28 foot beaded pool liner

28 foot beaded pool liner DEFAULT

28' Round Above Ground Pool Liners | Flat Bottom

Liner Types:

Standard Above Ground Pool Liners are also called LapOver above ground pool liners or OverLap Pool Liners. Beaded liners were the only available option for above ground pool liners until the advent of the J-Bead liner. However, the J-Bead liner by itself did not lead to wide spread market acceptance so, the UniBead liner was created. The UniBead liner is the best of both of these worlds. It has the "J" to hook over the wall and it also has the "bead" to be used in a bead receiver.


Please note that if you want to use a UniBead liner as a beaded or "hung liner", you will have to use it with a bead receiver.


Which liner fits my wall height?

The description of the liner will give that answer. For example:
    • A description of 27' Round Blue Slate 54" EZ-Bead Liner (Standard Gauge) | LA5RB2700BS4STX means the liner fits a 54" above ground pool wall as noted by the 54" in the description.
    • A description of 21' Sunlight Overlap Pool Liner for 48" - 52" Pools | NL950520 means the liner fits either a 48" or 52" above ground pool wall as noted by the 48" - 52" in the description.
EZ-Bead and UniBead are interchangeable terms/words.
Sours: https://www.propools.com

Swimming Pool Liners

Swimming Pool Liners

Thousands of quality overlap, beaded and expanding liners in stock for above ground and in ground pools

The liner is the most important part of an above ground swimming pool, and at Family Pool Fun, we know liners. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff understands how important a high quality pool liner is to your above-ground swimming pool and can help you choose just the right liner for your particular pool to ensure years of worry-free swimming.

Great Selection

Replacing your aboveground pool liner can give your swimming pool a great updated look. We provide a wide variety of liner patterns in numerous sizes to fit both oval and round shapes. And we offer several liners in each of four installation types, including Overlap, V-Bead (J-Hook & U-Bead), Hang Bead (True Bead) or Uni-Bead. From simple blue patterns, to uni bead and beaded liners featuring elegant border prints, we've got 'em!.

Excellent Quality

All of our pool liners are shaped carefully with a minimum of stretch and meet Association of Pool and Spa Professionals standards. These pool liners will last... and last beautifully!

We have several Round sizes available:
8', 12', 15', 16', 18', 20', 21', 24', 27', 28', 30', 33' and 36'.

We also have a large selection of aboveground Oval sizes available:
10'x14', 10'x15', 10'x16', 10'x18', 11'x18', 10'x22', 12'x17', 12'x18', 12'x20', 12'x21', 12'x23', 12'x24', 12'x25', 12'x27', 12'x28', 12'x32', 12'x36', 15'x20', 15'x21', 15'x22', 15'x23', 15'x24', 15'x25', 15'x26', 15'x27', 15'x30', 15'x33', 15'x36', 16'x24', 16'x25', 16'x27', 16'x30', 16'x32', 16'x36', 16'x40', 18'x24', 18'x30', 18'x33', 18'x34', 18'x36', 18'x38', 18'x39', 18'x40', 21'x41', 21'x42', 21'x43', plus many more!

Can't find the size you need? Contact us for more help.

Sours: https://www.familypoolfun.com:443/
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Above Ground Vinyl Liners for 28 Foot Round Pool

Above Ground Vinyl Liners for 28 Foot Round Pool

Vinyl Above Ground Pool Replacement Liner


All of these liners are quality pool products offered at a discount price. We offer a variety of Replacement Above Ground Vinyl Liners for 28 Foot Round Pools in Overlap, Beaded and J-Bead styles. These premium liners have the best protection against cold weather crack resistance with strong, double-welded seams. Quality materials protect these liners against UV fading and chemical degradation. Some sizes are available in expandable liners. Some sizes are also available in rectangular liners. All above ground, replacement pool liners are backed by a warranty. Click on the link below for more information on the style of 28 foot round liner you want.

  • Overlap Liners are made so that the excess liner material on the pool wall, simply overlaps the pool wall.  They are secured by Pool Coping strips.  If your pool has a 48" or a 52" wall, it uses the same liner, just trim off the excess.
  • Beaded Liners are made with a special bead at the top of the liner which snaps into a channel (Bead Receiver) at the top of the pool wall. This liner can be used to replace other beaded liners without additional equipment.  This liner can replace an overlap or a hung liner with the addition of a bead receiver kit.  This liner must also be purchased specifically for 48" or 52" wall heights.
  • J-Bead Liners or Uni-Beaded liners can be hung on the pool wall like an overlap liner or can be inserted to a bead receiver track like beaded liners.    This liner is perfect as a replacement for either beaded and overlap liners. This liner must also be purchased specifically for 48" or 52" wall heights.

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Replacing a Round Above Ground Liner Part 1

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Beaded 28 liner foot pool

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How to Install a Replacement Above Ground Pool Liner in 5 Minutes

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