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The Hummer LeBron James' Mom Got Him For His 18th Birthday Is Up For Sale On eBay

The Hummer H2 that Gloria Marie James gave to her son LeBron for his 18th birthday is up for auction on eBay. 

According to eBay Motors, the gas-guzzling SUV was heavily customized, with inch chrome rims, DirecTV TracVision, a PlayStation 2, and a custom chrome grille. It's been driven only 28, miles. 

The originally black, now white, H2 is being sold by Autos Direct Online. The auction ends January 2 at 8 p.m. EST, and the current highest bid is for $41, The "buy it now price" is $64, 

lebron james hummer h2
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Sours: https://www.businessinsider.com/lebron-james-hummer-h2-mother-mom-ebay-auction-sale

Get higher: buy a higher Hummer H2 on Ebay!

 Hummer H2 Hoeherlgung Tuning 5 Get higher: buy higher Hummer H2 on Ebay!

Can it be a little more violent? Then this huge Hummer H2 from is just the thing! Built by Aim Industries, this bespoke H2 is a real one Monster Truck. It is currently being auctioned on Ebay under item number And it was even featured on the cover of September Truckin Magazine pictured. Then he already had the crazy body painting from L&G Enterprises and the insane 18 inch (approx. 46 cm) lift kit for lifting. The components have been powder-coated in yellow and equipped with 20 inch Weld Racing Dagger 8 rims including crazy x21x20 IROK tires. By the way, the seller calls the H2 "the baddest H2 ever built".

 Hummer H2 Hoeherlgung Tuning 1 Get higher: buy higher Hummer H2 on Ebay!

Other noteworthy details are:

  • DefenderWorx billet aluminum components exterior and interior
  • Fold-out 7 inch screen in the dashboard
  • Rear seats with TV
  • chromed rear underrun protection plate
  • yellow / black interior by Classic Soft Trim L&G Industries
  • Lemon yellow accents on the dashboard
  • six inch Bazooka RX-T2 subwoofers
  • an amp rack
  • Stainless steel exhaust system from B&B Performance Exhaust

Current bid: $ 55,

 Hummer H2 Hoeherlgung Tuning 3 Get higher: buy higher Hummer H2 on Ebay!

But do the modifications make the H2 beautiful? Not really! We know of course that "Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder". However, we have examined the vehicle extensively and have come to the conclusion that it definitely belongs in our tuning fail category because WE do not consider it beautiful. What is your opinion about this? Beautiful or not so beautiful? Please leave a comment here!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e Get higher: buy higher Hummer H2 on Ebay!

Sours: https://www.tuningblog.eu/en/kategorien/autos-von-a-z/hummer-h/
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Oh My God Look At This Hummer

Look, we at Jalopnik have some respect for the Hummer brand. But this Hummer H2 we found on eBay has so much going on that my brain’s misfiring just trying to comprehend it. With that said, I’m going to try to get through a description of thisvehicle.

What you’re experiencing here is apparently a Hummer H2 extensively modified by AIM Industries in The finished product was featured in Truckin’ Magazine in September According to TruckTrend, AIM’s CEO Joe Morrow wanted to show off the company’s bolt-on inch lift kit for the Hummer H2 by building a crazy custom Hummer.

The lift kit maintains the stock front suspension components and complements them with triple-shock hoops and air springs and airbags, all from AIM. Holding it all up are inch Weld Racing wheels wrapped in inch Interco Irok tires.

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AIM could have stopped there, but clearly a build of this caliber needed more. So Joe went to L&G Enterprises in San Dimas, California, as the Truckin’ article notes. There, longtime custom painter Theresa Contreras worked some magic. While this whole Hummer issomething, I think she did a great job. Admittedly, I dig the yellow peeling away to reveal a bare metal look. Remember the era this build came from and the paint actually makes sense!

AIM then went to DefenderWorx in Suwanee, Georgia, (now Yorba Linda, California) to slap an entire catalog of billet parts onto the H2. Everything from the taillight covers to the hood grille got outfitted in billet. Again, very impressive craftsmanship was involved here. The end result is justa lot. It looks as if the Hummer crashed through the chrome accessory section of a Pep Boys.

Not wanting to stop with the exterior, they moved on to the interior. Seats were done by Classic Soft Trim in Commerce, California, and the rest of the interior and the audio system was given a Pimp My Ride style makeover by Audio Innovations in Glendora, California. Of course, you have your regular mids mods like TVs in headrests and enough Bazooka speakers to wipe out your hearing in no time flat.

A close look at these pictures makes it appear that the missiles on the sides and the gun turret on the hood were added after the magazine photo session.

I have so many questions.

I’ve also seen no mentions about gearing. I would hope something was done to the gearing because otherwise I can’t imagine this would move with any gusto.

The 5, miles on the odometer suggests this is one of those forever-garage-queen things, or it’s simply too impractical to be driven regularly. In all honesty, while this Hummer may look ripped straight out of Need For Speed: Underground, a lot of talent went into making it, and that’s pretty cool.

Bidding ended at $55, with the reserve not met.

Car BuyingFound for Sale

Sours: https://jalopnik.com/oh-my-god-look-at-this-hummer

By now, you should have heard that Hummer is back, albeit under the GMC marque and with a different powertrain that it had before its demise. Moving forward, the massive truck will be known as the Hummer EV and yes, that means it's completely electrified, far from its gas-guzzling past.

However, if you're not into the EV trend yet, some examples of old Hummers are still up on sale in the market. One of which is up for bidding on eBay, but it's a tad too radical for the faint-hearted.

Introducing, a Hummer H2 custom-built by Aim Industries. As you can see, it isn't your run-off-the-mill Hummer, rather, it's an extroverted example – maybe a bit ready for Hollywood. In fact, it was featured on the cover of Truckin Magazine in September

Obviously, the body paint of this SUV makes it a stand-out wherever it goes, courtesy of L&G Enterprises. And yes, it's lifted through a bolt-on inch suspension lift kit that's powder-coated in yellow. The seller calls this H2 "the baddest H2 ever built."

By looks alone, we couldn't agree more – and in every sense of that phrase.

Yes, this H2 looks rather odd to a normal buyer's taste but if you're among who actually likes this thing, you're not alone. As of this writing, there are two people who have already placed a bid on this listing at $55,

Reserve price hasn't been met yet so you still have time to bid if you like to add this to your collection of weird stuff. However, bidding ends on Friday, November 13, at a.m. so you roughly have over a day to decide.

Sours: https://www.motor1.com/news//crazy-hummer-h2-ebay/

Hummer ebay h2 for sale

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