosynthesizing babies by giving them the right spot and sunlight amounts to thrive. In contrast, faux plants thrive no matter where you put them, regardless of your environment!

faux plant ideas

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Are fake plants more expensive than real ones?

To be totally honest, they can be! If you look through the faux plants in the Modsy catalog, you’ll quickly realize that high-quality fake plants can be a bit of an investment. But just remember: these are for the long haul and can last for years and years when properly cared for. And hey—if you have a track record for killing plants, investing in some artificial plants might just be a better use of your money. After all, a faux plant is a one-time purchase, while replacing a dead plant every couple of months can really add up!

house plants

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So, should I get real or fake plants?

Ah, the heart of the matter: is real or faux the way to go for you? This totally depends on the person. But here are a few things to consider:


Real plants require more work than faux ones. So, consider how much maintenance time you’d like to put into the greenery in your home. If semi-regular dusting is all you can muster, faux is the way to go. Same for if you travel a lot for work, as it can be difficult to keep up a consistent watering schedule.

However, it can be rewarding to care for something and watch it grow. If you don’t mind putting in some facetime with your plant babies and digging your hands in the dirt, maybe you should give real plants a try! (Just be sure to dig into our houseplant care guide before you get started!)


When comparing the merits of real vs faux plants, consider your home’s environment, specifically the lighting and temperature. Some plants need certain living conditions to thrive. If your house doesn’t get a lot of natural light, certain plants might not be happy there. If your home’s air is super dry or you like to keep things cold, but you love the look of tropical plants, you may run into problems.

Think about what types of plants you’re drawn to, then do some simple research to see if they’ll thrive in your home’s environment. That can help determine where your real plants go in your home or if you should opt for faux plants since they can go anywhere!

Household Dynamics

The presence of kids or pets in your home can also be a big determining factor in if you get real or fake plants. Certain plants are poisonous or simply irritating to the digestive system if ingested, so you want to be conscious of the real plants that you do bring into a home if you have a pet or toddler who might get into your plants. And if you have a kiddo who loves to explore or a dog with an out-of-control wagging tail, plants can easily tip over. With real plants, the dirt can spill and scatter all over the place. That may drive some people nuts while others may see that as simply par for the course.

So, your family dynamics and personal preferences can affect your choice of plants, and even the types of plants you get if you decide to go for the real deal.

Skill Level

Do you have a green thumb or have you killed every houseplant you’ve ever owned? While you can certainly level up your plant care skills, if all your plants die, maybe go faux. No shame in that!

faux plants decor

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Do fake plants make you happy?

We’re big believers in the idea that bringing plants into your home decor can add to your happiness. But do fake plants have the same effect? Well, that depends on you! We dug into this idea in episode 5 of our podcast, The Render, when we talked with an expert on environmental psychology. There’s an old adage that “plants make people happy.” (In fact, the hashtag #plantsmakepeoplehappy has over 7 million tags on Instagram!) But the reality is, there’s no magical happiness chemical given off by our leafy friends.

The psychological benefits of house plants tend to come from the happy, satisfied feelings created from caring for a living thing. It can also come from the positive associations we have with the beauty of the natural world. (Which is probably why plants are a great way to add feng shui to your home.) With that second point in mind—if you find plants beautiful but can’t care for a real one, faux plants will likely still activate that psychological response and increase your happiness.

What it boils down to is having a more beautiful home, filled with things you love. This, in turn, makes you happier. So, can fake plants make you happy? That’s up to you!


Stylists’ Picks: The Best Faux Plants

Ready to bring home a faux plant baby? Shop the best faux plants in the Modsy catalog by size!

Small House Plants

Medium House Plants

Large House Plants



Want to see your home designed with faux plants and real furniture?

Start Your Project

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Faux Plant Stem In Glass Vase


Faux Plant Stem In Glass Vase

If you love plants and succulents, then this lovely Faux Plant Stem In Glass Vase is for you!

Each design is adorable! Why don&#;t you create yourself a lovely indoors eco-system.

They will most definitely suit into a theme you may have chosen in a room at home. They will look extremely cute in the garden too!

There are 3 different variations but they will be selected at random.


Furthermore these faux plant stems look fabulous in the glass jars and would look great within any room of the home, pop them in the hallway, living room or even the bathroom.

Not only are these great, they require no maintenance whatsoever making them an easy alternative if you aren&#;t very green-fingered.

Why not get two or three and display them together. These would go very well with our Plants and Succulent range available here

If you know a friend or family member who loves gardening, this would make the perfect gift for them.

Please note you will only receive one and the design of each stem in jar will come at random and each plant is artificial but to such a high standard they look extremely lifelike!


Width mm
Height: mm
Depth: mm

p: See our other cactus related items here which includes night lights, jars, lunch bags and more!

Sours: https://www.loveuniquehome.co.uk/product/faux-plant-stem-in-glass-vase/
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The Best Fake Plants: My Favorite Sources and Tips for Buying Faux Greenery and Flowers

Sharing a collection of the best fake plants that I have in my house. Also includes tips and recommendations on where to buy the best faux greenery and flowers, as well as what to specifically look for for the most lifelike artificial plants!

Sharing all the best places to buy faux greenery and plants, as well as tips on what to look for in order to have the best fake plants that are also the most realistic!

It&#;s my personal belief that most rooms look better with the addition of some greenery! It&#;s one of my favorite ways to add life to a space and it&#;s unlikely you&#;ll find a room in our house without some form of greenery. Faux greenery, flowers, and plants can be a hot topic in the design world. However, fake plants can be a great solution for many people, including those with a black thumb, those with pets, etc. Today I&#;m sharing my favorite sources for the best fake plants! I&#;m also offering great tips on what to look for and when the best time is to buy from each of the retailers listed below.

You may have seen this post in the past, but I&#;ve refreshed it with all the most current information! As you go through each of the sections, try and envision each of the spaces in our home without they greenery I&#;m highlighting. I think you&#;ll agree &#; most of the spaces would fall pretty flat without this addition and pop of color!

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

What to Look for to Find the Best Fake Plants

Fake greenery has gotten a bad rap in the past, because let&#;s be honest &#; there are some really bad options out there. But, if you know what to look for, faux indoor plants and flowers can look incredibly life-like without much maintenance or effort! Following are a few of my top tips on what to look for when buying fake plants.

  • I prefer stems over pre-arranged plants already in vases. This allows you to use them in multiple ways and to arrange them the way you prefer them to look.
  • With that being said, I look for stems with a more organic shape. Sometimes, the wilder the better. You don&#;t want it to look as though you placed a perfectly crafted piece of fake greenery into your vases and vessels.
  • Look for bendable or wired stems so that you can arrange your fake plants to your liking. This helps to make them look much more lifelike.
  • If buying online, be sure to read the reviews! If there are a large number, you can usually really upon the quality reports. This is particularly true on sites like Amazon and Wayfair.
  • I&#;ve had the best success in buying realistic fake plants when I&#;ve looked for the following varieties: fig leaves, tropicals, maidenhair ferns, succulent varieties, boxwoods, natural greenery branches and stems and other fern varieties. The benefit to many of these is that even when real, they sometimes look fake.
  • Most times, plastic plants look the most life-like. Especially when they have a foam element to them making them even feel realistic.
  • Remember to keep them clean! Since fake plants are otherwise so low-maintenance, it may be easy to forget to dust them. Keep the surfaces clean so they not only last longer, but look more realistic! If buying silk varieties, keep them away from direct sunlight or they may fade over time.

Where To Buy the Best Fake Plants

Following are my favorite sources for buying the best most realistic faux plants and what I buy at each store. Further down in the post, I&#;ll share specific examples from several of the following stores. Tap any of the store names below to see their selection.

Pottery Barn Faux Plants & Greenery

Although it tends to be one of the more pricier options, Pottery Barn is my favorite source for the best fake plants. From faux greenery stems and topiaries to fake flowers and fig trees, I&#;m rarely disappointed in the quality of Pottery Barn&#;s selection. Not only that, their stems are much more substantial than other retailers. So, you may only need three of their stems to fill a vases (vs. from many other stores). However, I rarely pay full price for their items. They frequently offer 20% off discount codes, so I hold off on buying greenery staples until that time. You can shop all of their realistic artificial plants here. I&#;ve also included a few of my favorites from around our home below.

These faux green petal leaf branches have been a Pottery Barn staple for several years for good reason. They work in nearly every season, and have a great, organic element to them and can easily be shaped. In the vase below I have three branches. I have six stems in the vase below (it is a very wide-mouth vase).

I have this faux fiddle leaf fig tree from Pottery Barn in both sizes they offer. Out of the box, it doesn&#;t look great. But with some gentle leaf adjustments (they&#;re all wired) it looks beautiful! You can see my tips on styling and adjusting it in my post on the best faux fiddle leaf fig trees and styling tips. You can see the tree shown below in combination with my favorite faux greenery stems (only four stems).

The best faux fiddle leaf fig tree in a dining room with faux greenery, linen dining chairs, a vintage style rug, and abstract art.

DINING ROOM SOURCES: 7′ Pottery Barn Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | Basket | Hand-Knotted Rug(look for less here) | Art | Linen Dining Chairs | Dining Table | Vase | Faux Greenery Stems | Striped Pillow Covers | Chandelier(great dupe here)

I&#;m also a huge fan of their olive stems that they typically bring back each fall! You can usually find them % off at various times throughout the fall and winter season.

A kitchen with faux olive stems on display. This post shares all the best sources and tips for buying faux greenery!

I was so happy to see Pottery Barn brought back these faux fig branches that I used several years ago! They&#;re beautiful for fall!

The dining room table with a faux olive branch inside a white and green vase with red wine on the table in glasses.

They also tend to have a really great selection of topiaries! This lemon tree topiary in our entryway (we have the medium size here) is still one of my all-time favorite buys!

Lastly, they have some of the best faux olive tree options I&#;ve seen in person! This faux potted olive tree is my personal favorite (in either size)!

Hobby Lobby Artificial Plants & Greenery

Hobby Lobby is another go-to for the best faux greenery, especially if I need something same-day and can&#;t wait for shipping times. I will never pay full price for theirs, as I feel like they go on sale every few weeks for % off! They also have arguably the most expansive selection of any chain store. You can shop their faux greenery and foliage here.

Many plants in a row in a store for sale.

They also have a really beautiful selection of mini greenery bushes (near their greenery swags), although they tend to be much pricier than the stems shown above. I was super impressed with the olive leaf bundles I found there recently &#; and they&#;re currently half off! For the price, the faux plant decor is really beautiful and another pretty option for fall.

Faux green plants on the shelves in a store.

Target Faux Greenery & Plants

I love that Target has recently expanded their home decor offerings, and now has a botanicals section. This faux maidenhair fern in a wood pot is one of my favorite finds ever! It looks good in virtually every room in our home!

Michaels is another great local option for faux greenery, plants and flowers. They have a rather expansive selection both in stores and online. They also have a good selection of faux florals and I was especially impressed by their faux peonies and hydrangeas. You can see their current florals and faux greenery here.

The light and dark green fake plants at Michaels store.

Terrain Faux Greenery & Plants

Terrain is a sister company to Anthropologie and has a bit more of a boutique feel to their stems. I love that they typically carry unique, beautiful options that you can&#;t find anywhere else! Occasionally, you will find some of their lines at Anthro and Nordstrom, but quantities and styles are usually limited. However, if I find a stems I love, I usually check all three sites in case one is offering a sale! You can shop their faux greenery and florals here. They currently have an incredible selection of citrus stems!

I found these ginkgo stems at Terrain last year (no longer available), and it&#;s one of my favorite finds! I was able to find similar gingko stems here that are still available!

TJ MAXX, Marshalls and HomeGoods Faux Greenery & Plants

If you&#;re on the hunt for more of an &#;arranged&#; type plant or florals, try checking out TJ Maxx or Marshalls (online or in stores) or HomeGoods! I&#;ve bought multiple preserved boxwoods from them in the past and even some faux versions that have worked well.

Many faux flowers and vases for sale on a store shelf.

I found this vase of faux tulips there last spring and it&#;s one of my favorite and most realistic looking artificial floral arrangements! Notice how they added clear filler in the bottom of the vase to give the illusion of water, making it look much more life-like!

Wayfair Faux Greenery & Florals

Wayfair can definitely be hit or miss when it comes to faux florals and greenery. However, I think they have one of the best review systems out there so it&#;s pretty easy to find the winners and duds pretty quickly! This faux olive tree I got bought there is an incredible value for the size and it&#;s now available here on Amazon!

West Elm Faux Greenery & Plants

I feel like West Elm tends to offer the best selection of tropicals and non-traditional fake greenery. I&#;ve had their faux fiddle leaf fig stems for years and still love them! They&#;re a bit more fabric-y than I would typically prefer, but the coloring on the leaves is life-like and I love that they are on wired stems, making them easier to arrange than most. Plus a few stems go a long ways with these. I have two in the large vase below. You can shop all of their faux botanicals and florals here.

A hallway table with a green and white vase on it and faux leaves in it.

OLD ENTRYWAY SOURCES: Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Stems | Vase | Console Table | Lamp Bases | Swing Arm Sconces | Bench

Following are a few of my favorite West Elm faux greenery and stems (click any of the images below to learn more about each item):

JOANN Fabrics Faux Greenery & Plants

Although JOANN also has loose stems, I find they have a better selection of faux greenery in the wreath area. And they frequently have coupons you can use too! I&#;m a big fan of their mossy wreaths.

Fake green wreaths on a shelf in the store.

World Market Faux Greenery & Plants

World Market isn&#;t usually one of my go-to&#;s for greenery, but seasonally I feel like they can have some good options. In the past, they have been a great source for faux olive plants and other fall greenery. For example, topiaries and wreath I used in our fall dining room a few years back. And although I haven&#;t seen it personally, their faux fiddle leaf fig tree gets rave reviews too! You can shop their plant shop here.

 Gorgeous dining room with faux olive topiaries and wreath with reclaimed wood hutch and dining table.

Local Home Decor Boutiques Faux Greenery & Plants

Be sure to also check local home decor boutiques. Many times their greenery isn&#;t much pricier than craft stores, and the quality can be better at times. Not only that, they usually give creative ideas for styling and displaying the greenery! I saw this pretty basket filled with faux stems when I was at Amethyst Home a while back.

A wicker basket filled with light green fake branches with small leaves.

So did I forget to cover any stores? Any other sources you love for finding the best fake plants? I&#;d love to hear!

Where to buy the best faux greenery poster.

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disclosure: some affiliate links used


Sours: https://lifeonvirginiastreet.com/the-best-fake-plants-my-favorite-sources-and-tips-for-buying-faux-greenery-and-flowers/
How to Make an Indoor Water Garden! 🌿💦 // Garden Answer

woman holding fake tree in store

Hobby Lobby has trendy faux plants that look REAL!

For a limited time, head on over to Hobby Lobby where they are offering 50% off select floral arrangements! No promo code is needed as the discount is already reflected in the price.

Someone recently told me how good the faux plants are right now at Hobby Lobby, so I had to go see them for myself. I am not one to gush over plastic florals or greenery (I definitely prefer the real thing); however, these stunning and trendy faux florals and plants at Hobby Lobby have me totally fooled — and now I need ALL of them! – Hip Sidekick, Sara

Add some faux florals and greenery to your home that looks just as good as the real thing! This floral sale has everything from tropical leaves to succulents, magnolia flowers, and much more!

1. Succulents

three mini succulents in rocks in glass vases in wood crate

No need to ever water these succulents! They would make the perfect desktop decor, and the tiny rocks they sit in make them look so realistic. I can guarantee all your coworkers and friends will be asking if they’re real!

2. Tropical leaves

two green palm leaves sitting in a black tube in floral aisle in store

These gorgeous leaves were giving me all of the tropical vibes! They looked insanely real, and their large size would make such a stunning and minimal statement in a great vase.

3. Fiddle leaf fig tree

sara standing next to a tall fiddle leaf fig tree in store aisle

I was so excited when I spotted this fiddle leaf fig tree, and even more so when I saw it was under $! It’s so hard to find this trendy plant at a reasonable cost, and many people prefer faux over the real thing anyway, since taking care of these plants can be so tricky! This little cutie would look perfect in any corner of your home.

4. Pink Roses

tons of pink roses in a metal jar

Can you even believe these pink roses are fake! While these flowers may not necessarily be “trendy”, they’re certainly so timeless and beautiful. I saw them displayed in a rustic metal jar in Hobby Lobby, lending them the perfect farmhouse appearance for any table centerpiece.

5. Modern succulents

red burgundy colored succulent with tall green succulent in cement pot on floor

If you haven’t already guessed, I am totally loving succulents right now! Not only are they trendy, but they look absolutely adorable almost anywhere you put them! Plus, I love how this one comes potted in a cement planter and rose gold stand for the perfect modern touch.

6. Farmhouse cotton stems

sara holding cotton stems in glass vase in floral aisle at store

Looking for the perfect farmhouse touch? These cotton stems are it! While I’m pretty sure they’re technically real cotton, I love that they come styled in a glass vase and are held in place with faux water for extra realism. These would look great on any countertop or table.

7. Succulent Air Plant

hand holding faux plant and stand

This simple succulent can set the stage for a fantastic interior design. It features a bulbous gray cement pot on a copper-colored metal stand with a pale green plastic plant. It’s arranged within artificial sand and rocks to make this pretty piece look realistic and full of life!

8. Boxwood Plant

hand holding fake plant in tin pot

No green thumb is required for this plant! It features faux soil, green plastic leaves, and a tin bucket with a twine-covered rim. This chic plant is perfect for your desk, coffee table, dresser, or nightstand!

9. Split Leaf Plant

tall fake potted plants in store

This darling plant is placed in a black plastic pot with a foam filling and fake dirt, and it’s topped with a green plastic tree that features bright green stems and large split leaves. Arrange it in a bedroom or entryway for a bright, bold look!

Cactus Plant

two cactus plants in store

This cacti plant features a glazed, white ceramic bowl-shaped planter with an unfinished wood stand. It is filled with faux sand with small rocks and a mixture of plastic and foam cacti with a variety of textures and shades of green.

Here is everything you need to know about caring for Succulents!

Sours: https://hip2save.com/tips/trendy-faux-florals-hobby-lobby-look-real/

Plant glass vase in faux


Let's face it, not everyone has a magic touch when it comes to plants. Fortunately, with realistic faux plants, you can bring the outdoors inside without ever watering a single flower or fern. From sunflowers to pink orchids to rounded topiary, you're limited only by your imagination. When you place plants in a room, the brain automatically relaxes and drinks in the natural beauty. You can experience all the aesthetic benefits of live plants with none of the hassles of indoor gardening.

Because the vase, pot or other container is equally visible, our selection includes gorgeous planters and other display vehicles as lovely as the artificial plants, bushes or trees they hold.

Where will you add a pop of color or greenery? These plants make ideal accessories for the dining room, living room or kitchen. You can also perk up your home office with one of our forever-green plants. From fancy to casual to whimsical, set the right tone with real-to-life faux plant decor.

Sours: https://www.livingspaces.com/departments/home-decor/plants/faux

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