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Scrap Metal Prices in Las Vegas, Nevada

The prices listed below are averages paid by scrap yards in Las Vegas, Nevada.
"Average Price" indicates the average price paid by all scrap yards. "High Price" indicates the average for the highest prices paid by all scrap yards. "Low Price" indicates the average for the lowest prices paid by all scrap yards.
Lead ScrapAverage PriceHigh PriceLow PricePrice Unit
Lead Scrap0.30.30.3USD/LB
Stainless Steel ScrapAverage PriceHigh PriceLow PricePrice Unit
Stainless Steel Scrap0.250.250.25USD/LB
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Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound in Nevada



Scrap Copper Prices in Nevada

Price per Pound
Bare Bright Copper >99%
$2.85 - $3.14
Copper 1 96-98%
$2.68 - $2.96
Copper 2 94-96%
$2.63 - $2.91
Copper 3 88-90%
$2.15 - $2.37
Copper Radiators
$1.26 - $1.39
Copper Yokes
$0.38 - $0.42
Copper Transformers
$0.23 - $0.26
Price per Pound
Insulated Cable 1 (250-750MCM)
$2.08 - $2.3
Insulated Cable 2
$1.45 - $1.6
Insulated Wire 1 (Romex)
$1.14 - $1.26
Household Insulated Wire 2
$0.56 - $0.62
Computer Wire
$0.43 - $0.47
Christmas Lights
$0.17 - $0.19

Scrap Aluminium Prices in Nevada

Price per Pound
Aluminium Wire Clean
$0.57 - $0.63
Aluminium Rims
$0.47 - $0.52
Aluminium Siding
$0.38 - $0.42
Cast Aluminium
$0.39 - $0.43
Sheet Aluminium
$0.36 - $0.39
Aluminium Turnings
$0.24 - $0.26
Dirty Aluminium (Irony)
$0.11 - $0.12
Aluminium Transformers
$0.05 - $0.06

Scrap Brass Prices in Nevada

Price per Pound
Red Brass
$1.69 - $1.87
Yellow Brass
$1.68 - $1.85
Brass Radiators
$1.57 - $1.73
Dirty Brass Faucets
$0.49 - $0.54

Scrap Battery Prices in Nevada

Price per Pound
PB Battery
$0.19 - $0.21

Scrap Catalytic Converter Prices in Nevada

Price per Item
XL Foreign Cat
$348.94 - $385.67
Large Foreign Cat
$221.14 - $244.42
Medium Foreign Cat
$158.52 - $175.2
Small Foreign Cat
$98.11 - $108.44
Foreign Pre-Cat
$51.44 - $56.85
High Grade Domestic Cat
$166.48 - $184.0
Regular Domestic Cat
$88.24 - $97.52
Small Domestic Cat
$62.98 - $69.61
Pre-Domestic Cat
$39.32 - $43.45
Large GM Cat
$212.38 - $234.74
Small GM Cat
$111.04 - $122.73

Scrap Iron Prices in Nevada

Price per Pound
Cast Iron
$0.1 - $0.11
Light Iron
$0.04 - $0.04

Scrap Lead Prices in Nevada

Price per Pound
$0.57 - $0.63
Lead Wheel Weights
$0.08 - $0.09

Scrap Steel Prices in Nevada

Price per Pound
316 Stainless Steel
$0.49 - $0.54
304 Stainless Steel
$0.36 - $0.4

Cities We Cover

Las Vegas
North Las Vegas
Carson City
Boulder City

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Current Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound lb Nevada Current Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound lb Nevada

Looking for Current Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound lb in Nevada? If so we can help you get the best price per pound lb for your scrap metal in Nevada. We are connected with thousands of trusted scrap yards worldwide, many who offer top current scrap metal prices per pound lb in Nevada. Below is a list of scrap yards in Nevada that will buy your scrap metal for top prices per pound lb. Use our list or contact us with specific details of your scrap metal and we will contact local scrap yards in Nevada to find out prices for you. Scrap yards in Nevada buy all types of scrap metal for great prices per pound lb. The types of scrap metal you can sell for top current prices per pound include Scrap Copper, Steel, Aluminium, Lead, Iron, Bronze Nickel, Tin, Zinc etc. Both ferrous and non ferrous metal wanted in Nevada.

Copper Prices Rebounded Over $0.50/lb - 10/20/21

Nevada Scrap Metal Prices - USA

There are so many things for new scrappers to learn that it can often be overwhelming. We have mentored many people from beginners to people selling scrap metal full-time. While learning about how to get the best price and where to find material is fun and interesting, the first thing we always make sure that those new to the industry understand are the laws that govern the buying and selling of scrap metal where they will be operating. We stress the importance of this because of how diverse the laws can be state to state. Nevada has some of the stricter laws within the US to help fight the increase in scrap metal theft over the past few decades.

We have been through the legislation for buying and selling scrap metal in Nevada and summarized everything that is important to be aware of before you go the scrap yard. Most importantly, bring ID. Nevada, and the rest of the US for that matter, require a valid form of ID to sell any scrap metal. Scrap yards in Nevada will need to keep a copy of this along with a description of your vehicle, license plate number, photograph of you at the time of the transaction and most extreme of all a copy of your fingerprints. They must also record the whole transaction. To further help law enforcement fight the buying and selling of stolen materials, they have the power to tag and hold any material for a week during their investigation.

Now that you have a good idea of the laws let's take a look at some of our favorite scrap yards in Nevada. Where else to start but Las Vegas, Nevada's largest city. From our research we have found that the best scrap yards are: Champion Recycling and SA Recycling. Both have great prices are customer service. Next we took a look at Reno and our favorite are: Reno Salvage and Junk King Reno. For those in Carson City or anywhere else in Nevada contact us for details of some scrap yards near you.

If you live close to the Californian state border, then it can make sense to drive there to sell your scrap metal. Scrap metal prices in California can be higher than Nevada. On our site we also list today's scrap metal prices in California.


Las prices scrap vegas copper


Price/lb. Alloy Wheels (tire completely removed/no chrome or plastic) $0.65 Extruded Aluminum (free of plastic/other metals) $0.65 E.C. Wire (free of insulation and steel) $0.65 Litho Plate (clean) $0.65 MLC/New Clips (no paint or other contamination) $0.55 Aluminum Siding (no backing/steel nails/plastic film) $0.55 Contractor Siding (Clean) $0.55 Mixed Aluminum/Old Sheet (1% contamination) $0.45 Clean Aluminum Radiators (No tanks) $0.40 Dirty Aluminum Radiators (With tanks) $0.20 Cast Aluminum (1% contamination) $0.40 Aluminum Cans (under 100 lbs.) $0.40 Aluminum Cans (over 100 lbs.) $0.45 Insulated E.C. (can vary based on contamination) $0.35 Irony Aluminum varies Foil (no food scraps) $0.00
Processing scrap copper into #1 and #2. Quick and easy. Ebay and business talk too.

Las Vegas Nevada Copper Wire Buyers


We also purchase all scrap copper and copper wire in Las Vegas Nevada Copper Wire Buyers such as bare bright, #1 copper and #2 copper.

The price of ferrous and nonferrous metals has been steadily rising in the Las Vegas area over the past few decades. As the price of copper rises, scrap copper becomes more valuable. If you wish to make a profit through copper recycling, Miller International is here to help.

Contact Us Today

We can be anywhere in the United States in two days time. You can always email us your list of inventory as well as pictures

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  • E-mail: [email protected]
Las Vegas Nevada Copper Wire and Electrical Wire Buyers

We Buy Insulated Wire

Electrical contractors routinely create scrap metal products such as wire and cable. At Miller International Recovery, whether it’s copper or aluminum wire, contact us, we buy all types of insulated wire. Our prices are based on the amount of scrap copper or aluminum recovered from your wire.

Las Vegas Nevada Copper Wire Buyers

Whether you are an individual or a large corporation recycling insulated scrap copper wire, you would find that we provide the best service and prices on scrap insulated wire in Las Vegas!

Types of Copper Wire We Buy in Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas Nevada Copper Wire Buyers

Local Las Vegas Nevada Copper Wire Buyer and Electrical Wire Buyers. We buy all of your copper electrical wire so that you can turn the excess into cash.

Number 1 Insulated Wire

There’s a range of electrical wire that could fall into the #1 insulated classification but generally, it is insulated copper wire that contains solid (not stranded) copper wire at least the thickness of a number 2 pencil lead or larger.

Number 2 Insulated Wire

Similar to #1 insulated #2 Insulated has an even a wider range of electrical wire that could fall into its classification but generally number 2 Insulated wire is copper wire that contains thin strands of copper wire.

THHN Cable and Wire (10 & 12)

THHN Cable and wire is often something that electricians are using in their everyday jobs. It is a common data and gauge wire that is found in homes, office building, and other industrial settings. It has bare bright copper wire inside and is insulated with plastic…

HR Wire

This wire or cable contains bright copper wire inside with a single layer of plastic insulation on the outside.

Is not just copper, we buy commercial and industrial scrap metals that are non-ferrous including alloys, aluminum, brass, copper, insulated wire, stainless steel and much more. Learn about all the scrap metals we accept by clicking on the link below or contact us at (713)724-8499

Las Vegas Nevada Copper Wire Buyers


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Recycling Redefined: Offering the most professional customer service in the industry, come and sell us your scrap metal! With conveniently located facilites and optimal hours of operation, we accept all types of scrap metals (Ferrous and Non-ferrous metals, including: Iron, steel, copper, insulated wire, brass, zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel, lead and more).

General Scrap Metal – Obsolete machinery, equipment, tools, virtually any item with metallic content.
Demolition and Clean up – Metallic construction and clean up debris, plate and structural scrap, and rebar.
Contractors – Offering contractors of all trades, including electricians, plumbers, and window contractors the most competitive pricing for their job-site scrap.
Roll Off Containers – Fast and efficient roll-off service for all of your business needs.
Scrap Collectors – Get paid top dollar for your scrap with fast and friendly service.
Scrap Dealers – Our state of the art processing technologies allow us to offer the most competitive prices for your materials.
Junk Vehicles – Get paid for your end of life vehicles. We accept vehicles of all kinds and offer towing service for junk cars.
Appliances and Other Items - Bulk purchase of obsolete appliances and all other types of scrap metal.

Go Green and recycling with us today! If you have any questions, feel free to reach us at 1(800) GOT - SCRAP.


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