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Dogs and Puppies for Sale

There are ads all over the internet of dogs for sale and newborn puppies for sale, however, pet parents often overlook adopting a four-legged family member from an animal shelter or rescue group when exploring how to search for dogs and puppies for sale.

Whether you’re looking for little puppies, breeds of miniature puppies, or older dogs, you’ll likely find the breed and size of pup you’re interested in amongst the 130,000 adoptable dogs and puppies at your fingertips, around the country, in Canada and Mexico with a search on Petfinder.

Access a community of more than 11,000 shelter and rescue group members, who have puppies or dogs of every breed, size and color, you’re able to narrow your search even further by selecting any of the following search criteria:

  • City, state or zip
  • Breed
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Recently added
  • Appearance
  • Health and behavior, or
    Shelter or rescue group

To find adoptions near you, start a search for dogs and puppies.


How much does it cost to buy a dog?

Adoption fees play an important role in caring for an adopted pup, as well as help support the shelter or rescue organization’s mission, and can range between being waived, to a few hundred dollars;  dogs and puppies for sale, can run into the thousands.

Shelter and rescue groups may waive an adoption fee, or require a minimal adoption fee to help cover the expenses of sheltering and caring for the pets in their organization. Many of the dogs and puppies at adoption organizations may have received age-appropriate vaccinations and a veterinarian check, been spayed or neutered, and microchipped prior to leaving with new pet parents. These necessary services are also covered in an adoption fee, ensuring your family gets a happy, healthy pup.

The adoption fee will often also help pay for these pre-adoption expenses:

Heartworm test
Ticks, fleas, or deworming treatment
Distemper vaccinations
Rabies vaccinations
Veterinarian appointments
Wellness exam
Registration tags or license


How to choose the right dog or breed for your lifestyle

You may already have a specific breed of dog or puppy in mind before you begin searching for your next best friend. Not all dogs and families are a good match, and there are many factors that need to be considered before making a decision. Of course, the best way to know for sure that you have found your perfect match is to visit any potential dog candidates in-person. Consider some of these questions to ask yourself before adopting a dog.

  1. What size dog would best match a family with children?
  2. How do I match a dog’s energy level to my lifestyle?
  3. Which type of temperament works best with my personality?
  4. Which dogs have high and low grooming and maintenance needs?


Search for dogs and puppies for sale

Your next best friend’s happy tail starts now. Search and adopt a pup, and see how the benefits of adoption far outweigh a search for dogs and puppies for sale.

To find adoptable pups near you, start a search for dogs and puppies.


Puppies For Sale

Dogs & Puppies For Sale

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Dogs and Puppies For Sale on the Want Ad Digest, quality Breeders dedicated to providing healthy and happy Puppies to Families in NY, NJ, MA, VT and throughout the Northeast. Find your Puppy in the Want ad Digest Today, browse through hundreds of dogs and puppies or list yours today!!
Yorkie Puppies

  • Yorkie Puppies
  • One female one male ready for their new home....
  • CanajoharieNew York
  • $ 1,200.00
AKC Golden Retriever Puppies
Xl american bully

  • Xl american bully
  • American XL bully pups. 12 weeks old, ABKC...
  • AlbanyNew York
  • $ 4,000.00
Beagle Puppies

  • Beagle Puppies
  • AKC 13 inch Beagle puppies, They come with AKC...
  • Burlington FlatsNew York
  • $ 750.00
AKC Bulldogs (English)
Yorkie Teacup Male

  • Yorkie Teacup Male
  • Teddy bear face, adorable, shots, wormed, home...
  • SloansvilleNew York
  • $ 1,250.00
Toy Breed Puppies

  • Toy Breed Puppies
  • Raised in my home for 40 years, vet checked,...
  • ChamplainNew York
Shiba Inu Puppies

  • Shiba Inu Puppies
  • Purebred. Can be ICA registered. Farm raised. 4...
  • Little FallsNew York
  • $ 650.00
Micro Bully Male

  • Micro Bully Male
  • Beautiful 18 month old Exotic Lilac Micro Bully...
  • TroyNew York
  • $ 2,500.00
Lab Australian Shepherd Mix Pups
Silver & Charcoal AKC Lab Puppies
Pug Puppies

  • Pug Puppies
  • Four beautiful puppies, looking for their...
  • CatskillNew York
  • $ 1,000.00
Great Dane & German Shepherd
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Puppies for Sale

About the Breed

The Basset Hound is independent but sociable, calm, patient, and playful. Basset Hounds are extremely kind and easygoing. They are very fond of their master and family. The Basset Hound can be a bit stubborn and food is usually near the top of their agenda. They have a deep bark and become single-minded while in pursuit on the trail. It is hard to look in one’s soft, melancholy face without wanting to give it a hug.

Basset Hounds are excellent playmates for children and get along great with dogs and other animals. Children should not be allowed to sit on or stress the dog’s back or pull its ears. The Basset Hound is a very social creature and does not like to be left alone. They may tend to drool.

Basset hounds do not require much exercise, but they tend to get excited and energetic once taken outdoors. They should be taken for short walks or allowed to play in the yard. Basset Hounds can live happily in an apartment.

Basset Hound Puppies for Sale

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