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Why not make this DIY fencing project your last fencing project? Vinyl fence is growing more and more popular and the reasons are obvious. Once in place, vinyl fencing provides privacy, protection, and a pleasing appearance without all of the hassle of traditional fences. 

Fencing Direct can provide you with the materials you need to end your fencing worries and upkeep for good!

A Vinyl Fence is Durable

Vinyl fencing is the future in more ways than one. More and more people are choosing to use vinyl PVC fences for their property because they stand the test of time. All sorts of things wear down wood fencing. Both rain and sunshine have a negative effect on traditional wooden fencing. You can treat for those things, but even then, there’s no guarantee your wood fence will be protected. Vinyl fencing takes care of that.

Vinyl PVC fencing is not only as stylish and beautiful as wooden fencing, but it is also as durable as fencing comes. It does not get sun damage, and rain rolls right off of it. On top of that, it’s incredibly impact resistant. Upon impact, say from a kid’s bike tire, our vinyl fencing will gently flex and then regain its shape. Flexibility is key to strength in any engineering design. Wood or chain link may start out with that same flexibility, but after rot or rust sets in from time out in the elements, those materials become much frailer. Vinyl fences do not break down in that way.

Eliminate Maintenance with Vinyl Fencing

Say goodbye to fence maintenance! Many homes come with wooden fencing which provides more than privacy — wooden fencing also provides you with unending upkeep and restoration projects. Why go through the trouble of installing a fence that you’re just going to have to treat and repair throughout its lifetime?

Vinyl fencing requires little more than a garden hose to clean. When a wooden fence is wearing down, you’ll need to paint it, weather-treat it, or even replace planks. No such upkeep is necessary for vinyl PVC fencing.

Think of all of the hours you have to spend treating wood with chemicals, which are dangerous to inhale and a hazard to keep around the house, especially if you have small children. The most you’ll need for your vinyl fence is all-purpose cleaner or dish soap. You won’t need to buy anything outside of your normal household cleaning products to keep your vinyl fence pristine.

Because you’ll need to spend less time, money, and energy maintaining your vinyl fence, the cost over time is measurably lower than a wooden fence. Vinyl PVC fencing is made to withstand anything your family, or mother nature, ask of it. Spend more time enjoying your home and outdoor living spaces and less time repairing it.

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Vinyl Fencing Provides Privacy

One of the basic ideas behind building a fence on your property is to have a little privacy. Even if you love to entertain your family and friends, it’s nice to know you can have your own space whenever you want it. Vinyl fencing can provide total privacy for your home.

Depending on which style of vinyl fencing you select, you have a gapless screen around your yard. Think of all the choices that will open up to you aesthetically if you had a solid vinyl fence curtaining your property. If you were thinking about planting bushes or hedges for privacy and not for their looks, you can skip that now. There are no cracks, gaps, or holes in vinyl fencing, unless you choose to have a traditional picket fence style. If you’re not wild about the curtains or blinds on one side of your house, but don’t want your neighbors to be able to see in, you can take them down once your vinyl fence goes up.

Live with peace of mind that your home is your private space from the world with a vinyl PVC fence from Fencing Direct.

Keep Your Family Safe

We love our kids and pets, and fencing can keep them safe. If you have small children, you know they love to climb and explore. Chain link is easy to scale, maybe for small hands and feet in particular, and wooden fencing comes with the risk of splinters, or loose metal building materials. Vinyl fencing is a solid piece of material with no footholds, no splintering, no worry. The posts can even be nearly seamless!

Dogs are a family’s best friend, and a wooden fence’s worst enemy. One of the easiest ways to know which section of your wooden fence is wearing down the fastest is to see where your dog, or your neighbor’s dog, is scratching at the most. Dogs have an innate need to explore, and if a fence gets in their way they will scratch, dig, and chew on it until they’ve gotten through. Vinyl fencing takes those opportunities away from your canine explorer. There are no weak spots that have deteriorated in the sun and rain, and no gaps they can scratch or chew.

Vinyl Fences Add Style

There are lots of reasons for adding a fence to your property. You may be trying to add value to your home, or keep your family and pets safe, but what about the way it looks? Rarely do people walk past a chain link fence and admire its beauty. Wooden fences are only as aesthetically pleasing as their weakest plank, so as time goes on they can actually detract from your home’s beauty.

Vinyl fencing can be styled in any of the ways wooden fences can, and they maintain their beauty for their lifetime. If you want a classic American look for your front yard, our vinyl white picket fence is perfect for you. You can also build higher fences with solid bases and decorative work at the top. Whatever look you’re going for, vinyl fencing makes a statement. 

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Vinyl Fence Wholesaler

Thanks for finding us online and viewing our company. Because in this day and age, everything is becoming automated and digital, it is almost impossible to find great customer service and support from an expert that actually cares about your project. Consequently In our fence and railing industry, poor quality products and bad customer service is the norm. This is exactly what makes us different. Working direct with the actual vinyl fence and railing manufacture can make a big difference for your project, plus it will save you money, stress, and time.

Our goal is to provide you with a great experience from start to finish. Hence, we work hard to provide excellent customer service and support, along with the highest quality and strongest vinyl fence products manufactured in USA. You are invited to get to know us as you will find that we are not the same as your local big box store that only cares about the bottom line. When you speak to us, you will see that we actually care about your project and are experts in our industry.

We provide complete expert support. Also, what sets us apart is the service we provide before, during and after your purchase. To summarize, our goal is to provide you the very best vinyl fence and railing along with the very best service and support. In conclusion, we are unique in our industry and not in the same as the big box stores and giant whale corporations. As a result it seems they only care about the bottom line and push their low grade cheap plastic fence that can blow away in the first storm.

Therefore, you will receive expert advice along with the very best vinyl fence manufactured in USA. Therefore, when you have a question simply give us a call or email. You will experience our complete service first hand and rest assured you will not be dealing with a person working in the paint department nor the lawnmower aisle. Also, as we are fence experts, we will provide you with expert support to ensure your fence is planned, ordered and installed correctly the first time!

In conclusion, each project is unique and your project is very important to us. Therefore our fence experts will help you through your entire project to ensure it is done right the first time. Because we are real people and not machines, we do not claim to be perfect. As a result, If ever we make a mistake, we will always work to make it right. Also, please click through our site to view our extensive product line. When you have questions you can email or simply give us a call. We are always here ready to assist and hope to work with you on your vinyl fence or railing project!

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Watch this video on how to calculate your vinyl fence order and purchase it here on our website.

The BuyDirect Principle

BuyDirectVinylFence is a manufacturer and nationwide distributor of vinyl fencing. This website is your online connection to our vinyl fence warehouse and allows us to provide factory direct vinyl fencing to your home or business. This website helps ensure that you will not pay any third party mark-ups. Visit our page “Why Buy Direct Vinyl Fence” to discover what our online competitors are doing with their prices.

With over 18 years of experience in the vinyl fence industry, we understand what it takes to be successful and are committed in providing high quality products, outstanding customer service, and great savings on your next project. We understand that buying a vinyl fence may seem like a complicated do-it- yourself project. So, we developed the “project helper” page on our website to make your project go smoother. Click here to get started with your do-it-yourself Vinyl Fence Project.

The BuyDirect Guarantee

At BuyDirectVinylFence, you can expect to get high quality vinyl fencing products at a competitive price. We also work very hard to ensure that no one gives better customer service than we do. We our continually improving our systems to maintain our high level of customer satisfaction. Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. Also, visit our Quality Product Pledge page .

Vinyl Fence section repair

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Vinyl Fence Wholesale

What is Wholesale? This is buying in Bulk. This is where you get the best discounts as a contractor or distributor. Home owners enjoy our huge discounts as well. With over 42 locations nationwide you can also save on shipping.

Pre-Assembled Fence Panels

Our fence is not pre-assembled. Each fence system has individual parts that lock together. Our white vinyl fence panels work on sloped ground and uneven surfaces. Watch our HOW TO INSTALL VINYL FENCE tutorials and see how easy our fence is to install.

Vinyl Fence Cost

There are a lot of factors that go into vinyl fence cost. One of the largest factors is the materials used in creating the vinyl product and the thickness of the product. Check out our Extrusion Process

Wholesale Vinyl Fence only offers a commercial grade vinyl fence. We do not offer a residential type of fence that will look bad in years. If you are shopping for price only there are products out there cheaper than ours but like any product on the market, some are good and some are bad. We try to educate our customers so they can know the difference between what is good and what is garbage. If you want a fence that will last and stay looking nice, you will need to purchase from a manufacture that has tried and tested its products and has a long history of doing so.

When it comes to vinyl fence cost it can be very confusing to the point you may want to give up. There are a lot of factors that go into vinyl fence cost. One of the largest factors is the materials used in creating the vinyl product and the thickness of the product.

Wholesale Vinyl Fence only offers a commercial grade vinyl fence. We do not offer a residential type of fence. If you are shopping for price only there are products out there cheaper than ours but like any product on the market, some are good and some are bad. We try to educate our customers so they can know the difference between what is good and what is garbage. If you want a fence that will last you will need to purchase from a manufacture that has tried and tested its products and has a long history of doing so.

Wholesale Vinyl Fence is an exclusive Homeland Vinyl Dealer. Homeland Vinyl is one of the oldest vinyl fence manufacturers in America.

Vinyl Fence Panels

There is a lot of garbage on the market today. Vinyl fence panels became popular through the big box stores. They created a product which sold widely as an easy to do vinyl fence but in actuality they are extremely hard to work with. You have to set each post exact, after the post are set you attach brackets to the post, fit the panel in the brackets and screw it together. These panels are extremely thin! Some of the thinnest vinyl I have seen on the market.

If you try to install on a hill you will have to stair step the fence panel which leaves holes under the fence. It makes me laugh every time I see one. On top of installation problems there are a hand full of other problems. Like the Fence Post! They are so thin you have to add a 4x4 to the inside so the post doesn't snap from the wind. It blows my mind that this product sells. 

When it comes to quality white vinyl fence panels they have to be manufactured using the best standards in the industry or the vinyl will fade, crack and blister. 

PVC Panels

Wholesale Vinyl Fence does not offer a panel like the big box stores. Our PVC panels are not a pre-fabricated panel. If you purchase a commercial grade pic panel from wholesale vinyl fencing you will receive a top rail, bottom rail with reinforcement metal and individual tongue and groove pickets. Our pvc panels can be installed on hills, mountains it doesn't matter. It is very customizable. 

White Vinyl Fence Panels

When it comes to white fence panels we have just about everything you need. Your fence panel can be white or tan and we offer a wide variety of panels. Wholesale Vinyl Fencing offers a vinyl picket panel, vinyl privacy panel, semi privacy fence panel, pool fence panel, iron fence panel and much more. 

Wholesale Vinyl Fencing

People ask us all the time "what is wholesale" to make this easy, wholesale is purchasing products in bulk so you can receive more discounts. If you purchase form a big box store you will not get a quantity discount. You will pay retail no matter how much you purchase.

Wholesale Vinyl Fencing sells to distribution centers, contractors and home owners. As you can imagine the discounts can vary greatly between each customer. Here at Wholesale Vinyl Fencing we value our customers so each and every one of you gets a discount off retail because we are so large. As your project size increases you will gain more discounts.

Vinyl Fencing Wholesale

You cannot get vinyl fencing at Wholesale unless you purchase in large quantities. Vinyl fencing wholesale is tough to explain at times but most people get it. When purchasing vinyl fence wholesale you will save big in every way. If you have a large project, you should purchase vinyl fence wholesale. Vinyl fence wholesale is the only way to go. Why would you not want to buy vinyl fence wholesale? I would want to purchase vinyl fence wholesale every day compared to not purchasing vinyl fence wholesale. 

Vinyl Fence Wholesaler

Wholesale Vinyl Fencing is one of the oldest and most reputable fence companies in America. Are we a Vinyl fence wholesaler, yep that’s us. We are a vinyl fence wholesaler without a doubt.

Vinyl Fence Panels Wholesale

If we are a vinyl fence wholesale company it can be expected that we sell vinyl fence panels wholesale without a doubt. I love what we do, we are an old vinyl fence company. 

Cheap Vinyl Fence Panels

If you want a cheap vinyl fence panel you will find it. There is lots of garbage out there but what really matters is buying a cheap vinyl fence panel that is quality. How is this done? Buy vinyl fence from us. We are one of the largest manufacturers in America and that means you will get the best cheap vinyl fence panels possible.

Vinyl Fence Clearance

Our vinyl fence is always on clearance. Vinyl fence clearance means you are buying a new product at a price less than the retail suggested price. If you want to know if that is what we do the answer is YES!!!!!! 

Vinyl Fencing For Sale

Wholesale Vinyl Fencing has vinyl fencing for sale nationwide. Check out our vinyl fence products page and browse by items. We have a wide variety of vinyl fencing for sale and we only sell what sells best which means you will get the best price possible on those items. 

Vinyl Fence Supplies

On top of vinyl fencing panels we also offer vinyl fence supplies. From post caps, solar post caps to notching tools, we have it all. 

White Plastic Fence

I love when people call vinyl fence white plastic fence. Yes plastic or pvc also known as poly vinyl chloride is plastic in its forms, vinyl fence has more that goes into it than what is put into plastic and pvc. Plastic and pvc are not manufactured to look pretty in the hot sun or cold winters for a lifetime. The extrusion process is very different.

PVC Horse Fence

What is pvc horse fence? Well to start our, pvc horse fence is not just pvc as explained above. Pvc Horse fencing comes in 2 rail, 3 rail and 4 rail options.

Vinyl Horse Fencing

When it comes to vinyl horse fencing we sell the best quality product on the market. This is not a sales pitch we really do offer the best product on the market. With that being said there are other manufactures that offer a comparable product. I don't want to argue that at all.

What we do is offer a commercial grade vinyl horse fencing at a price you can afford. I have been to all our competitors websites and if we are comparing apples to apples we beat them in price every time. 

Vinyl Horse fencing is awesome but we always recommend adding a hot wire. Our vinyl horse fencing is designed to hold in cows and horses. As you can imagine this requires a strong material to do so but!!!!! You must add an electric fence to the fence. If you are doing a 2 rail horse fence you will want 1 hot wire towards the top, if you are dong a 3 rail horse fence you will want 2 hot wires. One hot wire will be at the top rail, one around the mid rail. If you are installing a 4 rail horse fence you will want 2 - 3 wires. One hot wire at the top rail, one a foot down and one a foot below that.

Vinyl Split Rail Fence

Split rail vinyl fence is also know as horse fence or ranch rail fence or post and rail fence. It is all the same just different names. Our split rail vinyl fence is awesome.

Vinyl Fence Rail

All vinyl fence has a rail of some sort. It all depends on the style of fence. A vinyl fence rail can be used in privacy fence. Our privacy fence rails are pocket rails, double ribbed reinforced with a groove to hold the picket. Horse fence uses a solid vinyl fence rail also known as a ranch rail. It is doubled ribbed as well but unlike the privacy vinyl fence rail it does not have a groove to accept the picket.

White Horse Fence

Wholesale Vinyl Fencing has 2 colors we offer. White and tan. You will not find any other colors on our website because we try to offer the best products available and the darker colors fade much faster. Our horse fence comes in white only, yes, we only offer white horses fence online. This is due to cost. We have 42 locations nationwide and only 3 of those locations stock tan because the market is tan dominate. Shipping cost will make the product unaffordable which is why we only offer white horse one online. If you want tan horse fence we can ship or if you are located in Idaho, Utah or California you will be able to purchase tan horse fence and pickup direct.

2 Rail Vinyl Fence

Every fence we sell has a general purpose and this is the same with 2 rail vinyl fence. 2 rail vinyl fence is used for ponies, property boundaries and decoration. I love seeing our 2 rail vinyl fence enclose ponies. It amazes me that people think the fence will not be strong enough to hold in an animal of this size. Wrong! 2 rail vinyl fence is STRONG, at least if you purchase from wholesale vinyl fencing.

3 Rail Vinyl Fence

When it comes to 3 Rail Vinyl Fence has to be one of our best sellers when it comes to horse fence. This fence is used for so many things. 3 rail vinyl fence can be used for property enclosures, horses, cattle, decoration and more. Not only is this fence universal it is extremely strong and will hold up to the elements. Here in Idaho we have installed miles upon miles of 3 rail vinyl fence and if you do not know, Idaho has some pretty harsh conditions. Idaho has winters that get down to the negative 20s and summers that reach up to

If you do not have a quality product in harsh conditions your fence will fade, crack, blister and look terrible within the first year. 

4 Rail Vinyl Fence

We have developed a huge clientele around horse fencing. 4 Rail vinyl fence is the standard for large equestrian estates. Our 4 rail vinyl fence will enhance and beautify your property while adding security for your animals. A quality product must be used in any situation but specifically 4 rail vinyl fence. You are investing a lot of money into your fence. 

Some estates spend over k on their fencing alone. Can you imagine spending that kind of money on a fence to have it fall apart and look terrible after the first year? Obviously your answer is no. This is why we only offer a commercial grade 4 rail vinyl fence. We want to be % sure you will love your fence for a lifetime. If not, we will loose your business and trust. Quality and affordability is what sets us apart from some of the garbage on the market.

Horse Fence Direct

There is only one way to save money on vinyl fence and that is purchasing direct. When you buy from us you are buying your horse fence direct from the manufacture. WE cut out the middle man and sell directly to you even if you are not a large distribution center or contractor.

Vinyl Fence Near Me

With over 42 locations nationwide we will be sure to have something close to you. When you search vinyl fence near me you will see that we will be close enough to you to provide a competitive estimate. It makes me laugh when I hear People say there is no vinyl fence near me. Trust me, we are near you.


Sale for vinyl fencing

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