18 cu ft rv refrigerator

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Norcold PolarMax™ 18 Cu. Ft. 2-Way Black Trim Stainless Steel Doors Side-by-Side Refrigerator


The PolarMax™ 18 delivers value, ease-of-use, abundant storage & exceptional styling. Designed for the rigors of the road. Quiet operation uses silent gas absorption process with no moving parts. Cabinet-depth design for a clean and comfortable fit in RV kitchens. Eye-level exterior LCD Control Panel is easy to see and operate.

Covered crispers with pop-up lids protect food from spills, allow varied humidity levels and each can be accessed with a door open only 90°! Full-width food and freezer compartments for MAXimum storage. Adjustable powder-coated wire shelves with front lip on refrigerator shelves. For safety, the positive-locking, recessed door handles are clean and stylish, open easily and remain closed during travel.


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Sours: https://www.dyersonline.com/norcold-polarmaxtm-18-cu-ft-2-way-black-trim-stainless-steel-doors-side-by-side-refrigerator.html

Norcold 2118xss model 18 cu.ft. Issues

Bern said:

We have a 2018 Big Horn and have several problems with our 18 cf Norcold. The first time we turned on the frig it didn't cool at all after 24 hrs. My husband went into the outside refrigerator vent cover and discovered the sensor was broke in half and all the coils were bent. He did a temporary fix on the sensor so we would be able to go camping that weekend. Frig temp was somewhere between 40-60 degrees on a 60 degree weekend. Took it back to the dealer and they couldn't find anything wrong ( later we found out they were looking in frig not outside vent). Went camping again and frig still wasn't working. Noticed scratches on opposite frig and freezer doors, center door flap didn't close, scrapes on inside of doors, puncture marks on floor in front of frig and doors wouldn't seal tight causing alarms to go off. Took back in again and dealer told us that doors don't seal good in camper frigs , they aren't going to be good as a home frig and we should buy a frig lock!
This is our first time on the forum, we have several other problems with the camper and the dealer keeps telling us it's a camper it isn't going to be like your home. Has anyone had luck going directly to Heartland?

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Door seals,on my 2012 Landmark Rushmore Norcold sent plastic shims which are placed in/ under the seal. When loading up the fridge make sure everything is cold before loading otherwise it will take a long time to cool. Set your frig on 9 the coldest setting. Once things settle in temperature you can return to 5 or 6. My first Norcold failed and it was replaced in Warranty. Next failure I'll install a residential frig.
As far as dealing with a dealer who's trying to give you the run around, I'd speak with Heartland customer service and ask them to influence the dealer to fix or replace it.

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Sours: https://heartlandowners.org/threads/norcold-2118xss-model-18-cu-ft-issues.65920/
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Norcold - RV Refrigerator - cu. ft. - 4 Doors

Designed for the road, is an AC/ DC/ LP Gas residential-size refrigerator with freezer, specifically designed for RVs. The 3 cubic feet refrigerator comes with adjustable and removable door bins and easy-to-clean, no-tarnish white powder-coated shelves. LCD control panel with built-in diagnostics provides valuable information to simplify servicing and speed up repairs, while the automatic gas flame re-ignition and auto changeover between gas and electric ensure uninterrupted operation. Adjustable thermostat responds to changes in ambient temperatures and the automatic cycle limits frost buildup on refrigerator cooling fans. IM comes with cabinet-depth design, self-latching doors, and travel latches that keep the doors closed while traveling. The side-by-side, four-door unit construction keeps cold air loss at a minimum, while the cooling unit and interior design ensure good airflow and efficient cooling. Built on a steel frame that limits bending, scratching and corrosion, has the following technical information: Interior Capacity: ◆Total Interior Volume = 3 cu. ft. ( 19 l), ◆Fresh Food Compartments = 4 cu. ft. ( 12 l), ◆Freezer Compartments = 5. 9 cu. ft. ( 06 l). Dimensions: ◆Height = 69 in ( 26 cm), ◆Width = 36 in ( 44 cm), ◆Depth = 24 in ( 96 cm), ◆Weight = lbs. ( 13 kg). Amp Draw: ◆12V/ DC = 2. 75, ◆V/ AC = 5.

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/NorcoldRV-RefrigeratorDoors/dp/BS
RV Refrigerator 7 CuFt 12V Stainless Steel

2118 PolarMax

Dimensions & WeightHeightWidthDepth69 in : 175.3 cm36 in : 91.4 cm24 in : 61 cmCarton/Net – 2118Carton/Net – 2118SSCarton/Net – 2118IM256 lbs. : 116.1 kg
238 lbs. : 108 kg269 lbs. : 122 kg
251 lbs. : 113.9 kg263 lbs. : 119.3 kg
245 lbs. : 111.1 kgCarton/Net – 2118IMS276 lbs. : 125.2 kg
258 lbs. : 117 kgInterior CapacityFreezer CompartmentsFresh Food CompartmentTotal Interior Volume5.9 cu. ft. : 167 l total
2.95 cu. ft. : 83.5 l each12.4 cu. ft. : 351 l18.3 cu. ft. : 518 lUpper Door Panel DimensionsHeightWidthThickness23-1/8 in : 58.7 cm17-1/4 in : 43.8 cm3/16 in : 0.48 cmLower Door Panel DimensionsHeightWidthThickness42-5/16 in : 106.7 cm17-1/4 in : 43.8 cm3/16 in : 0.48 cmAmp Draw – 2118 & 2118SS12V/DC120V/ACLP Gas2.755.0YesAmp Draw – 2118IM & 2118IMS12V/DC120V/ACLP Gas3.416.61Yes
Sours: https://norcold.com/product/norcold-2118-polarmax-rv-refrigerator/

Ft 18 refrigerator cu rv

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How to Properly Operate Your Dometic Refrigerator -by Paul \

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