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Dream Daddy: 5 Reasons To Go For Robert (& 5 To Avoid Him)

These are the reasons why players should consider or avoid pursuing Robert in the dating simulator, Dream Daddy.

Dream Daddy -- the dating simulator where the eligible bachelors are dads who conveniently all live in the same neighborhood. There are a variety of different dad-types the player can choose to pursue: the outdoorsy dad, the cool dad, the goth dad... And then there's the bad boy dad, Robert.

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Robert loves drinking, whittling, and getting into trouble. His dislikes include small talk and emotional affection. The former might be something the player can handle, but the latter of the two dislikes is worrisome for a game that's supposed to be centered around falling in love. The reasons not to date Robert are just as abundant as the reason to go ahead and pursue him anyway; it's up to the player to decide if romancing the bad boy is worth the effort in the end.

10 To Date: He's Got A Great Sense Of (Dry) Humor

Dad jokes can only satisfy a funny bone for so long, but dry humor is the gift that keeps on giving. Robert's conversations with the player are packed with chuckle-inducing moments all throughout his storyline. Sometimes the humor is so dry that it's difficult to tell when Robert's actually being serious. If the player wants to see what they're getting into before pursuing Robert, all they have to do is take a look at his DadBook page and read about his thoughts on the social media platform: "When the internet gains sentience and decides to destroy us all, you know it'll use this information against us, right?"

9 Not To Date: He's Difficult To Read

With great dry humor comes great responsibility -- and Robert makes it very clear during the course of his storyline that he's not the responsible type. Robert knows how to tell a good story, but whether or not it's going to be a truthful one can be as random as the flip of a coin. This makes the play-through of Robert's storyline more challenging; it's difficult to know how to appropriately respond to Robert's dialogue in order to achieve his "Good Ending" when the player isn't quite sure if they should be joking along with Robert or taking him seriously.

8 To Date: He Appreciates Storytelling

Robert may be rough around the edges, but he knows how to appreciate the hard work that goes into a good (or even bad) story.

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When the player joins Robert on a date to see a cheesy romantic comedy, Robert stops the player from leaving the theater during the end credits, saying: "Hundreds of people worked very hard to make this film happen and you're going to sit here and appreciate them." The scene ends with Robert and the player thanking the cast and crew out loud, as well as making sure "no animals were harmed in the making of the film." It's a simple moment, allowing the player to learn about a softer side of Robert they wouldn't have witnessed during the other play-throughs.

7 Not To Date: He's Had A Past Affair

Robert and Joseph (another potential romantic suitor) have quite the history. If players want to pursue Robert's storyline in order to learn more details about Joseph and his past, they're not going to learn much. However, none of the game routes really go in-depth about how this relationship morphed into something so toxic. All the player knows for sure is that Joseph had an affair with his wife, Mary, with Robert. Other than that, players have to rely on head-canons and fan theories to fill in the rest of the blanks.

6 To Date: His Banter Is Always Purposeful and Witty, Never Small Talk

Players don't have to worry about conversations leading to nowhere during Robert's storyline. Robert dislikes all small talk, so dialogue between Robert and the player is either humorous or important for the story's progression. If there's ever a time Robert or the player don't have anything to say to one another, they don't force conversation. Unless gamers are uncomfortable with extended silences between characters, these quiet moments can come across as peaceful -- especially when Robert and the player are driving down long stretches of highway or simply enjoying one another's company.

5 Not To Date: He Comes On Too Strong

One of Robert's many vices is his one-night-stand lifestyle. Again, Robert's storyline is challenging, and one of the moments that causes players to stumble is toward the beginning when Robert invites the player over to his place for a night of "fun." Though the correct answer may seem like the player should agree, the actual path the player needs to choose to romance Robert is to turn down his advances. A player who chooses the first option will experience a night of "passionate romance," but this will ultimately lead to a friends with benefits relationship and nothing more.

4 To Date: Two Words -- Ghost Hunting

In the middle of Robert's storyline, the player and Robert will have the opportunity to crash a ghost hunting tour in progress.

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This creates a rather comical scenario, where Robert introduces himself to the tour guide as "Daniel McSturgiss, ghost historian." The player goes along with the bit, introducing themselves as a "paranormal investigator extraordinaire." The remainder of the scene consists of Robert and the player messing with the tour guide and "correcting" his tour by making up their own ghost stories along the way. It's one of the most unique and quirky hangouts in the Dream Daddy game.

3 Not To Date: Bad Habits Galore

The other dads living in the player's neighborhood may not be perfect, but the other eligible bachelors aren't as bad of an influence on the player as Robert. Robert drinks, smokes, fools around, lies, and never cleans. And, in order to impress Robert, the player has to choose multiple times to live more on the wild side of things by agreeing to take multiple shots of whiskey in one sitting, resulting in a hangover that the player's daughter, Amanda, has to help them nurse the next day.

2 To Date: He Has A Powerful Story To Tell

Robert's storyline is an important one. Yes, the game's premise is silly: a dad-dating simulator, but Robert's backstory is tragic. After the passing of his wife, he and his daughter become estranged, leading to Robert spiraling deeper into alcoholism -- a disease that plagued him even before the passing of his wife. The player gets an important choice toward the end of Robert's storyline: To tell Robert what he wants to hear or what he needs to hear. It's a sobering moment where the player gets to help directly influence Robert into taking the first steps toward recovery.

1 Not To Date: He Will Never Make Things Official

Since Dream Daddy is a dating simulator, the player's main goal is to successfully fall in love with one of the characters and have them do the same. Whether the player receives a good or bad ending on Robert's path, the two will never become "official." For Robert's good ending, his hesitance to be more than friends with the player is rational: Robert wants to focus on healing before he tries to add a new romantic interest to his life. However, if the gamer is looking for an ending where they get to be an official couple with one of the dads, Robert's storyline isn't the path to take.

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Dream Daddy: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Robert

Dream Daddy was a smash-hit dating simulator when it was first released on July 20, 2017. Described as "A Dad Dating Simulator," the game follows the player's "Dadsona" as they attempt to, well, date other dads, all while trying to be the best father they can be for their daughter, Amanda.

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With seven dateable dads, there are lots of options to choose from when it comes to romance! But Robert Small, cryptid dad extraordinaire, is one option that players fell in love with immediately. His bad boy exterior is tough to crack, but underneath lies a hoard of secrets. So what don't we know about Knife Dad?

10 10. Has A Tattoo

It might be hard to spot at first, especially since his hand is usually covered by the text box, but Robert has a sneaky little tattoo on the back of his left hand. If you look closely, you can see the edges of a circle with a dot in the middle and some spokes poking out of it like a wheel or a sunburst.

During your first meeting with Robert at the bar, you have the option to "Compliment his hand tattoo." Though this isn't the best option—Robert hates this response—it does give you a bit of insight into its meaning. After the player asks what it means, Robert says it's a "reminder." Interesting!

9 9. Has A Dog

This lovable little Boston terrier is named Betsy, and despite what Robert may joke, she's his dog! If you're on Robert's route, you'll first hear about Betsy during Robert's second date when he spins the tale of the mysterious Dover Ghost. At first, he describes Betsy as a big, intimidating pit bull. Seems like the perfect dog for Robert!

But during his third date, you arrive in Robert's place to find a tiny, cute dog scratching at your feet. This is the infamous Betsy, who Robert only claimed was a pit bull for "comedic emergencies."

8 8. Adopted His Dog From Damien

If you decide to pursue Damien, on your second date together you'll find Robert in the park with Betsy. Robert will then claim that he just "found" Betsy out in the woods, but we already know that's not true!

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What's even funnier is the revelation in the second Dream Daddy comic, released earlier this year in May. Robert actually adopted Betsy from Damien, who works in the local animal shelter. It seems that Robert's ironic jokes about Betsy are a couple of layers deep!

7 7. Has A Passion For Whittling

Every dateable dad gets a minigame, and Robert is no different. His minigame, "Knife That Wood," involves trying to whittle, a task that Robert loves and the player character is... not so good at.

On your second date with Knife Dad, Robert offers you a folding knife and a stick to whittle as part of a "time-honored tradition." You can then name each of your simple creations, ranging from "Sharp Stick" and "Tongue Depressor" to  "Tough Guy Accessory" and "Ouija Board Planchette."

6 6. Doesn't Think Mothman Is Real

Robert claims to be a cryptid hunter, but he casually dismisses one of the most famous cryptids of all: Mothman! During your second date, Robert will claim that there are tons of cryptids outdoors and that they're "attracted to the smell of blood." Yikes.

But when the player character brings up Mothman, Robert immediately claims, "Mothman is bulls***" before diving into his spooky tale about the local cryptid, the Dover Ghost. The player character and Robert then have a close encounter with what may be a cryptid hiding out in the woods. For all they know, it could be Mothman out there — it probably felt pretty rejected!

5 5. Might Be The Oldest Dad

Though none of the dads' ages are provided directly in-game, Robert's appearance seems to indicate that he's one of the older dads in the neighborhood, if not the oldest. Unlike the other fathers, Robert's hair is tinged with some gray, and his beard definitely adds a couple of years.

He also has the oldest child (who we'll talk more about later) out of all the dads. While Robert isn't too certain about her age, she's around 25 or 26, and it's clear that she's definitely an adult and much older than the rest of the neighborhood kids.

4 4. It's Easier To Get His Bad Ending

Robert is a tricky character to date. Though it is possible to get a good ending with him, it's harder than any of the other dads due to a choice you can make almost immediately. Right after meeting, Robert invites you back to his place to, well... you know. And if you say yes, the player character will enter a casual, friends-with-benefits relationship with Robert.

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This sounds pretty appealing at first — you successfully romanced a dad! Nice! But Robert puts no emotional investment into the relationship and just takes advantage of the player character. Not to mention that once you've made this choice, you can't get his good ending. Not so nice after all.

3 3. Has An Estranged Daughter

As mentioned earlier, Robert actually has a daughter named Val, who lives in Brooklyn and works for an online magazine. Unfortunately, they haven't been talking for about three or four years. Robert hadn't been the best father to Val when she was growing up, and after Robert's wife tragically died in a car accident, he lost all contact with Val.

But Val eventually reaches out to patch things up with her dad, and if you play your cards right and get Robert's best ending, she'll show up at the final party to chat. Their relationship has a long way to go, but it's good to know that they're putting in the effort to reconnect.

2 2. Had An Affair With Joseph

This is one of the more tricky scenes to unlock, mostly because it'll take a long time to get to it. In order to find out this bit of information, you'll have to go on two dates with Robert and two dates with Joseph before finally going on the third date with Joseph. Whoo, that's a lot!

But it does get you an interesting scene in which Robert confronts the player character before they meet up with Joseph. He tries to protect them, but he's vague as to why. When the player character asks Joseph about it, he reveals that they had a short-lived affair years ago. No wonder Robert was so upset.

1 1. His Connection To The 'Cult Ending'

The "cult ending" is one of the more infamous aspects of Dream Daddy. It's a non-canon ending that players found when digging through the game's files, and it has a whole host of crazy scenes and mind-blowing information.

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What's most interesting, though, is Robert's supposed role in Joseph's murderous plot. Robert's hand tattoo matches the "cult symbol" seen in multiple other places in the game, and most particularly in the dungeon during the cult ending. Nothing more has been revealed about Robert's connection to this "cult," but it is intriguing that he'd get a tattoo of the symbol itself!


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Robert Small

Hair Color

Dark Brown w/ Gray

Other Features

Hand Tattoo


Hunting Cryptids
Cool Knives
Waking up at 3 PM


Small Talk
When moviegoers don't stay for the credits
Emotional Intimacy

Robert Smallis one of the dateable dads in Dream Daddy.


Robert has dark brown hair that appears to be turning grey and dark eyes. He wears a red long-sleeved shirt with ripped blue jeans and bears a black leather jacket. A pair of tinted sunglasses hangs from the collar of his shirt. His skin is somewhat dark and he has a tattoo on his left hand that reminds him of his past.


Coined as the "Bad Dad" option, Robert is an aloof widower with a macabre sense of humor. His favorite past times include drinking whiskey and toying with people by way of the elaborate, often shocking stories he makes up to get a reaction. Robert is rebellious, quick-witted, and reluctant to talk about anything too serious. Perhaps it is because of these qualities that he is friends with Mary Christiansen despite having had an affair with her husband, Joseph Christiansen.


Robert and the player first meet in the Coffee Spoon, Mat's bar and they catch each other staring. They will meet again in the same day if the player chooses to go watch The Game while Amanda Ann invites her friends at their house.

If the player goes on two dates with Robert and then choose Joseph Christiansen as their dream daddy, Robert will confront them angrily on their third date with Joseph.

First Date

On the first date, Robert will answer the player's text message during night time and ask them to come at Jim and Kim's, where there will also be Mary Christiansen. After drinking at two different places (the second one is an Irish pub), Robert will ask the player to throw some rocks at a stop sign and then eat a Hawaiian pizza before sneaking into a cinema. After a little conflict with Ernest Vega, the player will learn about Robert's love for cinematography. After that, he'll help the player home.

Second Date

On the second date, Robert will wait for the player to come out of their house to meet him during the night, where he'll invite him on his truck, taking them in the woods. He'll talk about his passion for cryptids and whittling, helping the player with a little cut made with the knife he gave them. After Robert's made-up story about the Dover ghost, an howl will be heard in the woods and both Robert and the player will return to the truck. Robert will then will reveal his fears about not being a good father and after a little chat, he'll take the player home and gift him with the knife he lent him before.

Third Date

On the third date, Mary, Robert and the player will meet at the same place as the first date. When they exit Jim and Kim's, the three will follow a guided tour about haunted places in the town, where Robert and the player will fake their identities to make fun of the tour guide. At the end of the tour, Mary will tell the player to keep an eye on Robert if he starts acting strange, and then she will leave. Robert will invite the player to his house, where he'll open up about his family's story and his troubled past.


Good ending: if the player picks "tell Robert what he needs to hear" on their third date, they'll meet Val Small during Amanda Ann's party who will tell the player that Robert is in love with them and he's trying to become a better person. Robert will wait for the player at the end of the party under a cherry three in the garden where he'll reveal his love and ask the player to wait a little for him to get his life fixed before having a romantic relationship. The game ends with the player and Robert watching the sunset together.

Bad ending (1): if the player picks "tell Robert what he wants to hear" oh their third date, Robert will come to the party and, at the end of it, say that he didn't talk with her daughter. When the player replies saying that he is a bad person, Robert will walk away after telling them that their relationship was nothing but sex (as he says in the game, "You know, it's funny how you were so willing to look past this when it meant you could get laid").

Bad ending (2): if the player sleeps with Robert on the first day, they'll become "friends with benefits" (as Robert will say during Amanda's party, they were just objects to each other).


This is where I come to masturbate.
—Robert Small
Mothman is bullshit.
—Robert Small
Did you think I was gonna stab you just now?
—Robert Small
Got anymore of that wild in ya?
—Robert Small
—Robert Small
I'm kidding; my wife is dead.
—Robert Small


Robert Small

Robert's Likes and Dislikes.


Robert's Pin-Up


  • Though he has an interest in cryptids, Robert does not believe the Mothman exists.
  • Robert likes pineapple on pizza.
  • Robert had a relationship of a sexual nature with Joseph. Joseph describes it as a one night stand with Robert leaving him although the picture that can be found on Joseph's yacht implies otherwise.
  • Robert is most likely the oldest love interest.
  • Robert whittles to relax.
  • Robert owns a Boston Terrier named Betsy.
  • Robert said that he doesn't like to be called Bobert, but even if the player does, he'll let them do.
  • In a game of Dungeons & Dragons, Robert plays the class of thief.[1]



Blood in the Water // Robert Small// Dream Daddy

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Relationship status: Widowed
Spouse: Marilyn (deceased)
Children: Val
Voice actor: Dan Avidan

Robert Small is one of the dateable dads in Dream Daddy.

Coined as the "Bad Dad" option, Robert is an aloof widower with a macabre sense of humor. His favorite pastimes include drinking whiskey and toying with people by way of the elaborate, often shocking stories he makes up to get a reaction. Robert is rebellious, quick-witted, and reluctant to talk about anything too serious. Perhaps it is because of these qualities that he is friends with Mary despite having had an affair with her husband, Joseph.

If the avatar pursues a romance with Robert, on the third date Mary asks they "keep an eye" on him as he is acting unusual. The avatar later learns Robert is estranged from his adult daughter, Val, who has recently contacted him. The avatar can offer Robert advice on whether or not he should try to reconnect with Val; the decision determines the final outcome of his route.

If you go on two dates with Robert and then choose Joseph as your dream daddy, Robert will confront you angrily on your third date with Joseph.

Robert also appears in the Dream Daddy Comics published by Oni Press.



  • Cool knives
  • Waking up at 3pm
  • Hunting cryptids


  • Small talk
  • When moviegoers don't stay for the credits
  • Emotional intimacy

DadBook profile[]

when the internet gains sentience and decides to destroy us all you know it'll use this information against us, right

On a Friday Night you are most likely to....
make a deal in an alleyway. Have it go badly. Who's the cop? Was it giacomo? I trusted giacomo

If you had one thing to take with you onto a desert island, what would it be?

What are your turn-ons?
don't talk to me

What did you want to be when you grew up?

What's your favorite movie genre?
italian neo-realism

What's your ideal date?
grave robbing

What do you never leave home without?
at least four knives

I spend a lot of time thinking about:
you ever really look into a rabid animals eyes

Joseph date confrontation[]

???: Avatar.

That doesn't sound like Joseph. I turn around to find...

Avatar: Robert. Hey.

What's he doing here?

Robert: So. How's Joseph?

Robert comes off as cold immediately. I get the feeling he's not happy I'm here.

And what's with that look? He seems... very angry. Very, very angry.

Avatar: He's... going through some stuff.

Robert: Hmph.

Robert blasts through a cigarette.

Robert: So I guess he's your friend now, huh? Your pal?

Avatar: Oh, he's... Robert, you're my friend too.

Robert: And I suppose two friends just spend the night out on a private yacht together, being buds, chatting about friendship. Is that what two friends do?

His voice gets louder. What's gotten into him?

Avatar: Robert, come on. You know I'm not like that.

Robert: Avatar, you might be an idiot, but I'm not.

Avatar: What's your problem with Joseph anyway?

Robert: I don't like Joseph. I don't trust Joseph. Joseph is a bad guy and I don't want him around you.

Avatar: Robert, you committed petty larceny last week and think you're haunted by the Dover Ghost.

Robert: It was the god damn Dover Ghost.

Robert pauses to calm himself down.

Robert: Joseph's not who you think he is.

Avatar: ...What?

Robert: Ask him about it sometime. Bring it up. And watch your back when you do. Because that guy will put a knife right in it.

Robert flicks a cigarette into the front seat of a recently cleaned schooner before turning to leave. He takes a step, hesitates, then turns back to face me.

Robert: You're both awful. You deserve each other. I'll tell Mary you said hi.

With that, Robert storms off down the pier. Well, okay.


Avatar: So... I ran into Robert.

Joseph: Was he... he wasn't waiting at the dock for you, was he?

Avatar: Yes, and smoking like a chimney.

Joseph: That's Robert, alright.

Avatar: Is everything okay between you two? He seemed... angry.

Joseph: It's... hm. How do I put this...? Did Robert ever proposition you for... erm, escapades?

Avatar: Actually, he did.

Joseph: And did you take him up on that?

Avatar: No.

Joseph: Ah, well. That is where we differ.

Avatar: Whaaaaaaat?!

Joseph: I know, I know. Father of four. Family man. Married, for Christsakes. I should never have even... but I was in a bad place, and with Mary constantly out I...

Joseph settles himself before continuing. This definitely gets under his skin.

Joseph: I made a hasty decision. One which Robert does not exactly... ah... he has a weird thing about casual... um...

Avatar: But he asked you.

Joseph: You'd have to ask Robert about the weird Robert politics of... that. He's been weird about it ever since.

Avatar: Huh. But it's over, right?

Joseph: Oh, yes, absolutely. That began and ended on the same day.

Avatar: Well... okay then!

Joseph: So you're not... upset?

Avatar: I'm not. Things happen, Joseph. And I think you of all people deserve a little forgiveness.

Joseph: Thank you, avatar. That means more than you'll ever know.

Conversation options[]

The dialogue for all Robert scenes is charted here.


  • I like shots. - Neutral
  • I love shots. - Like
  • Ooh, Shots fired. I don't like 'em. - Dislike


  • Compliment his Cool Leather Jacket. - Neutral
  • Compliment his rugged good looks. - Like
  • Compliment his hand tattoo. - Dislike

What are you doing here?[]

  • My daughter kicked me out of the house. - Neutral
  • Running from my problems. - Like
  • Trying to make friends. - Neutral

First Date[]

What To Drink? (1)[]

  • Beer. - Neutral
  • Something tropical. - Dislike
  • Whiskey, straight up. - Love

What To Drink? (2)[]

  • Whiskey hasn't failed me yet. - Love
  • Beer might be good. - Like
  • Do they make fruity Irish cocktails? - Dislike

Wanna Blaze?[]

  • What? No! - Dislike
  • I am a law-abiding citizen. - Like
  • You with the feds? - Love

Getting Some Alone Time[]

  • Isn't Joseph wondering where you are? - Dislike
  • Lots of eligible bachelors around here, huh? - Dislike
  • Could you get the next round? - Neutral

Still got a little wild in you?[]

  • You know it! - Love
  • There's so much wild in me - Dislike
  • I HAVE A CHILD I NEED TO CARE FOR - Dislike [Ends the date early]

Throwing rocks at shit[]

  • I got a problem with authority. - Like
  • I'm sorry. - Love
  • This one's for you, Pappy. - Love

Pineapple on Pizza[]

  • Of course. - Like
  • Ew, no. - Dislike

Got anymore of that wild in ya?[]

  • You betcha! - Love
  • I'm so tired... but... - Like
  • I love my daughter and I should go home to make sure that she's alright - Dislike [Ends the date early]


  • Thanks for defending my honor - Love
  • Thanks for the dinner and a movie - Neutral
  • Thanks for the adventure - Like

Second Date[]

Tom Waits[]

  • Love Tom Waits. - Like
  • Tom Who? - Dislike
  • Hoist that Rag, baby. - Love

Car Ride[]

  • Are you okay? - Like
  • I like your car. - Neutral
  • Say nothing. - Love

Guess you're getting your organs harvested[]

  • Laugh - Dislike
  • Play along - Love

The Dover Ghost[]

  • That's terrible. - Neutral
  • You're lying. - Love


  • That sucks. - Dislike
  • I'm glad you told me. - Love
  • Maybe we deserve to be eaten by the Dover Ghost. - Love

Third Date[]


  • To you - Love
  • To us - Like
  • To... toast - Dislike

Court Date?[]

  • He does - Like
  • He looks handsome - Dislike
  • He'd never convince the jury - Love


  • 80's reference. - Love
  • 90's reference. - Like
  • 00's reference. - Dislike
  • Contemporary reference. - Neutral

Dorthy Penbridge[]

  • Riff something highbrow - Like
  • Go with something I know - Love
  • Rely on amazing improv comedy skills - Dislike

I was just a...[]

  • Bible salesman - Neutral
  • Traveling grifter - Love
  • Carnival barker - Neutral

Long day of...[]

  • Selling bibles. - Neutral
  • Working a couple short cons. - Like
  • Running the dunk tank - Neutral

What was his fake name again?[]

  • Davis McSturgiss - Dislike
  • David McSturgiss -Dislike
  • Daniel McSturgiss - Love

Bible Passage[]

  • Leviticus 2:5. - Neutral
  • Revelations 1:3. - Neutral
  • Ecclesiastes 12:7. - Love
  • Austin 3:16. - Like

Watch out for our book...[]

  • "Paranormal Excursions of the Supernatural: Ice Road Ghost Truckers." - Love
  • "I Saw a Demon: the Shocking True Story of Seeing a Demon." - Neutral
  • "The Bros Guide to the Hottest Ghosts." - Like

Wanna have a drink?[]

  • Is that even a question - Like
  • You trying to poison me? - Love
  • Nah, I'm good - Dislike

You like Santana?[]

  • Yes. - Neutral
  • No. - Dislike

Not a big deal.[]

  • Okay. - Dislike
  • Push it. - Neutral

Talking to Robert[]

  • Tell him what he wants to hear - Dislike
  • Tell him what he needs to hear - Love
  • Walk away - Dislike

Related achievements[]

Date Responses[]

"I may be bad, but you make me glad."

"Uh-oh, where'd my pants go?"

"I'm lost in your oceanic eyes."

"Figured you were hotter."


  • Robert had a relationship of a sexual nature with Joseph. Joseph describes it as a one night stand with Robert leaving him, although the picture that can be found on Joseph's yacht implies otherwise.
  • Robert is most likely the oldest love interest.
  • Despite hunting cryptids, Robert believes that Mothman is fake.
  • Robert whittles to relax.
  • Robert owns a Boston terrier named Betsy, whom he adopted from the Maple Bay animal shelter (partially as repayment for almost murdering Damien with a wooden stake).


  • Robert 1.jpg

Daddy dream robert small

Mason said that due to the hormone intake, it will take me much longer. However, David did not mind at all because he loved to suck on me, and the longer, the better. He lifted my top and began stroking my tiny breasts. They were very sensitive, and it even hurt me a little when he began to twist his nipples with his fingers.

When the papillae were swollen, David raised his head and began to lick them.

What Happens if You Sleep with Robert -- Dream Daddy

She put her hands on his chest. Ascent, and down again. A wave of warmth and sweetness ran through with every movement. Stavros began to move towards her.

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