Grey house with purple door

Grey house with purple door DEFAULT

The color purple is a peaceful and relaxing hue that reminds us of the color of flowers and spring. When used in interior design, it provides a chic and stylish look to the interior and exterior of the home.

Just less than 2 years ago, the color Ultra violet became Pantone’s Colour of the Year, which gave rise to the popularity of purple front doors for those who want their homes to stand out. 

In this article, know more about the meaning behind the color purple and check out my collection of the best purple front door ideas that will make your home a more inviting place. 

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What does the Color Purple Represent? 

According to Feng Shui, a famous Chinese philosophy, the color purple represents wealth, prosperity, and royalty, abundance, nobility, and dignity. Purple is a soothing and calming color that’s often related to spirituality. In fact,  this is the only versatile color for a front door that can be placed in any direction, thus making it a popular choice for making a statement.

There are many different purple shades ranging from mauve, deep purple, and pale violet to name a few so you can easily experiment with your most favorite hue. However, it can be quite a tricky color to introduce to your home’s exterior. Since purple is dramatic, it can’t be combined with too many other bright colors. After all, you wouldn’t want your home’s entry to appear too girly or overly sweet. Similarly, using too much purple can also make your home’s facade look dark or gloomy.

Having said that, the color purple is an excellent attention grabber on an entry door. When used in small doses, it will increase your home’s curb appeal. Want to know how? Then check out these 17 purple front doors that truly stand out in the neighborhood. 

1.Rustic Wooden Purple Door with Red Shutters

Rustic Wooden Purple Door with Red Shutters

If you want to add extravagance to your exterior, purple is the perfect shade to experiment with. This purple wooden barn-style door is a great addition to the red and pink exterior. The authentic-looking red wooden shutters are easily distinguished, with the purple door as their perfect companion.

2. Raised Purple Door with a Landscaped Exterior 

Raised Purple Door with a Landscaped Exterior 

For extra privacy, why not spruce up your driveway with green shrubs that lead to the distinctive purple entrance. Purple is an elegant color that draws the eye to the door and makes an ideal visual accent. This bold purple front door on a raised panel has a warm look that discreetly stands out in the background. The white exterior among the green vegetation has classic charm with tons of curb appeal. This is a perfect example of an inviting and warm home thanks to its bold purple entry.  

3. Dark Purple Glass Door Covered in Wisteria Plants

Dark Purple Glass Door Covered in Wisteria Plants

Glass allows natural light to filter through the door and into your home. When it’s incorporated into the front door and the side windows, you’ll benefit from a bright and airy interior. The dark blackish purple front door and windows on this house emit mystery without looking creepy thanks to the beautiful wisteria plants that soften the overall look.  

4. A Tall Order with Stained Glass 

A Tall Order with Stained Glass 

This old brick exterior looks magnificent with its tall, brownish purple wooden door and stained glass. There is no question that this door is an architectural focus of the home’s facade. With decorative and original paneling, pediment, and semi arched glass on both sides of the door, it certainly stands out among the rest.

5. Purple Front Door with Green Exterior

Purple Front Door with Green Exterior

This door sports a beautiful pinkish purple shade that helps it stand out against the cool green exterior. I particularly like the way this house’s exterior colors of white and green blend with the purple front door. Another welcoming touch is the upper glass window to allow natural light in.

6. Purple Door for A Mark of Royalty

Purple Door for A Mark of Royalty

The Georgian-style home became popular in both the US and UK from the mid 18th century. The typical features of this style of home consist of symmetrical doors, decorative window headers, arched tops on front doors, pediments, brick exteriors, and chimneys with classical motifs. A good example is this purple front door on a Georgian style home with arched glass framing in white within a dark brown exterior. It makes a beautiful combination that’s not just highly sought in the UK. 

7.  Dark Purple Front Door on a Luxury Home For a Touch of Class

Dark Purple Front Door on a Luxury Home For a Touch of Class

This luxury Colonial style house with its dormer windows, brick exterior and matching purple shutters oozes luxury. The typical features of a Colonial house consist of symmetrical structure, columns, decorative entrance ways, shutters, and pitched roof. In this image, notice how the purple shutters match the raised front door and make it look even more stately next to the columns.

8. Painted Wall Colors to Match the Purple Door

A fun palette that works best for those who are a little on the daring side is a mixture of bright and bold purple colored wooden wall next to the corner front door. The vibrant colors in this image look modern and authentic. What’s great about this bold purple door is its use of material that matches the exterior. Wood is a timeless decorative feature that’s relatively simple and affordable to incorporate into front doors and home exteriors. And you can always repaint the walls any shade of purple that takes your fancy for a completely different look. 

9. Purple Door on Stone Exterior to Complete the Architectural Look

Purple Door on Stone Exterior to Complete the Architectural Look

This delightful grey stone exterior has its architectural look complete thanks to the stunning purple door. This image proves how the color purple can be used to accentuate classy and original architectural features of a home.

10. Metal Purple Door with Matching Mailbox

Metal Purple Door with Matching Mailbox

Purple is a classic color that suits every kind of residential architecture – as long as you don’t’ go overboard. This medium purple metal door is a smart solution that works with a brick wall. The purple door has softened the wall and serves as a nice focal point. The door comes complete with a mailbox as its unique feature.

11. Double Fronted Door with Elaborate Wooden Carving

Double Fronted Door with Elaborate Wooden Carving

This dark purple door features detailed wooden carving with a beautifully sculptured knocker. The pediment above the door doesn’t take the attention away from the door’s color and its surroundings. In fact, it enhances the overall look in a subtle way.  

12. Bold Purple Door on a Grey Exterior

Bold Purple Door on a Grey Exterior

If your home’s exterior is grey, the best way to draw attention to your front door is to use a contrasting color, such as bright purple. As you know by now, purple adds a fun touch to an entry, so what better way to attract attention than a rich purple color for the front door of your house. The door on this image is especially elegant as it works perfectly with the grey, neutral exterior. And to complete the look, two matching flower pots are placed at either sides of the door. Perfect!  

13. Purple Door on a Pink Exterior

Purple Door on a Pink Exterior

A purple door against a pink exterior is a stylish addition to a home. Purple, after all, represents majesty, honor, and wealth. This striking color comes in many disguises and complex hues that you can experiment with in order to match your pink exterior. In this image, the purple door with the white trim element surrounding the door frame has given the pink exterior a crisp and unique edge that has enhanced the visual appeal of the property. 

14. Purple Door Decorated with Hanging Plants

Purple Door Decorated with Hanging Plants

Another way of beautifying your home’s entrance is to place some hanging plants as close to the door as possible. Pair these with climbing plants to achieve a more alluring look. Just make sure the hanging plants are large enough to be seen from the street to make a bold statement.  

15. Make Your Entry Inviting with a Purple Gate

Make Your Entry Inviting with a Purple Gate

Increase your home’s curb appeal by painting your gate the same color as the front door. After all, you want your entry to say “welcome” not “keep out”. See what a positive message this purple front door conveys with its matching purple gate.

16. Arched Purple Glass Windows and Door

Arched Purple Glass Windows and Door

On a traditional exterior, pinkishpurple glass windows with a matching front door stand out and can even be the main focal points of your home’s facade. This arched door with matching pinkish purple windows on a rustic stone exterior are simply elegant and very inviting. Another head turning front door for sure! 

17. Two Identical Purple Wooden Doors on Grey Exterior

Two Identical Purple Wooden Doors on Grey Exterior

Pinkish purple front doors on a grey exterior, similar to this image, work great especially when they are paired up. These saturated purple doors take the focus away from the dull, grey exterior of the building and work hand in hand to draw attention to the entry. This idea brings out the older-style home and makes the entry more inviting and modern. So what better way to attract attention than two identical purple doors side by side and raised from the ground. 

17 Purple Front Door Ideas to Make Your Home More Inviting

Your front door is the one part of your home’s exterior that allows you to make a great first impression. If you have a gray house, choosing the right front door color can set the tone and increase curb appeal. Although most homes today are painted either in magnolia or white, gray is by far the most preferred color as it goes with pretty much everything.

If you have a gray siding, you can choose any bold front door color to match this color scheme. But picking the best front door colors for gray house takes some experimentation with different color palettes so as to ensure they don’t clash or look bad next to each other.

When deciding on the best front door colors, always consider your gray siding’s undertone. Even if there is just a small hint of gray, you’ll still need to think carefully about the paint color for your front door.

To help you with this task, we will show you the best front door colors that work with gray siding so you can make an informed decision for your home.

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Front Door Colors that Go with Gray Siding

Pretty Pink

Pretty Pink

Pink is a bright and bold color for a front door, so if you want your home to be noticed by passersby, this is the color to choose. Pink goes perfectly with dark or light grays, but to make maximum impact, be sure to pair it with bluish-gray siding as shown here. Pink will also enhance your home when surrounded with hanging plants and minty green hues. This house is a perfect example of how you can transform your gray exterior with a pretty shade of pink and plenty of greenery.

Vibrant Red

Vibrant Red

Red means welcome in Feng Shui so what better color to choose for your front door than red! According to this ancient Chinese philosophy, red encourages good flow of energy into a home through the Mouth of Chi (front door).

Whether you believe in Feng Shui or just want to create welcoming energy, red is the color to choose for your front door. This classic color makes a bold statement, especially next to a neutral siding exterior as it is associated with intensity and passion. From maroon to cherry, red works with muted neutrals that don’t crave for attention. When embellished with brass hardware, your red front door will be a welcoming entryway next to bluish gray siding like the one shown here.

Pumpkin Orange

Pumpkin Orange

Pumpkin spice is a shade of orange that competes for attention. When chosen as a front door color, orange creates a daring and inviting feel. To make it work next to gray, stick with slightly muted orange or opt for a brighter shade of orange against dark gray walls.

Tropical Blue

Tropical Blue

When you think of tropical blue, doesn’t it bring to mind palm trees and sandy beaches? This versatile color is ideal for a front door, especially when paired with gray siding. The combination of aqua blue and light gray creates a coastal vibe, but you may also use other shades of blue like azure, teal or navy for your gray siding.

Woody Brown

Woody Brown

Brown is another beautiful color for a gray home’s front door. This color is closely related to wood and looks great no matter how light or dark the gray siding is. Brown is such a versatile color that it’s definitely worth considering.

If you prefer, you may choose real wood as a brown front door. Real wood doors work perfectly with modern or traditional exteriors. Even the most contemporary homes can benefit from natural materials like real wooden doors painted in brown.

On the other hand, if your front door isn’t made of solid wood, you can always paint it brown. This warm neutral color will complement any earthy tone to create a lustrous monochromatic look. Here, the light brown front door next to dark gray siding stands out as the focal point of this house.

Dreamy Purple

Dreamy Purple

Purple is an unusual color for a front door, but did you know it works very well with muted gray siding as you can see here. A purple front door is a daring way of adding a dash of color to your gray exterior. Purple is a great color to use subtly next to gray brick, vinyl or stone siding. This moody yet mysterious color fits a front door perfectly and brings out your muted gray exterior.

In Feng Shui, the color purple is associated with peace and prosperity. In interior design, this color provides a stylish look to the exterior of homes. Purple is a soothing color that’s related to spirituality. In fact, this hue is the only color that can be placed in any  direction so if you want to make a statement, feel free to experiment with different shades of purple before picking your favorite shade for your gray house.

Canary Yellow

Canary Yellow

As a cheerful and sunny color, yellow will look great next to gray walls. This modern color offers a sleek vibe to any front door. While some colors promote relaxation, yellow will brighten up your day in an instant. Canary yellow is one particular hue that stands out next to a gray siding. But it can be a little tricky to get used to this hue, especially if you’ve never considered such a bold shade for your front door. However, you can really set the tone and mood by introducing a bright shade of yellow to your gray exterior.

Yellow is, after all, a vibrant, joyful color that emits a care-free vibe. It promotes wellness and can have an energizing effect, thus making it a perfect color for the front door of a gray house.

Graceful Gray

Graceful Gray

Gray is the new black so why not match it with your gray siding to create a cohesive look! The right shade of gray has the power to bring warm elegance to your front door with minimal effort. Gray is a classic, versatile color that not only flows with a gray house, but it can also make a statement on its own.

Whether you opt for mid-toned gray or a muted hue, this hot and trendy color is one of the best combinations to use with a gray house. That said, some people may be hesitant to use gray for their front door as they think the color will look too gloomy. But as you can see in this example, the dark gray front door has in fact made the exterior of this home ultra smart and chic. The medium gray door is just the right tone to match with a light gray house. As a beautiful touch, add greenery to your gray exterior to bring a touch of color to your front porch.

Elegant Black

Elegant Black

Black has always been associated with glamor and prestige. If you plan on drawing attention to your front door, consider a black front door. This color looks great next to gray siding as a muted backdrop as gray will showcase the black. By painting your front door black, you can create tons of depth and make the color appear more colorful.

With a little glossy or matte black paint on the front door, any gray exterior can transform into a modern luxury.

See how smart this shiny black door looks next to the light gray exterior. This color combo is a fantastic way of attracting attention to your home.

Bright White

Bright White

White may sound like an obvious choice for a gray house, but nevertheless this is a clean and classy color that never goes out of style. A white front door can make a statement on its own or next to any shade of gray as the supporting color. Gray and white go hand in hand for the entryway and exterior of your house as proven in this image. This color combination has provided a sophisticated yet simple design, which makes it incredibly versatile.

If you want to increase your home’s curb appeal and resale value, consider a bright white front door. By choosing this color next to mid-tone grays, you can make a great first impression. There is no denying the timeless beauty of white!


With so many great color options for your gray home’s front door, you’ll surely find the right paint color to wow your visitors and increase your home’s curb appeal. We hope our inspirational pictures have helped you design your dream home – whether you’re after a classy, modern or quirky style. After all, the right front door color for a gray exterior provides the focal point of any home design.

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Gray is a common house color because its neutrality makes the home a blank canvas for the homeowner to spruce up with decorative accents — windows, trim, shutters, foliage, and the door. The color of the door is arguably most important because it functions as the portal into your abode, the window into your world.

A collage of beautiful front door colors for a gray house, Best Front Door Colors For A Gray House

Luckily, several colors complement gray flawlessly. Check out these inspirational photos of front door colors that look great with a gray exterior.

Gray Door For A Gray House

A gray front door can look great on a gray house, especially when bordered by a light-colored doorframe. The color gray can mean several different things, but when it comes to home decor, gray indicates formality and sophistication.

1. Medley Of Gray

Black front door to a house decorated with Halloween pumpkins

This house incorporates several different grays, from the front door to the exterior brick. The dark front door beckons visitors inside with warm formality.

2. Gray Uniformity

Beautiful upscale grey house in Canada with a Maple tree next to the front door

This front door matches the house’s exterior color, but it pops due to the thick white doorframe. The frame delineates the door, making you want to step inside.

Brown Doors For A Gray House

The color brown has many meanings, but when it comes to home decor, brown represents simplicity and friendliness. A brown front door is a great way to make a house warm and welcoming, setting the tone for your humble abode.

3. Quaint Brown

Luxury house entrance porch with stone column trim and wooden door

This light chestnut-brown front door gives off warm and inviting vibes. Visually, this shade of brown complements a light gray exterior perfectly.

4. Wooden Hue

Slate steps leading up to a fancy wood door for a federal style house with flowers in planters

This chestnut brown front door is the focal point of the scene. The door’s soft, warm color and the layout and decor of the porch beckon visitors inside, promising a safe and inviting refuge beyond.

5. Gothic Aesthetic

Arched stone entry of luxury suburban home with timber door

Black is often associated with the gothic aesthetic, but this front door shows how powerful brown is in achieving a similar look. The color of the door and the shape of the entrance work harmoniously to create a bold but inviting feel.

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6. Picturesque

American blue house with well kept front yard and hardwood door with oval shaped glass in the middle

This dark brown front door adds a warm accent to the house. It even matches the rich dark mulch in the flowerbed for a cohesive look that extends beyond the house itself.

7. Dark Cherry

Grey house exterior with dark brown door and stone wall

This glossy, dark cherry-brown is undoubtedly the focal point of the front of this home. It practically radiates a sense of warm serenity that will make guests feel welcome.

8. Brown Invitation

Brown stained front door on a home with bordering window and a pillared porch

The color of this front door makes it a subtle focal point, but a focal point nonetheless. It makes the entrance to this home warm and inviting.

Red Doors For A Gray House

Red is an emotionally intense color that oozes with energy. A red front door will be the focal point of any house.

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9. Bright Red Entrance

American house exterior in grey color with red front door and blue stairs on walkway

This bright red front door is the vibrant focal point of the gray exterior.

10. Slight Red Accent

Small cute grey New England style home with pink red door

The boldness of this red door is slightly tapered by its many windows. Nevertheless, it still makes a statement.

11. Cozy Red

Grey old house front porch exterior with red door

This red front door is bold enough to command attention, but it promises a cozy greeting.

12. Ruby Red

Entrance porch of a modern house with red front door

This ruby red door provides a spark of color amidst a neutral color palette.

Blue Door For A Gray House

Blue is a color that fosters a calm, cooling, and relaxing feeling.

13. Teal Treasure

Modern house with grey exterior, white trim and blue door

Against a gray exterior, this teal front door stands out and brings a lovely pop of color.

Purple Door For A Gray House

The color purple is associated with royalty, creativity, and ambition. This color is a wonderful choice for adding intrigue to your entrance.

14. Regal Purple

Front door in purple plum color with nice landscape

Grab the attention of your guests with this regal purple door. The hue complements the exterior of the home beautifully.

Black Doors For A Gray House

The color black signifies power and strength. It’s also a hue full of tradition and elegance.

15. Moody Hue

Modern home with gray brick and black door

The dark exterior of this house is all things moody and makes a bold visual statement. The inky black door promotes this cohesive look.

16. Black Accent

Front yard of modern home with dark blue door during late spring

The black front door on this house serves as a beautiful dark accent color.

17. Traditional Elegance

Entrance to house with dark blue door during springtime with blooming flowers

Black, white, and grey hues exude traditional elegance when they’re blended together.

A Yellow Door For A Gray House

The color yellow exudes positivity, cheer, and energy.

18. Pastel Beauty

Pretty new home with a yellow front door and perennial garden

Soften your entrance with a soft yellow hue. Though positive and cheerful, it’s also soothing.

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