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Skyrim modders are getting creative with this AI text to speech tool

The magic of AI-powered text to speech continues as Skyrim modders get their hands on an application that generates speech from text based on voice samples from Bethesda games. It's already inspired a trailer with AI-only voice acting and a new mod that gives Skyrim characters lines to compliment your dragonborn's naked figure. Oh, the things modders will do.

The voice lines are created with an application called SKVA Synth by Dan Ruta which outputs speech based on voice samples from Bethesda games. Ruta published a couple different versions of the application for different Bethesda RPGs. Some of the lines created for this fan made Skyrim trailer sound a bit artificial in pacing and pronunciation, but a few are quite convincing.

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Ruta explains the technical side of SKVA Synth on the application's Nexus Mods page, saying that it "wraps around FastPitch [1] models trained on datasets compiled from in-game voice acted lines. The strengths of this model are in the artistic control over the generated audio. Once you generate the audio from your text prompt, you can adjust the pitch and durations using the editor."

As Ruta points out, there are quite a few possible uses for the application. It could be used to create voice lines for Skyrim companion mods. It could also be used to create additional lines for existing quests or characters. It's already been used for this mod that has Skyrim characters compliment you if you're walking around in the nude. They also sound just a bit off to me, but again, extremely neat!

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As for future plans for the tool, Ruta says "generally the plan is to keep going down the fairly long list of voices remaining, in Bethesda's games. I do plan on returning to some the voices already released to improve them with further/re-training."

Between this and that other AI speech tool ai—which is also planning to add voices from Bethesda games—I feel like we're in for an interesting year in Skyrim modding.


Skyrim Special Edition: 10 Best Custom Voiced Follower Mods

The frigid land of Skyrim is best explored with a companion. Not only do they help in fights, but they also keep players company during the long journeys on their adventures. In Skyrim Special Edition, players have a wide variety of followers to choose from, each offering something unique. However, many players feel these followers start to feel more than a little bland after a while of repeating the same dialogue over and over again.

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Thanks to the active and robust modding community for Skyrim Special Edition, though, players have hundreds of follower mods to choose from. Some have the same dialogue options as the vanilla followers, but some feature some excellent custom voice acting.

10 Hoth By Hothtrooper A Bounty Hunter With A Tale To Tell

Hoth by Hothtrooper44 is an aged bounty hunter, one of the most visually customized followers available as a mod. He wears trophies of his most prized kills, which he has collected on some of his greatest bounties. He boasts unique gear, is fully custom-voiced, and offers various missions that players can complete alongside him.

These bounties make use of locations and characters added by other mods, in addition to areas in vanilla Skyrim. Hoth fights with powerful two-handed weapons as well as a bow, and will always have some of his stories to share with players. Players can recruit him by talking to him at the Morthal Inn, and he is best suited for those looking to roleplay as a bounty hunter.

9 Sofia By Djjohnjarvis/FinalCrystine: A Comedic Follower With A Knack For Trouble

Sofia by djjohnjarvis/finalCrystine is a humorous, fully voiced follower perfect for players that like some entertainment on their travels. She is fully location- and quest-aware and will offer comments on her surroundings. Sofia has a fondness for the player's character, but her attempts to disguise it lead to some awkward and funny conversations.

She wields a sword in one hand and a formidable Destruction spell in the other. However, players can change her combat style to their own liking in the MCM menu. Sofia brings some much-needed life to the otherwise cold and bleak landscape of Skyrim, making long journeys all the more enjoyable with her humor.

8 Recorder By Potasticpanda: A Mysterious Young Woman From Another World

Potasticpanda's Recorder is a quirky follower, sent to the world of Skyrim from a mysterious academy to record the Dragonborn's journeys and adventures. Players can find her in the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood and can recruit her by simply talking to her.

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Recorder has an upbeat personality and will crack jokes during her journey with the Dragonborn. Moreover, she will make references to other video games, implying she has visited those worlds. Players will find Recorder to be an entertaining companion to take on their adventure, one who can also hold her own in a fight.

7 Caesia By Miroslav Yegorov/Anbeegod: The Mysterious Mage With A Hidden Story

Caesia by Miroslav Yegorov/anbeegod is a smug and mysterious mage that uses her witty dialogue to keep players entertained on their journey. Technically part of a bigger mod, players can download the standalone version of Caesia and go on adventures with her. With close to a thousand lines of voiced dialogue, Caesia starts off as a secretive individual; but with time she will open to players and share her story.

As a mage, she is best suited for players who mainly deal physical damage. Players need to be careful while choosing dialog options with Caesia, as she can react negatively if the incorrect option is chosen. In doing so, players may also lock themselves out of romancing Caesia.

6 Vilja By Emma Ampego Lycanthrapos: A Bard Companion For Every Playthrough

Players looking for a long-term companion that they can play beside from level 1 to level will find that Vilja by Emma Ampego Lycanthrapos fits the bill well. She has over 9, lines of voiced dialogue, 28 custom music pieces, and her own questline. She is designed to feel more like an organic character and less like a static NPC.

Vilja also has a romance track (some deserving characters don't) where players court Vilja, rather than just wearing the Amulet of Mara and asking to be married. The mod also adds a few other custom-voiced NPCs that Vilja can interact with. Moreover, if players bring certain other followers with them on the journey, Vilja can engage in discussions with them.

5 Lucien By JosephRussell: The Scholar Itching For An Adventure

Lucien by JosephRussell is a fully-voiced Imperial follower mod who comes with over 5, lines of dialogue. He's a scholar and can be encountered at the tavern in Falkreath. Lucien is designed to accompany players for a long time. He starts off his journey as somewhat of a coward, barely able to hold the weight of a sword. With time, however, he learns from his experiences, becoming strong, confident and worthy to be the Dragonborn's companion.

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He offers full commentary on Skyrim's main quest, the College of Winterhold questline and the Companions questline. Lucien comes with his own follower system that does not count towards players' follower count. This allows players to recruit vanilla NPCs for extra backup.

4 Aurlyn Dawnstone By Mlee And Darkrogue The Reclusive Philosopher Seeking Redemption

A custom-voiced Aldmeri (of Mer descent) sorceress with over a thousand lines of voiced dialogue, Aurlyn by mlee and Darkrogue21 is a reclusive philosopher from a time long past, seeking peace and redemption. She is designed to be a game-long companion that will stay with players from level 1 until the end of the game.

Aurlyn has acquired a wealth of knowledge over her lifespan, which she is more than willing to share. Players can acquire some unique books and spellbooks simply by talking to her and selecting the appropriate dialog option. Aurlyn also provides players with some useful passive buffs as long as she is following them.

3 Livia Salvian by Miroslav Yegorov/Anbeegod And Robyn Rybnik: The Daughter Of The High Chancellor

An honorable and dedicated Imperial, Livia Salvian by Miroslav Yegorov/anbeegod and Robyn Rybnik is a custom-voiced follower best suited for players who dislike the Thalmor. With over lines of voiced dialogue, she is a strong fighter who joins players for a very specific reason. The mod also adds many books and loading screens that go into Livia's backstory.

She can be found very early on at Dragonsreach in the hold of Whiterun and will react differently if players used mods to alter their character's origins. Livia is best suited for players who join the Empire in the civil war and will have some arguments with Stormcloak players. She can be married, but players need to progress their relationship by traveling and talking to her.

2 Inigo By Smartbluecat: The Clever Khajiit Companion Looking For A Fun Time

Smartbluecat's Inigo is a fully voiced Khajiit follower with over 7, lines of unique, voice-acted dialogue. He boasts one of the most advanced AI systems that react accordingly to player actions. Not only does Inigo interact with the game world normally, but he may also approach other characters and strike up conversations with them.

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Moreover, he treats them based on their relationship with the player. Inigo is an accomplished warrior players can definitely depend upon in a tight situation. He levels up alongside players and avoids traps while sneaking, making him an ideal follower for stealth builds.

1 Mirai By Kaleidx/BigAndFlabby: The Breton With A Dragon's Heart

Mirai by kaleidx/BigAndFlabby is a young Breton mage who is in Skyrim looking for her parents. She often keeps up a cold and abrasive outward attitud,e but will warm up to players as time goes on. Mirai is one of the few followers who can use those unique and iconic shouts in combat.

Players will need to complete a short side quest to unlock those powers first, however. Mirai has tie-ins to the Skyrim main quest, particularly to the Dragonborn DLC. Players will need to complete a few quests before they can recruit her as a follower. However, players can skip all of them by using the debug menu, accessed at her home in Markarth.

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is there a character voice pack mod?
is there a mod that gives your character the ability to speak during events such as
combat or chatting/shopping/smithing?

i'm almost sure i saw something on youtube a few months ago

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