Binder cover templates for school

Binder cover templates for school DEFAULT

Binder Covers

binder cover templates

Turn an old binder into a beautiful personalized organization system. It takes under 2 minutes to create a new customized cover for your binder!

Select one of the editable binder cover templates below and click on “customize” to personalize the binder cover with your own text. You can edit all of the text to customize the DIY binder cover to your needs. You can create your own designs with our free online binder cover maker (see instructions below).

Free Binder Cover Templates

Black and gold backgrounds

 Customize & Print Backgrounds Available

Pretty binder cover

Free printable binder cover template

 Customize & Print Backgrounds Available

On the chalkboard cover, you can choose the border, frame, and embellishment from a wide selection of options.

Marble Binder Covers

Marble binder covers

(Many more designs available)

Photo Collage Covers

Photo Collage Covers

Add your photos or use any photo from the gallery. Change the color of the boxes and add your text.

Pretty Watercolor Binder Cover Templates

The text on the following six binder covers can be changed to any color you want. These are some of the binder cover designs available but there are hundreds of different designs so please check them out.

Binder cover templates with pretty watercolor flowers and your own custom text

 Customize & Print Backgrounds Available

Binder covers with floral watercolor patterned backgrounds

 Customize & Print Backgrounds Available

Free Binder Cover Maker

Binder Cover Maker

The images above show some binder cover ideas but the possibilities are endless! These are only a few samples. You can make unlimited designs with our free tool!

Binder Covers Black and White

Hundreds of different designs available in black and white. You can change to any color if you don’t want black and white specifically. 

Black and white designs

1. Click on either of the binder backgrounds above to open the app.

2. Select a background. There are different designs available (stripes, chevron, polka dots, diagonal dots, etc).

3. Select a label.

4. Add a design or image if you want (such as flowers or cute ice cream).

5. Select a color for each element.

6. Edit text: Click on the text and type your own text. You can also type in the text box.

7. Download and/or print: click on the download icon (to download as a jpg, PNG, or PDF). Click on the printer icon (to print). It is better to download to your PC and print from there than to print directly as you will have more options. Don’t forget to select “fit on page” on your printer to ensure that it fits on one page.

Cute Binder Covers

We have a wide selection of cute binder covers. Open the app and go to “backgrounds” on the right. Click on backgrounds and select the cute category.

cute binder covers

 Customize & Print Backgrounds Available



Free printable binder covers

Free personalized and printable binder covers

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Click on “customize & print” to edit the text and download or print.

Monogram Binders


monogram maker

How to Add a Monogram to the Binder Cover

You can use our free monogram generator to create a monogram binder cover.

Chalkboard Covers




How to make the chalkboard binder cover

1. Click on the chalkboard cover above to open the chalkboard cover maker.

2. To select frame: Click on click on “covers” then “borders” and then select a frame.

3. To select embellishment: Click on clipart, select any category and then select an embellishment.

4. To select the wreath around the text: Click on “clipart” and then frames and then select a circle or wreath.

5. Download and/or print.

What can the free printable binder covers be used for?

Since the text can be edited, you can create your own personalized binders for any purpose by simply editing the text on the binder templates. The free binder cover templates can be used for the following purposes:

  • Binder decoration to re-purpose an old binder for any purpose.
  • Teachers can create a binder for each subject and for their teaching materials
  • Create a calendar in a binder
  • Organize your recipes
  • Separate your documentation
  • Organize your files and documents at work
  • Upgrade your home office with pretty binders
  • Science binder cover

How to Turn a Binder into a Personalized Organizer

You don’t need to buy an expensive system to get organized. In fact, you can turn an old binder into a beautiful customized life organizer or home management binder that won’t cost you a penny!

  1. Create a personalized binder cover from any of the templates above.
  2. Make a list of all the things you will store in the organizer. Organize them into subjects. Depending on the size of the binder you can probably divide it into between 6 to 20 subjects or sections.
  3. Create binder dividers or divider tabs for each of those sections.
  4. If you want to make it really fancy then create a coordinating binder spine that you can personalize as well.

Free Printable Binder Covers For School

Love binder covers? These colorful free printable binder covers are perfect for a school student! You&#;ll be the envy of all the kids and even your teacher with these fun templates!

Organizing homework assignments has never been so easy! These free printable binder covers for school will make you WANT to do your homework. Gasp, right!

Free Printable Binder Covers For School

Free Printable Binder Covers For School

These pretty binder covers look so professional and can be a lifesaver when your child has tons of assignments to complete. 

I&#;ve found that when their school binders aren&#;t somewhat organized, it&#;s easier for kids to forget about assignments, or not be aware of when they&#;re even due. 

But with these printables, it&#;s a simple yet effective way to keep everything in order, and keep up with those deadlines and important due dates!

Super helpful!

My daughter, 13, helped me design these covers. We really had a lot of fun creating them! 

She is using them as dividers in her binder right now. 🙂 You could use them as binder covers or dividers, whatever works best for you.

Free Printable Binder Covers For School

Download free printable binder covers for school templates here.

Included school subjects in these fun binder covers are:

  1. Art
  2. Biology
  3. Computer
  4. Drama
  5. English
  6. French
  7. Health
  8. History
  9. Math 
  10. Music
  11. Science
  12. Spanish

If you&#;d like more PDF binder cover options, just click here to see them in my shop. I even have ones to color for when they get bored in school!

Here&#;s my absolute favorite set of binder covers and dividers and it comes with + pages!

Want to get your kids binders organized and inspire them to learn? This Student Binder Covers & Dividers printables set is PERFECT for your kids to do just that!

Not only will these printable binder covers be a great free present, but it will also give them a sense of independence and responsibility. 

This design is so cute, my daughter also wanted a matching set of bookmarks, so I made her these!  

Free Printable Bookmarks For School

Download the free printable bookmarks here.


Love binder covers? These colorful free printable binder covers are perfect for a school student! You'll be the envy of all the kids and even your teacher with these fun templates!

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Add your text on the cover template to decorate your new binder or breath new life into an old one with the beautiful binder cover design.

Customize the design to your preferences and make the cover of your planner reflect who you are. Before ordering the final cover, please feel free to download free printable cover template sample to print it out at home to try it out and see if it looks exactly like you want it.

Besides, you can also get premium lifetime access to the entire collection of planner templates and binder covers to be able to download as many covers as you want as often as you need and always have enough planner templates in your arsenal for efficient and enjoyable planning or journaling.

How to make a perfect binder cover:

  1. Measure the size of your binder cover.
  2. Decide what color scheme, patterns and style you want it to feature.
  3. Find and customize the template with the preferred design from this collection in the right size.
  4. Download printable PDF
  5. Print it out at home, office or local print shop with the best resolution.
  6. Use glue to attach the printed page to your cover or use sticky paper.

If you are looking for something more sophisticated than covers printables, you can, for example, search for DIY padded binder cover tutorials and create some really unique cover. However, these printable templates look definitely better and they are super easy to use.

Before ordering your cover, please make sure to download free printable binder covers samples to see if they look nice with your planner. Click download button to customize the text via OnPlanner binder cover maker and get the latest designs featured on your cover.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cover Binders

What are binder covers used for?

They can be used to decorate your binder and mark it accordingly to make sure it stands out from the rest. If you have a few planner binders, besides unique spine label stickers, you can use different DIY binder covers for each separate planner to distinguish them at a glance.

What’s the format of binder covers?

The designs are available in PDF that you can open via any browser and is compatible with all printers.

What sizes are available?

The printable covers are available in all popular sizes including A4, A5, Letter and Half Letter.

What printer do I need to use to get these printed?

PDF file that you get is compatible with all printers. So just make sure your printer prints in color if you choose a colorful template and go ahead.


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