2003 honda crv obd2 location

2003 honda crv obd2 location DEFAULT

Here, I will talk about Honda CR-V 1996-2001.

Topics include:

Honda CR-V new features

OBD connector location

Honda CR-V diagnosis & programming

in detail…


What’s new on Honda CR-V?

The Honda CR-V is a vehicle of the SUV range, developed since 1996 by the Japanese manufacturer Honda . The meaning of CR-V comes from the English “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle”. The Honda CR-V was in 2012, the best-selling SUV in the world as well as in the United States … while Honda was putting this vehicle on the market in order not to compete with the Passport! These vehicles are assembled at the Swindon plant in the United Kingdom.


The first generation of the CRV dates from 1996, at the level of the engine there were 2 engines 2.0L 4-cylinder gasoline, developing from 126 to 146 hp. The first diesel engine for this vehicle will be installed in 2001 in the 2nd generation of the vehicle, a 140-hp i-CTDI.


A radical restyling is operated during the 3rd generation of the vehicle in 2006, with a much more rounded design. A winning choice that will make Honda’s SUV the most popular vehicle in its class.


In 2011, the fourth generation of the vehicle offers two-wheel drive, and a slight restylage of the body.


Honda has produced four generations of CR-V


Honda CR-V OBD Location: 1996 to 2001

Honda CR-V OBD Location: 2001 to 2006

Honda CR-V: from 2006 to 2011

Honda CR-V OBD Location: from 2011 to 2017


The Honda CR-V is compatible with the OBD standard and our klavkarr cases for gasoline since 2001 and for diesel since 2004.



Where’s the OBD connector location on Honda CR-V (1996 – 2001)?

you will find several photos allowing you to find your way around the cabin.


The connector is on the passenger side


The diagnostic connector is on the side of the center console (at the feet of the passenger)


The connector is non-standard, the 3-way blue connector is the diagnostic connector, the 2-way connector is the service connector (fault reading without scanner)






Which auto diagnostic tool can you used for Honda CR-V 1996-2001?


Here are populous scan tools for Honda diagnostics or programming.

ProductHONDA HIM HDSXhorse HDS cableHONDA GNA600FLY100 scanner
Software versionHDS 3.102.004HDS 2.018GNA 2.027HDS 3.016
Operating systemWindows XP;

Windows 7

(HIM HDS Win7 installation instruction)

Windows XPWindows XPWindows XP; Windows 7;
Car year1992-20181996-20121996-20121992-2011
Electronic control system coverageCover all the electronic control system, such as: Dynamical, Body, Chassis, ABS, SRS, Anti-theft, etc.Cover all the electronic control system, such as: Dynamical, Body, Chassis, ABS, SRS, Anti-theft, etc.Cover all the electronic control system, such as: Dynamical, Body, Chassis, ABS, SRS, Anti-theft, etc.Cover all the electronic control system, such as: Dynamical, Body, Chassis, ABS, SRS, Anti-theft, etc.
OBDII diagnostic functionYesYesYesYes
Key programmingYes

Provided you are registered with ALOA and have a current Service Express Security Professional subscription


Can make a key and need password to enter immobilizer system, can’t make smart key


Can make a key and no password to enter immobilizer system, can make smart key.

Odometer correctionNotNotNotYes

Can do without removing the cluster

Airbag resetYesNotYesYes
Do adaptation for remote controllerYesYesNotYes



Honda HIM interface has the widest vehicle coverage, year 1996 – 2018.

HDS cable is the cheapest, but work for diagnosis only.


All diagnostic tools above can work for Honda CR-V 1996-2001.

You can have any of them for OBD2 diagnosis, and take HIM, GNA600 or FLY100 for programming.

Sours: http://blog.obdii365.com/2019/08/14/honda-crv-1996-2001-obd2-diagnostic-tool-advice/

Where is OBD port on 2003 CRV?

The 2003 Honda CR-V obd is located under the dashboard, beneath the steering wheel. If it is not working then You need to check the fuse that powers it. To get to the fuse box look to the left of the steering wheel look for a small seam or crack along the dash.

Where is the OBD plug on a 2004 Honda CRV?

If You want to know where the OBD II port is located on Your 2004 Honda CR-V, then You’ve come to the right place. The location of the OBD II port is on the bottom right of the steering wheel. Most vehicles have the port on the underside of the left steering wheel but Your car has it on the right.

What is code p1457 on Honda CRV?

This is a trouble code for a leak in the evaporative (EVAP) system, the charcoal canister side of the system. Potential Causes: Restricted purge line, evaporative canister vent shut valve, bypass solenoid/two-way valve, purge solenoid and/or a leaking canister or evaporative hose.

Where is the Obdii Port Honda CRV?

The OBD-II port is usually located under the dashboard, beneath the steering wheel column (1 – 3 in the diagram below).

Where is the OBD port on a Honda Element?

The OBD-II port in the Honda Element can be found under the steering wheel and to the right. The port is in the open, and it should require no tools to locate.

What is P2646?

P2646 is an OBD-II generic code for the engine control module (ECM) detecting the ‘A’ rocker arm actuator control circuit for bank 1 has a performance problem or is stuck in the off position.

How much does it cost to fix a P2646?

The cost to diagnose the P2646 HONDA code is 1.0 hour of labor. The auto repair’s diagnosis time and labor rates vary by location, vehicle’s make and model, and even your engine type. Most auto repair shops charge between $75 and $150 per hour.

Can low oil cause P2646?

Low Oil– If the dipstick is not registering oil at all, it may be too low for the VTEC system to function properly. Wiring Issue– P2646 indicates that the voltage from the VTEC/Rocker oil pressure switch is low. This means that a wiring issue very well could be at fault.

Can I drive with a broken rocker arm?

With broken or loose rocker arms, the exhaust valves and intake valves can’t function correctly and the cylinder associated with the faulty rocker arm will be disabled. This will ultimately limit the performance of your engine and your ability to drive the car smoothly and safely.

What does a bad rocker arm look like?

If you hear a clicking or ticking noise when you start your engine, a worn rocker arm might be the problem. If you hear a clicking or ticking noise and suspect a broken rocker arm listen to see if the noise is coming from the top of the engine. If it’s a V-shaped engine, the noise will only be coming from one side.

What causes a broken rocker arm?

Weak valves springs or saggy springs can cause the rocker to be slapped hard by the cam as the lobe comes around. Could have a sticking/warped valve stem, in this case rockers can break everyday if the valve decides to stay shut and the cam forces the rocker to open it.

What is the purpose of rocker arm?

The rocker arm is the part responsible for transmitting the movement of the camshaft towards the intake and exhaust valves of the engine, a process that occurs through the direct contact of these parts with the tappets and according to the movement of the shaft.

Sours: https://www.mvorganizing.org/where-is-obd-port-on-2003-crv/
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Where is the OBD2 port in my Honda CR-V (2002 - 2006)

All vehicles are equipped with an OBD port to which you can connect your klavkarr diagnostic case. Sometimes, the most difficult thing is to find this port! In order to save you time, we have made available (for free) the information uploaded by our community of tens of thousands of users.

Since the implementation of the OBD standard, each vehicle has a standard 16-pin connector, as described on our OBD presentation page.

The norm states that the port must be located inside the vehicle passenger compartment. Depending on the make and model, it may or may not be easy to locate.

To diagnose your vehicle yourself, download our EOBD-Facile car diagnostic software.

Go the the Honda
OBD2 car scanner

Use our search engine below to locate your OBD2 port!

OBD connector location for Honda CR-V (2002 - 2006)

You will find below several pictures which will help you find your OBD connector in your car.

Honda CR-V - Dashboard

The OBD II socket is located under the steering wheel on the right

Go to the OBD2
scanner for HONDA

Honda CR-V - Pedals

The OBD plus is visible on the top right of the gas pedal

Honda CR-V - OBD socket

Here is the OBD socket

Those pictures were sent by Rado
Thank you for your contribution

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97-01 Honda CRV rd1 OBD 2 and timing cable location.

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97-01 Honda CRV rd1 OBD 2 and timing cable location.

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