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Best Buy has announced it will shut all 250 of its small mobile stores across the US by May 31st. The stores reportedly contributed only a little over 1 percent to the company’s overall revenue. The closures won’t affect Best Buy’s mobile stores in Canada, and the company will continue to sell mobile phones both online and in its “big-box” stores.

Best Buy began opening the dedicated mobile phone outlets about 10 years ago, before the first iPhone was released. The mobile stores are tiny, averaging 1,400 square feet — compared to full-size stores, which average 40,000 square feet. Best Buy’s mobile shops are also competing with wireless carriers who have their own high street stores as well as Apple and online retailers like Amazon.

In an internal memo seen by Reuters, chief executive Hubert Joly told employees that margins at the stores had “compressed” and that “the cost of operations in our mobile standalone stores is higher than in our big box stores.” About 85 percent of Best Buy’s mobile shops are located within three miles of big-box stores, the memo noted.

Best Buy will reportedly help redeploy employees to other parts of the company over the next three months, but did not say how many would be affected. Those who leave after May 31st will receive severance packages, and Best Buy will help them with external job searches. This isn’t the first time a shift in the retail market has sparked a change in Best Buy’s strategy. Last month, the company announced it would stop selling CDs in stores as digital music revenue continues to grow.


The best cell phone deals for October 2021

Whether you're an Apple fan or an Android aficionado, you'll find all of this week's best cell phone deals all rounded up right here on this page. We've searched every carrier and trusted retailer to come up with some handy recommendations, which are great whether you're looking for a cheap unlocked device, an upgrade, or even a new cell phone plan.

This week's cell phone deals include some fantastic choices for picking up the iPhone 13 but it's not all about these latest Apple devices. You'll also find excellent choices for older iPhones (free iPhone 12 mini anyone?), the latest Galaxy Z foldables, and plenty of budget devices too.

Generally speaking, you'll find cell phone deals coming in two forms - first as an outright sale on an unlocked device, and secondly as part of a carrier-plan tie-in. The latter can be a bit tricky, involving new cell phone plans and also trade-ins on old devices, but the savings can be absolutely huge if you're eligible. We've also included a third alternative option - cell phone deals from prepaid carriers. These smaller carriers don't tend to offer huge savings on a device, but you'll generally be scoring a much cheaper cell phone plan so it's worth considering the switch for sure.

As you'd expect, with the launch of the iPhone 13 it's a great time to be checking out cell phone deals. Not only do we have four new devices hitting the market right now, but the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 are now a whole $100 cheaper than they were a month ago across the board. Recent Android flagship launches from Samsung and OnePlus have also given us some very, very high-end choices as well as price cuts on older models.

We've rounded up our top picks just down below, but if you're looking for something a little more specific, we've also got individual sections for carrier deals, unlocked phones, and prepaid phones. Simply scroll down or use the handy navigation links to jump to the section that's relevant to you.

Today's best cell phone deals at a glance

Carrier phone deals

Apple iPhone 12 mini: free with an eligible unlimited data plan at Verizon
No trade-ins needed:
Here's one fantastic cell phone deal from Verizon that's quite possibly capable of stealing the limelight from the current options on the iPhone 13. Don't have a device to trade in? No problem, you can still score yourself a free iPhone 12 mini - a fully 5G capable device - for free with an eligible unlimited plan. This is the first time we've seen a 12-series device (and 5G iPhone) go for free under these terms, so it's a great option all around. View Deal

Apple iPhone 12: $15/mo with an unlimited plan at AT&T
AT&T holds the crown for the best cell phone deals on the now older (but still fantastic) iPhone 12 this week. No trade-ins are needed to bag this device with a significant discount at this carrier - just a line on an eligible unlimited data plan. That makes this one a very viable (and much cheaper) alternative to simply buying an iPhone 13 outright with a new plan if you're not able to trade in an old device. Note, savings are also available on the 12 Mini.View Deal

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max: $20/mo with an unlimited plan at AT&T
And, you can get a similar saving on the iPhone 12 Pro Max at AT&T this week. Again, no trade-ins are needed here to bag a discount on this awesome device, just a line on an unlimited plan. You might have to hurry to bag this one - there's only one color left in stock and this device is discontinued. Once it's gone it's gone!View Deal

Apple iPhone 12: save up to $415 with eligible trade-in at T-Mobile
Get the best coverage with T-Mobile? No problem, there are also great cell phone deals at this carrier on the iPhone 12. At a maximum discount of $415 with a trade-in, this week's savings at T-Mobile aren't quite as good as those offered by rival carriers, however. That said, if this is your carrier of choice, then you can still get yourself a nice little saving.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy S21 series: save up to $1,200 with trade-in at Verizon
While the standard device is currently on backorder, you can still reserve a device with Verizon's excellent array of cell phone deals on the Galaxy S21 series. Trade-in and pickup a device on a new unlimited data plan and you'll save up to $800 - a sum that can be supplemented even further by an additional

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The 8 Best Places to Buy Phones in 2021


What is the best place to buy unlocked cell phones?
Amazon is one of the best sources if you're looking for unlocked cell phones. Most major manufacturers have unlocked models of their devices, meaning you can use the phone on all major U.S. carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile/Sprint, and Verizon. Amazon has a wide range of flagship devices, mid-range, and budget devices which are available unlocked. Buying them allows you to use your own SIM card and service of your choice.

What is the best place to buy used cell phones?
eBay is a good source for buying used phones. If you're on a tight budget and don't need the latest and greatest, a used phone is a good way to save some money. On eBay you can find many used phones being sold. Sellers have to upload photos and should also list the condition the device is in. Other options for used phones include Swappa, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and pawn shops.

What is the best place to buy cell phone insurance?
If you want to keep your phone protected from drops, damage, and theft, a cell phone insurance plan can give you some peace of mind. Our roundup of the best cell phone insurance providers has a good list of options for people with multiple devices, people on a budget, families, and more. Some credit cards also offer phone insurance, so that's something you may want to check with your provider.

Top 5 BEST Samsung Phones of [2021]

We're inching closer to the fall, when it's likely Apple, Google and other phone companies will be updating their top models for 2021. But if you can't wait until the holiday for a new phone, flagship models like the iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21 boast amazing rear camera setups, powerful processors for lag-free gaming, wireless charging and 5G. But they're not the only phones to consider, with other rivals such as OnePlus, Motorola, Sony Xperia and Google's Pixel line all offering great specs at a range of prices. 

The sheer amount of solid competition gives you, the customer, great options to choose from at whatever price suits your budget, regardless of whether your biggest concern is high-speed data, an AMOLED display or a cracking camera. Opting for a more affordable handset doesn't mean compromising on usability, with even budget handsets offering big, vibrant displays and multiple main camera & rear cameras. We're even starting to see 5G connectivity on much lower-end handsets.

To help you figure out the best of the best, we gathered our best phone to buy in 2021. Every phone on this list has been thoroughly reviewed and tested, from their camera performance to their battery life. Each link is to an unlocked phone, and they should run on most of the big four US wireless carriers, unless specified otherwise. We update this list regularly to ensure the best phone is always represented.

And for more info, read our guide to help find the best phone for your needs and take a look at our tips on how to buy a new cell phone. 


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The BEST Smartphones of 2021!

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