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How We Selected The Products 

Stick to what you know, right? There’s no better motto when it comes to buying aftermarket parts, especially when it comes to lights. A lot of brands pop up overnight, ready to sell you super flashy lights for an alarmingly good price. We know from experience that those lights really don’t live up to the quality of the products coming from established names. That’s why we made sure to pick from the brands we know — through personal use or through reputation — to be reliable.

Buying Guide/What to Look for 

There’s always a chance that we might miss the mark. Even if we know these to be solid offerings, that doesn’t mean they’re what you’re looking for. After all, you have different ideas of what’s good and what isn’t, and there’s no guarantee that your application even needs H11 bulbs. So, what do you do then? Check out this buying guide. We’ll talk about some key points you need to consider when looking for headlight bulbs. Keep in mind that a lot of these tips are universal, meaning you’ll be able to keep them in mind whenever you’re shopping for exterior lighting. We’ll even drop some tips to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

What To Consider When Buying H11 Bulbs

Not all H11 bulbs are the same. You know that, though. You just need to know what makes them different enough to justify those price gaps. There are a few types of bulbs out there, but first let’s consider some of the characteristics you need to keep an eye on.


This is your primary concern aside from compatibility. Lumens essentially translates to brightness. It tells you how good of a job the bulb will do at illuminating the roadways. Budget-friendly halogen H11 bulbs should land you around lumens. As the price goes up, you can expect the lumens to increase. Obviously, more is better as a brighter light will provide much better visibility.


If you’re something of a science buff, you know that a kelvin is a unit used to measure temperature. In the case of bulbs, it describes the color temperature. The scale generally runs from to 10, K. Warmer colors run from to about K, while cool colors span from about to 10, K. Everything in between is known as neutral and is usually more desirable for use in cars because they offer better visibility. That’s because warm colors have more of a red tone while cool colors appear blue.


Another detail you really want to pay attention to is the lifespan. Manufacturers typically measure this in hours, which may seem depressingly low compared to years or even mileage. However, you need to think about the fact that you generally don’t keep the lights on all the time. You probably don’t drive as frequently at night. Still, more hours is always better because it means you won’t replace the bulbs as often.

Types of H11 Bulbs

Car bulbs are standardized. The number H11 is a descriptor that tells us a lot about the function of the bulb. It tells us the filament count, what parts of the car it can be used for, and even the fitment. It doesn’t necessarily tell us much about the type of light it is, though. There are three types of H11 bulbs.


Unless you’re looking to use the power of the sun to illuminate roadways, halogens are your best bet. These bulbs work by heating up a filament inside of a chamber that features halogen gas. While they are technically the least bright of your three options, they can provide some impressive performance. The primary benefit is that they usually don’t shine bright enough to be a hazard to other drivers, and they also happen to be the most affordable.

LED Conversion

Moving to LEDs is a good move for folks looking to achieve better visibility. Considering many newer vehicles feature these types of bulbs, it makes sense to update older vehicles with them. Thankfully, conversion bulbs exist to make simple work of the swap. The issue with a lot of LED bulbs is that they’re much more expensive than traditional halogen bulbs. You can find many really cheap options out there. However, the quality and performance won’t be anywhere close to what well-built premium options bring to the table.

HID Bulbs

HID is an abbreviation for high-intensity discharge. This type of bulb uses an arc between diodes surrounded with xenon gas to emit light and is known for producing the best visibility while remaining very efficient. The issue is that the light is so bright that it can easily become a hazard to other drivers. Therefore, you need to make sure that you verify the HIDs are both road-legal and permitted for use in your area.

Expert tips

Changing light bulbs is easy. We know you are ready to take what you’ve learned here and go pick out the perfect set. But there are a few more things to keep in the back of your mind as you shop around.

Consider other drivers

Don’t reach for the most powerful headlight bulbs possible. We’ve all been on the business end of a car that’s practically shooting laser beams from the front end. It isn’t fun at all. It can actually be dangerous. If improving visibility is a concern, just take it up a notch or two and consider re-aiming your headlights to make sure they’re focused in the right spots.

Replace two at a time

If one bulb goes, the other isn’t long behind it. Save yourself the trouble and buy  and replace both bulbs at the same time. In the case of an H11 headlight bulb, you might consider buying four at a time. We say that because these are single-filament bulbs. That means two function as your low beams and two function as your high beams. 

Clean the housings

If you’re replacing the bulb because your visibility is bad, give the housing a once over. Headlight housings tend to glaze over, which will hurt the bulb’s performance. It’s worth seeing if you can clean the housing up with a headlight restoration kit before you go overboard with bulbs. Again, you should also consider aiming your headlights, especially if you made any changes to your vehicle’s ride height.

Other Considerations

  • Compatibility: Not every light bulb you come across is going to fit in your vehicle. There are many types out there, and you don't want to waste money buying something you cannot use. If you want a specific type of headlight that isn't compatible, you also have the option of investing in a conversion kit.
  • Legality: There are a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to vehicles in the United States. Buyers should make sure that the lights they are buying are street legal and not made for other non-headlight uses. The Department of Transportation is in charge of regulating what is and is not allowed for U.S. vehicles.
  • Energy Consumption: Nearly all the energy consumed by LED bulbs is used to produce light. This is different from halogens and HIDs, which both give off a lot of heat and can be considered wasteful. Energy-efficient lights are good for the environment and ultimately good for your wallet. 
  • Price: While the performance and look of your headlights are incredibly important, the most immediate factor is what you're going to pay. This involves the type of light bulb, with LEDs being more expensive and halogens being more affordable, and also the long-term effects of replacement and energy consumption.

FAQs About H11 Bulbs 

As much as we think we know, you might still have questions. That’s why we’ll finish up by answering some of the most common questions asked about H11 bulbs.

Q: Are H11 and bulbs the same?

Both are L-shaped, but they are not interchangeable. One should also note that bulbs are typically reserved for use as high beams, whereas an H11 can serve as either a high-beam or low-beam bulb. That does mean ’s are brighter than most H11 bulbs, but using them as a low beam isn’t exactly necessary.

Q: What bulbs are the same as H11?

H8, H9, H11, and H16 bulbs are often lumped into the same category because of their L shape and single filament, but they aren’t identical. There are variations in brightness along with fitment. Each features a unique socket and housing combination that prevents them from being used interchangeably without modification.

Q: Can I use H9 bulbs instead of H11 bulbs?

A lot of people want to use an H9 instead of an H11 because the bulb is brighter, and the configurations are seemingly identical. It can be done, just not without a quick massage. H9 bulbs just have a tab on the harness socket that prevents them from popping right in place. Cutting or grinding the tab away will allow for the H9 to plug right into the H11 socket. There are no differences between the two when it comes to housing fitment.

Q: What’s better, HID or LED bulbs?

There’s a lot of back and forth on which is better but LEDs are generally more favorable. While both are exceptionally bright, LED bulbs tend to be a little brighter than street-approved HID bulbs. LEDs also last a lot longer than HIDs. So even if they are typically more expensive up front, they pay for themselves over time.

Q: Will an LED conversion require modification?

No. LED conversions are almost always plug and play for late-model vehicles. The only exception being those that call for an additional component to be added to control flickering. Even then, the installation is pretty straightforward. That might not be the case, however, for older vehicles, which might require some modifications to accept LED lights.

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H11 Xenon Look Super White Bulbs 12v 55w


This listing is for a pair 
H11 super white halogen bulbs 12v 55w 

Comparing to the stock standard lights, these are: 
* Up to 50% more whiter than conventional k bulbs, to match with other white lights such as LED park lights or HID headlights 
* Better beam, more chance to be seen day and night 

The blue coating make light whiter which is a fantastic upgrade to factory dull yellow headlight, but BE AWARE OF ANY OTHER CHEAP BULBS: the more whiter they are the less brighter would be, and same the other way around. Where our bulbs will satisfy you for been whiter and as well as brightness. 

> 12v, 55w 
> K color temperature 
> Models available:H1 H3 H3C H4 H7 H11 (HB3) (HB4) H15 
> Xenon look SUPER WHITE 
> Straight swap 
> Made of strong UV-protection crystal quartz glass, help protecting your light from getting yellow and dark 
> No Mercury,Lead,Cadmium and other toxic material 
> Accurate filament twisting technology 

Installation notice: 
> DO NOT touch the bulb glass while installation as this will shorten their life 

Sours: https://gtautosource.co.nz/product/hxenon-look-super-white-bulbsvw/
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H11 12V 55W Headlight Bulbs in Platinum Blue


Question: Are your factory headlight bulbs just not “putting out” enough for you in terms of cool blue color & usable light?


RECON, the premiere manufacturer of aftermarket lighting and accessories for the Truck and SUV market is proud to announce their new XENON Platinum Blue 5, Kelvin Headlight Bulbs for nearly every make & model of car, truck, SUV. It&#;s easy to get use to the ugly, yellow, dim light emitted by your factory installed headlight bulbs & not realize just how ugly that factory yellowish light really is. Dim halogen gas-filled factory installed headlight bulbs just don&#;t cut it when adequate road illumination, safety, and peace of mind are at stake. From dark parking lots & boat ramps to poorly lit roads & highways, RECON Truck Accessories offers you a brighter solution to lighting what’s in front of your car, truck, or SUV. “Get Lit” With RECON Truck Accessories’ new XENON Platinum Blue 5, Kelvin Headlight Bulbs for nearly every make & model of car, truck, SUV.

RECON XENON Platinum Blue Headlight Bulbs Feature:
• Low-Temperature XENON gas formula reduces heat generated by your headlights & eliminates the need to use heavy-duty wire harnesses when upgrading to XENON gas headlight bulbs
• Super high-output proprietary blue XENON gas mixture that produces a blue color temperature that factory installed halogen gas-filled bulbs can&#;t compete with
• RECON headlight bulbs are up to % brighter than competitive XENON gas bulbs & generate 50% less heat
• Highest Kelvin Rating (5,k) of any XENON headlight bulb available
• Every RECON XENON headlight bulb meets or exceeds an 11, hour average life expectancy
• RECON XENON headlight bulbs feature easy plug-in installation, they look great, & add safety through additional light output and their 5, kelvin blue/white HID color
• RECON XENON headlight bulbs feature the widest beam angle of any XENON headlight bulb offered in the automotive market today
• Applications available for nearly every make, model, & year of vehicle

Available Bulbs Include: , , , , H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H10, H11, & H13

Sours: https://gorecon.com/product/hvw-headlight-bulbs-in-platinum-blue/
Top 8 Best H11 LED Headlight Bulbs 2020

VEXONEYE H11 Halogen Headlight Bulb/Fog Light 12V 55W White K Light Headlamp Super Bright

VEXONEYE H11 Halogen Headlight Bulb/Fog Light 12V 55W White K Light Headlamp Super Bright


ratings Write a review

Item #:


This product is not Fulfilled by Ubuy and can take minimum 10 days in delivery. We might cancel the product from the order and refund you if any issue arise with the delivery of this product.

Note: Electronic products sold in US store operate on () volts, a step-down power converter is required for the smooth device function. It is mandatory to know the wattage of the device in order to choose the appropriate power converter. Recommended power converters Buy Now.

Product Details

  • [Ultra Bright White Light]: H11 Halogen headlight bulb, filled with 30% xenon which lead to 80% more light output than standard bulbs. K white light provide perfect light pattern and excellent performance.
  • [Characteristic]: Adopt imported Anti vibration upgrade filaments, UV-stop quartz glass, B8 grade dark blue coating with NANO silver top coating which make our H11 bulbs own High Temp. Resistant, longer lifetime and perfect road performance features.
  • [Easy Installation]: H11 headlamps.Plug and play. Standard socket H11 12V 55W bulb. % headlamp replacement in pairs. H11//
  • [Quality Guaranty]: Our H11 Headlight bulbs are CE, ROHS, ECE R37 and DOT compliant, International Quality Assurance and Totally Street Legal. ONE-YEAR quality Guaranty. Any quality problem can change in one month or new bulb replacement service.
  • [Application and Tips]: Our H11 Headlight bulbs are Universal. If not sure the right fitment for your vehicle, contact us freely, we will reply you within 24h. Customer service and satisfaction is our top priority.
ModelH11 halogen headlight/fog light bulb
Item Weight ounces ( grams)
Package Dimensions x x inches ( x x cm)
Item model numberH11
Manufacturer Part NumberVE-0SW-H11
OEM Part Number headlamps, headlight, H11 headlights, h11 light bulb
Bulb TypeHalogen Lamp
Special FeaturesHeadlamp bulb, Alogenos  h11, Luces frontales, LUCES PARA CARRO, Xtravision
Mirror Lighting TypeAutomotive-exterior-headlight-bulbs
Voltage12 Volts
Wattage55 watts
Light Source TypeHalogen Lamp
Manufacturer Part NumberVE-0SW-H11


VEXONEYE H11 Halogen Headlight Bulb/Fog Light 12V 55W White K Light Headlamp Super Bright

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Customer Questions & Answers

  • Question: Hello, does this product fit a 08 saturn vue xr?

    Answer: Hello Michael, Thank you interested in VEXONEYE brand bulbs and ask a question, please get the answer as bellow: SATURN VUE: car: Low Beam use H11, High Beam use , Fog Beam use H8, Daytime Running Lamp use H Please choose the right beam bulbs which you need from our Store. VEXONEYE will provide ecellent service to all of our customer. An question please feel free to contact with us. VEXONEYE Customer's Service Team
  • Question: Will this fit a Civic (low beam)?

    Answer: Hello, Thanks concerning VEXONEYE brand Store. Civic Coupe Low Beam use /HB4, please choose our or HB4 bulb but not H11 bulb. Civic Hybird Low Beam use /HB4, please choose our or HB4 bulb but not H11 bulb Civic Sedan Low Beam use /HB4, please choose our or HB4 bulb but not H11 bulb. Any question about the installation please contact with us freely. VEXONEYE Customer's Service Team
  • Question: Funciona Para Toyota corolla

    Answer: Hello Leonardo, TOYOTA Corolla use /H4 Type, so our H4 Bulb fit your car headlight, please choose from our store. Thanks. VEXONEYE Customer's Service Team
  • Question: What is the rated lifespan in hours for the ?

    Answer: Dear Walt R Jr, Thank you concerning our store, VEXONEYE. Our /HIR2 bulbs average lifetime average lifetime around hours. VEXONEYE CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM
  • Question: Will this fit a bmw i?

    Answer: Hi. Dear. This H15 fits BMW 2 series High Beam and DAY RUNNING LIGHTS, if your low beam is H7 halogen bulbs.
  • Question: does it fit a Mercedes CLA high beam/running light?

    Answer: Hi. Dear. You are right. Our H15 fits CLA high beam/Running light.
  • Question: Does this fit my Dodge Ram Sport model for hi beam?

    Answer: Hello Michael, Thank you planing purchase VEXONEYE brand bulbs. Dodge Ram Pickup use /HB1 type bulbs, so you can choose our /HB1 type but not /HB5, they have different socket. Any other questions please contact us freely. VEXONEYE Customer's Service Team
  • Question: gmc truck?

    Answer: Hi. If you are talking about Sierra , then H11 is for low beam and DRL, and for High beam. No need for Thank you.
  • Question: Will these work for a VW Beetle?

    Answer: Yes. H1 is for Hi/Lo beam and fog light of Beetle

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J.•• ••C.

October 23,

Not super bright!

If these are super bright then I’m Superman.

Pe•• ••oa

October 21,



Br•• ••nx

October 20,


Item as described.

No•• ••an

October 20,

Not White at all

The bulbs look great, but the chart showing the white color was misleading. The bulbs when lit, are similar to regular bulbs not white at all. They are a little brighter than your stock/regular bulb.

Je•• ••wa

October 17,

Easy to replace. Works great.

Easy to replace. Works great. Great value.

Ke•• ••hy

October 12,

Great value

The lights are below my expectations. Thought these would have that white color shine but they are more yellow than white. The price is great especially for the value. Install is basically plug and ride. I would buy again if needed.

Ni•• ••ck

October 11,

dtr lights

When i put my high beams on they are white n bright. But i was looking to make my daytime running light brighter and they are like any other regular bulb. I have learned that dtr lights only receive so much power and will always look dim. i guess i need to do hid.

An•• ••do

October 9,

ST•• ••EZ

October 5,

Not what I expected! This was my second pair I bought

Installed today .. (Driverside) one is whiter with a blueish brightness. The other (passanger) is just as Bright but with a yellowish regular bulb color but have the blue coating .. one more than the other

Br•• ••W.

October 3,

Almost as bright as 2 year old silverstars

I bought these to replace one of my burnt out Sylvania silverstar zxe bulbs. It seems about as bright and the same color as the one zxe that still works. 5 stars in my book!

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12v 55w led bulb h11

And she was neither ashamed nor embarrassed. She felt good. God, how I adored her at this moment. I so wanted to kiss her.

How to install a H8 / H11 / H16 LED fog lights kit QASHQAI 🌫️

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