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Wyze Cam Pan Wall Mount Bracket with Silicone Case, Wyze Cam Wall Mount Set Protective Adjustable
Wyze Cam Pan Wall Mount Bracket with Silicone Case, Wyze Cam Wall Mount Set Protective Adjustable for Indoor and Outdoor Anti-Sun Glare and UV Protection Easy Installation - Wyze Cam wall mount Set - Flexible angle adjusting - Shock resistant camera cover - Precise cut & easy installation Package Contains: 1 x silicone camera case, 1 x plastic wall mount for wyze pan, screws set x 1 diy security, secure your home, house security, home security ideas diy, home security, spy cameras, hidden camera
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Wyze Cam WiFi Security Camera Behind Glass Window Setup + Lighting To Prevent Glare
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Wyze, the company best known for making some of the best affordable smart home cameras, just announced its first-ever outdoor smart home camera. The all-new Wyze Cam Outdoor is essentially a wire-free and weather-resistant version of the company’s Wyze Cam V2 ($20). It’s capable of p live streaming and recording video, and it has night vision and two-way audio.

The other big difference, besides having a built-in battery and an IP65 rating, is that the Wyze Cam Outdoor has an interesting new travel mode so, according to the company, “adventurous users can watch after their hotel rooms while on vacation or take time-lapses of their campsite while sleeping under the stars.” At the time of writing, we’re not exactly sure how this will work (in terms of connecting to Wi-Fi and what features might be compromised), but it certainly sounds unique; to my knowledge, no other smart home camera is designed as a travel gadget.

As for price, the Wyze Cam Outdoor and its companion base station will cost $ The base station magnetically connects to the camera and can be mounted to walls or ceilings with screws. If you want to use a third-party mount, you can (it’s compatible with any 1/4″—20 camera mount); you can buy the Wyze Cam Outdoor without the base station for $

Like with other smart home cameras, Wyze offers 14 days of rolling video storage for free. The camera will start recording footage whenever it detects motion or hears a loud sound. However, it only captures clips that are up to 12 seconds if you don’t subscribe to its Complete Motion Capture plan ($ per Wyze Cam per month). If you subscribe, the camera will record motion for as long as motion is detected. There’s also a MicroSD slot if you want a local storage option.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor is available for pre-order right now.

Buy Now: $50

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The Wyze Cam Outdoor is the company&#;s first dive into the outdoor camera market.  It uses a hub to connect to the internet which is similar to how Blink does it. The stock mount i what is used in the accompanying photo.

We previously checked out a few other Wyze cameras.  We noted the limited availability of alternative mounts.  This camera has a poorly documented feature that overcomes this issue.

Wyze Cam Outdoor Mounting Options in the Box

The Wyze Cam Outdoor comes with an integrated stand similar previous generations.  It&#;s a good stand if you plan to use it on a flat surface where you don&#;t need to worry about a wind.  The stand allows an infinite amount of adjustments.

Most outdoor cameras need to be mounted onto something because the weather can easily move it.  The one in the photo is standing atop of a pool filter control box in Florida.  First good wind and that camera is sailing into the pool.

Fortunately you can mount it to a wall using the screw holes on the bottom of the stand.  Use the articulating stand to get the best angle.

Uncovering the Secret Screw Hole

Outdoor cameras can always benefit from alternative mounts.  Often, you may need to mount the camera to a window, under an eave, perhaps upside down.  Can&#;t do that with the existing mount.

So here&#;s some great news for owners of the Wyze Cam Outdoor.  There&#;s a hidden standard mounting hole.  The mounting hole is a 1/4&#; &#; 20 threaded hole which is commonly used for tripods and third party camera mounts.

You can uncover the mounting hole by flipping the Wyze Cam v3 upside down and removing the existing stand.  It&#;s magnetic.  Just pull it off.  See the screw hole?

Alternative Mounts for the Wyze Cam Outdoor

Here&#;s a few alternative mounts to consider.

Attaching the Wyze Cam Pan to a ceiling or wall outdoors requires a heavy duty weatherproof mount.  The Arkon Camera Wall Mount for CCTV POV Camcorders Cameras will attach to the bottom of the Wyze Cam Outdoor using that tripod hole we referenced.  This is a wall mount.  Attach this metal mount to a wall and use the three adjustment points to get the proper angle.  This mount includes a two-year warranty.

If attaching the Wyze Cam Outdoor to a ceiling, you will be mounting the camera upside down.  Video can be flipped degrees from within the Wyze app.

A lot of outdoor camera owners want to attach their device to a window.  This is a bit of a heavier camera but you don&#;t need an expensive mount.  Consider the Delkin Fat Gecko Mini Suction Camera Mount.  It’s a well made mount that adjusts at the base and tip to get the right angle for the best video when mounted on a window.  These mounts are rated to hold cameras up to 4 pounds so this won&#;t be an issue.

Lastly, for those with a very unusual placement requirement that doesn’t have a flat surface for a suction cup or screws, consider a flexible tripod mount.  Consider the Joby GorillaPod   It’s a mini tripod with three flexible legs.  Wrap these legs around a post, chair arm, or curtain rod.  You get the idea.

The Wyze is a feature packed camera that includes the universal mounting screw hole that enables third mount usage.  We applaud Wyze in their decision to move away from proprietary mounting options.  The few we recommend are great additions to this excellent security camera,


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Not every home is the same, but everyone's property deserves to be protected. Security cameras are a great tool to achieve a sense of security, as they give you extra eyes on your property at all times. 

Your property's layout, budget and home security priorities are different from your neighbor's, so there is no one-size-fits-all rule for security camera placement. But this guide will help you consider all the aspects of your home security setup and identify which ones are absolute musts based on the vulnerabilities in your home.

Where you should consider installing a camera

1. Exterior: Front Door

You might assume that intruders always sneak into side entrances, but statistics from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors show that 34% of burglars use the front door. It's also where package thieves are likely to strike. A camera at your main entrance keeps tabs on everybody going in and out of your home, from family members and babysitters to maintenance people, delivery people and more. (Pro tip: Video doorbells are great picks for the front door. You can use them as the primary camera or in conjunction with another outdoor camera aimed at the yard or garage.)

2. Exterior: Back & Side Doors

Doors that are out-of-sight allow visitors to enter undetected, whether they're invited or not. NACHI statistics show 22% of break-ins happen through the back door. To ensure full knowledge of everyone who enters and exits, add cameras to your secondary doors, especially if one of them is used as often or more often than your front door, or if one (like a basement door) seems particularly enticing or accessible to a potential intruder.

3. Exterior: Garage & Driveway

Garages are a common target of burglars because they're one of the weakest entry points. A camera pointed at your garage and/or driveway keeps a watchful eye on bikes, tools, grills, sports equipment, cars and everyone that handles them. If your garage is detached, the camera helps you stay connected. If the garage is attached, the extra layer of security monitors another possible entryway into your home. If there's a gate at the end of your driveway, you may want a camera there to spot anyone attempting to get in.


4. Exterior: Yard

Monitoring the yard will help you keep tabs on anyone scoping out your house from the outside. It's also handy for capturing the activities of kids, animals and trespassers.

5. Interior: Common Areas

Placing cameras in gathering points like the kitchen or living room is a great way to see if the kids are doing what they're supposed to do, if the babysitter is attentive, what the pets are getting into, or to check on household help like cleaners and repairmen. Consider prioritizing any rooms that have large ground-floor windows — that way you can see if anyone tampers with them or uses one as a break-in point.

6. Interior: Main Stairway or Hallway

Place a camera in the main thoroughfares inside your home to make it difficult for someone to move about undetected. If someone breaks in through a bathroom, bedroom or another unmonitored area, they'll still be captured on camera if they move about the house.

Areas you should not install a security camera

  • Places that violate your neighbor's privacy. Cameras are great for your safety, but you need to be mindful of the privacy of others in your neighborhood. Specific laws regarding cameras and privacy vary from state to state, so it's wise to check local laws (and with the local homeowners association) to make sure you won't have to undo your installation. In general, homeowners are allowed to have outdoor security cameras that cover a broad area, and it's usually OK to capture your neighbor's public-facing property in the background of your footage. Legally, problems arise if your camera captures areas where your neighbors have an expectation of privacy (for example, if your cameras can see into their bedrooms or bathrooms) or if you use the footage for non-security purposes. Keep in mind that these rules apply to video surveillance only. Audio recording without knowledge and consent is illegal in most circumstances.
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms. The urge to keep a watchful eye on kids or elderly folks in your household is understandable. However, some areas have a warranted expectation of privacy. Plus, if you use a monitoring service, you run the risk of a hacker tapping into a camera that has access to your private spaces. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives. Baby monitors are smart choices for very young kids' rooms. Motion detectors and glass break sensors, as part of a connected home security system, can be added to doors and windows. Personal medical alert systems are strong choices for seniors.

Optimize camera placement for function and visibility

Once you decide which locations to monitor, you also need to strategize how you will place and install the security cameras to cover the intended areas.

Guidelines for outdoor security camera placement

  • Install cameras feet from the ground. This height is low enough to capture fine details but high enough to be out of easy reach of thieves and vandals.
  • Don't point cameras directly at the sun. Bright light causes glare and high contrast in your footage, which makes it hard to tell what's going on. Consider the movement of the sun and angle your cameras for indirect light.
  • Decide whether you want the camera to be visible or hidden. Visible security cameras are effective burglary deterrents, but they are also targets for theft and vandalism. Some homeowners choose to prominently install a fake decoy camera and back it up with a real one that's slightly more concealed, while others add heavy-duty hardware or casing around the camera to make it more difficult to damage.
  • Protect the camera from the elements. Top outdoor security cameras have ample weather- and waterproofing, but they are not all equal. Choose a camera that's appropriately rated for your climate, and place it under eaves or in another semi-protected area if you can.

Guidelines for indoor security placement

  • Corners are your friends. Hanging an indoor camera in the corner of a room usually gives you the largest possible vantage point.
  • Windows can cause reflection issues. Pointing a camera out the window might degrade its image quality. Many security cameras have infrared (IR) light technology, which aids in motion detection and enables the cameras to function in low light. IR light can reflect off of windows and other glass objects and obscure your footage, especially in the dark. If your footage looks washed out or whited out, there is likely a reflection problem going on.
  • If it's necessary to point a camera out the window, positioning the lens as close as possible to the glass and/or backlighting the outdoor area (perhaps with motion detector lights) are two glare-minimizing measures to try. It can also be helpful if your camera has wide dynamic range (WDR) technology.
  • Angle for indirect light. Again, direct light will wash out your footage. With indoor cameras, be mindful of lamps, light fixtures and bright windows. Avoid facing your camera directly toward any of these light sources.

Security camera installation tips

Follow these installation rules to potentially save yourself a headache.

  • Test your equipment before committing to the full install. Operate the camera in a simple testing spot to make sure it functions as expected. If possible, perform a dry run in the camera's intended area (mount it with tape, a single nail or another temporary fix) so you can monitor and evaluate the feed. Can you see everything you want to see? Is the Wi-Fi signal strong enough? Is there glare or an obstacle blocking the field of view?
  • Don't install your camera using hardware or tools that may damage its components. It's tempting to jerry-rig a camera setting to achieve the perfect position. But don't take measures that could damage or strain the casing, electrical components or lens.
  • Remember you will need to occasionally clean or maintain the camera. Outdoor cameras are especially prone to dirt or pollen accumulation on the lens. Don't install it in a way that makes it impossible to maintain.

Should your security cameras be professionally installed?

The choice between installing your own surveillance cameras or having them professionally installed is ultimately up to you. If the information in this article or the manufacturers' instructions make your head spin, there's no need to tackle it alone. However, these devices have gotten increasingly approachable and accessible over time and are often set up for simple self-installation.

Security cameras that you'll be monitoring yourself (as opposed to professionally monitored security systems) usually have the simplest installation. Many of these cameras communicate via Wi-Fi and only need hard wiring to their power source. Smaller cameras like video doorbells and peephole cameras frequently use batteries, which is even more user-friendly. Outdoor security cameras can present more of a challenge, especially if the home's exterior has limited power sources, if you don't have many tools or if you are concerned about affecting your home's appearance. In these cases, you may want to hire a professional with experience on prior camera installs.

Finally, there are some circumstances where you can't install your own cameras. Many leading providers of monitored home security systems (such as ADT and Vivint) require professional installation to make sure everything is in working order. In these cases, a trained technician visits your house to relieve you of this responsibility altogether. If you're dedicated to doing it yourself and you want a professionally monitored security system, you do have plenty of DIY options.

To learn more, check out our picks for the best outdoor security cameras or explore our comprehensive guide to the best home security systems.

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Wyze Cam Window Mount For V3 - A Must Have Accessory For Camera Through Glass Window Setup

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