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Black Ink Crew: Compton

Black Ink Crew: ComptonBlackInkCrewComptonLogo.JPGGenreRealityStarring
  • Danny Kilpatrick
  • Lemeir
  • Nessie
  • Ink Drippin'
  • Vudu Dahl
  • Tim
  • Barbie
Opening theme"I Do What I Want"ComposeriAMComptonCountry of originUnited StatesOriginal languageEnglishNo. of seasons2No. of episodes11Executive producers
  • Dan Cesareo
  • Doug DePriest
  • David Wolfgang
  • Ken Martinez
  • Rasheed Daniel
  • Kari Mcfarland
  • Rick Hankey
  • Shelley Sinha
  • Teddy Ruks
  • Lemeir
  • Ceaser Emanuel
  • Danny Kilpatrick
  • Don Brumfield
  • Ashley Pickens
Running time42–46 minutesProduction companiesBig Fish Entertainment (2019–2020)
VH1 ProductionsOriginal networkVH1Original releaseAugust 14, 2019 (2019-08-14) –
presentRelated showsBlack Ink Crew
Black Ink Crew: ChicagoWebsite

'Black Ink Crew: Compton' Is Reportedly in the Works — Here's What We Know So Far

Everyone’s favorite tattoo show is heading out west. VH1's Black Ink Crew, which follows the daily operations of a Harlem-based tattoo parlor, is reportedly filming a new spinoff series. 

This past season, fans watched as Black Ink Crew owner Ceaser Emmanuel contemplated expanding his empire to the city of Los Angeles. 

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While previous spinoffs of the original series did not include OG cast members, such as BIC: Chicago, there may be a possibility that the new VH1 show will feature some familiar faces. Though the network has yet to make an official announcement, here’s everything we know about the reported Black Ink Crew: Compton spinoff.

Ceaser was looking to open a shop on the West Coast.

If you watched this past season of Black Ink Crew, then you know Ceaser traveled to Hollywood to meet with a fellow tattoo artist. When the VH1 star shared his dreams of expanding his business, he asked tattoo artist Compton to come work for him and help him start up a BIC in L.A.  

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black ink crew compton

Source: Instagram

However, the artist didn't seem too keen on running anyone else's shop... but his own. “Yo, that’s dope. But, I was thinking I’m gonna open the first tattoo shop in Compton (Ironic, right?),” he tells Ceaser, declining his offer. “Huh?!” the New York-based artist says to the cameras. “I just gave you a f--king opportunity of a lifetime to run a Black Ink in L.A.” 

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He explains to the BIC mogul that there are no shops in the city of Compton. Based off of @IamCompton’s Instagram, the show will focus primarily on the popular tattoo artist to the stars opening up his first shop. 

“@BlackInkCrew #Welcome2Compton. Thanks for all the Support from friends and family. Stay Tune. We Working,” the artist captioned an Instagram photo of himself standing alongside Ceaser. While an official announcement of the cast members has not been revealed, we’d definitely tune in to continue watching Compton’s journey. 

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Source: Instagram

When can fans expect to watch Black Ink Crew: Compton?

Good news, Black Ink Crew fans. According to reports, the new spinoff series is set to air this fall 2019. And, the new show promises to be full of juicy moments. A VH1 source told MTO News that the reality show will be full of “drama, drama, and more drama.” 

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Well, fans of the original series have been privy to their fair share of explosive fights and tears caught on camera. During Season 6, viewers watched as Ceaser and his cousin Teddy Ruks got into a physical altercation with Alex Robinson. 

alex sue ceaser black ink crew

Source: VH1

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Last season, we learned that Alex sustained permanent injuries from the fight and was seeking advice from a legal representative on moving forward with a lawsuit against the Black Ink owner. 

"I can’t tattoo no more, like, forever," he told his girlfriend Donna on the show. "The doctor told me that my spine is so f---ed up that I have to find a new profession because tattooing is not it." Though Ceaser eventually apologized for his behavior toward Alex, it’s still unclear if the reality star went through with the lawsuit.

Until Black Ink: Compton premieres, watch Black Ink Crew: Chicago Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on VH1. 

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Correction: TV-Black Ink Crew-Compton story

COMPTON, Calif. -- In a story Sept. 25 about the docu-series "Black Ink Crew: Compton," The Associated Press reported erroneously that the eighth season of "Black Ink Crew: New York" airs on Sundays. The New York version actually airs Wednesdays.

A corrected version of the story is below:

'Black Ink' looks to change negative stereotypes of Compton

"Black Ink Crew: Compton" star Danny "KP" Kirkpatrick says he wants to combat the negative stereotype of African-Americans in his city while opening community's first-ever tattoo shop through the VH1 docu-series


AP Entertainment Writer

COMPTON, Calif. (AP) — Danny "KP" Kirkpatrick has inked tattoos for Diddy, Nas, Taraji P. Henson and numerous other stars, but his latest venture aims to create a safe space in his hometown of Compton.

Kirkpatrick stars in "Black Ink Crew: Compton," the newest VH1 series that chronicles prominent tattoo artists. He hopes his shop can help change the gritty image of a city that was arguably put on the map thanks to gangsta rap and gang culture.

"We're showing we can unite. We're shedding a different light of Compton through art, our ink and music," he said of the series, which airs Wednesdays on VH1. He's a native of the area and owner of iAMCompton, which is considered the community's first black-owned tattoo shop.

Kirkpatrick and his crew of tattoo artists attempt to make the shop a "safe zone" in Compton and help build up one of the most economically underserved communities in the United States. He believes attracting a mix of outside clients and locals to the appointment-only shop can start to make that happen.

The reality series is the third spinoff of the "Black Ink Crew" franchise. The other locations include Chicago and New York, which is currently airing its eighth season on Wednesday nights.

Kirkpatrick, 36, has already made his mark as a famed tattoo artist for several celebrities including Travis Scott. He could have opened a tattoo shop in a more popular area in Los Angeles, but he felt compelled to plant roots where he grew up to show that a black-owned business can thrive in Compton, a city of roughly 100,000 people south of downtown Los Angeles.

Before that could happen, Kirkpatrick and his cousin Tim Simmons met with Compton's rival gang leaders at a dimly lit warehouse to seek their approval to open the shop, which turned into a small scuffle. He later got the blessing from a group of gang members who barged into the shop's ground-breaking party.

Those scenes were intense, and some on social media said they thought the interactions with gangs were staged. But the cast insists everything they filmed is real, especially the aftermath of a shooting at a barbershop near their business.

"We've had some negative press saying 'Oh, you're making Compton look bad,'" said Erica "Barbie" Thompson, a receptionist at the shop. "At the end of the day, the stuff that's being shown is real. This is really happening in Compton. We're just now seeing it on VH1 instead of the news. We're not showing anything that's not happening. Our goal is to try to clean this up the best way we can. We're not making up false gang allegations. It's real out here."

Kirkpatrick said he was grateful to earn the gang leaders' support to bring peace to the neighborhood. He envisions a day when he'll have his celeb friends and other clients feeling comfortable enough to visit Compton without any worries.

"People in this city actually want change," said Kirkpatrick, a former college football player who was kicked out of school after a drug charge. He learned the art of tattooing after selling his drawings to a local tattoo parlor more than a decade ago.

"This is my second chance," he said. "And honestly, nobody wants to be going to funerals all the time. I grew up and ran these streets. For me now, I'm really telling the homies like 'Yo, I'm doing something. It could be big for all of us.' This show will show that people can positively change the way they live."

Simmons said their meeting with gang leaders was imperative, calling it "hood politics." He said they couldn't safely open their shop or film the show in Compton without the gangster's permission first.

"You have to start with the homies," said Simmons, who is also a former college football player. "They are the ones who keep the violence up or down. You get them, then corporate sees that and now they want to invite you in. You got power. Once you show you got power, then you can change the environment."

Christian "Ink" Thomas wants to connect the divided worlds between the city's black and Mexican residents, some of whom have been at odds for years.

"The two people who damn near hate each other the most, that's who I am," said Thomas, a tattoo artist at iAMCompton who is Mexican and black. "I want to show that you can be whatever you are mixed with. You can be bigger than what your mix came out to be. When you start with the color of your skin, then it goes to the color of your rag, then to the color of your laces. We're artists. We make that perfect blend work."


This version corrects the last name to Kirkpatrick.


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Are Nessie’s Days Numbered? - Black Ink Crew: Compton

Black Ink Crew Compton location: Owner, Instagram page and more!

A brand new season of Black Ink Crew has landed on VH1.

From Wednesday, August 14th, the Black Ink franchise has set up shop in Compton, with a brand new location and cast.

The show now boasts American reality TV series in three different cities, with the original New York show now into its eighth season and the Chicago spin-off recently wrapping up filming for season 5.

So where exactly is the new Compton studio? Who owns it? And are the cast on Instagram?

Black Ink Crew Compton: Location and owner

The VH1 series focuses on Danny ‘KP’ Kilpatrick, who is also known as IAm Compton across social media.

He is the owner of the Ink Art Music tattoo parlour, which was the first legal tattoo shop to open in the City of Compton, California.

Danny opened the shop because he wanted it to act as a safe space for creatives in the local community, with the tattoo shop also functioning as a collective for those in the local music, art and fashion industry.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | Still to Come Trailer | Bravo

The series creator, Lucilla D’Agostino, explained to Distractify why filming in Compton with Danny makes the show so unique:

Compton has an incredible history of music and art, but it too often is overshadowed by what could be considered as an infamous history. Danny’ vision for the city he was raised in, and the group of people he’s surrounded himself with was incredibly moving and something we knew would warrant its own dedicated docu-series.

You can follow Ink Art Music on Instagram here while they also have a website selling merchandise and more.

Who is IAM Compton?

Danny’s IAM Compton nickname is an anacronym of ink art music. He’s worked in the hip-hop industry since 2005 and has built a solid circle of celebrity friends – not to mention over 100,000 followers on Instagram!

When it comes to his outstanding tattoo work, the 32-year-old has claims to fame having inked the likes of P Diddy, Nas and Travis Scott.

Danny and Kyla Scott

Danny is married to 32-year-old American actress Kyla Scott, who starred in the Dr Dolittle franchise as Eddie Murphy’s daughter before going on to appear in a host of movies with small roles.

The pair have two daughters together; Lyric (8) and Liyah (6).

Rest of the Black Ink Compton cast

The rest of the crew includes Nessie, Lemeir, Ink Drippin’, Vudu Dahl, Tim and Barbie.

Nessie is one of the main tattoo artists and fits the bill regarding the creative culture and hustler lifestyle that surrounds Black Ink Compton.

She explained to Hype Magazine about how she landed the role:

I’m a painter, tattoo artist, muralist, lyricist and philanthropist. I’m honestly just a hustler, like I came out here from the suburbs of Philly about six years ago with $300.00 to my name and I have been doing art full time ever since I got here, all the way up until I just got this opportunity to be on Black Ink Crew Compton.

Tim is the shop manager and also Danny’s cousin, who took on the role after giving up on his American football dream – although the family members are often seen training together on Instagram together!

Barbie is the quirky and loveable shop receptionist while Lemeir, Ink Drippin’, Vudu Dahl are all tattoo artists.


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Black Ink Crew Compton Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And More Information

Originally set in New York City, the "Black Ink Crew" franchise on VH1 has become one of its most popular series. The show follows Black tattoo artists as they design tattoos for their celebrity clients throughout the country while managing their businesses and projects on the side. According to Futon Critic, "Black Ink Crew New York" and "Black Ink Crew Chicago" have been so successful for the network that they added Compton as another spinoff location. The first season of "Black Ink Crew Compton" premiered in 2019, per Deadline, becoming the third city showcased by the franchise throughout its 10-year run on VH1.

Compton, California, a city in Los Angeles County, has unfortunately earned a reputation for crime and violence, KCET noted. "Black Ink Crew Compton," aims to showcase a different side of a city that is often misrepresented in the media. The show's star and co-founder of the first Black-owned tattoo shop in the city, Danny "KP" Kirkpatrick, wants to change people's perspective on his city. "We're showing we can unite. We're shedding a different light of Compton through art, our ink and music," he said, per AP News.

Dedicated fans of the show are now patiently waiting on Season 2 of the show. Here's what we know about the next season of "Black Ink Crew Compton."

Black Ink Crew: Compton Season 1 Intro

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